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Selling Books To Libraries

The community and academic libraries are a critically important and available customers for authors and publishers -- and not to be overlooked by the self-published author or the niche publisher.

I might also add that some 60+ years ago I was a self-published author with a print run of 1,000 that sold out in about six months. My marketplace included the bookstores and libraries of Salt Lake City and Provo Utah (home to Brigham Young University where I was in attendance at the time).

And for the first few years of becoming a full time and professional book reviewer, I was also privileged to be an acquisitions consultant for the South Central District community libraries. So I'm fairly familiar with what it will require when selling books to community and school libraries.

In this current age of the internet it is no longer necessary for the author/publisher who is new to the task of marketing to libraries to have to 'reinvent the wheel'. Here are some invaluable internet resources of information and instruction that you will find useful when selling books to libraries:

6 Steps to Get Your Self-Published Book Into Libraries (Jane Friedman)

A Guide to Getting Your Self-Published Book Into Libraries (NY Book Editors)

How to Get Your Self-Published Books Into Bookstores and Libraries (TCK Publishing)

How to Get Your Books Into Bookstores and Libraries Amy Collins (TCK Publishing)

Capturing the Lucrative Library and School Markets (IBPA)

Checklist for Selling to Libraries & Schools (IBPA)

A 7-Step Plan for Selling to Libraries (IBPA)

Selling Your Books to Libraries (Author You)

How to Encourage 4,000 Libraries to Buy Your Book (The Publicity Hound)

How to Sell POD Books or License Ebooks to Libraries (The Publicity Hound)

Marketing to Libraries: Basics (American Library Association)

Selling Your Books to Libraries (The Book Shepherd)

How to Sell More Books to Libraries (Buy the Book Marketing)

How to Sell Thousands of Books (or E-Books) to Libraries So You Can Create Ongoing Passive Income For Years (

How to Sell Books to Libraries (CK Books Publishing)

My advice is to not trying to cover all these internet resources in one go, but take 30 minutes a day and go through them one at a time -- taking copious notes along the way. Together, these on-line resources will provide an excellent DIY in-service training with respect to knowing how (and when) to sell books to K-12 school, college, university, or community/public libraries.

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