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Reviewer's Choice

Dare To Prepare!, third edition
Holly Drennan Deyo
Deyo Enterprises LLC
9780972768856, $49.75,

From the Boy Scout slogan of 'Be Prepared' to contemporary survivalist manifestos warning of the need to anticipate and deal with potential disasters of all kinds, the common thread is that bad things can and will happen, and the best way to survive them is to prepare contingency measures accordingly. That's the philosophical basis for Holly Drennan Deyo's "Dare to Prepare!" massive 624-page, profusely illustrated compendium of advice and instruction on how individuals and families can determine what supplies and resources will need to be accessibly stored to weather any and all disasters ranging from the natural to the man-made. More than just a collection of survivalist-oriented acquisition lists and now in a significantly expanded and thoroughly updated third edition, "Dare to Prepare!" covers everything from water issues, foods and food storage, finances, general basic supplies, first aid, the shelf life of various non-food items, underground storage, building a hand-pump, soap and candle making, gardening, generators, cooking without power, cooking with solar power, communications, sanitation, and so much more. Of special note are the chapters dedicated to pets, firearms, and the aftermath of a nuclear war. Covering a vast array of emergencies from tornadoes to hurricanes, to floods, volcanoes, and severe winter storms, "Dare to Prepare!" will prove to be an invaluable resource to be kept permanently at hand as an instructional reference and resource that no family or community library should be without.

Join Us at the Embassy
Summer Whitford
Palari Publishing
PO Box 9288, Richmond, VA 23227
9781928662211, $16.95,

An embassy is a little piece of a country in another land. "Join Us at the Embassy" is a tour of embassies and the culture around them. Discussing the customs, the elaborate detail of many of the embassies and their celebrations, and the high culture etiquette that flies within these walls, which by international laws are considered to be foreign soil. For anyone interested in the goings on inside embassies, "Join Us at the Embassy" is a fine and recommended read.

A Terrible Mistake
H.P. Albarelli
Trine Day
PO Box 577, Walterville, OR 97489
9780977795376, $34.95,

Knowing too much can be a major cause of death. "A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA's Secret Cold War Experiments" delves into the death of Frank Olson, a biochemist working closely with the Army and CIA after World War II. Author H. P. Albarelli hopes to delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding Olson's death, including his apparent drugging, and how the case has been kept strictly confidential for decades after the fact. With interesting points and thoughts into this conspiracy, "A Terrible Mistake" is a choice pick for those who want to read about this unsung tale of history.

Mitchell Beazely
c/o Newman Communications Inc.
38 Everett St., #75, Allston, MA 02134
9781845335236, $29.99,

"Snapshot: The Visual Almanac for Our World Today", a project of Circa (Cambridge International Reference on Current Affairs), is a profusely illustrated, 352-page compendium of succinctly presented information on a wide variety of specific subjects ranging across such issues the environment, social, government, finance and commerce, technology, and popular culture here at home and around the world. Replete with charts and graphs, this single volume collection of information offers a wealth of superbly organized and presented general information and comparisons making it an ideal reference for research and writing papers. Non-specialist general readers will enjoy simply browsing through its pages and discovering such fascinating tidbits as what the world eats and who spends what on food; the ten deadliest natural disasters since 1985 and the ten costliest natural disasters since 1985; top publishing houses worldwide and the number of books published per annum; and so much more. "Snapshot: The Visual Almanac for Our World Today" is an ideal and highly recommended addition for family, community, and school library reference collections,

The Photography Shelf

Visions Of Beauty
Alan S. Maltz
Alan S. Maltz Gallery
9780962667756, $60.00,

Showcasing images captured by the artistry of photographer Alan s. Maltz, "Visions of Beauty: Fort Myers, Sanibel & Beyond" has as its geographical theme the beauty, wonder, nature, and architecture of Lee County in Southwest Florida. From such diverse locations as Sanibel and Captiva Islands, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Boca Grande, Cayo Costa, Pine Island and Estero, "Visions of Beauty" truly lives up to its title as a 128-page coffee table compendium of superbly memorable and presented images making it a highly recommended addition to personal, professional, academic, and community library American Photographic History reference collections. Also very highly recommended, should you find yourself in Key West, Florida, is a visit to the Alan S. Maltz Gallery (1210 Duval Street, Old Town, Key West, Florida).

The Fiction Shelf

From Hell to Breakfast
Joan Opyr
Blue Feather Books
1222 East E, Street, Moscow, ID 83843
9780979412073, $20.49

The problems don't seem to ever take their time piling up. "From Hell to Breakfast" is the story of Bil Hardy, a woman with no shortage of problems in her life. Mentors swamped with ghosts of their pasts, unwise moves from her mother, bad taste in men, familial grief, murder, and so much more. The story of Bil and her many problems are diverse enough to make for a fun and intriguing read that is far reaching and endlessly fascinating. For those looking for fiction with a lesbian focus, "From Hell to Breakfast" is an ideal pick.

Tamara's Child
B. K. Mayo
Fir Valley Press
PO Box 337, Winchester, OR 97495
9780981588476, $14.95,

Love is a powerful thing, but how to apply it is the real problem. "Tamara's Child" tells the story of a teenage mother, who faced with her new child, wants to do everything she can to protect it and care for it. When plans are put in place to separate her from her child, Tamara is left asking if resisting is really the best thing for her and her child. "Tamara's Child" is a thought provoking and heart string jerking tale that should not be passed up.

The Red Priest's Annina
Sarah Bruce Kelly
Bel Canto Press
555 Westham Drive, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
9780578025650, $18.45,

Aspirations of stardom know no era. "The Red Priest's Annina" tells the story of Annina, a young girl who dreams of a life on stage in the eighteenth century. Through her journeys through Venice, she encounters characters of every persuasion making her journey to her dream an unusual one. Drawn from real events, "The Red Priest's Annina" is a choice pick that should not be ignored.

Men of Gain
Hunter McClelland
Strategic Book Publishing
845 Third Avenue, 6th Floor, 6016, New York, NY 10022
9781608600687, $12.95,

If one isn't careful, the American dream can quickly turn into the American nightmare. "Men of Gain" tells the story of one Wall Street number cruncher by the name of Evan Tipton the Second as he faces his life potentially collapsing all around him through the economic crisis. Sent into scandal, Evan must clear his name or he and his family will know true poverty in no time. "Men of Gain" is an intriguing novel of the Wall Street elite, highly recommended.

Science Gone Mad
Timothy A. Bramlett
Azuria Books
c/o Arbor Books
19 Spear Rd., Suite 301, Ramsey, NJ 07446
9780979644405, $14.95,

Science can prove to be a very intriguing mistress. "Science Gone Mad" is a collection of short stories from Timothy A. Bramlett, on topics of the strange and unusual abominations of science that range from giant rodents, willful Alzheimers, ghosts, and so many more subjects. A fine collection for science fiction fans, "Science Gone Mad" is a collection that should not be ignored for fans of either science fiction or short stories.

Soul Catcher
Leigh Bridger
Bell Bridge Books
PO Box 300921, Memphis, TN 38130
9780982175682, $16.95,

Through many lives, Livia's fate has to been to lose them to a demon. "Soul Catcher" is an original fantasy following Livia Belane, a woman who through many of her lives has battled a cruel and vengeful demon. In each life, she has failed to defeat her nemesis; but now with a soul hunter for a husband, Livia may finally have a chance. "Soul Catcher" is quite the read and is highly recommended.

The Guys Who Spied for China
Gordon Basichis
Minstrel's Alley
PO Box 492332, Los Angeles, CA 90049
9780984105205, $15.99,

A growing power, China has placed eyes all over the world. "The Guys Who Spied for China" tells the story of two gentlemen who uncover the deeper uncover some of these eyes for China in the United States, in their home state of California. Inspired by true events, and colored by author Gordon Basichis' dark humor, "The Guys Who Spied for China" is an intriguing and entertaining read. "The Guys Who Spied for China" is a worthwhile investment for spy fiction fans.

Amber Lehman
Closet Case Press
PO Box 12961, Newport Beach, CA 92658
9780979593369, $15.00,

A radical shift in environment changes one's world. "Torn" is the story of Krista McKinley, a Catholic school student who is sent to a public high school by her family. As she finds new friends, her world and her values will still be roughly tested. "Torn" is an intriguing coming of age story that many teenagers will relate to.

No Urn for the Ashes
Alison Sawyer Current
Bayfire Press
1750 30th Street, Suite 1, PMB 197, Boulder, CO 80301
9780981546445, $16.99,

Cutting edge science can bring untold prosperity, but also untold misery. "No Urn for the Ashes" tells the story of the story of a cutting edge new fuel source. In the pursuit of this new technology, lives are lost and Taylor Garland's life is torn apart. But hope will come as Taylor tries to reclaim her husband's legacy as well as her daughter. "No Urn for the Ashes" is a strong pick for those who are fans of thrillers.

Anarcho Grow
T.A. Sedlak
TPKF Publishing
765 W Washington Ave, Suite 103, Madison, WI 53715
9780615309231, $14.95,

Sometimes the best way to success doesn't sit well with everyone. "Anarcho Grow: Pura Vida in Costa Rica" is the tale of Ben Starosta, a man who takes the burden of helping a Costa Rican village called Quebrada Grande prosper. When traditional methods fail, he introduces the idea of growing marijuana to the village, and the village reaps the rewards. But the gray morality crop soon attracts the attention of the U.S. government, and leads to many criminal and political problems for Starosta. "Anarcho Grow" is a gripping and entertaining novel of Latin America, highly recommended.

In All My Sad Dreaming
John Caulfield
Better Karma LLC
6018 Goldenrod Ct, Alexandria, VA 22310
9780982432914, $12.99,

The race against oneself is not usually one to save your own sanity. "In All My Sad Dreaming" tells the story of James Blake, a man who finds himself in a haze after an attack leaves him hospitalized. Trying to find out why he is the way he is, his journey takes him deeper into the culture and underworld of South Africa, giving readers a glimpse of the African nation that few understand. "In All My Sad Dreaming" is a riveting psychological thriller, sure to please.

The Kennedy Effect
Michael J. Foy
Alternate Reality Press
c/o Gulotta Communications (publicity)
341 Lexington Street, Newton, MA 02466
9780984105304, $16.95,

The salvations of many universes crosses them. "The Kennedy Effect" is a unique novel telling the tale of an Alternate John F. Kennedy glimpsing our universe and his assassination in or world. Fearing for his own fate, he must look far and wide to find some place to survive, his universe, ours, and many others. An intriguing science fiction novel that blends alternate history and historical fiction, "The Kennedy Effect" is sure to please genre fans.

Wild Card
Ronald B. Taylor
Timber Gap Publishing
1825 Roche Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
9780982137857, $26.95,

Playing by your own rules is a tough thing to do when it seems like no one else plays by any at all. "Wild Card" is the story of Jake Robertson, a young California man coming of age as the United States may be heading off to World War II. Accused of murder, Jake must weave through the webs of a corrupt police force as well as the criminal underworld to clear his name and live the life he wants to live. "Wild Card" is an exciting work of historical fiction, recommended.

The Bum Magnet
K. L. Brady
Ladylit Press
10114 Garden Valley Ct., Cheltenham, MD 20623
9780615307046, $14.95,

Men can cause many problems in the lives of women, but swearing off them is quite the task. "The Bum Magnet" tells the story of Charisse Tyson, a woman who has been burned far more often than she would like in the realm of love. When she wants to get away from it all, life won't let her because it seems that her own addiction is hard to stop, especially when her addiction doesn't want to let go of her. "The Bum Magnet" is a story that many women will find something to relate to, making for a highly recommended read that should not be missed.

The Cave Man
Xiaoda Xiao
Two Dollar Radio
141 East Town St., Suite 200, Columbus, OH 43215
9780982015131, $15.50,

Locked away from the world, the concept of humanity itself must be re-evaluated. "The Cave Man" is the story of Ja Feng, a man secluded in a prison cell during the reign of Mao in China. When he's finally released after months of being held off from his fellow man, he finds it hard to readjust to his life. A fine and intriguing read of the human need to be around others and the effects of cutting off that need, "The Cave Man" is a very psychological and entertaining novel.

Benny Buggles
Douglas W. Martin
Kanspira Publishing
PO Box 922, Brea, CA 92822-0922
9780578014517, $12.95,

There's more to aspire to in life than chomping on wood. "Benny Buggles and the Termite Elimination" tells the story of a termite with dreams by the name of Benny Buggles. Wanting to become an artist, he finds resistance, as no one expects him to be nothing more than every other termite in Kansas. An entertaining tale of youth and dreams, "Benny Buggles and the Termite Elimination" is an inspirational pick for young readers.

The Business Shelf

Hunker Down Survival Plan
Edward Dayne Curry
Merlin & Associates Publishers
963 Quail Run Quay, Virginia Beach, VA 23452-6113
9780981468419, $15.00,

There are a number of excellent survivalist instruction manuals for individuals providing practical information on preparing for all manner of economic, political, and environmental crises. But user-friendly 'how to' guides for insuring the survival of a business can be even harder to come by. That's why "Hunker Down Survival Plan" by Edward Dayne Curry is such an invaluable resource and reference for the entrepreneurial enterprises ranging from a small local business to an international corporation. We live in a time of radical changes both real and potential. What Curry offers in this newly expanded and updated edition of his "Hunker Down Survival Plan" is a 156-page compendium of ideas, tips, tricks, techniques, and commentary for making the transition from what he describes as a 'wants' society to a 'needs' society where the rules of marketplace competition must adapt to increasingly chaotic conditions of supply and demand. Informed and informative, "Hunker Down Survival Plan" is urgently recommended reading for any charged with insuring the survival of a business, and will prove equally invaluable to governmental policy makers and non-profit social and cultural service organizations as well.

Team Clock
Steve Ritter
Mawi Books
PO Box 471666, Chicago, IL 60647
9780974390192, $19.95,

The sum is greater than the parts. "Team Clock: A Guide to Breakthrough Teams" is the strategies of Steve Ritter, a man who has helped countless teams to great results in their pursuits. Emphasizing communication, and stating that conflict and competition is not a bad thing when it comes to building a winning team, "Team Clock" is an intriguing guide with highly worthwhile strategies for those looking for ideas that work for their team, no matter what the team is for.

The Phenomenal Product Manager
Brian Lawley
Superstar Press
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 210, Cupertino, CA 95014
9781600051340, $19.95,

Good management can be the difference between success and failure. "The Phenomenal Product Manager: The Product Manager's Guide to Success, Job Satisfaction and Career Acceleration" is a guide to becoming a product manager and what is called for from a product manager, and their impact on the product itself. Giving a complete and comprehensive rundown of its topic, "The Phenomenal Product Manager" is a choice pick for any aspiring businessperson.

The Psychology Shelf

The Steps of Essence
Hanns-Oskar Porr
SeinQuest, Inc.
1501 Cloverlawn Ave., Orlando, FL 32806
9780984106424, $19.95,

Before you can be true to others, you need to be true to yourself. "The Steps of Essence: How to Live Life Well & Authentically" is a self-help guide for those who want to attain better living by gaining a better understanding of oneself. Author Hanns-Oskar Porr encourages readers to learn to understand themselves and gain a greater understanding of life through themselves. Drawing on some metaphysical elements such as one's own personal essence and vision, he provides much sound advice for getting one's life on the track they truly want. "The Steps of Essence" is a worthwhile investment for spirituality and self-help readers.

Simon Says Pay Attention
Daniel Yeager & Marcie Yeager
Golden Path Games
217 West Brentwood Boulevard, Lafayette, LA 70506
9780615315829, $39.00,

Drawing upon years of experience and expertise as Licensed Clinical Social Workers and a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisors, the Yeagers have created "Simon Says Pay Attention: Help For Children With ADHD", a 159-page, spiral bound compendium of information, instruction, home exercises, worksheets, and adaptations of stories, games and exercises that will strengthen and improve the skills of an ADHD child with respect to working memory, impulse control, goal orientations, and their ability to shift focus. "Simon Says Pay Attention" provides a 4-step plan that therapists will find effective and practical as a form of intervention and engagement in their work with an ADHD child. This thoroughly 'user friendly' instruction manual will also prove exceptionally useful for parents and teachers of ADHD children in their own efforts to provide those children in understanding what ADHD, as well as the strategies and tools to enhance their daily lives. Very highly recommended for anyone working with ADHD children!

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Forever Fatal
Nancy Glass West
Deadly Niche Press
PO Box 2919, Denton, TX 76202
9780937660775, $15.95,

Most people would choose to run from a murderer - few would stand in defiance. "Forever Fatal" tells the story of Aggie Mundeen, a Chicago woman who moves to San Antonio and finds herself as a fish out of water. She soon draws the intention of a serial killer, and rather than lie low as the police expects, she hopes to uncover his identity before it's too late. "Forever Fatal" is a creative and original mystery, well worth a read.

Murder's A Cinch
Patricia A. Bremmer
Windcall Publishing
75345 Road 317, Venango, NE 69168
9780974588483, $14.99,

Once again mystery/suspense writer Patricia A. Bremmer demonstrates her undeniable storytelling talent with the release of "Murder's A Cinch", the eighth title in her 'Elusive Clues Series' from Windcall Publishing. Denver homicide detective Glen Karst is up against a serial killer targeting theater actors. Complicating an already difficult assignment is the presence of the lovely Rebecca. When the killer targets her, Karst finds his personal life tangled up with his professional responsibilities. The action is fast paced, the characters deftly drawn, the ending a genuine and suspenseful cliff hanger. From first page to last, "Murder's A Cinch" is a totally engaging entertainment and highly recommended for fans of mystery/suspense in general, and Patricia A. Bremmer in particular!

The Aviation Shelf

Aircraft Inspection And Repair
Federal Aviation Administration
Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
555 Eighth Avenue, Suite 903, New York, NY 10018
9781602399501, $24.95,

Founded by the government in 1958, The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), is charged with insuring the safety of air travel. Key to that mandate is the routine inspection and compulsory powers to insure that proper maintenance and repair is carried out on every air craft of every kind, category and size that flies in American air space. That's why the FAA has produced "Aircraft Inspection and Repair", a 768-page compendium of information crucial to properly carrying out inspections and repairs. Fully comprehensive, "Aircraft Inspection and Repair" covers every aspect of the aircraft from the materials from which it is manufactured, to commonly encountered problems such as corrosion, aircraft systems and components, fuels, and more. Now published by Sky Horsepublishing and available to not only professionals in the field by to non-specialist general readers with an interest in aviation issues, "Aircraft Inspection and Repair" is highly recommended and a seminal addition to professional, governmental, corporate, academic, and community library Aviation Studies reference collections.

The Art Shelf

The Complete Kagan
Vladimir Kagan
Pointed Leaf Press
136 Baxter St., Suite 1C, NY, NY 10013
097276612X, $65.00,

Vladimir Kagan is one of the most respected and influential furniture designers of the past half-century. Beautifully and profusely illustrated throughout with more than four hundred illustrations, "Complete Kagan: Vladimir Kagan--A Lifetime of Avant-Garde Design" is Kagan's personal memoir offering a complete and remarkably detailed and superbly written overview of his personal and professional history as an award-winning and international famous designer whose innovative contributions are fully matched by his distinctive craftsmanship. Of special note are his notable list of clients ranging from Marilyn Monroe, to Jennifer Lopez, to Giorgio Armani. Organized chronologically beginning with his parents and birth in 1927, to his professional debut in America in 1945, to his expanding successes throughout the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, "The Complete Kagan" fully lives up to its title. Enhanced with a 'Summer of Products' 1967; and Index, as well as sources, bibliography, credits and chronology, "The Complete Kagan" is a seminal addition to personal, professional, academic, and community library 20th Century Art History reference collections in general, and Furniture Design Studies supplemental reading lists in particular.

Portland Press
PO Box 70856, Seattle, WA 98127

Dale Chihuly is a Seattle-based artist whose glass sculptures have been displayed in museums and public exhibitions around the country. Now Portland Press has published the first three of a ten-title series showcasing Chihuly's work. "Chihuly Putti" (9781576841730, $14.95) is a profusely illustrated presentation showcasing some of the artist's most unusual and artistic works. "Chihuly Chandeliers & Towers" (9781576841747, $14.95) represents glass sculptures of considerable size, some of which are more than 43 feet in height. "Chihuly Baskets" (9781576841723, $14.95) focuses on works created with the artist's mastery of glassblowing techniques resulting in works inspired by Native American baskets in color and form. Each of these beautifully illustrated little volumes is accompanied by a DVD that includes interviews with the artist. Very highly and enthusiastically recommended for personal, professional, academic, and community library American Art History collections, it should be noted that Portland Press will publisher the remaining seven titles in this remarkable and memorable series throughout 2010.

The Education Shelf

Classroom Discipline
Linda Crawford & Christopher Hagedorn
Developmental Designs
3805 Grand Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55409
9780938541134, $24.95,

Punishment shapes people for a better future. "Classroom Discipline: Guiding Adolescents to Responsible Independence" is a guide for educators who want to establish a fair and just discipline system for their classrooms. With plenty of advice for establishing discipline in a way that will not cause resentment, treating one's students with respect, and what to do when the line is crossed, authors Linda Crawford and Christopher Hagedorn offer wisdom borne from years of experience in the field. "Classroom Discipline" is a must for any teacher who has a hand in their classroom's rules.

Deep Brain Learning
Larry K. Brendtro, PhD, Martin L. Mitchell, EdD, & Herman J. McCall, EdD
Starr Commonwealth
PO Box 57, 104 North Main Street, Lennox, SD 57039
9781607257899 $29.95

Deep Brain Learning: Pathways to Potential with Challenging Youth is an educator's guide seeking to reveal and share universally successful principles for teaching and helping children and youth, particularly those individuals who are troubled or pose particular challenges. Chapters draw upon the latest cutting-edge research on how the human brain and hormones work, and seek to apply this knowledge to matters concerning the development of children's social skills as well as their academic capabilities. A solid resource written by educators, for educators, in the hope of offering useful general principles that can be adopted into specific strategies to meet the needs of those children who need help the most, Deep Brain Learning deserves the highest possible recommendation and is an absolute "must-have" for teachers everywhere.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

The Road to God Knows...
Von Allan
Von Allan Studio
9780978123703, $12.95,

The teenage years are hard, and having a schizophrenic mother does not help that. "The Road to God Knows..." is the coming of age story of one Marie, a teenage girl faced with her single mother's increasingly complex schizophrenia. Forced to grow up before her time, she learns many important lessons. "The Road to God Knows..." is an intriguing and touching graphic novel with a unique art style, highly recommended.

The Biography Shelf

Rebecca K. O'Connor
Red Hen Press
PO Box 3537, Granada Hills, CA 91394
9781597094603, $18.95,

Some people seek to understand themselves through art, Rebecca K. O'Connor gains her understanding through falconry. "Lift" is a memoir from O'Connor reflecting on her training in the relatively unknown art of falconry. Drawing parallels from her practice to how it has helped her understand life, she gives readers a simple and quaint look at the world from above. "Lift" is a fine pick that is well worth considering.

Adventures in Global Consulting
Alan A. Waldman
Waldman Publications
PO Box 548, Oceanside, NY 11572
9780984051403, $16.95,

No matter the location or culture, good business knows no language barrier. "Adventures in Global Consulting: Anecdotes, Learnings, and Lessons from 25 Years of Building Quality Worldwide" is a memoir from Dr. Alan A. Waldman as he reflects on his journeys as a quality consultant around the world, dealing with very different people across many different lands. An intriguing story of a intriguing life, "Adventures in Global Consulting" is a worthy read for anyone looking to get into global business themselves.

The Smile at the Heart of Things
Brian H. Peterson
Tell Me Press
98 Mansfield Street, New Haven, CT 06511
9780981983554, $28.95,

What sets someone down the road of creativity for a profession? "The Smile at the Heart of Things" is a collection of essays and stories from Brian H. Peterson as he explores his life as an artist and what brought him there. An honest tale of an artist, he brings many reflections of life that will give readers a lot to think about. Focusing on art, life, and the status of the individual, "The Smile at the Heart of Things" is a fine collection that is thoughtful, entertaining, and uplifting.

Iron Heart
Brian Boyle
Skyhorse Publishing
555 Eighth Avenue, Suite 903, New York, NY 10018
9781602397712, $24.95,

When you have a dream, sometimes death won't even stop you. "Iron Heart: The True Story of How I Came Back from the Dead" tells the story of Brian Boyle and his catastrophic accident that took two months of his life and left his organs rearranged. As he clawed back to life, he never lost his dream and eventually went from vegetable to swimming champion. A truly inspirational story of never saying die, "Iron Heart" is a choice pick and very highly recommended read.

Saints of Molokai
Maryanne Raphael
Writers World
3363 Tyler St., #215, Carlsbad, CA 92008
9781448683420, $7.95

An ailment of the past is still an ailment to be remembered. "Saints of Molokai" is a history of Hawaii's bout with leprosy and how a dedicated few dared to stand against the disease and tells the story of their successes and failures in this avenue. Father Damien stood against it to help people, and soon found himself dying of the disease he was trying to cure it, among others to who sacrificed themselves. "Saints of Molokai" is a solid and very recommended read that should not be ignored by those intrigued about the history of disease.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Life is a Spiritual Soup
Jilliana Raymond
Turtle Hill Publishing
PO Box 212, Catharpin, VA 20143
9781439258996, $15.99,

Spirituality is something that is hard for many people to balance their lives around. "Life is a Spiritual Soup: Discovering Your Spiritual Legacy" is Jilliana Raymond's call to helping people find the balance of God in their lives so that they may better incorporate his will and wisdom. Her words seek to help people realize the spiritual being they are and can aspire to be, making "Life is a Spiritual Soup" a fine addition to spirituality collections.

The Tapestry of Grace
Lorraine Miller
Divine WebWeaver Publishing
PO Box 65892, Tucson, AZ 85728
9780578020150, $16.00

Life is a series of interwoven relationships. "The Tapestry of Grace: Crafted by the Divine Weaver" is an examination of life through an analogy of tapestry from Lorraine Miller. With simple wisdom, she presents a charming simile that will open the eyes of readers to the details of the world with many profound ideas, focusing on the idea of God as the Divine Weaver. "The Tapestry of Grace" is a Christian spiritual guide that will lift the reader's heart.

Naked Spirit
Jon Whale
Clear Lotus Publishing
404 East First Street, Suite 1189, Long Beach, CA 90802
9780981485164, $26.99,

The human spirit is something that is innately versatile. "Naked Spirit: The Supernatural Odyssey" is a spirituality guide to the potential of the human spirit, stating that so much of your life revolves the state of one's spirit. Your spirit emerges in ways you may not notice, and Jon Whale discusses how it impacts your physical body, your emotions, and your perceptions of the world. "Naked Spirit" is a top pick for those who are intrigued by the wide nature of the human spirit.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Backing U Lite
Vaughan Evans
Business & Careers Press
c/o C.S. Lewis Co. Publicists
19 Cardinal Drive, Woodstock, NY 12498
9780956139115, $14.95,

Sometimes your job isn't your favorite thing in the world. "Backing U Lite: A Quick-Read Guide to Backing Your Passion and Achieving Career Success" is a guide to better understanding one's desires in their career path, in having faith in oneself and their capabilities at their job. Stating that many jobs become about competing to keep one's spot, "Backing U Lite" is a guide to confidence that eludes many employees as their tenure at their jobs goes on.

Caregiving Without Regrets
Vicki Rackner
Caregiver Club Press
8441 SE 68th, Suite 298, Mercer Island, WA 98040
9780976943037, $14.95

Being in charge of another adult is a tough job. "Caregiving Without Regrets: 3 Steps to Avoid Burnout and Manage Disappointment, Guilt, and Anger" is a guide for those who want to give the best care possible but are wracked with not living up to expectations. With advice on getting in the right mindset, dealing with failure, and remembering to take care of oneself when things look bad. "Caregiving Without Regrets" is a top pick for those who want to beat their own guilt and do their best.

The Sports Shelf

Cornerstones of Coaching
Jon J. Hammermeister
Cooper Publishing Group
PO Box 1129, Traverse, MI 49685
0976930358, $40.00

A good coach is the difference between night and day. "Cornerstones of Coaching: The Building Blocks of Success for Sport Coaches and Teams" discusses the value of coaching and the fundamentals of it. Describing the purpose of coaching, the philosophy needed, the psychology a coach must have with his players, encouraging team work, and so much more, Jon J. Hammermeister does well in giving readers a complete and comprehensive guide to the finer points of coaching. "Cornerstones of Coaching" is a superb addition to any sports collection.

The Poetry Shelf

Light from a Bullet Hole
Ralph Salisbury
Silver Review Press
PO Box 3541, Eugene, OR 97403
9781878851567, $19.95,

The search for forgiveness is an inspiring one. "Light from a Bullet Hole" is a collection from poetry from Ralph Salisbury, as he speaks on the concepts of forgiveness, heritage, and other topics. Poignant and inspiring, "Light from a Bullet Hole" is a top pick for those looking for simple and profound work. "A Coastal Temple Ruin, 1992": Surf echoing Spanish cannon, or Aztec drums/summoning centuries of slain,/victory-regalia-petals/proclaim sun/ascendant, while, rainbows wing/from nests, to split banana beaks and sing/aeons-extinct sea-verge-ecology ancestries,/clouds, roots, fragrance, fruit/offering survivors of war in the genes more/than invaders took/and defenders gave/their lives trying to save.

Shore Ordered Ocean
Dora Malech
Waywiser Press
PO Box 6205, Baltimore, MD 21206
9781904130390, $16.95,

Lover and creator of poetry Dora Malech brings readers a labor of her own with "Shore Ordered Ocean". With witty observations about the world around her using the English language wisely and creatively, she brings readers a very intriguing and recommended read using her poetry. "Shore Ordered Ocean" is a fine recommendation for poetry collections. "An Old Story": And still, no one has swept/the boot prints from the temple.

From Auction Block to Oval Office
Kahlil Almustafa
MVMT Milk Publishing
410 Westminister Rd., Apt 1C, Brooklyn, NY 11218
9780615334868, $15.00

The polarizing presidency of Barack Obama has brought people many different opinions. "From Auction Block to Oval Office: 100 Poems in 100 Days of Obama's Presidency" is a collection of poems from Kahlil Almustafa, putting his award-winning expertise to good use as he reflects on the first hundred days of the historic presidency of Barack Obama. "From Auction Block to Oval Office" is a riveting and very recommended read. "Day Fifty Four: March 15, 2009": Humanity is young. America/is too./Let us seek common/courage through growth.

In Search of Bliss
J. L. Rainey
Strategic Alliances Publishing
PO Box 470967, Brooklyn, NY 11247
9780979805202, $20.00

True happiness is what every individual seems to reach out and yearn for. "In Search of Bliss" is a collection of poetry from J. L. Rainey focusing on this longing for bliss, touching on the many who search for it, from the immediate to those who feel it's only an aspect of the afterlife. Thoughtful and insightful, "In Search of Bliss" is a deftly crafted work of verse. A sample... : When a rainy day is a mess,/And a sunny day is unbearable,/The eye of the beholder/Has created them both.

The Light in Ordinary Things
Sara Friedman & D. Patrick Miller, editor
Fearless Books
PO Box 1292, Berkeley, CA 94701
9780982279915, $9.95,

Poetry is taking an unusual and intellectual approach to life. "The Light in Ordinary Things" is a collection of poetry from many authors, expertly assembled by Sari Friedman and D. Patrick Miller. The Fearless poetry series puts together an excellent collection that is sure to have a flavor for any taste of poetry, making "The Light in Ordinary Things" a pick well worth considering. "Childhood" by Vanessa Gabb: I remember rock and water/My toes in blue/One of my sandals floats/Farther from me/My father climbs across walls/River on his back/My sandal in one hand/Sun in the other.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Doctor of the Heart
Isadore Rosenfeld
140 Huguenot Street, New Rochelle, NY 10801-5215
9781934854150, $29.95,

A life of saving lives is a life well spent. "Doctor of the Heart: My Life in Medicine" is the memoir of Isadore Rosenfeld, a cardiologist for over six decades. Through his memoir, he tells many fascinating stories that are sure to entertain and intrigue readers as well as touch their hearts with tales of humanity's endless desire to thrive and survive even when one of their most central organs have turned on them. "Doctor of the Heart" is a moving and enlightening read of a man who knows his field well.

The Body Love Manual
Elizabeth 'Lily' Hills
Peaceful Planet Publications
PO Box 4886, Carmel, CA 93921
9780981938806, $17.95,

Before you can love others, you need to love yourself. "The Body Love Manual: How to Love the Body You Have as You Create the Body You Want" is a guide to appreciating one's own form, no matter what it may be. In a world where so many aren't comfortable in their own skin, Elizabeth Hills gives readers simple and profound advice for becoming more comfortable with one's body no matter what self-criticism they attack themselves with. "The Body Love Manual" is a solid addition to any health or self-help collection.

The Science Shelf

The Vanishing of a Species
Peter Gretener
Qualitas Publishing
195 Cardiff Drive, NW, Calgary, AL, Canada T2K 1S1
9781897093825, $19.95,

Could humanity be on the road to extinction? "The Vanishing of a Species" discusses the potential demise of mankind in the far off future. Peter Gretener, geologist, states that mankind at its current rate will eventually be the destruction of itself. Calling for a revolution of attitudes, he states that mankind is its own worst predator and the only thing stopping our continued prosperity is ourselves. "The Vanishing of a Species" is a choice pick for those concerned about the future of humanity.

The Humor Shelf

Sarah Palin's Secret Diary
Joey Green
Lunatic Press
6777 Daryn Drive, West Hills, CA 91307
9780977259045, $9.99,

Sarah Palin has become a very polarizing figure in the modern day, with both sides taking their own stance. "Sarah Palin's Secret Diary" is a satirical guide outlining the diary of Sarah Palin through her campaign trail in the 2008 Presidential elections. Not remotely fair, Joey Green has an appeal to those who were never fans of the former Alaskan governor. "Sarah Palin's Secret Diary" is a choice pick for political satire collections.

The Music Shelf

Mr. Langshaw's Square Piano
Madeline Goold
240 West 35th Street, Suite 500, New York, NY 10001
9781933346212, $24.95,

The piano, an icon of classical music, did not come into existence until the eighteenth century. "Mr. Langshaw's Square Piano: The Story of the First Pianos and How They Caused a Cultural Revolution" tells the story of the piano and its early days. First only enjoyed by high society as merely a novelty, the large musical instrument began to revolutionize contemporary music and its strong influences can be heard even in today's popular music. A riveting read of one of the most important musical developments in history, "Mr. Langshaw's Square Piano" is a fine addition to any music collection, especially ones focusing on the origins of music.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Living the Word
Dennis D. Sylva & James A. Wallace
World Library Publications
3708 River Road, Suite 400, Franklin Park, IL 60131-2158
9781584594437, $14.95,

There is more to the scripture than reading it. "Living the Word: Scripture Reflections and Commentaries for Sundays and Holy Days" discusses scripture for holidays and the Sabbath, as Reverend Wallace and Dennis Sylva give plenty of suggestions to keeping to the Sabbath and keeping it holy in spite of it all. Encouraging readers to live the word, "Living the Word" is a top pick for Christian libraries.

On the Move
C. Jeff Woods
Chalice Press
222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923
9780827227286, $19.99

A good congregation is a relevant congregation that changes with the times. "On the Move: Adding Strength, Speed, and Balance to Your Congregation" is a collection of tips and wisdom for Church leaders who want to keep their congregation strong and its members interested in their role as a community leader. With much in the way of tips and advice for non-profit organizations, "On the Move" is a valuable pick for those who want to keep the word of Christ strong in their hometowns.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Joan Marie Verba
FTL Publications
PO Box 1363, Minnetonka, MN 55345-0364
9780965357593, $15.95,

International Rescue can best be served by stopping the cause instead of the source. "Thunderbirds: Deadly Danger" is another novel of science fiction based on the famous television series as the Tracy family is again faced off with evil as a mad rocket scientist threatens the world to prove he is the most skilled at his trade the world has ever known. Jeff Tracy must stop this madman before he threatens lives even further, making International Rescue's job ever more difficult. "Thunderbirds: Deadly Danger" is a choice pick for fans of the series or simply young science fiction fans.

A Game Called Justice
Deirdre Glascoe
Colette, Inc.
6920-B Bradlick Shopping Center #220, Annandale, VA 22003
Smith Publicity
1930 E. Marlton Pike, Suite I-46, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
9780982326817, $23.25,

The law is meant to protect the people, not to exploit them. "A Game Called Justice: Revenge Has Never Been So Legal" is a unique take on the justice system, as Deirdre Glascoe presents a story that could very well happen as one man takes on a massive corrupt system and tries to win his rightfully entitled justice in the world. With a fascinating format, "A Game Called Justice" is a very intriguing and entertaining read with some very interesting points.

The Women's Studies Shelf

Entering the Age of Elegance
Chloe Jon Paul
Two Harbors
212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 570, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781935097051, $12.95,

Getting up there in age means new challenges in life. "Entering in the Age of Elegance: A Rite of Passage & Practical Guide for the Modern Maturing Woman" is a guide for woman entering the feared old age. With profound wisdom, Chloe Jon Paul discusses the many aspects of middle aged life for a woman, from marriage, to motherhood of adult children, and other important aspects. "Entering the Age of Elegance" is a worthwhile read for any woman feeling unsure about the next stage in their life.

The Judicial Studies Shelf

Justice for All
Sherrie Bourg Carter
National Institute for Trial Advocacy
361 Centennial Parkway, Suite 220, Louisville, CO 80027
9781601560896, $25.00,

It's easy to take the mentally ill and lock them away. "Justice for All: Challenges of the Mentally Ill in the Legal System" delves into the issues that the mentally ill face in the legal system, and how to defend those who do not completely understand how to defend themselves. The elderly are prime targets, with diseases such as Alzheimer and dementia setting in and causing them to become easy targets for abuse, not knowing the legal rights they have. Going over the many rights these individuals have, Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter gives readers and complete and comprehensive look at defending the mentally ill, making "Justice for All" a core addition for any collection focusing on the practice of law.

Trial & Heirs
Andrew W. Mayoras & Danielle B. Mayoras
Wise Circle Books
278 Alamitos Avenue #2, Long Beach, CA 90802
9780615328867, $19.95,

You can't take it with you, so where does it go? "Trial & Heirs: Famous Fortune Fights! ...And What You Can Learn From Celebrity Errors" looks at the inheritance game and what has spilled out from the deaths of pop culture icons and who takes on their legacy... and the pile of money that comes with it. A legal advice book primarily, it reads intriguingly for those who love an entertaining courtroom drama tied in with celebrity drama. "Trial & Heirs" has wide appeal, and is highly recommended.

The Economics Shelf

The Supply and Demand Paradox
Byron Fisher
Copyright Clearance Center
222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923
Smith Publicity (publicity)
1930 E. Marlton Pike., Suite I-46, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
9781419664274, $12.99,

Supply and Demand, the cornerstone of economics has always been up for constant debate by economists. "The Supply and Demand Paradox: A Treatise on Economics" is Byron Fisher's own scholarly ideas on economics, offering his views on the paradox of supply and demand, which he overviews as the fact that high demand will eventually create high supply. Educational and insightful, "The Supply and Demand Paradox" is choice reading for students of economics or non-specialist general readers.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

An American Solution
Andre DuPont
DuPont Group
PO Box 3328 Falls Church, VA 22043
9780615282626, $39.49

Something has to change before it's too late. "An American Solution for Reducing Carbon Emissions, Averting Global Warming, Creating Green Energy and Sustainable Employment" is an advocacy for change towards alternative energy sources for America and its vehicles. Discussing alternative power sources, their strengths and weaknesses, Andre DuPont gives readers a comprehensive overlook at the energy crisis. "An American Solution" is a top choice for those looking for an overview of possible solutions to energy crises.

The Homeowner's Shelf

A Homeowner's Guide to Feng Shui
Margaret Cecconet
Cecconet Publishing House
60 Deverill Crescent, Ajax, ON L1T 1S6
9780978331610, $14.95,

Your home is your temple. "A Homeowner's Guide to Feng Shui: Easy Tips a Harmonious Home" is a guide for those who would embrace the art of Feng Shui, as Margaret Cecconet as she offers her interpretation of Feng Shui, and advises readers how to embrace it for their own home, so that they may craft a more positive energy environment for their home. "A Homeowner's Guide to Feng Shui" is a solid read for metaphysical and spiritual readers.

The Parenting Shelf

Talking About Ideas with Your Children
James P. White & Johnny Lawrence
Tabloid Books
PO Box 272, Santa Monica, CA 90403
9781449559427, $6.00

Inspiring children to the greatness is one of the tasks of any school, be it academic or religious. "Talking About Ideas With Your Children: Positive Subjects for Happiness" is an inspirational guide aimed at Sunday school teachers. Encouraging these teachers to empower children with these values and ideas of self-importance, the idea that one can change the world, and more, "Talking About Ideas With Your Children" is worth considering for those who want to truly inspire their young ones.

You'll Thank Me Later
Annie M. Zirkel
Az Is Publishing
9780615327778, $11.95,

Gratitude can be the most important lesson one ever teaches their children. "You'll Thank Me Later: A Guide to Nurturing Gratitude In Our Children (And Why It Matters)" is a parent's guide to gratitude. Young people can easily be lulled into a sense of entitlement, if their parents don't teach them the importance of gratitude and how true appreciation can take one far in life. "You'll Thank Me Later" is a very recommended read that should not be overlooked.

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