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Reviewer's Choice

Take Two CDs and Call Me in the Morning
Suzanne E. Jonas Ed.D.
Selby Ink
PO Box 791 , Staunton, VA
9781589614734, $14.95

Psychotherapist, sound therapist, and musician Suzanne E. Jonas, Ed.D. presents Take Two CDs and Call Me in the Morning, a thoughtful guide to the beneficial and healing effects of music and sound. Chapters show the reader how to use music to enhance creativity, reduce physical and emotional pain, counter insomnia, relieve anxiety, and much more. From use of music in surgery and rehabilitation to simply enhancing everyday life, Take Two CDs and Call Me in the Morning brings a powerful and much-needed message of alternative, inexpensive self-care. Appendices filled with recommended music selections for specific purposes, a host of website resources, vibroacoustic music references and more round this invaluable guide.

The Poetry Shelf

Poem for the End of Time and Other Poems
Noelle Kocot
Wave Books
1938 Fairview Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98102
1933517018, $12.00

Award-winning poet Noelle Kocot presents Poem for the End of Time and Other Poems, an anthology of free-verse poetry that dwells upon the difficulties that beset one in the different phases of existence. At types evoking a hypnotic repeat phrasing, at times evoking raw emotion through cursing, and at times mournful in its reminiscence of loss, Poem for the End of Time and Other Poems is an experience to shake the reader, and prompt reconsideration of the truly big questions. "An orange radio is all I need / To keep me in green seas // I slip between the corners of the wind / And drink to remember you. // Be the skin on my lap / As I kneel once again upon your absence. // An orange radio, green seas... // And for that which is not said / And for that which is already said // I lay down my head / To the very end of my silence // To the very end of my silence / I lay down my head.

Passing Over
Norman Finkelstein
Marsh Hawk Press
PO Box 206, East Rockaway, NY 11518
9780979241604, $15.00

Professor of English Norman Finkelstein presents Passing Over, an anthology of free-verse poetry. Originally written in the late 80's and early 90's, Passing Over deals with both religious and secular views of the Jewish tradition, and the parable of Passover. A deeply contemplative meditation upon the connections between faith and early life, heavenly and human worlds. "Passing Over": Neither remembered nor forgotten / but remembered and forgotten / with an uncanny simultaneity, / an image chosen at random / from the constant course of a life / or an image smuggled in, / stolen from the life of another, / takes on an inordinate weight, / an illegitimate density, / frustratingly conditional / in the context of a poem / that claims nothing for itself / and everything for the image / it is compelled to withhold.

Keeping Score
Robert Hamblin
Time Being Books
10411 Clayton Road, Suites 201-203, Saint Louis, MO 63131
9781568091143, $15.95

Sports literature teacher and former athlete and coach Robert Hamblin presents Keeping Score: Sports Poems for Every Season, a hearty celebration of sports from a diversity of perspectives - the player on the field or floor, the coach on the bench, or the fan in the stands. Brimming with exuberance and enthusiasm, Keeping Score often applies a wry tongue-in-cheek humor to its sports passion. A free-verse poetry book that sports lovers everywhere can enjoy. "Basketball at 65": "Are you still / playing basketball?" / my sister asked, / during a recent visit. // "Yes," I told her, / "when my knees will allow." // "You don't play full court, do you?" // "No. Just half-court." // Then, on second thought: // "Actually we don't play / half-court either; / we usually just stand / in one place / and hope the ball / will come to us."

David Mason
Red Hen Press
PO Box 3537, Granada Hills, CA 91394
9781597090834, $18.95

Colorado College teacher David Mason presents Ludlow: A Verse-Novel, a narrative tale told entirely in free-verse poetic format. Set in Colorado during the early 1900's, Ludlow tells of Greek, Mexican, Scottish, and Italian immigrants and their struggle to eke out a living - culminating in the horrific Ludlow Massacre of April 1914, in which elements of the Colorado National Guard killed striking miners and their family members. Ludlow follows the fictional Luisa Mole, who must choose her destiny between living among the miners and the middle-class family that adopted her, and the historical figure Louis, a Cretan immigrant who becomes a labor organizer and a Ludlow martyr. Minor characters from history, including John D. Rockefeller Jr., also play a significant role. Ludlow continues beyond the massacre, to show and America transformed by wars and social change, and paints a vivid portrait of the daily struggle to survive and prosper. A moving poetry epic, delving into history with the flair of modernity.

The Business Shelf

Performance Appraisal for the Everyday Manager
Susan L. Kendal, MBA
PO Box 260251, Highlands Ranch, CO 80163
9780976705512, $34.99

Management, marketing, and computer science instructor Susan L. Kendal presents Performance Appraisal for the Everyday Manager, a straightforward guide to performance appraisal techniques and how to use them effectively, written especially for personnel in human resources and management. Kendal draws upon her 22 years of experience in hi-tech corporate America to present her accumulated wisdom in practical terms accessible to readers of all backgrounds. From how to administer appraisals evenly without playing favorites, to when one should handle an issue personally versus calling in reserves, to how to select appraisal processes ideal for one's chosen business, Performance Appraisal for the Everyday Manager is inordinately useful and highly recommended.

Crisis Communications
Al Czarnecki, APR
iUniverse, Inc.
2021 Pine Lake Road, #100, Lincoln, NE 68512
9780595406135, $24.95

Accredited public relations professional Al Czarnecki presents Crisis Communications: A Primer for Teams, a business guide to organizing and maintaining a team responsible for responding to crises, and keeping one's team functional in the wake of disaster. "During a crisis, consider a brief news update for your staff at the start of their shift. This can be more or less frequent (every few hours or every few days), according to the situation and your news. You can update your people with the latest information, thank them for their dedication and hard work, answer their questions. This keeps them in the loop, helps them feel they're in on things." From assigning resources and roles, to maintaining guiding principles, handling news conferences, planning emergency provisions and much more, Crisis Communications is a "must-have" for business management personnel as an all-around preparatory guide to anticipate the worst.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck
Michael B. Rubin, CPA, CFP, MBA
Bisson Barcelona
PO Box 458, Barrington, NH 03825
9780978792787, $24.95

Certified public accountant and financial planner Michael B. Rubin presents Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck: A Conversation About Income, Wealth, and the Steps in Between, a guide for anyone who lives from paycheck to paycheck but seeks more financial stability in their lives. Chapters cover the difference between being cheap and being fiscally responsible, strategies for paying off one's expensive bad debt, coping with taxes, how to properly use insurance, maximize one's investment performance, basic estate planning, and much more. Written in plain terms for readers of all backgrounds, Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck spells out financial common sense and is a "must-read" for college students and others managing own money for the first time, as well as for anyone seeking to break out of the voraciously desperate paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

The Two-Headed Quarter
Joseph Ganem
Chartley Publishing
PO Box 6705, Baltimore, MD 21285
9780967755137, $26.95

Physics teacher Joseph Ganem applies his mathematical expertise to the realm of money and finance in The Two-Headed Quarter: How to See Through Deceptive Numbers and Save Money on Everything You Buy, a no-nonsense guide to the technically legal yet inordinately deceptive practices of modern advertising: "low, low monthly payments", "zero percent interest", and many more offers too good to be true "only if you buy today!" Chapters cover how to apply reasonable estimations in one's approach to financial planning, the mathematics of income growth and investing, how to carefully evaluate loans, and much more. Though mathematically astute, The Two-Headed Quarter is written to be thoroughly accessible to lay people and is very strongly recommended for readers of all economic and financial backgrounds.

The Practitioner's Guide To Investment Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance
Jerilyn Castillo & Peter McAniff
Circinus Business Press
800 East Colorado Boulevard, Suite 800, Pasadena, CA 91101
9780976154808, $95.00

A 740-page technical reference guide for college and business school graduates who are beginning their careers in investment banking or finance, "The Practitioner's Guide To Investment Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance" provides a thorough grounding in the financial activities of mergers and acquisitions, as well as other key aspects of corporate finance and investment banking. This is also an informed and informative instruction guide of immense value for non-specialist general readers with an interest in knowing more about the analytical processes used by the banking and investment industry to evaluate and structure mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and capital raising transactions. There are chapters dedicated to each of the major valuations methods common to mergers and acquisitions including comparable company analysis, comparable transaction analysis, discounted cash flow analysis, leveraged buyout analysis, and breakup analysis. Of special note is the multi-step description of how to perform accretion/dilution analysis and other merger consequence analyses. Invaluable insights are provided into the specific elements of deal mechanics such as due diligence, players' roles, and key components of a merger agreement. Tax considerations, 'poison pills', sources of available capital, credit, and a host of other relevant issues are thoroughly explained and illustrated. "The Practitioner's Guide To Investment Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance" should be considered a mandatory office reference for finance professionals, corporate attorneys, accountants, corporate development teams, and newly minted MBAs who find themselves assigned to corporate finance management.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

The Past Lives
Jean Rita Linder
Alma Publications
2416 Hoeschler Drive, La Crosse, WI 54601
9780978515904, $15.95

The Past Lives: Embracing the Wisdom and Healing Power of Your Soul is a guide to exploring the soul's path through past lives as the stepping stone to a healing process. Written especially to aid readers whose unexplained fears and unresolved issues can be traced back to reverberations from past lives, The Past Lives offers an overview of past-life regression, techniques and examples for past-life regression, how to heal emotions, physical and mental issues through past-life therapy, and much more. Hands-on healer Jean Rita Linder gently walks the reader through the dynamics of transcending past lives to liberate and empower oneself in the present, in this highly readable and soul-empowering guide.

Unveiling Your Hidden Power
Ruth L. Miller
WiseWoman Press
1521 N. Jantzen Ave. #143, Portland, OR 97217
9780945385059, $17.95

Independent New Thought minister and metaphysical teacher Ruth L. Miller presents Unveiling Your Hidden Power: Emma Curtis Hopkins' Metaphysics for the 21st Century, a guide to the principles and practices metaphysical trailblazer Emma Curtis Hopkins, the "teacher of teachers" who instructed the founders of Unity, Divine Science, Church of Truth, and Religious Science back in the 1890s. Unveiling Your Hidden Power makes Hopkins' theories and discoveries fully accessible to modern audiences; chapters reveal the power of faith in God in Christ Jesus combined with harnessing one's mental focus through positive affirmation. "The strongest position you can take is always on the side of happiness and peace, as they are the Reality of our lives. If someone tells you they are well, and you cheerfully and innocently believe them, even when medical tests have suggested otherwise, they will be recovered by your faith. This is because confidence, or Faith, is a life principle. As God cannot fail, these cannot fail." The twelve lessons in science and metaphysics are an invaluable tool for unleashing one's bountiful twin wellsprings of confidence and optimism.

Anita's Heaven
Norman Ober
Blooming Twig Books
3A Detmer Road, E. Setauket, NY 11733
9781933918112, $16.95

Anita's Heaven is a true love story that refutes "'til death do us part." Author Norman Ober testifies his inspiration, as given to him through letters channeled from heaven from his dearly departed wife Anita Ober, in this comforting chronicle of solace and connection beyond the veil. A deeply spiritual compilation, speaking of the mercy and glory of God as well as of love everlasting. "Norman, we've been in God's presence! He's not in recognizable form. We saw an oval clouded aura surrounding a strong light about twelve feet in diameter - maybe more. No heat comes from His Light. He didn't exactly overwhelm us, but His spectacular appearance was supercharged with love." A memorable source of comfort, inspiration, and wonder.

The Starchild Skull
Lloyd Pye
Bell Lap Books Inc.
38 S. Blue Angel Pkwy., Suite 210, Pensacola, FL 32506
9780979388101, $30.00

The Starchild Skull: Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid? explores amazing possible evidence that humans are not alone in the universe. Author Lloyd Pye chronicles his eight-year-long quest to discern the truth behind an alleged "starchild" skull - from an examination of its bone structure to microscopic scrutiny revealing durable fibers and red residue in its bone, to the results of DNA testing. Could the Starchild have been a human-alien hybrid? Black-and-white photographs and a handful of color plates illustrate this amazing report, enthusiastically recommended for anyone curious about the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life on earth.

The Humor Shelf

Ol' Slim's Views From the Porch
Slim Randles, author
Grem Lee, illustrator
New Mexico Magazine
495 Old Sante Fe Trail, Sante Fe, NM 07501
9780937206935, $19.95

Ol' Slim's Views From the Porch: A Plethora of Punditry, A Wonderment of Wisdom is an anthology of twenty-six of Slim Randles' timeless columns, originally run in New Mexico Magazine. Charming, sketchy black-and-white illustrations by Grem Lee illustrate this tongue-in-cheek funny allotment of reflections from who's going to wear the Universal Wrestling Foundation crown to the marvels of dutch oven cookery to why China is more fly-free than America, to why it isn't truly spring until you see concrete blocks flying about in the air. A delightful sampling of homestyle American wit.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Been Thinking About
Mart De Haan
Discovery House Publishers
PO Box 3566, Grand Rapids, MI 49501-3566
9781572932081, $12.99

President of RBC Ministries Mart De Haan presents Been Thinking About: Coming Together Around the Ideas and Issues That Divide Us, an anthology of his articles published over the years offering his balanced thoughts on Scripture and the search for harmony among different branches of the Christian faith. De Haan's respect for differing opinions characterizes his thoughtful musings. Individual essays include "Does God Play Favorites", "Why Israel Can't Be Ignored", "Should We Forgive Terrorists?", "Should We Go Kosher?", "Our Identity in Christ", "The Return of Christ", and much more. Though each article is brief, their combined insights offer a fresh look at Scripture as well as insight into the inner peace that comes with faith. "Self-centered pleasure lasts for a moment. Memories and regrets can live for a lifetime. Though our Lord is quick to forgive when we come to Him with honest hearts, His mercy does not automatically fix a damaged thought-life nor patterns of deceitfulness." Highly recommended for Christian spirituality shelves.

Whisker Rubs
Don S. Otis
Veritas Communications
PO Box 761, Sandpoint, ID 83864
9780899571171, $19.99

Psychosocial rehabilitation specialist Don S. Otis presents Whisker Rubs: Developing the Masculine Identity, a manifesto about the obstacles today's postmodern society places upon young boys on the road to manhood, as well as adult men who have their masculinity derided, the importance of their roles as fathers and husbands lampooned by popular culture, and an endless smorgasbord of hedonistic cultural affirmations pulling them away from the qualities of faith, responsibility, and maturity vital to being a man and a capable father. Though Whisker Rubs is from a Christian perspective and affirms the importance of knowing God, its primary focus is a strong message to readers of all religious backgrounds: it's important to let boys be boys, and acknowledge their need for activity, challenge (often physical challenge), and to test themselves in a true adventure. It is also critical for boys to have positive guidance from their fathers and male role models to steer them on a a responsible, disciplines path and away from pitfalls ranging from narcissism to timidity to outright criminal behavior. Further chapters also explore the crushingly high divorce rate in America, and what factors constitute a successful marriage as well as what erodes an unsuccessful marriage. "Most men are romantics. They want the whole package every bit as much as woman do. There is just one problem: there is no perfect person. In fact, there is no perfect relationship because there is no completely unselfish person. Nor is there anyone who can perfectly fulfill every need, want, or desire a man has." A straight-talking antidote to today's ambivalent, amorphous culture that downplays both the needs and the responsibilities of boys and men.

The Travel Shelf

Seven Perfect Days
Bill Ginnodo & Celia Ginnodo
Pride Publications
4 North Wilshire Lane, Arlington Heights, IL 60004
9780965658720, $14.95

Simply stated, Northern California is a tourist paradise of places to see and things to do. It is because there is so much that the towns, valleys, mountains, and waterways of Northern California have to offer that the husband and wife team of Bill and Celia Ginnodo have written "Seven Perfect Days In Northern California: A Guided Driving Tour", a deftly organized, professionally presented, and thoroughly 'user friendly' compendium of information about attractions, accommodations, restaurants, campgrounds, tours, visitor centers, weather, history, geography, and everything else necessary to construct a week long vacation itinerary. Enhanced at the beginning with a section of full color photographs showcasing 'not-to-be-missed' experiences, "Seven Perfect Days In Northern California" is enhanced with the inclusion of maps, thematically appropriate websites, a bibliography of selected readings, advice on what to wear and what to bring along, as well as tips about road trip health and safety issues. Of special note is the section devoted to the issue of having children along for the trip. If you are planning an excursion, start planning for your trip by acquiring a copy of Bill and Celia Ginnodo's superb travel guide, "Seven Perfect Days In Northern California". Also very highly recommended is their earlier travel guide, "Seven Perfect Days In Colorado: A Guided Driving Tour".

Kathy Doore
PO Box 1981, West Palm Beach, FL 33402
9780979171352, $29.95

"Markawasi: Peru's Inexplicable Stone Forest" by Kathy Doore is an impressive compendium of more than four hundred full-color and informatively captioned photographs, illustrations and maps showcasing the 'sacred mountain' country of Peru. This unique photo guidebook is more than just a collection of interesting images as the author has arranged for an engaging and informative two-page Foreword by Peter E. Schneider, followed by an extended Preface, an Introduction, and historical background to Peru's Markawasi Stone Forest complete with a map and hiking routes. The rest of this elegant 176-page coffee table book is devoted to 'Temples of Light and Shadow' (showcasing specific elements of interest); then 'Superbatolite Circompacifigue'; 'Faces & Sculptures'; 'Sons of the Ray'; 'Fiesta del Agua'; 'How to Go!' (with festivals, village life and outfitting for the mesa); 'Nature's Gift' (medicinal plants of the mesa); and 'Voices of the Mesa'. Of special note is the bibliographic list of suggested reading for further study. Perfect as a preparational reading for onsite visitors and an ideal browse for armchair travelers with an interest in something 'off the beaten path', this superbly written, organized and presented compendium is very highly recommended for personal, academic, and community library collections.

The Music Shelf

Star Trippin'
Mick Wall
M&G Publishing Ltd.
PO Box 47241, London W7 3YE
9780955278006, $16.95

Star Trippin': The Best of Mick Wall 1985-91 is an anthology of some of the best interviews and articles by British rock-n-roll writer Mick Wall, who currently lends his pen to "Mojo" magazine. Among the personal encounters enshrined in Star Trippin' are meetings with W. Axle Rose, Jimmy Page, Jon Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, Ritchie Blackmore, Lars Ulrich, and more. Brand-new introductions to each chapter punctuate this 80's (and early 90's) rock-n-roll tour from Los Angeles to New York, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Dublin, and Berlin. A collection by an expert journalist and rock fan, for rock fans, offering a unique glimpse into the personalities who made the legendary music. Highly recommended.

The Real Estate Shelf

Beginner's Guide to Building Wealth Buying Houses
John A. Michailidis, Esq.
Brain Forge Press
2106 N. Clark, Chicago, IL 60614
9780978819095, $21.95

Real estate broker, licensing instructor, and investor John A. Michailidis presents Beginner's Guide to Building Wealth Buying Houses: The Foolproof Roadmap to Real Estate Riches Without the Risks and Hassles of Landlording, a straight-talk guide to amassing a personal fortune through real estate assets. Defining wealth as "automatic income streams that are independent of your personal labor, and that are sufficient to maintain your chosen individual lifestyle indefinitely," Beginner's Guide to Building Wealth Buying Houses proves especially valuable to readers who are relatively new to real estate. While buying properties with intent to turn them around and resell them - "flipping" - is covered, Michailidis stresses that this form of real estate investment requires expert-level knowledge of local market conditions, and that and ordinary people can easily get burned. Instead, the primary focus is on how to acquire properties and use them to generate revenue streams through renting, or better yet, rent-to-own arrangements. Houses are recommended for beginners since they tend to attract more stable and reliable tenants than apartments. Chapters cover the economics of single-family houses, the right way to present offers, how to attract quality tenants, proven negotiation tactics, and much more. An absolute "must-read" for any prospective real estate investor, as well as anyone who dreams of becoming financially successful and secure.

How to Find That Quality Tenant
Don Conrad
Blue Collar Publishers
814 Concord Street, Valparaiso IN 46385
9780978629434, $22.95

Real estate professional Don Conrad presents How to Find That Quality Tenant: The 5 Simple Steps to Tenant Selection, a no-nonsense guide to avoiding tenant problems packed cover to cover with everything a landlord needs to know. Chapters discuss how to attract renters by preparing the dwelling and writing honest yet eye-catching advertisements; qualify renters through use of a simple form; weed out unsuitable prospects via telephone; use and analyze a credit report; use paperwork to vette a potential tenant's past rental history and current cash flow, and much more. "The cosigner may not want to fill out a Rental Application, but legally he or she needs to fill one out so you can check his or her credit. I advise you to have the cosigner fill out an application even if you decide not to run a credit check. The reason for this is that with a filled-out application, you now have more leads if you need contacts to help you locate or gather information on a problem tenant. If you find the situation worth a cosigner, the situation is worth that cosigner filling out an application and credit report." Highly recommended.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Judgment Rising
Tracy Falbe
Brave Luck Books
2981 Cohasset Road, Chico, CA 95973
9780976223542, $14.95

Judgment Rising: The Rys Chronicles Book III is the third fantasy novel in an epic saga of rival civilizations and the looming threat of imperial ambition - and much worse. Continuing five peaceful years after the close of Book II, Judgment Rising features the dark karma of ancient genocide coming to haunt present day survivors. Of especial interest are the mysterious and long-lived race of the Rys, who despite their limited population and tendency to keep to their home valley, are learning to apply their skills, intellect, and wondrous magical powers to commerce and trade. An absorbing, intricately detailed adventure that seizes and holds the reader's attention to the very last page. Also highly recommended are the previous novels in the saga "Union of Renegades" and "The Goddess Queen"; the fourth novel, "The Borderlands of Power", is forthcoming.

The Lion Vrie
Christopher Hopper
Tsaba House
2252 12th Street, Reedley, CA 93654
9781933853499, $16.99

International conference speaker, recording artist, and youth pastor Christopher Hopper presents The Lion Vrie, the second book in The White Lion Chronicles. The continuation of a fantasy series tinged with a touch of reverence for the divine, much in the vein of C.S. Lewis' classic Narnia saga, The Lion Vrie follows Luik as, injured and besieged, he travels toward the wreckage of Adriel hoping against hope to be reunited with his friends. Yet when a mysterious summons commands him to give his aid, he must risk all in a quest for the legendary City of Ot. The ominous menace of the army of Morgui and its march to conquer the world overshadows this epic high fantasy. Highly recommended.

The Fiction Shelf

Sojourner's Dream
Angeline Bandon-Bibum
Bandon Press
PO Box 10310, Silver Spring, MD 20914
9780977758609, $18.00

The debut novel of wife and mother Angeline Bandon-Bibum, Sojourner's Dream is an African-American romance between Sojourner Brown, a shy graduate student, and Joseph Kalisa, a cultured corporate lawyer who works for an established law firm in Washington, D.C. Despite their attraction to and compassion for one another, Sojourner and Joseph must each confront their past before they can move ahead into the future. Sojourner will need to cultivate her inner strength to become a steadfast wife, while Joseph must come to terms with the genocide that took place in his native land of Rwanda. Highly recommended as a soulful romance that dares to contemplate fundamental and deadly serious human issues.

Clinical Death
Patricia A. Bremmer
Elusive Clue Series
c/o Windcall Publishing
75345 Road 317, Venango, NE 69168
9780974588469, $12.99

After having been recently shot, fired, and divorced, former homicide detective Glen Karst retreated to his small hometown just outside of Denver. The problem with his plans is that, after being reinstated at the Denver P.D., his first assigned case is that of a wife and mother in the close knit community being murdered in her own bedroom. The now widowed husband (an unsociable neighbor with serial killer proclivities) decides to play games with the detective because the incriminating evidence against him is missing. Then there is Jennifer Parker, Glen's psychic friend who helps him unlock talents he never suspected he has. The sixth volume in a superbly crafted mystery series featuring the Denver homicide detective, "Clinical Death" is a masterpiece of detailed storytelling that fully engages the reader from beginning to end with unpredictable plot twists, memorable characters, and an unexpected conclusion.

Hollow Bones
Stephen Paul
Circle Dancer Publishing
PO Box 25061, Albuquerque, NM 87125-0061
9780979034800, $14.95

Inspirational author Stephen Paul presents Hollow Bones, a novel set in the near future when the tremendous earth-changing transformations predicted by Native American spiritual leaders are in immediate progress. A distraught widower, Matthew, joins with Hope and her young daughter Lily, questing for a new beginning. Together they see the jagged edges of an old culture in decline, the kindness of strangers, and shared dreams of a past lifetime with Chief Joseph. A two-hundred-year-old oath made to fulfill ancient Native prophecies beckons in this absorbing chronicle of a world remaking itself.

The Law of Falling Bodies
Duff Brenna
Hopewell Publications, LLC
PO Box 11, Titusville, NJ 08560-0011
9781933435183, $18.95

Award-winning author Duff Brenna presents The Law of Falling Bodies, a novel examining the cyclical nature of wars between men, women, and countries. Fifteen-year-old Virgil Foggy is trying to eke out a living on a failing dairy farm in Minnesota. Virgil's mother is pregnant, with a potential sibling the family cannot afford to raise; Virgil's brother has joined the army and departed abroad, yet war for Virgil is a daily reality with his stepfather at home. At times grim bordering on gruesome, The Law of Falling Bodies is punctuated with stark emotional coldness, even slaughter as reflected upon the merciless killing of farm animals for food. An unforgettable reading experience.

All Flavors
Julie A. Barnes
Foundation Books, Inc.
506 Montana Ave., St. Cloud, FL 34769
9780979147616, $14.95

Founder of The Amazing Seed Foundation Julie A. Barnes presents All Flavors, a novel based on true events about the consequences of the crucial Law of Attraction. An eight-year-old girl, Rylee, questions the meaning of life after losing a close friend. Her quest for answers will teach her three great lessons: "Each thought creates an emotion within us that lets us know if it's a comfortable and supportive way of thinking," "Feeling good is important, so if a thought feels bad, stop it. God receives every thought like a prayer and matches you with what you're attracting," and "You get what you expect, so imagine your desires being fulfilled in detail." She will need to put this wisdom into practice, for Florida's most destructive hurricane season is swiftly brewing. An inspirational read about harnessing the power of one's own thoughts, beliefs, faith and will.

Off The Dial
Casey Stangl
Latitude 21 Press
PO Box 68, Honolulu, HI 96810
9780972339872, $14.95 1-877-828-4852

It's 1978 and 'Fast Eddie' Mason is on deadline to sell enough air-time to fund his purchase of KDWG Dawg Radio. When Eddie's chief competitors, Graft & Rob Broadcasting, unleash KSFL San Francisco Lite which threatens his ambition to become a coast-to-coast radio legend as a man with a particular flair for turning radio air-time into big-time cash money. But Eddie has never yet buckled under to any of his competition -- even when they come into a fight with very deep pockets! Casey Stangl's newest novel, "Off The Dial" clearly benefits from his years of experience in the radio broadcasting industry where he has been an on-air DJ, programmer, a former vice-president of KQMQ radio in Honolulyu, and an owner-operator of KIKI and I-94 radio. A superbly gifted storyteller, Stangl laces his novel with radio industry details as he conjures up a memorable cast of characters to populate the very special world of American media in general, and local radio in particular. Very highly recommended and entertaining, "Off The Dial" is an engaging and compelling read that is exceptionally well crafted with humor and industry insights from beginning to end.

The Self-Help Shelf

Tulip Love
Eva Ariela Lindberg
Angel Lion Publication
PO Box 153, San Geronimo, CA 94963
9780978648206, $21.99

Artist Eva Ariela Lindberg presents Tulip Love: A Healing Model for Individuals and Communications, a guide to befriending one's inner Self, open up to the healing and nurturing power of touch, and help build an empowering community. "Tulip" means "Perfect Love" in Persian mythology; here, the blooming process of the tulip is a metaphor for a positive model of healing and love suitable for individuals and communities alike. Tulip love also delves into the history, botany, and archetypal meaning of the tulip, even as it discusses how to draw more beauty into one's life. A warm-hearted and appreciative self-help guide.

Invite Joy Into Your Life
Mary B. Seger, NP, Ph.D.
Sophia Rose Press
PO Box 1924, Gaylord, MI 49734
9780979046100, $18.95

Invite Joy Into Your Life: Steps for Women Who Want to Rediscover the Simple Pleasures of Living is a self-help guide by nurse practitioner Mary B. Seger, Ph.D. Written especially for women who have been so heavily conditioned to devote themselves to the roles of wife, mother, caregiver, or model employee that they have little or no time to attend to their own desires, Invite Joy Into Your Life advises the reader in how to slow down, care properly for oneself, and rediscover joy in one's life. From minimizing TV to free up more time and protect oneself from the depressive effects of news stories, to the power of forgiveness and sending loving thoughts, to the importance of proper sleep habits and rediscovering the passions one loved as a child, Invite Joy Into Your Life is a soothing balm for the soul and highly recommended as a resource for improving the overall quality of one's life.

Your Life Your Choice
Bobby J. Bryant
Shiloh's Choice Publications
PO Box 18323, Reno, NV 89511
9780979149924, $19.95

Your Life Your Choice: A Journey Toward Inner Peace is a self-help book revealing that the secret to happiness is much simpler than one would think: "Simply realize you want to be happy." Chapters cover the importance of looking beyond the five senses to accept faith as the key to happiness; how to take responsibility for oneself, one's life, and any unhappiness in that life that one has created; how true inner peace can only come from the soul itself; and much more. "Through the course of our lives, we will face an endless number of injustices, many of which will be random and beyond our control. Removing ourselves from situations that are riddled with injustice will lessen our challenges in life. There are many opportunities wherein we can distance ourselves from the dark and unhealthy situations of life. All situations in life provide us with the opportunity to take responsibility, stop blaming others, and grow within ourselves." Your Life Your Choice also speaks of the natural end of life, and guides the reader to tread a path so that he or she can look back with satisfaction on a life well lived at the final hour. Highly recommended.

The Practicing Mind
Thomas M. Sterner
Mountain Sage Publishing
PO Box 460, Hockessin, Delaware 19707-0460
9780977657209, $14.95

Accomplished musician Thomas M. Sterner presents The Practicing Mind: Bringing Discipline and Focus Into Your Life, a guide to the concept of present moment awareness - something embraced as a vital part of a fulfilled life in Eastern cultures, yet relatively unknown in Western cultures. Chapters address how to foster desirable habits in oneself, improve skills through training and focus, teach and learn from children, and much more. "In summary, it comes down to a few simple rules. Keep yourself process-oriented. Stay in the present. Make the process the goal and use the overall goal as a rudder to steer your efforts. Be deliberate, have an intention about what you want to accomplish, and be aware of that intention. Doing these things will eliminate the judgments and emotions that come from a product-oriented or results-oriented mind." Highly recommended.

Inner Guidance And The Four Spiritual Gifts
Howard Wimmer
Inner Expansion Publishing
PO Box 53906, Irvine, Ca 92619-3906
Yorwerth Associates (publicity)
410 Fieldstone Drive, Bozeman, MT 59715
9780978964504, $15.95 1-866-241-6708

A thirty-year veteran of the personal growth movement, Howard Wimmer writes with a particular metaphysical expertise in his self-help, self-improvement instruction manual "Inner Guidance And The Four Spiritual Gifts: How To Maximize Your intuition And Inspirations To Become More Creative, Successful And Fulfilled". Sudden hunches and flashes of inspiration occur to us all. If listened to and acted upon, they can often result in the enhancement of the quality of our lives, the achievement of our goals, and the furtherance of our aspirations. The founder of 'Inner Expansions Workshops' and the 'Inner Virtual University', Wimmer writes with a particularly 'user friendly' style that is ideal for the non-specialist general reader seeking to identify and utilize the four gifts that are the common heritage of human beings: prophecy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and healing. As informed and informative as it is inspired and inspiring, "Inner Guidance And The Four Spiritual Gifts" is a welcome and highly recommended contribution to the growing library of Metaphysical Studies and Self-Improvement literature.

The Biography Shelf

Beyond the City Lights
Susan M. Rainey
Mystic Publishers
614 Mosswood Dr., Henderson, NV 89015
9781934051078, $13.97

Beyond the City Lights is true-life memoir of a mother who lost her son. Susan M. Rainey last saw her son Mike leave the house when he was fourteen, one week before school was to start. He never came home. Years passed; the search continued; false sightings rent at her heart and the hearts of her husband, children and family. At last Mike's remains were discovered in a dusty grave, yet no one ever stepped forward to testify as to who might have murdered him. Through the pain of her darkest hours, her faith in God helped tether her to sanity; she promised Him that when the terrible ordeal was concluded, she would share her testimony with all who would listen. A heart-rending account of the pain and suffering thousands of parents in America undergo each year, written in solemn commiseration with others who have experienced terrible loss.

On Grandma's Porch
Sandra Chastain, Martha Crockett, & Debra Leigh Smith
Belle Books
PO Box 67, Smyrna, GA 30081
9780976876021, $14.95

On Grandma's Porch: Stories and True Facts About Growing Up Southern in Good Old Days is an anthology of vignette reminiscences by a wide diversity of authors about what it was like to grow up in the South in days gone by. Nostalgia for such simple pleasures as visiting Grandma and Grandpa for a day of adventure on the farm, drinking a glass of milk straight from the cow, sleeping on the back porch in the sunshine, or taking pleasure in the faithful company of mouser cats and hound dogs. A heartwarming tribute to Southern culture and joyful childhood memories.

Splendid Seniors
Jack Adler
Pearlsong Press
PO Box 58065, Nashville, TN 37205
9781597190077, $18.95

Splendid Seniors: Great Lives, Great Deeds is an anthology featuring brief biographical profiles of fifty-two people who made great and lasting achievements after age sixty-five. From Mother Teresa to Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, Charles de Gaulle, Pablo Picasso, Grandma Moses and many more, Splendid Seniors offers true tales of inspirational deeds as well as memorable quotes from each individual profiled. A source of inspiration for seniors everywhere, and proof that greatness, creativity, passion, and intelligence can bloom their brightest with age and experience.

Legends, Leaders, Legacies
Susan Vollmer
Bootheel Publishing
PO Box 6, Fenton, MO 63026
9780979523311, $39.95

Reporter Susan Vollmer presents Legends, Leaders, Legacies, a nonfiction compilation of biographical profiles of eighteen global leaders who have dedicated their lives to making a difference, and paid the ultimate price. The men and women covered have lived and acted in eras ranging from the thirteenth century to September 11th, 2001; they are William Wallace (Scotland), Joan of Arc (France), Jose Rizal (Philippines), Edith Cavell (England), Rosa Luxemburg (Poland), Emiliano Zapata (Mexico), Michael Collins (Ireland), Engelbert Dollfuss (Austria), Sophie Scholl (Germany), Raoul Wallenberg (Sweden), Robert Capa (Hungary), Martin Luther King Jr. (U.S.A.), Faisal ibn Abdul Aziz (Saudi Arabia), Stephen Bantu Biko (South Africa), Anwar el-Sadat (Egypt), Indira Gandhi (India), Yitzhak Rabin (Israel) and Ahmad Shah Massood (Afghanistan). Written in plain terms for readers of all backgrounds, Legends, Leaders, Legacies is an inspirational and highly recommended compilation of humankind's most noble contributors, and the lasting positive impact they left upon the world at large.

Gullah Branches West African Roots
Ronald Daise
Sandlapper Publishing
PO Box 730, Orangeburg, SC 29116-0730
9780878441822, $24.95

"Gullah Branches West African Roots" is the candid memoir of Ronald Daise and his journey of discovering with respect to his personal discovery of familial and cultural connections with West Africa through on-site sojourns to Ghana and Sierra Leone. In this unusual autobiography, Daise uses poetry, prose, creative non-fiction, songs, photographs, all artfully and successfully combined to involve the reader with an engaging and informative journey to a man's cultural and historical roots. Also very highly recommended reading is Ronald Daise's early memoir "Reminiscences of Sea Island Heritage" (Sandlapper Publishing, 1986). It should also be noted that a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the first printing of "Gullah Branches West African Roots" will be donated to Charleston's developing International African American Museum.

The Nautical Shelf

Gold Bars
Captain Conrad Brown
Shipyard Press
11143 N.E. 8th Avenue, Biscayne Park, FL 33161
9780976990307, $14.95

Captain Conrad Brown applies his professional field expertise to Gold Bars: Chartering Your Boat for Money, a no-nonsense guide to everything one needs to know to become a successful charter boat captain. Chapters cover how to get one's coast guard license, find a suitable boat, attend to insurance and safety concerns, work with charter brokers, and much more. An index and a wealth of appendices filled with useful forms and online resources round out this go-get-'em career-building guide, enthusiastically recommended for anyone interested in being a boat captain for a living.

The Gardening Shelf

Giant Tomatoes
Marvin H. Meisner
Annedawn Publishing
PO Box 247, Norton, MA 02766
9780975515310, $24.95

An ideal instruction guide for amateurs and professionals seeking to grow their tomatoes for size and yield, "Giant Tomatoes: Giant Yields, Giant Weights" takes the reader through the step-by-step intricacies of selecting tomato varieties, preparing the soil for planting, fertilizing, watering, pollinating, pruning, and virtually every other aspect of successfully growing tomatoes for maximum yields and maximum size. Profusely illustrated throughout, "Giant Tomatoes" is enhanced with the inclusion of basic tomato recipes, a glossary, a list of suppliers, information on germinating old tomato seeds, a bibliography for further research, and so much more. Simply stated, "Giant Tomatoes" is an indispensable 'how to' reference for anyone wanting to consistently produce tomatoes of qualities that they can be truly proud of.

The Art Shelf

A Tapestry of Kinship
Jose Antonio Esquibel & Charles M. Carrillo
LPD Press
925 Salamanca NW, Los Ranchos de Albuqerque, NM 87107
9781890689087, $15.95

A Tapestry of Kinship: The Web of Influence Among Escultores and Carpinteros in the Parish of Sante Fe, 1790-1860 is a close study of a type of religious art that emerged in New Mexico during the early nineteenth century. Four distinguished santeros of New Mexico's "golden age" of Spanish colonial art became sought-after masters of locally created artworks of faith and devotion. A Tapestry of Kinship particularly examines the kinship and social occupation connections between these artists and several families of carpenters, which worked to foment the surge of devotional creativity. A handful of inset color plates of artworks illustrate this meticulous and scholarly retracing of bloodlines as well as other means of interconnection amid faithful artists and carvers.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

W. R. Klemm, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Benecton Press
9001 Grassbur Rd., Bryan, TX 77808-8719
9780975522523, $15.85

'Dillos: Roadkill on Extinction Highway? is a tribute to the humble armadillo, the hardy state mammal of Texas. From the natural history of these "living fossils" to their value in medical research, their representations in pop culture, and even a recipe for armadillo chili, 'Dillos gives an jovial portrait of armadillos and their relationship to humans. On a more sobering note, 'Dillos also examines why armadillos are so vulnerable to becoming roadkills (to the extent that they have been alluded to as "Texas speed bumps") and the sad possibility that their decreasing numbers could lead to the species' extinction. Black-and-white photographs illustrate this layman's guide, recommended for armadillo aficionados everywhere.

The World History Shelf

The Atlantic World: A History, 1400-1888
Douglas R. Egerton, et. al
Harlan Davidson, Inc.
773 Glenn Avenue, Wheeling, IL 60090-6000
9780882952451, $18.95 1-847-541-9720

The Atlantic World: A History, 1400-1888 is a scholarly educational and reference text covering historical events, commerce, wars, immigration patterns, and much more as pertaining to the Atlantic and its continental boundaries. A handful of black-and-white illustrations grace this detailed, in-depth reference, written by five experts and ideal for novice to advanced history students. From the pre-Columbus roots of an Atlantic system, to Columbus' fateful voyage of discovery, the proliferation of the slave trade, labor/migration/settlement patterns, the American revolution and its repercussions, and much more, The Atlantic World reveals how the Atlantic itself was a vital nexus to unfolding history. Highly recommended for public, college library, and world history shelves.

The Social Issues Shelf

Securing the Future
Michael Fix, editor
Migration Policy Institute
1400 16th Street NW, Suite 300, Washington DC 20036
9780974281995, $24.95

Securing the Future: US Immigrant Integration Policy is a reader filled cover to cover with critical essays by learned authors discussing the hot-button issue of immigration in modern American society. Striving to unambiguously define what policymakers and scholars mean be integration, and reveal the forms and effects of current US integration policy, Securing the Future draws upon extensive research and statistics, illustrated by black-and-white graphs, as well as scholarly insight. Individual essays include "Today's Second Generation: Getting Ahead or Falling Behind?", "Access to Health Care and Health Insurance: Immigrants and Immigration", "Educating the Children of Immigrants", "Designing an Impact Aid Program for Immigrant Settlement", and much more. A much-needed contribution to reference shelves on immigration, and an invaluable grounding of research and notable issues that deserve to be considered before embarking upon any plan for immigration reform.

The American History Shelf

Boarding House Reach
Alice E. Sink & Nickie Doyal
Dram Tree Books
PO Box 7183, Wilmington, NC 28406
9780978624866, $18.95

The collaborative effort of Alice E. Sink (Associate Professor of English/Communications at High Point University, High Point, North Carolina) and North Carolina realtor Nickie Doyal, "Boarding House Reach: North Carolina's Entrepreneurial Women" provides a unique and informative perspective on North Carolina history as it chronicles the impressive achievements of hard working but hitherto obscure women that through such traumas as death, divorce, or abandonment turned their homes into boarding houses in order to financially support themselves. "Boarding House Reach" is an informed and fascinating history of boarding houses all across North Carolina along with their historical contexts. An impressive and original body of work, the authors conducted interviews and engaged in research over a period of several years. The result is seminal and thoroughly 'reader friendly' contribution to Women's Studies and American History reference collections and supplemental reading lists. A very highly recommended addition for academic and community library collections, "Boarding House Reach" could well serve as a template for similar studies for other states.

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