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Creating Author & Publisher Email Taglines

If you are struggling with ways to make your advertising more memorable and more effective, it might be time to consider coming up with an email tagline for your publishing activities. A tagline goes under your signature in an email and is basically a memorable way to sum up the solution your product or service provides and create an impression in the email recipient's mind.

Having a tagline will associate your business with the message in the tagline. Think of lines other companies have used in the past, such as "Just do it" or "Built Ford tough". While they don't expressly say what the company does, they give you an idea and a relate-able message to attach to a product.

So how can you create your tagline? Here are some steps that might help:

1. Keep notes. Keep your eyes and ears open for a few days to a week and just jot down the taglines you hear that catch your attention. The best way to make sure your own tagline is memorable is to figure out what grabs your attention and why. It will likely affect your customers in the same way.

2. Make a list. Over the course of a few days, have a few brainstorming sessions and write down everything that relates to your business. Remember, when brainstorming, nothing is a bad idea. Write down everything that comes to mind until you have a sizeable list. From here, you will be able to narrow your list down into categories to help you direct your tagline. Your goal is to have 3 or 4 main points. Try to keep your final list specific. Generic lines will not get your point across.

3. Keep your tagline short. You want it to be 8-10 words maximum. You might think this would make it easier, but it's actually harder to express what you want to get across in just a few words. Don't get discouraged if you have trouble.

4. Come up with a few lines. Use the 3 to 4 main points from your brainstorming list to come up with several options for taglines. Take a little time to think over each. Say them out loud. Try to determine if there are any double meanings you've overlooked. It may even be a good idea to get a few opinions from people to see what they think. Ideally, you should ask people who don't already know what your business does.

Once you have chosen a tagline, be sure to use it everywhere. Include it in your advertising, put it on your business cards, and make sure it is displayed on your site. Because it will be so closely associated with your company it is almost like a second name. It should be displayed everywhere your company's name shows.

One final note: Don't be afraid to change your tagline down the road if you would like. While some companies keep their tagline the same for the life of the company, it is not unusual to change it after a few years. If you come up with ideas for a better tagline, jot them down and keep them in a safe place for future use.

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