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Make Money Marketing
Your E-Book for Free

Now how can you give your e-book away for free and make money? Here is an interesting twist to publishing your e-book and make money by giving it away as a free electronic read online.

First of all the hard cover version of "The Dragon Guide," has sold more than 10,000 copies in bookstores.

Dan Newman, the president of the Say I Can Inc., hopes that by making the 288-page Dragon Guide available for free online that it will increase traffic to his site -- and earn the company more bound book sales. How do they make money with their e-book ?

Well of course they sell banner ads to related companies and invite you to click on the ads.

They make .16 cents each time you click on a link. Of course they invite you to click a minimum of 2 times. (I did try it out . . .so that's .32 cents for them.) They need at least 68 click through to cover the price of their bound cost of $19.95.

You also have to click on each chapter to download them and at the same time view their banner ads.

Some software publishers give away their software with banner ads that appear each time you start up their program. For example The Aureate Group with their e-mail responder. . . but they don't earn a penny out of each time you click on the banners that appear on your screen.

I got to read parts of the e-book in Adobe and did not have to submit my name or e-mail address.

Would you ask for the name and e-mail address ? By the way their Web site address is:

How can we e-book publishers use this marketing strategy to sell more e-books?

  1. Sell ads in your e-books
  2. Get a sponsor for your e-book
  3. Do a joint venture with other e-book publishers
  4. Offer reprint rights with banner ads and click through royalties

But that's not all, the offers are coming in like a tidal wave for us e-book writers. Let's all ride the crest of the wave together and share the wealth.

Pierre Provost

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