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Solution to "Out of Stock"

Here is a "Duh!" solution that came to me when ran out of copies of Rental Houses last week (they do this every January because sales of financial books are slow during the holiday season, and incredible when New Year's resolutions are made) - I listed all my damaged return copies as used books at varying prices depending on condition, PLUS I listed my book as Used Like New for $15.99. Boom, boom, boom, books went flying out the door.

When shipping status dropped from 3-4 weeks to 24 hours by the weekend, I sold one new book at $15.99 and sold 50 for $18.95. Interesting how people will pay more for the same book if they can buy it from instead of some unknown person, hmm? So I'm not hurting Amazon's sales in any way, yet I'm saving some potentially lost sales when Amazon runs out of stock.

Also look at (run by eBay). They take less than Amazon (15%, vs 15% + $1) and you don't have to relist if the book doesn't sell in 60 days.

If you have a Pro Merchant account on (cost $39.99 per month) then they don't charge the $1 and listings last forever. You can also say "I have X number of copies" so you don't have to relist as a book sells (like your own book when Amazon runs out). I sell lots of other books and my husband sells CDS and DVDs, well in excess of 40 per month total, so this is a cheap and easy way for us to go.

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