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How to Post Customer Reviews on Amazon

To post a customer review on, you first have to create an account.

If you don't have an account, look at the top of's home page where it says "Sign in to get personalized recommendations. New customer? Start here." Click on the "Start here" link.

You will be prompted to enter an email address. Enter an email address that you will use reliably, and click on the circle in front of "No, I am a new customer" to fill it in with a dot. Then click on the button that prompts you to take the next step.

From here, will spell out the necessary steps to finish creating your account. You'll have to think of a password, ideally one with both letters and numbers, and you'll also set the answers to some security questions. These are so a random person can't sign into Amazon using your name and buy a ton of stuff on your credit card.

Amazon will walk you through the process with step-by-step instructions; the final step will be to go to your email account and click on the link in an automated email that has sent you.

Once you have created an account, you will have to use it to buy something before you can post reviews on This will most likely involve adding credit card information to your account, which is why the password and security questions are so important. I recommend buying a cheap digital download item if you want to start posting customer reviews right away.

Once you have created an account and bought something with it, you can go to almost any book displayed on and click on the "create your own review" link to submit a review for that book.

Amazon itself has a lengthy Help section about customer reviews, displayed on its website at

If you want to submit editorial reviews to rather than customer reviews, then I am not sure what the process is; perhaps someone who has listed their book on and provided editorial review(s) for it can explain the specifics.

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