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Creating A Book Reviewer Database

One of the questions I'm occasionally asked is why did I put onto the Midwest Book Review web site a section called "Other Reviewers". Aren't those book reviewers, book review publications, and book review resources listed there in direct competition with us? Why would we go out of our way to make them known and accessible to authors and publishers?

The answer is simple. The Midwest Book Review was founded in 1976 to be an educational and instructional resource for any author and any publisher wanting help in bringing their particular book to the attention of their intended readership and/or audience -- including librarians and bookstores, as well as the general reading public. The fact that this is also the basis for our receiving two annual foundation grants is not coincidental.

In addition to our own vetted listing of reviewers and review resources to be found at:

I want to give you a little online searching tip to create and then increase your own database of thematically appropriate reviewers for whatever your book project requires for its marketing program.

For example, if you have a Christian book that you would like reviewed for a Christian community of seminaries, clergy, or laity here is a link that you will find invaluable:

If you have a cookbook to be reviewed:

How about a reviewer for your 'Great American Novel'?

Perhaps it's a children's book that needs reviewing?

The trick to building up a thematically oriented reviewer databases is a simple one. Just do a Google search by putting in a particular Genre along with the words Book Reviewers into the search box and you are certain to come up with a list with which to begin the process of securing a review for your book from a thematically appropriate reviewer. For example, if it is a science fiction book, into the Google search box put in the words: Science Fiction Book Reviewers.

And to conclude my little instructional on the subject of making a book reviewer database, I want to make sure you read this little article by a friend of mine on "Book Reviews & Reviewers" -- it won't take but a couple of minutes or so.

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