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Posting to E-Mail Lists and Newsgroups

  1. Read the FAQ for the list and any other intro
  2. Monitor the list for a while to get a feel for the type and level of discussion. Pick out who the key people are, who the trouble makers are, etc.
  3. If the list wants an intro from you, wait to post it until after you have a feel for the list personality.
  4. Consider introducing yourself directly to the list moderator (if there is one). Offer to send them a book. Again, wait to see what their personality is like. They might feel like the expert of the list, or the dictator.
  5. After you have a sense for the list personality, wait for a question that you can provide useful information for and then contribute. Simply have your title listed in your sig file.
  6. Try to work with people from the list, outside of the list. If you can build up a few fans personally, they will tout your expertise and book on the list for you!
  7. As you can probably tell from the lists you belong to, people get a very strong sense of community, along with a pecking order, and they don't take kindly to strangers blasting in promoting their stuff. Take it slow, and win a few people over at a time.

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