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Reviewer's Choice

How and Why
Microcosm Publishing
222 S Rogers St, Bloomington, IN 47404
9781934620045, $14.00,

Doing it yourself saves money and installs a sense of success found unlike any place else. "How and Why: A Do It Yourself Guide" is a book packed cover to cover with wisdom and advice on many topics with tons of information on everything from growing one's own food to educating one's children to creating working musical instruments, making "How and Why" a must for anyone who wants to be prepared for the apocalypse - or just likes being able to do things themselves.

Marijuana & Hemp
John McCabe
Carmania Books
9781884702013, $17.95

Marijuana is perhaps the most controversial plant in both the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. "Marijuana & Hemp: History, Uses, Laws and Controversy" traces the recent and chaotic history of the plant, its prohibition and the fights against it. But Hemp has far more uses than as a recreation drug, a versatile and strong substance that can be used as countless things. Criticizing the drug wars, stating that many of the laws are corrupt and not for the good of the American people, "Marijuana & Hemp" is a scholarly study of the cannabis plant and its tumultuous history with America.

The Self-Help Shelf

Happy Crap
Erika Oliver
In the Affirmative Publishing
2125 Prosperity, Protage, MI 49002
KSB Promotions (publicity)
55 Honey Creek NE, Ada, MI 49301
9780979902536, $14.95,

Why assume the worst is always going to happen? It can really ruin the day. "Happy Crap: 8 Tools to Choose Your Thoughts for Prosperity, Productivity, and Peace" is a guide to encourages happy assumptions and using that to have a more positive force in life. Speaking out against pessimism while remembering most things are crap, author Erika Oliver brings readers a unique approach, and makes for humorous and empowering reading. "Happy Crap" is a fine read, a solid addition to any business or self-help collection.

Takumi Yamazaki
One Peace Books
57 Great Jones Street, New York, NY 10012
9781935548065, $19.95,

Motivation is what makes the world go round. "Shift: 13 Exercises to Make You Who You Want to Be" is a guide to maintaining that motivation that is so easy to lose when you need it most. These exercises are designed to keep that fire going even through the most draining periods of life. Designed to help those who want to change where they are, look towards the help they have access to, and more, "Shift" is an inspirational read with plenty of wisdom that shouldn't be overlooked for community library self-help collections.

It's Not Personal
Cindy Hampel
Orange Sun Press
3028 Elmhurst Ave., Royal Oak, MI 48073-4601
9780984544301, $14.95,

When someone is hostile to you, remember it's not always because of you. "It's Not Personal: Lessons I've Learned From Dealing with Difficult Behavior" is a self-help guide from Cindy Hampel as she advises readers on how to deal with ever so difficult people we undoubtedly encounter in our lives. Encouraging readers to not let it get them down and more, "It's Not Personal" is a choice read for those who want to face hostility and leave with their positivity.

Learning to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying
Allen Klein
Goodman Beck Publishing
PO Box 253, Norwood, NJ 07648
9780979875588, $14.95,

It's hard to reverse the weight of grieving. "Learning to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying: Embracing Life After Loss" is a guide to facing grief and overcoming it to find that bright light at the end of your tunnel of misery. With plenty of experience drawn from author Allen Klein's own overwhelming loss, Klein gives plenty of reassurance to face crisis and a reminder that life will go on. "Learning to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying" is a fine read with plenty of wisdom, highly recommended.

Many Faces of PTSD
Susan Rau Stocker
Holy Macro! Books
PO Box 82, Uniontown, OH 44685
9781615470020, $12.95,

Trauma does many things to people. "Many Faces of PTSD: Does Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Have a Grip on Your Life?" tells the story of those who have faced PTSD and the long lasting effects of these events. Designed to help others realize the effects of PTSD and how to combat them more effectively, author Susan Rau Stocker draws on her experience well. "Many Faces of PTSD" is a thoughtful delve into this serious issue, highly recommended.

Living Life as a Thank You
Nina Lesowitz & Mary Beth Sammons
Viva Editions
PO Box 14697, San Francisco, CA 94114
9781573443685, $15.95,

Life is a truly wonderful gift. "Living Life as a Thank You: The Transformative Power of Daily Gratitude" is an inspirational guide to living life with gratitude for life and keeping one's hopes and eyes upwards for a better tomorrow. Encouraging readers to share in this optimistic view, "Living Life as a Thank You" is a choice collection, not to be overlooked.

The Antiques/Collectibles Shelf

Exotic Gems
Renee Newman GG
International Jewelry Publications
560 W. Main St., Suite C-200, Alhambra, CA 91801
9780929975450, $19.95,

The luxury of jewelry is historic, and understanding its value is key to making the most of it. "Exotic Gems: How to Identify and Buy" is a guide to a wide array of gems, packed cover to cover with full color photos and plenty of information on identifying the gems and caring for them, and getting the best bang for your buck. For anyone with more than just a casual interest in jewelry and gems, "Exotic Gems" is an ideal pick.

The Money/Finance Shelf

How You Can Maximize Student Aid
Tracy Foote
Trace Trends
27 West 86 St, Ste 17B, New York, NY 10024
9780981473741, $19.99,

College is expensive and it's always quite the challenge to keep your head up over the water while getting that education. "How You Can Maximize Student Aid: Strategies for the FAFSA and the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) To Increase Financial Aid for College" is a guide for those who want to get the most financial aid they can and make the most of what they can get. From tax benefits, insurance, loans, and more, "How You Can Maximize Student Aid" is a sage guide for those who have to navigate the complex web of bureaucracy they must face to get that college education they need to succeed.

Live It Up!
Scott Harstad
W&A Publishing
PO Box 849, Cedar Falls, IA 50613
9781934354179, $21.95,

Wise money management is being happy without being broke. "Live it Up!: But Don't Outlive Your Income" is a guide to attaining that balance, as Scott Harstad advises readers on saving money, spending money wisely, and living it up. Understanding one's income and understanding where good investments lie is a necessary aspect of money management in today's world, and Harstand shares his expertise with twenty five years of dealing with investments and money well. "Live It Up!" is a must for anyone who wants to live with their paycheck without living paycheck to paycheck.

From Ramen to Riches
James G. Wood
The Tannywood Group
13965 Royal Melbourne Sq., San Diego, CA 92128
9780982825105, $14.95,

Prosperity is not completely foreign to the twenty-something. "From Ramen to Riches: Building Wealth in Your 20s" is a guide to ceasing to struggle through the prime of one's life, and improving the management of one's finances. Good finance and a prosperous life without money worries need to be developed early in one's adulthood. "From Ramen to Riches" is a must for anyone who is already sick of ramen at 21.

How to Audit
Chad Kymal
Paton Professional
PO Box 44, Chico, CA 95927-0044
9781932828313, $49.00,

Taking a complete inventory of someone's finances can prove to be a very daunting task. "How to Audit ISO 9001:2008" is an up to date guide to understanding the latest auditing laws to gain a more complete and comprehensive understanding of how to audit completely and effectively. Through the volume, Chad Kymal explains the forms and procedures, strategies, relations to business, how many business subjects can complicate the system, and plenty of information to create a complete and comprehensive checklist for an auditor. With a chapter explaining the updates from previous forms, "How to Audit ISO 9001:2008" is a must for anyone who is preparing themselves for this daunting task.

The World History Shelf

David K. Thanjan
Bookstand Publishing
305 Vineyard Town Center, Suite 302, Morgan Hill, CA 95037
9781589098176, $18.95,

There was a time before humanity began to write things down, and this time proves to annoy those who want to know what happened during that period. "Pebbles" is an analysis of history from Davis K. Thanjan as he presents his own research on people before the time of Christ, of human accomplishments that aren't so heavily well documented. "Pebbles" is an intriguing read, and solidly recommended.

Soldier of the Cuban Revolution
Luis Alfonso Zayas
PO Box 162767, Atlanta, GA 30321-2767
9781604880311, $18.00,

No one man can change history alone, and Castro was no exception. "Soldier of the Cuban Revolution: From the Cane Fields of Oriente to General of the Revolutionary Armed Forces" tells the story of Luis Alfonso Zayas, one of the most important figures in the Cuban Revolution which has shaped Cuba's path for the past five decades. Telling his own life story of being a farm worker to leading armies, he provides his own unique perspective on Cuba's revolution and much more. A fascinating delve into history from another perspective, "Soldier of the Cuban Revolution" would do well in international history collections.

The Memoir Shelf

My Father's Love, Vol. II
Sharon Doubiago
Wild Ocean Press
38 Bob Kaufman Alley, San Francisco, CA 94133
9780984130436, $20.00,

Secrets can fester and rot everyone who keeps them. "My Father's Love, Vol. II" is the second memoir of Sharon Doubiago as she reflects on the abuse that her Father wrought on how it led to a poisonous nature that spread throughout her family, who kept it secret in the name of familial love, and how the abuse of one spreads to us all, as she warns how this epidemic of abuse is having bigger repercussions in the national picture than most know. "My Father's Love, Vol. II" is a fascinating memoir with a powerful message.

Odd Road to Kabul
Patricia Diaz
Bucky and Chicky Publishing
314 Green Street, Portsmouth, VA 23704
9780557948109, $28.30,

Trying to escape when you're seemingly cursed is quite the endeavor. "Odd Road to Kabul" tells the story of Patricia Diaz, as she faces the cruelty of early life and a family where love and compassion seemed so foreign. Fleeing from neglect, Diaz tells a story that brings her all over the world in the pursuit of something resembling peace. Touching and tragic yet inspirational all the same, "Odd Road to Kabul" is a strongly recommended pick for memoir collections.

Hops and Dreams
Rob Burton
Stansbury Publishing
2 Stansbury Court, Chico, CA 95928
9781935807018, $19.95

There is nothing quite like the taste of home. "Hops and Dreams: The Story of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co." is company's biography from Rob Burton as he tells this company's story of the two men who formed the company and turned it into a local icon of brewing, and to offer something that is truly beer to fight against the usual cliches of American beer. The company grew from a two-man venture into the sixth largest brewery in the U.S. in less than thirty years. A driven story of small business success, "Hops and Dreams" is a must for anyone who wants to read a story of the rise of microbrewing.

Breaking Through the Spiral Ceiling
Laura L Mays Hoopes
Pomona College
175 West Sixth Street, Claremont, CA 91711-6339
9780557923205, $14.00

Science has never been a very attractive field for women. "Breaking Through the Spiral Ceiling" reflects on author Laura L. Mays Hoopes as she describes her own journey into the science of DNA and the barriers placed in front of her because of her gender. A thoughtful look at women in science and how they can contribute just as much as any man, "Breaking Through the Spiral Ceiling" is an intriguing read.

The Polio Journals
Anne K. Gross
Diversity Matters Press
5555 DTC Parkway, Ste. C-3200, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
9780578065915, $16.95,

Polio is a plague all but eradicated, but its causalities remain. "The Polio Journals: Lessons from My Mother" looks at the shame faced by victims of the disease and how they faced shunning by society throughout the 1920s. Author Anne K. Gross tells Carol Rosenstiel's story of growing up with polio and overcoming it. A thoughtful and personal analysis of this former scourge of the world, "The Polio Journals" is a fine addition to any memoir or health collections.

Surviving the Folded Flag
Deborah H. Tainsh
Elva Resa Publishing
8362 Tamarack Vlg. Ste. 119-106, St. Paul, MN 55125
9781934617137, $14.95,

Losing a child to war is a truly terrible experience. "Surviving the Folded Flag: Parents of War share Stories of Coping, Courage, and Faith" is a collection of stories from parents who have faced these tragic events and how they have used it to gain strength and face the challenges of their life all the more effectively. Insightful and dedicated reading designed to help those who have lost cope with those losses, "Surviving the Folded Flag" is a fine and thoughtful read, very highly recommended.

Battle Runes
Gregory F. Tague
Editions Bibliotekos, Inc.
562 - 76th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209
9780982481943, $15.95,

War not only tears the land of where the fighting occurs apart, but pulls anything remotely near it apart. "Battle Runes" is a collection of memoirs compiled by Gregory F. Tague on the effects of war on many fronts throughout the world, drawing on reflections on the effect the combat has had on them both directly and indirectly. "Battle Runes" is a fine collection of thought, very highly recommended reading for those with an interest in the less pronounced effects of war.

The Gift of El Tio
Larry Buchanan & Karen Gans
Fuze Publishing
1350 Beverly Road, Suite 115-162, McLean, VA 22101
9781450739146, $19.95

A discovery can send a village in a direction they thought was impossible. "The Gift of El Tio" is a memoir of Larry Buchanan and Karen Gans as they reflect on their journeys through the remote Quecua village in Bolivia, as a discovery sends the city into a whirlwind that changed it forever. A remarkable story of the many things that can radically these remote communities, "The Gift of El Tio" is an insightful exploration of history and the dangers that go into exploring it.

Paddle Beads
O. Ross McIntyre
1 Main Street, Lyme, New Hampshire, 03768
9781935655121, $14.00,

Facing adversity is an excellent way to strengthen relationships. "Paddle Beads" is a memoir from O. Ross McIntyre as he reflects on he and his wife facing the many aspects of river rafting throughout North America's wilderness and what it has taught him about life and love as well as adventure. A fun read that is sure to charm, "Paddle Beads" is a solidly recommended pick, not to be missed.

Before Truth Set Me Free
Vanessa "Fluffy" Murray-Yisrael
Mill City Press
212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 290, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781936400737, $13.95,

How does one fall from talk of the town to common criminal? "Before Truth Set Me Free" tells the story of Vanessa "Fluffy" Murray-Yisrael as she landed a job at a high level record label and how it spun downwards and left her in a maximum security prison. A story of facing the harsh realities of life and meeting them head on, "Before Truth Set Me Free" is a fascinating and very touching memoir of life and all of its twists and turns.

Inside the President's Helicopter
LTC Gene T. Boyer
Cable Publishing
14090 E Keinenen Rd., Brule, WI 54820
9781934980910, $17.95,

The Presidential Helicopter is used often to quickly get him around, and one who has flown him has many stories. "Inside the President's Helicopter: Reflections of a White House Senior Pilot" is the memoir of Gene Boyer, who discusses his US army career and his time as the personal Helicopter pilot for Richard Nixon, telling his own story of the Nixon administration and the whirlwind of his resignation. "Inside the President's Helicopter" is a thoughtful read with plenty of fascinating stories.

The Poetry Shelf

The Horse Portraits
Robert Prochaska
Ara Pacis Publishers
PO Box 1202, Des Plaines, IL 60017-1202
9780962530661, $14.95,

The majesty of the horse can quickly vanish in an instant, as what happens much with human life. "The Horse Portraits" is a collection of poetry from Robert Prochaska, who touches on the quickness of the beauty of the world to decay and show its uglier face to us all. Honest poetry with a clear message, "The Horse Portraits" is a riveting read, highly recommended. "Intimation of Black": The saber-tooth moon pierces the black umbrella/of limitless sky, goes a shower of stars/into shapeless orbit, and foments revolution/among phalanxes of dust./Below we explain ourselves all too often,/and ask too much of the heavens/that among men cannot be conceived/but as diagrams of our own ventricular selves.

Sari Friedman & D. Patrick Miller
Fearless Books
PO Box 1292, Berkeley, CA 94701
9780982279953, $9.95,

The drive of the joyful emotion of love is all that makes some people get up everyday. "Touching: Poems, of Love, Longing, and Desire" is a collection of poetry from several authors, compiled by Sari Friedman & D. Patrick Miller who present this volume dedicated to love and everything around it. Thoughtful with black and white photography scattered throughout to accentuate the feeling, "Touching" is an anthology that will inspire the senses and remind readers of the fire of humanity.

Why We Have Evening
Leonard Orr
Cherry Grove Collections
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781934999905, $18.00

The mere status of existence leads us to ask many questions. "Why We Have Evening" is an anthology of poetry from Leonard Orr, as he ponders this and greater questions and what it means to be, and the bigger picture behind it all. "Why We Have Evening" is worth considering for many poetry collections. "Gabbles of geese,/raw-voiced blackbirds,/cut winter fog,/cool and recumbent,/slumbering in the field.//I hear their foreign phrases/before their milling/gray black figures emerge/emerge from the mist, davening,/a minyan dutifully/gathering to say Kaddish.

An Endless Skyway
Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg & Collaborators, editors
Ice Cube Books
205 N Front Street, North Liberty, IA 52317
9781888160529, $24.95,

Every state has its wordsmith, who can use their gift to spin the thoughts and beliefs of the people around them. "An Endless Skyway" is a collection of poetry derived from the poets laureate of every state of the union to give readers a sampling of the best that America has to offer. Compiled well with plenty to ponder, "An Endless Skyway" is a must for any community library poetry collection. "When Meeting the Other" by Jim Barnes of Oklahoma: Given arms, the sun/would choose to grow many./Having many narrow arms,/the sun would -- at each limb's end --/flare into a palm and fingers,/into the curves made for reaching.//Extremities of flame, of shine./Hands that carry enough/heat and light to give away.//Be that sun. One small sun.

Everyone Loves the Situation
Michael Cirelli
593 Vanderbilt Avenue #265, Brooklyn, NY 11213
9780983121930, $15.00,

Jersey Shore have put eyes on many people from the region, as they offer their own lives and art to the world. "Everyone Loves the Situation" is a collection of poetry and related works from Michael 'The Situation' Cirelli as he provides his own views of life as he presents his own brand of how the world works. Fans of the show will see his humor shine through. "Everyone Loves the Situation" is a must for Jersey Shore fans and for those looking for pop poetry. "Pauly D Brings the Flowerbed": When he couldn't fit/The tanning bed/Out of his basement door/to take with him/to the summer beach house,/Pauly went into his mother's/Garden and dug out/A 4 x 6 (and 3 inches thick)/Blanket of lowers/To lay over him at night/(Instead of fluorescent/lights) to remind him/Of home, so that he could/Close his eyes and feel/The roots tickle his paling skin.

Reminders of an I Not Left Behind
Mia Elkovsky Phoebus
610 East Delano Street, Suite 104, Tucson, AZ 85705
9781604945102, $28.95,

When alone, one struggles to find any evidence that someone is there for them. "Reminders of an I Not Left Behind" is a collection of poetry from Mia Elkovsky Phoebus as she looks back into her life to find out where she was not abandoned and found the strength to continue on in her life's journeys. This large work of poetry draws well on her long life's experiences in literature and the arts, and "Reminders of an I Not Left Behind" is an excellent volume, not to be overlooked for community library poetry collections. "For Gina": A bird aloft on a pole /-- motionless /-- mocking wind an/pounding surf./Carved jade, basalt,/and yellow gold./Matchless against/an azure sky./Still, as nature holds its breath --/measures distance not in miles,/but in special emptiness.//When it alights and spreads/its wings, the world falls/into a trance and knows, at last, what it is/to be free.

These Hands
Per Aage Brandt
Host Publications
277 Broadway, Suite 210, New York, NY 10007
9780924047831, $30.00,

The importance of self is not something to be forgotten when pursuing higher knowledge. "These Hands" is a collection of bi-lingual poetry from Per Aage Brandt, as he reflects on life through his position as a professor, presenting his work in both English and Danish. With humor and humility, "These Hands" is a core addition to any international poetry collection. A sample: The moon is an American politician,/slightly overfed and deeply religious,/it shines its curse over the trees and/rooftops, while the night turns gray/and the darkness longs for its stars.

Somewhere Lost
Jasen Sousa
J-Rock Publishing
45 Francesca Avenue, Somerville, MA 02144
9780971492677, $11.99,

The long road from addiction is not an easy one. "Somewhere Lost" is a collection of poetry from Jasen Sousa, as he reflects on addiction, something many of the people around him faced as he entered adulthood. Heartfelt and profound, "Somewhere Lost" will resonate well with many readers. "Beauty is Sold": With at least ten years of abuse under/her belt, I don't know if her mind will ever/be hers again. She fights to regain all/that she ran away from, she wants to be/that little girl she never came to/ appreciate. I knew that little girl,/ and I do not recognize this woman/whose beauty is now sold in a dope sack,/squeezed into a syringe, and shot into/abandoned veins tagged with drug dealer's names.

Pickled Dreams Naked
Norman Stock
NYQ Books
PO Box 2015, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10113
9781935520306, $14.95,

With a profound honesty, Norman Stock's "Pickled Dreams Naked" may not be the most intellectual pursuit, but it is certainly a fun one. His poetry pulls no punches with its observation and humor, as he points out things that are not so obvious and leads to quite the entertaining read along the way. "Pickled Dreams Naked" is a choice pick for anyone seeking a humorous work of poetry. "All he has": all he has/he puts in bags/that he gives to boys/who give the bags to other boys/then the girls come/they take the bags and throw them in the air/all he has goes sailing up to the clouds/he loves it like that/it is how he lives.

Counting on Birds
Sandy Stark
Fireweed Press
PO Box 482, Madison, WI 53701
9781878660268, $12.00

Calmly watching life as it passes by allows you to realize what exactly is happening. "Counting on Birds" is a collection of poems from extensively published poet Sandy Stark as she talks on her life, the nature around it and many others things. Thoughtful and devoted, "Counting on Birds" is solidly recommended. "Big Bend National Park": Something about all this rock:/it washes, wears, bears the marks of water/and wind,/builds the canyon's edge/and stands, dark, at sunset/while we visit/its river-banked ledge.//Rock's still here,/used to intrusions and escapades./I'm the one startled by change,/the one who, having calmly/arranged to trade a week/of winter for Texas Rock,/stands suddenly/and solidly/amazed.

As We Are Sung
Christina Mengert
Burning Deck
71 Elmgrove, Providence, RI 02906
9781936194056, $14.00,

Poetry is not spoken word, yet it is not singing. "As We Are Sung" is a collection of work by Christina Mengert, as she explores poetry and lyric and tries to find a place between them all. A fine and unique work, "As We Are Sung" is a choice collection that should prove hard to put down. "I've Forgotten How to Speak": I do think about the sensation; sun lodged/on the inside, sky peeling itself under skin.//He says "do not mistake... a waterfall for a harbor."//So much for calling out the interior./So much for fisherman in the dark.

Laura McCullough
Alice James Books
258 Main Street, Farmington, ME 04938
9781882295845, $15.95,

A state of worry and concern is no way to live, but many do it anyway. "Panic" is a collection of poetry from Laura McCullough, her fourth volume of poetry as she speaks on her life and its many panics that come along with simply living it. Charming and riveting work, "Panic" is an excellent addition to any poetry collection. "Along the Surface": In Sea Bright early this summer,/a fisherman gutted a pregnant female Mako on the beach./The crowd leaned against each other,/a tightening coil,/to see better as the babies slipped out on the sand./When one flipped its tail--/so it seemed to jump toward a child--/a father stepped on it, squashing its head,/apologizing at first, then getting angry/when his girl cried out.

Destroyer and Preserver
Matthew Rohrer
Wave Books
1938 Fairview Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98102
9781933517506, $16.00,

It proves hard to save the world when you're the one destroying it. "Destroyer and Preserver" is a book of poetry from Matthew Rohrer who presents a thoughtful spin on life and its many twists and turns as we try to make ourselves better people and face down everything that seems to take us another direction. "Destroyer and Preserver" is a thoughtful collection with plenty of wise and witty verse, recommended. "The Smell of Frying Fish": The smell of frying fish/drove me to the fire escape/the sun took its time/filling the harbor/with ashes/sandpipers moved/they were controlled/by song/I saw my neighbor/the pencil/turn sideways/in front of her mirror/she stepped into her wineglass/as the sun brought everything/a little closer to raspberries.

The Business Shelf

No Sneakers at the Office
Adam T. Scholl
Landmarc Press
736 Highway 287 North, Crockett, TX 75835
9780984512904, $14.95,

After four years of college, you don't know everything yet. "No Sneakers at the Office: A Practical Handbook for the Business World" is a guide to those who want to cut through the red tape of business and not let it stand in front of their own drive for success. Designed for those just entering the field, Adam Scholl gives novices all they need to know to not step on the wrong toes and throw out the wrong signals. "No Sneakers at the Office" is a must for those with a drive to succeed but may not know every little detail on how.

Secrets of a Working Dog
Ellen & Patrick Galvin
Joseph Rudolph Publisher
4133 NE 32nd Place, Portland, OR 97211
9780982868034, $19.95,

Man's best friend has much to teach us about man's most feared daily grind. "Secrets of a Working Dog" is a humorous take on success in the corporate world as the Galvins present a self-help guide through the eyes of Bella the Boxer, their director of goodwill, or D.O.G.. Encouraging readers to connect with their inner dog, what will get them moving, being a leader when no one else will and not to drive oneself crazy while doing it, "Secrets of a Working Dog" is an excellent and highly recommended resource for anyone who wants to succeed in life and in the business world.

The Small Business Guide 2011 Edition
Owen O. Daniels
Small Business Zone
PO Box 251, Evanston, IL 60204
9780982903612, $29.95

The small business failure statistic is read off all too often. "The Small Business Guide 2011 Edition" is designed to help aspiring business people not join those statistics and find their own level of success. Comprehensive with plenty of resources on start up, advertisements, charts and forms to make number crunching easier, Owen O. Daniels keeps the limited resources of small business strongly in his mind for his suggestions. "The Small Business Guide 2011 Edition" is a strong pick for someone considering their own small business.

Hot Leaders, Cool Facilitators
Bart R. Wendell
Net Worlding Publishing
222 North Columbus, Chicago, IL 60601
9780984194896, $19.95,

There is a time to act, and a time to let others act. "Hot Leaders, Cool Facilitators: Learning to Lead One Meeting a Time" is a guide to when to do what in regards to a business meeting to know when one should take charge and when to allow someone else's ideas to take the stage. A business meeting is where to let ideas blossom, and Bart R. Wendell lets plenty of expertise in the avenue shine through. "Hot Leaders, Cool Facilitators" is a business guide to consider for anyone who wants to lead the meetings in the right direction.

The Center of Gravity
Jack Bernstein
Interlingua Publishing
423 S. Pacific Coast Hwy, Suite 208, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
9781602990197, $19.99

A good business doesn't do things on the fly, success is pre-meditated. "The Center of Gravity: Creating a Battle Plan for Your Business" grants business advice with the idea of center of gravity, focusing on protecting your vital areas while striking at your competitors. Drawing on some military philosophy, Jack Bernstein grants readers quite a bit of wisdom, and makes "The Center of Gravity" packed cover to cover with sage wisdom.

Death of the American Investor
Nico R. Willis
Networth Publications
1661 East Camelback Road 2nd Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85016
9780615392622, $17.95,

Investment is a key component to wealth, and how Americans gained their prosperity today. But that prosperity is drifting elsewhere. "Death of the American Investor: the Emergence of a New Global eShareholder" discusses the financial future of a world where America's financial power wanes. Offering his work as a warning, solution, and advisory to the would be investors of the world, "Death of the American Investor" proves to be quite the well-researched read.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Don't Write My Obituary Just Yet
Missy Buchanan
Upper Room Books
1908 Grand Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212
9780835810463, $12.00,

The twilight of your life is not the end. "Don't Write My Obituary Just Yet: Inspiring Faith Stories for Older Adults" is a collection of stories from those with advanced age who use their advanced wisdom to still contribute meaningfully to life and society. With thirty stories and plenty of wisdom and faith, Missy Buchanan's compilation will uplift any elder who reads it to remember that it isn't over until it's over. "Don't Write My Obituary Just Yet" is a strong and highly recommended read, not to be missed.

Simple Meditation
Curt Remington
Meditation Resources
34 Longshore Ln, Bellingham, WA 98229
9781936610068, $14.95

One must remember the connection they share strongly with the world around them. "Simple Meditation: A Spiritual Connection for Transforming Your Life" is a driven spirituality guide from Curt Remington as he advises readers to find their own peace in life and use that peace to further their relationships and lives more effectively. With strong metaphysical thought, "Simple Meditation" is a wise and solidly recommended read, not to be missed.

Why We Believe in God(s)
J. Anderson Thomson
Pitchstone Book
1909 Stillhouse Rd., Charlottesville, VA 22901
9780984493210, $12.95,

Is there more to faith than just ancient stories? "Why We Believe in God(s): A Concise Guide to the Science of Faith" is a discussion of why mankind has readily created something greater to them to grant them cause and belief for their lives. Drawn on the studies of psychologists, and with a foreword by famed author and thinker Richard Dawkins, "Why We Believe in God(s)" is a fascinating study to the human nature involved in faith and the reason for its lasting strength.

Tree Spirits
Heather Preston
Sweet Olive Press
PO Box 872, San Anselmo, CA 94979
9780692001110, $35.00,

Trees have surrounded mankind for their entire existence, and much has been said about them. "Tree Spirits: Tales and Encounters" is a blend of spiritual fiction and art from Heather Preston, as she focuses on the story of the trees and their relationship with the long history of mankind. All around the world, different cultures have different perspectives on the meaning and importance of these ancient plants that last generations. "Tree Spirits" is a fascinating experience that will make readers ponder the importance of trees and human history.

Circle of Catholic Women
Karen Pavlicin
Juloya Celebrating Life
8362 Tamarack Vlg, Ste. 119-106, St. Paul, MN 55125
9781934617113, $16.95,

Womanhood and a bit of faith are things that often go well together. "Circle of Catholic Women: Personal Reflection and Group Sharing to Help You Deepen Your Faith and Find Balance in Your Everyday Life" is a spiritual workbook for Catholic women as they ask themselves the many questions of their life and seeks to help them focus their energies on many aspects of modern life. "Circle of Catholic Women" is a choice pick for women of faith.

The Alabaster Jar
Anna Alden-Tirrill
White Cottage Publishing Co.
17675 Eureka Ave. West, Farmington, MN 55024
9781885831330, $19.95

Faith still guides women as it has for thousands of years. "The Alabaster Jar: Deep Calls Unto Deep: Devotions for Women" is a collection of scripture and thought from Anna Alden-Tirrill who offers her own thought, drawing from the Bible and other women of faith. With plenty to ponder and empower, "The Alabaster Jar" is a spiritual and highly recommended read.

The Sports Shelf

Fantasy Baseball for Beginners
Sam Hendricks
XP Press
PO Box 206, Forest, VA 24551
9780982428696, $10.95,

Many people think they can pick players better than the real coaches, and Fantasy Baseball lets them try their hand. "Fantasy Baseball for Beginners: The Ultimate 'How-To' Guide" is from Sam Hendricks, author of a Fantasy Football book in the same vein, applying his expertise this time to America's pastime. With a certain flare and wisdom, Hendricks explains everything you need to know to do well and succeed in fantasy baseball, stating a clear understanding of official MLB and traditional fantasy baseball rules. "Fantasy Baseball for Beginners" is a fine read, well worth considering for those who want to break into the hobby.

The Fiction Shelf

The Bench
Kevin Farran
Kit Publishing
Parklane Drive, Strathmore, AB T1P 1V8, Canada
9780986727313, $9.99,

Love does strange things to otherwise rational people. "The Bench" follows Jenny, aspiring yet going nowherre author as she works in a big city publishing house, as she hunts down the romance that may lie in the trail of an author applying to work with her workplace. The hunt may cost her everything, and the hunt may be for something that's not even there. "The Bench" is an entertaining romance that will be hard to put down.

Attraction and Repulsion
Robert Scott Leyse
Shatter Colors Press
400 East 85th Street, Suite 15C, New York, NY 10028
9780982171059, $15.95,

Love can't fully bloom while obstacles stand in its way. "Attraction and Repulsion" tells the story of a pair of two lovers in Paris, as they pursue love and the forces that keep them apart try even harder. A story of love in spite of all those who would end it, Robert Scott Leyse constructs a gripping story that will be hard to put down. "Attraction and Repulsion" is a gripping read that will prove hard to put down.

Marines and Renegades
Gene Rackovitch
Warriors Publishing Group
16129 Tupper St., North Hills, CA 91343
9780982167021, $14.95

Good and evil become blurry concepts at the lowest level of battle. "Marines and Renegades" is a novel of post-World War II as author Gene Rackovitch tells the story of a zealous Japanese soldier who after the war continues his own fight as American Marines sweep Guam in 1946. Hoping to bring the ambiguous nature of war, honor, and revenge into light, "Marines and Renegades" is an enticing novel that will prove hard to put down, highly recommended.

Bella Maura
Dawn Dyson
Creation House
c/o Strang Company
600 Rineheart Road, Lake Mary, FL 32746
9781616382025, $17.99,

Sometimes against your life falling apart, all you have is faith. "Bella Maura" tells the story of Sienna, a woman who seeks to help her friend Cheney recover from crippling addictions. In the process of helping, she finds Jonathan, who might be able to help Sienna recover from the life she lost too. A novel of romance and faith, "Bella Maura" is touching and riveting reading for anyone who has ever looked to others to overcome their own adversity.

I'll Always Be There For You...
Diane Dean-Epps
Hope Springs Eternal Press
12370 Elizabeth Way, Grass Valley, CA 95949-9613
9780981482910, $10.95

To think you can be the perfect spouse or parent is to be a fool. "I'll Always Be There for You...Unless I'm Somewhere Else?!" is a memoir of the modern mother and wife, as Diane Dean-Epps spins her own life of the real world into the table of the drive to be the best you can be and slowly learning to settle with what you can really be. With humor and poignancy, "I'll Always be There for You..." is thoughtful and realistically reassuring reading, recommended.

Peter Grandbois
Etruscan Press
Wilkes University, 84 West South Street, Wilkes, Barre, PA 18766
9780981968766, $15.95,

Sometimes you chase a past you never truly had. "Nahoonkara" is a novel following three brothers as they face and try to come to terms with the reality of their lives and what is demanded of them. Told between many characters but focused on the role of Killian, the eldest brother, this story of family and their urge to try to keep their lives afloat in the cruelty of life will resonate with many readers. "Nahoonkara" is an excellently composed read, enthusiastically recommended.

Donna Walsh Inglehart
Troubadour Interactive
PO Box 256, Hebton, MN 04238
9781890642075, $19.95,

A civil war consumes all of a country, and you can't hide from it. "Grindstone" is a novel of the American civil war, as Anya MacGregor flees Ireland as the Famine consumes in hopes of a better life. What she finds is a confederate spy on the island she was set to call home. Blending romance with the conflict of civil war, "Grindstone" is an enticing and fun read for romance and historical fiction readers, highly recommended.

Fear Not the Storm
Cathal Liam
St. Padraic Press
PO Box 43351, Cincinnati, OH 45243-0351
9780970415530, $16.00,

Independence is something that lights fire in people to fight harder than they ever had before. "Fear Not the Storm: The Story of Tom Cullen, An Irish Revolutionary" is a blend of history and novel as Cathal Liam tells the story of one man in the legion of Irishmen who dared to rebel against the British in the early twentieth century. To claim their independence, Tom Cullen had to ally with the higher up ins the rebellion and faced opposition by some of Britain's most ruthless tactics. "Fear Not the Storm" is a thoughtful novel of adventure and reality, highly recommended.

University of Strangers
Bob Pfeifer
Smog Veil Records
1658 N. Milwaukee Ave., #284, Chicago, IL 60647
9780615425955, $19.95,

What lies beneath a truly horrifying act? "University of Strangers" follows the murder trial of Amanda Knox, a college student. In a tale of international intrigue, people come out of the woodwork to work to clear her conviction, as author Bob Pfeifer crafts a unique story of secret societies and the role of celebrity worship in today's world. "University of Strangers" will prove quite difficult to put down, highly recommended.

Bullet Work
Steve O'Brien
A & N Publishing
3150 South Street, NW, Suite 2F, Washington, DC 20007
9780982073599, $14.95,

The horse racing world is no stranger to corruption and foul play. "Bullet Work" follows Dan Morgan, a jockey who fears for his horse as those around them have been targeted by malicious attacks. Dan finds alliance in AJ Kaine, and the two find themselves at odds with a massive extortion case that could crush them if they aren't careful. A tale of horse racing and intrigue, "Bullet Work" is a fine and very highly recommended collection, not to be missed.

Sophomoric Philosophy
Victor David Giron
Curbside Splendor
2816 N. Kedzie, Chicago, IL 60618
9780615404431, $14.99,

It seems easy to abandon one's dreams for security. "Sophomoric Philosophy" is a novel of the life of one Alejandro Lopez, an artist who abandoned his art to become an accountant. As midlife approaches, he reflects on his choices that led him down this route, and the possibility of pursing the dreams and choices he left behind. "Sophomoric Philosophy" is a thoughtful read that will resonate strongly with many readers, highly recommended.

Scent of Danger
Jerry Labriola
Strong Books
223 Buckingham Street, Oakville, CT 06779
9781928782285, $24.95

The world's treasures can be lost...only to be found by those who will go through anything to get them. "Scent of Danger" follows modern day treasure hunter Paul D'Arneau as he searches for a perfume formula from the time of Napoleon and when the world was rediscovering its classical knowledge. Through it all and around the world, Paul is faced with romance, danger, terrorism, and everything else which stands in his way in competition or simply hostility. "Scent of Danger" is a riveting read that won't be easy to put down.

Chasing God's River
Barry James Hickey
Tumble Brush Press
4860 Joliet St., Denver, CO 80239
9781452834900, $12.99

We can't always live up to what the past expects of us. "Chasing God's River" is about the life's crisis that Wade Jones goes to meet old friends, away from his wife and broken life. Blending kayaking into the story as a strong focus, this story of life will draw people in and be tough to put down. "Chasing God's River" is a fine read and very highly recommended.

Michael Baron
The Story Plant
c/o The Aronica-Miller Publishing Project
PO Box 4331, Stamford, CT 06907
9781611880052, $16.95,

Building a life on lies is building a life on a shaky foundation. "Spinning" follows spin artist Dylan Hunter as he faces a complete turn in his life. Thinking he had it made through his art of spinning anything to get himself ahead, when the responsibility of a child is dumped in his lap, Dylan quickly learns that there are costs to getting ahead quickly and soon learns there is something to be said for little more honesty in life. "Spinning" is an exciting read with plenty of life's lessons woven in.

Farewell to Freedom
Anita Waggoner
Strategic Book Group
PO Box 333, Durham, CT 06422
9781609119324, $17.50,

Love makes everything seem like a good idea at the time. "Farewell to Freedom: What Happens in Las Vegas Doesn't Necessarily Stay in Vegas" tells of Cheyenne Stevens challenges of life where in dissatisfaction with her marriage, she flees to Vegas and finds love with a country boy and is taken to a new life in Oklahoma. But the honeymoon for Cheyenne never seems to last long, "Farewell to Freedom" is a thoughtful romance, highly recommended.

Starring in the Movie of My Life
Laurel Osterkamp
PMI Books
254 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302
9781933826677, $13.95,

Love has a funny way of working out. "Starring in the Movie of My Life" is a story of entwined love between the likes of middle aged Samantha, her husband Nathan, and eighteen year old Melody. As Nathan's heroism spurs Melody's affections. The story grows ever more complicated as they all look to each other and look to the constant problems that surround them as they all try to take a step forward into the next stage of their life. "Starring in the Movie of My Life" is a riveting romance and drama, highly recommended.

Gunther's Revenge
Guy Bandervilt
Middleton Books
832 Dana Drive, Coatesville, PA 19320
9780971661134, $16.95,

The pursuits of love always lead one astray. "Gunther's Revenge" tells the story of a high school teacher joining the community theater for other reasons that being involved in a production. With a whirlwind of crime, intrigue, and much more, his intentions may make this a gambit that costs him everything. "Gunther's Revenge" is a fun and entertaining read that will keep the pages turning.

Sonia Meyer
Wilderness House Press
145 Foster Street, Littleton, MA 01460
9780982711514, $24.95,

The gypsies of the Europe have lived in quiet oppression for centuries. "Dosha: Flight of the Russian Gypsies" is a novel delving into the history of these individuals in the face of the Soviet Empire, as Sonia Meyer draws on history highly as Dosha, a gypsy woman with an affinity for horses, as she seeks to flee the country. An adventure of history and the search for freedom with a focus on horses, "Dosha" is a fine read for anyone with a love of horses and historical fiction.

Elephant Milk
Diane Sherry Case
Miraculous Books
433 21st Street Santa Monica, CA 90402
9780615380940, $13.99

Hollywood dreams aren't all their cracked up to be. "Elephant Milk" follows Sean Allison Hayes as she flees Hollywood in search of true love, finding her way into Mexico. But she trades one nightmare for another, as she finds herself in the jungle with more than the wilderness threatening her life. A riveting dramatic thriller, "Elephant Milk" is a fun and exciting novel, highly recommended.

The Last Man Anthology
Hunter Ligoure
Sword & Saga Press
42 Haig Press, Bristol, CT 06010
9780615385051, $15.95,

Loneliness can by truly a frightening thing. "The Last Man Anthology: Tales of Catastrophe, Disaster, & Woe" is a collection of short stories drawing from the novel the Last Man, written by famed horror fiction author Mary Shelley and how the concepts of the novel have inspired many to their own stories of being the only person left of your kind, of being the last person carrying the banner and the terror that comes with it. "The Last Man Anthology" is a thoughtful spread of work, highly recommended.

My Father's Colors
Marian L. Thomas
LB Publishing
4002 Hwy 78, Ste. 530-131, Snellville, GA 30039
9780615409412, $16.00,

A past can be lost in a blurry haze, as easily as forgotten as it is lived. "My Father's Colors" is a novel followings Naya Mona as she tries to answer that past she lost so long ago, one where she gave birth to a daughter and never knew who she was. Author Marian L. Thomas spins a complex web of stories of people trying to answer the questions that pollute their lives and trying to find something that's a life in it all. "My Father's Colors" is a thoughtful read, highly recommended.

Michelle Latiolais
Bellevue Literary Press
550 First Avenue, OBV, New York, NY 10016
9781934137307, $14.95,

In the face of disaster, one comes to many realizations just before it's too late. "Widow" is a collection of short stories from Michelle Latiolais as she looks profoundly on our journey through life and what rushes through our minds as we walk across those crossroads. "Widow" is an exciting spin of short fiction, excellently executed and proves to be excellent reading, a fine addition to any short fiction collection.

The Stairway to Heaven
Therese Zrihen-Dvir
Gefen Publishing House
600 Broadway, Lynbrook, NY 11563
9789652294746, $14.95,

Living with terrorism is just everyday life for Israel. "The Stairway to Heaven" is a novelization of one such attack and what goes on through everyday life in the face of such a situation. Therese Zrihen-Dvir draws on a real life event where the casualties numbered hundreds. Focusing on the reality of living with terrorism, "The Stairway to Heaven" is a fine read, recommended.

Paul McHugh
Lost Coast Press
155 Cypress St., Fort Bragg, CA 95437
9781935448044, $16.95,

When searching for the conspirators of murder, one must struggle to avoid the conspiracy being turned on them. "Deadlines: A Novel of Murder, Conspiracy, and the Media" tells of investigative reporters Colm MacCay and Sebastian Palmer as they apply their expertise, and with help from certain associates, they may find their journalistic integrity will cost them their lives. "Deadlines" is an exciting thriller that will prove hard to put down, highly recommended.

The Returning
Jean Sorrell
Inkwater Press
6750 SW Franklin Street, Suite A, Portland, OR 97223-2542
9781592995455, $17.95,

When war takes things away, you start to look for answers to why. "The Returning" is the spiritual journey of Sara, coping with her father who was lost in the Pacific during World War II. When she finds a man who reminds himself so much of her lost father, she discovers the principle of soul transference and if the new pastor in town may have more in common with Sara than she knows. A thoughtful read with plenty of metaphysical elements, "The Returning" is a choice and very highly recommended read.

The Other Side
E. Thomas Finan
The Fieldnor Press
879 Main Street, Osterville, MA 02655
9780982849705, $10.95

Defeat is another way to grow. "The Other Side" is a collection of short stories from E. Thomas Finn, who focuses on the losses and disappointments of life and how they change our path through it all. With profound storytelling on this common individual who will resonate well with readers, "The Other Side" is a must addition to any short fiction collection.

Mama, You're Crazy
Pat Corcoran & Ashleigh Corcoran Weiss
Emerald Ink Publishing
PO Box 2870, Hot Springs, AR 71914
9781885373694, $12.95

The mother is a figure who has little to do outside being a mother. "Mama, You're Crazy" is a novel from Pat Corcoran & Ashleigh Corcoran Weiss on the challenges of life, motherhood, and more. Speaking with a good dose of humor, this adventure of motherhood and what comes after is a fun read that shouldn't be overlooked. "Mama, You're Crazy" is an entertaining adventure, highly recommended.

Unprotected Love
John F. Rooney
Senneff House Publishers
2433 NE 26 Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305
9780975275610, $9.95,

When a serial killer systematically strikes, the police try to decipher that system quickly. "Unprotected Love" is a thriller as Police Lieutenant Denny Delaney tries to track down a serial killer who targets hustlers and johns and leaves them with a very pronounced calling card. The pursuit becomes ever more tense as the murder realizes Denny is on their trail, and makes the pursuit ever so more expensive for him. "Unprotected Love" will prove hard to put down, highly recommended.

The Salvation of Maggie Rider
Sudye Cauthen
North Florida Center for Documentary Studies, Inc.
15295 SE 100 Way, White Springs, FL 32096
9780615302881, $19.95,

Adulthood comes suddenly and drops a lot on those who were once children at once. "The Salvation of Maggie Rider: Stories from Nokofta" tells the story of Maggie Rider, a young girl becoming a woman in the early 1950s, set in a Florida that seems so alien to the modern day. Thoughtful and moving reading with plenty to think about when coming into adulthood, "The Salvation of Maggie Rider" is a fine collection of short fiction and is very highly recommended.

The Endlands
Vincent Hobbes
Hobbes End Publishing
PO Box 193, Aubrey, TX 76227
9780976351047, $11.99,

There is little more primordially frightening to us than the unknown. "The Endlands" is a collection of short stories aimed to frighten and ponder what we all fear the most, what's behind that corner, what is there to antagonize us and what we simply cannot explain. With plenty to ponder and plenty to make it quite hard to put down, "The Endlands" is an excellent read and very highly recommended.

Beyond the Shickshock Mountains
Malcolm Mills
Asteroid Publishing
PO Box 3, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 4X9
9781926720098, $19.95,

A new world was a wondrous place before the powers thought to go to war over it. "Beyond the Shickshock Mountains" tells the story of the Talon family, living in the 18th century before the colonial powers clash over the future Canada. A fine tale of nature's adventure and the challenges of being a family on an unfamiliar frontier, "Beyond the Shickshock Mountains" is a fine read and solidly recommended addition to any historical fiction collection.

The Womanizer
Warren Adler
Stonehouse Press
300 East 56th Street, New York, NY 10020
9781590060216, $9.95,

Lust doesn't seem to care what's best for your career. "The Womanizer" is a novel following Allen Harris, a man with a spotless reputation and is up to become university president. The only problem is Harris' love, and in order to keep his illusion and squeaky clean image. In efforts to keep his escapades quiet, he finds that keeping the silence is much harder than he thought. "The Womanizer" is an exciting drama that will be hard to put down. Also from Warren Adler and Stonehouse Press is "The David Embrace" (9781590060223, $9.95), a thriller centered around Michelangelo's David and how one woman discovers herself in a romantic affair gone awry.

In Spite of the Dark Silence
Jorge Volpi
Swan Isle Press
PO Box 408790, Chicago, IL 60640-8790
9780974888187, $28.00,

Through understanding the past we can better understand ourselves. "In Spite of the Dark Silence" tells the story of Jorge Cuesta, as written by author Jorge Volpi. A story of discovering oneself through life and coping with one's own mental challenges along the way. A spinning novel exploring suicide, the shocking trend of creative people to it and the world of literature, "In Spite of the Dark Silence" is a fascinating and very highly recommended read, not to be missed.

Brothers of a Band
B. J. Lambesis
Marketing Methods Press
2333 East Missouri Press, Phoenix, AZ 85016
9780962479854, $12.00

Music and military aren't things that seem to combine well. "Brothers of a Band: Tooter's Tour of Duty" tells of Theodore Rawling, also known as Tooter, whose love of music leads him to join the Army's band so he can keep playing music. Such a decision doesn't come without its own unique consequences as Tooter finds himself carrying a rifle soon enough. Constructed as a satire of these modern battles, "Brothers of a Band" is a fun and thoughtful read that will be hard to put down.

Perpetual Night
Georgina Morales
Post Mortem Press
601 West Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45215
9780615438405, $8.95

Separating fantasy and reality isn't so simple for some. "Perpetual Night" tells the story of Lilibeth, who struggles with nightmares that come whenever she sleeps. As her nightmares follow her into her waking hours, the line between conscious and the subconscious blur, leaving Lilibeth unable to find fact from her own mind's fiction. "Perpetual Night" is a riveting thriller, and will prove hard to put down.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Infinite Space, Infinite God II
Karina & Robert Fabian
Twilight Times Books
PO Box 3340, Kingsport, TN 37664
9781606192313, $18.95,

Faith and science are not enemies. "Infinite Space, Infinite God II" is a collection of stories where science and the Catholic faith stand together hand and hand and offer a delight for those who enjoy the vastness that science offers and combining it with the vastness that faith brings along with it. An intriguing and thoughtful blend, "Infinite Space, Infinite God II" is a choice collection, highly recommended.

The Rendering
Joel Naftali
443 Park Avenue South, Suite 806, New York, NY 10016
9781606841181, $15.99,

When your aunt turns up dead, being on the bad end of a manhunt isn't how you'd like to grieve. "The Rendering" tells the story of Doug Solomon, a thirteen year old who is on the run from the evil organization VIRUS. Doug finds fingers pointed at him, calling him murderer, terrorist, and other evil things. Riveting and thoughtful reading that will prove hard to put down, "The Rendering" is a strongly recommended addition to any young adult fiction collection.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

You Can Prevent Alzheimer's!
Thomas Harding
Beach Hill Publishing
PO Box 276, Aiea, HI 96701
9781593306861, $17.95

The battle against Alzheimer's starts early. "You Can Prevent Alzheimer's!: A Neuropsychologist's Secrets to Better Brain Health" is a guide to combating dementia in its many forms starting in middle age. Encouraging readers to keep their brain stimulated, warning against links that could lead to dementia, and offering recommendations for keeping memory strong with practice, diet, and better health, and much more. "You Can Prevent Alzheimer's!" is a must for anyone who strongly values their mental health for decades to come.

Health is a Do-It-To-Yourself Program
Thomas Roselle
Roselle Center Healing
8550 Arlington Blvd., Ste. 325, Fairfax, VA 22031
9780982958704, $24.95

Good health is a personal responsibility. "Health is a Do-It-Yourself Program: Ageless Health 101" reminds readers that good health must first be the doing of the self. Thomas Roselle grants readers tips on the importance of whole health, dealing with the mental, physical, emotional health and how to keep them all in a healthy unity. Thoughtful reading, Roselle grants much advice on how to attain an ageless health that is good enough for the entire life. "Health is a Do-It-Yourself Program" is a solid addition to any community library health collection.

How to Get From There to Here
Jay Littman
Emerald Book Co.
PO Box 91869, Austin, TX 78709
9781934572399, $19.95,

It's a front-loaded struggle to overcome obesity. "How to Get From There to Here: One Man's Triumph Over Addictions, Obesity, and Being Down-and-Out" is a health memoir from Jay Littman as he tells his story from being a dangerously obese drug addict who seemed to have no control of his weight or his life, as it seemed a race to see if the drugs or weight would kill him first. He tells his story of how he made a complete 180, not only controlling his life, weight, and becoming a successful entrepreneur. "How to Get From There to Here" is an inspirational memoir that reminds people that a comeback is always possible.

Who Is Nursing Them? It Is Us.
Jennifer R. Zelnick
26 Austin Ave., Po Box 337, Amityville, NY 11701
9780895033277, $45.95,

Health care workers more than anyone else understand the need to fight illness. "Who Is Nursing Them? It Is Us.: Neoliberalism, HIV/AIDS, and the Occupational Health and Safety of South African Public Sector Nurses" looks at the impact of Neoliberal globalization and HIV/AIDS, an issue close to the hearts of South Africans, due to the shockingly high prevalence throughout the country as well as the continent. Telling the stories of South African nurses in the public sector who offer their own eyes and their hopes for the future, "Who Is Nursing Them? It Is Us." is a vital read for understanding their plight and hopes for the future.

Take Charge of Parkinson's Disease
Anne Cutter Mikkelsen
DiaMedica Publishing
150 East 61st Street, New York, NY 10065
9780982321935, $14.95,

Letting ill health take control of one's life is the biggest tragedy of all. "Take Charge of Parkinson's Disease: Dynamic Lifestyle Changes to Put You in the Driver's Seat" is a guide to living with Parkinson's disease, while avoiding letting it cripple you in your life. Health is a key weapon is battling the disorder and Anne Mikkelsen, a sufferer herself, and Carolyn Stinson adds her own touch to the thoughts and information. "Take Charge of Parkinson's Disease" is a highly useful and highly recommended pick for any battling Parkinson's or have family who are doing so.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Where is the Fear of God?
Charles von Hammerstein
More Abundant Life
PO Box 24526, San Jose, CA 95154
9780976030218, $18.99,

Fear is not a wholly negative thing. "Where is the Fear of God?: Finding the Treasure of the Lord" is a call from Charles von Hammerstein to remember the fear of God in one's life and use that fear to push one's life forward and to live more clearly and successfully. A must for any Christian who thinks they have lost the direction in their lives, "Where is the Fear of God?" may be the inspiration that they are looking for.

The Stories I Never Told You
John Rozema
Pleasant Word
c/o Wine Press
1730 Railroad St., Enumclaw, WA 98022
9781414115818, $19.99

Worldwide adventures can lead one to be forgetful of God. "The Stories I Never Told You" is a memoir from John Rozema as he tells of his international journeys and the many things he's seen and how finding God during those journeys brought him down to earth and made him remember what is truly important to us all. "The Stories I Never Told You" is a thoughtful Christian memoir of seeing the world, highly recommended.

A New Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels
Roland Meynet
Convivium Press
7661 N. W. 68th Street, Suite 108, Miami, FL 33166
9781934996119, $43.99,

As time rolls on, our understanding becomes greater. "A New Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels" is an updated analysis of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, as author Roland Meynet seeks to provide another angle of understanding of these works and how modern thought brings a whole new light to the works, as he uses his own critical analysis and hopes to understand the intentions of those who penned these works all those years ago. "A New Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels" is a must for any student of Christian Studies who wants to understand the faith further.

Bobby L. Sneed
All That I Am Publishing
PO Box 5416, Round Rock, TX 78683
9780615399577, $15.00,

Understanding marriage is a key part to having a truly great one. "Marriage: It's In Your Hands" delves into how to make marriage work for oneself, explaining the faith behind marriage and how to live your part of a marriage better for yourself, for your spouse, and for God. Spiritual and driven reading, "Marriage" is a top pick for anyone who truly wants to understand how faith ties into their own successful unions.

The Literary Shelf

Ellen Wade Beals
Weighed Words
1326 Sleepy Hollow Road, Glenview, IL 60025
9780972525466, $20.00

That bit of knowledge that everything will be alright is something not to be overlooked. "Solace" is a collection of essays, stories, and fiction compiled by Ellen Wade Beals as she offers the contributions of a wide range of individuals as they speak on the crises of the world all in their own way. With a certain amount of wisdom, "Solace" proves to be an educational and insightful medley of work, a solid addition to any literary collection.

New Letters to a Young Poet
Joan Margarit
Swan Isle Press
PO Box 408790, Chicago, IL 60640-8790
9780974888194, $24.00,

Poetry's allure still remains strong in the modern day. "New Letters to a Young Poet" is a discussion of poetry and its role in today's literature. Stating that poetry can express more than just what the words read and into the soul of the author, Margarit gives readers a bit of memoir within the literary discussion. Translated from Spanish with an afterword by Christopher Maurer, "New Letters to a Young Poet" is a choice and solidly recommended addition to community library literary collections.

The Social Issues Shelf

What We See
Jane Jacobs
New Village Press
PO Box 3049, Oakland, CA 94609
9780981559315, $26.95,

Some people set the pace for the future of advancing thought. "What We See: Advancing the Observations of Jane Jacobs" is a collection of essays dedicated to the thoughts and ideas of Jane Jacobs who through her work set much of the foundation for modern city planning, the idea of turning a city into a more perfect place to work and live. With ideas on encouraging prosperity, working with people, the right level of complexity, and more, "What We See" is a must for anyone wants to understand the forwarding thoughts surrounding city planning.

How Can We Make Your Power More Comfortable?
Norman Bill
Del Sol Press
2020 Penn Ave., NW, Suite 443, Washington, DC 20006
9781934832127, $14.95,

Disillusion has been spreading faster than ever, and Norman Bill seeks to explain why. "How Can We Make Your Power More Comfortable?" is a collection of essays from Bill as he seeks to call out America's power base and how the elite on both sides of the political aisle have united against the enemy that is the American people. With a bit of humor along with tragedy, "How Can We Make Your Power More Comfortable?" is an intriguing work with plenty to entertain and inform.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Jobpreneurship 101
Jim Villwock
Job Doctors International
PO Box 889173, Dunwoody, GA 30356
9780982731901, $14.95

Landing a job is a massive challenge all in itself. "Jobpreneurship 101: From College to Dream Jobs" is a guide from Jim Villwock as he advises new competitors onto the job market on how to find their own success and will to succeed when everything seems stacked against them in today's hostile economy. From understanding one's network which is bigger than one thinks, to when to walk the traditional route and when to dare to rebel against it, to keeping the job once you've gotten it, "Jobpreneurship 101" is a fine read with plenty to inspire those to get that job they so desperately want.

Fast Track Guide to a Professional Job Seach
Joanie Natalizio
20660 Steves Creek Blvd., Suite 210, Cupertino, CA 95014
9781600051838, $19.95,

As the economy worsens, landing that job is more important than ever. "Fast Track Guide to a Professional Job Search: Expert Advice on How to Acquire Executive Jobs, Even in a Difficult Job Market" is a guide from Joanie Natalizio, as she offers her advice on cutting through the obstacles that often stand between them and landing the job that they deserve through their own expertise and success. For those with a drive to succeed but in need of a little help, "Fast Track Guide to a Professional Job Search" is a very useful resource.

The Political Science Shelf

Six Political Illusions
James L. Payne
Lytton Publishing Company
PO Box 1212, Sandpoint, ID 83864
Veritas Communications (publicity)
PO Box 2075, Canon City, CO 81215
9780915728206, $10.95

A dream is sometimes simply that, a dream. "Six Political Illusions: A Primer on Government for Idealists Fed Up with History Repeating Itself" are the political opinions of James L. Payne as he reflects on the problems with the current political push in society. Stating that the government has limitations, he presents an even handed idea on what the government is and isn't capable of and provides his own ideas for the future. "Six Political Illusions" is a thoughtful read that gives plenty to think about.

The Biography Shelf

You Grew Up!
Paul Reed Jr.
Bear Manor Media
PO Box 71426, Albany, GA 31708
9781593936112, $14.95,

When the American Dream succeeds, it's awe inspiring. "You Grew Up!: The Life and Career of Paul Reed" is a devoted biography written by famed actor Paul Reed's son, Paul Reed Jr. Following his life and career, and touching on the many angles and aspects of life that he learned about his father along the way, this is a thoughtful story of the Golden Age of Television and what it has left us with in today's world. "You Grew Up!" is touching and fine reading, not to be missed.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

The Journey of the Shih Tzu
Helen Asquine Fazio
Travel Dogs Books
521 Hill Lane, Suite 2, Bridgewater, NJ 08807
9780615396866, $19.95,

Underneath the vain nature, the Shih Tzu breed of dog has more history than one would think. "The Journey of the Shih Tzu: From Prehistory to Present, from Asia to the World" traces the history of this remarkable breed which has roots deep into history unlike many vanity dogs of the current day, such as pugs. Presented in full color, this exploration of canine history serves as a fun and remarkable tale, making "The Journey of Shih Tzu" a choice pick for any young dog lover.

The Art Shelf

Through an Artist's Eyes
Joan Hart
Museum One, Inc.
7823 Yorktown Drive, Alexandria, VA 22308
9780615301884, $19.95

Creativity is something we all have and should strive to embrace. "Through an Artist's Eyes: Learning to Live Creatively" is a guide to using that creativity in life and finding one's own peace and enlightenment in their own personal art. When you embrace creativity, life's problems should become a bit less dominating, and "Through an Artist's Eyes" comes with many good ideas.

The Education Shelf

Guide to Private Special Education
Porter Sargent Handbooks
2 Lan Dr., Ste. 100, Westford, MA 01886
9780875581682, $32.00,

When you have the options, leaving special needs education to Public schools is sometimes not what parents seek. "Guide to Private Special Education" is a guide for those who want to give their child a private education in spite of their special needs caused by many physical and mental disorders, trying to give them the best education they can possibly receive. With an index of many schools and what they can focus on, their location, contact information, their type, tuition, and much more, "Guide to Private Special Education" is a must for parents considering other options for their special needs child.

My Dog Bites the English Teacher
Marian Anders
Aviary Publishers
PO Box 46239, Raleigh, NC 27620
9780979488412, $14.95,

Grammar isn't hard, but it's easy to make costly little errors. "My Dog Bites The English Teacher: Practical Grammar Made Quick and Easy" is a guide to staring down those costly little errors with plenty of methods to minimize errors and increase test and paper scores to avoid those technical deductions. For those who want to avoid the sea technicalities that is English Grammar, "My Dog Bites the English Teacher" is a must get.

The Economic Studies Shelf

Economic Meltdown
Karen McHale
47 S. Meridian St., Suite 401, Indianapolis, IN 46204
9780615410852, $12.95,

As the country falls apart, the only person one can rely on is themselves. "Economic Meltdown: A Family Preparedness Plan for Disaster" is a novel surrounding what could happen to a country that falls apart and what it means for the American family. With much thought and opinion blended in, "Economic Meltdown" has virtues worth taking to heart, making for an entertaining and cautious read.

The Humor Shelf

The Geezer Handbook
Gred L. Rosenberg
A Lincoln Square Press
40 West 62nd Street, New York, NY 10023
9780976848219, $10.95

Age gives you the wisdom to see how utterly stupid it all is. "The Geezer Handbook: A Primer on Etiquette for Geezers (and Geezerettes)" is a collection of humor from Fred L. Rosenberg as he provides his own musings on the universe and the rules of being a crotchety old person. Sure to never let a smile leave your face, "The Geezer Handbook" is an excellent read and is not to be missed.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Visits to Heaven
Josie Varga
4th Dimension Press
215 67th St., Virginia Beach, VA 23451
9780876046111, $16.95,

What lies after death is what endlessly fascinates many readers. "Visits to Heaven" is a collection of stories from Josie Varga as she recounts real life stories she learned of near death experiences, meetings with ghosts and angels, and other sign from something far beyond the mundane. For metaphysical readers with a study of what lies ahead in our personal future, "Visits to Heaven" is a fascinating read, recommended.

More Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom
M. A. Payton
The Left Side
1354 Heathbrook Circle, Asheville, NC 28803
9780971980464, $15.95,

It's hard to simply stay sane when being a parent, let alone find enlightenment. "More Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom" is a guide to finding a greater bit of spirituality in one's life from M. A. Payton as she encourages other mothers to find time for their mind and ponder the nature of the world as they take on the incredibly draining task of raising children, and finding strength in others in your community. With plenty to ponder for the metaphysical mother, "More Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom" is a thoughtful and recommended read.

Mind of the Mystic
Glen A. Just
Eagle Entertainment
130 Teton Lane #2, Mankato, MN 56001
9780983205708, $17.49,

Something more than the mundane is around us, begging for us to understand it. "Mind of a Mystic" is Glen A. Just's own studies into the ideas of ghosts, spirits, and all around us, following up his previous work, Autobiography of a Ghost. With plenty of metaphysical ideas, "Mind of a Mystic" has much to intrigue readers into the concepts of what lies beyond, both theistic and atheistic.

The Cookbook Shelf

The Berlin Cookbook
Rose Marie Donhauser
255 W, 43rd St., #1012, New York, NY, 10036
9781935902508, $19.95,

People usually don't associate Germany with excellent cuisine. Those people are missing out. "The Berlin Cookbook: Traditional Recipes and Nourishing Stories" is filled with recipes and stories of the German dishes where they have gained much love through their tradition and flavor, showing how they came to be a traditional German dish throughout history. "The Berlin Cookbook" has everything from the expected bratwurst to the many German takes on beef to sweets, potatoes, soups & stews, and so much more, highly recommended.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

FM for Murder
Patricia Rockwell
Cozy Cat Press
9780984479542, $14.95,

No eyewitnesses, but plenty of earwitnesses... "FM for Murder" is a mystery novel following Pamela Barnes, acoustic expert and psychology professor as she tries to answer the whodunnit question as Disc Jockey Black Vulture is shot live on the air with no one seeing it but thousands hearing it. Trying to connect the pieces, "FM for Murder" is the second entry in the acoustic murder mystery series and makes for a truly fun and fascinating read, not to be missed.

Track of the Dragon
Paul Morton
Bascom Hill Publishing Group
212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 290, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781935098379, $16.95,

The task put upon them may have been too much to ask. "Track of the Dragon" chronicles Peter Moore as he faces the self conflict of duty and the urge to leave that duty when his unit Delta-19 finds themselves with a lack of support in a serious and deadly mission. A story of facing overwhelming odds and finding the courage and strength to continue on as a young soldier, "Track of the Dragon" is a thriller that will prove hard to put down.

The Military Shelf

At Ease, Soldier!
Gayle S. Rozantine
Optima Vita, Inc.
400 Commercial Court, Savannah, GA 31406
9780979759772, $19.95

It was hard to leave it behind, it seems harder to come back. "At Ease, Soldier!: How to Leave the War Downrange and Feel at Home Again" is a guide for soldiers who are struggling with the transition from the battlefield to their everyday lives. Encouraging communication with the spouse, the family, and the friends they return to and more. Drawn from the experiences of other soldiers, Gayle Rozantine advises soldiers in dealing with the conditioning of combat and trying to ease away from it. "At Ease, Soldier!" is a must for those facing difficulty from their military careers and civilian life.

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