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Reviewer's Choice

Grand Theft Auto
Alan Spitzer & Alison Spitzer
New Year Publishing, LLC
144 Diablo Ranch Ct., Danville, CA 94506
9781935547310, $25.95,

As big business monopolizes the auto industry, the drive of small town dealers still seeks to actively resist. "Grand Theft Auto: How Entrepreneurs Fought for the American Dream" discusses how the automotive industry placed many small town dealers in peril of losing their jobs, as well as the jobs of their employees. Spitzers Alan and Alison tell their role in the fight for the right to have jobs in this high pressure time. "Grand Theft Auto" is a choice read for anyone who wants the understand the personal effects of the automotive bailouts of 2009.

Light, Love, Life, Shalom
Steven Steinberg
Blooming Twig Books LLC
PO Box 4668, #66675
New York, NY 10163-4668
9781933918570, $18.95,

Happiness is a state of mind that can be achieved over any obstacle. "Light, Love, Life, Shalom" is an inspirational read from Dr. Steven Steinberg as he shares his own recipe for happiness and life, as the dentist of many decades speaks on overcoming life's challenges and facing down Parkinsons and still living life to the fullest. With humor, wit, and plenty to help people push their lives forward, "Light, Love, Life, Shalom" is a fine and much recommended read for self-help collections.

Native Soulmate
Zachary Michael Jack
Ice Cube Press
205 North Front Street,
North Liberty, IA 52317-9302
9781888160567, $19.95,

You don't have to travel the world to find someone special. "Native Soulmate: A Season in Search of a Love Homegrown" is a thoughtful delve into love as Zachary Michael Jack explains how he chose to stick close to his hometown when looking for love, and the results of loving locally in a world where long distance is quickly becoming the norm. "Native Soulmate" is a charming and original read, very much recommended for those looking for memoirs of love and humor.

Robert Andersen
Badger Hill Press
2128 Bates Road,
Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368
9781450785563, $20.00,

Purpose is a powerful thing, and it eludes so many. "Requiem: Finding Purpose in a Casual World" is a blend of spirituality, the metaphysical, and psychology as Robert Andersen discusses the meaning of purpose, its vitality to living our lives to the fullest, and its impact on society. Examining Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and how it prevents people from finding such purpose, "Requiem" offers much to think about on the human psyche. Highly recommended.

The Christmas Shelf

Mama's Wreaths
Julia Taylor Ebel
Canterbury House Publishing
225 Ira Harmon Rd., Vilas, NC 28692
9780982905432, $10.95,

The joy of Christmas is something truly unique. "Mama's Wreaths" is a collection of poetry from Julia Taylor Ebel as she speaks on her memories of her mother and her dedicated crafting through the ages. With poignancy, "Mama's Wraths" is a fine remembrance of the mother and the touch of Christmas in poetic form. "Christmas Dreams": On a cold and frosty/December night,/I snuggle/under patchwork quilts/Grandma made from feed sacks/long ago,/and here I dream/my Christmas dreams.

The Parenting Shelf

The Changing Behavior Book
James Sutton
Friendly Oaks Publications
PO Box 662, Pleasanton, TX 78064
9781878878779, $23.95,

Dealing with a child's behavior is hard, because they rarely understand what the problem is. "The Changing Behavior Book: A Fresh Approach to the Difficult Child" is a guide for parents in trying to help their children cope with problem behavior, and how the solutions may be simpler than many think. The importance of not being coercive, teaching to forgive, and much more, "The Changing Behavior Book" is an enticing and much recommended pick for any parent who is struggling with a problem child and wants to adjust the behavior before it's too late.

Breastfeeding, Take Two
Stephanie Casemore
Graylion Publishing
282 Barrett Blvd
Napanee, ON, K7R 1G8, Canada
9780973614213, $19.95,

Pregnancy and the after effects do weird things to the body. "Breastfeeding, Take Two: Successful Breastfeeding the Second Time Around" delves into the challenges of a mother facing breastfeeding for the second time in their life. From helping your body prepare for round two, the importance of breastfeeding, and the other benefits in life through empowering oneself, "Breastfeeding, Take Two" is an invaluable and much recommended read, highly recommended.

This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You
Nadine A. Block & Madeleine Y. Gomez
Center for Effective Discipline
3175 Tremont Rd., #514, Columbus, OH 43221
9780615454672, $17.95,

"This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You: In Words and Pictures Children Share How Spanking Hurts and What To Do Instead" is primarily a selected collection of poignant artworks and statements by children about the experience of being physically punished by adults. In this professionally edited and resourced book, the children's voices are clearly heard. It is divided into three sections: Part One, Spanking Makes Children Feel ..., Part Two, What Children Respond To Instead of Spanking, and part Three, Resources for Parents and Professionals Who Work With Families. In addition there are a list of questions and answers on spanking, a list of related web sites, bibliography and other resources relevant to physical punishment and alternatives. "This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You" is an excellent, innovative contribution that provides a new outlook on an old problem.

The Business Shelf

My Brand
Laura Lowell
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 210
Cupertino, CA 95014
9781616990541, $19.95,

Good wisdom has no need for length. "My Brand" is a collection of branding and marketing advice constructed in short to the point tweet format, clocking in at less than 140 characters. With simple proverbs, Laura Lowell equips readers with everything they need to know to make the most of their young business and make themselves truly unique. "My Brand" is a fine and much recommended read, not to be overlooked.

Social Media Geek to Geek
Rick Jamison & Kathy Schmidt Jamison
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 210
Cupertino, CA 95014
9781617300073, $19.95,

What was once geek is now something used by everyone. "Social Media Geek to Geek: Practical Insights for Technology Marketers" is a guide to better understanding the mean of marketing through technology and reaching to the geek consumer. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook have become more powerful than ever, and using them to the fullest is key to today's business world. "Social Media Geek to Geek" is a fine pick for anyone who understands the power of people and marketing.

The 11 Laws of Likability
Michelle Tillis Lederman
American Management Association
1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
9780814416372, $16.95,

No one wants to work with a jerk. "The 11 Laws of Likability" is a business and networking guide that reminds readers of the importance of remaining likable and friendly in the business world. Advising on how to be an excellent conversationalist, avoid becoming manipulative, become friends, not acquaintances, and much more, "The 11 Laws of Likability" is an excellent and choice read that shouldn't be overlooked by anyone who values the power of friendship, even in business.

The Fiction Shelf

An Uncertain Age
Ulrica Hume
Blue Circle Press
PO Box 460055,
San Francisco, CA 94146
9780966919356, $17.95,

Through generations, loss and uncertainty is what unites us. "An Uncertain Age" is a novel following the romance of Miles and Justine as they cross their lives and generations to find something more for it all. With her dreams of artistry escaping her, Justine looks to retired Miles to find some stability in her life, but when he disappears, Justine may need to delve into what she hopes she has forgotten. "An Uncertain Age" is a thoughtful and very much recommended pick any general fiction collection, highly recommended.

Robert Egby
Three Mile Point Publishing
PO Box 354, Chaumont, NY
9780983240440, $14.95,

For family, you'll stand against the world. "Pentadaktylos: Love, Promises, and Patriotism in the Last Days of Colonial Cyprus" is a historical novel following a British Army Officer, two decades after he left the island, returning on its last days. Old romance and its results flare up and the chaos of a people who want their independence rage around him and may cost him his life. "Pentadaktylos" is a fine work of historical romance and adventure, highly recommended.

Dreams and Nightmares
Ann Werner
Ark Stories
PO Box 492, Windsor, CA 95492
9781463709570, $12.95,

In pursuit of our destiny, we often find the last things we wanted. "Dreams and Nightmares" follows Ruby as she tries to put it together where her life all went wrong for her, that leaves her n a path of violence and uncertainty. A story of life and what's lost as we pursue our dreams, "Dreams and Nightmares" is a fine and much recommended read.

Petty Offenses & Crimes of the Heart
Mitchell Waldman
600 Overbrook Drive, Nicholasville, KY 40356
9781936138364, $16.00,

We wrong ourselves as much as we wrong others. "Petty Offenses & Crimes of the Heart" is a collection of short fiction from Mitchell Waldman, who talks on many topics throughout recent history and the struggles to understand an impossible to understand world. With poignancy and wisdom peppered throughout, "Petty Offenses & Crimes of the Heart" is a read that is well worth considering, highly recommended.

The Hazards of Hunting While Heartbroken
Mari Passananti
Rutland Square Press
58 West Rutland Square, Boston, MA 02118
Kelley & Hall (publicity)
5 Briar Lane, Marblehead, MA 01945
9780615493640, $14.99,

Starting over is a terrible thing. "The Hazards of Hunting While Heartbroken" follows Zoe as she gets close to marriage only to have her world turned around and destroyed on her. Seeking someone to complete her life, she finds that inner peace is a journey of the self, not a journey of the two. "The Hazard of Hunting While Heartbroken" is a humored and poignant romance, very much recommended for community library general fiction collections.

Flaherty's Run
Henry Hoffman
Lachesis Publishing
9781897562727, $14.95,

Vengeance reaches far and long. "Flaherty's Run" is a novel of post-world War II intrigue as Will Flaherty attempts to reach out to a former enemy and try to help. As the plot unfolds, Will soon finds his kindness may be his downfall as revenge is on the mind of the defeated Germans. "Flaherty's Run" is an intriguing thriller of espionage and war, very much recommended reading.

Blue Fall
B. B. Griffith
Griffith Publishing
1830 W. Littleton Blvd, Littleton, CO 80120
9780982481745, $10.95,

With limitless resources, the games played are done so with blood. "Blue Fall" delves into a thriller where the world's elite go to war, as those who uphold the law find themselves at a loss on what to do about it and how to stop it as people die. With an exciting plot of excess and secrecy, "Blue Fall" is a fine and riveting novel that should prove hard to put down.

Sara's Laughter
Tom Milton
Nepperhan Press
PO Box 1448, Yonkers, NY 10702
9780982990438, $25.95,

Motherhood often blesses the people who want it least, and ignores those who would do anything and everything for it. "Sara's Laughter" tells the story of middle aged Sara, seeing her child-bearing days escaping her and running out of options to conceive with her husband. As she spies her sister getting pregnant off a random encounter, "Sara's Laughter" is an original saga of would-be motherhood.

Muted Grey
Dianna L. Young
Wildflower Press
PO Box 3362, Rapid City, SD 57709
9780983533207, $12.95,

It's devastating to find out you have nothing when you had everything. "Muted Grey" is the story of Marah Edom as she copes with the reality of her life, facing what she left behind as she pursued her supposed dreams. As the demons catch up, they find her with a vengeance, and she is left to face them once and for all. "Muted Grey" is a fine study and finely recommended for general fiction collections.

An Unfinished House
K. Patrick Malone
A-Argus Books
PO Box 914, Kernersville, NC 27284
9780981907581, $15.95,

The weight of the world comes at you all at once. "An Unfinished House" is a thriller following a man devastated by the death of his wife and his discovery of a secret surrounding his recently purchased home, leaving him facing a serious challenge of life as he seeks truth. "An Unfinished House" is a riveting read that will prove difficult to put down. Also in fiction from K. Patrick Malone is "The House at Miller's Court" (9780984619528, $17.95) as a family copes with the fear of losing their son and the mysteries behind it all, an excellent addition for fans of Malone's work.

Her Safari
Lisa Mikitarian
Demme House
PO Box 2572, Brentwood, TN 37024
9780983524694, $11.95,

As we face the challenges of life, we'll all answer them differently. "Her Safari: Snapshots Along the Way" is a collection of short stories as Lisa Mikitarian crafts a collection of stories about life and women who fight their betrayal of the past, the challenges of maintaining love found, and overcoming love lost and accepting one's position. "Her Safari" is a fun and much recommended addition to any short fiction collection.

Mostly Redneck
Rusty Barnes
Sunny Outside
PO Box 911, Buffalo, NY 14207
9781934513323, $18.00,

There is a certain rustic charm that few are willing to give up. "Mostly Redneck" is a collection of short stories set in these corners of Appalachia as Rusty Barnes waxes philosophical on his upbringing with a unique charm and humor of life in these areas and the people who still call it home. With plenty to muse on the nature of people and what unites us no matter our upbringing, "Mostly Redneck" is a recommended short fiction anthology.

The Thief's Only Child
Rexanne Becnel
Vantage Point
419 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016
9781936467181, $14.95,

Vengeance can land one in strange situations. "The Thief's Only Child" tells the tale of Diane Haines, a woman who lost her child far too early. With the blame on Roberta Fenner who is going back to prison and has a four year old of her own. Campaigning to steal Roberta's child, time passes and the two clash over a child they both love and the long rotting grudge between them. "The Thief's Only Child" is a work of intrigue and love of a child, highly recommended.

Winter's Captive
June Bourgo
Asteroid Publishing
PO Box 3, Richmond Hill, ON Canada, L4C 4X9
9781926720173, $19.95,

There is no harsher master than Mother Nature. "Winter's Captive" is a novel from June Bourgo as she crafts a riveting tale of Georgia Charles, a young women who finds herself spurned by life and living in the vicious north of Canada. Facing her own pregnancy, the cruelty of man, and the drive to survive for the good of her future and the good of her children, "Winter's Captive" is a nonstop thriller that should prove quite hard to put down.

The Ordinary Life and Extraordinary Death of Josh Turner
David Treciak
Amberlin Press
805 Greenhedge St., Torrance, CA 90502
9780983669401, $15.95,

Death is just the next step. "The Ordinary Life and Extraordinary Death of Josh Turner" follows the story of Josh Turner, as he faces death and finds that the last thing he'll get to do is rest in peace. Spinning a unique story of metaphysical fiction of a normal guy turned into something so much more, "The Ordinary Life and Extraordinary Death of Josh Turner" is a fine read with plenty to consider, highly recommended.

Soul Purpose
Kele Sewell & Ronald Sewell
Eloquent Books
c/o AEG Publishing Group
845 Third Avenue, 6th Floor, 6016, New York, NY 10022
9781608601974, $27.50,

Racism runs deep, and it takes a miracle to defeat it. "Soul Purpose" is a tale set in a deep south Georgian town, telling two stories, five decades apart, about the demons of racism and the fight to purge it from the world. From a mindless lynching to learning something understanding, "Soul Purpose" tells a poignant yet saddening story about the deepness of racism in culture.

Last Song of the Whales
Four Arrows
Savant Books & Publications
2630 Kapiolani Blvd #1601
Honolulu, HI 96826
9780984555253, $16.95,

The great behemoths of the sea rely on the success of one ambitious young man. "Last Song of the Whales" is a riveting adventure at sea as young Brant Cormac finds that the world may be on his shoulders. Blending in the mythology and legends of the native people of the Pacific North West, "Last Song of the Whales" is a fun and much recommended read.

Meredith Sue Willis
H/S Editions
PO Box 43, Maplewood, NJ 07040
9780980178661, $14.95,

A person's story doesn't end after one episode, so why do you expect as such out of characters of myth and legend? "Re-visions" is a collection of short stories from Meredith Sue Willis as she speaks on many twists and turns on stories surrounding Adam and Eve to countless others as she tries to lay more reason behind the protagonists actions and their ultimate future. "Re-visions" is an excellent pick of short fiction, an ideal addition to any general community library collection.

Leaving Lukens
Laura S. Wharton
Broad Creek Press
PO Box 43, Mount Airy, NC 27030
9780983714804, $20.00,

The allure of life can quickly be soured by the truth. "Leaving Lukens" is a novel set around the eve of World War II follows Ella Marie Hutchens as she lives her life in a small North Carolinian fishing village and meets Griff. But as time marches on, she quickly finds Griff has many secrets and few of them are good. "Leaving Lukens" is a fine work of historical fiction and romance, highly recommended.

Baby Dust
Deanna Ro
Casey Shay Press
9004 Marsh Drive, Austin, TX 78748
9780984187928, $14.95,

The loss of something that might have been torments with lost potential. "Baby Dust" is a novel following many women as they try to cope with the loss of their babies before they truly had a chance of life. Set around a support group of grieving mothers would be, Deanna Roy speaks on the torment that many women face when they lose what they value most. "Baby Dust" is an excellent and much recommended read.

Red, White, & Boom
Karl Puttlitz
Adventure Street Press
PO Box 360, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
9780984491001, $26.95,

The worst possible scenario always lurks at the back of our minds. "Red, White, & Boom" is a novel following Special Agent Jeb Foster as he discovers a recent theft of nuclear materials from Russia may make America's worst nightmares come true. Racing against time to find the truth and uncover the meaning of the plots and thwart it before millions of lives are lost, "Red, White, & Boom" is a riveting and very much recommended read, not to be missed by spy thriller fans.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Secret Murder
Ellen Kuhfeld
FTL Publications
PO Box 1363, Minnetonka, MN 55345-0363
9780982523285, $15.95,

Before forensics, the truth had to be found through determination. "Secret Murder" is an alternative historical novel, set in a world where the Europeans settled North America much sooner than 1492. When murder is afoot in a Minnesota trading outpost, Ellen Kuhfeld blends this unique world into a fascinating read that will prove hard to put down. "Secret Murder" is an excellent pick for both historical fiction and fantasy collections, very much recommended reading.

Seashells in the Desert
Susan Tornga
Treble Heart Books
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635-5512
9781936127610, $12.99,

When murder strikes so close by, truths become exposed quickly. "Seashells in the Desert" is a mystery following waitress Tessa Crane as she tries to understand concerns of her close friends as the local Sheriff begins asking questions towards all them, and when the truth comes out, finding the rest of the truth becomes ever so vital to find justice and closure. "Seashells in the Desert" is a riveting and much recommended mystery, not to be missed.

Tahoe Hijack
Todd Borg
Thriller Press
PO Box 551110, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96155
9781931296199, $16.95,

Old truth can get you killed. "Tahoe Hijack" is a mystery thriller following Detective Owen McKenna as he finds a boat hijacking in Lake Tahoe may link him to an unsolved crime that he previously worked on. But to find those responsible, McKenna will have enemies gunning for him and encounter many more people to protect. "Tahoe Hijack" is a fascinating and much recommended novel, that will prove quite hard to put down.

Lions and Christians
Wentworth M. Johnson
Local Legend Publishing
c/o Bill Reyner
9781907203138, $7.99,

A taste of paradise can lead you to something that is anything but. "Lions and Christians" delves into the story of Bill, who seeks a paid vacation in Ontario. But he doesn't get rest and relaxation and finds that he has the lives of those he loves and a new girlfriend hanging in the balance if he doesn't act freely. A riveting and page turning mystery, "Lions and Christians" is a very much recommended read.

King of Paine
Larry Kahn
North Atlanta Press
PO Box 88304, Atlanta, GA 30356
9780983760122, $16.00,

One's past is a vicious weapon. "King of Paine" is a spinning novel from Larry Kahn, as he tells the tale of Ex-Hollywood star turned FBI agent who quickly finds that his sultry past will more than screw with his new noble career path. Angry exes and vicious stalkers make "King of Paine" an enticing combination of spy thriller and romance with a dose of intrigue, highly recommended.

Kurt Cobb
Public Interest Communications
PO Box 671, Portage, MI 49081-0671
9780983108900, $14.95,

For maximum profit, the truth must be silenced. "Prelude" follows Cassie Young and Victor Chernov as they find themselves targeted for knowing the truth of the world's dwindling oil reserves. Drawing on real world events, the story finds the two finding romance as the pressures of big oil chase them down, forcing them to think fast if they want the truth known with their lives intact. "Prelude" is an excellent and much recommended thriller, highly recommended.

Bowery Ripper
Steven G. Farrell
Audience Artist Group
303 Park Avenue South, Suite 1440
New York, NY 10010-3657
9781935444732, $20.00,

Murder never permanently retires. "Bowery Ripper: On the Loose" is a unique mystery and thriller as Steven G. Farrell brings the viciousness of Jack the Ripper to a more vicious time, as New York's lower east side finds itself clashed between many factions in the Communists, Nazis, Mafia, and other forces of anything but purely good. "Bowery Ripper" blends history into a fast paced and fun page turning thriller.

The Dark Before Dawn
Laurie Stevens
Follow Your Dreams Productions
19411 Londelius Street
Northridge, CA 91324
9781456450113, $14.99,

The hardest truth to find is one you don't want to find. "The Dark Before Dawn" is a mystery as Detective Gabriel McRay tries to understand the patterns of a vicious serial killer, fearing that he just may know the answer. As he much search and understand himself to understand the place of the mystery, "The Dark Before Dawn" should keep readers guessing, recommended.

Roberta M. Roy
Alva Press
PO Box 2089, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
9780976410409, $24.95,

Survival and the desire to help are clashes that are hard to understand. "Jolt" is a delve into a fictional future where nuclear meltdowns happen and a town is influxed with refugees trying to survive. The town is split between its common residents and the people who looking for safety. Telling the story of these people and their own struggles to clash with the nuclear fall out, their own goodness, and their own self-preservation, "Jolt" is a riveting read that casts an unusual yet page turning thriller.

Night Shivers
Ed Pessalano
Moose Hide Books
684 Walls Side Road,
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, P6A 5K6
1894650824, $7.38,

The most terrible things can enter one's life. Hopefully they're only mundane. "Night Shivers" is a collection of thirteen short stories exploring the horrors of life, from the reach of the dead to those who joy in making death. "Night Shivers" is exciting and very hard to put down, highly recommended.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

The Last Seer and the Tomb of Enoch
Ashland Menshouse
Dog Ear Publishing
4010 W. 86th Street, Ste H
Indianapolis, IN 46268
9781457504013, $33.95,

Trapped in a conflict of time, the world struggles to squeak through. "The Last Seer and the Tomb of Enoch" is a science fiction and fantasy epic from Ashland Menshouse as he spins a tale of angels and watchers looking over the fate of the world as our traditional world is torn apart by its march to the future and the pull of the past legends and mythology. "The Last Seer and the Tomb of Enoch" is an excellent pick for fiction fans looking for a massive overreaching and unique tale, highly recommended.

Malcolm R. Campbell
Vanilla Heart Publishing
10121 Evergreen Way, 25-156
Everett, WA 98204
9781937227753, $13.95,

Torment is not something one wants to live with for long. "Sarabande" follows the story of the titular character as she copes with calls from beyond the grave from her dead sister Dryad, as she travels the American west and Midwest to find the truth behind her voices, to either return her sister to life, or to take her place in the beyond. An original work of contemporary fantasy with plenty of original ideas, "Sarabande" is an excellent choice that is very much worth considering for any modern fantasy fan.

Joanne Elder
MuseItUp Publishing
14878 James,
Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada, H9H 1PT
9781927085103, $15.00,

For profit, there is no cost too much. "Spectra" is a science fiction journey into the deep future as mankind meets a species of pure energy. Curiosity takes hold first, but the cruelty of human nature steps ahead and it seems that the very essence of evil may soon be created by the very evil of it all. "Spectra" is an exciting and original questioning of human nature, highly recommended for science fiction fans.

Finding Magic
Ray Rhamey
Flogging the Quill
845 SE Spring St. Pullman, WA 99163
9780615437491, $13.95,

When something is not understood, it is feared. "Finding Magic" follows Annie, the latest in a long line of a priestess clan with the power to save or destroy lives. When a government agent finds that her clan has this power, she finds her people under the gun as terrorists, and with the outbreak a new plague that could end humanity, she finds that more than ever she must live and be free or else there will be nothing to protect. "Finding Magic" is a riveting work of modern fantasy, highly recommended.

Dream Cat
Kat Lowe
Highlands Publishing LLC
PO Box 1055, Virginia City, NV 89440
9780983760603, $17.99,

An engineering career may not be so bad. "Dream Cat" is a humorous novel of fantasy as Elizabeth suddenly faces a load of her true nature as a female Argonaut, faced with a horde of demons. Thrown headfirst against Lucifer, Elizabeth must learn quick or face a fate far worse than becoming an engineer. "Dream Cat" is fun and fast paced reading, very much recommended.

The Guardians of Time
Damian Lawrence
Pentelicus Press
PO Box 682, Princeton, NJ 08542-0682
9780983172185, $19.99,

When the world is out of time, anything to buy some would be very much welcomed. "The Guardians of Time" is a fantasy by Damian Lawrence as he constructs a tale of the world on the brink of destruction faced with the environment revolting. With the assistance of time travel, Mark Lawson tries to buy the world much more but in the process may only expedite the process. Blending the history of Greece into a tale of balance, "The Guardians of Time" is a choice and much recommended read for fantasy readers.

The Apocalypse Gene
Suki Michelle & Carlyle Clark
c/o Parker Publishing
12523 Limonite Avenue, Suite 440-438
9781600431029, $12.95,

When you can see and feel the suffering of others, a hospital is not the place to be. "The Apocalypse Gene" is a spin of fate and life from Suki Michelle and Carlyle Clark as they tell the story of Olivya and Mikah, two young people blessed with the power of detecting suffering through supernatural empathy and seeing auras. As the world falls apart, the two find they must hunt for a legendary cure unless the world and they too be consumed by fate. "The Apocalypse Gene" is a thoughtful read with plenty to consider, highly recommended.

Remember Me To Paradise
Amy J. Benesch
WolfSinger Publications
4260 Cassidy St., Security, CO 80911
9781936099139, $12.95,

It is hard to remember what we truly are at times. "Remember Me to Paradise" is a fantasy telling of Shapeshifters and their efforts to return to their home planet of Paradise. Trapped in earthly forms with little memory of their true identity, they feel disconnected as humans and must slowly come to terms with their true nature. "Remember Me to Paradise" is a fun and much recommended pick for fantasy collections.

The Christian Studies Shelf

What's Your Motivation, second edition
Annette R. Johnson
Allwrite Advertising and Publishing
PO Box 1071
Atlanta, Georgia 30301
9780974493510 $14.95

Now in a revised and expanded second edition, What's Your Motivation? Values Matter is a Christian self-help book designed to guide the reader through the process of identifying their greatest motives, hopes, desires, and obstacles. The easy-to-use "Value Matrix" is presented as a tool to help the reader weigh what he or she wishes most to accomplish - whether it's love, work, diet, friendships, money management, raising children, or worship. Written by a Christian, for Christians, What's Your Motivation takes both biblical and secular viewpoints and values into account. A separate consumable workbook (9780984493166, $TBA) allows the reader to write down and cross-compare their feelings on different life goals for ease of study. What's Your Motivation? is an excellent choice for any Christian searching for direction at the crossroads of his or her life.

Ecumenical Babel
Jordan J. Ballor
Christian's Library Press
161 Ottawa Avenue, NW, Suite 301
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
9781880595701, $9.95,

Economics and politics form many people's beliefs on how the future of the world should go, but should churches follow suit? "Ecumenical Babel: Confusing Economic Ideologue & the Church's Social Witness" discusses the role of Church in its position of public policy and how it should not bend to economic and political pressures, and staying true to the scripture and morality, free from outside pressures. A scholarly discussion, "Ecumenical Babel" is a fine read with plenty to consider for religious studies collections.

Seeing Through Heaven's Eyes
Leif Hetland
Destiny Image
PO Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257-0310
9780768440140, $16.99,

Remembering God's love is key to living a spiritual life. "Seeing Through Heaven's Eyes: A Worldview That Will Transform Your Life" is an inspirational and faith driven motivational book from Leif Hetland as he offers his own experiences and lessons learned in life to use the faith of God to drive one through life to better things. For those looking for greater inspiration in life, "Seeing Through Heaven's Eyes" is a fine and much recommended read for community library collections.

The Life of Wulfric
John of Forde
Cistercian Publications
Abbey of Gethsemani
3642 Monks Road, Trappist, KY 40051
9780879075798, $32.95,

In the twelfth century, there were many men who gave their complete lives to God. "The Life of Wulfric" tells of the writings and thoughts of one of these men in particular, Wulfric of Haselbury. Out of his small cell in a monastery, he created a network of friendship with men and women and gained much perspective of the people of the world, as John of Forde brings forth his writings in translation to the modern day for all to understand. For those seeking religious scholarship, "The Life of Wulfric" is very much recommended reading for scholarship.

Stories of Faith and Courage from the Vietnam War
Larkin Spivey
God & Country Press
6815 Shallowford Rd., Chattanooga, TN 37421
9780899570198, $16.99,

When you struggle to survive, it's easy to forget God watches over you. "Stories of Faith and Courage from the Vietnam War" is a collection of memoir and faith as Larkin Spivey shares tales of soldiers struggling to survive in the war, and using faith to shine them through under the stress of war and combat. With honesty and frankness, this is an ideal read for any man of faith who wants to experience its power in the worst of situations. "Stories of Faith and Courage from the Vietnam War" is a remarkable read that shouldn't be overlooked.

Saint Matthew's Journal
Paul Carrollton
Zoa Press
PO Box 821268, Ft. Worth, TX 76182
9781463713270, $15.95

Jesus rose from the dead to assure his message would be heard. "Saint Matthew's Journal" discusses the forty days after Jesus rose from the dead, and what he did during those forty days, and what was taught. A spiritual exploration of the aftermath of the event that everyone knows but few think about what was done before the Ascension, "Saint Matthew's Journal" is a fine pick for Christian and spirituality readers, recommended.

A Time for Everything
Michael L. White
Parsons Press Place
13000 Vista del Norte Apartment 1231,
San Antonio, TX 78216
9780978656744, $12.75,

True miracles can still happen. "A Time for Everything: The Kevin Zimmerman Story" tells the story of Kevin who faced a miracle in his own life, as author Michael White continues to preach the gospel through this inspirational tale of miracles and God's hand in our lives. "A Time for Everything" is a spiritual and much recommended pick for Christian readers in general, highly recommended.

The Memoir Shelf

Pieces Missing
Larry C. Kerpelman
Two Harbors Press
212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 290
Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781937293062, $16.00,

The brain is the link to our very being. "Pieces Missing: A Family's Journey of Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury" is a memoir of sorts from Larry C. Kerpelman as he copes with his wife being hit with a traumatic brain injury as he tries to work with the woman he loves as she tries to struggle to keep her life, and more importantly who she really was. "Pieces Missing" is a poignant journey with a strong message for any memoir collection dedicated to overcoming life threatening conditions.

Big Shoes
Lisa Bradshaw
3 George Media, Inc.
331 Valley Maill Parkway #213
East Wenatchee, WA 98802
9780983654612, $17.95,

Bound for life, it can be devastating when that soulmate is torn from one's life. "Big Shoes: A Young Widowed Mother's Memoir" is an encouragement for widows and mothers who have been hit by profound grief and are struggling to manage their lives. With simple and inspirational wisdom, "Big Shoes" is a touching and very much recommended read for memoir and self-help collections, especially those with a focus on grief.

The Path We Share
Lois Tschetter Hjelmstad
Mulberry Hill Press
2710 South Washington Street, Suite B
Englewood, CO 80113-1679
9780963713964, $18.95,

A life together is a life well spent. "The Path We Share: Reflecting on 60 Years of Marriage" is a memoir of decades of marriage from Lois Tschetter Hjelmstad as they share their own journey with wisdom for others on finding their own soul mate status that can last a life time and be that love you never want to give up. "The Path We Share" is an insightful and much recommended read that shouldn't be overlooked.

Gas Drilling and the Fracking of a Marriage
Stephanie C. Hamel
Coffeetown Press
PO Box 70515, Seattle, WA 98127
9781603811149, $13.95,

For the pursuit of profit, some will go by any means necessary to succeed. "Gas Drilling and the Fracking of a Marriage" is a memoir of environmental health sciences professor Stephanie Hamel, who walks readers through her experiences with a drilling company, and her conflicting fear for her family and the exploitation of the company, who were exploiting the law to exploit the people of the region. "Gas Drilling and the Fracking of a Marriage" is a personal memoir that many people face throughout the country.

Come Back Early Today
Marie Marley
Joseph Peterson Books
PO Box 2674, Olathe, KS 66063
9780983570615, $14.95,

The loss of a mind is terrifying. "Come Back Early Today: A Memoir of Love, Alzheimer's and Joy" is a memoir from Marie Marley as she recounts her tragedy of coming to terms with the degradation of Ed, whose mind was slipping away as time went on. Telling her story of the pain of seeing it happen, of watching a man lose his life while still alive, "Come Back Early Today" is a sad yet touching tale, highly recommended.

Confessions of a Lie Detector
Jim Wygant
Lycetta Press
7505 SE Reed College Pl.
Portland, OR 97202
9780982889022, $18.00,

Lies are tied to the core of human nature. "Confessions of a Lie Detector: Years of Theft, Sex, and Murder" is a memoir of a lie detector who worked with the polygraph machine as well as his own wits to find the truth from people who had everything to lose from the truth coming out. "Confessions of a Lie Detector" is an intriguing blend of memoir that muses on the nature of lying and what drives us to evade the truth.

The Venice Experiment
Barry Frangipane with Ben Robbins
The Venice Experiment
c/o EMSI
1127 Grove Street, Clearwater, FL 33755
9780983614104, $14.95,

Canals, history, and culture make Venice a truly unique experience. "The Venice Experiment: A Year of Trial and Error Living Abroad" is a memoir from Barry Frangipane as he sought to live the life of a Venetian, as he sought to understand the people who descended from ancestors who constructed one of the most unusual yet magnificent cities in the world. Telling of many angles to Venice only Venetians will truly understand, "The Venice Experiment" is a much recommended read, not to be overlooked.

Nine Lives of a Marriage
Eva Friedlander & Mickey Goodman
EDF Publishing
217 Millbrook Farm Road
Marietta, GA 30068
9781610050081, $19.95,

Someone could be a whole other person, even when sleeping in the same bed. "Nine Lives of a Marriage - A Curious Journey" is the memoir of Eva Friedlander as she reflects on her decades of love with her husband George and how she eventually learned about the many twists and turns of his mistress and second life. Not bitter, "Nine Lives of a Marriage" is a unique work of memoir and romance, very much recommended reading.

The Poetry Shelf

I Love You to the Moon
Jack Moser
Fithian Press
PO Box 2790, McKinleyville, CA 95519
9781564745163, $14.00,

As we go through life, we come on many epiphanies of life. "I Love You to the Moon" is a collection of poetry as he ponders life's spirituality, the search for faith and understanding in life. "I Love You to the Moon" is a highly recommended collection of poetry. "Can You Believe It?": She has returned to me,/following a three-year penance./Forgiveness was my hoped-for rendezvous./That is exactly where we met./My love for her patiently waited/for all her wounds to heal./I remained near the door,/looking longingly down the road,/watching every movement of every person./When I finally spied her shadow/a long way off/I ran to meet her,/much like the father/with the prodigal son./Jubilation--/let us serve the fatted calf./I had lost her,/ now she is found.

Christopher Hennessy
Brooklyn Arts Press
154 N 9th St#1, Brooklyn, NY 11211
9781936767021, $14.95,

When we understand what we want out of our lives, it all becomes much clearer. "Love-In-Idleness" is a collection of poetry from award winning and prolific gay poet Christopher Hennessy as he speaks on the many twists and spins of life, and makes for an insightful spin of life that will appeal to any poetry reader. "Love-In-Idleness" is a worthy addition to any community library poetry collection. "Cold Comfort": There is comfort/in sleeping among your shoes/on the floor beside our bed/those nights you are away.//There is comfort/in wrestling away a blanket, naked,/cool on the bare floor, relieved/of the ceiling's dark eyes.//There is comfort, on the nights you curl, uncurl/and twist beside me, dancing/through my fever dream.//There is comfort/far away from us, too, isn't there./A neatly tucked-in bed, a single pair of shoes left at the door.

Be a Poet!
Nancy Bogen
The Twickenham Press
31 Jane Street, New York, NY 10014-1982
9780936726076, $24.95,

Poetry is words from the soul, but a little refinement makes them sing. "Be a Poet!" is a style guide for aspiring poets as Nancy Bogen outlines how one can put down their thoughts in a poignant and enjoyable way that is worthy of poetry. Covering the many styles and formats of the medium, for anyone who wants to try their hand at poetry and gain a special mastery of it, "Be a Poet!" is a highly useful and highly recommended tool.

Carol Smallwood
Anaphora Literary Press
163 Lucas Rd., Apt. I-2
Cochran, GA 31014
9781937536008, $15.00,

Understanding one's own nature opens a window to the soul. "Compartments" is a collection of poetry from Carol Smallwood as she muses on many things with a certain knowledge and love of the world, primarily on the topics of mother nature and the meaning of femininity. "Compartments" is a worthwhile addition to any poetry collection, highly recommended. "After the Storm": I sought my desk to remember/Superman dreams of flying --/but why were sky and land so/ close together?

The Sliding Glass Door
Scott Poole
Colonus Publishing
PO Box 10249, Spokane, WA 99209
9780984510269, $17.95,

Driven by thought and ideal, Scott Poole has crafted three works of poetry. "The Sliding Glass Door" is the third collection of poetry from Scott Poole as he presents a thoughtful collection of poetry and work, making for an enticing read as he attains a surreal poignancy of life. "The Sliding Glass Door" is a choice assortment of poetry. "Lemonade": One time/when I sold lemonade//I sold it for ten dollars/instead of ten cents.//Yes, you guessed it,/I didn't sell a single Dixie cup//but got a lot of attention./Everyone wanted a sample//even though it was cold and cloudy,/but I refused.//I was locked on ten dollars./After they left confused//because they couldn't afford me, /I drank all the lemonade myself//and it was the best, the best/thousand dollars I never made.

Dear Prudence
David Trinidad
Turtle Point Press
233 Broadway, Room 946, New York, NY 10279
9781933527475, $19.00,

Dedication to the format leads you to embrace many things. "Dear Prudence" is a collection of poetry from David Trinidad as he presents a wide array of thought and opinion with a unique style that uses plenty of metaphor. "Dear Prudence" is a fine assortment of life and work, for those seeking a fine combination of quality and quantity. "Poem": The vast dance floor was the empty universe/I presumed mine alone when I was merely eighteen/and utterly accessible to almost any one of many/made handsome only amidst those rotating lights. Also from Turtle Point Press poetry is "What It is Like" (9781933527482, $20.00), another wide volume of excellent work from a multiple award winner as he presents new work as well as a reprinting of some of his previous best.

Already It Is Dusk
Joe Fletcher
Brooklyn Arts Press
154 N 9th St #1, Brooklyn, NY 11211
9781936767007, $8.00,

Through our own eyes, we see the colors and nature of the world so differently. "Already It Is Dusk" is a collection of poetry from Joe Fletcher, as he presents a different take on our world and its many twists. Offering unusual food for thought, "Already It Is Dusk" is an excellent compilation of poetic work, highly recommended. "Hunting": I tear feathers from chickens./I stuff them into hot and spattered chutes where/blades twist, where fire grows/pale and slack on the sheer/steel tables of our hunger./I'm the one who throws them/from their bodies into meat./I'm the one who cinches the thread and dangles them in the smoke.

The Next Thing Always Belongs
Chris Anderson
Airlie Press
PO Box 434, Monmouth, OR 97361
9780982106655, $15.00,

Offering a certain dose of wisdom about the world, "The Next Thing Always Belongs" is a new volume of poetry from Oregonian Chris Anderson. Sparking thoughts on the many mysteries of life and our search for solutions with a good dose of poignancy and wit, "The Next Thing Always Belongs" is a fine addition to any general poetry collection. "My Atomic Energy Merit Badge": One dot orbiting another dot, in thread./What could I have possibly done to earn it?/But I do remember Rick Morris/and driving up Slate Creek to see the stars./It was the first time I ever looked/long enough to disappear./Oh my friends! Where are you? The future is fast receding,/like the universe. It is speeding away.

Katharine Rauk
Black Lawrence Press
115 Center Ave, Aspinwall, PA 15215
9780982636459, $9.00,

From where we came provides a picture of where we are going. "Basil" is a collection of poetry from Katharine Rauk as she speaks on the worldly nature of life and explores our souls to find what we truly seek and the mixed results of what we find. "Basil" is a fascinating and well crafted compilation, much recommended. "Fever": A heron sits on her chest./His wet-wracked/body stinks of marsh-- black/muck, massed leaves, the dank/of the buried unearthed --/which coats her throat but/she can't cough. Still/the heron weights her chest/with his scaly legs/upon which everything is balanced.

Easy Marks
Gail White
David Robert Books
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781934999066, $17.00,

With humor and verse, we bend the world into something that can actually be understood. "Easy Marks" is a thoughtful collection of poetry from Gail White who offers a good dose of alternative thought for making sense of it all in our complex lives. "Easy Marks" is a well recommended reading, not to be overlooked. "Hero's Journey": A Spiritual explorer in my youth,/I sought to know and to believe the Truth./Much older now, I only wish I knew/What I believed, so I could think it true.

The Self-Help Shelf

A Princess And Her Garden, second edition
Patricia Adson
Center for Applications of Psychological Type
2815 NW 13th Street, Suite 402
Gainesville, FL 32609
PR by the Book (publicity)
9780935652932, $19.95,

Women are the primary caretakers of their husbands and children. Women are also the gender that is expected to be more skilled than men in relating to the demands of bosses and the needs of aging parents. What is often overlooked is that in order to be 'all things to all people' care-wise, a woman must first and foremost take care of herself! That is the underlying message of "A Princess and Her Garden: A Fable of Awakening and Arrival", a 135-page compendium of advice, commentary, instruction, and suggestion by licensed psychologist Patricia Adson. Now in a fully updated and expanded second edition, "A Princess And Her Garden" is enhanced with the inclusion of a 'guided journal' for the reader to utilize. Informed and informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking, "A Princess And Her Garden" is especially recommended for women who find themselves facing multiple demands for time and attention from children, spouses, parents, employers, friends, neighbors, and telemarketers!

How to Become a SuperHero
Sage Michael
SuperHero Press
PO Box 6221, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
9780692001097, $18.22,

It's not about being exceptional, it's about doing exceptional things. "How to Become a Superhero: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate You!" is a self-help guide from Sage Michael with a foreword from comic legend Stan Lee as Michael advises readers on how to become their own superhero in their life, by establishing a focused mission, acting with pride, training the body and soul, as well as being prepared for anything. "How to Become a Superhero" is an ideal pick for anyone who want a superhero in their lives and figures it might as well be them.

Anger Mastery
Kevin B. Burk
Serendipity Press
8030 La Mesa Blvd, Suite #115
La Mesa, CA 91942
9780975968239, $9.95,

Anger can be a good thing if worked right. "Anger Mastery: Get Angry, Get Happy" is a guide to mastering one's anger and controlling one's emotions, thereby making oneself safe, and finding a certain serenity and happiness that so often eludes us. "Anger Mastery" is an enticing and much recommended read for anyone who is letting their life be dominated by emotion.

99 Things You Wish You Knew Before...
Lauren E. Miller
99 Series
600 Brunet
Montreal, Quebec Canada H4M 1X8
9780986808494, $13.97,

Keeping one's head cool can do great things for one's life. "99 Things You Wish You Knew Before... Stressing Out!" is a guide to managing stress and life no matter what aspect of life is out to drive you insane this time. Sharing her own journey that includes cancer and divorce, she offers plenty of practical wisdom to control one's life and more than succeed. "99 Things You Wish You Knew Before...Stressing Out!" is an uplifting and much recommended read.

The Problem Was Me
Thomas Gagliano
Gentle Path Press
PO Box 3172, Carefree, AZ 85377
9780982650578, $16.95,

Beating oneself up accomplishes nothing but wasting time. "The Problem Was Me: How to End Negative Self-Talk and Take Your Life to a New Level" is a thoughtful and inspirational read from Thomas Gagliano as he advises readers to find their own way of canceling out all of the negatives we all are bombarded with all throughout our lives. "The Problem Was Me" is an uplifting read that espouses the power of attitude in life.

The Homeowner's Shelf

Renovation Bootcamp: Kitchen
Robin Siegerman
Yorkshire Publishing
9731 East 54th Street, Tulsa, OK 74146
9780881445022, $24.95,

The kitchen is where magic happens, so having a good one can do much in helping one's everyday life. "Renovation Bootcamp: Kitchen" is a guide to those who want to renovate their kitchen within life's limitations such as money or the stress of building around such a vital room in the house. With no shortage of ideas and full color illustrations and photos throughout, Robin Siegerman equips readers with everything they need to know to make the renovation work for them. "Renovation Bootcamp" is an excellent and much recommended pick for home improvement library collections.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

The Unity Principle
Steven L. Richheimer
Inner World
PO Box 1613, San German, Puerto Rico, 00683
9781881717119, $16.00,

Could their be a science of the soul? "The Unity Principle" is an argument from Steven L. Richheimer as he tries to connect traditional quantum physics with spirituality, trying to offer a scientific explanation for man's mind and our drive to understand ourselves and our world. "The Unity Principle" is quite the read with plenty to ponder, very much recommended.

Beyond the Pews
Jillian Maas Backman
Lake Street Press
4064 North Lincoln Avenue, #402
Chicago, IL 60618
9781936181346, $16.95,

Many go through life seeking a connection with the divine. "Beyond the Pews: Breaking with Tradition and Letting Go of Religious Lockdown" is a spiritual memoir from Jillian Maas Blackman as she discusses her own connection with the spiritual world, finding her connection away from typical church tradition even as a life long follower and daughter of a minister. Speaking frankly on her own experiences and wanting to inspire others to find their own, "Beyond the Pews" is a strongly recommended pick for those who are seeking their own angels in their life.

The Gay Studies Shelf

Out of Step
J. Lee Watton
A & M Books
2 Seaside Drive, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
9780983796107, $17.00,

With the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, one must not forget those who faced disgrace for having their personal lives drive them out of the military in a witch hunt for so many decades. "Out of Step" tells the story of WAVES, a group of female soldiers in Bainbridge in 1965 who faced investigation and interrogation under the suspicions of homosexual activity, faced pressure without lawyers or rights. Decades later, Watton lets the truth out of what happened to these women and the time that changed their lives. "Out of Step" is an important addition to any gay history collection, recommended.

Gayle E. Pitman
Active Voice Press
4310 55th Street,
Sacramento, CA 95820
9780615518121, $16.95,

The issue of homosexuality has become a social, political, religious, and everything issue. "Backdrop: The Politics and Personalities Behind Sexual Orientation Research" is a psychological and deep thinking analysis of this controversial issue from Gayle E. Pitman, who writes as a student of mental health who has focused on lesbian women. Offering the science behind it, the social backlash, with some pondering on the future, "Backdrop" proves an excellent perspective on the debate, highly recommended.

The Psychology Shelf

Motivated by Passion
Tchicaya Ellis Robertson & Sheila Taylor-Downer
Professional Prodigy
PO Box 641, Hillsdie, IL 60162
9780970290939, $14.99,

Our mind is our greatest friend and our greatest enemy. "Motivated by Passion: Held Back by Fear" is an inspirational guide aimed at career women as Tchicaya Ellis Robertson & Sheila Taylor-Downer as they discuss the base fears many women, and many men also, have in holding them back from achieving their maximum success in business. "Motivated by Passion" is a much recommended pick for anyone who wants to understand the psychology of success in today's career world, highly recommended.

The Relationship Shelf

30 Things He Told Me But Can't Tell You Because You Won't Listen
Mischa P. Green
Morals & Values Press
5211 Dayrbook Circle, Rosedale, MD 21237
9780975419120, $19.99,

Without communication, there is no relationship. "30 Things He Told Me But Can't Tell You Because You Won't Listen" is a collection of words of wisdom from Mischa P. Green as she advises women to remember that in their own hubris, men will sometimes communicate and it's important to hear them out - it's their relationship too. With a bit of humor and plenty of frankness, "30 Things He Told Me But Can't Tell You Because You Won't Listen" is a very wise and very highly recommended read.

How to get a Married Woman to Have Sex with You...
Stephan Labossiere
Firefly Publishing & Entertainement
PO Box 1346, Snellville, GA 30078
9780984642809, $14.95,

The ring was easy. The sex is the hard part. "How to Get a Married Woman to Have Sex With You... If You're Her Husband" is a humorous guide to relationships and sex from Stephan Labossiere to the wonderful nonexistent world of married sex. With plenty of advice for keeping the fire alive and understanding one another through it all, "How to Get a Married Woman to Have Sex With You" is a useful and much recommended read for those who see the pursuit of lust only getting harder under the bonds of matrimony.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Achieving an AIDS Transition
Mead Over
Center for Global Development
1800 Massachusetts Ave NW, Third Floor
Washington, DC 20009
9781933286389, $19.95,

An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. "Achieving an AIDS Transition: Preventing Infections to Sustain Treatment" discusses the importance of prevention in the world's battle against this powerful disease. Stating that a transition, where the prevalence of AIDS significantly declines, Mead Over presents a storied study of what needs to be done to make victory vs. the disease possible even without a potential vaccine. "Achieving an AIDS Transition" is a useful and important read on the future of AIDS prevention, recommended.

Active Against Cancer
Nancy S. Brennan
Courage Mountain Press
861 Mountainview Drive
Duxbury VT 05676
9780983460107, $16.95,

Good health is the best weapon against illness. "Active Against Cancer: A Guide to Improving Your Cancer Recovery with Exercise" is an advocacy of good health from Nancy S. Brennan. Stating that good health is not only a vital act as prevention, but in recovery, sharing stories form other survivors who in their own way beat their cancer with good and long life, "Active Against Cancer" is a strong and much recommended pick for anyone seeking greater health in their lives.

Breast Cancer
Robert Pendergrast
Penstokes Press
PO Box 7798, North Augusta, SC 29861
9780984476909, $24.00,

Fighting cancer is an effort of good health. "Breast Cancer: Reduce Your Risk With Foods You Love" is a guide for greater health from Robert Pendergrast as he advises readers on how to tailor their diet to stand against breast cancer, stating that all the way from puberty onwards is the time to start thinking about good prevention for years to come. "Breast Cancer" is a very much choice read, not to be overlooked by anyone strongly concerned about breast health.

Doctor, Are You Listening?
Masood Khatamee & Linda Perelman
Fertility Research Foundation
875 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10075
9780962545344, $14.95,

For many, parenthood seems like an impossibility. "Doctor, Are You Listening?: A Couple's Truggle to Find the Right Infertility Doctor" is a memoir and tale of how a couple, faced with infertility and with many failed attempts to see them through, worked towards finally having a child of their very own. From making sure you find certified specialists and what can be done on one's own front to promote fertility, "Doctor, Are You Listening?" is a read that should be considered for those who want to have a child but are failing.

The Biography Shelf

Time, Synchronicity, and Calendar Change
Stephanie South
Law of Time Press
PO Box 156, Ashland, OR 97520
9780978592448, $24.99,

Opening one's eyes to the universe sees that it is more vast than we could ever imagine. "Time, Synchronicity, and Calendar Change" is a biography of Jose Arguelles, chronicling the spiritual and metaphysical thinker as he comes to understand the nature of this era of thought and understanding our planet, its place in the universe, and the role of humanity in the grander stage of time and existence. "Time, Synchronicity, and Calendar Change" is a fine choice for students of new age thinking and the metaphysical, highly recommended.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Work's New Age
James B. Huntington
Royal Flush Press
PO Box 190, Eldred, NY 12732
9780983500636, $17.95,

The era of working one job for decades has passed. "Work's New Age: The End of Full Employment and What it Means to You" is a guide to surviving this new world of constantly swapping professions and that keeping one job for decades is not vital to success for employers or employees. Stating an overview of the modern career path and how risk has become the name of the game, "Work's New Age" is an excellent and very much recommended read for anyone who wants to make the most of their career.

The Language Studies Shelf

The Last of the Egyptians
Gerard Mace
Burning Deck
71 Elmgrove Avenue
Providence, RI 02906
9781936194117, $14.00,

The man who connected the world to a lost language was anything but normal. "The Last of the Egyptians" is a collection of writings from French writer Gerard Mace on Jean-Francois Champollion, the man credited with the break through of deciphering the Rosetta stone for understanding Egyptian hieroglyphics. Mace writes that Champollion never actually went to Egypt, offering a unique picture of one of history's unusual characters. "The Last of the Egyptians" is expertly translated from the original French by Brian Evenson, an excellent addition to any world history or general essays collection.

The American History Shelf

Las Vegas Legends
Greg Niemann
Sunbelt Publications
1256 Fayette Street, El Cajon, CA 92020-1511
9780932653987, $17.95,

Vegas has attracted vice, and there is little more interesting than unfettered vice. "Las Vegas Legends: What Happened in Vegas..." is a delve into Las Vegas's long and storied history as Greg Niemann tells of the story of a city driven by capitalism, engineering, the mob, and everything else to become an adult playground and the face of vice in America. "Las Vegas Legends" is a remarkable and much recommended compilation of history, highly recommended.

The Las Vegas Chronicles
Andrew J. McLean
Scotline Press
c/o Concierge Marketing
13518 L Street, Omaha, NE 68137
9780965849951, $25.00,

Vegas is where fortunes are created and fortunes are lost. "The Las Vegas Chronicles" tells the history of the people who made Las Vegas, and what has become of them over the centuries, from eccentrics who tossed millions at getting the city's legend gang, stories of gangsters, politics, and the modern atmosphere of keeping the games in favor of the Casino. With plenty of stories, "The Las Vegas Chronicles" is a choice collection for anyone who wants to understand the many twists and turns of Las Vegas's long history.

The World History Shelf

The Berlin Wall Today
Michael Cramer
255 W, 43rd St., #1012,
New York, NY 10036
9781935902102, $14.95,

The Berlin Wall divided a country, and the division still lives on today. "The Berlin Wall Today: Remnants, Ruins, Remembrances" discusses the fall of the Iron Curtain, and where life has picked up where the wall once stood. Both memorial and life rolling forward occur up and down the wall that divided Germany, and even over twenty years later, there lies some division between East and West. "The Berlin Wall Today" is a fascinating study of the fate of the wall and the fading memories of a major event in German history.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

Troop 142
Mike Dawson
Secret Acres
75-22 37th Avenue, #452,
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
9780979960994, $20.00,

The scouts can teach one about manhood, but it usually has little to do with what's directly taught to you. "Troop 142" is a graphic novel from Mike Dawson, as he explores the awkwardness of youth through one week of camping where many young men learn the lessons of life hard and fast and find each other more of the teachers than the scoutmasters. With humor and poignancy, "Troop 142" is a moving and much recommended addition to community library graphic novel collections.

The Photography Shelf

Untamed Places
Norman Brown
Sunstone Press
PO Box 2321, Santa Fe, NM 87504-2321
9780865348172, $60.00,

The world is full of adventure for those who dare to seek it. "Untamed Places: Adventures in Mountains, Deserts, Jungles, Rivers, and Ruins" as Norman Brown shares the experiences of his endeavors through full color photography and poetry. As he traveled the world after retiring, he fought his old age and saw the natural and cultural landmarks of the world, seeing what the world had to offer, and collected his thoughts with idealism and wit. For armchair travelers or those looking to be inspired to their own journeys, "Untamed Places" is an excellent blend of photography and poetry, highly recommended.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Spiritual Facelift
Victoria Holt
Edgar Cayce's A. R. E.
215 67th Street, Virginia, VA 23451-2061
9780876046258, $15.95,

Spiritual beauty can mean more than one thinks. "Spiritual Facelift: 7 Natural Steps to Inner and Outer Health and Beauty" is a metaphysical and spiritual guide from Victoria Holt as she advises readers to embrace their spiritual beauty, which can help them emotionally, mentally, and in good health, project outward to physically. With a powerful message on embracing the power of the spirit, "Spiritual Facelift" is a choice pick for new age and spirituality collections, recommended.

Interview with Gods
I Cavalcanti
Amethyst Moon Publishing
PO Box 87885, Tucson, AZ 85754
9781935354635, $9.95,

The universe is a big thing, it would be a shame if it was all was lost. "Interview with Gods" is a blend of science fiction and the metaphysical as I Cavalcanti crafts a future that looks deeper into the universe, the will of our planet, and the destiny of mankind. Asking many questions and offering many intriguing answers, "Interview with Gods" is a fine and insightful twist of metaphysics, highly recommended.

The Genealogy Shelf

The Guide to FamilySearch Online
James L. Tanner
Family Roots Publishing Company
PO Box 830, Bountiful, UT 84011-0830
9781611660159, $39.95,

Knowing one's roots is a common goal. "The Guide to FamilySearch Online" is a guide to using the internet to making out one's own family tree and learning anything and everything about their family and their history. Through many genealogical sources throughout the internet and thorough national records, James L. Tanner gives readers everything they need to know to understand where they came from and create a solid database. "The Guide to FamilySearch Online" is a fine pick for anyone who wants to better understand their family's history.

The Art Shelf

A Spanish Sculptor in Exile
Ariadne Pascual Wright & Fernando Urena Rib
Artmaster Publishing
2206 Spring Creek Drive,
Austin, TX 78704
9780615507613, $18.95,

Art is expression, and expression can quickly prove dangerous. "A Spanish Sculptor in Exile: The Art and Life of Manolo Pascual" delves into the history Manolo Pascual, who was exiled from Spain as a result of its Civil War, as told by his daughter and artist and scholar of art Urena Rib discuss his work, and what it meant to them as what it meant to Pascual as he traveled the world, creating his work and leaving his legacy. "A Spanish Sculptor in Exile" is a fine read that should be considered for any art and biography collection.

The Criminology Shelf

Mafia: The Glamour Of Crime
Fien Meynendonckx
Tectum Publishers
c/o Innovative Logistics
575 Prospect Street, Suite 301
Lakewood, NJ 08701
9789079761791, $59.95,

A most unusual, oversized, largely photographic, coffee table book, "Mafia: The Glamour Of Crime" is simply fascinating to browse through; it presents the history of organized crime from 1910 down to the present day. The opening sections provide an informatively descriptive introduction to organized criminal enterprises such as La Cosa Nostra, the Irish Mob, and 'Kosher Nostra'. After providing a chronological (decade by decade) of the history of the Mafia in America, author Fien Meynendonckx goes on to address 'Gangster Talk' and the stereotype of the gangster. Then we are treated to a pictorial of how the Mafia has been portrayed in movies and television. Of special note is the chapter focused on other regional and global organized criminal enterprises including the Yakuza, the Kkangpae, the Triad, the Vor, Le Eme, and the Mumbai Mafia. Concluding with cogent observations on the reality of organized crime, "Mafia: The Glamour Of Crime" is enhanced with a closing epilogue and a profusion of memorable quotations. A very special feature also is the informed and informative texts that accompany the superbly produced photographs throughout. The texts are in English, French, and Germany. "Mafia: The Glamour Of Crime" is an entertaining and very highly recommended acquisition for community, and academic library Criminology and Cinema Studies reference collections, as well as supplemental reading lists for non-specialist general readers with an interest in how organized crime has been treated by Hollywood filmmakers.

The Law/Justice Shelf

Personal Legal Forms Simplified
Daniel Sitarz
1103 West College St.,
Carbondale, IL 62901
9781892949615, $29.95,

When it comes to forms, it can be quite daunting to do it all properly. "Personal Legal Forms Simplified" is a guide from Daniel Sitarz to the many ins and outs of filling out personal legal forms oneself, in order to avoid the high fees that so often come with them. Discussing all types of forms that range from simple contracts to wills to power of attorney and much more, "Personal Legal Forms" is a comprehensive and highly useful reference that is complete with a CD with additional information throughout. "Personal Legal Forms Simplified" is an excellent pick, very much recommended.

The Literary Studies Shelf

The Werewolf Book
Brad Steiger
Visible Ink Press
43311 Joy Rd., #414
Canton, MI 48187-2075
9781578593675, $19.95,

The legend of the werewolf is one that rings true all throughout history. "The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings" is a reference of literature and culture surrounding the werewolf legend, of man falling into his most bestial nature and preying on mankind. From the cultural origins of the were wolf, to the true life of stories of monsters who have inspired countless works of fiction, "The Werewolf Book" is a must for anyone who wants to better understand the fascination of werewolves, or for simply fans of the creatures in general, very much recommended reading.

The Writing/Publishing Shelf

Class Act
Barbara Techel
Joyful Paw Prints Press, LLC
304 Kettleview Court
Elkhart Lake, WI 53020
9780980005264 $11.95

Class Act: Sell More Books Through School and Library Author Appearances lives up to its title as a solid guide to promoting one's book and ensuring more sales to schools and libraries. Intended for authors of all types of books (not just children's stories), Class Act covers how to gain recognition as an expert speaker, organize book speaking gigs and personal appearances, spread the message of one's writing, prepare a solid and engaging presentation, and much more. Helpful checklists, advice from authors who have personally experienced the author/speaker circuit, tips, tricks, and techniques all fill this "must-have" for any aspiring author, book publisher, or even publicist. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to establish a foothold in the business!

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