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Reviewer's Choice

Gifts My Father Gave Me
Sharon Knutson-Felix and Allen R. Kates
Holbrook Street Press
c/o Russell Public Affairs Group
12300 North Mt. Bigelow Road, Tucson, AZ 8577
0966850114, $16.95

The six year old son of Sharon Knutson-Felix died when a reckless driver jumped a curb and hit the child. She was plunged into the kind of grief only a parent can know, when her husband (on duty as a police officer) was killed by yet another reckless driver. Written with the assistance of Allen R. Kates, "Gifts My Father Gave Me: Finding Joy After Tragedy" is Sharon's personal story of how she came to be able to forgive those reckless drivers who had destroyed her world. This is a memoir of a woman who found the courage and faith to remain a compassionate and loving mother, an informed and caring citizen, and a human being able to transform loss and despair into joy and thanksgiving. "Gifts My Father Gave Me" is inspired and inspiring. Deftly told with pathos and with humor, Sharon's life is laid out for anyone to read, but is most especially recommended to the attention of anyone who has lost a loved one of their own and is seeking to come to terms with tragedy and recover life's joys.

Day of the Dead: A Passion for Life
Mary J. Andrade
La Oferta Publishing Company
1376 N. Fourth St., San Jose, CA 95112
0979162408, $29.95

Award-winning author Mary J. Andrade presents Day of the Dead: A Passion for Life, a bilingual English/Spanish exploration of the Mexican celebration of passed on loved ones through the Day of the Dead holiday. In particular, Day of the Dead: A Passion for Life focuses upon how the P'urhepecha people who live in The Lake Area, the P'urhepecha Plateau, the Canada of the Eleven Towns, and the Cienega each celebrate the festival with their own special characteristics and interpretations. Lavishly illustrated with full-color photography on practically every other page, Day of the Dead explains Andrade's discoveries about the uniqueness of each region's expression of love of the departed in plain terms for lay readers. A beautiful holiday tribute ideal for public library and reference shelves, or for ordinary readers to savor simply paging through.

Amy Landa, et al.
AppleStar Publishing
4234 North 35th Place, Phoenix, AZ 85018
0978611403, $17.95

As a way to rise above their ordinary lives of laundry, babies, deadlines, and doldrums, six remarkable women meet every Wednesday night in Phoenix, Arizona as a writing group. "LifeLines: Stories Of Love, Life, Loss, Family And Hope" is a collection of their individually told stories, anecdotes, vignettes, and observations. Their particular stories are further individualized by being published in a different font for each of them. Their subject matter deals with their lives as mothers, daughters, sisters, and lovers. Each deftly told story is written with candor and designed to 'shatter the idea spoon-fed to our public that female perfection trumps all'. The women writers compiled in this remarkable, unique, and enthusiastically recommended volume include Ann McCoole Rigby; Missy Martin; Susan Tully; Linda Levitt; Diane Amento Owens; and Amy Landa. "LifeLines" is engaging and enthusiastically recommended reading that will strike chords of familiarity and appreciation within the mind of the reader.

The Poetry Shelf

The Best of Border Voices
Jack Webb, editor
Level 4 Press, Inc.
13518 Jamul Drive, Jamul, CA 91935
1933769246, $24.95

Edited by award-winning investigative reporter and founder of the Border Voices Poetry Project Jack Webb, The Best of Border Voices: Poet Laureates, Pulitzer Prize Winners & the Wisdom of Kids is an anthology of poetry compiled from one of America's largest poetry festivals for sixteen years, featuring nationally renowned poets, award-winning student poets of San Diego county, and poetry teachers from the school district. The Best of Border Voices gathers the cream of the crop from the sixteen years of festivals. Poems by students, teachers, and widely beloved professionals fill the collection from cover to cover; a number of simple black-and-white illustrations and even photographs of the authors spice up the brief yet pithy and eclectic contributions. "Secret": Soft, white and misshapen / Her tired, aching hands sprinkle tiny seeds- / new life over the soil. / Her fingers are bent / and look as though they will wither away / like the dead weeds she tosses aside. / There is something in her hands, in their past / that is a mystery to me- / I am too young.

My Hot Little Tomato
Colleen McKee
Cherry Pie Press
PO Box 155, Glen Carbon, IL 62034-2905
9780974846859, $10.00 1-618-288-1846

"My Hot Little Tomato" is a chapbook collection of free verse poems by Colleen McKee who takes on her themes with a very special passion translated onto paper with a distinctive literary talent. Hers is a poetry that will have a very special appeal to women writers, dedicated poets, and anyone who has ever felt the sting of betrayal, the heartbreak of failed love, and the compelling experience what life offers all of us sooner or later. 'Dirty Bleach and Water': In my heart, the kitchen/is closed for the night./The bar is too. Would you/like some black coffee?/We're all out of cream. Don't ask/for sugar. I'll call you/a cab from the list/by the pay phone. No,/I don't have a spoon. I don't/have a saucer. The kitchen/is closed. I cannot spare/one cube of ice./No bags of pork rinds,/pork feet, whatever. My feet/are tired. The kitchen/is closed.

Some Common Weaknesses Illustrated
Carson Cistulli
Casagrande Press
538 Turfwood Lane, Solana Beach, CA 92075
0976951614, $10.95

Especially recommended reading for avant garde poetry enthusiasts, "Some Common Weaknesses" is a compendium of poetry by author and radio show host Carson Cistulli whose work is characterized by deftly crafted free verse and prose poem commentaries on the commonplace in life. 'Postgame Comments by Celtics' Captain Paul Pierce as an Approach to the Creative Process': People don't understand what/the game of poetry is all about/Pierce said its/a physical war/but people don't understand/the psychology of the poetry/I was just trying to/get my poetry fired up/get my emotions into my/poetry and poetry/responded

Retreats & Recognitions
Grace Bauer
Lost Horse Press
105 Lost Horse Lane, Sandpoint, ID 83864
0976211467, $18.00

A faculty member of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Grace Bauer is an author and an award-winning poet whose work attests to a genuine flair for transcribing and translating her life experiences and observations into lyrical free verse commentaries that engage both the emotions and imaginations of her audience. "Retreats & Recognition" is her latest published collection and enthusiastically recommended reading for all American poetry enthusiasts. 'Primer for the Possible': The end of one thing starts up something new./Some truths seem to stay the same with change:/You choose what's future or it chooses you.//Doing nothing is still something that you do/And some days normal grows extremely strange./The end of one thing starts up something new//And that thing opens up a whole milieu--/A world in which your self is rearranged/You chose what's future or it chooses you.//The present turns to past -- the future's cue/Hours, days, seasons, years make their exchange/The end of one thing starts up something new.//You cannot hide, so learn to love the view/Of doubt, uncertainly, and all that's strange./Things end, but then there's always something new/To choose from as the future chooses you.

Oracle Figures
Eric Pankey
Ausable Press
1026 Hurricane Road, Keene, NY 12942
193133708X, $14.00 1-800-283-3572

An accomplished and award-winning poet, Eric Pankey's free form verse offers the reader a true and lyrical elegance. Articulate and literate, each carefully crafted, deftly worded poem comprising "Oracle Figures" resonates with word rhythm and conjured image reflecting Pankey's unique voice in contemporary American poetry. 'Epitaph': Beyond the traceries of the auroras,/The fires of tattered sea foam,/The ghost-terrain of submerged icebergs;/Beyond a cinder dome's black sands;/Beyond peninsula and archipelago,/Archipelago and far-flung islands,/You have made of exile a homeland,/Voyager, and of that chosen depth, a repose.//The eel shimmers and the dogfish darts,/A dance of crisscrosses and trespasses/Through distillate glints and nacreous silts,/And the sun, like fronds of royal palm/Wind-torn, tossed, lashes upon the wake,/But no lamplight mars or bleaches your realm,/A dark of sediment, spawn, slough, and lees,/Runoff, pitch-black, from the rivers of Psalms.

Autobiomythography & Gallery
Joe Millar
Brooklyn Arts Press
21 Bedford Street, #4, New York, NY 10014
0978825705, $12.00

His debut anthology, "Autobiomythography & Gallery: Poems" by poet, novelist, installation artist, and publisher Joe Millar admirably showcases his free verse poetry. An articulate, literate flair for expression, the poetry is especially characterized by its energy and eclecticism. Here is a body of verse that will be read and re-read with enthusiasm and appreciation by those who respect what the written word can achieve with imagination and unexpected perspectives. 'Slight Fit': All clouds are the new/retro.//Each mystifies/the next, an apparition/of apparatus.//Here comes the next big/thing--a camel squeezed through/a needle squeezed through the engines/of a private jet.//Reality is just Time slipping/ion a skin. War is a lonely;/hot date with itself.//Sit back. here's the part/we imagine ourselves.

Shadow And Praise
Terry Wolverton
Writers At Work
4022 Fountain Avenue, Suite 202, Los Angeles, CA 90029-2220
1599480573, $12.00 1-323-661-5954

Terry Wolverton is the founder and director of Writers At Work, a creative writing center in Silver Lake. Her sixth and latest published volume of poetry, Terry Wolverton's "Shadow And Praise" begins with eleven deftly crafted sonnets whose themes explore the realms of existence. The rest of the fifty-two prose poems deal with such a diversity of subjects as motherhood, blueberries, supermarkets, revolution, lipstick, dogs, eyelids, knitting, reading, jokes, mirrors, prayer, and the unborn. "Shadow And Praise" is quietly satisfying and raucously entertaining reading which is very highly recommended to those who appreciate literary excellence combined with a lyrical imagination. 'In Praise of Constellations': I praise things that don't exist. Or only in the mind's imagination. Bear. Archer. Dipper. Virgin. Eye's slight-of-hand, assembling coins of cosmic dust into light. Presto--mystery becomes mundane, vastness morphed into the familiar. Once form is named, not-form disappears; thus we invent our way to grasp. Brain cannot perceive what it can't classify. What else might we have missed? Meanwhile, we cling to comfort of known tropes. Look at your own life: On what green wheel of illusion do you spin?

Hold And Release
C. B. Follett
Time Being Books
10411 Clayton Road, Suites 201-203, Saint Louis, MO 63131
1568091117, $15.95

"Hold And Release" is award-winning poet C. B. Follett's fifth published book of free verse poetry in which she takes up themes of family history, near-forgotten secrets, the inspirations of love, the deprivations of loss, and the nature of beauty. An accomplished poetry of considerable imagination and an undeniable flair for language, Follett's unique style of engagement is to be admired, even savored, poem by poem and verse by verse. 'The Swallow': My daughter is a swallow/who does not, any season,/return//she swooped out,/stroking hard/her arrowed wings//with no intention then/or now/of turning back

Hams Beneath The Firmament
Terri Ford
Four Way Books
PO Box 535, Village Station, New York, NY 10014
1884800785, $14.95

Rhythmic, lively, robust, energetic, engaging, lyrical, and great fun, the poetry of Terri Ford laid out in the pages of "Hams Beneath The Firmament" is an exuberant foray into life experiences that will wonderfully resonate within the mind of the reader from first page to last. 'Midwestern Livelihoods': the budgies of Owatonna drive tow trucks./Budgies of Elko? Winos all./The budgies of Swaledale: purveyors of/girdles. The budgies of Brule are cruel birds: guano/in hairdos just for spite./The budges of Hope, Minnesota fly over bodies/of water, wing up everlasting.

Hugh Fox
Higganum Hill Books
PO Box 666, Higganum, CT 06441
Independent Publishers Group (distributor)
814 North Franklin Street, Chicago, IL 60610
0977655652, $12.95 1-800-888-4741

At the age of 75, Hugh Fox has authored 87 published volumes, most of which are books of poetry. "Defiance" is the latest of his very highly recommended poetry titles and ably continues to both demonstrate and document a monumental ability to craft lines and lyrics that combine image and emotion to produce surprising and unpredicted impacts within the mind of his reader. 'One More Day': One more day alive, coming/to this page to reach out to you/wherever I may find you, now,/or in a thousand years buried/in a tomb under endless sands,/inflamed and half mad, my/groin screaming! the doctors/(general physical) examining/my eyes and toes, while my prick, balls,/prostate burn, burn, burn/all through the psycho night.

A Boy's First Diary
Glenn K. Currie
Snap Screen Press
6 Dwinell Drive, Concord, NH 03301
Bisson & Barcelona (publicity)
PO Box 458, Barrington, NH 03825
9780977967513, $19.95

"A Boy's First Diary" is Glenn Currie's third and strongly recommended book of published poetry. This time his verse tracks the chronological events of a boy growing up in the Boston suburb of Stoneham, Massachusetts in the 1950s. A unique lyrical voice (Currie's poetry is noted for being unorthodox in style) the poems carry a consistent and recognizable message that readers with their own 50s childhood will readily remember with a nostalgia of their own. 'The Pool': Yesterday, Billy, Drooley and I went to the pool./It was really crowded./They make you shower First./And wear a metal tag on your ankle.//Kids were running everywhere./I cannonballed Snobby Donna./I'm swimming pretty good now./I even went on the diving board.//The water was really cold./Except in some spots/Where it gets really warm,/Mostly at the shallow end.//The lifeguard said we couldn't cannonball./Drooley's suit came off when he dove./Billy threw it over the fence./Drooley was really mad.//The lifeguard said we had to leave./She gave Drooley a towel,/'Cause his suit landed in poison ivy/And nobody would go get it.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Love The Real Da Vinci Code
Leonard G. Horowitz
Tetrahedron Publishing Group
206 North 4th Avenue, Suite 147, Sandpoint, ID 83864
0923550666, $26.45 1-888-508-4787

"Love The Real Da Vinci Code" by author, public health authority and behavioral science expert Leonard G. Horowitz (voted 'Author of the Year' in 1999 by the World Natural Health Organization) reveals to the reader the musical mathematics of Divine creativity and a language empowering the supernal laws governing physics, spirituality, and cosmic unity. Leonard's researches in this specialized area of metaphysics began with his discovery within Leonardo Da Vinci's famous drawing 'The Vitruvian Man' that it was a map and model of the perfect self in universal balance and Divine communion with Heaven and Earth. Leonard's researches led him to realize that Da Vinci's creative genius, prophetic vision, advanced science and his 'Vitruvian Man' hypotheses had created a kind of guide to tapping into the creative core of nature. Very strongly recommended as a seminal and sophisticated study for students of Philosophy, Spirituality, and Metaphysics, "Love The Real Da Vinci Code" deftly presents sophisticated concepts with an articulate presentation that are also completely accessible to the non-specialist reader. Also very highly recommended for personal, academic, and community library DVD collections is Leonard G. Horowitz's "The Love Code" (9780923550677, $19.25) presenting a two-hour, narrated, musically enhanced documentary describing Leonard Da Vinci's drawing of the 'The Vitruvian Man'.

The Homeowner's Shelf

Build Your Own Solar Heating System
Kenneth Clive
Lucerna Publishing
2936 - 34th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55406-1708
0975423622, $18.95

With gas and oil prices at record highs and more price hikes looming on the near horizon, Kenneth Clive's step-by-step, do-it-yourself construction manual, "Build Your Own Solar Heating System" is timely and critically important for homeowners wanting to lower their monthly utility bills. Using readily available materials, "Build Your Own Solar Heating System" deftly and methodically guides the reader through the process of constructing and installing a solar heating system from choosing the right materials to assembling them in good working order. Nicely illustrated throughout with detailed diagrams and photos, the reader is given instructions for each phase of their solar heating system installation project, including a wealth of practical tips for getting the task accomplished safely and effectively. Instructions are organized for building one section at a time. Of special note is the 'how to' information to sweat copper plumbing joints and the electronic diagrams to building solar heating system controls. A very highly recommended addition to personal and community library Home Technology & Improvement reference collections, "Build Your Own Solar Heating System" provides everything the non-specialist general reader needs to know to get the job done with the competence of a professional.

The Money/Finance Shelf

America's Financial Apocalypse
AVA Publishing
PO Box 190184, Dallas, TX 75219
0975577654, $55.95

In writing "America's Financial Apocalypse: How To Profit From The Next Great Depression", the author draws upon his many years of experience and expertise as a business, financial, and investment consultant for two of Wall Street's largest investment firms and elsewhere in private financial markets. Strathis provides an impressively analytical explanation as to how the liberals on the left and the conservatives on the right are working in differing ways to destroy America's fiscal and economic well-being; how the federal government in Washington is dominated by corporations; how China has taken total advantage of America's trading policies to our nation's detriment. Readers will be shocked to learn how America is legally bankrupt; how today the 'American Dream' cannot be achieved by most American citizens; the truth concerning the future of Social Security; the inevitable and looming consequences of the present pension plan crisis; and why most Americans working today will not be able to retire as their parent were able to in the past. "America's Financial Apocalypse" also addresses just how the American government manipulates economic data; how the Bush administration is responsible for the worst economic recovery in American financial history; how the real estate bubble could cause the stock and bond markets to collapse; how America's political and economic fate is in the hands of foreign countries; why the American government is really allied to the Saudi Arabians despite the established identities of the 9/11 attack; the looming global oil crisis; Alan Greenspans dismal performance as a Fed Chairman; the plummeting value of the dollar in the international currency markets; and the continuing rise in value of precious metals and oil. After laying out all of these 'inconvenient truths' about America's economic future, Strathis also lays out how the wise and savvy investor can still profit from an inevitable depression that will collapse America's economy in the very near future. A chilling but accurate expose of how we came to be in such economic peril as a capitalist nation, "America's Financial Apocalypse" is especially recommended reading for its clear and methodical explanation of just how the individual investor can survive what will prove to be the 'Next Great Depression'.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Win 'Em Over! Get Hired!
Irv Jasinski
Career Advancement Publications
PO Box 300431, Escondida, CA 92030
0942195027, $24.95

In "Win 'Em Over! Get Hired!: Job Interviews That Produce Job Offers", author Irv Jansinski draws upon his many years of professional experience and expertise as a manager of employment and recruiting for several leading companies, where he also has trained hundreds of Human Resource supervisors and managers in the 'art and science' of job interviewing. Organized into three major sections ('Crucial Preparation Before Your Interview'; 'Presenting Yourself Impressively During Your Interview'; and 'What To Do After Your Interview', every aspect of the job interview process is comprehensively addressed in a clear, accessible, 'user friendly' text that will effectively enhanced anyone's preparation for, and performance during, a job interview regardless of the position being applied for. The more competitive the job market, the greater need for reading what Irv Jasinki has to say on securing employment. Simply stated, "Win 'Em Over! Get Hired!" should be considered mandatory reading for anyone seeking to get themselves hired, to get themselves promoted, to determine their true financial worth and negotiate their salary accordingly, to pick the job offer that's best for them, and so much more.

Military to Federal Career Guide
Kathryn Kraemer Troutman
The Resume Place, Inc.
89 Mellor Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21228
0964702576, $38.95 1-888-480-8265

Military to Federal Career Guide: Ten Steps to Transforming Your Military Experience into a Competitive Federal Resume is a no-nonsense, practical guide for enlisted and discharged personnel and officers. Chapters discuss veterans' advantages in applying for federal jobs, how to write a basic military federal resume, learning how to analyze federal vacancy announcements, write about one's knowledge/skills/abilities, interview for a federal job, and much more. An accompanying CD-ROM with ready-to-use resume templates and 150 pages of sample resumes rounds out this point-by-point, easy-to-use guide. An utterly invaluable resource for any veteran seeking a solid federal career.

Your Career, Your Way
Lisa Quast
Career Woman, Inc.
PO Box 1061, Bothell, WA 98041-1061
1595940421, $19.95

Written by businesswoman Lisa Quast, winner of the 2006 Woman of the Year Award from the American Biographical Institute, Your Career, Your Way: Personal Strategies to Achieve Your Career Aspirations is a guide for working women to empower themselves on the job and nurture their dream careers. Chapters describe how to assess one's strengths, weaknesses, assets, and liabilities; chart a strategic plan and keep track of one's progress; stay focused; and reward oneself for achievements. Numerous sample and reproducible charts lay out an easy-to-follow framework for keeping track of goals, and accomplishing long-term goals through shorter-term initiatives. Although written expressly for career women, Your Career, Your Way is packed with cover-to-cover advice applicable to both genders. "Do not be afraid to make lateral career moves. In order to gain the necessary experience to be good at higher-level positions, you must be willing to learn all aspects of business and you must learn how to motivate and manage personnel. This means you need to take the initiative to set goals and seek positions that will provide you with the opportunity to broaden your experience and increase your skills, especially in the areas of business operations and running P&Ls (running departments with responsibility for profit and loss)." Highly recommended.

Building A Career In Compliance And Ethics
Joe Murphy & Joshua H. Leet
The Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics
6500 Barrie Road, Suite 250, Minneapolis, MN 55435
0979221005, $29.95

Co-founder of one of the world's leading compliance and ethics training consulting firms, Joe Murphy is a seasoned professional in corporate governance, has served as an expert trial witness on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for the US Department of Justice, and has served with distinction as a consultant for the US Sentencing Commission. and The creator of the blog 'Working for Integrity' which can be accessed at, Joshua H. Leet is a compliance analyst with CSLG. Together, Murphy and Leet have collaborated to create a thoroughly 'user friendly', step-by-step instruction manual on how to establish a career making corporate organizations and governmental agencies safer and more ethical in "Building A Career In Compliance And Ethics: Find Your Place In The Business World's Hottest new Field". Readers will learn about the wide range of compliance and ethics jobs there are to choose from; the skills and temperament needed to work in the field of compliance and ethics; practical ways to prepare for and succeed in this challenging career field; as well as how to conduct an effective job search. Of special note is the advice gleaned from experienced compliance and ethics professional in the field and a wealth of practical tips for 'selling' a compliance and ethics program to upper management. Exceptionally well written and organized, "Building A Career In Compliance And Ethics" should be a part of every job center and employment counseling reference collection.

Hello Real World!
Jengyee Liang
BookSurge, LLC
5341 Dorchester Road, Suite 16, Charleston, SC 29418
141962315X, $14.99 1-866-308-6235

Written by recent college student and internship-savvy author Jengyee Liang, Hello Real World: A Student's Approach to Great Internships, Co-ops, and Entry Level Positions is a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is guide especially for job-hunting students fresh out of school (or wrapping up their final school year). From job hunting tips (a 3.5 GPA and a balanced, well-rounded life can be more valuable than a 4.0 GPA) to step-by-step instructions to putting one's best foot forward in a job interview ("The number one tip on nailing an interview is to be confident and energetic while being yourself") to learning how to adapt to the transition from academia to the real world ("You will be shocked at the inefficiencies that you come across in business, but you may have opportunities to change it for the better. Don't lose hope. For right now, accept it as it is, and don't let it get to you."), Hello Real World! gives the straight scoop on what to expect, and how to cope with the unexpected. For its candor and comprehensive coverage of workplace basics, Hello Real World! deserves to be mandatory reading for any prospective college graduate.

The Education Shelf

The Truth About Teaching
Coleen Armstrong
Inspiring Teachers Publishing, Inc.
12655 N. Central Expy., Suite 810, Dallas, TX 750243
1934120022, $12.95

Written by Coleen Armstrong, a high school teacher of thirty-one years' experience, The Truth About Teaching: What I Wish the Veterans Had Told Me lives up to its title and then some. Chapters cover five main topics - the profession and its politics, the money, the nuts and bolts, creative lesson plans, and discipline. Written in a format that states fundamental if under-circulated truths and helpful hints prospective teachers know in all capitals, followed by a few paragraphs of explanation for each insight, The Truth About Teaching is easy-to-follow and utterly absorbing reading for non-teachers as well as current and prospective teachers. "Intersperse specific student names when teaching a lesson that could otherwise descend into dullness. 'And, Hayley, wouldn't you love to know how the days of the week got their names?' Be sure to spread the love, so no one feels excessively singled out. And keep smiling, so no one who's been daydreaming thinks he's in trouble." Highly recommended.

Wrightslaw: Special Education Law
Peter W. D. Wright & Pamela Darr Wright
Harbor House Law Press
PO Box 480, Hartfield, VA 23071
1892320169, $29.95

Now in a newly updated and significantly expanded second edition, "Wrightslaw: Special Education Law" provides parents, educators, child service advocates, and family attorneys with a clear and superbly organized introduction to the federal laws affecting the education of children with disabilities. An invaluable guide to special education rights and responsibilities, co-authors Pete Wright (who has represented children with disabilities for more than 30 years including appearing before the U. S. Supreme Court in 'Florence County School District IV v. Shannon Carter, 510 U.S. 7 - 1993 in which he won a landmark victory for all children with disabilities) and Pam Wright (a psychotherapist who has worked with children since the 1970s and is the Editor of 'The Special ed Advocate' newsletter), "Wrightslaw: Special Education Law" addresses the issues of a child's right to a free and appropriate education; individualized education programs, IEP teams, transition and progress; evaluations, re-evaluations, consent and independent educational evaluations; eligibility and placement decisions; least restrictive environment, mainstreaming and inclusion; research based instruction, discrepancy formulas and response to intervention; discipline, suspensions and expulsions; safeguards; mediation, confidentiality, new procedures and timelines for due process hearings. A critically important addition to school district and community library Educational Laws & Guidelines reference shelves, "Wrightslaw: Special Education Law" should be considered 'must reading' for anyone (but most especially by parents and school authorities) charged with the responsibility for educating a disabled child regardless of the nature or degree of the disability.

The Safe Room
Cheri Lovre, M.S.
Solution Tree
304 West Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington, IN 47404
193212781X, $17.95 1-800-733-6786

Cheri Lovre, M.S. applies her quarter century of experience in assisting schools in the aftermath of tragedy in The Safe Room: A Guide for School Crisis Responders, a walkthrough for planning, staffing, and operating a Safe Room - a temporary place where students hurt the most by recent tragedy or loss can come to receive additional support. Chapters also cover general understanding of grief and trauma, warning signs to watch for in grief-stricken students, and how to deal with grief and the natural tendency to seek blame in unique and difficult circumstances such as violent deaths, abductions, and other student disappearances. "If there are aspects of the death or event that are too gory or for some other reason too difficult to talk about, it is better to be honest about that than to whitewash the event with a cover story. This shows respect for the students' integrity and is essential for the credibility of Safe Room staff. It is better to say, 'I am not able to say' or, 'We're waiting for the police report to verify details about that' than to give false statements. If we are dishonest, we fail to uphold the child's dignity, and we may never gain back the child's trust." A practical, solid, and eminently useful guide, highly recommended for elementary, junior high and high school educators everywhere.

Easy Homeschooling Techniques General Edition
Lorraine Curry with Naomi Aldort Ph.D., Janice Campbell, & Cathi-Lyn Dyck
Easy Homeschooling
402 Wausa Road., Boelus, NE 68820
0970996543, $18.99

Written by experienced homeschooler and mother Lorraine Curry, Easy Homeshcooling Techniques General Edition is a solid "how-to" guide to home schooling with excellence in mind. From how to effectively plan, declutter, and organize lessons, to familiarizing oneself in and teaching science, arts, math and writing, to teaching great literature, requiring quality from one's students, and much more, Easy Homeschooling Techniques General Edition is sure to prove useful to homeschoolers with students of all ages, from kindergarten to high school. "Your schedule is a tool to help you get more learning done in less time. It is not your master but your slave. Do not use it as a weapon. Have an alternate schedule for the days you need to stay in bed a little longer. That way you won't be tempted to forget schooling completely on that day. Informal learning - such as reading aloud, library trips, vacations, field trips, or other outings - can also be counted as time spent on schooling, so don't fret if you have not spent as much time on task as your schedule says you should." An invaluable resource packed cover to cover with tips, tricks, and practical advice.

The Big6 in Middle School
Barbara A. Jansen
Linworth Books
3650 Olentangy River Road, Suite 250, Columbus, OH 43214
1586832158, $39.95

Written by Big6 consultant Barbara A. Jansen, The Big6 in Middle School: Teaching Information and Communications Technology Skills is a straightforward guide for middle school educators to the "Big6" approach to teaching information and technology skills. The basic Big6 skills, which are increasingly relevant in today's internet-driven web of information, are 1) task definition 2) information-seeking strategies 3) location & access 4) use of information 5) synthesis and 6) evaluation. All are vital for developing the critical thinking ability needed to thrive in an increasingly information-bombarded world. Chapters outline how to guide students in brainstorming and mastering each of the Big6 skills, as well as offering sample lesson plans for grades five, six, seven, eight, and nine, process organizers for writing, assignments, history fairs, science fairs, and much more. An accompanying CD-ROM packed with accessible resources rounds out this quality education guide for the twenty-first century - ideal for homeschoolers as well as public school teachers.

The Theatre/Cinema Shelf

Les McGehee Plays Well With Others
Les McGehee, author; Ric Williams, editor
Dalton Publishing
PO Box 242, Austin, TX 78767
0974070327, $15.95

Les McGehee Plays Well With Others: A "Grown-Up" Handbook of Improvisation and Play is a guide to enriching one's life through improvisational comedy, by veteran improv artist Les McGehee whose long list of credentials includes appearances with cast members of "Saturday Night Live" and "Whose Line Is It Anyway?". Written not just for aspiring comedians, but readers from all walks of life, Les McGehee Plays Well With Others offers tips for fostering creativity; using humor to heighten health, productivity, and morale in the office; numerous warm-ups, exercises, and improv games that help comedy professionals get the golden energy flowing; and much more."'Things in...' is a warm-up game where one player asks another to name five things in a category. For instance, name five things in Einstein's sock drawer or name five things in Angelina Jolie's purse. The other player gets to use their imagination to answer... This can also be played with friends all at the same time, and yes, Party Reader, it can even be another drinking game." A fine blend of autobiographical tidbits, comedy field guide, life on the improv circuit memoir, and how-to guide to spice up one's work or social life.

The American History Shelf

Ike's Final Battle
Kasey S. Pipes
World Ahead Publishing Inc.
c/o Susan Schwartzman Public Relations
811 Bronx River Road, Bronxville, NY 10708
0977898458, $25.95

Written by former Bush White House worker Kasey S. Pipes, Ike's Final Battle: the Road to Little Rock and the Challenge of Equality is the amazing and unlikely true story of how Dwight D. Eisenhower became a civil rights president. Chronicling the landmark desegregation of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, which forced a historical confrontation between state and federal authorities and set an engraved precedent that the federal government would intervene for the sake of racial justice if necessary, Ike's Final Battle meticulously recounts events in unfolding detail, with an inset section of black-and-white photographic plates. An extensive bibliography, notes, and an index round out this welcome addition to American history shelves.

Thriving In The Shadows
Fannie Flono
Novello Festival Press
310 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28202
0976096382, $29.95

"Thriving In The Shadows: The Black Experience In Charlotte And Mecklenburg County" by journalist Fannie Flono (and currently an associate editor for 'The Charlotte Observer') is a unique regional history of African-Americans who contributed to the economic development and social life of Charlotte, North Carolina. Enhanced with more than 100 archival photographs contributed by members of Charlotte's African-American community, chronicler Fannie Flono provides background information on how black men and women dealt with the restrictions of Jim Crow legislation and segregation and were able to create 'shadow communities' that provided genuine opportunities and led to some truly astonishing accomplishments. Of special note is the role played by returning black veterans who strove for the same opportunities at home that they enjoyed while serving overseas -- leading to a reinvigorated civil rights movement among blacks of all economic levels and educational backgrounds. Eventually, their success would enable them to dismantle 'shadow communities' as integration replaced segregation. "Thriving In The Shadows" is an exceptionally well written regional history that is very highly recommended for academic and community library Black Studies and American History reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Barns of Old Mission Peninsula And Their Stories
Evelyn Johnson
Book Marketing Solutions
10300 Est Leelanau Court, Traverse City, MI 49684
0979083419, $39.00

In 1995, Evelyn Johnson moved to the Old Mission Peninsula of Michigan, and found herself fascinated by the old barn structures she found on that historic peninsula. "Barns Of Old Mission Peninsula And Their Stories" showcases 104 of those surviving barns. Enhanced with the history and a map of the Old Mission peninsula, the barns depicted are organized into chapters specific to the barns of 1850 to 1900; the barns built at the turn of the 20th century; the barns of 1900 to 1920, the barns of 1920 to 1940, 'phantom' barns; 'centennial' barns; restored barns, and the Kroupa barns on Kroupa Road. Of special note is the extensive sections on farming and community life through the years from the 1840s to the present day. The inclusion of a bibliography and an index round out this remarkable and superbly illustrated treatise on the barns of the Old Mission peninsula. A superb example of specialized regional history, "Barns of Old Mission Peninsula And Their Stories" is very highly recommended for students of architecture, Michigan history, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the structures and histories of midwestern barns.

The Military Shelf

The War In The Pacific
Leon Cooper
Privately Published
PO Box 6030, Malibu, CA 90265
9780979058400, $14.95

One third of the 300,000 American military casualties suffered in the Pacific Theatre of World War II were inflicted in just five of the many battles fought against the Japanese over the course of four years. "The War In The Pacific: A Retrospective", author Leon Cooper deftly analyzes these five particular battles waged during this hemispheric war drawing quite specifically upon his own experiences as a direct participant in these battles to seize and control Japanese-held islands. Cooper presents his own conclusions on whether the American military command under General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz evidenced good judgment in their decisions as to which islands to invade as the war progressed. Or if these commanders, most especially MacArthur, put self-aggrandizement and private agendas above the safety and best interest of the men they commanded. Cooper makes a persuasive case worthy of serious consideration that several of the major battles fought out at great cost to American forces had virtually nothing to do with defeating Japan and therefore represent an unnecessary sacrifice of American lives. As with the growing number of personal memoirs and biographies being contributed to a growing library of first hand reports from frontline participants who fought in World War II, "The War In The Pacific" is a welcome and invaluable contribution to American Military History in general, and the Pacific Theatre campaigns in particular.

Rangers in Combat
J.D. Lock
610 East Delano Street, Suite 104, Tucson, AZ 85705
1587367653, $28.95

Written by former Army noncommissioned officer and former assistant professor of the US Military Academy at West Point J.D. Lock, Rangers in Combat: A Legacy of Valor is a survey of the lethal battles, acts of heroism, and faithful dedication of the U.S. Army Rangers, who have placed their lives on the line against crushing odds for more than 200 years of American history. In scrutinizing their courage, Rangers in Combat examines the question, "What makes them heroes?" The answer lies in the many examples of the Rangers' intrepidity, initiative, training, fearlessness, endurance, planning, confidence, sacrifice, brotherhood, and other powerful qualities, examples drawn from battles throughout historical record from the French and Indian War to both World Wars, the Korean War, the modern-day war on terror, and more. Black-and-white photographs are interspersed amid the examples, observations, and portraits of incredible individuals in this shining tribute to the men who have given, and continue to give, their all for their country.

The Business Shelf

Persuasion Power
Alvin Day
Sales Empowerment Institute
6801 Lake Worth Rd., Suites 11-112, Lake Worth, FL 33467
0972730427, $17.00

Executive Director of Sales Empowerment Institute Alvin Day presents Persuasion Power: Mastering the Science of Successful Selling, a guide to improving ones sales performance that draws upon Day's twenty-five years of experience leading sales teams at two of the world's largest Fortune 500 companies. Chapters stress the importance of avoiding high-pressure sales techniques that put people on the defensive, the five most sensitive buttons for people in western societies (money, job/work, dignity, health, and time), learning to deal with negative emotions that stem from rejection, and much more. "You may present your idea to one person without success because a group or committee needs to make the decision... Do your research to find out who makes decisions in the area of your offer. In some cases, asking a few simple questions before beginning the presentation may tell you what you need to know." A "must-read" for anyone pursuing or considering a career in sales - and incidentally, packed with valuable advice for anyone who isn't necessarily in sales, but who seeks to refine their ability to persuade.

Compliance & Conviction
Curtis J. Crawford, Ph.D.
CEO, Inc.
c/o C.S. Lewis & Co. Publicists
196 Van Dale Road, Woodstock, NY 12498
0976901919, $29.99

African-American business leader Curtis J. Crawford, Ph.D. (founder and CEO of consulting firm XCEO Inc.) presents Compliance & Conviction: The Evolution of Enlightened Corporate Governance, an insider's look at corporate failures of the twenty-first century - particularly the disasters precipitated by illegal business practices, though only a small number of business leaders have been convicted of such. Compliance & Conviction also examines the repercussions of those failures, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, that renewed focus on corporate governance and what needs to be done to regain stakeholders' respect and confidence. Written in straightforward language for business leaders of all backgrounds, chapters discuss correlations between corporate governance and share value, executive compensation, director independence, evaluating board director performance, the impact of investor activism, and much more. A solid and insightful look at repercussions of headline-grabbing business scandals in modern-day business governance.

Tiger Traits
Nate Booth
Harrison Acorn Press
1930 Village Center Circle, Suite 3-747, Las Vegas, NV 89134
Booth Media group (publicity)
1386 Nightshade Road, Carlsbad, CA 92011
0964950030, $19.95

Written by success coach Nate Booth, Tiger Traits: 9 Success Secrets You Can Discover from Tiger Woods to be a Business Champion is a unique guide to business and life lessons that anyone can learn from golf prodigy Tiger Woods. From "Identify and Develop Natural Talents" to "Be Confident", "Let Actions Do the Talking", "Be Likeable", and "Be Grateful, Give Back", each of the nine positive character factors is scrutinized at length, its benefits analyzed and illuminated through real-world examples. An excellent motivational and self-improvement guide sure to especially resonate with professional golf buffs.

The Performance Connection
Dennis Dewilde & Geoff Anderson
Walkersville Publishing, Inc.
Suite 201 - 420 Devonshire Road, Windsor, Ontario N8Y 4T6
0973183470, $16.95

Written by business consultants Dennis Dewilde and Geoff Anderson, The Performance Connection: A Powerful New System for Aligning Purpose, Identity and Performance in the Workplace is a solid guide to employee motivation, especially focusing on the key qualities that make great employees accountable and responsible. The Performance Connection discusses three basic laws of relational connectivity: Possibilities Align Actions, Contribution Defines Relationships, and Competition Sets the Standards. Also described are four leadership practices that set the foundation of a healthy "perform-and-learn" workplace culture: From End to Start, Enable Responsibility, Be in Learning, and Involve Others in Conversation. A handful of black-and-white cartoons add a humorous touch to reinforcing the basic points and principles to cultivating a motivated workforce. "Experience is a great teacher, but if experience is an organization's only source of leadership, you can be assured that the organization's future will look exactly like its past. When all decisions are based upon past experience, the future has already occurred." Recommended for business leaders and personnel managers of all walks of life.

Cold Calling for Cowards
Jerry Hocutt
Chugwater Publishing
24933 - 132nd Place S.E, Kent, WA 98042
0615138756, $21.95

Written by veteran salesman and salesperson-trainer Jerry Hocutt, Cold Calling for Cowards: How to Turn the Fear of Rejection into Opportunities, Sales, and Money is a solid guide for sellers of all skill and experience levels to the art of the cold call. Chapters address the myriad types of handshakes and what kind of body language they convey, how to overcome one's reluctance to cold call, the "Fonz technique" to deal with rejection, how to escape the trap of voice mail, the "Skeletons in the Closet" technique to get one's calls returned, how to determine the personality of the one you're selling to, and much more. "If you're doing a cold call, especially to a large company, don't try and get through to the CEO. They don't take calls like this. That's why they hire gatekeepers. My friend said that when you call, ask to speak with the executive assistant to the CEO or president. They're required to take calls." Highly recommended for anyone serious about sales.

How To Rent Vacation Properties By Owner
Christine Hrib Karpinski
Kinney Pollack Press
7317 Via Correto Drive, Austin, TX 78749
Dehart & Company Public Relations (publicity)
306 Marberry Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15215
0974824992, $26.00

Now in a substantially expanded and newly updated second edition, "How To Rent Vacation Properties By Owner" continues to be the essential 'how to' manual for every aspect of buying, managing, furnishing, maintaining, advertising, and renting out a vacation rental investment. An indispensable instruction guide for anyone considering renting out their vacation property anywhere in the world, this new edition of "How To Rent Vacation Properties By Owner" features more than $800 in money-saving coupons. There are complete and 'user friendly' information provided that will help the reader to choose the best property for them; select from among the various financing options available; identify (and avoid) problematic renters; efficiently organize the paperwork, finances, and maintenance for a rental; even maintaining a vacation rental property from a distance. Of special note is the section devoted to dealing with 'post-Katrina' insurance issues. Whether you are renting a beach-side condo in Southern California, a fishing-cabin in the Adirondacks, or a getaway ranch in Montana, "How To Rent Vacation Properties By Owner" will prove a financially invaluable, operationally indispensable, soundly reliable, informed and informative reference that should be considered mandatory reading for anyone renting out a vacation property of any kind, anywhere in the country.

The Window Cleaning Business
John Baxter
Crystal Press
1750 Orr Avenue, Simi Valley, CA 93065
0963212362, $24.95

"The Window Cleaning Business: How To Start, Run, And Build A Profitable Window Cleaning Business" is a thoroughly 'user friendly', 400-page, comprehensive 'how to' manual on creating and operating a profitable enterprise cleaning windows for any size business in any size building. A former director with the International Window Cleaning Association, author John Baxter draws upon his many years of experience and expertise to articulately explain how to create and register a window cleaning business, as well as how to chose a company name, the proper equipment required, how to advertise and solicit business, keep accounts, organize the office, bid on house and storefront windows, hire employees, keep and process governmentally required paperwork, and every other aspect of a professional window cleaning business operation. A perfect option as a home-based enterprise, "The Window Cleaning Business" can be confidently considered as the 'bible' for creating and operating a window cleaning service in virtually any American community.

Gregg Thompson & Susanne Biro
1 Union Square West, Suite 909, New York, NY 10003
MM Book Publicity (publicity)
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126-274, Nashville, TN 37203
1590791134, $24.95

"Unleashed!: Expecting Greatness And Other Secrets Of coaching for Exceptional Performance" is the collaborative work of business leader, operations manager, executive coach, facilitator, management consultant, and president of Bluepoint Leadership Development Inc., Gregg Thompson and Susanne Biro (Director of Coaching at Bluepoint Leadership Development). Thompson and Biro draw upon their years of experience and expertise to provide business managers and human resource directors with step-by-step, easy-to-apply instructions, tips and techniques for getting the most out of the people for whom they are responsible. Readers will learn what 'High Performance Coach' is and isn't; how to identify the qualities that comprise an effective Leader Coach; what is required in the role of coach and how to recognize coaching strengths; come to a more comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the coaching process; identify their own 'self development work and personal growth curve'; understand current challenges to leadership; detect and create opportunities to coach subordinates, staff, and personnel; and effectively participate in the personal growth of others while developing high performance coaching skills. Very strongly recommended reading for anyone charged with the responsibility of training and leading others, "Unleashed!" is superbly organized, articulate, and as close to participating in a Bluepoint Leadership Development seminar/workshop without actually being enrolled in one.

Lies Start-Ups Tell Themselves to Avoid Marketing
Sandra Holtzman & Jean Kondek
Select Books
c/o Maryglenn McCombs Book Publicist
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126-274, Nashville, TN 37203
159079107X, $15.95

Advertising experts Sandra Holtzman and Jean Kondek share their combined 40+ years of marketing experience in Lies Start-Ups Tell Themselves to Avoid Marketing: A No Bullsh*t Guide for PHDS, Lab Rats, Suits, and Entrepreneurs, a primer to avoiding common small business pitfalls such as neglecting marketing, overestimating one's own capability at marketing, or failing to implement a solid marketing program. Lies Start-Ups Tell Themselves to Avoid Marketing especially emphasizes the importance of calling in professional help when needed. "A new-generation web site can hold considerably more information than a brochure without being too dense or overwhelming. By taking the time to research what your visitors want to know immediately, you can put that information in their face first and, simultaneously, give them the opportunity to drill down for more information." Highly recommended.

The Fiction Shelf

The Seventh Spear of the Third Reich
Thomas Crown
Prairie View Publishing
8244 E. Lakeview Ave., New Carlisle, IN 46552
1933276134, $31.95

Written by U.S. Marine Officer and Naval Aviator Thomas Crown, The Seventh Spear of the Third Reich is a historical fiction novel that delves into the occult and religious intrigue amid Nazi Germany in 1940. Following a brave team of American and Russian agents who brave Nazi Germany in search of the fabled Spear of Longinus, stolen by Hitler, The Seventh Spear of the Third Reich unfolds into a myriad of crisscross strategic plans, including Hitler's decision to hide the Spear where no one can find it (or can they?), a brewing secret invasion of England, and a power even darker than the Third Reich in control of Nazi Germany. A dark action-adventure novel of commando team heroism and struggle against both human and inhuman variations of unspeakable evil.

Love After Rain
Valcine Brown
LaChrisAnd Productions
PO Box 969, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240
0976506300, $9.95

Written by mother and active church member Valcine Brown, Love After Rain: You Can Start Overů No Matter How Hard It's Been is a romantic Christian novel about the bond between a Jeffery, a successful doctor unable to find the right person to share his world with, and Stephanie, a new mother unexpectedly turned widow. Stephanie grieves for her former husband, yet mistrusts her own feelings about Jeffery - is he truly a knight in shining armor, and do they truly love one another, or is he misguided by charity and she seeking to escape the pain of her loss? A heartwarming tale about gradually learning to trust, and discovering that with Christ, there can indeed be "love after rain."

The Ancient Order of Moridura
Peter Curran
Upfront Publishing
Graphic House, 1 First Drove, Fengate, Peterborough, PE1 5BJ
1844264068, $25.00

The Ancient Order of Moridura is a thrilling, action-packed novel about secrets borne of both modern technology and ancient spirituality. When a Scottish electronics tycoon receives an insistent request from the enigmatic Ancient Order of Moridura to deliver a young physicist to a remote monastery in Spain on pain of death, he undergoes a quest that will put him at odds with the American defense industry - which keenly desires the physicist's discovery - and the monastery's bizarre secrets, including an ancient entity called "La Bestia" stowed within its depths. An exciting read from cover to cover.

Dancing in the Rain
Tara L. Nicole
Pneuma Springs Publishing
230 Lower Road, Belvedere, Kent DA17 6DE
1905809026, $12.95

The debut novel of Tara L. Nicole, Dancing in the Rain: The Final Cut a novel based on a true life story, about growing up, taking charge of one's life, and learning that one doesn't have to live with depression or self-mutilation (cutting, burning, pins, or other harmful activities). Drue is an ordinary teenager who experiences crushes and heartbreak at school, takes her SATs, dares to drink alcohol, and suffers insecurities about who she is and who she wants to become. At times dark, Dancing in the Rain is ultimately a novel about hope and self-discovery. "Everything is okay in the end, if it's not okay then it's not the end." Highly recommended.

The Dream of the Fathers
Michael Williamson
Experion Institute, Inc.
2764 Lake Sahara Drive, Suite 111, Las Vegas, NV 89117
0977872904, $27.95

The Dream of the Fathers is a "future history" novel set in America in 2178, only two years away from the nation's eighty-fourth presidential election. Ethnicity has become a wedge issue dividing America, due to its fast-growing Hispanic population and increasing power struggles have lead to strife. The Dream of the Fathers chronicles Senator Steven Hildago's quest to win the presidency and claim control of the White House from the corrupt President George Alexander King III. But when Hidalgo is cruelly murdered, a surprising replacement candidate steps forward. A suspenseful saga filled cover to cover with crisscrossing Machiavellian motives, The Dream of the Fathers is a politically charged read, highly recommended.

Patriot's Reward
Stephen Clarkson
Peter E. Randall Publisher, LLC
5 Greenleaf Woods Drive, U102 PO Box 4726, Portsmouth, NH 03802-4726
1931807566, $24.95

Patriot's Reward is a historical novel deeply grounded in research and attention to detail. Set in America in the latter half of the 1700's, Patriot's Reward follows the adventures of Will Clarkson, a young African enslaved in New Hampshire, who hates living in bondage and years for the same freedoms that his white owners battle for. He fights with distinction in the American Revolution, but at what cost, and for what reward? Written by a descendent of the slaveowning family that once kept Will Clarkson as property, Patriot's Reward is a profoundly involving novel about an African-American ripped from his original culture who fiercely persevered and adapted to his new culture.

Fighting Castro: A Love Story
Kay Abella
Wingspan Press
PO Box 2085, Livermore, CA 94551
9781595941466, $18.00

When Lino Fernandez, a young Cuban doctor is charged with being a resistance leader and imprisoned by Castro, his wife Emy must choose between staying in Cuba to help her husband survive prison, and taking their three young children to freedom in Miami in "Fighting Castro: A Love Story" by journalist, editor and author Kay Abella. With an impressive attention to detail concerning life in Castro's Cuba, the interweaving of social commentary into a work of engaging storytelling, and a genuine flair for narrative, "Fighting Castro: A Love Story" is an impressively written, highly recommended novel of relationships, struggle, hard choices, even harder consequences, and through it all -- the endurance of the human spirit.

Laurel Dewey
ATN Publishing
561 Shunpike Road, Sheffield, MA 01257
MM Book Publicity (publicity)
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126-274, Nashville, TN 37203
1884820859, $19.95

Denver based Jane Perry is a hard drinking, no-holds-barred, homicide detective with a penchant for solving difficult and emotionally challenging murders. Until she and her partner fail to protect a family to whom they were assigned to guard. The family's murder results in her being on the receiving end of disconnected images predicting future events. These visions lead Jane to nine-year-old Emily Lawrence who is believed to be the surviving witness of her parent's brutal murder. When the killer makes an attempt to kill the young witness, Jane's visions seem to predict Emily's death. Jane is determined to stay the hand of fate and solve this complex and mystifying case and save the life of her young charge. An impressive writer with two non-fiction books to her credit, Laurel Dewey turns her attention to fiction with "Protector", her debut novel that combines a fascinating metaphysical slant to a traditional crime drama. The result is a unique, entertaining, emotionally powerful, deftly crafted, highly recommended work that will leave the reader looking eagerly toward Laurel's next foray into the mystery/suspense genre.

Kate's Pride
Renee Russell
Wings ePress Inc.
403 Wallace Court, Richmond, KY 40475
1597059188, $11.95

Investment and insurance industry professional Renee Russell presents Kate's Pride, a novel set in the aftermath of the American Civil War. Pregnant and deserted by the man who promised to marry her, spurned by her wide network of kin and "kissing cousins", Kate is confronted with the harrowing task of building a new life on the ashes of the old. A powerful tale, vividly descriptive, about a strong woman confronted by difficult choices, and daunting repercussions.

Chance Murphy and the Battle of Morganville
Josh P. McClary
Kedzie Press
Suite 8042, 2647 N. Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647
1934087084, $16.95

Set in 1986 small-town Indiana, Chance Murphy and the Battle of Morganville is a novel about a thirteen-year-old boy who longs to be a man but hasn't quite finished growing up. Chance Murphy dreams of being a war hero, but has lost his eye in a BB gun skirmish and fears his wish can never come true. He loves yet simultaneously resents his handicapped sister, and has difficulty coming to terms with the understanding that she will need a brother all her life. At times his paranoia flares and he keeps an enemies list including his mother, and his tensions with neighbor kid Otto Manheim (an ancestral German and Chance's archenemy) threaten to unbalance the sometimes narrow catwalk of his daily life. Told in first person, Chance Murphy and the Battle of Morganville is a coming-of-age tale of a more-or-less ordinary teen coming to grips with the challenges of life itself.

The Red List
Kate Elliot
Monument Books
7339 North Red Ledge Drive, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
142431416X, $16.00

The first in a series of fictional adventure novels, The Red List follows an American archaeologist and his search for a coveted artifact of early human civilization amid war-torn Iraq. Meanwhile, Pentagon security specialist Jack Martin investigates a succession of suspicious suicides among the military's front lines. The two heroes become embroiled in a much deeper hotbed of intrigue, insurgency, violence, and corruption; world powers pull puppet strings, and nothing is as it first appears in this suspenseful saga. A stinging insight into the very real modern problem of the cultural crisis and rampant looting of museums and historical sites that has recently plagued Iraq, The Red List grips the reader and does not let go until the last page.

Closer Than You Think
Mara Purl
Haven Books
10153 1/2 Riverside Drive., Suite 629, North Hollywood, CA 91602
158436002X, $13.95 1-818-503-2518

The second Milford-Haven novel, chronicling life in a small coastal town, Closer Than You Think is the at times romantic, at times mysterious sequel to "What the Heart Knows". Award-winning writer Mara Purl deepens the intrigue amid Milford-Haven in the wake of a reporter's sudden disappearance and a deputy's search to find him. Gossip, crooked building schemes, eavesdropping, indiscretions and more intersect in a virtually Byzantine network, in this captivating window into the little battles, victories, successes, and failings of ordinary people in a complicated world.

Global Shot
Trevor Scott
Salvo Press
PO Box 7396, Beaverton, OR 97007
1930486650, $14.95

Sirena is an American spy working undercover in Copenhagen when her contact is killed right in front of her before she can get vital information from him about killers who are blowing up the estates of businessmen around the world. Then a government scientist working on a secret weapon that can rain death and terror down upon the earth from up in space is kidnapped. Sirena must find out if there is a link between the terrorist acts and the kidnapping before the unknown terrorists can strike more targets. "Global Shot" is a deftly written, highly recommended action/adventure suspense novel that will have the reader gripped in total fascination from first page to last with its plot twists and unpredictable developments leading to a memorably vivid conclusion. Trevor Scott is an accomplished author of the 'Jake Adams International Thriller Series for which "Global Shot" is the second title. Readers new to his work will want to read the first of the series, "Strong Conviction".

Naked in the Rain
Eowyn Wood
Crooked Hills Publishing
PO Box 83066, Portland, OR 97283
0977873803, $13.95

Professional editor and non-profit AIDS organization worker Eowyn Wood presents Naked in the Rain, a dark and disturbing novel about sexual exploitation. Two boys with dramatically different personalities, one a fighter, the other a musical prodigy who has attempted suicide, form a close bond and dare to realize their dream of running away from their abusive homes. The stranger who picks them up on the streets of Los Angeles entraps them in a high-class brothel. Tempted and held in a world of drugs, power, insidious secrets and prostitution, the boys' bond deepens into love, and they must decide whether they should escape - or if they even want to. A dark, sometimes sensual, sometimes horrifying introspection into both human sexual depravity, and human ardor.

Inside A Haunted Mind
K. Patrick Malone
A Better Be Write Publisher, LLC
1100 Buck Street, Suite 110, Millville, NJ 08332
Page Turner Publicity (publicity)
32091 Virginia Way, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
0978898508, $22.95

The debut suspense novel of K. Patrick Malone, Inside A Haunted Mind is a dark story about a relentless evil force closing in on small town police chief Terry Chagford, and the World Trade Center survivor that he rescued from drowning. Pursued by horrific demons, nightmares of murder and an inexplicable link to Mah Jong tiles, beset by thirst for alcohol, craving for painkillers, and episodes of crushing depression, Chagford feels like his very psyche is crumbling to pieces. A suspense-laden deconstruction of a good man's mind gone terribly wrong, laced with shocking revelations and edge-of-the-seat tension.

The Rose of York: Fall from Grace
Sandra Worth
End Table Books
PO Box 682, Yarnell, AZ 85362
Stephanie Barko Literary Publicist (publicity)
16100 Crystal Hills, Austin, TX 78737
0975126490, $16.95

Written by political science and economics expert Sandra Worth, who lectures regularly on the subject of the War of the Roses, The Rose of York: Fall from Grace is the dynamic, award-winning conclusion to Worth's "Rose of York" series of historically accurate novels. Revolving around the tragic figure of King Richard III, The Rose of York: Fall from Grace explores his legacy past the conclusion of the protracted war and into the modern day of Western democracy. Pulsing with intrigue, passion, betrayal, murder, war, and fragile hope, The Rose of York: Fall from Grace is an immersive page-turner and highly recommended.

Stone Dance
Jamie Johnson
10400 Arrow Route, #V6, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
0978876776, $14.95

Jamie Johnson's debut novel, "Stone Dance" is a superbly crafted and original fable about human nature and human conflict encapsulated in a story of competition between 'Good", a powerful little town in Stone County, and 'Revil', a quite wealthy town under the pernicious influence of an evil Abu Omar. After a suspicious fire that killed twelve citizens of Good, its up to the Town Leader Josh Prescott, assistant leader Bob Kane, and the Good Town council to get rid of Abu Omar and his suspected arson. A deftly written novel of wry humor, engaging suspense, surprising plot twists, and memorable characters, "Stone Dance" is an entertaining, thoughtful, and recommended read from beginning to end!

The Progress of Man
Thomas Moore
Alphar Publishing
130 Church Street, #413, New York, NY 10007
097860248X $28.95

The Progress of Man: G.W. Bush v. the People is a sardonic novel, written entirely in the present tense, created as a parody biography of President George W. Bush. The satirical main character, Dubya, loves his wife "Liberty Bell", yet his relationships are riven with tragedy and dysfunction, particularly his relationship with god and his eternal antagonist, "We The People". The freewheeling humor spares no one from its relentless mocking - not the childlike "We The People" who re-elect Dubya as an expression of its parochial desires, not Al Gore, who Dubya contacts to wage war on the environment, and not Liberty Bell, whom Dubya takes on a second honeymoon to a fall-out shelter. A viciously tongue-in-cheek read featuring foibles galore.

The Parenting Shelf

Parents Guide to the Internet
Jay LaBonte
Pine Cone Publishing
17765 Foxwood Way, Boca Raton, Fl 33487
1430307692, $19.92

Written by information systems expert Jay LaBonte, Parents Guide to the Internet is a practical guide to what every parent absolutely has to know about the internet and online communications in order to protect their child, before giving him or her access to the internet. Chapters cover the many tools of the internet, from email and chat rooms to blogs, wikis, and usenet news groups, how online sexual predators operate, teaching children to protect themselves from fraud and scams, and much more. "Discuss with your child that they should never meet [in person] anyone they have met online without your permission and without your presence. Inform them that there are people out in the real world that would have no problem hurting them or kidnapping them." An absolute "must-read" for any parent in the internet-saturated twenty-first century; even technologically savvy parents are likely to find valuable advice and warnings they hadn't considered before.

The Mother's Guide To Self-Renewal
Renee Peterson Trudeau
Balanced Living Press
4107 Medical Parkway, Suite 104, Austin, TX 78756
0978977602, $19.95

In "The Mother's Guide To Self-Renewal: How To Reclaim, Rejuvenate And Re-Balance Your Life", author and career coach Renee Peterson provides stressed and harried mothers an invaluable and reality-based rationale for taking care of themselves, reconnecting with who they are, and create a balance in their personal lives from 'the inside-out'. Specifically designed to work as a year-long guide with individual monthly themes, the text of "The Mother's Guide To Self-Renewal" is enhanced with the inclusion of inspirational stories and soul-searching exercises appropriate to dealing with the stresses that are the common experience of contemporary mothers. Readers will learn about what Trudeau terms the 'Power of Self-Care', discover the three keys necessary for experiencing balanced living, how to discard unrealistic expectations and adopt a 'good is good enough' approach to their lives, manage (and increase) their energy levels, be more present with those they love, experience more joy, become comfortable saying 'No', asking for help, and building a support network for themselves. "The Mother's Guide To Self-Renewal" should be considered an indispensable resource for mothers of all ages and circumstances who feel a need for a better balance in the demands made upon their lives by themselves and others.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

The 7 Principles of Fat Burning
Eric Berg, DC
Action Publishing, LLC
PO Box 391, Glendale, CA 91209
PowerPR (publicity)
18103 Prairie Ave., Torrance, CA 90505
188804523X, $24.95

Written by chiropractor and nutritionist Eric Berg, DC, The 7 Principles of Fat Burning is a health and diet guide that debunks common myths - such as the myth that fat on the body comes from eaten fat, that extreme low-calorie diets help one lose fat (instead, they trigger the body to make more fat in response to the perceived starvation), that simply exercising harder by itself will burn fat (while exercising in the right way is invaluable, too much intense exercise puts harmful stress on the body and can even worsen weight problems for people with some body types), and more. The 7 Principles of Fat Burning particularly examines the roles of hormones and their deficiencies in controlling how people gain or lose weight, and classifies overweight individuals into four body types (adrenal, ovary, thyroid, and liver) based on how their hormonal balance is affecting the distribution of their fat. Furthermore, The 7 Principles of Fat Burning spells out how to balance one's diet, avoid unwanted hormones in food, and schedule exercise to maximize the body's natural fat-burning ability. "Eating or consuming refined sugars before bed (for example, orange juice) can nullify growth hormone's fat-burning effects as well as keep insulin high enough to prevent any fat release. This includes a glass of wine. An apple, which has fiber, is a better snack before bed." Suggested meal plans for individuals of different body types, a handful of recipes, and recommended exercise and rest charts round out this enthusiastically recommended health and nutrition guide for anyone seeking to lose weight.

Soul-Full Eating
Maureen Whitehouse
Axiom Publishing
PO Box 682, Hollywood, FL 33022
097458696X, $26.95 1-800-611-6165

In "Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path To Higher Consciousness", author and nutrition expert Maureen Whitehouse explains just how a deep sense of personal fulfillment and well-being is to be found in eating foods that resonate with the human soul. Featuring engaging and illustrative personal accounts that enhanced the presentation of cutting-edge nutritional and spiritual information (backed up by comprehensive and documented research), "Soul-Full Eating" is informed, informative, and thoroughly 'reader friendly'. Readers will lean how to select, prepare and eat food that increases their vibrancy and personal energy; explore the best approaches to dieting; use foods to stimulate the body's ability to rejuvenate and heal, and deepen a daily spiritual connection and commitment to a compassionate, sustainable world. "Soul-Full Eating" is an impressive addition to personal and community library collections, and particular recommended to the attention of non-specialist general readers with an interest in diet, nutrition, spirituality, health, ecology, and alternative medicine.

Losing Weight When Diets Fail
Tom Kersting, Ph.D.
Harbor Press, Inc.
PO Box 1656, Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Booth Media Group (publicity)
1386 Nightshade Road, Carlsbad, CA 92011
National Book Network (dist.)
4270 Boston Way, Suite 200, Lanham, MD 20706
0936197528, $16.95 1-800-462-6420

Losing Weight When Diets Fail is a three-week weight-loss program designed to tap into the subconscious mind's natural power to modify old behavior patterns with new, healthier ones. An included 60-minute Power Programming audio CD can be listened to anywhere, anytime, the better to impress upon one's mind the importance of avoiding obesity-prone behaviors and enjoying activities and lifestyle choices that make one thin. The text of Losing Weight When Diets Fail explains why diets don't work, how their tendency to focus on food (even when focusing on food to avoid) just reinforces cravings, and why the powers of imagery, motivation, and suggestion can have such a profound impact. An empowering supplement to anyone's lifestyle plan to improve their diet and exercise patterns.

Stupid Reasons People Die
John Corso, M.D.
High Lakes Press, LLC
PO Box 96, Bend, Oregon 97709
0978992210, $24.95 1-800-403-3991

Medical doctor John Corso puts his twenty years of professional experience to paper in Stupid Reasons People Die: An Ingenious Plot for Defusing Deadly Diseases, a thorough condemnation of the modern healthcare system's erosion of the quality, time, and rewards of medical practice. Chapters discuss how to avoid becoming a hostage of the insurance industry, a logically critical perspective of "all natural" treatments, advice for protecting oneself or spotting the warning signs of diseases that can be prevented or successfully treated, and much more. Specific common killers that are easily prevented, detected early, or treated, include brittle bones (especially in women), sleep apnea, and many cancers from colon cancer to prostate cancer, breast cancer, and others. A solidly practical, no-nonsense guide to avoiding senseless disease or medicine-related death in one's prime. Stupid Reasons People Die carries the highest possible recommendation, as reading it just might save one's life.

The Heart of Autism
Jennifer Abeles
Future Horizons, Inc.
721 West Abram Street, Arlington, TX 76013
1932565345, $14.95

Jennifer Abeles, Director of the Autism Angel Center and author of the worldwide "Inspiration: Autism" column presents The Heart of Autism: Motivational Intervention Strategies for Caregivers & Professionals, a guide brimming with affirmations, real-life examples of successful people and programs dealing with autism, inspiration for coping with challenging realities, and much more. Written for family members, caregivers, and health professionals of all backgrounds, The Heart of Autism emphasizes the spiritual side of working with autism spectrum individuals and offers numerous tips, tricks, and tidbits for nurturing one's own mental and spiritual health and needs. "Autism is not any different than any other life event when it comes to how to deflect stress, tension, and even flat-out disgust over the things that happen to make us cringe. The trick is, you've got to learn to see the humor in situations now instead of later! After all, witnessing our children embarrassing us is universal to parents of all children, with or without any type of diagnosis." Highly recommended as psychological and emotional supplementary reading for anyone working with autism spectrum children or adults.

The Sports Shelf

Noah Fink & Melissa Gaskill
Mansion Grove House
PO Box 201734, Austin, TX 78720-1734
1932421076, $24.95

Lacrosse coach Noah Fink and experienced writer and parent Melissa Gaskill present Lacrosse: A Guide for Parents and Players, an in-depth guide to America's fastest-growing team sport. Written for readers of all backgrounds, Lacrosse: A Guide for Parents and Players covers how to get started in lacrosse, explains the rules in plain terms, offers tips for finding the right team for one's child and choosing the most optimum gear, and much more. A handful of black-and-white illustrations add a charming visual touch to this straightforward introductory manual, ideal for anyone looking to get grounded in the basics of this action-packed sport.

Back Handsprings
Rik Feeney
PO Box 162115, Altamonte Springs, FL 32716
0963799193, $19.95

Written by former competitive gymnast and current trainer Rik Feeney, Back Handsprings: the Secret Techniques is a straightforward guide for cheerleaders, gymnasts, dancers, martial artists, and choreographers. Chapters cover the four areas that any athlete needs to work on in order to master the back handspring: conditioning, training, environment, and desire. Black-and-white photographs and diagrams illustrate the step-by-step instructions to strengthening muscles, aligning one's body properly, performing appropriate training drills, and more. "In both the handstand and the back handspring, it is very important that you position your hands correctly to prevent injury to the wrists, elbows, and arms. If your hands are turned out, you can cause the elbows to lock which could lead to hyperextension injuries, dislocations, or worse." A "must-have" for anyone seeking to master the back handspring.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

The God Problem
Nigel Leaves
Polebridge Press
PO Box 7268, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
0944344984, $18.00 1-877-523-3545

Written by Nigel Leaves (Warden and Dean of Studies, John Wollaston Anglican Theological College), The God Problem is a rational discussion of how to address a reasoned debate about God's existence, especially in an increasingly secular modern society where God needs to be all-out defended. The God Problem explores four ways of confronting the "God Problem": pantheism, non-realism, grassroots spirituality, and religious naturalism. Juxtaposed amid the framework of critical and scientific thinking, The God Problem shines brightly as an example of reasoned theological and philosophical discourse.

The Shiva Samhita
James Mallinson
PO Box 569, Woodstock, NY 12498-0569
0971646651, $14.95

One of the sacred books of Hinduism, "The Shiva Samhita" was composed more than five centuries ago and is considered a fundamental text of Hatha Yoga. Recording beautiful spiritual teachings found nowhere else, "The Shiva Samhita" is translated from the original Sanskrit by James Mallinson providing western readers with a new, accurate, modern translation of this ancient religious text. Featuring photographs of the asanas and mudras described by the text, "The Shiva Samhita" is a strongly recommended, core addition to personal, academic, and community library Hinduism Studies, Yoga Studies, and World Religion Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists. Also very highly recommended from are two other Hindu Studies titles: James Mallinson's translation of "Gheranda Samhita" (0971646635, $12.95) and Lars Martin Fosse's translation of "The Bhagavad Gita" (9780971646674, $14.95).

What Is Hinduism?
Editors of Hinduism Today Magazine
Himalayan Academy Publications
107 Kaholalele Rd., Kapaa, HI 96746-9304
1934145009, $39.95

What Is Hinduism? Modern Adventures into a Profound Global Faith is an amazing compilation of select articles from the international magazine "Hinduism Today", assembled to share the rich culture, beliefs, worship, and mysticism inherent in Hinduism with Hindus and non-Hindus alike. Lavishly illustrated with photographs and classical artworks, all in full color, the articles include "Who Is a Hindu?", "How to Become a Hindu", "The Chakras", "Holy Festivals", "Hindu Hospitality", "Medical Ethics", and many more about Hindu metaphysics, spiritual practices, family life, and codes of conduct. A gorgeous, in-depth introduction accessible to lay readers of all backgrounds, and highly recommended for public library collections.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
Deepak Chopra
Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc.
PO Box 6657, San Rafael, CA 94903
1878424602, $10.95 1-800-624-8855

Deepak Chopra is a well known and respected authority in the fields of holistic health and human potential. His latest book is "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success", a pocket-sized little volume of 'powerful pearls of wisdom' that provides the reader with a life-altering perspective on the attainment of success in the modern world. Challenging the myth that success if the result of hard work, exacting plans, or driving ambition, Chopra bases his observations and commentaries on the natural laws governing creation. The result is distilled into seven simple, powerful, universal principles that can be readily applied by ordinary people to create success in all the varied areas of their lives. A 'must read' for the legions of Deepak Chopra fans, "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" is very highly recommended for self-help, self-improvement, and human spirituality reading lists.

The Photography Shelf

Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light
Kathleen M. K. Menke
Crystal Images
PO Box 781, Haines, Alaska, 99827
0976426110, $29.00

Author and photographer Kathleen Menke is based in Haines, Alaska. In "Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light: Gifts Of The Wild" she has compiled full color photographs of wildlife and landscapes that demonstrate and illustrate the beauty of her subjects in a variety of different but natural lighting. The compilation of 'Northern Exposures' will prove of intense interest to aspiring nature photographers and prove inspirational and enjoyable for the non-specialist general reader with an interest in wildlife, wilderness, and landscape. Very highly recommended for personal and professional photography reference collections, "Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light" would make an especially ideal "Memorial Fund" acquisition selection for community libraries.

Thought to Exist in the Wild
Derrick Jensen, author
Karen Tweedy-Holmes, photographer
No Voice Unheard
PO Box 4171, Santa Cruz, CA 95063
0972838716, $19.95

Written by Press Action Person of the Year Derrick Jensen and photographed by critically acclaimed artist Karen Tweedy-Holmes, Thought to Exist in the Wild: Awakening from the Nightmare of Zoos is a protest against human environmental destruction of wild habitat, and especially, the incarceration of wild animals in zoos. Questioning the purpose of zoos and what they teach humans about their relationship to nonhuman animals, Thought to Exist in the Wild harshly criticizes zoos for their commercialism, their reduction of animals to the levels of commodities, and the dubious morality of taking away wild creatures' freedom for novelty purposes. "Bears are not toys. They are not symbols or stand-ins for Native American cultures. They are not attractions. They are not resources to be managed. They are not pests to be exterminated. They are bears... Every bear - every animal, inside or outside of zoos - is an individual. Each one has, believe it or not, a life." The compelling black-and-white photography poignantly illustrates the passionately charged essays in this thought-provoking manifesto.

The Crafts Shelf

Paper Crafting With Carol Duvall
Carol Duvall
Dynamic Resource Group
306 East Parr Road, Berne, IN 46711
9781596351424, $19.95 1-260-589-4000

Carol Duvall is well known for her crafts skills as the host of her own crafts oriented television show, 'Here's Carol Duvall' which aired for 14 years. She then went on to do crafts on ABC's 'The Home Show' in the 1980s, and in 1994 becomes the host of 'The Carol Duvall Show' on the then newly founded Home & Gardent Television (HGTV) network which had a ten year run. In "Paper Crafting With Carol Duvall" this expert crafts maker turns to paper-crafting projects as she shows the reader how to go about mastering the tools and techniques for true paper-crafting enjoyment. The various paper craft projects are organized into six chapters with each individual project being showcased with color photography illustrated the step-by-step instructions. From card making, to gift box designs, to items of decoration, the more than 45 individual paper crafting projects (some created by Carol with others being the ideas/creations of her viewers) comprising "Paper Crafting With Carol Duvall" is enthusiastically recommended and would make a welcome, popular addition to any personal or community library reference collections.

The Self-Help Shelf

Chew On Things -- It Helps You Think
Iris R. Bell
Creative Bookworm Press
9121 East Tangque Verde Road, Suite 105, Tucson, AZ 85749
0979165326, $12.95

"Chew On Things -- It Helps You Think: Words Of Wisdom From A Worried Canine" by psychiatrist and alternative medicine researcher Iris Bell is a photo-essay self-help book inspired by Casey -- the author's shy and lovable worrywart of a dog. Combining humorous, insightful, and inspirational comments and quotations from motivational leaders, celebrities, and philosophers with 56 color and 1 black-and-white illustration, "Chew On Things -- It Helps You Think" can be read with appreciation and enjoyment by dog lovers from 8 to 80. A charming and original reminder of how a person (and their canine companion) can love and appreciate others, "Chew On Things -- It Helps You Think" is very highly recommended reading and a worthwhile addition to any personal or community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement reading list or collection.

Living with Grief
Kenneth J. Doka, editor
Hospice Foundation of America
1621 Connecticut Avenue, NW #300, Washington, DC 20009
189334908X, $24.95

The Hospice Foundation of America presents Living with Grief: Before and After Death, an anthology of 18 articles, essays and resources by learned authors addressing a broad set of topics pertaining to grief and loss. Penned with an eye toward educating professionals in the latest understanding of how to help people in need, essays range from discussing how to support families during the process of death to cross-cultural studies of grief, working with children and adolescents, helping built on personal experience, and much more. A thoughtful, repository of distilled insights from experts in the field.

The Humor Shelf

The Crack Book
Eric Julius Decetis
Sellers Publishing, Inc.
PO Box 818, Portland, Maine, 04104
1569069751, $12.95 1-800-625-3386

Eric Decetis is an accomplished cartoonists whose unique brand of humor has been honed over more than twenty years to the point where he has demonstrably mastered the single-panel cartoon format and appeared in such popular magazines as 'National Lampoon' and 'Penthouse'. Now available is Eric's debut anthology of his work in a book format. "The Crack Book" is organized into five thematic chapters showcasing his distinctive art style and irreverent humor. A superb and very highly recommended introduction for those who have never before encountered Eric's cartoons, "The Crack Book" is a 'must' for his legions of appreciative fans.

The Music Shelf

The Songwriter's Journal
Stan Swanson
Stony Meadow Publishing
2020 West 10th Avenue, #103, Broomfield, CO 80020
0978792513, $14.95

"The Songwriter's Journal: 52 Weeks Of Songwriting Ideas And Inspiration" by professional songwriter Stan Swanson was written to both provide aspiring songwriters with ideas and inspirations for new songs, and a forum in which to jot down their daily notes, thoughts, ideas, and musical notations over the course of a year's time. The formula is straightforward: 'An Idea to Write a Song About'; 'Note Sequence for a Song'; 'Power Words'; 'Cliches, Expressions, Slang and Idioms'; 'Rolling Stone Magazine's Greatest Songs of All Time'; and 'Songwriter's Toolkit'; followed by a page of blank lines and a musical score section just waiting to be filled in. Of special note are the sections arranged by the week and devoted to providing an opportunity to address and record 'Songwriting Exercises'; 'Song Titles'; 'Chord Procession for a Song'; 'Word Association Exercises'; and 'Songwriters Hall of Fame' which showcases a particular musician composer. "The Songwriter's Journal" is an invaluable tool and very strongly recommended for the novice songwriter, and has a great deal of utility and value for even the more experienced composer.

The Automotive Shelf

Chevelle SS 1964-1972
Jeffrey Steffes
JC Publishing
PO Box 796, Watertown, MN 55388
9780972986939, $19.95

Now in a newly updated and expanded second edition, "Chevelle SS 1964-1972: A Muscle Car Source Book" by Chevy authority Jeffrey Steffes is profusely illustrated in both color and black/white photography. An essential and comprehensive guide for the Chevelle, this 'muscle car' descriptive history is an ideal guide for anyone considering purchasing and/or restoring a Chevelle as Steffess expertly takes the reader through the process of identifying options and features for their 1964-1972 Chevelle. Of special note are the chapters on 'Decoding VIN Plates and Body Tags'; 'Option and Color Codes'; 'Engine Identification', and 'Transmission Identification'. Chevelle enthusiasts are also provided with information on the various Chevelle Clubs around the country. Recommended for personal, professional, and community library Automotive Reference collections, if you own (or are contemplating owning) a Chevelle, then Jeffrey Steffes' "Chevelle SS 1964-1972" should be considered a 'must' read title.

The Cookbook Shelf

Spelt Healthy!
Marsha Cosentino
Autumn Rose Press
1310 NW State Avenue, #104, Chehalis, WA 98532
0977463559, $19.95 1-888-785-7511

So many modern wheats have been genetically engineered for specialized uses ranging from 'pop tarts to envelope glue' that they have actually become deleterious to the health of many people. 'Spelt' is an organic 'bread' grain that retains its ancient genetic profile, is naturally self-enriched, especially high in B vitamins, and for those who have developed an aversion to modern wheats, far easier to digest. It is an all-around grain that enjoys an excellent flavor, is absolutely nutritious, and is suited to whole food dishes ranging from baguettes to delicate fruit pastries, from stuffed mushrooms to soups, and salads to pizzas. "Spelt Healthy! is a specialized cookbook that culinary expert Marsha Cosentino has compiled to showcase the versatility of this ancient grain in baking and cooking. There are more than 200 featured, kitchen-cook friendly recipes based on spelt. One of the more unusual nutrition informations provided are the Blood Type eating notations (A, B. AB, O). Another special feature is the section of 'Food Intolerances and Allergies'. There is even a 'Shopping for Spelt' appendix. The recipes range from Whole Grain Waffles with Spelt Sprouts and Fruit Bits; to Pao Doce (Massa Sovada or Portuguese Sweet Bread); to Coated Pan Fried Fish Fillets; to Chocolate Chip Florentines. Combining the features of a reference, a guide, and a recipe collection, "Spelt Healthy!" is a welcome addition to personal, family, professional, and community library specialized cookbook collections.

Scratch That
Connie Fairbanks
C & K Publishing
Chicago, Illinois
0979023408, $35.00

In "Scratch That: Seasonal Menus & Perfect Pairings", Connie Fairbanks draws upon a lifetime's experience in the kitchen (she began when she was five years old) to compile and wonderfully illustrate truly exquisite dishes suitable for any and all dining occasions. "Scratch That" begins with chapters devoted to 'Kitchen Essentials'; 'Basic Recipes and other Kitchen Know-How'. this is then followed by recipes organized around specific dining occasions in the spring and summer with menus such as the Weekend Brunch; First Barbecue on the Deck; Picnic Anytime; Working Lunch; and more. Dining occasions for the fall and winter are clustered around menus devoted to the Salmon Soiree; Thursday Nights Supper; World Series Party; Romantic Dinner for Two; and more. There are even chapters devoted to wine and beer; and 'When You go Out to Dinner'. Beautifully illustrated throughout with color photography, the recipes range from Banana Tea Bread; French Breakfast Radishes with Butter and Kosher Salt; Sauteed Mushrooms on Toasts; and Fresh Peach Cobbler; to Roasted Salmon and Vegetable Bundles; Garlic and Sun-Dried Tomato Dip; Rack of Lamb with Rosemary and Wine Sauce; and Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. "Scratch That" is especially and enthusiastically recommended for the cookbook collection of the novice family chef, and has wonderful culinary ideas for even the more experienced kitchen cook.

Vegetarian Revenge
Karen Mann & Phillip E. Mann
Purslane Press
PO Box 219, Tiburon, CA 94920
0978629523, $19.95

"Vegetarian Revenge: Better Living Without Chemistry" by the husband and wife team of Karen and Phillip Mann is a superbly presented and thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' collection of simply wonderful recipes designed specifically for low-calorie, low-fat dishes that will please the palate and satisfy the appetite of even the most dedicated vegetarian.. Drawn from a variety of countries and cultures from around the world, these culinary delights range from Garbanzo Bean and Roasted Pepper Salad; to Artichoke hearts Stuffed with Spinach; to Spicy Lentils with Couscous; to Tostadas with Tofu and Chayote; to Penne Baked with Mushrooms and Egglplant; and so very many more! Emphasizing the use of fresh, organic, unprocessed ingredients (including garlic and other fresh herbs and spices), "Vegetarian Revenge" is a core addition to any personal, professional, or community library cookbook collection!

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Forever And Ever
Dan A. Baker
Catbird Publishing
PO Box 6321, Hayward, CA 94540
0978784103, $26.95

Immortality has its downside. Dr. Jasmine Metcalf is a biotech scientist whose battle against a genetic disease called Progeria that causes dramatic and ultimately lethal premature aging in children has made her a renegade. Earl Metcalf is her biotech colleague. Together they create a revolutionary gene-based therapy that will not only save those afflicted with this dread disease, it will endow ordinary human beings immunity from aging and make anyone become immortal. The result is a series of ethical dilemmas and a seemingly inevitable stress between the urge to understand the molecular laws of nature and the issues of immortality in a society where a kind of 'natural planned obsolescence' has been a biological fact and a force for evolution from very the beginning of human life. Author Dan Baker has written a ripping good science fiction story that is well buttressed by a solidly impressive foundation of molecular biology that is never permitted to get in the way of good storytelling. Thoroughly entertaining, thoughtful, and though-provoking, "Forever And Ever" is very highly recommended to science fiction enthusiasts.

Brain Baker
Crossquarter Publishing Group
PO Box 23749, Santa Fe, NM 87502
1890109827, $12.95

The debut novel of columnist and television scriptwriter Brain Baker, Irregardless is a whimsical adventure that asks: what if the Apocalypse accidentally overslept? In a waning world where the Apocalypse is scrambling to make up for lost time, demons are just starving to whet their appetite on tasty fresh people, an undead leader tries to prevent the four factions of undeadhood from degenerating into all-out war, a Christian waiter tries to figure out both God's plans and how to keep himself off the lunch special, and a women who just wants a cup of coffee gets caught in the middle of it all. The tongue-in-cheek humor adds spice and kick to this rollicking ride of the quest to save the Earth from the narcoleptic Apocalypse.

Peddler's Trials
Merry Muhsman
1663 Liberty Drive Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403
1420889958, $14.49 1-800-839-8640

Peddler's Trials is an original fantasy novel for the young and old, about the repercussions that a monarch's ill luck has upon the fate of a nation. Twenty years ago, King Gifre gambled and lost a precious healing stone; on that day, he lost his newborn son, and ever since his kingdom has been beset with poverty, drought, and despair. Countless adventurers have tried and failed to retrieve the stone from the dragon Chadarcy, who is believed to have possession of it; yet the layers of intrigue stretch much deeper than first glance might reveal. When a humble peddler is drafted on the ill-fated quest, he must keep his wits about him to hold any hope of survival. A twisting page-turner of betrayal, heroism, and sacrifice.

Bertram of Butter Cross
Jeffrey E. Barlough
Gresham & Doyle
PO Box 45797, Los Angeles, CA 90045
0978763408, $14.95

The fourth novel in the "Western Lights" series of fantasy-mystery novels, Bertram of Butter Cross is a magical tale filled cover to cover with riddles and hidden secrets. An ugly, malformed snake-creature roams the Marley Woods, phantom riders have been spotted by moonlight, and when a strange, small boy is discovered in the ruined hunting-lodge deep within the forest, it prompts wonder and questions - could he truly be Bertram Longchapel, the child who had disappeared from the nearby town of Market Snailsby some thirty-five years ago? Biologist, veterinarian, and armchair historian Jeffrey E. Barlough has brought yet another unforgettably fantastic adventure of mystique and hidden motives to vivid life, and its intrigues are sure to keep the reader guessing to the very end. Highly recommend.

The Folklore/Mythology Shelf

Gems in Myth, Legend, and Lore, revised edition
Bruce G. Knuth
Jewelers Press
652 Meadow Creek Drive, Parachute, Colorado 81635
0964355043, $21.95

Now in a new revised and reformatted edition, Gems in Myth, Legend, and Lore is an in-depth examination of the supposed mystic and magical qualities humanity has attributed to forty-six different gems throughout history. Written by jeweler, gemologist and educator Bruce G. Knuth, Gems in Myth, Legend, and Lore covers writings on gems throughout history, birthstones, literature concerning gems, the entire translated text of Marbode's eleventh century gem treatise, and much more. A cross-culture treasury of legends, and a first-rate addition to mythology and folklore reference shelves.

The Christian Studies Shelf

The Healing Touch Of Mary
Cheri Lomonte
ACTA Publications
5559 West Howard Street, Skokie, IL 60077
0976716496, $19.95 1-800-397-2282

Compiled, organized and edited by photojournalist Cheri Lomonte "The Healing Touch Of Mary" is a compendium of more than sixty personal accounts by men and women from around the world revealing the Blessed Virgin Mary's compassionate, loving, faith-nurturing divinity for all of humanity. Enhanced with full-color photographs of the Madonna drawn from Nicaragua, Peru, Italy, France, and the United States, "The Healing Touch Of Mary" offers dramatic, heartwarming stories of Her miraculous, modern-day appearances to Christians in need. These inspirational stories range from a girl who shared her glow-in-the-dark statue of Mary with a frightened friend, to a woman in a car wreck to whom the Blessed Mother appeared, to a child whose broken fingers were healed by Lourdes water, and so many, many more real-life examples of the Madonna's intervention into the lives of those who needed her most. "The Healing Touch Of Mary" is highly recommended reading for Christians of all creeds and denominations, but most especially for members of the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Catholic communities.

The Power of Now in Your Life
Tangela B. Pierce
Morgan James Publishing
1225 Franklin Avenue, Suite 32, Garden City, NY 11530-1693
1600371868, $12.95

African-American and faithful Christian author Tangela B. Pierce presents The Power of Now in Your Life, a self-help guide to overcoming the challenges of day-to-day living by rising above the "blame game", and embracing God's plan for one's life. Chapters impress the importance of understanding the "NOW" of life, rather than endlessly fretting about memories or future trepidations. From human beings' need for God to find completeness, to the importance of not running from changes, to braving the costs of choices, and learning to understand one's destiny and knowing that one's spirit comes directly from God, The Power of Now in Your life blends spirituality, existential wisdom, practical thinking, and the powers of faith and love into an uplifting, inspirational whole.

To Win, Build, and Send
Bobby D. Hopper
Xulon Press
2180 West State Road 434, Suite 2140, Longwood, FL 32779
1600345360, $13.99 1-866-381-2665

Written by pastor, teacher, counselor, speaker, and chaplain Bobby D. Hopper, To Win, Build and Send: Preparing to Live a Truly Great Life in Christ is an affirmative challenge to readers to reexamine their own lives and transform themselves to follow Jesus Christ's example more closely. Chapters explain how to 'win' purpose, passion, and love itself through building fellowship, growing, and emulating Christ's holy passion for helping others. To Win, Build, and Send is a consumable self-help book; an addendum for each chapter offers motivational questions ("'Am I allowing God to use me to win my family members?' 'Do I trust Him to win those around me in my life?' 'What must I do in my life to allow God to lead me to win others to him?'") and blank lines for the reader to fill in his or her own answers. Heartwarming true anecdotes from the front lines of Christian ministries are sure to prove inspirational for individuals, organizations, and churches alike in this spiritually energetic and motivational guide.

The Architecture Shelf

The Wood Design Awards 2006
Bernadette Johnson, editor
Canadian Wood Council
99 Bank Street, Suite 400, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1P 6B9
0978321308, $29.95

An annual publication of the Canadian Wood Council, "The Wood Design Awards 2006: A North American Program Of Architectural Excellence " showcases fifteen projects presented in full color and represents the only North American 'Wood Design Awards' program that promotes growth in the quality of architectural practices by recognizing achievements in the specialized field of wood architecture. Each highlighted and award winning example notes the architectural firm involved, as well as listing the clients, the general contractor, the structural engineer, the landscape architecture, and the photographers. The award winning architectural projects are organized into three categories: Honor Awards; Merit Awards; and Citation Awards. The projects themselves range in location from New York City, Toronto, Baton Rouge, Ontario's Lake Simcoe and Klienburg, to San Antonio, Raleigh, Montana's Clyde Park, Pennsylvania's Mill Run, British Columbia's Vancouver Coast, Hawaii's Havi, and more. Showing the very best of what wood architecture can produce, "The Wood Design Awards 2006" is a welcome and recommended addition to professional architectural and woodworking reference collections.

The Economics Shelf

Saving Energy, Growing Jobs
David B. Goldstein
Bay Tree Publishing
PO Box 70236, Richmond, CA 94807-0236
0972002162, $18.95

The documented theme of David B. Goldstein's "Saving Energy, Growing Jobs: How Environmental Protection Promotes Economic Growth, Competition, Profitability And Innovation" is that those who maintain that the public the government, and the business community, must choose between a healthy environment and a healthy economy is a false choice. Goldstein persuasively presents the view that well-conceived local, state, and federal environmental regulations will create more jobs in the local, state, and federal economies than they will eliminate. An additional benefit is that sound environmental policies will effectively spur the creation of more efficient designs and less expensive products by the regulated industries. "Saving Energy, Growing Jobs" profiles the unexpected success of early energy regulations; reveals how markets actually work and how they fail; exposes the myths of both the environmentalists and the anti-environmentalists; provides a practical model for well-designed environmental policies; and offers guidelines for transforming the current national political debate with respect to environmental regulation to deal with everything from climate change, to pollution controls, to joint international efforts for environmental protections. Of special note are Goldstein's proposals for implementing a combination of incentives and regulations to speed the process of developing sound and effective environmental policies and practices. "Saving Energy, Growing Jobs" is an enthusiastically recommended addition to personal, professional supplemental reading lists, as well as corporate, governmental, academic, and community library Environmental Studies and Economic Studies reference collections.

The Arab Economies In A Changing World
Marcus Noland & Howard Pack
Peterson Institute for International Economics
1750 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036
0881323934, $24.95

"The Arab Economies In A Changing World" by Marcus Noland and Howard Pack is designed to explain to American businessmen and economists about the problems associated with the economic under-performance, problematic internal politics, and externalization of domestic dissent in the Muslim world. Of special interest is the identification of changes to economic policy that would address the economic component of the challenges facing Muslim countries and communities today. "The Arab Economies In A Changing World" also provides a cogent and expert analysis on the interaction of trade with the Middle East, as well as such economic issues as productivity growth, and the political difficulties that affect the economic performance, growth and development of the Muslim populations in this region of the world. "The Arab Economies In A Changing World" is especially recommended reading with respect to transition economies and India documenting potentially successful polices and those policies likely to worsening existing problems. Enhanced with references and an index, "The Arab Economies In A Changing World" is very strongly recommended as an addition to academic, professional, corporate, and governmental agency Economic Studies and Middle Eastern Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

The International Studies Shelf

We Were Taught To Plant Corn Not To Kill
Tax'a Leon & Douglas London
Back Up Books
c/o Human Medical Rights Press
1 State Street, Guilford, CT 06437
0977810402, $29.95

"We Were Taught To Plant Corn Not To Kill: Secrets Of The Silence Of The Mayan People" is about the family of young K'iche' artist Tax'a Leon and the genocide of the Mayan people in Guatemala. Her father was found in a corn field having been machetied to death three years ago. After her father's murder (which was never solved by the authorities) Tax'a continues to live with her mother and twelve brothers and sisters. Just a few years ago some 200,000 Mayan people were murdered within 750 miles of Miami, Florida. Illustrated with 81 paintings by Mayan artists and co-written with her husband Doublas London, the articulate and revealing story Tax'a presents is one of daily life and culture among the K'iche', as well as a plea for help to a people to whom incidents of racially driven mass murder is still happening. "We Were Taught To Plant Corn Not To Kill" is a profoundly important book that should be a part of every academic and community library collection, and read by students of Anthropology, Native American Studies, Human Rights, Latin American Studies, and Mayan Cultural Studies.

Nations United
Alex Grobman
Balfour Books, Inc.
PO Box 726, Green Forest, AR 72638
0892216743, $19.99

Written by Jewish historian Alex Grobman, Nations United: How the United Nations Undermines Israel and the West is a stinging indictment of anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, and anti-Israel speech and action, especially as seen in the United Nations in modern history and the present day. Chapters briefly summarize the origins of Zionism, decry the UN's 1975 Z=R resolution that declared Zionism to be "a form of racism and racial discrimination" (this resolution was repealed in 1991, yet Grobman maintains that repercussions remain), discuss the reprehensible usage of Holocaust denial as a weapon and its consequences, describe modern anti-Semitism in the context of Z=R, and much more. The final passage, "Is the UN Worth It?" crystalizes Grobman's doubts about the failings of this international institution. Part history, part ardent defense of Israel and its practices, part political manifesto, and entirely critical of the UN, Nations United is heavily researched with an extensive list of articles and an index, and worth reading for its insights into the conservative Zionist perspective regardless of whether one agrees entirely with its claims.

The Gay Studies Shelf

Voices from the Kingdom
Beverly Cole
Kimimi Publications
PO Box 358, Salina, KS 67402-0358
Cate Cummings Publicity
7601 East 93rd St., Kansas City, MO 64138
0978852206, $13.95

Beverly Cole, a devoted Christian and the mother of a gay son, presents Voices from the Kingdom: All God's Children Have Keys, a collection of question-and-answer format interviews with faithful gay and lesbian believers, whose voices are all too often drowned out by mainstream church debates over whether to condemn homosexuality as a sin. Voices from the Kingdom is emphatically not a politically-minded, or agenda-driven compilation, but rather an expression of spirituality, community, hope, and love. "'What are your thoughts on gay marriage?' 'Politics aside, if we want linguistically to use that term marriage to refer to male and female, so be it. But, being a humane society, we need to come up with a term or concept, and not just for equal rights and health insurance but equal value for the blessing of the relationship. I'd settle for that. I would hope that the traditionalists could share equal respect for same-sex relationships as for opposite sex relationships. I don't see that it is any threat to the sanctity of marriage. A gay couple across town does not threaten my marriage to Mary Lee.'" A rational, powerful and moving assortment of testimonies.

The Social Issues Shelf

Remembering Women Murdered By Men
The Cultural Memory Group
Sumach Press
1415 Bathurst Street, #202, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5R 3H8
1894549538, $26.95

Written by The Cultural Memory Group, Remembering Women Murdered By Men: Memorials Across Canada is a thoughtful and troubling public record of feminist efforts throughout Canada to memorialize female victims murdered by men, in an ongoing effort to protest violence against women through active remembrance. From Vancouver to Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and more, Remembering Women Murdered By Men recounts social and cultural struggles in an ongoing battle against femicide, including community efforts to shy away from or hide the fact that femicide is taking place. Especially recommended for feminist studies shelves.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Standing in God's Light: In End Times
Ann Druffel & Armand Marcotte
Timeless Voyager Press
PO Box 6678, Santa Barbara, CA 93160
1892264196, $16.95

Psychic detective Armand Marcotte wrote about the information he received about the encroachment of end times and manner in which human being should conduct themselves in order to be among those God would accept - God's "Soldiers of the Light" - from 1995 to his passing in 1999 due to cancer. Ann Druffel, the transcriber of Armand's recordings, became struck with inspiration in 2000; as if guided by Armand's spirit, she penned six more chapters. Their combined revelation is Standing in God's Light: In End Times, a profound exploration of the language of souls, the Tower of Babel, the eternal presence of Mary, Mother of God, the Anti-Christ and his Prophet, and much more. "The new Tower of Babel, in fact, appears to be nearing completion, much more so than in ancient times. For, by Biblical account, the building of that Tower was discontinued when God intervened to bring His original motive back to human culture. Now, the UN is completing the reversal of world cultures from what God intended, and the purpose for which He brought down the first Tower. A godless world government is rapidly bringing the world into one 'united' godless world culture, making itself 'god'." Appendices and an index round out this apocalyptic yet transcendental revelation that extols the virtues of faith and courage against the eve of world annihilation.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Peter Scott Harmyk
The Outlet Press
7095 Hollywood Boulevard, #727, Hollywood, CA 90028
0975351427, $24.95

The third novel by legal expert and Hollywood industry insider Peter Scott Harmyk, Stalkerazzi is a gripping novel about a haunted and psychologically tormented celebrity, and the friend who tries to help him. Pop icon and rising star Daemon Negranni has whetted his taste for the extravagant life, yet a slippery stalker is hounding him by repeatedly invading his hilltop estate and disappearing. When TV fresh-faced college graduate, news producer, and would-be Hollywood writer Christian Write meets Daemon, the two form friendship - one that turns dangerous once Christian starts to uncover the scandalous and deadly truth about Daemon and his harasser. A dark and suspenseful novel of high-stakes betrayal, money, cover-ups and corruption, sure to keep the reader's attention glued until the last page.

The World History Shelf

The Door of No Return
William St Clair
Blue Bridge
240 West 35th Street, Suite 500, New York, NY 10001
Meryl Zegarek Public Relations, Inc. (publicity)
255 West 108 Street, suite 9D1, New York, NY 10025
1933346051, $24.95

Written by William St Claire (former Senior Research Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge University), The Door of No Return: The History of Cape Coast Castle and the Atlantic Slave Trade is an in-depth history of the Cape Coast Castle in Ghana, Africa, and its role it served as headquarters for the horrific British slave trade, until the slave trade's abolishment in 1807. Drawing heavily from years of personal research into the Castle's vast archive of public records and ledges - from letters and correspondence to scribbled notes and even the recipes of trafficked slaves - The Door of No Return offers a unique, in-depth scrutiny of this dark place and phase of human history. Written in plain terms and illustrated with a handful of black-and-white photographs, The Door of No Return is a welcome addition to public and college library history shelves.

The Civil War Shelf

Human Interest Stories From Antietam
Scott L. Mingus, Sr.
Colecraft Industries
970 Mt. Carmel Road, Orrtanna, PA 17353
0977712532, $9.95

Compiled and organized by Scott L. Mingus, Sr., "Human Interest Stories From Antietam" is a compilation of brief vignettes presenting individual stories of the men who fought in the Maryland campaign of September 1862. Each succinct anecdote is laid out chronologically, placed in its proper context, and documented as to its source. Arranged into four chapters, these stories are drawn from the actions leading up to the battle of Antietam and follow through the aftermath of the American Civil War's bloodiest single day of action. Very strongly recommended reading and an invaluable addition to any personal, academic, or community library Civil War Studies reference collection, these little slices of observation from the men who were there provide an informative, authoritative context, as well as an eye-witness descriptive vividness that will prove of unique and special interest to Civil War buffs and academia alike.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

One With The Herd
Liz Mitten Ryan
Privately Published
c/o Communications Creativity
PO Box 909, Buena Vista, CO 81211
0918880556, $39.95 1-800-345-6665

In the pages of "One With The Herd: A Spiritual Journey", author, artist, and horse breeder Liz Mitten Ryan draws upon her years of experience with her herd of eleven horses to share her reflections on our relationship to the planet upon which we live, the animals we share our planet with, and how we can best achieve peace, freedom, joy, and an appreciation for life and for living. Her engaging and thoughtful text is nicely illustrated with her own paintings, as well as occasional color photographs. "One With The Herd" is the deeply personal story of a woman who lives with a heard of 'wild' horses with whom she communicates, plays with, and rides without the use of tack on a remote 320-acre ranch in the high country of Canada. Within the context of a natural setting, Liz Mitten Ryan discovered profound spiritual truths rich in emotional texture and intellectual acumen through her interactions of her horses roaming freely over the grasslands, forests, meadows, and lakes of her ranch, only to return on their own to her barn where they benefit from a loving, open, supportive interaction with humans. "One With The Herd" is highly recommended for community library collections and will prove of very special interest to non-specialist general readers with an interest in horses, wildlife, spirituality, and metaphysical meditation.

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