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Reviewer's Choice

Dear President Obama
Bruce Kluger & David Tabatsky
The Beckham Publications Group
PO Box 4066, Silver Spring, MD 20914
9780982387610, $19.95,

Despite lacking the ability to vote, many children and pre-teens embrace the political spirit during an election year. "Dear President Obama: Letters of Hope from Children Across America" is a collection of letters addressed to our newest president, reflecting young people's concerns and how they believe the new president can help. A charming collection of the hopes of children, and a look at politics through their eyes, "Dear President Obama" is a fine read for those interested in a new perspective and something to warm their heart.

Wheels on Fire
Michelle Zaremba
Hellgate Press
PO Box 3531, Ashland, OR 97520
9781555716561, $18.95,

Driving in New York traffic may be stressful, but at least it's not a warzone. "Wheels on Fire: My Year of Driving . . . and Surviving . . . in Iraq" is the story of author Michelle Zaremba, who was charged with leading supply envoys through Iraq. Speaking as a female soldier, she gives a rarely-heard perspective on the war, and doesn't let the seriousness of the situation drag her down. "Wheels on Fire" is a must-read for those who want to know what it's like in America's current conflict.

Princes Among Men
Yaakov Cohney, editor
Feldheim Publishers
208 Airport Executvie Park, Nanuet, NY 10954
9781598262919, $27.99

Terrorism is something Americans may fear, but for many Israelites, it is a reality. "Princes Among Men: Memoirs of Eight Young Souls" reflects on eight victims of a suicide bombing one year ago. Focusing on the victims rather than the crime, "Princes Among Men" tells the story of Israeli youth and how these tragedies snuff out lives that deserved to live longer. "Princes Among Men" is something for Jewish readers to find strength in during these times of turmoil.

Between Heaven and Earth
Doug Garr
Green Point Press
426 East 58th Street, Apt. 4B, New York, NY 10022
9780975976043, $20.00,

You can become addicted to anything if you let yourself. "Between Heaven and Earth: An Adventure in Free Fall" is a memoir focusing on what few people have the courage to do - leap out of a plane tens of thousands of feet in the air. Analyzing why people would be over-the-top crazy enough to do this, why it's fun, and why the reader should possibly give it a shot, author Doug Garr takes readers deep into the mind of skydiving and gives them much to think about. "Between Heaven and Earth" is an exciting dive into the world of sky diving - recommended.

Sex, Shamanism, and Healing
Katie Weatherup
Hands Over Heart Publishing
7920 El Capitan Dr., La Mesa, CA 91941
9780977815418, $14.95

Nothing seems to be juicier than other people's sex lives, and author Katie Weatherup bares all. "Sex, Shamanism, and Healing: My Kissing Quest" combines the spirituality book with the kiss and tell book, using sex as a powerful tool for women's empowerment as well as a way of healing past misuses of sex from others. Heavily sprinkling her own experiences, Weatherup seeks to make both men and women appreciate sex and its countless benefits more. "Sex, Shamanism, and Healing" is well worth the read for more than one reason.

The Poetry Shelf

Circus By Moonlight
Mark Van Aken Williams
Lucky Press
PO Box 754, Athens, OH 45701
9780976057666, $12.00,

A perfect browse for poetry enthusiasts, "Circus By Moonlight" showcases the literary verse of Mark Van Aken Williams, who has been writing poetry that addresses such diverse issues as poverty and wealth, striving and acceptance, and more. A compilation of poems created from 1990 through 2007, "Circus By Moonlight" establishes Williams as an impressive talent and skilled wordsmith, deserving of as wide and appreciative an audience as possible. The title poem is an apt representation of the quality of his free verse poetry: 'Circus by Moonlight': flanked by a quiet of night/they watch/the parade, migrating/circus figures/passing in unfamiliar/outlines of pygmy/rotundity/and ballooning-bubble-elasticity.//limp sleepers, hanging/by moon'shooking crescent,/space babies with/no planet, dangling/to the organ grinder's hypnotic spell,/while cotton candy--/cocoon, envelopes them, in sticky.

Bone Light
Orlando White
Red Hen Press
PO Box 3537, Granada Hills, CA 91394
9781597091350, $15.95,

Language can be an intriguing subject, and author Orlando White explores the language we speak every day, English. "Bone Light" is his discussion through verse of the subject, exploring the nuances and treating English as if it were a foreign language in concept. A unique idea and excellently executed, "Bone Light" is a solid choice for a book of poetry. "Bone Milk": Write the O/Dip Skull/Into Bleach./Press the Letter./Bones soften/inti calcium./Smear a zero./Hair dissolves/into ink./Erase paper./Skin evaporates/into foam./Boil subject and verb;/condense/into liquid./Fade from dark,/the shade of milk./Suck out period./Tooth hears/into fluid./Now pour skeleton/into another skin. Also from Red Hen Press is "Saint Nobody"(9781597091428, $18.95) a fine volume of work focusing on Down syndrome.

Work is Love Made Visible
Jeanetta Calhoun Mish
West End Press
PO Box 27334, Albuquerque, MN 87125
9780981669335, $12.95,

Working for a living is not without its simple beauty and charm. In "Work is Love Made Visible", Jeanetta Calhoun Mish explores her family's farming background through poetry. Simple photographs of Mish's family accompany the poetry to give it a more down-to-earth feeling. "Work is Love Made Visible" lives up to its title, and is highly recommended. "Roughneck's Love Song": I left her, you know/right there in dust blown/West Texas.//Helluva gal. I mean, I'm not/sure what took me over.//Just one mornin'/I woke up and she/didn't look like any/body I knew//so I lit out.

The Tide Clock
Tanya Contos
Somerset Hall Press
416 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 612, Boston, MA 02215
0977461092, $14.95,

Experienced at life and at poetry, Tanya Contos brings readers her latest anthology, "The Tide Clock". Focusing on the sea that Contos has lived nearby for much of her life, she uses humanity and characters to imbue real meaning into her poetry. "The Tide Clock" is a fine and moving collection, and a must for anyone looking for nautical-oriented work. "Slide Show": After the fiftieth photo/from a trip you had long forgotten/coast of Cornwall '87/gray rocks/green sea/pink face/the screen goes blank/the fans blows hard/the wind off Land's End lashes you/and this uptown space you share/with someone new who asks too much/is way too bright/too dark/too small.

To the Bone
Sebastian Agudelo
Saturnalia Books
13 E. Highland Ave., 2 Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19118
9780981859118, $14.00,

Cooking and poetry have more in common than one would think. "To the Bone" is a collection of poems from Philadelphian Mexican-American cook Sebastian Agudelo. Blending his beloved hobby with his extensive higher education, his work is expertly crafted and will connect with readers, making "To the Bone" unique and enjoyable. "Expulsion": If the punishment was to make ends meet/then they have the whole classified page,/can circle management, service, the stage,/and suck the free-market of its sweets./If sweating's what it was really about,/the range spewing hundred eighty thousand/BTU's combined should be plenty to amend/and still the cook shows up, clocks in and out./If when the fruit gave in, knowledge leached/like gossip from overripe neighbors on stoops,/why didn't the dark or dirty secrets teach/a master plan, the news of how to reach/success, identify the breaks and loop-/holes, tell why the wayward don't get rich?

Sunny Wednesday
Wave Books
1938 Fairview Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98102
9781933517391, $14.00,

Award winning poet and woman of Brooklyn Noelle Kocot brings readers "Sunny Wednesday.". Focusing the broad range of emotions that attack her in every aspect of life, she crafts fine verse that readers will relish. Her fourth volume of work, "Sunny Wednesday", is the brainchild of an expert poet. "I Am the Arm": Mortal cornflakes in an agey oven.//Pivot the small blisters.//Chain love oft betokens so near//Braids into humid the L escaping//Sea urchin with lemon - appreciate finality//-ied -ied -ied//Bleeds into stasis//Bleeds into stasis//Or merely bleeds.

Laura Sims
Fence Books
Science Library 320, University at Albany, 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany NY 12222
9781934200230 $16.00

Prize-winning poet and writing teacher Laura Sims presents Stranger, her second collection of free-verse poems. The poetry weaves a complex narrative about a mother who falls ill and dies too young; her surviving child must work through guilt. What is a mother, truly, after she has passed on? The poetic story reaches beyond earthly life into the theme of an afterlife, in this unforgettably poignant collection. "Wherever we went the mountains followed": You shuffled behind / In your long pearl dress, ridiculous / Lily / Pinned to your chest / Come on / The mountains are gaining / Have eyes / For those flimsy white curtains.

The Business Shelf

42 Rules For Driving Success With Books
Mitchell Levy
20660 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 210, Cupertino, CA 95014
9781607730125, $19.95,

Packed within its 133 pages, "42 Rules For Driving Success With Books" by Mitchell Levy offers entrepreneurs, small business owners, and aspiring corporate executives practical, inventive, creative, effective, and applicable advice and instruction gleaned from a diverse variety of 'how to' books about doing business successfully. From the fundamentals of success, to profitably expanding a commercial enterprise; to establishing credibility with such diverse elements as the press, the community, and the clientele; and establishing a personal and professional 'brand' or marketing image. Of special note is the section on Marketing which includes utilizing books to educate the staff. Replete with 'real world' examples, "42 Rules For Driving Success With Books" is highly recommended reading for any and all aspiring entrepreneurs -- including authors and publishers seeking to write 'how to' books for the business community.

Business Mastery, fourth edition
Cherie M. Sohnen-Moe
Sohnen-Moe Associations, Inc.
3900 W. Costco Dr. Ste #168-367, Tucson, AZ 85741
9780962126574, $28.95,

It's one thing to create a business. It's another to taste success. It's yet another to maintain that success. "Business Mastery" is the newly updated and expanded fourth edition of the reference from Cherie M. Sohnen-Moe. The result is a road map for small business owners and would-be owners who want to establish and maintain their business niche. Filled with useful and sage advice, "Business Mastery" is an extensive, solid reference manual that deserves to be at the right hand of every entrepreneur.

Lead Domination
Jamie Klein
Lore Institute Publishing
3824 Vista Blanca, San Clemente, CA 92672
9780982163054, $35.00,

Finding a buyer is an absolutely essential step in any business. "Lead Domination: 21 Proven Strategies for Effectively Generating Leads and Converting Leads into Sales" is a guide for finding customers, which author Jamie Klein (and popular business lingo) refers to as leads. Jamie Klein explains how to find appropriate leads for one's business, estimate their quality and willingness to buy your product, and make the sale. An absolute must for any business looking to expand and find more buyers, "Lead Domination" is very much recommended.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Boston Scream Pie
Rosemary Mild & Larry Mild
Hilliard & Harris
PO Box 275, Boonsboro, MD 21713-0275
Maryglenn McCombs (publicity)
9781591332640, $16.95,

If you enjoy cliff-hanging, crisis-to-crisis mysteries filled with suspense, then you are going to enjoy "Boston Scream Pie" by Rosemary and Larry Mild. Caitlin Neuman is a seventeen-year-old high school student; she suffers from nightmares stemming from the bloody car accident on a snowy Maryland road that killed her parents and twin sister, leaving her the sole survivor. Caitlin feels that these are no ordinary nightmares. She enlists the aid of retired Baltimore detective Paso LeSoto to make inquiries, which leads to the discovery of a series of unsolved deaths, mistaken identities, and tell-tale indications that look like murder has been done. Deftly written and highly recommended, "Boston Scream Pie" plays fair with the reader from first page to last, the result is a riveting mystery that is engaging, entertaining, and will leave a reader new to the series eager to seek out the previous two Paco and Molly mysteries, "Hot Grudge Sunday" and "Locks And Cream Cheese".

Sherlock Holmes in America
Martin H. Greenberg
Skyhorse Publishing
555 Eighth Avenue, Suite 903, New York, NY 10018
9781602393523, $24.95,

What if British fiction's greatest detective crossed the Atlantic? "Sherlock Holmes in America" is a collection of original fiction by many authors, weaving stories of the famed detective as he brings Dr. Watson along to solve mysteries and problems in nineteenth century America. All the authors are Holmes fans, and their passion rings through their stories. "Sherlock Holmes in America" stays true to Doyle's characters while providing new adventures, and is a top pick for classical mystery fans.

The Education Shelf

Diary Of An Inner City Teacher
Tamam Tracy Moncur
Lumen-us Publications
234 Main Street, Park Forest, IL 60466
9780981535951, $19.95,

Under the Obama Administration, public education reforms and improvements is a top priority -- especially in the long neglected inner city school systems of our major American cities. That's just one reason why "Diary Of An Inner City Teacher" is a timely and invaluable contribution towards our current national dialogue on this critically important issue. Author Tamam Tracy Moncur draws upon her more than twenty years of personal experience and expertise as a teacher and educator to reveal and illustrate from a first-hand perspective the joys and disappointments of teaching in an inner-city school system. Underscored by her experiences in the classroom is that the teaching of academic materials and the development of academic skills with respect to her students simply could not be carried out in isolation or disregard from the social issues and cultural environments in which those students (and their families) were enmeshed. "Diary Of An Inner City Teacher" is a vivid, engaging, deftly written, 'real world' account that is very highly recommended reading for academia, Department of Education staffers, state legislative and congressional policy makers, as well as non-specialist general readers with an interest in educational reforms and the current national debate over education issues and the need for educational reforms in our public school systems.

The Science Shelf

Science of Inexact Mathematics
Yuri K. Shestopaloff
Akvy Press
142 Kennard Ave., Toronto, ON, Canada, M3H 4M5
9780980966701, $149.95,

For dedicated mathematicians, there is as much art and beauty as there is science in their calculations, formulas, precepts, concepts, and expositions. There is also utility, practicality, insight, and value in the application of mathematical principals to financial systems and the economy which are complex compilations of factors that mathematicians develop models to explain otherwise inexplicable and seemingly random phenomena. That's why Yuri Shestopaloff's "Science of Inexact Mathematics: Investment Performance Measurement, Mortgages and Annuities, Computing Algorithms, Attribution, Risk Valuation" is such a seminal work in the field of applied mathematics to financial issues and economic performances with respect to investment strategies and interpretations. Offering detailed computing algorithms (including software implementation), the informed and informative text is enhanced with numerical examples, graphical and tabular illustrations throughout. A work of impressive scholarship, Yuri Shestopaloff's "Science of Inexact Mathematics" is especially recommended for academic, governmental, and professional library collections and is a valued contribution as a graduate level mathematics curriculum supplemental resource. Also very highly recommended reading for advanced mathematics students and academia is Yuri Shestopaloff's 152-page treatise, "Sums of Exponential Functions and their new Fundamental Properties, with Applications to Natural Phenomena" (Akvy Press, 9780980966718, $49.95).

The Gardening Shelf

Growing Food In The Southwest Mountains
Lisa Rayner
Lifeweaver, LLC
PO Box 22324, Flagstaff, AZ 86002
0971956502, $12.95,

The agricultural concept of permaculture is what enables gardeners to grow food crops under almost all environmental circumstances including areas affected by high winds, intense sunlight, cold nights, insect infestations, water restrictions, and many other agriculturally relevant conditions. In "Growing Food In The Southwest Mountains", author and gardening expert Lisa Rayner provides expert commentary on issues and challenges gardeners can face with respect to soil conditions low in organic matter due to compositions of clay, sand, and volcanic cinder; precipitation ranges of 18 to 25 inches annual (or less under conditions of drought as now afflicts the southwestern United States); high altitudes and large day-night temperature swings; windy weather commonly encountered in spring and fall dry seasons; as well as 'pest' animals, birds and insects. Focusing on home gardening conditions common to altitudes above 6,500 feet in Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Colorado, and Southern Utah, "Growing Food In The Southwest Mountains" is an essential and very highly recommended instructional introduction to successful gardening throughout this region -- as well as invaluable for gardening efforts under similar conditions elsewhere throughout the country.

The Parenting Shelf

How To Get The Best Education For Your Child
Debra E. West
Axis Publishing Company
122 Holbrook Dr., Huntsville, AL, 35806
9780982247952, $29.95,

Parents have a critically important role to play in the education of their children. "How To Get The Best Education For Your Child - Kindergarten--6th Grade: A Parent's Handbook" is a compendium of practical information, applicable advice, and useable strategies/techniques for seeking that children receive the most competent instruction, appropriate educational resources, and inductive learning climate possible. A combination instruction manual and workbook, " "How To Get The Best Education For Your Child - Kindergarten--6th Grade: A Parent's Handbook" begins with a section on how parents can get started with their involvement and engagement with schools from classroom teachers, to administration, to school boards. Then chapters are organized around grade levels from kindergarten through the sixth grade, including grade appropriate things a child should be learning and gaining competence in, literature, and 'contractual agreements'. Enhanced with the inclusion of 'Suggested Literature', a Glossary, References, and a section for personal notations, " "How To Get The Best Education For Your Child - Kindergarten--6th Grade: A Parent's Handbook" is especially recommended for parents who wish to take an active role in insuring that their child receives the very best that any classroom and/or school district has to offer.

Sending Your Child to College, updated edition
Marie Pinak Carr, Katharine Carr, Ann Carr, and Elizabeth Carr
Dicmar Publishing
c/o KSB Promotions
55 Honey Creek, NE, Ada, MI 49301
9780933165168, $15.95,

College seems more and more necessary to gain a foothold in the world. Now in a newly updated and expanded edition, "Sending Your Child to College: The Prepared Parent's Operational Manual" is intended for parents who want to make sure their children can get into college. From dealing with massive bills, to medical and safety concerns, to saving money in a situation where the term "poor college student" is all too often a reality, authors Marie Pinak Carr and her daughters give a solid toolkit for parents and students. "Sending Your Child to College" is well worth the investment for those who need all the help they can get, financial and otherwise.

Checklists for the New Dad
Joe Deyo
Sawtooth Publishing
2044 North Amber Drive, Spring Hill, TN 37174
9780981577944, $9.48,

Attention is rarely paid to the panicking man behind the woman giving birth. "Checklists for the New Dad" is a guide for the dad-to-be. Composed in an easily readable tone and filled with handy checklists to help the prospective father be as ready as possible for his new son or daughter, "Checklists for the New Dad" covers a wide range of preparation from financial to emotional matters. "Checklists for the New Dad" is something to consider for the Dad with nine months (or less!) to prepare.

Caution: Men At Housework
T.J. McKenna
Grace Creek Press
3806 Bromley Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525
9780982193259, $9.95,

Society has changed, and more than ever, women are establishing themselves with successful careers. "Caution: Men at Housework - What Happens When Dad Stays Home with the Kids" is a look at stay-at-home dads who take the traditional motherhood role, and the challenges they face. Staying at home with the kids may seem like the easy job, but author T.J. McKenna reveals that this assumption couldn't be more wrong. "Caution: Men at Housework" is a fine choice for the stay-at-home dad or dad-to-be.

Parenting Is a Contact Sport
Joanne Stern
Greenleaf Book Group Press
PO Box 91869, Austin, TX 78709
Booth Media Group, Inc. (publicity)
1386 Nightshade Road, Carlsbad, CA 92011
9781929774227, $14.95,

Losing the connection to one's child as they grow older is a tragedy that happens all too often. "Parenting is a Contact Sport: 8 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Kids for Life" is a guide to keeping contact with one's children through their teenage years and longer. Good family bonds are vital, and good bonds depend on trust and confidence in one another. With much advice on strengthening trust between parent and child as well as fostering self-esteem, "Parenting is a Contact Sport" is a top pick for parents who want to see their babies regularly for longer than thirteen years.

The No-Diet Obesity Solution for Kids
Miriam B. Vos
Aga Institute Press
4930 Del Ray Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814
9781603560047, $14.95,

Diets are notoriously ineffective, so why do we rely on them so much to fight obesity? "The No-Diet Obesity Solution for Kids" offers a new approach to weight loss for children: teach them good health habits that they will keep for the rest of their lives. Valuing exercise, moderation, and home cooking over diet foods and crunching calories, "The No-Diet Obesity Solution for Kids" may just be what parents need to manage their children's weight, and possibly their own weight as well!

The Fiction Shelf

C.R.H. Wildfeuer
Aquifer Publishing
4364 Woodland Drive, La Mesa, CA 91941
9780981846064, $26.95,

The time of Rome has been viewed with much nostalgia, but it was not without conflict. "Trajan: Lion of Rome" is a historical novel following the fictional Roman Emperor Trajan and the challenges he faces upon taking the throne. Barbarians threaten his empire, and the Parthians want to claim Rome as their own; an exciting story unfolds using classical Rome as a living, breathing setting. Classical historical fiction fans will relish "Trajan".

Robert Garner McBrearty
Pocol Press
6023 Pocol Drive, Clifton, VA 20124
9781929763429, $19.95,

Award winning author Robert Garner McBrearty brings readers another fine collection of short fiction in "Episode". The poignant and entertaining stories focus on characters that inhabit our world, and the challenges they face daily. Anyone seeking moving and funny short fiction can't go wrong with "Episode".

Lee Murphy
Defining Moments
PO Box 7037, Van Nuys, CA 91409
9780966770407, $16.95,

Why would anyone follow Dr. Frankenstein through his insane experiments? "Ygor" takes a look at the man who stood behind the evil genius and helped him finish his work. An in-depth portrayal of the character, "Ygor" breathes life and soul into the man who has become a icon for the mad genius' sidekick. An intriguing and original retelling of Mary Shelley's infamous horror novel, "Ygor"is well worth the read.

Wendy Marcus
Beth Am Press
Temple Beth Am, 2632, NE 80th Street, Seattle, WA 98115
9780615268040, $12.95,

Anywhere in North America, you're going to find quite the cast of characters. "Polygot: Stories of the West's Wet Edge" focuses on two cities named Vancouver, one in Washington and the more well-known one in British Columbia. A collection of short stories loosely related, "Polyglot" draws quite the picture of a wide reaching community with entertaining prose that is sure to entertain. A very human assortment of stories, "Polygot" is a top pick for those seeking literary short fiction.

Passing Through
Tom LeClair
Drinian Press
PO Box 63, Huron, OH 44869
9780978516598, $14.95

Lies can get more and more elaborate, but soon you'll find yourself caught in one. "Passing Through" follows con-man and generally shifty character Michael Keever as he gains a job as a instructor to teach Creative Non-Fiction writing. Having no qualifications whatsoever, he has fun with job, but soon finds that his fun is not without its own cost. His plots may be exposed by other plots, and the intrigue of mastermind against mastermind makes "Passing Through" a fine and entertaining read.

The Unknown Man
Thomas H. B. Walker
First Scribe Books
PO Box 62, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33302
9780977929733, $14.95

What is race? One hundred years ago, human minds probed this question as thoroughly as they do today. "The Unknown Man" follows young Jim, a white baby who was left in the care of a black widow. Raised as the widow's own, Jim grows up in a very different place than other white children - amid an early twentieth century black community. When he comes of age, he begins to track down his roots, but only finds controversy at every turn. "The Unknown Man" was originally published in 1915, but remains utterly fascinating to this day.

Crime Pays
Mark Small
Max the Cat Publishing
2138 East 62nd Street, Box 113, Indianapolis, IN 46220-2312
9780979840807, $15.99

Whoever said crime doesn't pay has never been paid by crime. "Crime Pays" is quite the novel following a young man coming of age. Rather than learning the quaint values of living in Midwestern America, this particular individual chooses to become a millionaire at the expense of a quiet Midwestern town. "Crime Pays" is entertaining and quite the page turner.
Patt Fero
The Goldmind Company
PO Box 25693, Grenville, SC 29616
9781597122276, $16.95

What goes down when you drop it all and hit the road? "" (a book title in the style of a web address) tells the story of two golden girlfriends Leslie and Liz. When Leslie loses her job, she takes it as a blessing, and the two embark on their lifelong dream of hitting the open country road. The lessons they learn shine through, in this entertaining and funny story of fifty-something women and their mid-life crisis. "" is a read that'll make many a woman smile.

Seneca Wood
Gary Clites
Casperian Books
PO Box 161026, Sacramento, CA 95816
9781934081181, $15.00,

Sometimes people can't leave well enough alone. "Seneca Wood" tells the story of ex-reporter Wood Garrett, who has found his peace living in the mountains of West Virginia. But his peace is not forever, as he finds himself accused of murder and quickly realizes the finger is being pointed by someone who wants his quiet little hamlet in the mountains. Embarking on a long road to clear his name and escape alive, "Seneca Wood" is a fun adventure novel with an authentic West Virginian flavor.

Torn by God
Zoe Murdock
H.O.T. Press
1273 South Rice Road #24, Ojai, CA 93023
9780923178062, $16.99,

Every group has its fundamentalists, and Mormonism is no different. "Torn by God" is a story of a family torn apart by fundamentalists. Beth doesn't know what to think when her father joins a radical sect of Mormonism which holds polygamy as a vital part of Mormon doctrine. This belief tears their family apart as Beth must fend for her mother and brother at the age of twelve, fearful of being married off to a cult leader. "Torn by God" is a story that, although fiction, is saddening in that similar events have likely happened many times in the past.

Craven Prayers
Trent Dotson
1301 South Arlington Ridge Road, No. 309, Arlington, VA 22202
9780982202302, $13.95

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean everyone isn't out to get you. "Craven Prayers" is the story of Catherine and Alice. When a handsome actor shows affection for Catherine, a woman who believes her homely appearance would not attract one so beautiful, she is more concerned about his true intentions than love, and her paranoia costs her. Alice, years later, hopes to learn from her friend's mistakes, but it's harder than one would think.

The Wandering Heart
Mary Malloy
LeapSci Book
PO Box 2110, Teaticket, MA 02536
9780981514857, $15.95,

A trip through history may be the dream of any dedicated historian. "The Wandering Heart" tells the story of Lizzie Manning, who sees herself going back through time, starting with the eighteenth century and eventually ending up in Medieval Europe. During her travels she finds much history to holds on to, but she just may find something more in the heart of a Crusader. "The Wandering Heart" is a fine exploration of history with a hint of romance, highly recommended.

Counting the Cost
Liz Adair
Inglestone Publishing
1117 E San Pedro, Gilbert, AZ 85234
9780977881468, $17.95,

Sometimes a perfect life can be sent to hell, only to rise back up even better than before. "Counting the Cost" is a classically inspired romance following Heck Benham, a cowhand who thought his life had everything he could ever want. When Ruth Reynolds appears, Heck's life will never be the same again, but will it be for better or for the worst? "Counting the Cost" is a fine romance and will pull the heartstrings of many a reader.

Two Brothers
Robert Gover
Hopewell Publications
PO Box 11, Titusville, NJ 08560-0011
9781933435251, $18.95,

How can two people who have such similar childhoods wind up so radically different? "Two Brothers" is a novel of this concept, about two long lost brothers who had a very close childhood, and who meet again decades later. One is the role model of a success story, the other isn't barely making enough to stay alive. "Two Brothers" is an intriguing story of how one family can split into two extremes.

Grater Life
Stephen Poleskie
Wasteland Press
PO Box 925, Shelbyville, KY 40066
Apogeeagency (publicity)
PO Box 849, Ithaca, NY 14851-0849
9781600472916, $18.95,

With no one else around, the world begins to spill out. "Grater Life" is a collection of short fiction with the tying together premise of a dying AIDs patient and his nurse. The two share stories as the patient has no one else to talk to, and the stories prove witty, and indicative of author Stephen Poleskie's fine style. "Grater Life" is of high recommendation to short fiction fans looking for some great little stories.

Children of the Lambs
Mary Glynne
Wolf Pirate Publishing
4801 SW 164 Terrace, Southwest Ranches, FL 33331
9780979837289, $16.00,

Conspiracies run deep and usually end up with many dead. "Children of the Lambs" tells of a deep-rooted Church conspiracy that goes awry, causing those in charge to order the silencing of all who know anything about it. Agent Daniel Kelison was on the case; dragged out of it, he begrudgingly puts it behind him, but then he finds that he will soon be forced back into it, regardless of his superior's wishes. "Children of the Lamb" is a fine religious thriller of conspiracy and silence, highly recommended.

The View from Frog Mountain
Rebecca Cramer
Imago Press
3710 East Edison, Tucson, AZ 85716-2912
9781935437024, $14.00

When a killer is on the loose, sometimes one has to take things into one's own hands. "The View From Frog Mountain" is another in Rebecca Cramer's Linda Bluenight series, this time following Linda as she is forced to deal with a killer roaming the mountain outside her friend's bread and breakfast inn. Fearful for her friends and family, Linda must act decisively. "The View From Frog Mountain" is a top pick for fans of other books in the series.

Honor Defended
D.H. Brown
Big River Press
PO Box 371, Clallam Bay, WA 98326
9780979874468, $14.95,

Does one have to be an active member of the military to fight the war on terror? "Honor Defended" is another novel in D.H. Brown's citizen warrior series following the discharged Major Westfall as he returns home. When a close friend meets a gruesome end and the friend's wife gone missing, Major Westfall isn't going to let his civilian life prevent him from getting to the heart of the matter. An action-packed thrill ride from cover to cover.

The Shanghai Gesture
Gary Indiana
Two Dollar Radio
141 East Town St., Suite 200, Columbus, OH 43215
9780982015100, $15.50,

Narcolepsy is a strange disorder. It's stranger when it takes an entire community by storm. "The Shanghai Gesture" is a comedic mystery thriller following Weymoth Smith and Obregon Petrie, who are out to stop the world domination plans of one Fu Manchu. As if one madman was not enough, they also must deal with being behind on the times, and the cravings of their own bodies. "The Shanghai Gesture" is a fun romp that's sure to entertain many a reader.

Kevin's Quicksand
Sheila Evans
Central Oregon Writers' Co-Op
PO Box 524, Yachats, OR 97498
1888934243, $15.00

Being rational and average has its own price. "Kevin's Quicksand" is the story of a son who has lived four decades of his life without knowing his mother. He wishes to break himself out of a lifelong funk, but will finding his mother help, or only serve to make his life more chaotic and problematic? "Kevin's Quicksand" is intriguing and entertaining, sure to delight many a reader.

The Triumphant Voyage
Eduardo Garcia Aguilar
Aliform Publishing
117 Warwick Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
9780982278413, $15.95,

Wanderlust and the poet are not two mutually exclusive concepts. "The Triumphant Voyage" is a novel from Colombian author Eduardo Garcia Aguilar, chronicling the travels of a fictional poet by the name of Arnaldo Faria Utrillo. Set in the early twentieth century between the two great wars, "The Triumphant Voyage" follows Utrillo as he wanders the world across continents and follows the life of a self-described professional foreigner. A work of literature, "The Triumphant Voyage" is quite the treasure of world fiction.

Confessions of a Teacher
Mary Allen Redd
Cascade Books
4271 Vintage Drive, Provo, UT 84604

In public school, they're substitutes; in a university, they're part-timers. "Confessions of a Teacher: Or How to be a Part Timer" is the fictionalized memoir of Dr. Dana Shaughnessy as she deals with the exciting aspects of teaching part time, and how she realizes part time is (perhaps more than) enough. An entertaining and humorous read, "Confessions of a Teacher" should brighten anyone's day, with a special nod to educators.

Jennifer Laurens
Grove Creek Publishing
1404 West State Road, Suite 202, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
9781933963846, $13.96,

When everything else is bleak, even a taste of heaven will drive one wild. "Heavenly" tells the story of Zoe, a woman who has a whole laundry list of problems facing her life, and views rough parties as her only solace. Her life may change forever when her sister's guardian angel brings a bit of the divine into her sight. Swooned with love, she doesn't know how something so great could be true. "Heavenly" is a charming story of romance, of loving and losing.

Harvest of Souls
Michael Wayne
E-Booktime Publishing
6598 Pumpkin Road, Montgomery, AL 36108
9781598249606, $14.95

The last thing you want to do when wondering about a murder is become a potential victim yourself. "Harvest of Souls" is a murder mystery following teenage Eve Lohmiller as she joins a seance for a two-decades dead child who died on Halloween under mysterious circumstances. But after the seance, those circumstances become a lot less mysterious. "Harvest of Souls" is an intriguing mystery, sure to tantalize young adult readers and mystery fans of all ages.

Piercing the Veil
Jacqueline Fullerton
AP Lee & Co.
PO Box 340292, Columbus, OH 43234
Maryglenn McCombs Book Publicist (publicity)
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126-274, Nashville, TN 37203
9781934482032, $14.00,

Guilt can make people do crazy things, like risking their lives. "Piercing the Veil" is a mystery blended with the supernatural as Anne Marshall must construct a case against cutthroat and shady businessman Tim Sherman. In the process, murder prevails over bad business ethics; Anne's own life may be threatened, and the ghost of her father may be her only friend. "Piercing the Veil" is a riveting thriller and is quite the read.

All the Clouds'll Roll Away
Taylor Morris
Gap Mountain Press
48 Bullard Road, Jaffrey, NH 03452
Blueline Publicity (publicity)
PO Box 4726, Portsmouth, NH 03802
9780979560323, $19.95,

How does one act when one is certain that one will soon die tragically? "All the Clouds'll Roll Away" is the story of Will, an Air Force pilot with premonitions of his own death. With his child on the way, he has a week to contemplate his fate before he embarks on what he is certain will be his last mission. An exploration of one man's fatalism, "All the Clouds'll Roll Away" is the second volume and third book of a trilogy, and a fine ending to the previous stories.

Thin Threads
Gaylinda Gardner
Denim Books
26410 - 84th Street N.E., #D - Box 442, Lake Stevens, WA 98258
9780979214103, $20.00,

"Thin Threads" is a complex, unique, deftly written novel whose first 355 pages present an engaging story of memorable characters involved in a kind of psychic relationship. Author Gaylinda Gardner interweaves bits of quantum theory and paranormal phenomena to color her tale of commitment, self-discovery, and unexpected adventure transforming the lives of ordinary people into something truly extraordinary. While the font-size of the text might be a bit too small for aging eyes, "Thin Threads" is nevertheless highly recommended reading and a welcome addition to any personal or community library contemporary fiction collection.

Desert Rats
Chinle Miller
Yellow Cat Publishing
107 S. Main St. # C 102, Coupeville, WA 98239
9780965596152, $14.95,

Just because the countryside appears to be an utterly uninteresting, barren wasteland, doesn't mean that evaluation is true. "Desert Rats: Adventures in the American Outback" is a collection of short fiction by author Chinle Miller, filled with adventures set in American deserts. Curses, bombs, strange geography, indoor fires, and so much more pepper this fascinating anthology. "Desert Rat" is a top pick for anyone who wants to truly understand how the West is still wild.

A Margin of Error
Lani Massey Brown
The Beacon Bridge
2015 79th Street, NW, Bradenton, FL 34209
9781439206812, $15.99,

Politics is a tough career, with more knives in backs than a backstabbing convention. "A Margin of Error: Ballots of Straw" is a political thriller following Cady Palmer as she attempts to stand up for what she believes in the face of a corrupt governor and his deep reaching network. Not knowing who to trust, Cady submerges herself in the webs of deceit where her next mistake may be her last. "A Margin of Error" is an exciting read.

The Orange Blossom Express
Marlena Evangeline
Carpace Books
1450 West Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite B304, Henderson, NV 89012
9780979841002, $15.95,

No one has ever said that the 1960s were a quiet, serene time in America. "The Orange Blossom Express" is a blend of memoir and fiction from Marlena Evangeline, as she reflects on her own summer in the Age of Aquarius through the fictional story of two girls becoming women during the tail end of one of the most turbulent times in American history. An exciting read about trying to get by in hippie culture (which isn't as innocent as it seems), "The Orange Blossom Express" is a good read through and through.

Pollen and the Ring of Harmony
Francis T. Perry Williams
Emerald Book Co.
PO Box 91869, Austin, TX 78709
9781934572993, $12.95,

Whatever power is used for, people will want it. "Pollen and the Ring of Harmony" is the story of an ecological super hero called Pollen, who draws his power from a ring. From the far reaches of space, he comes to save the Earth from itself and to spread his message of conservation. When he visits with the President of the United States, it seems there are those in the shadows who would rather push their own power than save the planet. "Pollen and the Ring of Harmony" is a fine parable to instill love for the environment in young adult (or adult!) readers.

I Am My Own Dragon
Linda C. Thompson
Tri Publications
c/o G.W. Armstrong & Associates
6000 San Felipe, Houston, TX 77057
9780979368325, $14.95

A dragon is a powerful mythological beast that has little stopping it from its goals. "I Am My Own Dragon" is a combination of metaphysical studies and fiction, as author Linda C. Thompson hopes to deliver her message through the vehicle of the novel. A character-driven adventure that is a fine read in its own right, "I Am My Own Dragon" is especially recommended for metaphysical studies enthusiasts who are looking for a fresh message.

Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed
Marc Blatte
Schaffner Press
PO Box 41567, Tucson, AZ 85717
9780980139419, $24.95,

When something goes afoul, look for someone acting unusual. That's a hard nut to crack when everyone is so unusual to begin with. "Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed" is a story set in the underground of New York, but with a noir twist permeating all of the seedy and strange elements that encompass New York's counterculture. With Eastern European revenge plots, hipsters, questionable wrestlers, and more, "Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed" is a truly unique mystery.

The Graphic Novel Shelf

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Lewis Carroll, author
Adapted and illustrated by Glenn Diddit
Davenport Creative Group, LLC
1441400850 $34.95

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is the full-color, graphic novel adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic, fantastic adventure of a young girl who follows a white rabbit and becomes lost in a topsy-turvy magical world. Faithful to the original novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland perfectly captures the sharp-edged wit and wisecracking of the original. Best of all, dialogue of the original novel is completely unabridged - readers can enjoy the full literary experience! A treasure for all ages, and a "must-have" for any collection featuring graphic novels adaptations of works that have stood the test of time. "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" is also available in a more inexpensive black-and-white version (9781441422897, $19.95).

The Black Studies Shelf

Mother of Freedom
Ben Z. Rose
Treeline Press
PO Box 79118, Waverly, MA 02479
Enfield Distrubution Co. (distributor)
PO Box 699, 234 May Street, Enfield, NH USA 03748
9780978912314, $14.00,

It was unheard of - a slave suing her master. It was more unheard of for her to win. "Mother of Freedom" tells the story of Mum Bett, this unique woman. Suing her master for her freedom in the late eighteenth century, she shocked the world by winning. Telling the true story of this remarkable woman, "Mother of Freedom" is well worth the look.

The Black Man's Little Book of Encouragement
Cassandra Mack
Strategies for Empowered Living
333 Madison Street New York, NY 10002
9780981661216, $23.99,

The man could be keeping you down, but it doesn't mean you can't rise up and overcome. "The Black Man's Little Book of Encouragement: 68 Pearls of Wisdom to Manifest Your Greatness and Keep Your Head Up When Life Beats You Down" is a guide for the black man who wants to succeed in today's world. Written by a woman who knows what dealing with discrimination is like, "The Black Man's Little Book of Encouragement" brings readers the reaffirmations they need to rise up and claim what is rightfully theirs. "The Black Man's Little Book of Encouragement" is worth consideration for any who could use a little extra push in life.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Energy Savings for the Novice
Dennis Fijalkowski & Mary Steele
Energy Bright
4820 Leland Rd., Laingburg, MI 48848
9780982192559, $12.95,

A little bit of saving can go a very long way. "Energy Savings for the Novice: Simple Ways to Build Family Wealth and Security" is a guide to saving in more than one way. "Energy Savings for the Novice" is an environmental manual about the many sources of energy that can be used and are readily available to anyone willing to seek out alternative power sources for their homes and lives. Offering plenty of tips on saving energy and money as well, "Energy Savings for the Novice" is a solidly recommended read for the environmentally conscious citizen.

Fight Global Warming
Editors of Silverton Press
Silverton Press
PO Box 26955, Phoenix, AZ 85088
9781935092384, $14.95,

You don't have to spend more to be greener. In fact, it is the opposite. "Fight Global Warming and Save a Bunch of Money" is a guide to combining an ecologically-friendly lifestyle with being a penny pincher. These tips help reduce one's impact on the environment on the cheap, as well as providing inexpensive alternatives for many everyday things. "Fight Global Warming" is the perfect acquisition for anyone interested in going frugally green.

The Self-Help Shelf

The Secret to Life Transformation
Julie Chrystyn
Dove Books
9465 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 840, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Newman Communications (publicity)
20 Guest St., Suite 150, Brighton, MA 02135
9781597775816, $25.95,

A revolution in one's life doesn't have to take years; it can take days or even less. "The Secret to Life Transformation: How to Claim Your Destiny Now!" is a collection of stories of various people who have risen past their own limits to claim what anyone would define as success. Ranging from those who have reached the top of the legal ladder in the Supreme Court, to those who amassed billions to their name, to entertainment icons, "The Secret to Life Transformation" gives readers much to aspire to with the realization even the famous started from being an unknown.

Beautiful Body, Beautiful Mind
Eric Franklin
Elysian Editions
614 Route 130, Hightstown, NJ 08520
9780871273093, $19.95,

You are what you think you are. "Beautiful Body, Beautiful Mind: The Power of Positive Imagery" is a self-help and health guide that encourages positive thinking in finding one's inner and outer beauty. Calling for the Franklin Method, a series of lifestyle changes reinforced through building beneficial habits, author Eric Franklin offers much advice for improving oneself through belief. "Beautiful Body, Beautiful Mind" is the inspirational testimony many women would do well to read.

The Guys-Only Guide to Getting Over Divorce
Sam J. Buser & Glenn F. Sternes
Bayou Publishing
2524 Nottingham, Houston, TX 77005-1412
9781886298323, $16.95,

There are hundreds of guides to help women get over marriages gone wrong, but what of the not- so-fair sex? "The Guys-Only Guide to Getting Over Divorce: And On With Life, Sex, and Relationships" is a guide aimed at men who, despite the stereotypical image, may have issues at dropping years-long or even decades-long relationships. With advice on starting over, seeking a possible soulmate, and how to avoid making the same mistakes twice, "The Guys-Only Guide to Getting Over Divorce" is something to be strongly considered by any man in need of a little extra push to move on.

The Cookbook Shelf

Mama Down The Bayou
Yvette Scott & Collaborators
THOU Management
PO Box 913, Conley, GA 30288
9780982008003, $14.95

True creole cooking is something hard to perfectly emulate. "Mama Down the Bayou: Recipes with Shopping Lists" is a guide from women who have been lovingly crafting these dishes for very much of their life, and who offer their sage-like wisdom on the topic of Cajun cooking. The recipes include sure to be favorites such as dirty rice, stewed mirliton, and others, with each containing proper ingredient lists to shop for, detailed instructions and more. With extra sections on turning dinner into an event rather than just a meal, "Mama Down the Bayou" is a strong pick for anyone embracing truly soulful creole cooking.

The Theatre/Cinema Shelf

America's Film Vault
Phillip W. Stewart
PMS Press
PO Box 1496, Crestview, FL 32536
9780979324307, $39.95,

Archives are the world's greatest tool in preserving its own history. "America's Film Vault: A Reference Guide to the Motion Pictures Held by the U.S. National Archives" is a look into the deep-reaching archives of the federal government's vault, which is filled with countless films that document the history of our country, be it from news broadcasts, military films of the 1940s, donated films from personal libraries, and more. Each entry chronicles the date of the film, what its purpose is, and its source. "America's Film Vault" is a fine resource to what lies deep inside the world of public records.

The Travel Shelf

The Great Towns of America
David Vokac & Joan Vokac
West Press
PO Box 99717, San Diego, CA 92169
9780930743109, $23.95,

One doesn't have to be cliche and choose big cities or resorts for vacations. Small town America has much to offer in the avenue of relaxation. "The Great Towns of America: All New Guide to the 100 Best Getaways for a Vacation or a Lifetime" is a travel guide for those who want pure, unadulterated relaxation in their getaway, or who are trying to choose a good place to move to and live their life in peace. Covering one hundred locales with highly detailed information for each, "The Great Towns of America" is a must for anyone who wants to find themselves in one of America's fine towns in the near future, for whatever reason.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Moving at the Speed of Wealth
Wayde M. McKelvy
Cagan Publishing
6855 S. Havana Street, Suite 1150, Centennial, CO 80112
9780982247501, $24.95

There's a difference between being rich and being wealthy. "Moving at the Speed of Wealth: Discover the 17 Closely Guarded Wealth-Building Secrets of the Super-Rich" is a guide to making one's own wealth and keeping it. Focusing on how to use banking as an avenue to gaining one's niche, "Moving at the Speed of Wealth" offers ideas for safely getting started, and tips on slowly building one's financial nest egg. "Moving at the Speed of Wealth" is a fine choice for anyone who wants wealth in their future.

The Losing Game
T.E. Scott
Hidden Truth Publishing
PO Box 168, Rockville, IN 47872
9780981937038, $14.95,

Legalized gambling is always slanted towards the house. "The Losing Game: Why You Can't Beat Wall Street" is a look at how Wall Street has cost Americans millions upon millions under the guise of 'wise investment'. A cautionary tale, "The Losing Game" tells readers to look elsewhere to plan their financial future and their retirements. "The Losing Game" is well worth the read for those worried about their money in Wall Street.

Not in My House!
Andre Butler
Higher Life Development Services
2342 Westminster Terrace, Oviedo, FL 32765
9780979322730, $14.99,

Recession is a tough time, but it's not something that has to hit everyone. "Not in My House!: Take the 28-Day Challenge to Recession-Proof Your Future" is a guide to minimize one's debt with a Christian approach. Religion and personal finance have more crossover than one would think, and author Andre Butler explains matters well, giving readers the twin gifts of faith and economic enlightenment. "Not in My House!" is a top pick filled with practical, 'real-world' advice for worried Christians trying to cope with economic hard times.

The American History Shelf

Terry Melanson
Trine Day
PO Box 577, Walterville, OR 97489
9780977795383, $19.95,

Secret societies make for great yarns or movies - but there are those secret societies that have actually existed. "Perfectibilists: The 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati" tells the history of one such secret society, based in Bavaria about two hundred years ago. Detailing the group's members, its goals, and how successful it ultimately became, "Perfectibilists" is a treat for any with an interest in secret societies, and who want to learn about one that truly existed. "Perfectibilists" is an intriguing read of history, sure to fascinate.

The Literary Shelf

The Dashiell Hammett Tour
Don Herron
Vince Emery Productions
PO Box 460279, San Francisco, CA 94146
9780972589871, $19.95,

Some writers become popular, and others get cult fandoms. "The Dashiell Hammett Tour: Thirtieth Anniversary Guidebook" is a look into the life of Dashiell Hammett, author of famed mysteries such as the 'The Maltese Falcon'. Examining locations throughout San Francisco and their relation to both Hammett and his creations, with a focus on famed fictional detective Sam Spade, "The Dashiell Hammett Tour" is a must-have for any fan of Hammett's work.

Popular Fiction Periodicals
Jeff Canja
Glenmoor Publishing
PO Box 4514, East Lansing, MI 48826
9780967363981, $29.95

Not everything has to be highbrow literature that's going to change the world. "Popular Fiction Periodicals: A Collector's Guide to Vintage Pulps, Digests, and Magazines" is a collector's guide to the old fashioned pulp fiction magazines of decades ago, that many young readers devoured with great interest. A complete and comprehensive reference, "Popular Fiction Periodicals" contains thousands of cover shots, indexing the authors behind these stories (in publications where some authors were embarrassed to put their real name on their work)! "Popular Fiction Periodicals" is a must for any enthusiast who wants a more complete collection.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

The Project
Mark Macy
Eloquent Books
c/o AEG Publishing Group
845 Third Avenue, 6th Floor - 6016, New York, NY 10022
9781606937495, $26.50,

There are things out there trying to communicate with us, and they do it in the most mundane of ways. "The Project: The Past, Present, and Future of Humanity" discusses Instrumental Transcommunication, where researchers attempt to connect with angels and spirits through typical communication devices such as telephones, computers, radios, and television. After joining a group using this process, author Mark Macy began to believe. Macy relates the truths of the world that have been presented to him. From his visions, he brings his readers thoughts and ideas, making "The Project" a fascinating metaphysical read.

The Thinking Person's UFO Book
Gordon Chism
Avenue Design
PO Box 512, Fort Bragg, CA 95437
9781439227114, $16.99

As long as there is terrestrial human life, the existence of extraterrestrial life in the universe is a debate that will likely rage on until humanity has fully explored the universe, or a sapient species is finally encountered. "The Thinking Person's UFO Book" offers thoughts on the subject from author Gordon Chism, a believer in the existence of UFOs. Pointing out that humanity's primitive instincts predispose them to bury their heads in the sand, "The Thinking Person's UFO Book" is worth a look for an intriguing read.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Space Sirens
Carol Hightshoe, editor
Flying Pen Press
5491 East Jewell Avenue, Denver, CO 80222
9780981895734, $17.95,

The female presence in science fiction is ever growing. "Space Sirens: Full Throttle Space Tales #2" is a compilation of science fiction from both male and female writers, focusing on female characters dealing with traditional and not-so-traditional science fiction plots. Women bring their own unique perspective to the genre of science fiction; anyone who's looking for a fresh collection of sci-fi stories, especially those with a feminist touch, should consider "Space Sirens".

The Purloined Boy
Mortimus Clay
Finster Press
PO Box 1462, Hartford, CT 06045
9780982159804, $12.95,

What happens to those who appear on the sides of the milk cartons? "The Purloined Boy" is a fantasy novel exploring that very question. These children are in a world they don't want to leave, except for one Trevor, who misses his home and wants to return. If only it were really that simple . . . To escape this mystical world, Trevor must confront bogeymen and other obstacles, which is easier said than done. "The Purloined Boy" is a fun fantasy for young readers, sure to inspire imagination.

Gray Apocalypse
James Murdoch
Demand Publications
2608 Second Ave., Suite 2450, Seattle, WA 98121
9780966443097, $24.95

Time is an invaluable resource; unfortunately, there is never enough of it. "Gray Apocalypse" tells the story of Michael Kendom, a decidedly un-heroic assassin. The Grays, the aliens presumed to have been visiting Earth for the past six decades, have been breeding hybrids since their start, and their nefarious plot may soon come into fruition. A man whom few trust, Michael is also the only one who knows enough and has the ability to stop the alien invasion. A science fiction thriller that will keep genre fans reading, "Gray Apocalypse" is something to be enjoyed.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

The Flight of the Feathered Serpent
Armando Cosani
Absolute Publishing Press
PO Box 99167, Emeryville, CA 94662-9167
9780978986414, $14.95,

Does the man whose name is synonymous with the word 'traitor' have anything to teach us? "The Flight of the Feathered Serpent: Are These the Secret Teachings of Judas Iscariot?" is one man's true story connected to the gospel of one of Christianity's alleged villains, Judas. When a journalist discovered these writings and their purpose (perhaps a justification for the actions of Judas?), he experienced an epiphany that changed his life forever. "The Flight of the Feathered Serpent" is an expertly crafted work of spirituality, highly recommended.

When Your Spirit Calls
Warren Ziegler
Enspiriting Press
3384 S. Valentia Ct., Denver, CO 80231
9780615227672, $21.95,

Before you can really understand others, you have to understand yourself. "When Your Spirit Calls: In Search of Your Spiritual Voice" asks readers questions so that they may question themselves and learn their own worth and value, and what they are capable of doing. Saying that people fall into nine archetypes, author Warren Ziegler hopes to aid readers in realizing who they are. "When Your Spirit Calls" is key to maximizing one's full potential in life.

Spiritual Survival
William Patrick Patterson
Arete Communications
773 Center Boulevard, Box 58, Fairfax, CA 94978-0058
9781879514874, $25.00,

In a world quickly becoming dominated by soulless machines, how does one keep one's own soul? "Spiritual Survival: In A Radically Changing World-Time" is a guide to spirituality in a technology driven world. Rather than shunning technology and loathing it, author William Patrick Patterson tells readers to embrace it as part of their lives and learn to control it instead of letting it control oneself. "Spiritual Survival" is a strong choice for the tech junkie who feels something is missing in their lives.

The Spiritual Alchemist
Natalie Reid
River Daughter Press
PO Box 20396, Albuquerque, NM 87154-0396
9780615181967, $18.95,

Alchemy isn't necessarily a dead psuedo-science. "The Spiritual Alchemist: Working with the Voice of Your Soul" is a guide to the concept of spiritual alchemy, and how one can enter their own spiritual laboratory to reinvent themselves and open up their spiritual selves for change and improvement. Natalie Reid, a self-titled spiritual alchemist, has taught her methods throughout the world, and they could do much to help her readers. "The Spiritual Alchemist" is a highly recommended metaphysical self-help read.

The Non-Believer's Bible
Franklin St. John
Inkwater Press
6750 SW Franklin Street, Suite A, Portland, OR 97223-2542
9781592993970, $19.95,

One doesn't need to understand everything about the universe to love and live life. "The Non-Believer's Bible" is the atheist's guide to life without gods. Calling for logic and common sense, author Franklin St. John gives nonbelieivers something to live by, and proves that goodness is not something restricted to the religious. "The Non-Believer's Bible" is something to be considered for those who have lost their faith and are looking for new answers.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Lose the Diet
Kathy Balland
Blissful Publications
3116 S. Mill Avenue #429, Tempe, AZ 85282
9780982183106, $19.95,

There's more to losing weight than just eating less. "Lose the Diet: Transform Your Body by Connecting With Your Soul" is an exploration of the spirit and what it means in regard to losing weight and keeping it off. A more natural weight loss is possible, and starving oneself will not accomplish one's goals. Advocating happiness and spiritual contentment as the ultimate diet plan, "Lose the Diet" is a refreshing approach to weight loss.

99 Practical Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs
Noel Magsino
Villa One
5925 Madison Suite 102, Morton Grove, IL 60053
9780981814872, $13.95,

Medicine is what some people need to survive, but being gouged isn't necessary. "99 Practical Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs" is a savvy shoppers guide to something that many didn't know they could be savvy shoppers to. Medical insurance is expected to pay for drug costs, and that's why so many prescriptions are so high; but health insurance is not required to avoid high payment at the pharmacy. "99 Practical Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs" is a must for those who need their medicine, but need their money too.

Plagues Past and Present
J. H. Hacsi
Champagne Press
c/o Morris Publishing
3212 East Highway 30, Kearney, NE 68847
9780578002668, $14.00

The mind is a powerful thing, but can it really overcome vicious diseases? "Plagues Past and Present: A Mind/Body Approach" takes a look at plagues of the past and their survivors, with a focus on the demeanor of those who successfully overcame their ailments. Could mental conditioning play a bigger part in survival than once thought? "Plagues Past and Present" is a riveting read of psychology and disease.

Migraine Expressions
Betsy Baxter Blondin
Word Metro Press
PO Box 984, Carsbad, CA 92018
9780615201979, $34.95,

What is it like to go through life with a chronic migraine? "Migraine Expressions: A Creative Journey Through Life with Migraine" is a look at life for those who suffer from chronic migraines and their artistic expressions. Through the visual art, short passages, or poetry of those afflicted with migraines, "Migraine Expressions" reveals the feelings of those who spend much of their waking lives with constant pain, and their desire to live their lives in spite of it. "Migraine Expressions" is a solid choice for art collections, and is an inspiration for other migraine sufferers.

The Biography Shelf

Adam's Belle
Isabel Washington Powell
DBM Press, LC
6412 Brandon Ave., #123, Springfield, VA 22150
9780981610214, $27.95,

At one hundred years of age, one definitely has some stories to tell. "Adam's Belle" is the autobiography of Isabel Washington Powell, a centurion with a wealth of life experience to share with the world. Focusing on her love story with Adam Clayton Powell, one of the most eligible bachelors in the country during the time, "Adam's Belle" is a moving story of how the prohibition didn't stop the roaring 20s from being fun. An utterly fascinating read of a time gone past.

Noel Vietmeyer
Bracing Books
9435 Lorton Market Street, Lorton, VA 22079
9780615256719, $19.95,

Going outside the norm can lead to great results. "Borlaug: The Mild-Mannered Maverick Who Fed a Billion People" is the story of Norman Borlaug, a man who has revolutionized twentieth century agriculture so that it could feed a rapidly growing world through the twentieth century population explosion. Chronicling the man behind the miracles, author Noel Vietmeyer uses Borlaug's life to inspire readers with the story of a truly remarkable man. "Borlaug" is a fine and recommended biographical read.

Nobody Knew
Win Straube
The Straube Foundation
1 Straube Center Boulevard, Pennington, NJ 08534
Hamilton Books
4501 Forbes Boulevard, Suite 200, Lanham, MD 20706
9780761842767, $30.00,

World War II destroyed so much of the land that was being fought over. "Nobody Knew" takes a journey into the life of a less-often talked about atrocity in the firebombing of Dresden, with casualty numbers comparable to the those one might expect in the wake of atomic bomb drops. Author Win Straube grew up in this chaos, and had to face life in the oppressive, communist East Germany. "Nobody Knew" is a must read for those seeking World War II and postwar memoirs.

Tea & Bee's Milk
Karen & Ray Gilden
Artha Press
1025 Gwinn Street East, Monmouth, OR 97361
9781886922129, $14.00,

Sometimes tranquility is a reward all its own. "Tea & Bee's Milk: One Year in a Turkish Village" is a memoir of the Gildens, a couple who abandoned the hustle and bustle of American life to live in a quiet and serene Turkish village, bringing little more than the clothes on their back and a laptop computer. Detailing what it's like making such a radical change, "Tea & Bee's Milk" gives a vivid picture of Turkish life through American eyes.

The Social Issues Shelf

The Crooked Mile
Kevin Clemens
Demontreville Press
PO Box 835, Lake Elmo, MN 55042-0835
9780978956332, $17.95,

Cars, more than anything, are vital to society. But they can also be the cause of its destruction. "The Crooked Mile: Through Peak Oil, Biofuels, Hybrid Cars, and Global Climate Change to Reach a Brighter Future" is a discussion of the automobile and everything that fuels it, and the resulting implications on society as a whole, with a focus on the ongoing oil and energy crises. Author Kevin Clemens breaks down the debate and offers his own opinions, discussing how there is hope for the future. "The Crooked Mile" is intriguing and full of invaluable information.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Emmanuel Kolini
Mary Weeks Millard
Authentic Books
1820 Jet Stream Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921
9781934068656, $16.99,

A savage war is the ultimate test of character. "Emmanuel Kolini: The Unlikely Archbishop of Rwanda" tells the story of a man who has stood by his faith, and survived a vicious civil-war torn country to become one of the key leaders of his faith in his country, and an example to his countrymen. His story offers a glimpse into Rwanda and the lives of African Christians. "Emmanuel Kolini" is a top pick for Christian biography collections.

Blest Atheist
Elizabeth Mahlou
MSI Press
1760-F Airline Highway, #203, Hollister, CA 95023
9781933455112, $19.95,

Even when the source of faith is at its most corrupt, faith itself is something to believe in. "Blest Atheist" is the spiritual memoir of author Elizabeth Mahlou. When she was young, her church was nothing but a place of torment for her, but in spite of this, she grew up to be a highly successful individual. She never stopped believing, and found her faith in a way that pulls it from a corrupt church . . . "Blest Atheist" is something that may help some find their faith, even as it criticizes those churches that turn a blind eye to the poor conduct of their clergy.

The Last Divine Office
Geoffrey Moorhouse
240 West 35th Street, Suite 500, New York, NY 10001
Meryle Zegarek Public Relations Inc.
235 West 108, Suite 9D1, New York, NY 10025
9781933346182, $24.95,

Henry VIII's formation of the Anglican church had many consequences. "The Last Divine Office: Henry VIII and the Dissolution of the Monasteries" tells the story of the last days of English monasteries, as the King had ordered England's severance from Rome as a Catholic power to embrace Protestantism. This split was not an entirely religious move; Henry also sought to obtain more funds for the kingdom rather than let money be siphoned away by the church. "The Last Divine Office" is an intriguing story of the decline and fall of the English monastery, highly recommended.

Angie Mosteller
Celebrating Holidays Publishing
1473 Crystal Court, San Marcos, CA 92078
9781607910084, $24.99,

Christmas is a yearly event which dominates much of American society. "Christmas: Celebrating the Christian History of American Symbols, Songs, and Stories" tells the story of Christmas, and is filled with many facts and details about this holiday, which is celebrated around the world. With much interest on the origins of Christmas, including misconceptions, strange non-Christian origins, and the weird ways in which some traditions got their start, "Christmas" offers intriguing food for thought. "Christmas" is a solid choice for anyone who wants to know the history behind the December mania.

The Computer Shelf

Philip M. Miller
Brown Walker Press
23331 Water Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33486-8540
1599424916, $74.95,

Knowledge of the internet is vital in today's world, and knowledge of how the internet runs is a valuable asset as well. "TCP/IP: The Ultimate Protocol Guide" is a two volume set serving as a complete and comprehensive guide to the Internet protocol suite. Straightforward and simple, the books assume the reader has no previous technological knowledge lending them to be fine educational texts for those just starting to learn this complex yet invaluable knowledge. Understanding TCP/IP is an invaluable aspect to building a business secure network, and author Philip Miller, a man with well over a dozen years of experience applies his expertise to the subject with great success. Along with volume two of the series, (1599424932, $75.95), "TCP/IP: The Ultimate Protocol Guide" should be on any business technology shelf.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Power Up Your Job Search
Gary W. Capone & Mark Henderson
Palladian International
105A Lew Dewitt Blvd., Ste 197, Waynesboro, VA 22980
9781441491534, $14.95,

Finding a good job is harder than ever. "Power Up Your Job Search: A Modern Approach to Interview Preparation" is a guide to the interview part of the job hunt, which may be the key deciding factor determining whether one gains employment or not. A step-by-step process to present one's best side at a job interview, packed with plenty of tips and tricks for keeping one's cool, "Power Up Your Job Search" is a must-have for any who are facing an interview in the near future.

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