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I may have found the best way to energize when serious errors crop up on their pages! Threaten their perceived hegemony.

Last week a casual look at their site revealed they had suddenly dropped two of our titles (previously listed correctly) with the annotation of "not yet published" even though they had over the past few months ordered from us a dozen copies of these books! I promptly went over to, that had been my nemesis all along (for reasons too long to explain) and sent a message on the errors, attaching the relevant pages with an additional note that "this is how it should be done." promptly (within a day!) replied that their research still indicated our two books were not published "since they were not available via Ingram" and that they would only list them when they were "again" available via Ingram. (True, for some reason until recently only B&T were interested in carrying us.) My reply that in that case I'd have to advertise in our marketing flyers that the books were only available via brought about an immediate correction of the errors...

Two morals to the story. First, monitor the online stores carefully: it's a fluid picture out there. Second, be firm: you have more clout than you can imagine!

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