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Pat Gundry's Universal Success Formula (Marketing and Otherwise)

Forumla: quality+relevance+volume=desired outcome

I created this formula, on the fly, during a teleclass, shared it with the other participants, and then began to see many ways it can be applied. Thought I'd share it with everyone else too.

My theory is that it can be applied in most contexts to generate the results you want with the least amount of effort, money, and misdirected energy. It is useful as a rule to apply to marketing plans, for example, to test each element to see if it will actually be the best use of money and time.

I'm applying it to book marketing in this manner:

I've been looking for a simple way to market my books effectively online with a minimum amount of effort and maximum opportunity for expansion and continued sales. I've come up with what I call:

A Simple Plan

1. Create an ezine/enewsletter for a niche in which I have a book(s) or planned book(s). My first ezine in this experiment is "Pat Answers," the niche is personal and group change.

2. Buy double opt in subscribers from a website that offers free newsletters to the world. I pay 15 cents per subscriber. Keep on adding them until the subscriber base is in the thousands. At some point it will maintain itself by word of mouth.

3. Provide a website(s) that serves the niche area and showcases my books and products.

4. Use the newsletter to bring people to my websites, and to feature my books. Use the website(s) to bring people to my newsletter and products.

5. Create and/or offer additional products and services that enhance and support the niche. Feature them in the same manner.

6. Continually enrich readers of my newsletter and visitiors to my website(s) by offering good content, and new content.

7. Make it easy for buyers to buy. Provide multiple ways to buy my books and products online and otherwise.

8. Secondarily, low key, and only as I'm inclined and have opportunity, suppliment my newsletter and website marketing with radio phone interviews, news releases, and articles in online and print media.

9. Outsource my bookstore presence to a distributior, and maybe even
outsource all fulfillment.

10. Hire a virtual assistant to manage adding newsletter subscribers, handle bouncebacks, and send intro messages.

Here's how my Simple Plan utilizes my Universal Formula:

I focus my efforts on providing quality information. I make sure my newsletter and website content is highly relevant to my target audience/market. Because I'm providing relevant, quality information on a regular basis, I'm building a relationship with thousands of people with one simple, easy to produce vehicle.

I focus almost all my attention and effort on newsletters and websites. I allow a large volume of focused exposure of a small amount of material and effort on my part to do the promotion rather than extensive effort in many directions.

Advantages of The Simple Plan:

1. It's easy. I only need to provide material for a good newsletter on a more or less weekly basis. If I need to I can hire a virtual researcher to find material for me online.

2. It's generative of other products and services. I can turn these newsletters into one or more ebooks and print books at a later date and sell them to the same subscribers. I can generate audio tapes, ecourses, teleclasses, and coaching services from the same material.

3. It's low cost, low effort.

4. Its results are easily measured.

5. It's expandable. I can enter other niches quickly and easily. After getting one newsletter to a volume that works for me, I can add another for other niches I write/publish for.

Beyond Marketing Applications:

The Universal Success Formula can also be applied to personal change, to information disbursement, to group change, project completion, etc.

Patricia Gundry (Where you can subscribe to my free newsletter PAT ANSWERS) (A terrific free marketing ebook for you to download)
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