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How to Post Editorial Reviews on Amazon

Usually reviews have to be submitted by the publisher. Amazon will tell you something like: "Please note that for our members protection, we can only provide information or make adjustments to the titles of the publisher accounts if the request comes from an e-mail address associated with the account. We believe that this is the best way to ensure that any changes are authorized by the account holder..."

So contact the publisher and ask them to contact Amazon.

If you are the publisher as well as the author, go to the Amazon home page, click on the Help link at the upper right-hand corner, and click a button labeled Contact Us. You'll be prompted to login if you're not already logged in. On the page that loads next, there's a box with buttons on the right hand side under the heading of Customer Service. One is labeled E-mail and the other is labeled Phone. Click phone so you can talk and explain the circumstances with Amazon customer service rep immediately. Once you're in touch w/ customer service, tell them you're the publisher/author of a book (have the Amazon ASIN or the ISBN ready, so they can look it up on their end) and would like to have some editorial reviews added to the book's product page.

as posted on Yahoo! Answers

UPDATE: The AuthorCentral feature of Amazon at

can also be used to post editorial reviews. This tip is courtesy of Warren Redlich, Esq.,

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