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Reviewer's Choice

The Iraq War Blog
Faiza Al-Araji, Raed Jarrar, & Khalid Jarrar
Second Chance Publishing
380 Harding Place, Suite L6, Nashville, TN 37211
0971679509, $18.00,

Stories from soldiers of the Iraq war are commonly heard but what of an Iraqi in Baghdad during the worst of the war? "The Iraq War Blog: An Iraqi Family's Inside View of the First Year of the Occupation" is what the subtitle outlines a look at the controversial conflict from the perspective of the invaded. A day by day account of experiencing the destruction of their home in the name of the war on terror, "The Iraq War Blog" is an intriguing viewpoint rarely heard in our ongoing national debate over the necessity of the Iraq War. "The Iraq War Blog" is enthusiastically recommended for personal, academic and community library reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into
Robert Prondzinski
8917 Kell Avenue So, Bloomington, MN 55437
9780967029122, $21.95,

Life with a quadriplegic can be an adventure in and of itself. "Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into: The Life and Adventures of a Quad". Filled with anecdotes relating to his disability, Robert Prondzinski hopes to use his stories to move and inspire readers who may be struck down with the disability or have relatives who are facing it. Saying that life does not have to end with it, "Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into" is charming and entertaining as well as motivating.

Day by Day
Christine Frisbee
Frisbee Foundation Publishing
PO Box 286619, New York, NY 10128
9780981618401, $14.95,

When a child is first exposed to the tragedy of death, it is commonly of a parent or grandparent not a sibling. "Day by Day: Children Tell Their Journeys of Faith and Determination Living with a Sick Sister or Brother" is a collection of reflections from siblings of terminally ill children. Their diverse perspectives are just as enlightening and inspiring as the views of the afflicted themselves, and includes the author's own observations concerning the families of the tragic children. "Day By Day" is a fresh view of the saddening aspect of childhood disease, highly recommendation for those seeking something to smile for in this cruel world.

The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex and Other True Stories
Pagan Kennedy
The Santa Fe Writers Project
#350, 369 Montezuma Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501
9780977679935, $14.00,

Plots to destroy monogamy, the Emperorship of America, these are elements featured in Pagan Kennedy's "The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex and Other True Stories", a riveting compilation of short stories about real events that actually have happened although some of them are so absurd that they seem like fiction. The stories follow a British biologist turned sex guru, Brain Machine construction, crafting paradise on earth, and other strange stories which open a window to the creativeness and resourcefulness of the human mind. "The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex and Other True Stories" is highly recommended and inspired reading.

Touchable Love
Becky Due
Due Publications
30 Amberwood Pkwy, PO Box 388, Ashland, OH 44805
9780974621227, $12.95,

Is love something only limited to one man and one woman? Or is it further loosely defined? "Touchable Love: An Untraditional Love Story" is about Christy and her unusual, polyamorous, relationship with two men. With this unique relationship, she manages to clear up her past and learn to develop self-esteem and belief in herself. A story teaching people to not hate ways of life because they are different, "Touchable Love" is recommended as an original and entertaining romance.

Uncle Ernie's Guide to Old Time Rodeo
Ernie Bulow & Ernest Franklin
Sidewinder Publishing LLC
4609 Kinney Street SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105
9780914001034, $14.95,

The rodeo is a classic western event that showcased competition in all of the various skills a working cowboy needed out on the range and home on the ranch. In "Uncle Ernie's Guide to Old Time Rodeo", author Ernie Bulow draws upon his experience growing up wrangling horses with his grandfather and becoming a rodeo contestant in his own right (including riding in a bucking buffalo contest at the annual Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial held in annually in Gallup, New Mexico) and so writes an accurate and detailed description of every rodeo event from the Grand Entry, Trick Riding, and Barrel Racing, to Bulldogging, Steer Roping, and Brahma Bull Riding. "Uncle Ernie's Guide to Old Time Rodeo" covers the Mexican Rodeo, the Prison Rodeo, Singing Cowboy, women's events, kids events, and concludes with a Rodeo Dictionary. Each one-page event description is accompanied and enhanced by a full-page, brightly colored, cartoon-style illustration by Ernest Franklin. "Uncle Ernie's Guide to Old Time Rodeo" is a unique introduction and overview of the cultural institution of the rodeo and highly recommended for rodeo enthusiasts of all ages, as well as community library collections.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

The Bambino Secret
J. Anderson Cross
Elkhorn Publishing
PO Box 818, Elkhorn, NE 68022
9780979517600, $24.95,

Looks can be deceiving, and the stupidity of racism knows no bounds. "The Bambino Secret" is a historical novel looking into a strange rumor that would have destroyed his career at the time. The novel switches between Ruth's time and seventy years later. Supposedly, Babe Ruth had black ancestry and only appeared white. Cammie Griffin discovers evidence proving this claim true but for something that seems so minor in the modern era, there is certainly a lot of backlash regarding the color of a baseball legend's skin. "The Bambino Secret" is a deftly written mystery and thriller, sure to please sports fans and those who enjoy a little conspiracy now and then.

Death Books A Return
Marion Moore Hill
PO Box 1027, Corono Del Mar, CA 92625
9780977191369, $17.95,

Tragedy can come in so many ways the death of a teenager gone unsolved, due to his race. "Death Books a Return" tells of Juanita Wills, a librarian in the heartland of the country who reads about the unsolved murder of a black high school student more than forty years ago. She begins to dig deeper, hoping to find the truth and bring some semblance of justice, if decades late. But there are those who prefer the past stay buried. "Death Books a Return" is an exciting mystery with a non-typical protagonist, highly recommended.

Doc Macomber
Floating Word Press
1017 SW Morrison St., #215, Portland, OR 97205
9780978571726, $14.00,

People protect their own, through higher circumstances than one would think. "Snip" follows Jack Vu as he must investigate the story behind a questionable suicide as an Air Force Special Investigator. Set in post-Katrina New Orleans, Vu's must go to clear the name of a cop who is wrongfully accused but he must deal with a hostile town which is overly protective of its own. "Snip" is a great mystery, highly recommended to many a reader.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Retirement Readiness
Mike Bonacorsi
Peter E. Randall Publisher
PO Box 4726, Portsmouth, NH 03802-4726
9781931807715, $14.95,

To be free of work, to spend one's life doing what they want. "Retirement Readiness: Creating Your Vision, Knowing Your Position, & Preparing for Your Future" is a guide to planning for one's retirement so one can spend it how they dreamed themselves spending it. One spends up to four decades of one's life preparing for it, and Mike Bonacorsi has advice to make sure it is not floundered. "Retirement Readiness" is highly recommended for anyone who wants to make sure their future stays as planned.

The Biography Shelf

Pressure is a Privilege
Billie Jean King
Lifetime Media
352 Seventh Avenue, Seventh Floor, New York, NY 10001
9780981636801, $19.95,

One upping a man in tennis thirty five years ago has given Tennis star Billie Jean King much to think about. "Pressure is a Privilege: Lessons I've Learned from Life and the Battle of the Sexes" is her autobiography of her life as a figure for feminists and a model for gender relations. With a good dose of common sense and wisdom, "Pressure is a Privilege" is a memoir worth reading for a look into a mind of an everyday woman who did wonderful things.

What I Thought I Knew
Barbara Stahura
Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing Inc.
15115 Highway 36, Deadwood, OR 97430
9781932279993, $15.00,

Everyone thinks they know it all, when they clearly don't. "What I Thought I Knew" is a collection of reflective essays from Barbara Stahura. She goes through life with an open mind, and learns new things daily, leading her to advance forward and look back on her life and give herself insight on what she has learned over the last few years. "What I Thought I Knew" is poignant, entertaining, and many readers will find a bit of themselves as they go through Stahura's writings.

A Life of Creative Business
Herman H. Rappaport
Century City Publishing
2029 Century Park East, Suite 1112, Los Angeles, CA 90067-2901
9780615182995, $24.95,

Age is not a barrier to change. "A Life of Creative Business: Lessons on Reinventing Your Life" is the memoir of Herman H. Rappaport -- a man who never let his advanced age stop him. His work has taken him all over from working on a McDonalds building to serving in three presidential administrations. With nine decades of life, he has started work on health care, and has shown nothing short of the reaper will stop him from pursuing what he wants to do. Hoping to inspire other seniors to take a similar initiative in living their own lives, "A Life of Creative Business" is highly recommended reading, especially for anyone over fifty and wanting a change of pace.

Leon Hesser
Bavender House Press
PO Box 770883, Naples, FL 34107-0883
9780615198521, $19.95,

The Greatest Generation is a reference phrase describing those who lived, worked, and fought in the era that experienced the atrocities of Adolf Hitler, as well as the tragedies, hardships, and triumphs of World War II. In this age, they are few due to the ravages of mortality. "ZigZagPass" is a memoir of a World War II veteran and his relationship and life with a girl he met shortly before being shipped off to the Philippines. He talks of his life of a wartime relationship and how his after military career of fighting global hunger, a story of a generation that is dwindling. Wisdom worth hearing because it won't be around much longer, "ZigZagPass" is highly recommended to any memoir collection focusing on the era.

Don Ho: My Music, My Life
Don Ho & Jerry Hopkins
Watermark Publishing
1088 Bishop Street, Suite #310, Honolulu, HI 96813
9780979064746, $29.95,, 1-866-900-2665

Don Ho is a legendary performer and justifiably credited with making Hawaiian music popular throughout the country. "Don Ho: My Music, My Life" is the story of his life, told from his own perspective, and augmented throughout with insightful anecdotes and memorable photographs showcasing and highlighting his experiences as a performer. Don Ho knew and associated with some of the biggest names in show business and society ranging from Jackie Kennedy to Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and Elvis Presley. Not bad for a man who was born in a hardscrabble Honolulu neighborhood in 1930 and remained accessible to his friends, family, and fans throughout his life and career successes. Of special note are the stories his fans tell about this icon of Hawaiian music and entertainment. Written with the assistance of Jerry Hopkins, "Don Ho: My Music, My Life" is an absolute must for his legions of fans and will prove to be a popular addition to community library American Biography collections.

Return: The Parker Story
Jack K. Selden
Clacton Press
122 Berkley, Palestine, Texas 75801
9780965989824, $21.95

Return: The Parker Story is the true-life family biography that inspired a classic John Wayne western. The large Parker family started settling in Texas as early as 1830, and were subsequently involved in domestic and political activities. On May 19, 1836, Fort Parker was attacked; five of the fort's inhabitants died, and five of the Parker family were captured by the Indians. The rest of the family struggled to find and secure the return of their missing relatives. Their efforts would become the stuff of American legend, culminating in an amazing true story of family reunion years after being separated. Researched in depth, and illustrated with a handful of black-and-white photographs, Return: The Parker Story is a welcome addition to American West history collections.

Secrets of the Sno Cone Lady
Angela Mattox
Sno-Biz Books
2 Freeman Drive, St. Louis, Missouri, 63129
9780981859002, $21.00

Life is a roller coaster, and you never know what's going to be over the next hill. "Secrets of the Sno Cone Lady: Angela's Story" is the story of Angela Mattox. Born in a broken down and decrepit Greece, she overcame a dark childhood and found love -- or so she thought. Emigrating to the United States with a serviceman, her marriage fell apart. From there, her life has been a rocky road as she tried to find her place in the world, something she finds in the treat known as Sno-Cones. "Secrets of the Sno Cone Lady" is an inspiring memoir of overcoming the bad hands that life deals you.

A Tale of Two Worlds
Emily Juana Burke Orr
Phenomenal Press
44 Longfellow Street, NE, Washington, DC 20011
9780979569708, $19.99,

Race is far more than just the color of one's skin. "A Tale of Two Worlds: My Life as a Proud Black Woman With White Skin" is Emily Juana Burke Orr's story of her life with 'vitiligo', a skin condition that the epidermis lose its pigmentation, turning dark colored skin white. Her stories of how people perceive her in matters of race, sometimes identified as black, sometimes identified as white including being able to attend a Ku Klux Klan meeting and evading victimization in a race riot. An eye opening and intriguing look at race, "A Tale of Two Worlds" is a fascinating read and a highly recommended addition to academic and community library collections race relations and social issues reference collections.

The Fiction Shelf

Low Man
T.J. Vargo
Leucrota Press
PO Box 647, Poway, CA 92074
9780980033939, $12.95,

There's only so much a man can take before going over the edge. "Low Man" tells of Benny Assissi and his breaking point. His career outsourced, his son near death, and robbed at his temp job at a convenience store, he finds a gun and goes after the man who robbed him. His adventure in pursuit is not what it seems as Benny learns much about himself and life in the process. "Low Man" is a riveting and philosophical thriller, a strong pick for fiction readers.

Empress Bianca
Lady Colin Campbell
Dynasty Press
c/o Strategies
PO Box 178122, San Diego, CA 92177
9780955350702, $14.99,

Lying, cheating, seducing, many people would condemn such tactics, but their results are proven effective. "Empress Bianca" tells the story of one who would use these methods to get these results. Raised in luxury and to expect the best and the story follows her air of pretension, giving readers a glimpse to a side most of them have only learned to hate in their lives. "Empress Bianca" is a brilliantly written story, sure to please many a fiction fan.

David Givens
Triple Crown Publications
PO Box 6888, Columbus, OH 43205
9780979951770, $15.00,

You can have it all, but if love evades you, what's the point? "Betrayed" follows Darrel "The Sandman" Jenkins as he pursues Sherrice Valdez. Love would be complicated enough alone but Darrel's business, one that doesn't agree the most with the law, soon starts to face problems and drama begins to flare up all around him. Darrel has to settle everything around him as they try to break apart, while not spoiling his chance at love. "Betrayed" is riveting urban fiction, highly recommended.

China Girl
Sophie Mokhtari
Writers of the Round Table Press
8 Sparrow Lane, York, ME 03909
9780981454559, $29.95,

Life never pans out like one plans it, but one must play with the hand they are dealt. "China Girl" tells of an estranged mother and daughter. Anna Lee had bright eyes for the future, but it all changed when she made the mistake of going too far with a boy she had uncertain feelings for. She is left coming to America, leaving the product of her mistake behind with her parents. Seventeen years later, her daughter, Lily Chang, finally comes to join her mother. Her transition is not the most pleasant. A story of estranged family reuniting and the conflicts that arise, "China Girl" is a moving story of overcoming adversity.

Pennies for Joseph
Donna C. Ebert
Pen-It Publishing
878 Pompton Avenue, Suite B2, Ceda Grove, NJ 07009
9780980111545, $14.95,

Gambling is an addiction that has no substance but can be just as destructive as heroin or cocaine. "Pennies for Joseph" is a view of the nature and consequences of a serious gambling addiction from the perspective of daughter whose father was a compulsive gambler. Following her life experiences as she matures in poverty from a young girl to a young woman, Donna Ebert speaks of the lessons she learns from her father and how she hopes to one day save his mind and soul from his disease. "Pennies for Joseph" is a touching and personal story that is highly recommended reading for anyone with a family member or friend who is addicted to gambling.

The Unraveling Thread
Priscilla Cogan
Two Canoes Press
PO Box 334, Hopkinton, MA 01748
9781929590117, $26.95,

When you're against a wall, desperation kicks in. "The Unraveling Thread" tells of Harriet McWhinnie and her laundry list of problems in her life. Out of control children, a divorce leads her to hire an unknown named Agatha Strands. Harriet's Ex, doesn't take a liking to Agatha and begins to use all his power against her. Harriet, as well as Agatha, must deal with their lives and all the chaos that runs through them all. "The Unraveling Thread" is a tale of dealing with life and all of its varied obstacles, which many readers will find much to relate to.

The Highest Price for Passion
Laurinda D. Brown
Strebor Books International
PO Box 6505, Largo, MD 20792
Atria Books (publicity)
1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
9781593090531, $13.00,

Freedom is something that is simply taken for granted in the modern world. "The Highest Price for Passion" is a novel of romance in the time of slavery on a plantation. A particularly beautiful and bright slave drives a master and mistress apart for her affections. A vividly written, entertaining and enlightening tale, "The Highest Price for Passion" is highly recommended for fiction fans, especially those regarding African American issues.

Promenade of the Gods
Koji Suzuki
Vertical, Inc.
1185 Ave. of the Americas, 32nd Floor, New York, NY 10036
9781934287262, $24.95,

Acclaimed Japanese author Koji Suzuki now has his biggest novel since his beloved Ring trilogy published in "Promenade of the Gods." Miyuki's husband suddenly vanishes, and not willing to accept single motherhood without a fight, she contacts her husband's old friend in a desperate attempt to find him. What they find is not something one would call ordinary. Expertly translated from the original Japanese by Takemi Nieda, "Promenade of the Gods" is highly recommended reading.

Webs of Power
Darlene Quinn
Emerald Book Co.
4425 Mo Pac South, Suite 600, Longhorn Building, 3rd Floor, Austin, TX 78735
9781934572054, $24.95,

Marriage is a strange thing, and stranger still when power enters into the mix. "Webs of Power" is the story of three women who are entangled with the world of big business. Paige wants to raise a child that the father doesn't want, Ashleigh wants to help her mentor but her fiance won't help her, and Vivana wants nothing more than to be a trophy wife to the one in charge. A story of three women with very different lives and goals and how one company brings them together, "Webs of Power" is highly recommended reading to any literary fiction enthusiast and community library collections.

The Blue of Her Body
Sara Greenslit
Starcherone Books
PO Box 303, Buffalo, NY 14201
9780978881108, $16.00,

Love is not something always between humans. "The Blue of Her Body" tells of Kate, spurned by her lover, turning to bird training to find herself. Her grasp helps her to overcome her failed relationship and encourages her to embrace nature. A powerful story of humanity and the natural world, "The Blue of Her Body" is a riveting piece of literature.

Katherine's Wish
Linda Lappin
Wordcraft of Oregon
PO Box 3235, La Grande, OR 97850
9781877655586, $15.00,

Based on the true story of Katherine Mansfield, "Katherine's Wish" is based on the final five years of her life. A dramatic retelling of a story about an artist oppressed by the odds, it gives narrative the chaotic last years of her life. Lappin draws from letters and other historical documents to bring the last few years of Mansfield's life into being, making "Katherine's Wish" an intriguing and highly recommended piece of writing.

The Prostitutes of Post Office Street
Frank F. Carden
Sol Books
c/o Skywater Publishing Company
PO Box 24568, Minneapolis, MN 55424
9780979308123, $9.95,

No one chooses prostitution as their long term career goal. "The Prostitutes of Post Office Street" is the story of getting out of the rut that falling into the depths of a seedy part of town in a seedy career with a seedy life takes you. A story of overcoming the odds life shoves in front of you and making the most of one's time, "The Prostitute of Post Office Street" is grade-A reading for any reader seeking a story of rising up.

The Antonym of Apathy
Hilary Kyle
Antonym Publishing
2240 SE Woodward St., Portland, OR 97202
9780981639109, $15.95,

Displaced by a tyrant, a child can be separated far from their heritage. "The Antonym of Apathy" tells of Gloria and her family. Her mother was a Jew displaced by Nazi Germany, she leaves America where she was born to find the land of her ancestors. A story of finding out where one came from and the stories that came before you, "The Antonym of Apathy" is poignant and moving, aimed at Jewish women readers but fine for any reader.

The Imperfect Daughter
Sally O'Lee
Lee Publishing
35 Locust Street, Unit 5, Danvers, MA 01923
9781419605949, $9.99

No human is perfect in any regard, but that doesn't stop anyone. "The Imperfect Daughter" takes a look at two girls. Sam's life is ended prematurely due to a car accident, and another couple who are involved give birth to Lily. As Sam converses with God, life goes on as Lily, born deaf, grows up and finds herself in an affair with a college professor. Charming and unique in style, "The Imperfect Daughter" will please many a reader.

Journey to the Heart
Nora Caron
Fisher King Press
PO Box 222321, Carmel, CA 93922
9780977607662, $17.95,

There's a point where it all just isn't worth it any more, and it's time to run away. "Journey to the Heart" is a novel telling of Lucina who does just that. The story follows her life of beginning anew after a life where everything was simply so terrible it wasn't worth the time. She meets a teacher who begins to show her a path to happiness in life, making "Journey to the Heart" an offbeat novel many a reader will enjoy.

Meeting Lizzy
SarahBeth Carter
LJW Publishing
1045 E. University Drive, Suite 1, Mesa, AZ 85203
9780976198666, $12.95,

'Mind your own business' is a saying commonly said to stay out of trouble. But is it always worth it? "Meeting Lizzy" is the story of Cy McEntire, a seventeen year old who is no stranger to family problems. He followed the aforementioned wisdom, but it soon became too much as he was positive that a neighbor girl was being abused. What could he really do about it? A story of how one person can make a difference, "Meeting Lizzy" is highly recommended to young adult fiction readers everywhere.

The Santa Letters
Stacy Gooch-Anderson
Sweetwater Books
2373 W. 700 S., Springville, UT 84663
9781599551456, $16.99,

Christmas is meant to be a happy and joyous time of the year but it is still December, a winter dominated time of the year where unfortunate things can happen. "The Santa Letters: A Christmas Story" tells the tragic story of Emma Jensen and how her husband was killed in an automobile accident the year before. Depressed, Christmas for her family seems as if it'll be miserable at best. But the desires of the youngest keep them alive, as she writes to and believes in Santa who seems to begin to respond. A moving and uplifting tale, "The Santa Letters" is in the style of classic Christmas tales, making it highly recommended to any reader, but most especially those for whom Christmas has become associated with tragedy.

High Stakes at San Xavier
Rebecca Cramer
Imago Press
3710 East Edison, Tucson, AZ 85716-2912
9780979934131, $14.00

How far are people willing to go to take a stand against something they view as immoral? "High Stakes at San Xavier" is the third book of the Linda Blueknight Series, following the series protagonist and her newest boyfriend, Lt. Jake Zepeda of the Tucson Police Department. Bomb threats nag the Sonoran Slots. With her son working there, she seeks to help to put an end to the chaos that plagues the casino to protect her son. "High Stakes at San Xavier" is a riveting mystery, sure to keep readers reading.

The Red Apple
Jonathan Levitan
44030 123rd St., Eden, SD 57232
9789944424387, $18.95,

Constantinople, the target, the glittering jewel that they strive for, "The Red Apple". "The Red Apple" follows Manuel as he's drafted into the army of the Ottoman empire. Forced to convert, he works his way up the ranks to become a Janissary, an elite unit of the army. All is going well, until his loyalties are called into question as love comes into his life. If he pursues love, the enemies he made on his way up seem to be lying in wait to strike back at him. "The Red Apple" is a gripping piece of historical fiction, sure to please anyone looking for an exciting story of the time of the Ottomans.

Slice of Life
Gene Hull
Fiction Publishing Inc.
5626 Travelers Way, Fort Pierece, FL 34982
9780981495651, $14.95,

Variety is the spice of life, and Gene Hull brings readers his third book in "Slice of Life: Our Ways and Days" is a compilation of short stories following many subjects. Cougars, Bears, Seniors are just some of the things dealt with by Hull's characters who all feel as if they think, live, and breathe, letting readers connect with them. "Slice of Life" is entertaining, hilarious, and highly recommended to those looking for a solid book of variety.

Riches to Rags
Sandra White
Mirror Publishing
6434 W. Dixon St, Milwaukee, WI 53214
9780981752112, $14.99,

It was the American Dream a loving family, successful career, and happiness. "Riches to Rags" is a story of how sometimes life can take that all away. Meritt Hall-Davis had all of that, but her life long mental illness, nagging at her entire life leaves her destitute in Valeria, Indiana. There, along with other homeless she meets in Valeria. She has to overcome her mind. Mixed with romance and intriguing story of psychology and emotion, "Riches to Rags" is highly recommended to any seeking a story of the homeless facing the odds.

Seven Blackbirds
Helen Winslow Black
Four Elk Press
PO Box 25741, Portland, OR 97298
9780979662300, $14.00,

Kimberly Baltakis just wants to get her life back on track, after a bad trip down the road of matrimony. "Seven Blackbirds" is a novel of her journey. Filled with humor and wisdom from the days in the life of a single mother, Helen Black writes out Kimberly's story that many divorced women will laugh and take comfort in reading. "Seven Blackbirds" is an original, deftly written, elegant work of fiction that is certain to please many a reader of literary fiction.

The Parenting Shelf

Dr. Rob's Guide to Raising Fit Kids
Robert S. Gotlin
150 East 61st Street, New York, NY 10065
9780979356438, $16.95,

With today's rising obesity rates, many parents want to ensure their children stay healthy and fit. "Dr. Rob's Guide to Raising Fit Kids: A Family-Centered Approach to Achieving Optimal Health" is a guide for parents who want their children to avoid the easy pitfall that is obesity. With guidelines and tips for children of any age, information on activities and better diet choices, it's an informed guide, sure to help children get fit and stay fit. With extra advice on how health is a family mind set, "Dr. Rob's Guide to Raising Fit Kids" should be required reading for any parent.

Flourishing With Food Allergies
A. Anderson
Papoose Publishing
385 Main Street South, Suite 404-200, Southbury, CT 06488
9780615187044, $24.95,

Food Allergies can crop up far more often than one would think, and can change the way some live their lives. "Flourishing With Food Allergies: Social, Emotional, and Practical Guidance for Families with Young Children" is a guide for parents of children who suffer from food allergies. Chapters are filled with tips on finding proper medical care, and keeping one's children away from allergens when they are at social situations or school. Enhanced with a bibliography and appendix, "Flourishing With Food Allergies" should be considered a first pick for any parent of a child with food allergies.

Parenting Preteens With a Purpose
Kate Thomsen
Search Institute Press
615 First Avenue Northeast, Suite 125, Minneapolis, MN 55413
1574821997, $13.95,

Adults complain of midlife crisis, but children may have a mid-adolescence crisis of their own. "Parenting Preteens With a Purpose: Navigating the Middle Years" is a parent's guide to dealing with a child who's looking at teenagerdom in their very near future and the conflicts that come with all of that. With plenty of tips and advice for readers to encourage their children to deal with everything that comes with being a teenager responsibility, preparing for the future, the opposite sex it is what a parent needs. "Parenting Preteens With a Purpose" is a solid pick for those parents who fear their child is growing up too fast.

The Military Shelf

Unsung Heroes, Saving Saigon
Albin F. Irzyk
Ivy House Publishing Group
5122 Bur Oak Circle, Raleigh, NC 27612
9781571974884, $24.95,

The Vietnam war is not regarded as a war of heroes, but that doesn't mean there weren't any. "Unsung Heroes, Saving Saigon" tells of just one of these events where heroes were made. Brigadier General Albin E. Irzyk served as an unofficial mayor of Saigon, and he tells his story of how he lead his men in an epic defense of Saigon against the oncoming Viet Cong. A story of heroics in an unheroic time, "Unsung Heroes, Saving Saigon" is a solid addition to any military collection or for military readers.

The Self-Help Shelf

Decide Better!
Michael E. McGrath
Motivation Publishing
c/o Strategic Vision
1360 Regent Street, Suite 152, Madison, WI 53715
9781935112006, $13.95,

Good decision making skills are a skill that can affect everything about one's life. "Decide Better! For a Better Life" is a guide for making one make better decisions about everything in life as a whole. Success or failure at anything in life is about making good, educated decisions every day, from what one eats, to what jobs to take, to how to spend one's free time. "Decide Better!" is an enthusiastically recommended guide for readers who take the wrong road all too often.

Make Room for Happiness
Steven M. Melemis
Modern Therapies
208 Blloor St. West, Suite 702, Toronto, ON, M5S 3B4
9781897572177, $17.95

Do you have time to be happy with all of the stress in your life? "Make Room for Happiness: 12 Ways to Improve Your Life By Letting Go of Tension" is a self-help guide suggesting that people improve their contentment with their lives by simply uncomplicating them. Suggesting relaxation techniques, cutting down on anxieties, being truer to one's relationships including the one with yourself, getting enough sleep, and many more techniques you may not have thought of. "Make Room for Happiness" is a simple but effective message for readers who can't find the time to smile over it all.

Dress Like The Big Fish
Dick Lerner
Bel Air Fashions Press
717 North 114th Street, Omaha, NE 68154
9780979346309, $17.95,

A man with greasy long hair, torn jeans, and an Iron Maiden T-Shirt is never going to strike anyone as a successful business man, so why should they be treated as such. "Dress Like the Big Fish: How to Achieve the Image You Want and the Success You Deserve" is a fashion guide entwined with a common sense business guide for readers who are achieving enough to deserve it, but seem so often overlooked. First impressions matter, and "Dress Like the Big Fish" is a guide to taking advantage of them.

The Education Shelf

The Advisory Book
Linda Crawford
3805 Grand Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55409
9780938541127, $24.95,

A collective effort is the best way to ensure harmony. "The Advisory Book" is a collection of tips and advice for educators and education professionals who want to make their school the best possible. With a FAQ, 200 samples for themes to use as well as activities, greetings, and other stuff that can be used to enhance the day to day educational experience, it is a great accompanying reference. "The Advisory Book" is a fresh and highly recommended acquisition for teachers.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

The Keepers
Richard Friar
Infinite Conception Phaze
2410 Camino Ramon, Suite 267, San Ramon, CA 94583
9780979691508, $14.95,

When war spins to every corner of the globe is when a conflict escalates to the states of a 'world war'. "The Keepers: Part I WW III" is the first novel in The Keepers series telling of the Apex Empire and its desire to bring the entire world under a single banner, one that wishes to neutralize the chaos of the world through despotic control. Conflict remains all around as the few that could stand against the Apex are slow to do so. A gripping political SciFi thriller, "The Keepers" is a must for any who enjoy that action and adventure in science fiction.

Jim Martin
Lupine Press
425 East 63 Street, E2E, New York, NY 10065
9780980014006, $15.00,

Where will humanity be in a millennium? "Clementa" is a novel set in the future of our world. A cast of thousands tells the tale of a world where everything is different, from science to agriculture. This future land is far from a Utopia as rebellion begins to stir and a fulfilling story spills forth. "Clementa" is highly recommended for anyone seeking a unique fiction set in the future that is not entirely science fiction.

The Storyteller & Other Tales
K.V. Johansen
Sybertooth Inc.
59 Salem Street, Sackville, NB E4L 4J6, Canada
9780973950588, $8.99,

A story can be very different depending on the one who is telling it. In "The Storyteller & Other Tales", author K.V. Johansen provides his readers with a collection of entertaining, original, well crafted short stories. They range from the internal conflicts of a warrior princess, a peasant facing sea raiders, A different tale of the fall of Camelot and Arthurian Britain, and so much more. "The Storyteller & Other Tales" is a highly recommended compendium of quality short stories that are sure to please even the most discriminating literary enthusiast.

Sandy Nathan
Vilasa Press
PO Box 1316, Santa Ynez, CA 93460
9780976280927, $24.95,

When you have it all, what's there to worry about? "Numenon: A Tale of Mysticism & Money" is the first book of the Bloodsong series. Will Duane was set for life -- or so he thought. Love throws a wrench in his plans, and he soon finds himself irrationally chasing after one. To follow her, he takes his corporation on a spiritual retreat, one of maximum luxury. New Mexico and the Mogollon Bowl, sacred to the Native Americans, have other plans for Will. A fantasy set in the real world to draw readers in and never let them go, "Numenon" is highly recommended to readers seeking modern fiction with fantastical elements.

The Sports Shelf

Blazing Saddles
Matt Rendell
Velo Press
1830 North 55th Street, Boulder, CO 80301-2700
9781934030257, $24.95,

The Tour De France is the most prestigious race in cycling, but it didn't become that way overnight. "Blazing Saddles: The Cruel and Unusual History of the Tour De France" chronicles the races one hundred and five year history, full of memory quotes and events throughout the history of the race. With each year covered with statistics covering the length of the course, the top three finishers and their times, it lends a bit of history to each of the races. For any fan of the race, "Blazing Saddles" is a 'must have' reference that is as entertaining as it is informative.

The Poetry Shelf

Jill Alexander Essbaum
NeoNuma Arts
PO Box 460248, Houston, TX 77056
9780974162348, $13.95,

Death awaits us all, and facing it is the first step to taking it gracefully. "Necropolis" is a collection of poems focusing on death by accomplished poet Jill Alexander Essbaum. "Necropolis" is her third collection, and the poetry is rife with experience and skill, giving it a hearty recommendation. "A Funerary catechism": Who is God? Somebody, Somewhere, somewhere./Where does he live? Not Here.//Where did you come from? Disbelief./Where are you going? Beneath.//What is the soul? A very grave thing./And what is the body? Nothing.//What is Original Sin? Debatable./The nature of man? He's feeble./Who is Christ? A guy on a cross./What did he do? He lost.//What is th Spirit? The ghost of a chance./How does She help you? She can't.//And what is the sum of dead and forever?/It's never.

Resurrection of the Dust
John McKernan
The Backwaters Press
3502 North 52nd Street, Omaha, NE 68104-3506
9780978578251, $22.00,

His first poems were written decades ago when he should have been studying - "Resurrection of the Dust" is the debut anthology of poetry from John McKernan, who has had poetry as a major interest sixty plus some odd years of his life. His dedication shows as his verse is pleasing, which promises that "Resurrection of the Dust" will enlighten and entertain readers. "I Touched": One finger/to my forehead//It surprised me/How feeble that touch/Not gentle Feeble/It was quiet too/Like watching an accident/Way far down/While crossing a bridge//Or looking up/TO watch a hawk/Plummet towards a rabbit/In an onion field/across the creek.

Illuminated Heart
Joe Pulichino
Ravzen Press
773 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
9780979777530, $24.95,

A winner of a Benjamin Franklin award, Joe Pulichino brings poetry fans a treat with "Illuminated Heart: Love Songs of a Zen Romantic" is a compilation of poems focusing on the romantic. Sure to move and inspire those who are love struck, and enhanced with pastel artwork from Julie Higgins, "Illuminated Heart" is highly recommended as poetry for those infatuated with another.

Shell Games
Noel Sloboda
Sunny Outside
PO Box 911, Buffalo, NY 14207
9781934513088, $10.00,

A teacher and professor, an accomplished and prolific writer, Noel Sloboda brings readers something to enjoy with "Shell Games". Seeking to explain how we grasp the truths and reality that surround us day by day, his work is enlightening and eye opening, not to mentioned entertaining. "Shell Games" is something to consider for any regular poetry reader. "How It Goes Down": Reasons to stay/on the wagon/melt at first//taste of the clear/hot stuff burning/your tongue//your throat/your belly/finally that thing//that made you/swallow plans/to stop.

Strong-Armed Angels
David Allen Sullivan
Hummingbird Press
2299 Mattison Lane, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
9780979256738, $15.00,

"Strong-Armed Angels" is an anthology of poetry from life-long lover of poetry David Allen Sullivan. His love has turned him into a master of his craft, and "Strong-Armed Angels" shows it through its expert composition. "In the Balance": Moon's half hidden in the pocket/of the sky. Persimmons' hard globes/won't ripen this year, maybe next./Stars, slurred by clouds, semaphore/the night. The hose I'm spraying/the night-blooming jasmine with/bobs like some charmed snake./I breathe in, hold it, wish everyone/I love could be out here tonight-/even those I'll never know or love.//A gunshot erupts, celebrating a birth or a death. I'm falling out of this sky / the briefest star.

My Dark People
T.S. Kerrigan
Central Ave Press
2132-A Central SE, #144, Albuquerque, NM 87106
9780979845208, $13.95,

A man of two cultures, T.S. Kerrigan blends all the insights of wisdom of both into "My Dark People". Kerrigan is a dual citizen of the United States and Ireland, and brings readers what only a man who had the chance to compare and contrast could know. "My Dark People" is good reading for any patron of fine poetry. "Pressed Flowers": As though, despite the toll of age,/These blooms made passion reappear,/You show me, tucked inside a page,/The flowers I gave you late last year./If love could last as long as flowers/You press in books on summer days,/These wouldn't be our final hours,/We needn't go our separate ways.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Diet for Life
David S. H. Bell
Court Street Press
PO Box 1588, Montgomery, AL 36102
9781588382245, $19.95,

A simple crash diet or burst of exercise is no way to live. "Diet for Life: A Metabolism Expert's Commonsense Plan for Overcoming Obesity" tells of David S.H. Bell, an expert on human metabolism, and his plan for weight loss. His advice is not just hot air, as Bell himself used it to drop well over one hundred pounds off his own frame. He outlines his own plan, revolving around speeding up one's own metabolism. "Diet for Life" is a unique first person yet medical account of a way to lose weight that may work for many.

Managing Fibromyalgia
Pati Chandler
Treble Heart Books
1285 Overlook Dr., Sierra Vista, AZ 85635-5512
9781932695717, $8.00,

Fibromyalgia is reaching epidemic proportions in America, leaving much of them in pain. "Managing Fibromyalgia: Getting to Know Your Aggravators" is a guide for suffers in combating their disorder and minimizing its effect on their everyday lives. Talking straight and avoiding the complicated medical language that baffles so many, "Managing Fibromyalgia" is a must for anyone who's a sufferer or as a gift for one.

Chronic Pain Self-Treatment
Bernard Schatz, P.T.
Ascara Publishing Company
536 Pantops Center, #105, Charlottesville, VA 22911
0977470725, $34.95,

A chronic pain condition can be a low-level constant state of discomfort or a high-level disabling condition. The universal aspect is that it is constant and requires treatment. A trained physical therapist, Bernard Schatz began working with chronic pain patients at the Institute for Medical Research, Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, Los Angeles, California more than fifty years ago and over that span of time developed a method for dealing with chronic pain conditions including 'carpal tunnel syndrome' and 'fibromyalgia' -- two names for what is basically the same underlying condition. Specifically and expertly written for the non-specialist general reader, "Chronic Pain Self-Treatment" begins by explaining the cause of chronic pain, the traditional medical approaches to its treatment (approaches fraught with hazardous risks and side-effects); and then focuses on his own 'Schatz Technique' for treating chronic pain. Schatz then goes on to address how those who suffer from chronic pain can themselves alleviate it. Illustrative case history examples are provided dealing with back pain, weight loss, body contouring, breast pain, bunions, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, dizziness, 'Dowager's Hump"; ear pain, fibromyaligia, knee pain, muscle weakness, peripheral vascular disease, and a great many more debilitating conditions associated with the creation of a chronic pain. "Chronic Pain Self-Treatment" is strongly recommended and thoroughly 'user friendly' reading for anyone who suffers from a chronic pain condition.

The Language Studies Shelf

Language Development in the Young Second Language Learner of English
Deborah Chitester
Second Language, Literacy & Learning Connection, LLC
107 Newman Ct., Pennington, NJ 08534
9780615224213, $42.95

English is not an easy language to learn. "Language Development in the Young Second Language Learner of English" is a guide for language teachers who must teach children English as their second language. Covering the many challenges these children face and how a language teacher can do much for helping them face them while gaining a natural mastery of the English language, "Language Development in the Young Second Language Learner of English" is an enthusiastically recommended book for these teachers.

More Speak English Like an American
Amy Gillett
Language Success Press
2232 S. Main St. #345, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
9780972530095, $29.95,

When something is cool, does that mean it's good, or does it lack warmth? "More Speak English Like an American: Learn more idioms and expressions that will help you speak like a native!" is a guide to such language idioms that so often grant foreigners a snag when trying to learn the American form of English. Advice on understanding phrases and dialects throughout the country, it's an ideal guide for foreigners looking to fit in and make a good impression. Enhanced with a CD-ROM which includes pronunciations, "More Speak English Like an American" is a valuable resource, earning it a solid recommendation for personal, academic, and community library collections.

The World History Shelf

The Forgotten Woman
Arun & Sunanda Gandhi
Ozark Mountain Publishing
PO Box 754, Huntsville, AK 72740-0754
TCI Smith Publicity (publicity)
230 Park Avenue, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10169
9781886940772, $15.50,

Side by side, some people's strength comes from that support. "The Forgotten Woman: The Untold Story of Kastur Gandhi" takes a new look at Mahatma Gandhi by looking at the woman by his side through the thick and thin of it. Giving a look at the human side of the legend of peace and non-violence, "The Forgotten Woman" is an interesting and enlightening look at the motivations behind one of the most important figures of the twentieth century.

The American History Shelf

Celia Hayes
Strider Nolan Publishing
1990 Heritage Road, Huntington Valley, PA, 19006
9781932045178, $16.95,

When there's nothing left for you, sometimes the best option is to move on. "Adelsverein: The Gathering" is the start of the story of how seven thousand German immigrants made the journey from their fatherland to Texas in the nineteenth century. The mass immigration was encouraged by several noblemen, and the story focuses on how these Germans got their start. "Adelsverein" is a moving story of coming to America and making one's mark, while retaining one's heritage.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Smelling Land,
David Sanborn Scott
563 Superior Street, 2nd Floor, Victoria, BC V8W 9V7
9780980967401, $28.95,

Another ice age coming upon the world, and many of us doubt it's even a threat. In a newly enhanced edition, "Smelling Land: The Hydrogen Defense Against Climate Catastrophe" takes a look at the coming event that could very well change the world as we know it. While the issue is serious and deserves that demeanor, Scott entertains the reader as they go about the explanation of this issue and how a solution is possible. "Smelling Land" is a must for any concerned about global warming and what can be done about it.

Wild Plants of The Burren and the Aran Islands
Charles Nelson
Collins Press
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425
9781905172672, $29.95,

Plant lovers have something very much to enjoy, with "Wild Plants of The Burren and the Aran Islands". Charles Nelson brings readers a complete and comprehensive reference on the floral life of the region, with full color photographs of each of the flowers and in-depth descriptions of each of them, including their location and season. With 136 plants covered, "Wild Plants of Burren and the Aran Islands" is a must for any reader and floral lover planning on a visit to the islands.

The Social Issues Shelf

The Delusion of Progress
Pierre A. Chomat
Universal Publishers
23331 Water Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33486-8540
1599429861, $25.95,

Progress -- it's an undeniably good right? "The Delusion of Progress: A Fallacy of Western Society" is a look at the phenomena known as progress, and how that some accept that it exists, with the same faith that some people accept that God exists. Pierre A. Chomat argues that this blind acceptance of progress could be doing as much damage to society as it is helping, if not more, likening it to suicide. With a unique perspective on modern society, "The Delusion of Progress" is recommended for the new thoughts it will bring to the discussion table.

Building States to Build Peace
Charles T. Call, editor
1800 30th St. Suite 314, Boulder, CO 80301-1026
9781588264800, $24.50,

World Peace is a noble goal, but not one that can occur in one move. "Building States to Build Peace: A Project of the International Peace Institute" explains that World Peace starts at a national level. Like many things when they first begin, the early years of a state are vital for establishing it for stability and enduring peace. Covering topics such as law, economics, and finance, it also outlines examples ranging from Somalia to Afghanistan. "Building States to Build Peace" is an enlightening political book, which is recommended reading for those who care about the future of our world.

A Love for Life
Dennis DiMauro
Wipf and Stock Publishers
199 West 8th Avenue, Suite 3, Eugene, OR 97401
9781556358289, $20.00,

The social and political controversy over abortion is not an issue that is entirely modern. Expertly researched and deftly written by Dennis DiMauro, "A Love for Life" is an informed and informative historical survey on the subject of abortion, focusing on the Judeo/Christian condemnation of the practice down through the centuries. Adamant in its pro-life message, "A Love for Life" is highly recommended reading for the Christian community who are engaged in contemporary debate of a sensitive and culturally polarized issue.

The Business Shelf

Just Jump
Majorie Geiser
California Based Publishing
PO Box 1207, Running Springs, CA 92382
9780981486000, $29.95,

He who hesitates is lost, words that are true for many careers. "Just Jump: The No-Fear Business Start Up Guide for Health and Fitness Professionals" is a guide to jumping into business with little fear for backlash, determination making the most of it. A guide along this chaotic journey, it hopes to encourage and push readers forward into believing in themselves and their entrepreneurship. Tackling everything from crafting goals, finding clients, planning, and more, "Just Jump" is a must for anyone seeking to break into the health and fitness businesses with as little reluctance as possible.

The Handbook of International Trade
Jim Sherlock & Jonathan Reuvid
Global Market Briefings
525 South 4th Street, Suite 241, Philadelphia, PA 19147
9781846730344, $70.00,

The world is more than the United States of America. "The Handbook of International Trade: A Guide to the Principles & Practice of Export" is a guide to expanding from the national to the international. Meant to be used by students of business to correctly understand the nuances of international trade, it covers the practices of many countries, customs laws, tariffs, and other important lessons, vital to students of business. Now in an updated and expanded second edition, "The Handbook of International Trade" provides the reader with an informed and informative focus on the future development of the world economy. "The Handbook of International Trade" is enthusiastically recommended as a strong choice for community and college library business collections.

Minding Your Business
Horst M. Rechelbacher
Palace Press International
1499 Huntington Dr., Suite 408, South Pasadena, CA 91030
9781601090126, $24.95,

Is it possible to run a successful industrial business without destroying the planet? "Minding Your Business: Profits that Restore the Planet" is a look at environmentally friendly business practices that can be executed by many businesses with ease. Saying that maintaining the environment will be a big issue of the next century, it calls for 'eco-preneurs' (environmentally minded entrepreneurs) and eco-consumers(environmentally minded consumers) to push business into a newer, more enlightened version of capitalism. For those concerned about the environment while still concerned about their wallet, "Minding Your Business" is a must read.

The Computer Shelf

No Stress Tech Guide To What's New In Crystal Reports 2008
Indera E. Murphy
Tolana Publishing
PO Box 719, Teaneck, NJ 07666
9781935208013, $34.95,

Computer software has revolutionized the way businesses ranging from a local 'mom & pop' operation to international corporations are managed. One of those new software programs is called 'Crystal Reports' and has proven its worth time and time again. The 'No Stress Tech Guide' is a series of instruction manuals specifically designed for students and business professionals as self-paced learning guides. The newest addition to this superbly produced series is Indera Murphy's "No Stress Tech Guide To What's New In Crystal Reports 2008" which includes such new features as Interactive Report Viewing, Flash Integration, Xcelsius Integration and Build-in Barcode Support, menu and toolbar changes, blind sort control, and more. Profusely illustrated step-by-step instructions and screen shots enhance the rapid and accurate expertise to run this software in service to any enterprise regardless of the product or service being marketed. Also very highly recommended are four other titles in the 'No Stress Tech Guide' series: "Business Objects Crystal Reports 2008 for Beginners"; "Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008 for Beginners"; "Crystal Reports XI for Beginners"; and "Microsoft Works 9".

The Travel Shelf

Wild About Florida: South Florida
Kathleen & Martin Walls
Global Authors Publications
2813 Bass Haven Lane, Saint Augustine, FL 32092
9780979808753, $16.99

Florida is filled throughout with a diverse natural beauty. "Wild About Florida: South Florida" takes as its particular focus the southern tip of the peninsula and the home of the Florida Everglades. Authors Kathleen and Martin Walls have written a thoroughly 'user friendly' guide that includes the gorgeous waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the vast in variety and beautiful plant life of the whole region, and so much more. Acting as an effective and informative travel guide which is enhanced with full color photos, "Wild About Florida: South Florida" is a must for any nature lover planning a visit to the region in the future.

The Humor Shelf

Cupcake - That's Not Acceptable Behavior
T.W. Knight
Wayfarer Books
PO Box 948, Union Lake, MI 48387-0948
9780978996581, $13.95,

Despite putting people on the moon, building complex microprocessors, and inventing nuclear weapons, there is still one thing that is a pain to understand for men. "Cupcake - That's Not Acceptable Behavior: 27 Humorous Rules and Insights for Dealing With and Parenting Your Woman" is a guide to what happens after dating, the part where men are baffled by the strange behaviors of their mates. Hilarious and insightful, the straight advice is delivered with a flare of sarcasm that provides "Cupcake - That's Not Acceptable Behavior" with a unique blend of insight driven home by humor. "Cupcake - That's Not Acceptable Behavior" is highly recommended reading and a welcome addition to both personal and community library collections.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Earth 2012
Aurora Juliana Ariel
25 Apuhihi, LN #16M, Wailea, HI 96753
9780981650104, $18.95,

2012 is prophesied by many to be the end of the World, but does it mean on a spiritual level? "Earth 2012: The Ultimate Quest How to Find Peace in a World of Chaos" encourages readers to embark on a personal quest to push themselves to find inner peace. With many ideas fresh and new to readers throughout, "Earth 2012" would be excellent reading for anyone who feels like their lives are at the end times, and thinks it could be better.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Jonathan Bricklin
Eirini Press
510 Long Hill Rd, Guilford, CT 06437
9780979998904, $13.45,

What is consciousness really? "Sciousness" is a collection of thoughts and ponderings on the concept of consciousness and how humanity as a whole perceives the world around them. Zen Patriarchs, Editor Jonathan Bricklin, William James, and Theodore Flournoy all discuss perception, experience, consciousness, and more in this book for thinkers. "Sciousness" is highly recommended reading for anyone who enjoys contemplating the nature of the world.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Help Your Dog Fight Cancer
Laurie Kaplan
JanGen Press
PO Box 2574, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510
9780975479476, $24.95

Cancer is not something exclusive to people. It is not uncommon for people to consider the animal companions as 'family'. These two facts are why Laurie Kaplan wrote, "Help Your Dog Fight Cancer: What Every Caretaker Should Know About Canine Cancer", a guide for dog owners who are unfortunate to have their beloved dog develop cancer. Outlining the causes and reasons for Canine cancer as well as outlining preventative techniques that readers can use and outline to protect their pooch, it also addresses care for when the unfortunate does happen. Very highly recommended for personal and community reference collections, "Help Your Dog Fight Cancer" is a must for anyone whose canine companion is diagnosed with a cancer.

Wild Hoofbeats
Carol Walker
Painted Hills Publishing
16500 Dakota Ridge Road, Longmont, CO 80503
9780981793641, $29.95,

After their introduction into the Americas by the Spanish, the horse became an integral part of the American landscape. Herds of wild horses ranged throughout North and South America and still continue to do so, albeit in severely diminished numbers, to this very day. Horse enthusiast Carol Walker has compiled a wealth of full color photographs of wild horses and their herds in "Wild Hoofbeats: America's Vanishing Wild Horses". Her fascinating visual images were taken as she observed (both from a distance and from close up) the horses of the Adobe Town herd in Wyoming's Red Desert country. The result is a documentary that is as informed and informative as it is engaging and entertaining. "Wild Hoofbeats" is a work of especial interest to horse enthusiasts and a welcome addition to personal, community, and academic library Equine Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

The Music Shelf

Richard Grudens
Celebrity Profiles Publishing
PO Box 344, Stony Brook, NY 11790-0344
9780976387756, $39.95,

Big bands are a big part of America's folk music history. "Stardust: The Bible of the Big Bands" is Richard Grudens' complete and comprehensive compilation on the major musical acts of the 20th Century. From Duke Ellington to Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey, no important artist is left out. With a foreword from Frankie Lane, and an introduction from the wife of Bing Crosby, Kathryn Crosby, it's a heavily researched labor of love for the music. "Stardust" is a must for fans of big band music everywhere, highly recommended.

The Photography Shelf

Endangered Liaisons
Don Shay
Alarus Press
PO Box 20027, Riverside, CA 92516
9780615213453, $60.00

Endangered Liaisons is a stunningly beautiful coffee-table book of African wildlife photography. From the lunge of a hyena warding off the carrion bird that would compete for its kill, to a Nile monitor on the prowl, to dwarf mongooses populating a termite mound den to a close-up of the crowned crane and much more, Endangered Liaisons is a wondrous glimpse of nature's creatures, sometimes even at their more inopportune moments - like a zebra rolling the dust, and even copulating elephants! Most of the photographs are allowed to speak for themselves, but the text frequently comments on the challenges and threats to the survival of the animal species, from habitat destruction to human predation to inbreeding among their own gene pool. The perfect giftbook for wildlife lovers, a welcome addition to photography shelves, and truly an amazing sight to behold from cover to cover.

The Interior Design Shelf

The Salvage Studio
Amy Duncan, Beth Evans-Ramos, and Lisa Hilderbrand, authors
Kate Baldwin, photographer
1001 SW Klickitat Way, Suite 201, Seattle, Washington 98134
9781594850790, $21.95

The Salvage Studio: Sustainable Home Comforts to Organize, Entertain, and Inspire is a guide full of do-it-yourself projects for turning excess scrap into beautiful and functional crafts for home, yard, or garden. From silverware hooks made of old serving utensils, to a birdbath crafted of a lampshade, to a trellis composed of disused golf clubs, these projects encourage both responsible recycling and artistic flair. Full-color photography showcases the many ideas for projects around the home, and the text offers additional tips to stimulate one's creativity and literally turn trash into treasures. Highly recommended.

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