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Resources for Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Books

Here are some articles and quotations on the writing, publishing and promoting of books, f-r-e-e to the working media. See

You will find

A. Articles on Books


1. Writing: Getting Organized & Building the Manuscript.

. . . and Last But Not Least: Fact Checking
Beware of Working Titles
Fashion Your Book to Match Others in its Field
Get Manuscript Help from Experts
Hire a Copy Editor
Hire a Proofreader
No one Faces Rejection More Often Than an Author
Revising Your Book
Stay in One Field . . . And own it
Time to Write
Writing Books @ The Speed of Thought
Writing Without Interruption
Know When to Call a Ghostwriter
What to Write?
Writing and Research
Adding Stories to your Nonfiction Book
Write What You Know
The Value of Information
Writing Books and Due Diligence
Writing a Book with a Collaborator
Resources and Research Links


2. Publishing & Production: Printing & Binding.

Book Printing Just Got Cheaper
Covers Sell Books
Printing Books Digitally
Everyone Judges a Book by its Cover
Approaching Agents & Publishers while Self-Publishing
Gathering Testimonials & Forewords
How to Price a Book
Make Your Book Worth the Money
Rejecting Manuscripts. The Helpful Way
When Your Book is not Quite Perfect
The Various Editions of Your Book
How to Find a Publisher
Selecting Type Size for Your Book
Audio--Record Your Book
Increasing Sales without Expanding Inventory
Finding the Right Agent
Your Publishing Choices
Supplier List. Find typesetters, cover artists, Book Promoters and much more.


3. Book Marketing, Promoting & Distributing.

Book Statistics. Fascinating numbers on book publishing
Be Grateful for a Bad Review
Distribution to the Book Trade
Co-op Book Promotion
No More Autograph Parties
Encourage Reader Feedback
Promoting Books @ The Speed of Thought
Selling Foreign-Language Rights
Writing Your Book is Just the Beginning
Your Book Promotion Foundation
Are Your Review Copies Being Sold?
The Role of Your Distributor
Promoting Books without Leaving the House
Getting Your Book into the Chainstores Through Autographings
Complete List of F-r-e-e and For-Sale Documents


B. Quotations on Books (They make great "Fillers").

          1. Writing: Getting Organized & Building the Manuscript.
          2. Publishing & Production: Printing & Binding.
          3. Marketing, Promoting & Distributing.

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