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Reviewer's Choice

Older Love
Warren Hanson
Waldman House Press
2300 Louisiana Avenue North, Suite B, Golden Valley, MN 55427
0931674409 $16.95

Though Older Love is written and presented in the style of a picturebook, with gentle two-color illustrations and only a verse or two on each page, Older Love is not meant specifically for children or beginning readers, but rather for readers of all ages, as it celebrates the joy of a golden years relationship. The text is a poem about bonds that transcends age, and the illustrations have a soft and inviting quality to them. An excellent and heartwarming giftbook. "Older love is hands and hearts and souls as they unite / every morning, every evening, / every day and every night. / Like the sun and moon and stars that light the heavens up above, / these two lives will shine together, / with the glow of older love."

Seniors In Love
Robert Wolley
Hatala Geroproducts
PO Box 42 Greentop, MO 63546
1933167424 $19.95

Ably written by Robert Wolley for older readers who find themselves without the companionship by a "significant other", Seniors In Love: A Second Chance For Single, Divorced, And Widowed Seniors takes as its particular focus seniors entering back into the '"Love Game" and helping them to realize that there is nothing wrong with falling back into love, or falling in love for the first time, as an elder citizen. With an outline containing several main issues, Seniors in Love presents to the readers several questions particularly designed and ideally place to assist the reader in their own personal decision for love.

Bitch Unleashed
Nola L. Kelsey
PO Box 1153, Hot Springs, SD 57747
142087862X $13.50 1-605-833-2167

Bitch Unleashed: The Harsh Realities Of Goin' Country is an hilarious statement describing certain universal truths involved in a move from city to country. Author Nola Kelsey satirically presents the raw realities contradicting the misperceptions of so many anticipating an urban change of pace and mentality. Bitch Unleashed is a practical guide and strongly recommended for anyone dreaming of moving to the country -- and women thinking relief from the pressures of city life will easily and reasonably be found in the "ease" of the life in the farmland.

Stayin' Alive
Paxton Quigley
Merril Press
PO Box 1682 Bellevue, WA 98009
0936783435 $15.00 1-425-454-7009

Expertly written by Paxton Quigly, "Stayin' Alive: Armed and Female in an Unsafe World" presents a detailed exploration into the issues of female self-protection. On page after page the reader will discover practical advice on handling diverse threatening situations, critically important commentary to which they may refer when finding themselves in such positions. The problems of rape, molestation, and undesired groping are effectively dealt with through the mean of furthering of education of the reader with what Paxton Quigly has to offer her readers. "Stayin' Alive; Armed And Female In An Unsafe World" is a very strongly recommended reading and instructive, practical guide for women seeking their own form of defense from sexual predators and physical abusers.

How To Get A Rich Man
Donna Spangler
Boonie Publishing
Strategies (publicity)
19231 Victory Boulevard, Suite 256, Reseda, California 91335
0976932504 $12.95 1-858-467-1978

How To Get A Rich Man: The Paris Formula is a charming and informative guide to the clever and candid truths to finding the "right" man. Step by step, author Donna Spangler informs her readers on the deceptive ways of making the most of what they've got; finding rich men and spotting impostors; identifying what rich guys like and what they don't; feeling accepted and at ease in the world of wealthy no matter your bank balance; and getting to the "I do" goal of marriage. How To Get A Rich Man is a striking blend of perky innocence and a true "femme fatal" mentality which is especially recommended for those seeking a heartfelt and practical love.

Your Parents Lied To You
John D. Erickson
2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68512
0595355579 $11.95

Your Parents Lied To You: How To Live Fully And Change The World In The Process by John D. Erickson is a thoughtful and thought provoking interpretation of the human reality as a whole. John D. Erickson ably presents his collective studies of the perspectives and paradigm which consequentially make up human beliefs and societal foundations. Your Parents Lied To You is strongly recommended to the students of philosophy, as well as non-specialist general readers, for its unique views and ideals.

A Nature Lovers Book Of Quotations
Tom Crider& Thomas W. Nason
Birch Tree Publishing
c/o Pathway Book Service
4 White Brook Road Gilsu, NH 03448
0967943000 $21.95

Inspired and inspiring reading for anyone contemplating our place and position within the broader context of the natural world, A Nature Lover's Book of Quotations is a 271 page compendium of nature oriented quotations from antiquity to the present day. Our life, the age of technology, risks becoming ever more anonymous and a function incapable of enjoying the beauties of creation and, even more, of reading in them the reflection of the face of God. Pope John Paul II.

Journal Buddies
Jill Schoenberg Girma
Blue Sky At Night Publishing
25679 360th Ave. Hillman, MN 56338
097686231x $12.95 1-320-277-3608

An excellent and practical read which is very highly recommended to young women, especially those with artistic aspirations, Journal Buddies: A Girl's Journal For Sharing And Celebrating Magnificence by Jill Schoenberg Girma is an eloquently written guide for assisting young women on their path to discovering the better half of their artistic abilities. Readers will find easy access to their muse after reading through the delightful, idea-filled pages of Journal Buddies. Nearly every page has room to write so that the young women may write their thoughts on each given subject.

The Doctor's Bag
John Schlarbaum
Scanner Publishing
5060 Tecumseh Road East, Suite 1106, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N8T 1C1
0973849800 $14.95 CDN

The Doctor's Bag: A Sentimental Journey by John Schlarbaum is the heartwarming tale of the life of Thomas Sterling and his son Robert. Readers will become enthralled with The Doctor's Bag as the intimate story between father and son unfolds, giving new meaning to the actual doctor's bag itself. As the doctor's bag acts as the metaphor between healing and pain from year to year, The Doctor's Bag leaves the reader with an enlightening message of life, love and hope. The Doctor's Bag is strongly recommended to the general reader and those searching for a gentle, touching, and life changing read.

Celebrity Anecdotes! Volume 1
J. Julian Payne
Anecdotage Press
220 Glenrose Avenue, Toronto, Canada, M4T 1K9
0973622105 $24.99

Celebrity Anecdotes: Funny Stories About The Stars by J. Julian Payne is a fun and entertaining documentation of the relatively unknown occurrences that shadow the lives of many of today's celebrities. From who got expelled for mooning his teacher, to who's fart was sold on eBay, Celebrity Anecdotes is packed full of random facts sure to make the reader laugh and reflect. Highly recommended to the general reader, bust most especially to connoisseurs of modern entertainment industry and celebrity gossip.

Defining Moments
Debra Krueger
Set Free International
2081 Industrial Boulevard, Stillwater, MN 55082
0975481509 $28.95 1-888-473-4685

Defining Moments: A Trilogy Of Hope by Debra Krueger is the inspired and inspiring personal story of a woman struggling against the pains and realities of the world and how she overcame every barrier blocking her pathway. Defining Moments describes the situation of a woman having come from a childhood of depression and neglect, marrying into abuse and danger. Readers will feel the pains of the author as they read, but by the end feel the truth of what light hope might bring to life and restore throughout our terrors and negative endeavors. Defining Moments is strongly recommended reading for general readers, particularly those struggling to find the beauty life graces us all with in hope.

Memoirs Of A Moth
Jack Chalfin
Gulotta Communications (publicity)
341 Lexington St. Newton, MS 02466
142084833X $14.95

Memoirs Of A Moth by Jack Chalfin insightfully explores the difference between memories and the actual occurrences that inspire them through the format of fiction. Memoirs Of A Moth deciphers the code of our past and how it is often transformed by the subconscious to coincide with our fantasies. Jack Chaflin diligently weaves several young womens' stories into a single and intriguing tale. Memoirs Of A Moth is very strongly recommended reading offering particular insights to readers with high interest in psychology and sociology.

A Field Guide To Imaginary Trees
Joseph Bulgatz
436 Walnut St, 11th Floor, Philladelphia, PA 19106
1413484220 $21.99

A Field Guide To Imaginary Trees by Joseph Bulgatz is an admirable celebration of history's incredible and fascinating worship of the tree. As a landmark of the collectively societal paradigm of the tree, A Field Guide To Imaginary Trees captures the entirety of the metaphysical and human created tree in human mythology, covering every aspect from the tree that retains knowledge of all good and evil to the tree that is soundless. A highly recommended book, A Field Guide To Imaginary Trees is the perfect addition to students of the metaphysical, mythology, historical theology, and tree-lovers of all classes.

Pushing Ultimates
Lew Paz
Plum Bell Publishing
PO Box 640, Eureka, CA 95502
0977373398 $21.50 1-866-262-0230

In Pushing Ultimates: Fundamentals Of Authentic Self-Knowledge, Lew Paz draws upon many years of his personal spiritual, philosophical, and metaphysical quest to understand human nature in general, and himself in particular. Pushing Ultimates incorporates what Paz has discovered through philosophy, science, psychology, theology, mysticism, the history of religion, and the writings of such original thinkers and scholars as Jung, Aujrobindo, Heidegger, Einstein, Gomel, Gurdjieff and others. Highly recommended reading, the 397-page text of Pushing Ultimates (enhanced with several pages of chapter notes) is immanently accessible for the non-specialist general reader seeking an in-depth, sophisticated, erudite, sometimes iconoclastic approach to the acquisition of genuine self- knowledge. Pushing Ultimates is "must" reading for dedicated students of philosophy, metaphysics, and those dedicated to the seeking self-enlightenment in a clamoring and all-to-superficial world.

Coming Clean
Schar Ward
Book Peddlers
15245 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55345
0916773876 $9.95

Coming Clean: Dirty Little Secrets From A Professional Housecleaner by Schar Ward is an innovative helpful hand for all professional or general house cleaners. As a thoroughly "user-friendly" guide to getting the job done, Coming Clean features an easy-to-use format consisting of how to and what to do room-by-room and on a daily, weekly and seasonally basis, as well as tips for keeping chaos in check, folding sheets and towels to maximize space, getting kids to clean up, finding all of the necessary supplies, what to purchase when remodeling, and some "Lean 'n Clean" exercises. Coming Clean is highly recommended practical and immediately applicable reading which for all housekeeping professionals, especially those aspiring to become professional.

Wired For Greed
Joe Seeber & Jim Moore
c/o Mary Reed Relations (publicity)
1101 Charlotte, Austin, TX 78703
059535744X $13.95

Wired For Greed: The Shocking Truth About America's Electric Utilities by Joe Seeber and Jim Moore is an ably written documentation of the truths that render monopoly for America's allegedly deregulated power companies. Readers will discover the manipulative tendencies and constructs that enable the electric companies to control their clients. Wired For Greed is a highly informative and knowledgeably written eye-opener with potential to revolutionize the electric consuming nation of America's taken citizens, a highly recommended read.

The Boy My Children Never Knew
Rodger Johnston
PO Box 451, St. Cloud, MN 56302
0878392262 $24.95

The Boy My Children Never Knew, a memoir by Rodger Johnston bares an eye-opening story of the victimization of a young man by a sexual predator. As a significant portion, introducing The Boy My Children Never Knew, the story of the young man's captivity and heroic rescue is a scary yet inspirational introduction to the extensive and intriguing story of Johnston's life. The Boy My Children Never Knew is highly recommended to all non-specialist general readers, especially parents of children who have been kidnapped.

Popcorn Cleans Up
Muhammad E. Fayed
Just My Best Publishing Company
1746 Daily Rd, Willmington, OH 45177
1932586466 $10.95

A unique addition to any personal or community library Food History reference collection, Popcorn Cleans Up: From America's Favorite Snack To Environmental And Health Breakthroughs by Muhammad E. Fayed is an informed and informative study on popcorn. Ranging from fun facts of the great treat to the authors discovery of air-detoxifying attributes that popcorn has been found to contain through popping, Popcorn Cleans Up is an interesting and highly recommended read for all popcorn connoisseurs.

The Cookbook Shelf

The Hasty Gourmet Low Salt Favorites
Bobbie Mostyn
InData Publishing
PO Box 11908, Olympia, WA 98508-1908
0967396956 $19.95 1-800-897-8440

Most Americans simply use to much salt in their foods. For some, excess sodium is putting their health into serious jeopardy. For anyone who must be "salt conscious" about what they eat or serve, The Hasty Gourmet Low Salt Favorites is a compendium of three hundred "kitchen cook friendly" recipes that will offer a cornucopia of quick and delicious dishes that will reduce salt intake while enhancing flavorful dining. In addition to savory dishes ranging from Curried Yam and Apple Bisque; Asparagus Turkey with Cream Sauce; and Onion Casserole; to Celery with Pimento-Walnut Cheese; Potato Crusted Breakfast Pizza; and Pecan Pie with Bourbon Creme, The Hasty Gourmet Low Salt Favorites also provides such useful advice regarding what to stock in the low-salt pantry, low-salt shopping tips (including which brands to by and which to avoid), limiting sodium without sacrificing flavor, and the fine culinary art of substituting ingredients when adapting favorite recipes.

The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook
Cybele Pascal
Vital Health Publishing
PO Box 152, Ridgefield, CT 06877
1890612456 $18.95 1-877-848-2665

Eliminating all eight of the allergens responsible for 90% of food allergies, the two hundred gourmet and homestyle recipes comprising The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook by hypoallergenic cooking expert Cybele Pascal offer a culinary wealth of dishes that would serve any dinning occasion from simple family meals to festive celebratory occasions for anyone with a common food allergy. With easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes ranging from Cherry Vanilla Bread, to Pineapple Banana Granola, to Linguine with Mock White Clam Sauce, to Tomatoes Stuffed with Italian Pork Sausage and Rice, to Thai Yellow Curry with Eggplant and Sweet Potato, to Blueberry Peach Mint Fruit Salad, The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook will prove one of the most popular additions to any cookbook collection in general, and the kitchens of food allergy sufferers in particular.

The Military Shelf

The Adventures Of M. James
Michael James
Turn of the Screw Press
PO Box 135, Dublin, New Hampshire, 03444
0976204622 $26.00

The Adventures Of M. James: A Sailor's Diary Aboard The USS Monterey, CVL-26 by Michael James presents the World War II diary entries kept by a young sailor, against strict Navy regulations. Brief day-by-day entries tell of more than two years of action in the Pacific Theater, including eleven major battles and a massive typhoon that nearly sank the Monterey. Entries also tell of long weeks of boredom, the loss of friends who fell overboard with no hope of rescue, the author's concern for his siblings in other Marine divisions, and his surprise at his own excitement in battle. A candid portrayal of war, illustrated with black-and-white photographs, and especially recommended for naval history buffs.

Dad's War With The United States Marines
Peter H. Green
James A. Rock & Company Publishers
c/o Seaboard Press
9710 Traville Gateway Drive, #305, Rockville, Maryland 20850
1596635010 $19.95

Dad's War With The United States Marines by Peter H. Green is an intimate biographical account of the life of journalist Ben Green and his illusive enlistment into the United States Army. As a trusting citizen, Green signed himself into the Marine Corps as a combat intelligence officer without understanding the intent of the military, which was aimed at exploiting the aspirations of the 35 year-old man. The reader will follow Peter's family through their struggle of an unsure outcome of marginal living conditions and of situational manipulations in Dad's War With The United States Marines. Sure to inspire the reader to thoughtful reflection given current demands on the American military arising from the "war on terrorism", Dad's War With The United States Marines is very highly recommended to all general readers and a welcome addition to the growing library of military memoirs and biographies.

The Biography Shelf

Dr. Max
Marilyn Dungan & Maxwell Harding
Arcane Books
PO Box 5102, Paris, KY 40362
0966647890 $19.95

The collaborative effort of writer Marilyn Dungan and veterinarian Max Harding, Dr. Max: Adventures Of A Kentucky Vet is a charming memoir is laced with anecdotes and reminiscences drawn from the life of a country veterinarian in the central region of Kentucky. These true life stories are deftly written invocations of what it was like working with animals and their owners. Enthusiastically recommended reading and a welcome to any community library Biography/Memoir collection, Dr. Max engages the readers total attention and interest from first page to last.

Trapped In Hitler's Hell
Anita Dittman & Jan Markell
Lighthouse Trails Publishing
PO Box 958, Silverton, OR 97381
0972151281 $12.95 1-866-876-3910

Trapped In Hitler's Hell by Anita Dittman is the epic and personal recollection of the hardships and difficult times during the second world war in Nazi Germany. Dittman righteously describes the anguish she suffered throughout her captivity and solitude. Trapped In Hitler's Hell is an inspirational tale of one young woman's only certainty being that the God above her would protect her, and is highly recommended for all Christian and Judaic practitioners and students, as well as students of history during World War II, as this book is as informative as it is encouraging.

Moving Toward Stillpoint
Therese Luce
PO Box 132, New Buffalo, MI 49117
0976941104 $15.95

Moving Toward Stillpoint: A Mother's Transformational Journey With Her Dying Son is the heartfelt and intensely personal story of Theresa Luce that began with a phone call from Chris, her college student son who reported himself to be in severe pain and the emergency room doctor couldn't find a cause for his condition. What followed was a nineteen month ordeal that concluded with the death of her son. Moving Toward Stillpoint takes the reader on the daily sojourn during this family tragedy as how both mother and son experienced shared conversations, tears, and prayers. Published some nineteen year's after the death of Chris, Moving Toward Still point is a work of compassion, inspiration and catharsis which is especially recommended reading for anyone having to deal with the illness, injury, or loss of a loved one.

Ronnie Wood's Smile And Where It Led
Wendy Ellison Mullen
1663 Liberty Drive Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403
1472 NW Woodbine Way, Seattle, WA 98177 (author)
1420812793 $19.95 1-800-839-8640

A writer and musician, Wendy Ellison Mullen brings a very special expertise to bear in Ronnie Wood's Smile And Where It Led. A rock 'n roll insider, Wendy combines her abilities as a scholar, a writer, and a fan to share with her readers an engaging and informative account of the world of rock music with its roadies, concerts, life on the road, and the recording studios in general, and Ron Woods of the Rolling Stones in particular. Ronnie Wood's Smile And Where It Led is a terrific read from first page to last -- and one that no true Stones fan will want to miss!

Full Circle
Saul Silas Fathi
c/o Saul Silas Fathi
27 Broadlawn Drive, Central Islip, NY 11722-4616
1413494587 $28.95

Full Circle: Escape From Baghdad And The Return by Saul Silas Fathi is the true life story of one man in his escape from a country of perpetual pain and degradation. Readers will follow Fathi through his arrival to Israel, Brazil and even the United states as the boy dares the world even further through his escapes progression. Full Circle is an inspirational memoir depicting a painstakingly true tale of a refugee seeking asylum a corrupt and indecent homeland, and is very highly recommended for all non-specialist general readers for its revealing content.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Philip Gardiner
William Ernest Publishing
Cordy Lane Underwood
Nottinghamshire NG16 5FD, UK
1904126049 $29.95

Strongly recommended to the historically inclined general reader with an interest in esoteric philosophy, history, and metaphysical studies, Gnosis: The Secret Of Solomon's Temple Revealed by Philip Gardiner is a the grand survey and fascinating exposure of the historical facts sought for hundreds of years by dedicated scholarship. From the Knight's Templar to intricate depths of Egyptology, Gnosis covers every important event, item and person involved with the secrets of King Solomon's tomb. Also highly recommended are two additional books by Philip Gardiner: The Shining Ones and The Serpent Grail.

The Way Of Vastu
Michael & Robin Mastro
Balanced Books
PO Box 14957, Seattle, WA 98144
0974910910 $19.95

The Way Of Vastu: Creating Prosperity Through The Power Of The Vedas by Michael and Robin Mastro is a dynamic easy-to-use reference of the many explorations of Indian Feng Shui. Informing the reader of how the shape of a building or property affects success, the powerful influence of the Cardinal Directions and the Planets, Mantras and Yantras: sacred codes to awaken priority, correcting geopathic stress in home or office, how using altars and ceremonies might generate abundance, and how to coordinate interior design to create a balance and harmony. The Way Of Vastu is highly recommended to all readers for its inevitably helpful content.

Cracking The Symbol Code
Tim Wallace-Murphy
Watkins Publishing
Publishers Group West, dist.
749 Guerrero, San Francisco, CA 94110
1842931369 $24.95 1-415-647-1812

Cracking The Symbol Cone: Revealing The Secret Heretical Messages Within The Church An Renaissance Art by British author, lecturer, and historian Tim Wallace-Murphy is among the most informative explanations to the mysteries left behind of the Knights Templar, Leonardo Da Vinci, King Solomon, and the metaphorical art of the medieval Christian era. Explore a culture and time of mystery, until recent time not at all understood, and now publicly understood. Never before has a book revealed all that Cracking The Symbol Code depicts to its readers. Informed and informative, Tim Wallace-Murphy's Cracking The Symbol Code is very highly recommended for general readers, but particularly those following the Da Vinci mystery's progression.

I Ching The Book of Changes and The Unchanging Truth
Hua-Ching Ni
Seven Star Communications
13315 Washington Blvd., Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90066
0937064815 $35.00

I Ching The Book of Changes and The Unchanging Truth is an in-depth instructional guide to the ancient philosophical and divination system that has been used by the Chinese for nearly 5,000 years. Author, teacher and physician Hua-Ching Ni presents much more than a manual for how to use the hexagrams of I Ching; The Book of Changes and The Unchanging Truth teaches the reader about the fundamental principles of the system. From Yin/Yang theory, to the Five Phases of Energy, to the Natural Calendar, the Constellations, Heavenly and Earthly cycles, and much more, The Book of Changes and The Unchanging Truth explains ideas expressed by ancient scholars such as Confucius in plain terms. A "must-read" for anyone interested in learning more about or practicing divination with the I Ching.

Gladys Lobos
Acacia Publishing
1366 East Thomas Street, Suite 305, Phoenix, AZ 85014
0966657241 $19.95

A highly recommended and core addition to Metaphysical Studies collections in general, and numerology student reading lists in particular, Numerology: A Key To Ancient Knowledge And A Link To Our Present Life by practicing numerologist Gladys Lobos has a great deal of value to present both the novice students as well as the experienced practitioners of numerology. From drawing up a numerological chart, to interior and exterior vibrations, to "The Cycles of Soul Evolution", to "Business Numbers", Numerology is an extensive and acute reference with every given detail for researchers of numerology in an easy-to-use format.

The Original Tarot & You
Richard Roberts
Ibis Press
P.O. Box 1126, Berwick, ME 03901
0892541431 $14.95

The Original Tarot and You (first printed in 1971) was the first tarot guide to provide actual transcriptions of readings recorded by the author. By applying the use of these transcriptions, Richard Roberts delightfully shows just how to read tarot cards using an interactive method which allows the cards to be accessed directly with a type of free association. With the use of seven different spreads, Roberts gives an enlightening look into what can happen during a tarot consultation and opens the door of ancient theoretics and historical rediscoveries The Original Tarot and You is especially recommended to students of Metaphysical Studies in general, and the Tarot in particular.

The Literary Shelf

Beyond the Cayenne Wall
Shaila Abdullah
8408 Dulac Dr, Austin, TX 78729
0595370098 $10.95

Beyond The Cayenne Wall is the highly personal and deeply intimate collection of author Shaila Abdullah's conceptual short-stories. Abdullah presents the cultural chasm between the east and the west with her intuitive writings of individuals finding themselves despite their socially set barriers that they inspirationally overcome throughout the eye-opening stories of fate, alienation and solitude. Beyond The Cayenne Wall is a superb read for students of literature, culture and sociology because of its deftly written engagement into the world and life of the alienated foreigner.

The Health/Medical Shelf

Diet Deck
Sonja Wicklum, MD
Jericho Communications, Inc.
304 Hudson Street, Suite 700, NY, NY 10013
097353950X $19.95

Diet Deck is a tool designed to help the user evaluate his or her own diet and improve his or her eating habits. Certified physician Sonja Wicklum, MD has applied the latest scientific evidence to form the nutritional guidelines on the cards. The deck is applied by counting out a set number of cards from food groups such as "Protein", "All Fruit", and "Green Leafy Vegetables", and then examining the food choices and portion sizes on the backs of the cards to determine how much to eat. A simple, user-friendly tool ideal for anyone trying to improve their eating habits without investing an excess of time into schedules and meal planning.

Healing 101
Theresa Ramsey
Center For Natural Healing Press
4520 E Indian School Rd, Bldg #3, Phoenix, AZ 85018
0977151204 $14.95

Healing 101: A Guide To Creating The Foundation For Complete Wellness by Theresa Ramsey is an informed and informative exploration of the anti-aging process in the human body. In Healing 101, readers will discover the many possibilities and practices of the homeopathic procedures in replenishing the body while cleaning it of the many toxins inevitably consuming it. Highly recommended for its "user-friendly" and easy-to-use writing style, Healing 101 recommended for dedicated students of alternative medicine and is ideal for non-specialist general readers striving for a longer, healthier and more enjoyable life.

Texas Two-Step Diet
John C. Bridgman & Amy D. Bradshaw
Bright Sky Press
PO Box 416, 340 S Second Street, Albany, TX 76430
1931721491 $22.95

Expertly co-authored by healthy eating enthusiasts John C. Bridgman and Amy D. Bradshaw (registered and licensed dietitian and certified personal trainer with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), Texas Two-Step Diet is an informed and informative guide to a remarkable dietary plan perfectly suited for fans of Tex-Mex cuisine who are looking to loose a few pounds. As an ideal reference for people who can't get enough south-western food but must watch their weight, Texas Two-Step Diet opens readers eyes to the innovative ideals of healthy alternatives to fattening ingredients for those who enjoy hot and tasty foods.

Herbal Medicine Of The American Southwest
Charles W. Kane
Lincoln Town Press
PO Box 57304, Tucson, AZ 85732
0977133303 $29.95

Herbal Medicine Of The American Southwest: A Guide To The Identification, Collection, Preparation, And Use Of Medicinal And Edible Plants Of The Southwestern United States by practicing herbalist Charles W. Kane (Tucson Clinic of Botanical Medicine) and featuring elegant and accurate illustrations by Frank S. Rose is the "user-friendly" and easy to use guide perfect for exactly what is described in the title. Herbal Medicine Of The American Southwest informs the reader of how to find the plant, how to prepare it, what it can be used for, what side effects may occur, and what resources might be necessary to further define the plant, giving the overall book a very definitive and notable study of the plants it features. Herbal Medicine Of The American Southwest is highly recommended to all naturalists living in the southwest of America, as well as organic studies students, however especially recommended to all inhabitants of the featured area.

140 Things About Your BMT
Mark Patton
MGC Publications
1208 E. Hermitage Road, Bayside, WI 53217
0976806002 $11.95

An important addition to public medical facilities, medical school libraries, and administrative medical policy or regulatory agency reference collections, Over 140 Things About Your Bone Marrow or Stem Cell Transplant is written by Mark Patton (a five-time transplant recipient in the past 14 years) who strongly believes in alerting patients and others to all of the facts of transplants. He feels by doing so, thousands of lives can be saved each year. 140 Things About Your BMT is reliable, accurate, authoritative, and strongly recommended for the non-specialist general reader having to deal with issues arising from bone marrow and stem cell transplants.

Goodbye, Walter
RuthAnn Hogue
Mapletree Publishing
c/o National Book Network
4501 Forbes Blvd, Lanham, MD 20706
0972807128 $13.95 1-800-537-0414

Goodbye, Walter: The Inspiring Story Of A Terminal Cancer Patient by RuthAnn Hogue is an influential biographical depiction of a struggle for life and the many barriers required for survival. Hogue's personal story will enrapture the reader in its telling of a difficult and inconceivably strenuous time for both the author and Walter Shifter, her friend dying of cancer. Goodbye, Walter is very strongly recommended for its inspirational content for readers looking to overcome their own difficult situation, as well as readers who have friends with cancer or other terminal conditions.

Toxic Waist?... Get To Know Sweat!
Denny Miller, author; Mike Royer, illustrator
To Health With You Publishers
8550 West Charleston Boulevard, #102-374, Las Vegas, NV 89117
0975391712 $17.99

Toxic Waist? Get To Know Sweat! delivers the message that America is in an obesity epidemic, and Americans as a nation need to improve their diet and exercise habits pronto, in a unique manner. Filled with motivational quotes such as "Life is a team sport. An obesity epidemic can be beaten by teamwork.", anecdotes about The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, seemingly endless evidence of the health problems, financial burdens, and personal misery that obesity causes, and much more. On every other page, black-and-white illustrations by former Disney artist Mike Royer add a humorous touch to this public wake-up call to the need for better health, filled with tips and tricks for getting kids to embrace physical activity and nutritious eating habits, as well as how to revitalize one's own life with good health in mind, Toxic Waist?... Get To Know Sweat! is easy and enjoyable to quickly skim yet its overall message is one that desperately needs to penetrate America's many rolls of fat.

The Weekend Diet
Julian Jackson
Aventine Press
Epic Book Promotions (publicity)
594 Serrano Lane, Chula Vista, CA 91910
1593303041 $10.95

The Weekend Diet: The 48 Hour Detoxification And Weight Loss Routine That Yields Immediate Gratification by certified fitness trainer Julian Jackson is an informative analysis of the bodily constructs that enable better men and women to achieve a more permanent weight loss. Easy to use and thoroughly "user-friendly", The Weekend Diet assists the reader to develop a trim body with the benefits of an increasingly healthy overall body. Inclusive of this practical diet is the promise of immediate and permanent weight loss, improved complexion, flatter stomach, six pack abs, disease reduction, less sickness, better sleep, more youthful appearance, less headaches, end to yo-yo dieting, and improved stamina. The Weekend Diet is highly recommended to readers looking for a valid and helpful weight-loss guide, as well as to those just seeking an easy way to become healthier.

Victory Over Fat
Dr. Ric Alexander
Galahad Publishing
PO Box 5451, North Hollywood, CA 91616-5451
0918483107 $27.95

Chiropractor Ric Alexander presents Victory Over Fat: 6 Steps to Permanent Fat Loss and Super Health, a guide to making permanent changes in one's lifestyle and attitude to promote better health. Victory Over Fat is not a diet book, and discusses why diets work for so few people. Instead, Victory Over Fat teaches the reader to harness six intangible powers that can be used to make one fat or lean: Nature, habit, inertia, momentum, the subconscious mind, and love. The Victory Over Fat program involves learning to choose healthier foods on a daily basis, avoid excess amounts of unhealthy things such as salt, sugar, chocolate, and caffeine (the author of Victory Over Fat is also severely anti-dairy and extensively discourages dairy consumption), building positive exercise habits, and much more. An enthusiastic guide to taking control of one's eating habits and physical fitness.

The Steroid Deceit
Jeff Rutstein
Custom Fitness Publishing
Strategies (publicity)
PO Box 178122 San Diego, CA 92177
0976017024 $12.95 1-858-467-1978

The Steroid Deceit: A Body Worth Dying For? by Jeff Rutstein is an informed and informative guide to all that the use of steroids will effect in the life and body of the user. In The Steroid Deceit the reader will find much great detailing on national statistics, psychological reasoning, and preventative action. The book's invaluable content follow the guidelines of "Why do teenagers really use steroids?", "How do they obtain steroids?", "What are the warning signs of steroid use?", and "How do you get teenagers to recognize the real dangers of steroids?". The Steroid Deceit is critically important and very highly recommended reading -- especially for parents and athletically active teenagers.

The Business Shelf

The Business Startup Checklist and Planning Guide
Stephanie Chandler
5800 Madison Ave, Suite W, Sacremento, CA 95841
1593303009 $15.95

The Business Startup Checklist and Planning Guide: Seize Your Entrepreneurial Dreams by successful entrepreneur Stephanie Chandler is an ideal guidebook for anyone wanting to start a business, and is inclusive of every step necessary on the way to bringing that business venture to success. Readers will learn how to reduce personal anxiety associates with starting up their own company, discover invaluable resources for starting up their own business, learn how to gain advice and assistance from experienced business owners, and ultimately realizing their personal aspirations of having and operating their own business. Highly recommended and informative reading, especially for the non-specialist general reader with entrepreneurial ambitions.

Project Manager's Reference
A. J. Thomas, PMP, MBA, MS
PO Box 260251, Highlands Ranch, CO 80163-0251
0976705508 $74.95

Now in a newly revised and expanded edition, Project Manager's Reference is a resource especially designed for independent study and self-testing in preparation for Project Manager Professional certification examinations. Chapters teach the reader about Project Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resource, Communications, Risk, and Procurement management, and much more. Charts, graphs, and checklists outline sound organizational principles in an easy-to- learn manner; sample exercises allow the reader to reinforce his or her knowledge, and the index allows for quick and easy lookup of key points. Project Manager's Reference is an invaluable study tool for anyone in middle or upper management seeking to improve their project management skills.

Full-Time Woman, Part-Time Career
Karen Steede Terry
CMS Press
P.O. Box 500273, Austin, TX 78750
0976058901 $19.95

Full-Time Woman, Part-Time Career- The Professional Woman's Guide to Building a Flexible Business by Karen Terry, is a descriptively definitive book describing the difficulties in business which a woman may well encounter after having children, and the even greater struggle with finding a career position after rejoining the world of work outside the home. Full-Time Woman, Part-Time Career greatly fortifies the understanding that a woman must have while starting up work again after bearing a child, as well as how to coordinate raising children and running a business with the agility to, in essence, balance and support one-another in unison. A "must read" for the newly mothering parent, Full-Time Woman, Part-Time Career offers a perfect angle from which to approach a perfectly desirable spectra of businesses.

Leading People The Black Belt Way
Timothy H. Warneka
Asogomi Publishing
PO Box 20, Cleveland, OH 44092
0976862700 $29.95 1-440-944-4746

Leading People The Black Belt Way: Conquering The Five Core Problems Facing Leaders Today by professional consultant, executive coach, public speaker Timothy H. Warneka is an experience based and informative guide to making use of Aikido principle systems and philosophy in solving great and important problems be they personal or professional. Leading People The Black Belt Way includes a "user-friendly" guideline on how to develop a "leading presence", how to increase performance, how to improve your bottom line, how to accomplish more with less, how to create winning teams, and how to lead with mind, body and spirit. Leading People The Black Belt Way is highly recommended to anyone faced with the responsibilities of a leadership lifestyle.

Cracking The Networking CODE
Dean Lindsay
World Gumbo Publishing
7801 Alma, Suite 105-323, Plano, TX 75025-3483
0976114100 $15.95 1-888-318-2911

In Cracking The Network CODE; 4 Steps To Priceless Business Relationships by progress agent Dean Lindsay, readers will discover the many expansive possibilities generally not seen by the novice entrepreneur in starting a business of their own. Cracking The Network CODE enables the mastery of many skills, going about the matter with the varying angles including: "37 Questions for Defining a Powerful Networking Plan", "9 Strategies for Opening Face-to-Face Relationships", "16 Examples of Proven Places to Network", and a great many more. Cracking The Networking CODE is particularly recommended reading for those engaged in business, sales, and marketing, as well as corporate-level management responsibility or engaged in career development.

Speak Business English Like An American
Amy Gillet
Language Success Press
2232 S. Main St. #345, Ann Arbor MI, 48103
0-9725300-6-1 $29.95 734-994-8578

Enhanced with the addition of an audio CD, Speak Business Like An American is the ultimate instructive guide to the hundreds of expressions and idioms heard at the workplace daily. Amy Gillet's provides the language student wanting to gain fluency in doing business in the American marketplace with consistent, easy to use constructs that are accurate, appropriate, and effective. Speak Business English Like An American is very highly recommended for those new to the business workplace and in need of being able to communicate fluently in standard American English.

Who Packs Your Presenter's Parachute?
Celia Szelwach
Creative Collaborations Consulting
PO Box 14459, Bradenton, FL 34280-4459
0977664503 $10.95

A 40-page booklet, Who Packs Your Presenter's Parachute? was specifically written by professional business consultant and public speaker Celia Szelwch to explain the "LEAP Principles" for communicating effectively one- on-one or in group situations. Designed to be a quick and easy reference guide for busy entrepreneurs, anyone changing their careers, seeking to polish their presentation skills, Who Packs Your Presenter's Parachute? is an invaluable and strongly recommended collection of tips and strategies for developing expertise, poise, and effectiveness in handling any kind of audience for any type of occasion.

The Self-Help Shelf

Monday Morning Messages
Bruce Rector
Xephor Press
3 Holly Hill Lane, Katonah, New York 10536 USA
0975263838 $22.95 1-914-232-6393

Highly recommended reading, In Monday Morning Messages by writer Bruce Rector presents a new approach to making life better, the life that a leader must live. Rector's belief is that if we begin each week with a practical, applicable inspiration arising from the proper outlook on our lives, we are then enabled with those abilities that can help to lead a more proficient and positive team. "The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time." -- Abraham Lincoln, (page 51).

You Get One Shot At Life
Aaron Lumpkin
Winning Publications
PO Box 60443, Nashville, TN 37206
097116052x $12.95 1-615-262-2828

In "You Get One Shot At Life", Aaron Lumpkin takes aim at why disparities exist between people and offers solutions to help people live more exciting lives. In the pages of "You Get One Shot At Life", the reader may explore the entirety of their individual self in great detail. Paved with questions and solutions perfect for those willing and wanting a bit more 'perk' in their lives, Lumpkin's work is strongly recommended for readers with a serious interest in self-discovery and self-improvement.

The Velvet Hammer
Elaine Allison
Positive Presentations Plus Inc.
2241 Stafford Avenue, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada, V3C 4X5
0973906502 $19.95 1-866-241-6876

The Velvet Hammer: Powerful Leadership Lessons For Woman Who Don't Golf by international speaker and leader/management expert Elaine Allison clearly lays out for women just how they can be effective with leadership and management responsibilities in the corporate world. Readers will learn what brains, hormones and cultural expectations have to do with being a woman of supervisory responsibilities; how to handle professional jealousy and overseeing the work of friends; gaining the respect of more knowledgeable and experienced superiors or subordinates; handling discipline and mediating conflict; setting effective goals for work teams, and so much more. The Velvet Hammer should be considered "must reading" for any woman faced with supervisory or management responsibilities in a business setting.

Single Wisdom
Paris M. Finner-Williams & Robert D. Williams
Finner-Williams and Associates
17620 W McNichols Rd, Detroit, MI 48235
0970752717 $17.95

Single Wisdom: Empowering Singles, Divorcees, Widows And Widowers For Living A Purposeful Life Of Integrity And Learning The Art Of Establishing Healthy Romantic And Marital Relationships is co-authored by Paris M. Finner-Williams (experienced mental health professional and founder and CEO of Finner-Williams and Associates Psychological Services and the legal professional association of Paris M. Finner-Williams, Esq., P.C.) and Robert D. Williams (experienced mental health administrator, Senior Team Leader and Manager at local community mental health corporations servicing the adult mentally ill and residential treatment programs for adjudicated youth for several decades) and tactfully presents an easy-to-use guide of practical information designed specifically for the unmarried person in their pursuit of a significant other and psychological contentment. Very strongly recommended as an in-depth study of the human mind process, for the "user-friendly" guidance presented, as well as the precise and informative content, Single Wisdom is "must reading" for unmarried, divorced, or widowed people seeking an understanding of what might help them in their future pursuit of a significant other to share their lives.

Take The Step
Grace Sirocco
Xephor Press
c/o Marry Reed Public Relations (publicity)
1101 Charlotte, Austin, TX 78703
0975263846 $14.95

Take The Step: The Bridge Will Be There by Grace Sirocco is an inspirational guide to finding the right path in life and to determine what that path might be. Sirocco's approach to the world of doing is a helpful and educational outlook on what those lost really should be doing in order to be found. Strongly recommended for its encouraging nature and its apparent knowledge, Take The Step is the ideal book for readers seeking a better sense of self, as well as and particularly to those wanting the freedom of self and/or pursue self-improvement.

Creating Magic In Midlife
Karla Freeman
c/o KSB Promotions
55 Honey Creek NE, Ada, MI 49301-3269
0976554003 $15.00

Creating Magic In Midlife: 101 Questions & Answers To Reinvent Your Work, Relationships And Life by psychotherapist Karla Freeman is an informed and informative guide of the to enhancing the quality of our midlife experiences. As an easy to use and well documented guide, Creating Magic In Midlife is enhanced with a "user-friendly" four section premise of finding your mission, relationships, health and well-being, and work, money and passion. As an ideal book to assist the reader through their potential midlife crisis and the many issues that may be faced in such a time, Creating Magic In Midlife is highly recommended addition to the self-help, self-improve reading lists for anyone reaching that time of their life.

It's About Time
Schar Ward
Book Peddlers
15245 Minnetonka Boulevard, Minnetonka, MN 55345-1510
931863288 $9.95 1-952-912-0036

Strongly recommended reading for especially active people (particularly busy mothers), It's About Time: Time Saving Tips For Everyday Home Or Away, by Schar Ward is an imaginative exploration of the difficulties in managing time, and how to properly do so. The reader will discover tips such as: Stretch Your Day, Zip Through Housework, Teach Yourself Some Tech Tips, Find Pleasure In Being Organized, Liberate The Living Room, Use Kitchen Quickies, Let A Junk Drawer Save You Time, Plan A Party Lickety-Split.

The Proper Care & Feeding Of Your Soul
Deborah Lintz-Hill
Paragon Legacies
15851 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 210, Addison, TX 75001
0977664805 $19.95

In "The Proper Care & Feeding Of Your Soul: Narrow The Path To Your Spiritual Awakening", author Deborah Lintz-Hill shares a kind of autobiographical spiritual journey that has its beginnings in the pits of hell and concludes with true personal redemption. The message of this remarkably candid and insightful book is that we are never alone and that we are completely loved -- despite our manifold failings, unwitting mistakes, critical errors of judgement, and simple burnouts. "The Proper Care & Feeding Of Your Soul" is inspired and inspiring reading that is enthusiastically recommended reading, especially for anyone having to work through a "darkness of the soul" to reach out for and return to their God and a better path through life's inevitable jealousies, pains, fears, and fatigues.

The Fiction Shelf

The Days Of Abandonment
Elena Farrante
Europa Editions
116 East 16 St, New York NY, 10003
1933372001 $14.95

A welcome addition for community library general fiction collections, The Days Of Abandonment by Elena Farrante is a compelling and shocking novel of a mother abandoned by her child's father, deemed to live the life of single parenthood. The Days Of Abandonment depicts the sensitive and troubling subject of a mother gone overboard with obligations, responsibilities and eventually the inevitable solitude. Readers will be treated to an original and deftly written plot that carries them into the world of Olga and her controversial actions that lead to an ultimately enlightening climax. Strongly recommended reading.

All I Ever Did Was Love A Man
Sharon Denise Allison-Ottey
Hilton Publishing
PO Box 737, Roscoe, IL 61073
0976444348 $16.95

Sabrena Collins divorced her cruel and abusive husband in order to give her daughters a happy and secure home. Sabrena has a good-paying job and Steve -- a new man in her life that she loves and dreams of building a future with. But Steve is unreliable and untrustworthy. When the doctor informs her that she has contracted AIDS, Sabrena must struggle with her fears of the unknown and discover how she became infected. With the help and support of her best friend, Sabrena learns how to cope as a single mother with AIDS. All I Ever Did Was Love A Man is a superbly crafted and realistic novel that will simply rivet the reader's attention from beginning to end as they come to know and identify with the kinds of issues that women must face in today's world when they or those they love are at risk for or infected with HIV/AIDS.

Kathryn's Beach
Nadine Laman
c/o Buy Books On The Web
1094 New Dehaven Street, #100, West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2713
0741428326 $15.95

As her career-based life as a lawyer fell apart, Kathryn abandons the comfortable familiarity of Los Angeles. After five years of a self-imposed exile in rural Nebraska, she must face her personal demons and learn the meaning of the cryptic letter Judge Jones left for her just a few hours before be took his own life. Kathryn discovers more than the meaning of the letter – she uncovers what went wrong with her last court case, a simple matter wending its way through the judicial system only to end in murder. Very highly recommended reading, Kathryn's Beach clearly documents Nadine Laman as a superb author with the ability to engage and hold the reader's rapt attention from first page to last.

Toby Ryker
Steven Merrill Ulmen
Privately Published/
3711 Willow Heights Drive SW, Rochester, MN 55902
1411660390 $10.95

The debut western novel of author Steven Merrill Ulmen, Toby Ryker is the story of a colorful, likeable old ex-cavalry scout, and former mountain man who drifts into Laramie, Wyoming, only to get himself involved in a saloon brawl (which he stirred up just for the fun of it!). Toby wins friends by offering to pay for the bar room damages and buy drinks for the house. He then departs only to moments later collapse from a heart attack. Waking up in the office of the town doctor, Toby is informed that he is dying and must adopt a quiet, peaceable way of life for what time remains to him. The trouble is, Toby is wanted for a murder in Deadwood, Dakota Territory, has a price on his head, and a rather nasty bounty hunter named John McQuiston after him. Toby Ryker is a smoothly written and generally terrific novel that will leave the reader eagerly looking forward to Steven Ulmen's next foray into western fiction.

Cottonwood Fall
Gary Slaughter
Fletcher House
PO Box 50979, Nashville, TN 37205
097442062X $24.00

Cottonwood Fall by Gary Slaughter is an especially engaging biographical novel recalling a vivid depiction of America during the difficult year of 1944. Slaughter's unique writing style is sure to consume the readers attention as Cottonwood Fall follows two ten-year-old boys through their adventures in a small town, Riverton Michigan, as they encounter vengeful POWs, Thomas E. Dewey and FDR. Cottonwood Fall is highly recommended to the general reader, especially those intrigued by the post-World War II lifestyle of the American citizen. Also a highly recommended book by Gary Slaughter is the prelude to Cottonwood Fall, Cottonwood Summer.

Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By
Mary Verdick
Publish America
4-1 Canterbury Court, Middletown, CT 06457
1413759807 $19.95

Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By by Mary Verdick is the intimate and inspirational story of how a tragedy might become positive when Kitty Maddox's husband is killed in the same auto accident that renders her 12-year-old daughter paraplegic. Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By is a fascinating tale which carries the reader through the depiction of a cherished lifemates death, recovery, and the overcoming of other resulting misfortunes as Jamie, Kitty's daughter, becomes evermore the excitable child she once was when once again she learns how to ride horseback. Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By is a strongly recommended book to all readers looking for a moving and heartwarming story.

The Last Thylacine
Terry Domico
Turtleback Books
PO Box 2012, Friday Harbor, WA 98250
1883385156 $13.95

The Last Thylacine by Terry Domico is a gripping tale of Matthew Clark who, upon claiming he has a supposedly extinct and especially mysterious animal (the Thylacine) is fired from his job for such a frivolous assertion. The Last Thylacine brings thrill-seeking readers a sufficient read, as Matthew eludes and conquers the many dangerous encounters throughout this enthralling story. Highly recommended for the reader with an interest in nature and wildlife. The Last Thylacine is a surely invigorating read for all.

Art Tracts
Barbara Roethe Merin
Costal Village Press
PO Box 6300, Beaufort, SC 29903
1882943252 $14.95

Still troubled by his mother's unexplained murder, Greg is a 30-something man with a sound medical career as a pediatric oncologist and an relationship with his office nurse that goes beyond the boundaries of professionalism. Leitha is a young woman who escaped from the chaos of her native country, coming to America in pursuit of her own career as an artist. Enthusiastically recommended reading, Art Tracts is the story of these two diverse people and how their complicated lives unexpectedly converge. Author Barbara Merin first established herself as a gifted novelist with "Quest For Life". Now with her second foray into fiction with "Art Tracts", she clearly documents an ability to provide her readers with memorable characters involved in thoroughly engaging scenes and stories that are deftly orchestrated to hold the reader's rapt attention from beginning to end.

Mocky's Revinge
Mark Louis Lehman
Little Possum Press
6740 Elbrook Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45237
0977032620 $14.00

Mocky's Revinge by Mark Louis Lehman is the intriguing and fun story told from the perspective of an eight year old seeking to fulfill revenge upon her stepfather. Mark Louis Lehman's unique euphonics and misspelled phonetics make Mocky's Revinge a sensibly hilarious tale that will encourage the reader to never put it down from first page to last. Mocky's Revinge is very highly recommended for its clever and interesting depiction of a young woman's comedic perspective.

Young Female, Traveling Alone
Anne-Marie M. Pop
2682 Serbrooke Est, Montreal, PQ H2k1G4 (author)
0595360246 $12.95

Young Female, Traveling Alone is a highly amusing and quite engaging tale well told by author Anne-Marie M. Pop. The reader will dive into the life and explorations of lead character Anna as she discovers herself throughout the varying appeals and locations. As Anne-Marie Pop has experienced the situations she authors Anna to have, readers will find Young Female, Traveling Alone not only grand entertainment, but insightful and intriguing as well. Very strongly recommended -- especially readers of nature-oriented fiction particularly in eastern Asia.

Julian Stockwin
McBooks Press
520 North Meadow Street, Ithica, New York 14850
1590131150 $24.00

Quarterdeck, an intriguing novel by Julian Stockwin, is the fifth book in the "Kydd Sea Adventure" series. Readers will continue to follow Thomas Kydd through his newest adventure as he steps foot onto the 64-gun battleship, the Tenacious. Characterized by hazardous battles and enigmatic heroism, Quarterdeck is a very highly recommended novel for general readers partial to action/adventure on the high seas, as well as a "must" for those already following the Kydd Sea Adventure Series.

Force From Under
Daniel Adams
Vantage Press
419 Park Avenue South New York, 10016
0533149215 $13.95

Force From Under by Daniel Adams is a fictitious tale based upon historical happenings of the depths traveled and journey taken by an american submarine, the SS Sawfish, during the near to final days of the second world war. As America entered the World War II, they released the SS Sawfish, herein, Force From Under grippingly describes in fantastic detail the interpretative results of the war patrol log of that very ship. Daniel's work reveals much of the war otherwise unheard, and may best be viewed by contemporary readers as an introduction to the yesteryear realities of World War Two showcased in a very highly recommended novel.

Bruce Huntly
2605-55 Charles Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2W9, Canada
0595671373 $29.95

A compelling and entertaining read from beginning to end, Fusion is a thrilling page-turner of a "near future" suspense novel. Author Bruce Huntley's well written and riveting tale revolves around a controversial plot consisting of hydrogen fuel and emissions, as well as communication and computer progress which, in combination, thicken the intrigue of Fusion's basis and grant the page-for-page readability for readers of all favor. Fusion would make a popular addition to any community library collection.

Instructions From Seville
Peter Smith
iFabbri Publishing
225 Montgomery Street, Newburgh, NY 12550
0976249103 $27.50

Instructions from Seville is an historical novel by Peter Smith set in a Rome in 1506 A.D. when the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church decided to demolish the original, ancient basiciica that marked St. Peter's tomb to make way for a new and grander cathedral. As author Peter Smith deftly explores the everyday life of the principle characters involved, a significant and dramatic political conflict may be found as the significant incentive for the building project becomes ever more pressing. Instructions From Seville is an entertaining read and strongly recommended for community library Historical Fiction collections.

The Winners Circle
Christopher Klim
Hopewell Publications LLC
PO BOX 11, Tituscille, NJ 08560-0011
193343502X $15.95 1-609-818-1049

The Winners Circle by Christopher Klim is a clever and witty depiction of just how winning the lottery may not have strictly beneficial factors for the winner. For unemployed Jerry Nearing, winning the lottery seems to be the perfect resolution to many of the problems in his life that need solving. Perhaps though, to his surprise, winning the lottery seems only an excuse for the karma coming toward him for some kind of cosmic payback just when everything seems suddenly so perfect. In losing his money to con artists, and other complications, Jerry may lose what is more important to him -- the love of his life. Clearly establishing author Christopher Klim as an author of considerable storytelling talent, The Winners Circle is perfect reading for those who enjoy the irony of satire.

The Parenting Shelf

Your Baby Treasures: Time Capsule
Janet E. Reinhold
Future West Publishing
1580 W. San Bernardino Road, Suite C, Covina CA 91722-3457
1891406361 $9.95 1-800-786-6627 www.

Highly recommended reading (especially for new parents), Your Baby Treasures: Time Capsule by author Janet E. Reinhold is an explorative guide to the preservation of a parents cherished baby items. In the pages of Your Baby Treasures, the reader will find why some papers crumble over time and others stay nice; what makes a photo fade and what you can do to save it; how to keep baby clothes nice for years; why you can store a lock of hair but not a piece of cake; why many things need proper enclosures when stored together; what to consider when storing electronic media.

Judy Lynne
Autism Enhancement Publishing
P.O. Box 3141, Olathe, KS 66063
1883175089 $16.00

In Autism: Heartfelt Thoughts from Mothers by Judy Lynne, readers will find personal stories drawn from over one hundred mothers in family homes from the United States, Finland, Australia, Belgium, Canada and the Netherlands. Each individual story is offered with a truly intimate intent and with the most touching and heartfelt thoughts and memories regarding the pains, barriers, and breakthroughs of raising an autistic child This inspired and inspiring title is especially recommended reading for parents and other family members having to deal with the needs and behaviors of an autistic child. Such readers will undoubtedly identify with the ever present challenges these mothers face everyday, while also finding comfort in discovering that they remain among others.

The Science Shelf

Awesome Green
Carl Tant
Biotech Publishing
PO Box 1032 Angleton, TX 77516-1032
18803119055 $17.95

Awesome Green is an inherently interesting modern analysis of the science of botany in general, and the physiobiology of plant-life in particular. Author Car Tant clarifies the history of plants, picking it apart, studying it, and clearly articulating his findings with the reader. This progressive detailing of plants and their relationship to us, to one another, and to their environmental surroundings as well, even includes some recipes with which to 'experiment'. An enthusiastically read for students of biology, Awesome Green is also very strongly recommended for non-specialist general readers intrigued by the many modern scientific discoveries in botany.

Digital Circuit Analysis and Design
Steven T. Karris, editor
Orchard Publications
39510 Paseo Padre, Parkway, Suite 315, Fremont, CA 94538
0974423963 $64.95

Ably compiled and edited by a professional engineer of over 35 years' experience, Digital Circuit Analysis and Design with an Introduction to CPLDs and FPGAs is a textbook specifically designed for students and working professionals in the field of electrical engineering. Chapters cover common number systems and conversions, binary codes, fundamentals of boolean algebra, combinational logic circuits, sequential logic circuits, introduction to ABEL hardware description language, VHDL, Verilog, and Boundary-Scan Architecture, and much more. Black-and-white engineering diagrams, sample equations and charts, and many other visual aids help spell out the concepts described by the pedagogical text. Each chapter also offers multiple practical applications, since Digital Circuit Analysis and Design is specifically a design-oriented textbook. A singularly useful reference, self-teaching tool and resource for aspiring and practicing electrical engineers.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

To Bee Or Not To Bee
John Penberthy
Panorama Press
PO Box 183, Boulder, CO 80306
0976864207 $14.95

To Bee Or Not To Bee: A Book For Beeings Who Feel There's More To Life Than Making Honey by John Penberthy is an illustrated, inspiration metaphor with a fun and spiritually sophisticated theme. To Bee Or Not To Bee is about the journey of a worker bee entrenched in the mindless tedium of life in the melodrone honeybee colony. Filled with clever aphorisms, To Bee Or Not To Bee teaches that the only way out is in, that the greatest present is the present, and that life is a journey from I to we. Highly recommended for spiritually inclined readers who seek more than they have been able to find in traditional religion, as well as an excellent gift.

The Rise Of Mormonism: 1816-1844
H. Michael Marquardt
Xulon Press
380 Crown Oak Center Drive, Longwood, FL 32750
1597814709 $29.99

The Rise Of Mormonism: 1816-1844 by independent historian H. Michael Marquardt is an open, honest, and refreshing history of the foundational years of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints restoration movement. The reader will find in The Rise Of Mormonism the history of the prophet of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, the story of the gold plates, and every grueling and precise detail of the church's strive to succeed against opposing forces, events, prejudice and hardships. For the reader desiring knowledge of the history and basis for this remarkable and controversial religious movement, The Rise Of Mormonism is very highly recommended.

The 613 Mitzvot
Ronald L. Eisenberg
Schreiber Publishing
51 Monroe Street, Suire 101, Rockville MD 20850 USA
0884003035 $36.00 1-301-424-7737

The 613 Mitzvot: A Contemporary Guide to the Commandments Of Judaism is a precise and rare study of the Jewish honor to the Commandments. This intricate work by Judaic Studies author Ronald L. Eisenberg produces extensive knowledge of the 613 commandments of Judaism, the 248 Positive and 365 Negative, and beautifully explains the adherence and reasoning, both currently and historically as to what reasoning the Jewish compliants have to follow such scripture. Inclusive of Jewish commentaries from the Sages of the Mishnah, this highly explorative book is a strong recommendation for theological students, and those Judaic Studies reference collections. Also highly recommended are Ronald Eisenberg's two previous works, The Jewish World In Stamps and The JPS Guide To Jewish Traditions.

Light From The East
Frank MacHovec
Stone Bridge Press
PO Box 8208, Berkeley, CA 94707
1880656981 $16.95

Light From The East by Frank MacHovec is the comparative and informative depiction of the eastern philosophical intrigues to those of the western. As an incredible guide to the eastern and Asian Ways are an all-together work of unity, Light From The East enlightens its readers to the whole spectrum of Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga, Confucianism, Feng Shui, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Falun Cong and Shinto perspectives. Light From The East is an invaluable general reference to the intricacies of the Eastern Ways, and for that reason, is highly recommended to students of any eastern philosophies, religions, or to readers seeking a desirable religion or philosophical perspective suitable to themselves.

The Gospel According To Oprah
Marcia Z. Nelson
Westminster John Knox Press
DeChant Hughes & Associates (publicity)
100 Witherspoon Street, Louisvile, KY 40202-1396
0664229425 $14.95

The Gospel According To Oprah by Marcia Z. Nelson is an informed and informative theological exploration of the famed and prestigious television talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey. Packed from cover to cover with details and distinctly informative specifics on Oprah's passion for the Christian Gospel, author and spiritual informant Marcia Z. Nelson deftly presents a truly inspirational book of insight and inspiration. The Gospel According To Oprah is very strongly recommended reading for anyone seeking greater sense of their spiritual self, and is a "must read" for all Oprah fans.

Gracious Gifts
Sonya Haramis
Peace Of The Dreamer
PO Box 915, Marina, CA 93933
0976224704 $12.95 1-800-247-6553

Gracious Gifts…Expressions Of The Divine by spiritual storyteller Sonya Haramis is an inspirational and intimate guide to a life of serenity and contentment through the eyes of a dreamer. With an easy-to-follow format, Gracious Gifts explores the Dreamer's visions which transport the reader on a spiritual journey to a world of peace, hoe and tranquility. Gracious Gifts is very highly recommended to all readers seeking an appreciative pathway through life and a welcome addition to personal and community library New Age spirituality collections.

Christmas Meditations On The Twelve Holy Days
Merry C Battles
Ingram Book Group
PO Box 221843, West Palms Beach, FL 33422
1420815717 $12.95

As an in-depth instructional dedication to proper meditations of the twelve holy Days, Christmas Meditations On The Twelve Holy Days by Merry C Battles guides the reader through the time most important for the spiritualist to be in-tune with their body, mind and being. Christmas Meditations On The Twelve Holy Days informatively explores the intricacies of the season in which Earth travels through each sign of the Zodiac, and the best and most effective adaptation to utilize this limited time. Christmas Meditations On The Twelve Holy Days is highly recommended to all devout spiritual enthusiast, both Christian and otherwise, particular though, to the astrologically inclined.

Divination Of God
Shelley Kaehr
We Publish Books
PO Box 1814 Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
1929841191 $19.95

Divination Of God: The Obscure Ancient Tool Of Prophecy Revealed by Shelly Kaehr (one of the world's leading authorities on energy healing and mind-body medicine) is the seminal study of the only authorized form of divination found in the Bible. Host of the Dallas, Texas radio show "Beyond Reality", Shelley Kaehr takes the reader on an informative exploration of the possibilities of self healing and the eye-opening commending of in the Bible. Divination Of God enlightens the reader of what powers they retain within themselves, and how to access these powers. Very strongly recommended, Divination Of God is a great read for all Biblical Studies students, as well as dedicated practitioners of alternative medicine self-healing techniques.

The Sports Shelf

Pebble Beach
Jerry Stewart
Ann Arbor Media Group
Press Box Publicity (publicity)
2500 S. State Street, Ann Arbor MI 48104
1587262614 $24.95 1-248-644-0154

Pebble Beach: Golf And The Forgotten Men by Jerry Stewart is an engaging and entertaining reminder for the yesteryears of Pebble beach. As history pours out of every page with diligent remembrance of what is one the most beautiful golf courses in the world. Pebble Beach will move its readers and bring a sense of nostalgia to all. Author and golfing fan Jerry Stewart includes many fitting anecdotes drawn from the history of Pebble Beach, adding a rightful laugh here and there. Pebble Beach is a strong recommendation for all golfers, and is sure to delight its readers.

Six-Man Football
Coach C. H. Underwood, author
Reed Underwood, illustrations & editorial assistance
Bright Sky Press
340 South Second Street, Albany, TX 76430
1931721564 $24.95 1-866-933-6133

Written by a former high school football quarterback and subsequent football coach of six Texas high schools, Six- Man Football is a solid guide to a variation of football especially popular in rural Texas. Chapters discuss the history of six-man football, offensive strategies as contributed by a variety of different coaches, defensive strategies, how to get one's team physically ready, and six-man football in locations beyond Texas boarders including Colorado, Saskatchewan, New Mexico, Montana, and Nebraska. Black-and-white photographs and diagrams that illustrate football plays add a clear visual touch to this practical, down-to-earth strategy and instruction manual, highly recommended for school and private athletic programs that adopt this disciplined and focused version of a traditional American sport.

The Shatterproof
Richard Sowers
Old Sport Publishing Company
PO Box 2757, Stockbridge GA 30281
0975439219 $19.95 1-770-914-2237

A popular addition to any community library Sports/Athletics reference collection, Shatterproof: the 100 Most Unbreakable Records In Sports History And Why is and outstanding read for those in high praise of athletic study. Shatterproof lists and analyzes a whole history of sports ranging from hockey to track and field to golf. Sports analyst Richard Sowers' The Shatterproof is the ideal historical guide and enthusiastically recommended to the attention of any and all sports fans.

Triple Crown Winner
Richard J. Maturi
21st Century Publishers
1320 Curt Gowdy Drive, Cheyenne, WY 82009
0960729852 $29.95 1-307-638-2254

Triple Crown Winner: The Earl Sande Saga by Richard J. Maturi is a remarkable and unique documentation of one the most interesting times in history for horse racing and the career of jockey Earl Sande. Readers will become enthralled with the engaging story of Earl Sande as author Richard Maturi deftly guides them through an extraordinary list of professional horse racing accomplishments. As both a biography of Sande and an accounting of horse racing history, Triple Crown Winner is a very highly recommended reading -- especially for the non-specialist general reader with a particular interested in horses and the racing of thoroughbreds.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

A Complex Solution
Kurt Gerstner
Gulotta Communications (publicity)
1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403
1420837885 $18.95

In A Complex Solution, author Kurt Gerstner masterfully depicts the situation of a young college freshmen, Jerry Taylor, who has found himself amidst an unimaginably dreadful position arising from losing a love, joining a fraternity, and needing to clear his name in the suspect list of his instructor. Readers will be awed as page-for-page Kurt Gerstner leads them into a complex and evermore stimulating mystery tale of Jerry Taylor's harrowing freshman year. A Complex Situation is very highly recommended reading, especially for mystery buffs who appreciate a well-crafted storyline from beginning to end.

When Rainbows Walk
Bob Adamov
Packard Publishing
c/o Greenleaf Book Group
4425 Mopac South, Suite 600, Longhorn Building, 3rd Floor, Austin Texas 78735
1929774354 $24.95 1-800-932-5420

Bob Adamov continues to master the art of mystery novel writing in his latest story In When Rainbows Walk the plot thickens as the depths of its characters' troubles developers. When Rainbows Walk is an intricate labyrinth of mind-pacing assertion as readers turn from page to page discovering the next twist and turn of this exhilarating work of mystery/suspense fiction. A highly recommended read for mystery lovers, When Rainbows Walk is sure to induce an endless stream of thought into the minds of its readers. Also highly recommended are Bob Adamov's two previous "Emerson Moore" titles are: Rainbow's End and Pierce The Veil.

The Psychology Shelf

Lifting Depression
Malcolm Noell McLeod, M.D.
Basic Health Publicacations
The Dickens Comunications (publicity)
28812 Top of The World Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
1591201640 $24.95 1-949-715-7327

In Lifting Depression: The Chromium Connection, practicing psychiatrist Malcolm Noell McLeod presents the personal empowerment of overcoming of a familial situation between himself and his parents. As significant and growing numbers of people worldwide struggle with the psychological disadvantage of mental and emotional depression, Malcolm Noell McLeod gives readers a healing aide for dealing with this increasingly common psychological condition. With true potential for revolutionary standards of discovery, Lifting Depression: The Chromium Connection offers enlightenment to all and is recommended strongly to those who suffer from depression individually as well as those wishing to find aid for friends and loved ones afflicted with chronic depression.

Staying Clean & Sober
Merlene Miller, M.A. and David Miller, Ph.D.
Woodland Publishing
448 East 800 North, Orem, Utah 84404
158054391X $16.95 1-800-777-2665

Staying Clean & Sober: Complementary and Natural Strategies for Healing the Addicted Brain is a guide written for those who suffer from addiction and their families. Authors and addiction recovery experts Merlene Miller, M.A. and David Miller, Ph.D. understand all too well that addicts are at high risk for relapse from sobriety into addictive behaviors, and debunk the common myth that failing to stay sober is due to a lack of willpower. Staying Clean & Sober recognizes that addiction is a disease of the brain, and the biochemical imbalances of addiction create severe symptoms that make living without the addictive substance painful. Chapters address how certain amino acids and other nutrients combined with alternative therapies can help improve recovery rates, recipes that encourage the proper balance of neurochemicals, a questionnaire to help the reader determine whether he or she has a deficiency in serotonin levels, an extensive resource section, miscellaneous advice for improving one's health and staying sober, and much more. A highly recommended self-help supplement to professional care for recovering addicts.

The Poetry Shelf

The Love Poems Of Ahmad Shamlu
Firoozeh Papan-Matin
Ibex Publishing
PO Box 30087, Bethseda, MA 20824
1588140377 $32.00

The Love Poems Of Ahmad Shamlu by Firoozeh Papan-Matin is an erudite translation by Arthur Lane (Professor Emeritus of English, California State University, Northridge) of one of Iran's most influential literary figures, showcasing great works of poetic rhetoric. Epitaph: Nothing active in the leaving/No Stillness in the staying.//Branches would not detach from the root;/the tattling wind/revealed no worthy secret/to the leaves.//The maiden of my love/is an exotic mother./The speeding star/on its despairing route/revolves in an eternal orbit.

Lasting: Poems On Aging
Meg Files
Pima Press
2202 W. Anklam Road, Tucson, AZ 85709-0170
1931638039 $18.00

Lasting: Poems On Aging, deftly edited by Meg Files, is an encouraging collection of poetic interpretations and depictions of aging and the nearing of death. As a remarkable understanding of life and one's past, Lasting is an artistic review of many excellent poets' work, and is a uniquely engaging read. Headset (in memory of my mother) Rachmaninoff's Second is upon me;/ I conjure all the opera music you knew,//how lush your contralto heart, how fine your gloss/of Kansas City piano music; how swift your frock//at the Comus; I watch you cutting papa's/hair; there ain't no hair like his under those deft fingers.//"Write nothing down," you said;/no notes fine enough, not even ashes.

My Picnic With Lolita
Jack Conway
North County Press
North Main Street, Assonet, MA 02702
0961716762 $8.00

My Picnic With Lolita And Other Poems by Jack Conway is an eclectic and interesting collection of selected poetry written by the famed author of nonfiction. Readers explore the mind and thoughts of Conway as the poetic rhetoric progresses in My Picnic With Lolita. The Curator: She is the curator/in the museum/of her own endless disappointments./After a lifetime,/she has quite a collection.

The Places As Preludes
Gustaf Sobin
Tailsman House Publishers
PO Box 3157, Jersey City NJ 07303-3157
1584980400 $14.95

One of the most significant poets of his generation, the late Gustaf Sobin's verse was enigmatic, unique, thought-provoking, and memorable. Pro Lyrica: ...three pebbles/make a path. the least breeze, though, would/tatter the/wafted strands of/this tenuous syntax, dissipate all sense of the comm-//mensurate. wedge, then, to/what if not//these very knuckles. for only there, in taut accretions, might the moon, in all its/octaves, come to/quaver.

Optic Nerve
Janet Sternburg
Red Hen Press
PO Box 3537 Granada Hills, CA 91394
1597090190 $16.95

Optic Nerve by Janet Sternburg is an personal collection of life experience poetry which takes a unique focus on the everything that humans encounter each day we face the world. A Life In Earrings (stanza 9): I only have one./I keep thinking I'll open/an old pocketbook/and there will be its mate./I miss it.//Then again,/I only have one breast,/and it's adequate for living.

Elizabeth Dandy
Vantage Press
419 Park Ave, South, New York, NY 10016
0533151236 $10.95

Poetry by Elizabeth Dandy is a highly intimate, eclectic, and recommended collection of some of her most personal poetry. Pure Presence: Psychics/and clairvoyants/May foresee the future/But the religious man can sense/The great import of the present moment,/This is an extreme achievement,/The religious man knows/God is in the/Present!//Deft Shrinks/drag forth the past,/Man's Past is their Focus--/All things have a Future and Past,/But so different it is with the Lord/Who has no Past and no Future,/As have created things,/For God is pure/Presence!

Restarting The World
Leonard Nathan
Orchises Press
PO Box 20602 Alexandria, VA 22320-1602
1932535063 $14.95

Restarting The World is an eclectic and enlightening collection showcasing some of the best of Leonard Nathan's verse. As renowned and esteemed poet, Nathan inevitably introduces thought provoking and intriguing lines in virtually every poem of this impressive anthology of his work. Duet: You say you saw the god/the very day I saw you/as if for the first time.//You talked--half-sang--all the way home/through the vineyards. "Beautiful,"/you cried, "like summer lightening."//I half-sang nothing.

Granny Squares
Linda M. Hamel
Vantage Press
419 Park Avenue South, NY, NY 10016
0533150914 $17.95

Granny Squares is a debut compendium of poetry by Linda M. Hamel whose verse is lyrical, deeply personal, and self-evidently heartfelt. Friends: Give me friends, lots of friends./Lots of fun that never ends./Friends who like to stylish dance./Friends who like to find romance./Sing with me along the way./There are lots of games to play./Share the love from high above./Come and fly just like a dove./There are many places we could go./Like a carnival or a picture show./Miniature golf is such a blast./The days just seem to go so fast./We'll make more friends along the way./In my heart you'll always stay.

Through Thunder
Tav Sparks
Hanford Mead Publishers
PO Box 8051, Santa Cruz, CA 95061
1592750028 $17.95 1-831-459-6855

Through Thunder:an Epic Poem Of Death And Rebirth by Tav Sparks compiles the clarity of mind, the beauty of life and the truth of nature into a requiem of growth and wisdom. Through Thunder creates the essence of a graphic, sensual, and grave collective degradation that inhibits and engages us all. Spark's beautiful work, Through Thunder, is highly recommended to general readers, poets, philosophers and spiritualists for its unique diligence in wording and meaning. Walk from the Tomb: I never looked back,/Left off ploughing in the crossfield/For the last time./I won't be nailed again.//I'll bury softly this solider maimed,/Stooped and caped./He stood forever on the plain of pities,/But now he cannot cry./Meaning has gone out of him/As spirit leaves the corpse./I have already mourned,/Been the weeping itself./For this sad one I weep no more.

Another River
Pat Schneider
Amherst Writers & Artists Press
PO Box 1076, Amherst MS, 01004
0941895300 $18.00

Another River: New And Selected Poems by Pat Schneider is a highly recommended collection of profoundly memorable poetry. Pat Schneider gently and lyrically depicts the situations and times highly personal and intimate to herself, giving a glimpse of the poet's deep truths and self realizations. River: A delicate fuzz of fog/like mold, or moss,/all across the river/in this early light./Another day, I might/have still been sleeping.//What a pity. How the stars/and seas and rivers/in their fragile lace of fog/go on without us/morning after morning,/year after year./And we disappear.

The Winds Of A Much Colder Fall
Robert P. Franza
Vantage Press
419 Park Avenue South, New York 10016
0533147077 $8.95 1-212-736-1767

The Winds Of A Much Colder Fall by Robert P. Franza is an inspirational collection of personal poetry both meaningful and touching. In Winter Still: Embers through wine, distortion reminds/The lovelorn and the lonely./Disperse now sweet past, from this empty glass./I had but the room for on only.//A cold night's rest, a deep drawn breath,/A last Log on the fire./A padded quilt, in winter still./A heart warm with desire.

Only The Sea Keeps
Judith R. Robinson et al
Bayeux Arts
119 Stratton Crescent SW, Calagary, Canada, T3H 1T7
1896209696 $19.95 1-403-249-2477

Only The Sea Keeps: Poetry Of The Tsunami, collaboratively edited by Judith R. Robinson, Joan E. Bauer and Sankar Roy, is a collection of poetry inspired by the tragedy and sorrow caused by the tsunami worldwide. Deeply moving and intimate, Only The Sea Keeps gives the reader the gift of knowing, feeling and becoming a part of the tragedy. Faithfully recommended for all who feel the repercussions of the tsunami's strike. Sonnet After The Tsunami: Oh the sea will return and sing out/our names from the leagues below;/claim its face here -- /nose to the horizon,/its lips of mud,/foaming eyes.//Pa and Ma are in the heavens./They re safe. Neighbors and/animals gone,/birds so quiet what's speech/for? A throaty sound of this/one pebble on the beach.//Roll it again,/roll. -- Alamgir Hashmi

Will Inman
Howling Dog Press
PO Box 853 Berthoud, CO 80513-0853
1882863690 $TBA

Surfings by Will Inman is an introductory compilation of a fine-tuned poet's resplendent works. The reader will feel the influence that so many others have to the truly majestic poetry Inman tactfully presents. As so many readers and fans have anticipated the release of Surfings, so many more have yet to discover and become fans of the fulfilling poet Will Inman's works. Strongly recommended to all lovers of poetry and general readers. Last Chant for Pablo Neruda: Our brother who turns this earth,/speak in my living tongue/with sperm and maggots and sprouting grain,/with heartbeats via angry copper and hornet moons,/with twin earthquakes in Washington and Santiago/shaking loose those dread-kin juntas' jaws/from our common flesh. North and South,/O inseminate our song with fresh joy/and our anger with refining death/and our hunger with waking bread,/you whose magic cantos struck/jewels to life in throats and ears,/O Yes, I laugh, my Brother, for all the junta fires/can only scorch your songs into our throats!

The Judicial Studies Shelf

Testifying Under Oath
James Vukelic
Volcano Press
PO Box 270 Volcano, CA 95689
1884244262 $18.95

Very highly recommended and practical reading, Testifying Under Oath: How To Be An Effective Witness is an outstanding instructional guide which is perfect for preparing testifying witnesses with what they can expect. This lawyers guide to informing a soon-to-be-witness takes the reader through every step of the process. The Chief Prosecutor and former trial judge James Vukelic analyzes the do's and dont's of a witnesses testifying position and how to manipulate it. Readers will learn everything they need to know from Testifying Under Oath which is specifically designed to familiarize the witness with what complications they may face in procedure of trial.

The Settlement Game
Angie Epting Morris
Voyages Press
11193 Big Canoe, Big Canoe, GA 30143
0976993422 $14.95 1-877-835-8449

Confidently recommended reading, The Settlement Game: How To Settle An Estate Peacefully And Fairly by Angie Epting Morris is a practical, "user friendly", and informative guide to arranging a fair division of a departed loved one's estate. Readers will be provided with a proven system for dividing all items in an estate in a fair, peaceful manner; an analysis of personality styles that can help you avoid conflict; useful, practical advice for dealing with all details of an estate, from bank accounts to taxes; handy forms you can photocopy to keep track of all items and miscellaneous expenses.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Leaving Campus And Going To Work
T. Jason Smith, MHR, SPHR
Aspen Mountain Publishing
5885 Cumming Hwy Suite 108 PMB 254, Sugar Hill, GA 30518
0977723763 $18.95 1-404-384-4443

Leaving Campus and Going To Work: Practical Guidance For The First Year Of Your First Job After College directly addresses substantive job seeking issues such as managing your own development, the issues with dating your co-workers, and the complexities of balancing your time on and off the job. T. Jason Smith (qualified with an MHR in Human Resources, and a SPHR designation from the Society of Human Resources), has written the ideal guide for helping college graduates understand both helpful behavior and behaviors to be avoided during the critical first year of employment. Very highly recommended, especially for new college graduates as well as those going through a career change.

The Education Shelf

Copyright Catechism
Carol Simpson
Linworth Publishing
480 E Wilson Bridge Road, Suite L, Worthingron OH, 43085-2372
1586832026 $36.95

Very strongly recommended reading, Copyright Catechism: Practical Answers To Everyday School Dilemmas by Carol Simpson (Associate Professor in the School of Library and Information Sciences at the University of North Texas) is the an invaluable addition to library systems of elementary and high-schools. Inclusive of helpful and easy-to-use features such as answers to real-world questions other teachers have about daily copyright dilemmas, information about copyright law in an easily followed question-to-answer format, and significant contributions from the Library Media Connection's "Copyright Questions of the Month" by Carol Simpson. Copyright Catechism is an accessible and practical read for all school teachers.

Pedagogic Logic
James Kilgore
Infinite Visions Forum
PO Box 938 LaVerne, CA 91750
0977040542 $12.00

Author James Kilgore presents a informed and informative read specially written and designed to be easily accessible to interested young readers seeking to grasp the concept of modern academics. Pedagogic Logic offers the true definition of what purity means in today's educational facilitation. Pedagogic Logic provides impressive philosophical documentation from a highly qualified author James Kilgore, credentialed with his civic leader standings, teachers union presidency, and who is an effective social and political activist. Highly informative, Pedagogic Logic is very strongly recommended reading for teachers, politicians, educational administrations, as well as teenagers and their parents.

The College Student's Guide To Eating Well On Campus
Ann Selkowitz Litt
Tulip Hill Press
5257 River Road, Suite 305, Bethseda, MD 20816
0970013914 $14.95

The College Student's Guide To Eating Well On Campus by professional nutritionalist Ann Selkowitz Litt is the ultimate guide to helping the college student around the campus maintaining affordable and healthy eating. A "must-read" for all college students, Litt enlightens the readers to the limitless possibilities of the general students eating pallet consist of and what of that is healthy for the individual. Enhanced with nutritional information of many popular restaurants around campuses, summaries of weight-loss diets popular with college students and many more informative and helpful facts of the college life, The College Student's Guide To Eating Well On Campus is a highly recommended read to all college students, especially newcomers to the college atmosphere.

The 4 Realities Of Success
Bob Roth
Author House
1633 Liberty Dr, Ste 200, Bloomington, IN 47403
1420844709 $22.95

Strongly recommended for anyone entering a college or enrolling in a university for the first time, The 4 Realities Of Success: During And After College by Bob Roth is an invaluable guide written specifically for the collegiate newcomer, the prospective college student, and the recent college graduate faced with leaving the academic environment. The 4 Realities Of Success applies particular elements that enables readers to be more successful in college including effectively search for career placement, become a key employee, and make the transference to independent living easy. With an easy-to-use format and excellent overall perspective, The 4 Realities Of Success is a perfect read for all any entering, attending, or leaving higher education, whether it's a local community college or a state university.

Visual Impact Visual Teaching
Timothy Gangwer
The Brain Store
4202 Sorrento Valley Blvd., Ste. B, San Diego, CA 92121
1890460478 $32.00

Expertly written by Timothy Gangwer (an educator of 23 years' experience and a visual teaching pioneer), Visual Impact Visual Teaching: Using Images to Strengthen Learning is a guide to incorporating visual imagery and visual teaching strategies in order to better connect with one's students. Filled with full-color photographs, more than 400 ready-to-use, subject-specific activities such as transforming a large photograph into a puzzle, extensive tips and true stories on how to use visual imagery to reach students, such as one teacher who used a Quaker oatmeal box picture of a man holding a box with a man holding a box, etc. to represent infinity, and much more. Based heavily on scientific understanding of the brain, Visual Impact Visual Teaching is a highly accessible reference designed to be used by teachers of science, math, and language arts subjects; a step-by-step visual teaching method meant specifically for English Language learners among the student population rounds out this useful tool.

The Automotive Shelf

Hot Rod Milestones
Ken Gross & Robert Genat
Car Tech Auto Books & Manuals
39966 Grand Avenue, North Branch, MN 55056
1884089801 $39.95 1-800-551-4754

Highly recommended reading for dedicated car enthusiasts, Hot Rod Milestones: America's Coolest Coupes, Roadsters, and Racers offers an excellent selection of America's historical sports cars, covering twenty-five of the most influential and innovative vehicles in the automobile industry. Co-authored by automotive experts Ken Gross and Robert Genat, Hot Rod Milestones is a 204-page book enhanced with large pictures and great descriptions of each of the featured automobiles.

The Nautical Shelf

Wood, Wind and Water
Carolyn M. Ford & Anne T. Converse
Anne Converse Photography
PO Box 209, Marion, MA 02738
0971403007, $55.00

Stunningly illustrated with Anne Converse's full color photography throughout, Wood, Wind and Water: A Story of the Opera House Cup Race of Nantucket is a profoundly visual coffee table book filled with images of competing sailboats, and the racers aboard giving themselves entirely to the joy of the moment. The text by Carolyn M. Ford is sparse, offering a few descriptions of individual boats and brief anecdotes of the competition, yet the photographs of wood, sail, wind and water are largely left to speak for themselves. Wood, Wind and Water is an absorbing volume to simply page through, and surely the next best thing to witnessing the Opera House Cup Race in person.

The International Studies Shelf

Histories Are Mirrors
John F. Burns & Ian Fisher
Umbrage Editions
515 Canal Street, #4, New York, NY 10013
1884167446 $34.95 www,

With vivid photography by Tyler Hicks and thoughtful essays from John F. Burns And Ian Fisher of the New York Times, Histories Are Mirrors: The Path Of Conflict Through Afghanistan And Iraq is a truly impressive collection of the many truths that comprise the realities of the contemporary Afghanistan and Iraq. Histories Are Mirrors is a strong recommendation for students of International Studies in general, and the controversial involvement of the United States in these two Islamic nations.

Cultural Renovation: The Start
The New Culture Club
East West Institute
110 N. Berendo Street, Los Angeles CA 90004
0965743403 $15.95 1-213-389-7944

Cultural Renovation: The Start [Book 1] compiled by the New Culture Club is a guide for analyzing aspects of culture. Thoroughly reader friendly, Cultural Renovation is packed from cover to cover with of translations, interpretations, transcriptions, drawn from several languages including French, German, Japanese, Hindi, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Tagalog, Korean, Vietnamese, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. With interpretation and translation for civil and criminal cases, government administrative hearings, insurance adjuster, workers' compensation, immigrations, business conferences and more, Cultural Renovations truly is the ultimate guide for the comparison of the western and eastern societies. Cultural Renovation is especially commended to the attention of students of International Studies, as well as anyone involved in litigation, government agency hearings, or business conferences.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Build Your Money Muscles
Joan Sotkin
Blessingway Authors' Services
134 E Lupita Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505
0974171980 $18.95

Build Your Money Muscles: Nine Simple Exercises For Improving Your Relationship With Money offers an innovative approach to gaining financial strength and resilience. This empowering guide to personal finances and determining mentality is inclusively enhanced with financial expert Joan Sotkin's solidifying guidelines of understanding the influences affecting your current financial situation, overcoming "financial vagueness syndrome", reversal of uncomfortable money feelings and self-defeating behaviors, money making with friends, and the "how-to" create a new financial identity.

How To Pay For College
Gen Tanabe and Kelly Tanabe
SuperCollege, LLC
4546 B10 El Camino Real, #281, Los Altos, CA 94022
1932662049 $19.95

Collabortively co-authored by Gen Tanabe and Kelly Tanabe, How To Pay For College: A Practical Guide for Families is a no-nonsense guide sponsored by the "paying for college company" Sallie Mae, which is well known for the award-winning website dedicated to providing parents and students with answers to questions about the college process. Written in plain, no-nonsense terms, chapters instruct the reader about how the financial aid process works, how to choose the best financial aid package and what to do if it's not enough, where to find the best scholarships for one's income levels, the best way to save for college including choosing the right 529 savings plan, how to avoid financial aid scams that steal one's money (one red flag is that only scammers will "guarantee" a scholarship for a fee, as legitimate scholarships are based solely on merit and need), and much more. An in-depth resource filled with up-to-date advice, that walks the reader through the basics of filling out forms and exhorts how easy it is to learn about the newest scholarships on the world wide web. A "must-have" for every prospective college student who isn't independently wealthy.

The TurnKey Investor's "Subject To" Mortgage Handbook
Matthew S. Chan with Wes Weaver
Ascend Beyond Publishing
5435 Woodruff Farm Road, #B-300, PMB 158, Columbus, GA 31907
0971394741 $39.95

The TurnKey Investor's "Subject To" Mortgage Handbook is a guide written especially for the independent-minded investor who is seeking a more economical way to buy investment property than to make a large down payment and then qualify for a mortgage. A lesser-known seller-financing technique called the "subject to" mortgage - in which the buyer safely and legally takes over and manages an existing mortgage offered by the seller - allows investors greater freedom and flexibility. The TurnKey Investor's "Subject To" Mortgage Handbook offers guidelines for getting qualified sellers to call the reader and offer a "subject to" mortgage, tips on how to guard against common pitfalls, and much more. A "must-read" for experienced investors frustrated by bank mortgage demands.

The American History Shelf

The Kimes Gang
Michael Koch
1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403
1418471283 $22.95

The Kimes Gang is the fascinating story of Matt and George Kimes who began their outlaw ways at a young age as little more than petty thieves but made a quick progression to bank robbery and eventually murder. The Kimes Gang studies the various crimes which covered several southwestern states including Arkansas, Arizona, Kansas Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas, while also including well researched histories of the brothers Roy and Clyde Brandon, Herman Barker, Elmer Inman, and the notorious safecracker Ray Terrill. The Kimes Gang is a highly recommended read for all students of crime in the southwest United States during the 1920's and the prohibition era.

Earthquake Days
David Burkhart
Faultline Books
PO Box 849, San Bruno, CA 94066
0977330567 $44.95

Earthquake Days: The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake & Fire in 3-D is an impressive photographic spectacle about the historic San Francisco Earthquake and is quite like no other treatment of the subject. The vintage black-and-white photographs have been treated so that they appear in 3-D with the aid of the accompanying viewer! The photographs are quite vivid to the naked eye as well, and the accompanying text by California-born historian David Burkhart recounts the historical debacle captured in the tragic images. In addition to the photographs of the city's devastation, Earthquake Days includes vintage newspaper clippings, sketches, cartoons, and the like concerning the disaster. A truly unforgettable visual presentation of a sad event in American history.

The Beacons of South Carolina
Margie Willis Clary
Sandlapper Publishing, Inc.
1281 Amelia Street, NE, PO Box 730, Orangeburg, SC 29116-0730
087844176X $16.95

The Beacons of South Carolina presents the true stories of twelve of South Carolina's historic light houses. Black- and-white photography on almost every page illustrates these brief yet fascinating overviews of the construction and operation of each tower. Carefully researched with a bibliography, a list of sources including an impressive collection of websites, and an index, The Beacons of South Carolina is a relaxing and enjoyable treasury for especially for lighthouse lovers.

Florida's Historic Forts, Camps and Battlefields
Donald D. Spencer
Camelot Publishing Company
PO Box 731138, Ormond Beach, Florida, 32173
0892183632 $49.95

Florida's Historic Forts, Camps and Battlefields: A Pictorial Encyclopedia is an impressively presented A to Z reference of notable historic sites in Florida from Fort T. B. Adams to Zephyrhills Army Airfield. Summaries of famous Florida historical events, such as the wars with the Seminole Indians, help put various sites in full context. Black-and-white illustrations and a handful of color photographs round out this detailed and highly readable resource. Florida's Historic Forts, Camps and Battlefields is intended as a reference first and foremost; while travelers and vacationers will learn about great places to see when visiting Florida, the text's focus is on the history of the sites and not how to get there.

The Archaeology Shelf

Pots, Potters, and Models, Volumes 1 and 2
Karen G. Harry and Stephanie M. Whittlesey, editors
Statistical Research, Inc.
PO Box 31865, Tucson, AZ 85751
1879442787 $65.00

Pots, Potters, and Models, Volumes 1 and 2 combines Volume 1: Feature Descriptions, Material Culture, and Specialized Analyses (CD-ROM) and Volume 2: Synthesis and Interpretations into a single omnibus trade paperback edition. This highly technical resource is packed cover to cover with the results of archaeological investigations at one portion of the West Branch Site, a dispersed residential settlement along the West Branch of the Santa Cruz River in the Tucson Basin of Arizona. No detail is too small to be noted amid in-depth essays and summaries by a variety of archaeologists. A wealth of charts and graphs and a handful of black-and-white photographs illustrate excavated finds from pottery to ceramic human figurines to floors of former dwellings, estimated dates, statistical data and patterns concerning discoveries, and much more. An accompanying CD-ROM contains document files connected to Volume 1 in .PDF format. Volume 1 largely focuses on presenting the raw data, while Volume 2 is more heavily invested in analyzing and drawing conclusions from the data in Volume 1; the combined omnibus is a valuable reference and research tool for archaeologists, and a welcome addition to college and professional libraries.

The Political Science Shelf

How To Kick Republican Butt!
Brent J. Reilly
1106 Belle Chase Circle, Tampa, FL 33634
1599261812 $21.99

How To Kick Republican Butt!: Strategy And Tactics For Democrats To Sweep The Next Elections by Brent Reilly is an informed and informative guide which is a perfect reading choice the liberal and/or democratically inclined candidate for any political office who is going up against entrenched conservative Republican ideologues. Although very humorous, How To Kick Republican Butt! is a helpful, practical, tactful, "user-friendly" and positive approach that Democrats can apply to their campaign, as well as who, what, and how certain political an cultural issues should be targeted. How To Kick Republican Butt! is a recommended read for any well-humored democrat, especially to those running for a position in office: local, state or national.

The Travel Shelf

Rest Areas & Welcome Centers
Roundabout Publications
PO Box 19235, Lenexa, KS 66285
1885464118 $12.95 1-800-455-2207

Rest Areas And Welcome Centers: Along US Interstates is a quick and easy traveler's reference to easily find rest areas, welcome centers, roadside turnouts and scenic vistas along the traveling path of America's Interstate highways. Enhanced with the locations of easy-to-find K-Mart stores, Wal-Mart centers, Cracker Barrel restaurants, Love's and many more "traveler-friendly" locations, Rest Area's And Welcome Centers is the perfect guide for the business or recreational traveler of the US.

RV Retirement
Jane Kenny
Roundabout Publications
PO Box 19235, Lenexa, KS 66285
1885464126 $16.95

RV Retirement: How To Travel Pat-Time Or Full-Time In A Recreational Vehicle by Jane Kenny is an informed and informative guide to the retired life of the road. As knowledgeably written by experienced RV traveler Jane Kenny, RV Retirement will helpfully educate the reader on the many intricate tips to help the newcomer financially, mentally and physically through the full of their RV lifestyle. RV Retirement is highly recommended to all retirees (and even non-retirees!) anticipating an RV vacation for its effective tactical ideas and realistic construct.

Dead Men Don't Leave Tips
Brandon Wilson
Pilgrim's Tales
PO Box 791613, Paia, HI 96779
0977053644 $16.95

Dead Men Don't Leave Tips: Adventures X In Africa by author, photographer and explorer Brandon Wilson is the powerful and gripping story of a young couple's trek across the whole of Africa and all of the undesirable as well as encouraging situations they endlessly encountered. This personal travelogue of a seven month trek through Africa includes meeting a gorilla fact to face, enduring a blistering Saharan breakdown, hunting dik-dik with a tribe of pygmies, climbing Africa's highest mountain, hurtling through Zambezi rapes, experiencing some of the effects of on-going civil wars. Fascinating, informative, humorous, poignant, surprising, Dead Men Don't Leave Tips is a terrific read from first page to last – and would make a popular addition to any personal or community library Travel section.

The Woman Road Warrior
Kathleen Ameche
Agate Publishing Inc.
1501 Madison Street, Evanston, IL 60202
1932841091 $12.95

The Woman Road Warrior: A Woman's Guide To Business Travel by Kathleen Ameche covers every aspect, facet and issue women who engage in traveling for business must consider, endure and resolve. Such issues as using travel agents vs. self-planned travel agendas and itineraries; evaluating the diverse amenities offered by different airlines; airfare flexibility vs. having variable schedules; dealing with airport security, luggage check-in, boarding passes; traveling by train, bus or automobile; staying comfortable and safe when traveling solo; staying fit while traveling; maintaining family life and household duties while having to be "on the road". The Woman Road Warrior is enhanced with appendices offering quick and easy reference information including travel websites, airline hub cities, credit card issuers, and packing lists. If you are a woman who must spend hours, days, weeks, or even months traveling for business (or pleasure!), then you need to give a careful reading to The Woman Road Warrior -- it will save you time, money, and anxiety.

Puerto Rico--Vol.1
Patricia L. Wilson & Anne Catesby Jones
American & World Geographic Publishing
PO Box 5630, Helena, MT 59604
1560371560 $13.95 1-800-654-1105

Puerto Rico! -- Volume 1, featuring majestic photography from Rick and Susie Graetz and Larry Mayer, and written in both Spanish and English by Patricia L. Wilson and Anne Catesby Jones is an amazing look into the beauty of Puerto Rico's enraptured landscapes. From sea-side vistas to observation towers, Puerto Rico! is a full tour of what the complex combination of natural features has to offer. Enhanced with 150 visually impressive photographs, Puerto Rico! gives a brief but thorough description of what the reader is seeing. A very highly recommended book for vacationers having been to, or anticipating the coming trip to Puerto Rico.

Hawaii: The Big Island Revealed
Andrew Doughty
Wizard Publications
PO Box 991, Lihue, HI 96766-0991
0971727945 $15.95

Hawaii: The Big Island Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook by Andrew Doughty may properly be placed among the greatest guidebooks of Hawaii. Enhanced with 39 color maps, 132 color photos, and all the secrets necessary to fulfill the desires of any tourist. Andrew Doughty enlightens the reader on the every given shop, hotel, beach and cafe that only a Hawaii native might recognize for the exceptional decency or beauty of. Strongly recommended read for travelers planning a trip to Hawaii (or for those unsure where to go once the have arrived), Hawaii: The Big Island Revealed will help to make your destination Hawaii.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Legacy Of Morevi
Tee Morris
Dragon Moon Press
275 Hendon Drive, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2K 1Z4
1896944299 $19.95

Legacy Of Morevi: Book One Of The Arathellean Wars is an incredible new release from science fiction author Tee Morris. As the introduction to great series with an invaluably fun and interesting storyline, Legacy Of Morevi is the tale of Naruim's warrior-queen Askana and Rafe Rafton as they attempt escape from the prospect of a coming war afflicting their realm. Highly recommended reading, Legacy Of Morevi is sure to encourage the readers to continue their collection of Tee Morris science fiction and look eagerly toward the next title in this outstanding science fiction action/adventure series.

Galactic Combat: "Prelude To War"
Allan Kuskowski
Author House
3315 E Russell Road, A4 #177, Las Vegas, NV 89120
1420868195 $28.50

The first of a spectacular science fiction action/adventure trilogy, Galactic Combat: "Prelude To War" by Allan Kuskowski is strongly recommended for any and all sci-fi buffs. Galactic Combat: "Prelude To War" is an innovative grasp of modern and future occurrences, exploring the vindictive probabilities of aliens, fascism and post-modern dilemma. Kuskowski brilliantly pieces together the societal innovations of post-modern Earth and how history will coincide with our past hundreds of years down the road.

An Audience For Einstein
Mark Wakely
Mundania Press
6470A Glenway Avenue, #109, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211-5222
159426385x $22.00

An Audience For Einstein by Mark Wakely is a truly mind catching metaphorical novel placing the interpretive mentality of some of the most brilliant scientists of history. Readers will fall into the plot as main character Professor Percival Marlowe, an incredibly intellectual astrophysicist is nearing death without having the closure of finishing his greatest discovery. Follow Professor Percival Marlowe as he struggles with the concept of death, having to face it with fear or acceptance. A strongly recommended read for all fans of science fiction, as well as the general non-interest reader who enjoys a brilliant piece of fiction, An Audience For Einstein would make a popular addition to any community library's science fiction collection.

The Antichrist Version 666
Cloise Orand II
Port Orchard Publishing
PO Box 1381, Port Orchard, WA 98366
0976613107 $24.95 1-360-340-0191

The Antichrist Version 666 by Cloise Orand II is the fascinating and unique science fiction/fantasy story of Mabus the Antichrist who is being hunted by religious zealots as he works toward the goal of global liberation for all humankind. With a beautiful companion, Mabus must deal with his supernatural, superhuman nature while accepting his place as "Leader of the New World Order. Can Mabus save the world by somehow finding a means to travel back in time in order to fix the future? Author Cloise Orand deftly draws from apocalyptic biblical prophecy and an original take on the concept of "antichrist" to write a dramatic page-turner of a story that will engage the readers rapt attention from beginning to end.

Back To The Vortex
J. Shaun Lyon
Telos Publishing
c/o Fitzhenry & Whiteside
121 Harvard Avenue, Suite 2 , Allston, MA 02134
1903889782 $22.95 1-800-387-9776

Back To The Vortex: The Unofficial And Unauthorized Guide To Doctor Who 2005 by J. Shaun Lyon presents the ultimate Dr. Who guide as a remembrance to future generations and what impact the beloved Time Lord had on society. Back To The Vortex paves the entire pathway of history of the British television series Doctor Who granting every desired detail to readers with thorough analysis of every episode and the deeper message depicted in each. Back To The Vortex is a "must" read and invaluable reference for all dedicated fans of Doctor Who.

The Needlecraft Shelf

Cheaper Than Therapy
Annie Modesitt
ModeKnit Press
PO Box 813, South Orange, NJ 07079
0975421980 $10.99 1-973-769-3472

Knowledgeably edited by Annie Modesitt, Cheaper Than Therapy: Joy, Healing And Life Lessons In Fiber is an impressive and memorable compilation of poems and writings drawn from a large selection of writers revealing the essence of the therapeutic nature sewing, knitting, crocheting, and spinning. The reader will discover hidden secrets as to why so many people take the needlecraft arts as such a popular and widespread hobby. Cheaper Than Therapy is a strongly recommended read for fiber artists and needlecraft hobbyists for its definitive ability to engage the reader from beginning to end.

The Theatre/Cinema Shelf

The Golem, Methuselah, & Shylock
Edward Einhorn
Theater 61 Press
2373 Broadway, Suite 802, NY 10024
0977019705 $14.95

The Golem, Methuselah, & Shylock by Edward Einhorn is an pleasant embodiment of the three delightful plays that won the playwright his first recognition and shed some positive light onto the Jewish Community. Einhorn's Plays display an ease of mind that induces thought and an introspection of the mind to the reader or viewer. Tactfully written, The Golem, Methuselah, & Shylock is comprised of "Golem Stories", "The Living Methuselah", "A Shylock", "One-Eyed Moses and the Churning Red Sea". Enhanced with an informative Introduction and an appendix: "Facts about the Characters", this is a strongly recommended read for all play enthusiasts as well to all Jews.

Movie Sets 101
Paul J. Salamoff
Tavin Press
2418 N Keystone St, Burbank, CA 91504
0977291103 $17.95

Movie Sets 101: The Definitive Survivor's Guide by professional special effects and makeup filmmaker Paul J. Salamoff is the complete and deftly written 240-page guide covering every important detail of the movie making business. Readers will be educated with seasoned and experienced advise drawn from over 70 working professionals, including Wes Craven, Ron Underwood, Tom DeSanto, James Gunn, Daniel Roebuck, Owen Roizman, Andrea Weaver, Kenny Myers, John Medlen and many others. Movie Sets 101 is highly recommended to all readers, whether they be aspiring movie makers, experienced professionals in the film business, or the ordinary movie enthusiast viewing the finished product. Movie Sets 101 it can really teach its readers every perspective of the movie making business and should be a part of any personal, professional, and academic library Film Studies reference collection.

The Criminology Shelf

Stolen Lives
John D. Sileo
DaVinci Publishing
381 South Broadway, Denver CO 80209-1522
0977059774 $14.95

Stolen Lives: Identity Theft Prevention Made Simple is the informed and informative guide to the innovative avoidance of the modern threat of identity theft knowledgeably written by John D. Sileo. Having been victimized by an identity theft, John D. Sileo lived the horrors and pains of defending his innocence for the embezzlement of $300,000 for the span of two years, during which he became highly educated on the whole construct of modern identity theft and with Stolen Lives is doing his best to prevent others from having the same thing happen burden their lives. Written in an easy-to-use format, Stolen Lives is the ultimate informational reference for situational threats such as who to watch out for, how likely certain people may commit such acts, proper mentality for banking, and many more educational information. Stolen Lives is strongly recommended reading for all readers, but most particularly newcomers to cities who are setting up a new life and in fear of identity theft.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

All About Dog Daycare
Robin K Bennet
C&R Publishing
PO Box 422, Woodbridge, VA 22194
1933562528 $25.95

All About Dog Daycare: A Blueprint For Success is an easy-to-use guide to the lifestyle and obligations of a dog daycare services owner. With All About Dog Daycare presented as a "user-friendly" introduction and exploration of everything necessary to get started. The reader will discover and understanding of the basic and general information needed to start a dog daycare including licensing zoning, guidance and legal, financial, and insurance concerns for the daycare owner, forms and record-keeping materials needed to operate a daycare, how to provide a safe and stimulating environment that keeps the dogs healthy and happy, optional money-making services that daycare centers may provide, troubleshooting ideas, how to deal with aggressive dog's owners, expulsion issues, and how to monitor relationships with certain groupings of dogs and identify control measures that can be used to maintain stability. All About Dog Daycare is very strongly recommended to all aspiring dog daycare owners, as well as the general dog owners seeking good day care arrangements for their animal companion.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Let The River Run Silver Again!
Sandy Burk
McDonald & Woodward Publishing
431-B E College St, Granville, OH 43023
0939923955 $14.95

Let The River Run Silver Again!: How One School Helped Return The American Shad To The Potomac River--And How You Too Can Help Protect And Restore Our Living Waters by elementary school classroom teacher Sandy Burk is an informative and profusely illustrated exploration of the difference one school made to greatly impact the environment and nature of the Potomac River. Readers will learn that making a difference is not all that difficult as the pages inform them of the American Shad's history and what caused the species to leave in the first place. Let The River Run Silver Again! is highly recommended reading (especially to the biology or environmental science teacher as a curriculum supplemental resource) and a welcome addition to any personal, school, or community library Environmental Studies reference collection or supplemental reading list.

The Children's Shelf

Happy Birthday Puppy
Tammy Lynn, author and illustrator; Elaine Stewart, art director and editor
I See Puppy, LLP
107 Richard Mine Road, Dover, NJ 07801
0977427706 $6.99

Happy Birthday Puppy is fun, rhyming board book about a lovable puppy who has just turned two. Puppy celebrates his birthday with a big party, sending out invitations, playing games, and making a special birthday wish. A wonderful book, put together in a durable manner and illustrated in a bright, cartoony style, Happy Birthday Puppy is a fun and friendly story meant to be read aloud to very young children. "Soon mommy brings out / a brightly lit treat... / Topped with icing / and sprinkles. / Isn't that sweet? / Two candles on top... / There is one for each year. / 'Happy Birthday to Puppy,' / his friends loudly cheer."

Milo Moments
Lisa M. Umina, author; Meg Vrana, illustrator
Halo Publishing Company
PO Box 31844, Independence, Ohio 44131-0844
0971835055 $9.99

Milo Moments is a Christian picturebook featuring the return of the beloved innocent white bear with a halo, Milo. Instead of a narrative story, each page of Milo Moments features a different one-sentence though from Milo, with an accompanying color illustration, such as "When God calls, He never gives you time to pack", "I am taking a picture of love so it lasts longer", and "God loves the world so much, He gave us YOU!" A gentle, read-aloud book that reinforces faith, love, and hope, written in the author's sincere belief that anyone can talk to God anywhere, anytime, about anything. Also highly recommended is the author's previous picturebook, "Milo With A Halo".

Something in the Air
Molly Jones, author; Sheila Kelly Welch, illustrator
Our Child Press
PO Box 4379, Philadelphia, PA 19118-8379
1893516032 $16.00

Something in the Air is a picturebook about a blended animal family - Ben the dog, his kitten sisters Toots and Sadie, and the gentle Mama Cat. Together they look for just the right home and family to live with. In one tricky situation after another, they stick together, until at last they find a house tended by a kind old man with the most wonderful something in the air - the smell of beef bones! The gentle color illustrations add a kindly touch to this story with a subtle but important theme: the importance of standing by one's family, no matter how mismatched individual members may appear. Highly recommended.

Me, Hailey!
Sheri Plucker, author; Todd Fargo, illustrator
Turtle Books
c/o Jason & Nordic Publishers
PO Box 441, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
0944727492 $14.95

Me, Hailey! is a children's picturebook about Hailey, a girl with Down syndrome who can't wait to begin the adventure that is kindergarten. Her vibrant personality, infectious friendship, and kindness toward others bring her new friends. It is a wonderful and educational first day - the only problem is Hailey keeps losing her glasses! A heartwarming read-aloud book, ideal for teaching sympathy, tolerance, and value of a positive attitude to children. Highly recommended.

Riddle in the Mountain
Daryl Burkhard
Dogtooth Books
c/o Nomad Press
PO Box 484, Fort Collins, CO 80522-0484
096682895X $16.95

Riddle in the Mountain is a young adult novel about a mysterious riddle that traps a brother, a sister, and their friend in a scheme that beds time. Following midnight ghostly whispers, the trio is suddenly transported to Boulder, Colorado in 1879; in the blink of an eye, their thriving home city becomes a dusty western town. Caught in an unfamiliar land with no food or money, wearing out-of-place modern clothes, their only hope is to solve the riddle that is their one clue to the way home. A rollicking adventure of discovery and coping with sudden changes, highly recommended school library shelves.

Eddie and the Jets
John Attanas
Darby Creek Publishing
7858 Industrial Parkway, Plain City, OH 43064
1581960263 $14.99

Eddie and the Jets is a young adult novel about making hard choices and growing up. Eddie loves football, and starts a street football team called The Jets with his friends. But when Eddie falls in love with his best friend's twin sister, and Eddie's dad walks out, things get more and more complicated, and one by one things in Eddie's life seem to fall apart - his football team, his family, his friendship and his love life. Learning to pick up the pieces, adapt, and patch up differences is a key point in this modern story about coping with difficult changes. Highly recommended.

If Photos Could Talk
Andrew Oliver
Adams-Pomeroy Press
PO Box 189, Albany, WI 53502
0966100964 $12.95

If Photos Could Talk: A Sam & Stephanie Mystery is a chapter book for young adults about twelve-year-old Sam and Stephanie's search for an elderly neighbor who has gone missing. Set modern-day southern Wisconsin, If Photos Could Talk tells of their venture into their neighbor's mysterious house filled with strange noises and hidden secrets. The strong bond between the young protagonists forms the heart of this exciting small-town adventure.

The Return of Pete Pack Rat
Robert Quackenbush
Robert Quackenbush Studios
PO Box 20651, NY, NY 10021-0072
0971275718 $12.95

The Return of Pete Pack Rat presents three picturebooks in a conveniently sized hardcover format: "Pete Pack Rat", "Sheriff Sally Gopher and the Haunted Dance Hall", and "Pete Pack Rat and the Gila Monster Gang". Color illustrations on every page bring to life this wild west-themed adventure, though an abundance of text makes The Return of Pete Pack Rat perfect for young readers on the cusp of making the transition to chapter books. A lively, rip-roaring tale, illustrated in the warm colors of the desert, especially recommended for young readers with a budding interest in westerns.

The Breezes of Inspire
Nick Ruth, author; Sue Concannon, illustrator
Imaginator Press
6400 Baltimore Natl Pk #194, Baltimore, MD 21228-3930
0974560332 $16.95

Book 2 of The Remin Chronicles, The Breezes of Inspire is a children's fantasy novel that picks up after the first in the series. Young David can't wait to show his cousins the mystical land of Remin; yet an unexpected turn of events leaves them trapped in the land of Inspire, on the other side of Remin's south vortex. As outsiders, they are loathed and feared, yet they may be the land's only hope, for Inspire is slowly dying from an unknown poison in the air. Together they must go on a quest into Inspiration Canyon, from which no one has ever returned. Though each one of them has a unique magical ability, simple power is not enough; they will have to work together to save Inspire and seek the path home. A handful of black-and-white illustrations pepper this exciting adventure.

Scary Days Daze
Richard K. Riker
Safe Harbor Publications
2000 Bedford Drive, PO Box 396, Titusville, FL 32781
0976041618 $15.95

Part of the "Daze" series, Scary Days Daze is a large-print novel written for middle-grade readers about a young girl who moves into an allegedly haunted cemetery house. Signs from the ghost of an eleven-year-old girl who died there nearly a century ago, hidden clues, and a discovery from friends all point to the secret truth behind the terrifying nightmare! An adventurous tale, written with wit and style. Also highly recommended are "School Days Daze", "Christmas Days Daze", and "Summer Days Daze".

Sabrina Hofkin
Manzanita Falls Publishing
PO Box 991920, Redding, CA 96099-1920
0976391600 $9.95

Magnolia is a novel for young adults about sixteen-year-old Magnolia Holden, who strives to be perfect in everything she does, including earning her private pilot certificate and working as a junior ranger at the state park. But sometimes life itself isn't perfect; one complication after another sets back her plans; perhaps the most thorny problem is that her best friend has fallen for a student pilot who in turn has fallen for Magnolia. Determined to be the first to her pilot certificate, Magnolia loses sight of the reason she wants to fly: to help the environment and the bears she respects so much. A thoughtful story of conflicting changes and motivations, and the difficulties of growing up.

Melvin Smallman
Jack Spencer
1st Books Library
c/o Author House
1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403-5161
1403386315 $11.25 1-800-280-7715

Melvin Smallman: A Tale from the Forest Floor is a chapter book written to entertain young adult and adult readers, about a small band of mice who must work together to survive in the forest. A handful of simple, sketchy black-and- white illustrations add a touch of charm to the mice's efforts to avoid predators, find food and shelter, and above all, keep hope alive. A heartwarming anthropomorphic novel in the spirit of Watership Down and The Secret of NIMH.

Lucy the Dancing Bunny
Sally O. Lee
Lee Publishing
35 Locust Street, Unit 5, Danvers, MA 01923
1419601083 $22.99

Lucy the Dancing Bunny is an easy reader picturebook about a white bunny who loves dancing more than anything. The simple sentences and soft color illustrations show how Lucy loves to dance in the rain or in the snow, with a friend or with a teddy bear, and especially, in her favorite pink dress. An endearing read-aloud story especially for young children just beginning to sound out their first words.

Say Good Night To Illiteracy, 11th edition
Half Price Books
5803 East Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX 75231
1931040486 $4.98

Now in its eleventh edition, Say Good Night To Illiteracy is an affordably priced hardcover anthology of stories and poems from a wide variety of authors, chosen through Half Price Books' Bedtime Storybook Writing Contest. Each story or poem takes up a two-page spread, complete with color illustrations in a different style fitting the tone of the narrative. Proceeds from this ingenious and inventive anthology will be donated to local literacy groups and Literacy USA. A delightfully diverse collection for reading aloud to young people just before bedtime or naptime. "Stuck": First came the firemen, then the police, / to hold back the crowd and keep up the peace. / The next ones to come were women and men / who cover the stories on news channel 10. / Oh my! What a fun bunch of people you see, / when you get your pet elephant stuck in a tree!

I Love Me
Dafna Rahminov
I Am Love Production Inc.
c/o KSB Promotions (publicity)
55 Honey Creek, NE, Ada, MI 49301-9768
9080980617 $17.99 1-800-431-1579

I Love Me is a very simple picturebook expressing love for a child, and encouraging the child to love himself or herself, in easy reader phrases. "I wish for you to love yourself as much as I love you. / Look at yourself in the mirror and see for yourself. / Say out loud, 'I Love Me!'" A mirror on one page, a connect-the-dots section, and a page with the words "I Love Me" to color add an interactive touch to this positive-minded book, illustrated in warm colors with drawings of hearts and stick figures. An excellent read-aloud picturebook to express emotion and boost very young children's self-esteem.

The Kissing Skunks
Gloria Deak, author; Cheryl Nathan, illustrator
Star Bright Books
The Star Building, 42-26 28th Street, Suite 2C, Long Island City, NY 11101
1932065466 $16.95 1-800-788-4439

Intended for children ages 4-8, The Kissing Skunks is a whimsical children's picturebook about a pair of skunks in love, Harry and Harriet. One day, Harriet wakes up feeling so pretty that she has to buy a new hat. Though she shops all over town, she cannot find a white hat that suits her just right - until she ventures into an antique shop. There she finds the white hat of the dreams, yet when she wears it home, a special surprise pops out! Ending on a kiss between skunks underneath the big white hat, The Kissing Skunks is an original blend of lighthearted romance and wildly exuberant, stylized color illustrations.

Florence: Nightingale: Called to Serve
Jill C. Wood, author; Brian T. Cox, illustrator
CRT, Custom Products, Inc.
7532 Hickory Hills Court, Whites Creek, TN 37189
1932332294 $13.50

Part of the exciting Time Traveler's Adventure series featuring Buffalo Biff and Farley's Raiders, Florence: Nightingale: Called to Serve is a colorful picturebook adventure that takes the reader back in time to the 1800's, to when a young woman named Florence Nightingale dared to take up the vocation of nursing. In an era when hospitals were filthy, dark, and unsanitary, Florence Nightingale ushered about a revolution in British military medical care. The improvements she spearheaded in sanitation and nutrition caused a drastic reduction in mortality rates, and she became known among soldiers as "the lady with the lamp." Florence Nightingale: Called to Serve follows this gentle yet firm woman, who worked up to twenty hours a day, and who inspired twenty countries around the world to train nurses based upon her system. The story is told entirely through Buffalo Biff's, Ruby's, and Pete's dialogue; an accompanying audio CD relates the full story, and three versions of the story each without one of the characters' lines, so that a child or parent can read aloud one of the parts. An excellent introduction for young people to a strong and compassionate role model, highly recommended.

Mike and the Bike
Michael Ward, author; Bob Thomson, illustrator
Phil Liggett, narrator
Michael and Tennessee Ward, musicians
Cookie Jar Publishing
332 W. Martin Lane, Salt Lake City, UT 84107
159441498X $16.99

Written by Grammy Award-winning guitarist, songwriter, and experienced cyclist, Mike and the Bike is a combination picturebook and audio CD with original music. Mike and the Bike tells about an ordinary boy who loves to cycle - while wearing a bicycle helmet, of course! The vivid color illustrations add a touch of surrealism to his cycling adventures, and the audio CD allows the reader to read or listen along to Mike's crazy adventures. An entertaining picutrebook excellent for motivating young people to learn how to ride a two-wheeler.

On the Night You Were Born
Nancy Tillman
Darling Press
PO Box 3970, Tualatin, Oregon 97062
0976576104 $17.95

On the Night You Were Born is a gentle picturebook about celebrating the very special night in which the child reading it was born. The rhyming verse and colorful, impressionistic art style blend harmoniously, in this story written to boost self-esteem and cultivate wonder for the celebrations of nature. "So whenever you doubt just how special you are / and you wonder who loves you, how much and you far, / listen for geese honking high in the sky. / (They're singing a song to remember you by.)" An excellent read-aloud storybook right before bedtime.

Alphabetland: The Beginning
Rick McAtee, author; Barbara Hammons, illustrator
Turning a New Page
4716 West Condor Drive, Tucson, AZ 85742
0976203006 $12.95

Written by a kindergarten teacher, Alphabetland: The Beginning is a children's picturebook that blends a lesson about the nature of consonants and vowels with a kid-friendly story about the letters of the alphabet building a town. Color illustrations depict the letters with anthropomorphic characteristics, as they go about their daily life; but the letters A, E, I, O, and U grow tired of the same daily routine and want to be different. The rest of the letters like staying the same. At last the wise letter Z devises a compromise: A, E, I, O, and U will have "long" and "short" forms, and will be called vowels because they Very Often Will Exchange Letter Sounds. The rest of the letters will be called consonants because they constantly are the same sound. The cheery story and whimsical pictures will capture the attention of young children who are just beginning to learn phonics.

Patch the Porcupine and the Bike Shop Job
Scott Nelson
KRBY Creations, LLC
PO Box 327, Bay Head, NJ 08742
0974571539 $14.95

Patch the Porcupine and the Bike Shop Job is a picturebook about a handy little porcupine with a talent for fixing things. At first Patch is delighted to get a new job at the Bike Shop, but his joy turns to dismay when the quills on his paws puncture the tires of the bicycles he works on. He despairs of being successful in his favorite job at first, but a little ingenuity and some tough rubber gloves prove to be the perfect fix for the situation! The final page teaches young readers how to fix a flat tire on a bicycle, with help from an adult. Color illustrations of fanciful animals have just the right amount of quirky humor for this entertaining read-aloud story.

Help Me Learn Counting 1-10 in American Sign Language
Joan Silvey and Allen Silvey
Silvey Book Publishing
PO Box 5171, Goodyear, AZ 85338
0976244608 $5.95

A very affordably priced hardcover picturebook, Help Me Learn Counting 1-10 in American Sign Language is a counting book with a twist - it shows children how to make the American Sign Language handsign for each number from one to ten. Photographs show a woman demonstrating each number's handsign, while the opposite page features a simple color illustration of a mnemonic for the number. For example, the handsign for "five" resembles a butterfly, so the accompanying illustration shows five blue butterflies flying about the numeral 5. The final page gives a visual summary of how to sign the alphabet in American Sign Language. An excellent counting book for young people learning American Sign Language for their own use or to better communicate with deaf friends and relatives.

Zoe's Good-bye
Mary Schlangen, DVM
Beaver's Pond Press
7104 Ohms Lane, Suite 216, Edina, MN 55439
1592981100 $17.95 1-952-829-8818

Written by a veterinarian and animal lover, Zoe's Good-bye is a children's picturebook about adjusting to the loss of a four-footed friend. A young girl loves her dog Zoe with all her heart, but Zoe is so old and sick she can hardly move anymore. The only thing her family can do for Zoe now is give her a powerful medicine that will help her die. The girl doesn't want to be parted from her beloved friend, and their last night together is poignant - but also wonderful, because when they step outside for a final time, a dogsled with a musher comes. At the head of the dogsled is a place for Zoe, and she can run fast and free from pain. The musher promises to take care of Zoe, and Zoe's owner knows that even though Zoe's life is ended, Zoe is happy and where she belongs to be. A heartwarming story strongly recommended for young people who are going through the loss of a beloved animal companion.

The Monster Solution
Sara Goodman Zimet, author; Shannon Parish, illustrator
Discovery Press Publications, Inc.
400 East Third Avenue, #901, Denver, Colorado 80203-4198
0964515911 $16.95

The Monster Solution is a picturebook about a young boy who is afraid to be alone in his bedroom at night because of the fearsome monsters who haunt him - a Slimy Monster, Monster Owl, and Monster Lizard. He tries leaving them a note, and making noises to drive them away, but nothing works - until he has the idea to get some special Monster Solution spray. A light misting of Monster Solution smells pleasant to humans, but so terrible to monsters they just can't bear to stay around it! The amusing, simple color illustrations bring a heartwarming story about learning to overcome midnight terrors to life.

Meet The Shapes
Preschool Prep Company
PO Box 1159, Danville, CA 94526
0976700883 $14.95 1-866-451-5600

Meet The Shapes is a thoroughly "child friendly", 30-minute DVD that introduces preschoolers and kindergartners to eight common shapes with the help of charming animated characters. After watching this technically flawless recording, the infant or toddler will easily be able to identify circles, diamonds, octagons, ovals, rectangles, squares, stars, and triangles. This DVD is enhanced with chapter selections, a "Barn Dance", "Dance with Your Favorite Shape", and a "Flashcards" feature. Also very strongly recommended for families, day care centers, preschool classrooms, and elementary school DVD libraries are the two previous titles in this simply outstanding series: Meet The Letters and Meet The Numbers.

Christine D'Amico, author
Darcy Bell-Myers, illustrator
Attitude Press
PO Box 16095, Minneapolis, MN 55416
0971663114 $16.95

Higgledy-Piggledy is a charming picturebook about young first grader Mabel and a teacher who goes out of her way to teach her class the oddest and most tongue-tying words in the English language, such as "shilly-shally", "flapdoodle," "tittle-tattle", "pecadillo", and "higgledy-piggledy". They may seem strange, but they are real words from the Oxford English Dictionary! Mabel can't wait to share the word "higgledy-piggledy" with her family, but they don't believe it's a real word when she does. But spirited young Mabel won't back down, resulting in some truly higgledy-piggledy situations! The playful color artwork sets just the right tone for Higgledy-Piggledy, and the last two pages have fill-in-the-blank sentences for young people to try using the word for themselves, as well as a list of seven fun activities such as coloring the black-and-white pictures of Mabel in the front and back of the book, creating a higgledy-piggledy button, or learning about words from the dictionary.

Friends and Neighbors
Kenneth Cole, Psy.D., author; John Ruebartsch, photographer
Creative SHARP Presentations, Inc.
750 North Lincoln Memorial Drive, Suite 311, Milwaukee, WI 53202-4018
0977081605 $16.95

Friends and Neighbors is a picturebook story about two best friends, a Latino boy and an African-American girl, given a school assignment to learn about the people of their community, and create an artwork masterpiece. Each child travels and learns all about their friends and neighbors, as they piece together grand collages reflecting the vibrant diversity of people, places, ideas and activities all around them. Illustrated with beautiful color photographs of children expressing their creativity, Friends and Neighbors is both an enjoyable adventure and a motivational stimulus to help get young people think more about the world around them and ingenious ways of expressing themselves. A supplementary section of enrichment activities offer guidelines of things children can do to learn more about their community (with proper supervision) such as create artifact boxes, go on a community walk, start a newspaper scavenger hunt, or try writing a poem. A word match section encourages young people to build their vocabulary.

Quests and Kingdoms
K.V. Johansen
Sybertooth Inc.
59 Salem Street, Sackville, NB, Canada, E4L 4J6
0968802443 $37.50 1-506-364-1094

Quests And Kingdoms; A Grown-up's Guide To Children's Fantasy Literature by K.V. Johansen is a seminal work exceptionally well written and recommended for its relevance for teachers and or parents who wish to understand the actions of the children with whom they're involved. Quests And Kingdoms is a practical, accessible education on the subject of the impractical, fanciful mind of the child, and to where such a mind may be when indulged in books of fantasy at an age so susceptible to fantastic beliefs.

Bas Relief Publishing Group
PO Box 426, Glenshaw, PA 15116
$10.95 each

Two butterfly books from the Bas Relief Publishing Group are ideal choices for families, schools, and community libraries seeking to augment their "Pets/Life" picture book collections for young children. Milkweed Visitors (0965747247) by naturalist Mary Holland introduces some of the small creatures that live in a patch of common milkweed in Vermont. Monarch! Come Play With Me by naturalist, illustrator, writer, and butterfly expert Ba Rea (0965747255) follows a young girl as she gets to know a monarch during its amazing metamorphosis from caterpillar to adult butterfly. As she compares her own growth and activities to those of a monarch butterfly, she learns to love it and then let it go. Both of these entertaining and informative books are hallmarked by a simple, engaging text profusely illustrated by brightly colored artwork (in Monarch! Come Play With Me) or photography (in Milkweed Visitors). Also highly recommended and outstanding books for young nature lovers by Ba Rea include My Monarch Investigation (co-authored with Leah Pins and published by Lifestrands Inc.); Midweek, Monarchs and More (co-authored with Karen Oberhausen and Mike Quinn); There Have Always Been Puffins (co-authored with C.J. Rea); and A Whale's Tale from the Supper Sea (also co-authored by C.J. Rea).

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