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Marketing to Libraries

Marketing books to libraries is an important aspect of the publishing business. Jan Nathan has succinctly summed up what all publishers must do for effective library sales mailings:

Jan Nathan

There are certain key factors in making any mailing successful (whether you do it through PMA, cooperate with other publishers, or do it yourself).

1. You should list all wholesalers and distributors you have for your title.

2. You should place the necessary ordering information prominently on the flyer (ISBN, Price, Publishing Date, number of pages, cataloguing information, etc.)

3. You should list author credentials, if applicable.

4. You should mention all relevant reviews that could cause an order (such as Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Booklist, Choice, etc.) With mention of these, many libraries can show a need to buy.

5. You should state the acquisition buyer or department to whom the flyer should be directed (e.g. Attention: Reference Acquisition Librarian). If you don't know where your title will be catalogued at a library, go to your local library and talk to the librarians and they will provide that information.

Librarians are typically not interested in discounts, since they will be ordering through an approved wholesaler and/or distributor, so just state the cover price of your title.

Other information should also be included on your flyer, but the above will certainly help cause an order.

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