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Reviewer's Choice

Surviving the Mob
Dennis N. Griffin & Andrew Didonato
Huntington Press
3665 Procyon St., Las Vegas, NV 89103
1935396382, $14.95

At age 14, few jobs can beat the pay of the mob. "Surviving the Mob: A Street Soldier's Life Inside the Gambino Crime Family" is a true crime memoir from Andrew DiDonato, who joined the mob in his early teens and found himself embroiled in the corruption, and found the dark side of the mob ultimately with him being hunted by his own comrades. Designed as a cautionary tale for young people who may find themselves attracted to crime, "Surviving the Mob" tells a thoughtful tale and will prove highly recommended.

A Safe Place for Women
Kelly White
Hunter House
PO Box 2914, Alameda, CA 94501-2914
9780897935272, $17.95,

Too often women feel detached from the places they should call home. "A Safe Place for Women: Surviving Domestic Abuse and Creating a Successful Future" is aimed at women who have faced domestic abuse and are struggling to move past it and recover their life. Kelly White advises women on how to recognize abuse in their lives, when to go to the police, finding that new life, and a reminder that regardless of what happens, one is a human being. "A Safe Place for Women" is a wise read for any woman who fears the abuse in their life, whether it may be coming or it has already happened.

The American History Shelf

The Wisconsin Frontier
Mark Wyman
Indiana University Press
601 North Morton Street, Bloomington, IN 47404-3797
9780253223326 $21.95 1-800-842-6796

Mark Wyman (Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History, Illinois State University) presents The Wisconsin Frontier, a fluidly written tour of Wisconsin's history from France's beginning footholds to the close of the nineteenth century. Particular attention is paid to the various Indian tribes who called Wisconsin home, and their interactions with the settlers, whether helpful or hostile. A handful of black-and-white photographs illustrate this thoroughly accessible history, highly recommended especially for Wisconsin history shelves and public library collections.

Historical Milton
Thomas Fulton
University of Massachusetts Press
PO Box 429, Amherst, MA 01004
9781558498457, $28.95,

One of the greatest thinkers of the Enlightenment, the thoughts of John Milton are still looked towards today. "Historical Milton: Manuscript, Print, and Political Culture in Revolutionary England" is an analysis of the man from Thomas Fulton, a professor of English at Rutgers University. Studying his many works, Fulton hopes to look at the drives and opinions of Milton whose work contributed much against the British government of the time. Scholarly and thoughtful work, "Historical Milton" is an excellent addition to any community library history and philosophy collection.

Sacred Ground
Jeff Appelquist
Beaver's Pond Press
7104 Ohms Lane, Suite 101, Edina, MN 55439-2129
9781592983230, $25.99,

A wise man never forgets history in their decision making process. "Sacred Ground: Leadership Lessons from Gettysburg & The Little Bighorn" looks at the Civil War and the American Indian wars for powerful lessons of leadership that should resonate strongly over one hundred years later. Focusing in particular on the two battles in the subtitle, Jeff Appelquist does well in explaining how the major figures of these battles used their know how and leadership to make a difference for their side, as well as analyzing their failures. "Sacred Ground" is an excellent read for those who want to understand the strong importance of leadership through history's power.

The World History Shelf

Final Hours in the Pacific
Donald J. Young
McFarland & Company
PO Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640
9780786459384 $38.00 1-800-253-2187

Military historian Donald J. Young presents Final Hours in the Pacific: The Allied Surrenders of Wake Island, Bataan, Corregidor, Hong Kong and Singapore, a close examination of the dark days of World War II from December 7, 1941 to the Battle of Midway in June 1942, when Allied forces serving on Wake Island, Bataan, Corregidor, Hong Kong and Singapore were forced to surrender. Final Hours in the Pacific covers the events leading up to their surrender, the extreme hardship they endured, and the fates they faced. A gripping, dramatic, point-by-point analysis, Final Hours in the Pacific is a worthy addition to any World War II military history collection.

Winnipeg's Great War
Jim Blanchard
University of Manitoba
301 St. John's College, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R3T 2M5
9780887557217, $24.95,

War is a calamity that should be avoided, but to say it does not have its benefits is foolish. "Winnipeg's Great War: A City Comes of Age" tells the story of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and how Canada's participation in the first World War allowed the city to recover from its own economic problems to become the thriving city of North America that it is today. A riveting history of one city's emergence into greatness, "Winnipeg's Great War" is a choice addition to any history collection focusing on Canada.

Dancing In the Glory of Monsters
Jason K. Stearns
Public Affairs Books
250 West 57th Street, Suite 1321, New York, NY 10107
9781586489298, $28.99,

Africa has remained a land of conflict, and perhaps the Congo is no better example of it. "Dancing in the Glory of Monsters: The Collapse of the Congo and the Great War of Africa" is an analysis of the Congo's constant state of war since 1996 which have ended millions of lives. Receiving little attention worldwide, Jason K. Stearns hopes to tell the story of the Congo that is otherwise not heard, exposing why it is in the state it's in and the effects its neighboring nations are having on it all. "Dancing in the Glory of Monsters" is a scholarly and much needed read bringing attention to one of the most tragic regions in the world today.

American Anabasis
Tim Rood
Duckworth Overlook
141 Wooster Street, new York, NY 10012
9781590204764, $37.50,

History has an unusual habit of repeating itself. "American Anabasis: Xenophon and the Idea of America from the Mexican War to Iraq" compares the history of America to the Greek march to Asia thousands of years ago by Xenophon. Showing some thoughtful comparisons that draw the American military style of Mexican war to the conflicts in Iraq, Tim Rood uses fine symbolism and provides much insight. For any historical studies collection, "American Anabasis" is a scholarly and well constructed journey through two histories at once, very highly recommended.

The Business Shelf

No Ceiling, No Walls
Susan L. Colantuono
Interlude Productions
c/o Leading Women
PO Box 1124, Charlestown, RI 02813
9780967312927, $24.95

The best kept secrets of business shouldn't be that secret. "No Ceiling, No Walls: What Women Haven't Been Told About Leadership from Career-Start to the Corporate Boardroom" is a guide for women who are entering the business world and want to prosper and succeed at a much higher level. Speaking the language of business might seem a bit foreign to some women, but it's simpler than what one thinks to deal with the business lingo and succeed just as much as any man. "No Ceiling, No Walls" is a fascinating read with plenty of wisdom to absorb, highly recommended to any novice businesswoman.

3 Off the Tee: Targeting Success
Lorii Myers
Leda Publishing Corp.
667 Welham Road, Suite 5, Barrie, ON Canada, L4N-0B7
9780986790003, $18.95

Attitude is an often overlooked aspect of success. "3 off the Tee: Targeting Success: Develop the Right Business Attitude to be Successful in the Workplace" uses the theme of the eighteen holes of golf to tell how one can form the winning attitude that succeeds in business, an attitude that realizes its faults and looks to improve it, confidence without arrogance, and building good relationships. For those who want act like a success so they can be a success, "3 off the Tee" is a useful and highly recommended guide to succeed in business.

The CSQ3 Solution
Frank Koczwara
CSQ3 Corporation
18502 Mellowgrove Ln, Spring, TX 77379
9780981587707, $29.95,

Good organization is vital to keep everything moving smoothly. "The CSQ3 Solution" is a business model from Frank Koczwara as he presents a model that can work in many types of business, as his model emphasizes clear communication, emphasizing the key projects and push the organization a whole to work better. With plenty of thought and good advice for any leader, "The CSQ3 Solution" is a must for anyone who believes their business is in dire need of restructuring.

Superior Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
Sheldon D. Goldstein
ASQ Quality Press
600 N. Plankinton Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53203
9780873897754, $44.00,

Any business is in the business of satisfaction. "Superior Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Engaging Customers to Drive Performance" is a guide for business leaders who want to pursue this invaluable resource that is customer satisfaction and use it to attract good repeat business and much more. Loyalty is the ultimate goal, but attaining such from your customers is easier said than done, as author Sheldon D. Goldstein draws on his decades of experience to advise managers and leaders and the many avenues to attain this relationship with one's customers. "Superior Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty" is a sage read, not to be missed by any aspiring business person.

The Improvisation Edge
Karen Hough
235 Montgomery Street, Suite 650, San Franscisco, CA 94104-2916
9781605095851, $19.95,

Thinking on your toes is key to success in business. "The Improvisation Edge: Secrets to Building Trust and Radical Collaboration at Work" is a guide for business leaders on building trust and rapport with one's company, and taking cues or good cooperation from an unlikely source - theatrical troupe players. Improvisation teaches quick thinking and cooperation, and Karen Hough seeks to translate those principles into teamwork in business. "The Improvisation Edge" takes a nontraditional approach for highly excellent results.

Managing Conflict at Work
Clive Johnson & Jackie Keddy
Kogan Page
525 South 4th Street, #241, Philadelphia, PA 19147
9780749459529, $39.95,

Conflict is unavoidable, the grace is dealing with it well. "Managing Conflict at Work: Understanding and Resolving Conflict for Productive Working Relationships" is a guide to dealing with conflict as a business leader and limiting its negative impact on your business. Authors Clive John & Jackie Keddy apply their experience as business consultants to tell readers that conflict is not always bad either and can be applied constructively for businesses. Including chapters on creating a conflict management solution for one's business, "Managing Conflict at Work" is a thoughtful delve into this topic that is not as easy to understand as one would think.

The Entrepreneur Equation
Carol Roth
10300 N. Central Expressway, Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75232
9781935618447, $24.95,

Everyone wants to be their own boss, but it's not always entirely practical. "The Entrepreneur Equation: Evaluating the Realities, Risks, and Rewards of Having Your Own Business" discusses how to gauge one's own potential success in a world where most small businesses seem to fail in the first five years. With wisdom on what it takes to succeed in a cutthroat business world, realizing that not everyone is destined to be a millionaire or even own their own business, and knowing when to act and when to hold your hand. "The Entrepreneur Equation" is a choice read for anyone who is pondering diving into the world of business.

The Enlightened Enterprise
Christian M. Ellis
1 Union Square West, Suite 909, New York, NY 10003
9781590792087, $17.95,

Happiness is one thing businesses rarely take stock of. "The Enlightened Enterprise: Walking the Path of the Conscious and High Performing Organization" delves into the happiness and contentment of business and how they can play a bigger role in business than one would think. Christian Ellis seeks to take readers on a journey of business spirituality and how understanding its application can do wonders for a business's success and productivity. "The Enlightened Enterprise" is a thoughtful and solidly recommended read for any business leader concerned about their business's happiness.

The Cookbook Shelf

Dinner with Rover
Helena Paton-Ayre
Hubble & Hattie
c/o Veloce Publishing Limited
Veloce House, Parkway Farm Business Park, Middle Farm Way
Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 3AR, England
9781845843137 $19.95

Dinner with Rover: Delicious, Nutritious Recipes for You and Your Dog to Share lives up to its title with an eclectic assortment of healthy, delicious recipes that have the added bonus of being safe for canine consumption. All have been tried and tested, and can potentially replace the cost of dog food (which was itself an invention that supplanted table scraps). Recipes include Peanut Pancakes with Fruit, Shepherd's Pie, Crunch Berry Crumble, Salmon and Wholegrains, and more, each presented with a full-color photograph and step-by-step instructions. Of particular value is the section devoted to extensively warning readers what not to feed their beloved dogs - most pet owners may be aware that chocolate is poisonous to dogs, but did you know that grapes, bread dough, or rhubarb could also be fatal for your beloved pet? Additional thoughts about both human and canine dietary concerns (especially watching fat intake) round out this wonderful cookbook by a dog lover, for dog lovers. Dinner with Rover makes an especially excellent gift!

The Louisiana Seafood Bible
Jerald and Glenda Horst
1000 Burmaster Street, Gretna, LA 70053
9781589808423, $25.00,

The variety of tastes Louisiana seafood offers is not to be overrated. "The Louisiana Seafood Bible: Crabs" is a cookbook based on the multitude of ways that the brilliant cooks of Louisiana have turned crab into a culinary staple with no shortage of combinations. Tracing the history of how these crabs are caught and prepared, this book proves to be a fascinating story of food along with the recipes to prepare. With plenty of full color photographs throughout, "The Louisiana Seafood Bible" is a fine read for anyone who has a taste for crab meat.

Fine Cooking in Season
Fine Cooking
63 South Main Street, PO Box 5506, Newtown, CT 06470-5506
9781600853036, $22.95,

Freshness adds to the final taste, so when possible, one should embrace the in-season produce. "Fine Cooking in Season: Your Guide to Choosing & Preparing the Season's Best" is a compilation of recipes from Fine Cooking as they bring a focus to recipes that can be used throughout the year using the finest and freshest ingredients, the book divided into the seasons and periods of the year to make the most of the fruit or vegetable. With no shortage of fine recipes using them with easy instructions and full color photographs, "Fine Cooking in Season" is not to be missed for those who strongly value freshness in their produce.

Judith Fertig
Andrews McNeel Publishing
1130 Walnut Street, Kansas City, MO 64106-2109
9781449400576, $35.00,

There is something to be said about the simple yet serene cooking of America's heartland. "Heartland: The Cookbook" looks at the rural life of the Midwest and the cooking discipline of the simple hearty food, outlining how it's made from the cows, fields, and much more. Presented in full color with plenty of education on the rural ways and plenty of recipes such as Double Smoked Bacon, Loaded Baked Potato Salad, Badlands Bison Chili, and much more, "Heartland: The Cookbook" is a unique culinary experience that captures the Midwestern spirit well.

180 Varick Street, 14th floor, New York, NY 10014
9780714859576, $29.95,

The art of cooking will have revolutions just like any other. "Coco: 10 World-Leading Masters Choose 100 Contemporary Chefs" is not so much a cookbook, but as a review of the modern art of cooking and what the future masters of the world are cooking up. 10 world renown cooks offer their opinions on 100 of these remarkable cooks, with plenty of full color photos of chefs and food alike, as well as a discussion of their craft. Also included are numerous recipes from these chefs, making "Coco" a fascinating study of the culinary arts that doesn't forget what it's all about.

101 Recipes for Making Cheese
Cynthia M. Martin
Atlantic Publishing
1405 SW 6th Avenue, Ocala, FL 34471-0640
9781601383563, $24.95,

Cheese has perhaps earned its following in the wide array of ways it can be prepared. "101 Recipes for Making Cheese: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply" is a cookbook on making the cheese from scratch, even to the most basic of ingredients. The 101 recipes each go over in detail with a bit of history on the cheese, the components needed, and how to get on the path for creating said cheese in the most ideal way. For those with a strong love of cheese who want to have a hand in making their own, "101 Recipes for Making Cheese" is the cookbook for them. Also in Atlantic Publishing's 'Back to Basics' series is "The Complete Guide to Growing Your Own Fruits and Berries" (9781601383488, $24.95), going over the fundamentals of growing small fruits for use in something bigger, and "The Complete Guide to Raising Chickens" (9781601383747, $24.95), on how to raise your own birds for food and eggs, and maybe even pets.

Let's Cook!
Elizabeth D. Riesz
Appletree Press
151 Good Counsel Drive, Suite #125, Mankato, MN 56001
9781891011085, $24.99,

Cooking is a task that can be done by anyone. "Let's Cook!: Healthy Meals for Independent Living" is a cookbook aimed at those with autism and Down's syndrome packed cover to cover with simple recipes that come with full color photographs and step by step instructions with simple ingredient lists and other tips for eating healthy throughout. A nice gift for any individual with a strong push for independence, "Let's Cook!" is highly recommended.

The Biography Shelf

Preparing for Victory
David J. Ulbrich
Naval Institute Press
291 Wood Road, Annapolis, MD 21402
9781591149033 $35.95 1-800-233-8764

Preparing for Victory: Thomas Holcomb and the Making of the Modern Marine Corps, 1936-1943 is the first and only full-length biography of General Thomas Holcomb, Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps from 1936 through 1943. Holcomb's direction and training transformed the marines from a police force aboard naval ships to into elite assault troops destined to play a key role implementing War Plan Orange against Japan in World War II, never losing a single battle. Holcomb's legacy of discipline and excellence remains in today's Marine Corps; Preparing for Victory chronicles this stunning metamorphosis, as well as the key influences and events of Holcomb's life. Notes, a bibliography, and an index round out this excellent contribution to American naval history shelves.

Captain John R. Hughes: Lone Star Ranger
Chuck Parsons
University of North Texas Press
PO Box 311336, Denton, TX 76203-1336
9781574413045 $29.95

Captain John R. Hughes: Lone Star Ranger is the first complete, modern biography of John R. Hughes, who served as a Texas Ranger from 1887 until 1915. His pursuits included tracking horse thieves for nearly a year, in the process killing a number of them and finally returning home with the horses; aiding the hunt for a fugitive from justice while he was still a rancher; and when he received the promotion to Captain among the Texas Rangers, his first order of business was to hunt and serve justice to each of the bandits that took part in murdering his predecessor. Hughs believed in the law, and had no qualms about using deadly force to see justice done; he served as a captain and ranger longer than any other man, and lived long enough to eventually retire from the force. Captain John R. Hughes: Lone Star Ranger is a solid biography that reveals why Hughes was worthy of becoming a Texas icon and national celebrity, and is as enjoyable to read as it is educational. Highly recommended.

A Dangerous Woman
Michael Foster and Barbara Foster
Lyons Press
PO Box 480, Guilford, CT 06437
9781599216027, $24.95,

Some figures take control of the culture around them with a certain force that can't be explained. "A Dangerous Woman: The Life, Loves, and Scandals of Adah Isaacs Menken, 1835-1868, America's Original Superstar" delves into the story of Adah Isaacs Menken whose charm and beauty took control of much of American culture, fully embracing the development of the photograph and her place in America's growing theatre and newspaper industries. Her story is one of how celebrity is not an invention of the twentieth century but has always been there. "A Dangerous Woman" is an exciting and insightful read of nineteenth century American culture and the impact of the Victorian era.

The Fiction Shelf

East Wind
Jack Winnick
Fireside Publishing
1004 San Felipe Lane, Lady Lake, FL 32159
Smith Publicity (publicity)
1930 E. Marlton Pike, Suite I-46, Cherry Hills, NJ 08003
9781935517559, $13.95,

Terror will raise the stakes until its goals are reached. "East Wind" tells the story of an attack on Los Angeles that leaves America in panic, as the FBI & CIA must act fast to save America from giving into the demands - abandon Israel. A riveting thriller with real world connections, "East Wind" is a fine read, and highly recommended.

Cross Over Water
Richard Yanez
University of Nevada Press
MS 0166, Reno, NV 89557-0166
9780874178388, $22.00,

You hold the burden of your ancestors and your people when becoming an adult as a Chicano. "Cross Over Water" is the coming of age story from Richard Yanez about one Raul Luis Cruz, a young Mexican American, trying to find his place in the world as an adult. A thoughtful story of growing up next to the border in El Paso, Texas and the assortment of challenges that go with it all, "Cross Over Water" is a thoughtful read and very solidly recommended.

Fire and Sword
Edward Marston
c/o International Publishers Marketing
22841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, VA 20166
9780749008956, $16.95,

A battle gone bad is a quick way to end up in a mountain of trouble. "Fire and Sword" follows Captain Daniel Rawson as he flees the pressures of the French forces in early eighteenth century Europe. As a nefarious general of the French forces uses any means necessary to bring them to their justice, Rawson has to overcome the odds of being stranded before not only does turmoil destroy his homeland, but he loses the love of his life. "Fire and Sword" is a riveting work of historical fiction, highly recommended.

Lester Higata's 20th Century
Barbara Hamby
University of Iowa
100 Kuhl House, Iowa City, IA 52242
9781587299186, $16.00,

It ended ten years ago yet seems so ancient. "Lester Higata's 20th Century" is a collection of fiction from Barbara Hamby as she brings readers a unique collection of short fiction as she reflects on her own connections to the turbulent century with a bit of humor and love about everything that went along with it. Telling the story of Lester Higata, Japanese American man in Hawaii, Hamby gives readers much to look on and expect out of this individual who experiences the best and worst America has to offer. "Lester Higata's 20th Century" is a fine addition to any short fiction collection, highly recommended.

Giovanna Borasi
Actar D
575 Prospect St., Ste 301, Lakewood, NJ 08701
9788492861545, $36.00

Our world is forever changing and forever adapting as the world shrinks around us. "Journeys: How Traveling Fruit, Ideas, and Buildings Rearrange Our Environment" is a collection of short stories designed to show how globalization is changing our world and changing the cultures all around us. With a broad scope on these changes, from the animal kingdom, to people, to things and much more, Giovanna Borasi compiles a very educational and thoughtful read that will prove quite difficult to put down. "Journeys" is an excellent addition to any literary fiction collection with a focus on short stories.

Early Pleasures
Frederick Kohner
Black Heron Press
PO Box 13396, Mill Creek, WA 98082
9780930773960, $23.95,

The need to be loved comes very early. "Early Pleasures" is a novelization of Frederick Kohner's own escapades as a young man who is driven by his lust and desires to have love, fearing no one will love him for who he is, instead taking it anyway he can. A remarkable read of the drive to be loved set in in post-World War I Europe, "Early Pleasures" is a fine pick for literary fiction collections that will entice readers to never put it down til the end.

The Searchers
Naomi Gladish Smith
Swedenborg Foundations Press
320 North Church St., West Chester, PA 19380
9780877853343, $15.95,

There's no easy way out even if you try to take it. "The Searchers" tells of a young man who in his desperation ends his life only to find the afterlife carries a slew of problems of its own. A story of facing humanity and coming to reality with one truly is, Naomi Gladish Smith crafts an insightful and intriguing read that offers much food for thought for readers. "The Searchers" is an intriguing exploration of what it means to be human and what we consider hell.

Lady in the Mist
Laurie Alice Eakes
c/o Baker
PO Box 6287, Grand Rapids, MI 49516-6287
9780800734527, $14.99,

As their world seems to fall apart around them, love has a way of growing in spite of it all. "Lady in the Mist" tells the story of Tabitha Eckles a midwife and her friendship that grows into something more with Dominick Cherrett, a British noble person who is working the fields in America as revolution seems to rage on in the distance. Covered in secrets, the story has many unique twists and turns and makes "Lady in the Mist" a thoughtful and riveting read that should prove difficult to put down for romance lovers.

The Leaves of Fate
George Robert Minkoff
McPherson & Company
PO Box 1126, Kingston, NY 12402
9780929701820, $24.95,

Being a frontiersman means venturing into the unknown where there is no such thing as certainty. "The Leaves of Fate" forms a novel around the ventures of Captain John Smith, and forms a novel of early America, where the Europeans were first seeing and experiencing this entirely new world. Telling of a story of both the bright eyed future and the shadow of the eventual nature of it all, "The Leaves of Fate" is an intriguing read that will prove hard to put down.

Zombies in New York
Sam Stone
c/o Fitzhenry & Whiteside, LTD
311 Washington Street, Brighton, MA 02135-3303
9781845830557, $24.99,

It may seem like the living dead already roam the streets of New York, but author Sam Stone wants to make it a bit more literal. "Zombies in New York and Other Bloody Jottings" is a collection of short stories with a supernatural horror tilt as Stone turns her beloved city into something right out of nightmares. With humor, horror, and hubris coming together for a highly entertaining read, "Zombies in New York" is a strongly recommended pick that will prove hard to put down.

The Sports Shelf

Fishing Long Island Sound
Tom Migdalski
Burford Books
101 East State St., #301, Ithaca, NY 14850
9781580801652, $18.95,

For those who call Long Island home, there is plenty of excellent fishing opportunities. "Fishing Long Island Sound" is a guide for those with a love of fishing who want to find the best they can in the Long Island region. Designed for many types of fishers, Tom Migdalski gives information in many forms, from simple fishing wisdom to GPS coordinates, and much more. For anyone who wants to be the best fisherman in Long Island, "Fishing Long Island Sound" is a must.

Solid Fool's Gold
Bill James
Acta Sports
4848 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60640
9780879464592, $14.95,

Straight textbooks are boring because they never touch on the facts that we really think about. "Solid Fool's Gold: Detours on the Way to Conventional Wisdom" is an approach to analysis through looking at odd and questionable stats and what can be learned from musing over these. With a bit of humor, much is touched on and discussed on the best and worst players in baseball and other sports as well. "Solid Fool's Gold" is a fun diversion for sports fans from sports writer Bill James, very highly recommended reading.

Wisconsin's Carlisle Indian School Immortals
Tom Benjey
Tuxedo Press
546 E Springvale Rd, Carlisle PA 17015
9781936161225, $19.95,

When you inject new blood into something, it's rare to be completely disappointed with the results. "Wisconsin's Carlisle Indian School Immortals" is another entry into the history of these athletes and how Jim Thorpe and Pop Warner helped six Native American play their way into the College Football Hall of Fame, introducing new tactics and playstyles that were never seen before by the traditionally mostly white players. Looking at several of these players who were trailblazers both on and off the field, "Wisconsin's Carlisle Indian School Immortals" is an educational and solidly recommended dive into a lesser explored piece of football history.

Coaching Kids
Frank Watts
Price World Publishing
1300 W. Belmont Ave., Suite 20G, Chicago, IL 60657
Cardinal Publishers Group
2402 N. Shadeland Avenue, Suite A, Indianapolis, IN 46219
9781932549621, $14.95,

A coach of young athletes is doing more than leading them in sports. "Coaching Kids: All Team Sports"is a guide for coaches of young adolescents who have developed a taste for sports and how a coach coaches them not only through the game, but through life. With plenty of tips on dealing with parents, troubled children, troublemakers, and more, "Coaching Kids" is packed cover to cover with sage wisdom, highly recommended.

The Christian Studies Shelf

The Lord's Supper
Thomas R. Schreiner & Matthew R. Crawford
B&H Publishing Group
127 Ninth Avenue, North, Nashville, TN 37234-0164
9780805447576, $24.99,

Communion is meant to be a reminder that Christ will come. "The Lord's Supper: Remembering and Proclaiming Christ Until He Comes" is a study of communion, as many theologians come together to offer insight into the purpose of communion, with a focus on the Baptist sect, but touches on communions for other branches of Christianity as well. With thoughts on theology, ethics, the role of the church, and much more, "The Lord's Supper" is a scholarly work of high interest to anyone who wants to better understand the purpose of communion.

From Glory to Glory
Rea McDonnell
New City Press
202 Comforter Blvd., Hyde Park, NY 12538
9781565483682, $16.95,

Faith is something to be shared. "From Glory to Glory: Spirit and Sacrament in the Writings of Paul and John" is a devotional read for Christians for those who want to pursue a prayer group with a lively spiritual discussion. Drawing much from the Gospel of John and the Letters of Paul, for those who want to spread faith through meeting and discussion, "From Glory to Glory" is an excellent resource to draw from.

Health, Wealth, & Happiness
David W. Jones & Russell S. Woodbridge
Kregel Publications
733 Wealthy Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
9780825429309, $13.99,

It seems the God that has come to dominate our sights is green with big numbers on it. "Health, Wealth, & Happiness: Has the Prosperity Gospel Overshadowed the Gospel of Christ?" is a look at the faith behind many Christians who seem to live with the faith that God is the one who will lead them to prosperity. Warning against these beliefs and how they have corrupted the gospel, theologians David Jones and Russel Woodbridge offer their concerns and encourages readers to remember that Jesus, not money, is their God. "Health, Wealth, & Happiness" is a thoughtful and much needed gaze into a crisis in modern Christianity, highly recommended.

Promptings or Me?
Kevin Hinckley
Cedar Fort
2373 W. 700 S. Springville, UT 84663
9781599554907, $11.99,

When looking for God's voice, there is plenty to lead one astray. "Promptings or Me?: Recognizing the Spirit's Voice" is a guide for spiritual readers to find their own way to God's will and understanding when everything around them seems to be pulling them away. With spiritual wisdom with some practices to embrace, avoiding what is blocking your success, and much more, "Promptings or Me?" is a strong pick for any Christian struggling to find's God's way.

The Lion, the Mouse, and the Dawn Treader
Carl McColman
Paraclete Press
PO Box 1568, Orleans, MA 02653
9781557258878, $14.95,

Another person's views on a subject you know can open your eyes to elements you may not have noticed before. "The Lion, the Mouse, and the Dawn Treader: Spiritual Lessons From C. S. Lewis's Narnia" is a collection of reflections on the famed Narnia series and its allegory to Christianity as a whole. Lewis's work has provided much thought and inspiration with his interpretation of his work, and author Carl McColman offers a great companion to understanding. "The Lion, the Mouse, and the Dawn Treader" is a fine read a fine addition to Christian and literary studies collections.

Your Secret Name
Kary Oberbrunner
5300 Patterson Avenue, S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49530
Veritas Communications (publicity)
PO Box 2075, Canon City, CO 81215
9780310285465, $14.99,

God's plan blesses everyone with a purpose. "Your Secret Name: Discovering Who God Created You to Be" is a delve into understanding God's plan as a Christian, and finding what one is truly meant to do with one's life. Drawing on scripture, Kary Oberbrunner hopes to help readers understand their role in God's plan for the world and how to live it to the fullest. "Your Secret Name" is an insightful and spiritual read for Christians, highly recommended.

Catholic Social Thought
David J. O'Brien & Thomas A. Shannon, editor
Orbis Books
Price Bldg, Box 302, Maryknoll, NY 10545
9781570758911, $30.00,

The Catholic Church remains a powerful entity in modern society and its word has powerful effects. "Catholic Social Thought: The Documentary Heritage" traces one hundred years of official statements made by the Catholic Church on the many aspects of society. Presented in full, the work is designed as a reference volume for readers to comprehend on their own, rather than a discussion and criticism of said statements. The editors present each statement with an introduction outlining the circumstance of the time and what prompted it. "Catholic Social Thought" is a solid addition to any reference collection focusing on the documents and status of the Roman Catholic Church.

Contemplative Vision
Juliet Benner
c/o IVP
PO Box 1400, Downers Grove, IL 60515-1426
9780830835447, $17.00,

People learn differently and this includes in faith. "Contemplative Vision: A Guide to Christian Art and Prayer" discusses Christian art and its meditation with the scripture. Author Juliet Benner has focused on teaching faith and has focused on a visual approach. Through her book, she presents art, scripture, and muses on their relation. A different avenue of prayer and thought, "Contemplative Vision" is a thoughtful and very highly recommended read, not to be missed.

The Life and Teachings of the New Testament Apostles
Richard Neitzel Holzapfel & Tomas A. Wayment
Deseret Book
PO Box 30178, Salt Lake City UT 84130
9781606418246, $34.99,

It is said the worth of a teacher is truly found in success of their students. "The Life and Teachings of the New Testament Apostles: From the Day of Pentecost Through the Apocalypse" looks at the story of the Apostles and how they carried Jesus' word and teachings after Jesus' crucifixion. Their lessons are not simply verbatim what Christ taught them, but instead their own thoughts and beliefs as they developed through their time with Christ and his actions. "The Life and Teachings of the New Testament Apostles" is a scholarly read of the methods of Christ's closest followers, highly recommended.

Worship & Mission
Alan Kreider & Eleanor Kreider
Herald Press
616 Walnut Avenue, Scottsdale, PA 15683-1999
9780836195545, $19.99,

Christianity has lost status in the eyes of the world. "Worship & Mission: After Christendom" is a study of what Christians can do in this modern world to show the virtues of Christianity can still remain strong as the world around them grows more secular and faith is an after thought. Drawn by their own passion, Alan & Eleanor Kreider speak simply and profoundly with a message any Christian can get behind. "Worship & Mission" is worth considering for any Christian who wants to try harder to show God's grace.

Beyond the Veil
Brian Flynn
WLP/J.S. Paluch Company, Inc.
3708 N. River Red Suite 400, Franklin Park, IL 60131
$15.00 1-888-708-SONG

Based on the Book of Revelation and Theology of the Catholic Mass, Beyond the Veil is an album of words and music composed by Brian Flynn as a means to worship God and celebrate His love. These songs of devotion, praise, and humility resonate with the strength of faith, in this profoundly pious offering. Highly recommended. The tracks are "Beyond the Veil", "Miracle", "Lord of Mercy", "I Believe", "You Are a Priest Forever", "Father God", "Psalm 30", "I Will Worship You", "Panis Vere (True Bread)", "American Anthem for Life", and "Lift High the Cross".

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Your Dog Is Your Mirror
Kevin Behan
New World Library
14 Pamaron Way, Novato, CA 94949
9781577316961, $23.95,

Our canine friends have a bigger impact on our lives than we know. "Your Dog is Your Mirror: The Emotional Capacity of Our Dogs and Ourselves" is research into the power of emotion and their effects on the owner, and more importantly, the effect of the owner on the dog. Dogs have very good empathy for relating to their human caretakers, and author Kevin Behan digs deeper to these relationships to help gain a better grasp of both human and canine psychology. "Your Dog is Your Mirror" is a fine pick with much to ponder, a solid addition to any psychology or pets and wildlife collection.

The Self-Help Shelf

31 Days to a Younger You
Arlene Pellicane
Harvest House Publishers
990 Owen Loop North, Eugene, Oregon 97402-9173
9780736929035, $11.99,

Youth goes so quickly, but you can fight letting it flee in your own way. "31 Days to a Younger You: No Surgery, No Diets, No Kidding" is a guide from Arlene Pellicane as she advises readers to find their own energy in life and use it keep that fire roaring longer. With a bit of Christian faith twisted in, her wisdom rings true for those who have submitted to the dullness of midlife. "31 Days to a Younger You" is a thoughtful guide for those who want to use faith to bring life back to their life.

Mastering the Power of Self-Hypnosis
C. Roy Hunter
Crown House Publishing
6 Trowbridge Drive, Ste. 5, Bethel, CT 06801
9781845904654, $34.95,

The person in charge of empowering you is you. "Mastering the Power of Self-Hypnosis: A Practical Guide to Self-Empowerment" is a guide to taking control of one's own consciousness through self-hypnosis, wisdom from several of the world's most renown hypnotherapists as they provide wisdom on channeling the trance to empower your subconscious to empower your competence in four avenues - imagination, belief, expectancy, and conviction. "Mastering the Power of Self-Hypnosis" is sage and thoughtful reading for anyone who wants to harness the power of the self.

Healing Walks for Hard Times
Carolyn Scott Kortge
c/o Shambhala
300 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
9781590307403, $15.95,

A time to clear your mind can have so many benefits. "Healing Walks for Hard Times: An 8-Week Program, Quiet Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, & Get Your Life Back" is Carolyn Scott Kortge encouraging readers to take control of their health and soul, through the simple act of walking. Focusing readers onto a thoughtful practice of a walk that encourages them to think deeply as they stride, Kortge's guide will help readers realize that they alone can control their own destiny. "Healing Walks for Hard Times" is an excellent read for any willing to stride for their conscience.

Dave Wolffe
Peaceful Minds Press
c/o Beagle Bay, Inc
2325 Homestead Place, Reno, NV 89509
9780615400907, $16.95,

Anger is natural, and dealing with it is an important part of facing life. "Peace: The Other Side of Anger: Helping Teens with Anger Management" is a guide for teenagers to better deal with the anger and frustrations that life often throws at them. With plenty of thoughtful techniques that will help teenagers channel their anger well to avoid letting it vent in unproductive and potentially destructive ways, Dave Wolffe, a long time educator, offers much thought on the matter. "Peace" is a strongly recommended pick or gift for any teen.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Broken Honour
Robert Earl
Black Library Publications
1525 Hulse Road, Unit 1, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742
9781849700276, $8.99,

No honor, no rules, nothing to stop one from succeeding or dying trying. "Broken Honour" is another novel set in the Warhammer universe as Mercenary Captain Eriksson and his company of condemned prisoners have their death sentence - to fight to their deaths against the hordes of feral beastmen that surround Hochland. An exciting read of action and adventure, "Broken Honour" is a choice read for any fan of Warhammer novels.

You Were Destined to Be Together
Tom Arbino
Ozark Mountain Publishing
PO Box 754, Huntsville, AR 72740
9781886940734, $14.00,

The soulmate is something to be truly treasured. "You Were Destined to Be Together" is a spiritual guide that discusses the soul and the closeness that forms between two people who have found the ultimate togetherness. Deeply profound and speaking clearly on what makes this bond strong, "You Were Destined to Be Together" is a metaphysical spin of love and the soul finding what it needs to be complete.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Touched by the Extraordinary Book Two
Susan Barbara Apollon
Matters of the Soul
PO Box 403, Yardley, PA 19067
9780975403617 $34.95 (audiobook)
9780975403693 $24.95 (print)

Also available in an audiobook version, Touched by the Extraordinary Book Two: Healing Stories of Love, Loss and Hope is the audiobook rendition of psychologist Susan Barbara Apollon's extraordinary and inspirational anthology of true stories offering hope, spiritual connection, and reassurance to those who may be facing the darkest moments of their lives. The link between our world and what lies beyond the veil of death is reflected upon, whether through messages from loved ones who have crossed the divide, the impact of near-death experiences, remembering a beloved animal companion who is no more, thoughts on the influence of angels, and the effects, purpose, and value of prayer. Healing Stories of Love, Loss and Hope is highly recommended as a profoundly moving, thought-provoking, and ultimately positive source of comfort for anyone struggling to cope with terrible loss.

Meditations and Devotions
John Henry Newman
Paulist Press
997 Macarthur Blvd., Mahwah, NJ 07430
9780809105984, $16.95,

Faith is a complex yet powerful thing. "Meditations and Devotions" is a collection of religious writings and thoughts from John Henry Newman, aimed at Catholics who ponder their place in their faith and are striving to be better Christians and better people. With plenty to ponder and motivate spiritual readers, "Meditations and Devotions" is a choice pick for Catholics, with wisdom that may ring true for any person of faith.

Revolutionary Deists
Kerry Walters
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2119
9781616141905, $20.00,

There is much to believe that Thomas Jefferson was not the best Christian. "Revolutionary Deists: Early America's Rational Infidels" looks at the religious philosophy adopted by many of America's early founders and their human-driven ideas that led to them ultimately fighting not only America's first war, but the first culture war, criticizing the supernatural elements of Christianity and how it gained them no favors during their contemporary time. Looking at these individuals and what their thought means in the bigger picture, "Revolutionary Deists" is an outstanding and thoughtful read, very highly recommended.

Midnights with the Mystic
Cheryl Simone with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
Hampton Roads
1125 Stoney Ridge Road, Charlottesville, VA 22902
1571745610, $16.95,

Some people dedicated their lives to studying our spiritual world, and turning to them can offer some unique insight. "Midnights with the Mystic: A Little Guide to Freedom and Bliss" reflects on author Cheryl Simone's many meetings with one of India's most renown mystics, Sadhguru Vasudev, as they discuss the many topics of life and reality and Simone seeks to help readers understand the mysticism of life and help it guide them. "Midnights with the Mystic" is an excellent pick, recommended.

The Crafts Shelf

Mixed Metal Mania
Kim St. Jean
Kalmbach Books
21027 Crossroads Circle
PO Box 1612, Waukesha, WI 53187-1612
9780871164162, $21.95,

Metals are a key component in keeping jewelry creations together. "Mixed Metal Mania: Solder, Hammer, and Wire Exceptional Jewelry" is a guide to creating the formative aspects of one's jewelry to use it as part of the design. These techniques are easy to follow, and Kim St. Jean gives readers everything they need to know to create excellent quality metal plates, rivets, and more, as well as etching them. "Mixed Metal Mania" is a must for every jewelry hobbyist who is working with metal. Also for jewelry hobbyists from Kalmbach Books, "Bead Tube Jewelry" (9780871164179, $19.95) provides much knowledge on using bead tubes to enhance one's next project.

The Memoir Shelf

Meet Mrs. Smith
Anna Smith
David C. Cook
4050 Lee Vance View, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
9781434702036, $14.99,

As your other half goes on a whirlwind of Rock and Roll, it can be hard to remember to be down to earth. "Meet Mrs. Smith: My Adventures with Six Kids, One Rockstar Husband, and a Heart to Fight Poverty" is a memoir of mother and wife Anna Smith as she puts a spin on the usual family tale with a bit of spirituality and spice of life. Driven by her Christian faith, "Meet Mrs. Smith" is a remarkable story of celebrity and finding God where ever you turn.

While the World Watched
Carolyn Maull McKinstry
351 Executive Drive, Carol Stream, IL 60188
9781414336367, $17.99,

In today's America, it's rare to see hate so intense that random murder is carried in its name. "While the World Watched" is the memoir of Carolyn Maull McKinstry, who was one of the survivors of a Ku Klux Klan bombing in the early 1960s, where four of her friends at the time met their deaths for daring to be born black. She reflects on the challenges of the civil rights movement and what she faced, before an advancing world forgets the cruelty that has been visited on many of us throughout the twentieth century. "While the World Watched" is a gripping read of how these events changed the course of lives forever.

The Poetry Shelf

This Small Breathing Coincidence
Paul Terranova
Parallax Press
PO Box 7355, Berkeley, CA 94707
9781934795231 $TBA

This Small Breathing Coincidence is the debut poetry chapbook by community center director Paul Terranova. Five of the free-verse poems were previously published in the periodical "Wisconsin People & Ideas"; the rest are new to print. A haunting spirit of mystique pervades these reflective musings on the tides of time and the inevitable imprints of change; "This Small Breathing Coincidence" invites the reader to follow in a contemplative journey masking the deep-seated human drive to know the unknowable. "Visitation": In the lush wind / before the first warm rain / our late grandmothers came back, / hands made soft again, to / stroke our faces and wonder / at how we've grown.

Jonathan Holden
Mammoth Publications
1916 Stratford Rd., Lawrence, KS 66044
9780984591299, $12.00

With a wide array of work, including being held as Kansas's poet Laureate, "Glamour" is a collection from the celebrated and prolific Jonathan Holden, as he presents a collection with a focus on art and beauty and what we make of all of it. "Glamour" is an excellent collection, not to be overlooked. "Night Game": These infielders are definite/as sparrows at work./Spit that seed with one peck/or starve./There is no minor league/for birds. There is/exactly one way/to pirouette into a double play/perfectly. The birds/don't dare reflect on what/they do, each hop, each stab and/scramble through the air into the/catch of the sycamore's'/top twigs/is a necessity,/absolute. To stay alive/out in the filed/ you must be/an authority on parabolas/and fear philosophy.

Ship of Fool
William Trowbridge
Red Hen Press
PO Box 40820, Pasadena, CA 91114
9781597094467, $18.95,

The fool may be wiser than us all for simply realizing he is a fool. "Ship of Fool" is a collection of poetry from William Trowbridge, as he presents a collection of poetry focused on the concept of the fool and the life of one who has been deemed as such. With plenty to ponder within the humor, "Ship of Fool" is a fine addition to any poetry collection, highly recommended. "Why Fool Voted No-Nonsense": Because a spade/is a spade//Because a spade/is not always a spade//Because of what now /passes for love.//Because of what now/ passes for jumbo.//Because of too much/footsie//Because the news/is to blame.//Because of things/you're always hearing.//Because what's /the difference.//Because fools/are thicker than water.

Terminal Diagrams
Garrick Davis
Ohio University Press
19 Circle Drive, The Ridges, Athens, OH 45701
9780804011310, $16.95,

When some look on the modern world, they look upon it with a certain degree of horror. "Terminal Diagrams" is a collection of poetry from Garrick Davis as he presents his own investigation of the world, and how the entire process has been mechanized and sanitized to an extreme degree. With thought, "Terminal Diagrams" is sure to entertain as it provokes. "Passing over the Suburbs of San Diego": From an airplane, the canyons veined with blue --/and the decadence of each drained swimming pool.

Bird in the Machine
Eve Jones
Turning Point
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781934999899, $18.00

It's easy to go the wrong way; it's hard to right oneself once more. "Bird in the Machine" is the first collection of poetry from Eve Jones as she speaks on the reality of a dark world filled with many conflicting questions and the pursuit of truth. "Bird in the Machine" is a choice collection, highly recommended. "The Window Smasher Explains": At first the long ricochet/of voice into fist, then/it's pure mercy, taking down/the wall's dullest//stare, ridding the flames/of children. For someone has sealed the house.//Not fear, just the field/I could not reach, the river's black skirt//hushing would you? Would you/splinter, your face the fire.

I & We
Joseph P. Wood
CW Books
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781936370115, $18.00

When faced with the worst, you cherish what you love greater. "I & We" is a collection of poetry from Joseph P. Wood who focuses on the horror and ruthlessness of life and uses this to fuel his passion in life and search for grace. "I & We" is thoughtful and recommended reading. "Plymouth, Montserrat, 1996": Neck-deep, mud ash, Dante.//Palms center-split. Pumice boulders car-sized./The airplanes can't life away quick enough.//Once in the air, someone in a tropical/shirt thinks well, that's the end of that drama./The island's a beach the size of a fingernail///Lava's a cell on the earth's tongue://a horseshoe crab scurries sideways/between two scorched time-shares,/& Does his little dance.

Bottle Tree
Jennifer Horne
Word Tech Editions
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781934999868, $18.00

Poetry is language that can appeal to many senses. "Bottle Tree" is a compilation of poetry from Jennifer Horne, as she offers food for thought on life, hoping to use her words to appeal to more than just the mind. "Bottle Tree" has much to ponder, recommended. "Cicada Song": For years I lay in the dark./What went on above me didn't touch me./A day came/when something said "move"./In darkness I struggled,/drawn by a deep memory.//Finally a new world:/light, an openness that scared me.//Also the discovery there were others like me.//My hardened shell came off/without much trouble./Now I am so new my skin gleams.

The Goodbye Town
Timothy O'Keefe
Oberlin College Press
50 N. Professor Street, Oberlin, OH 44074
9780932440402, $14.95,

It's hard to let go of the past, regardless of how much we hate or love it. "The Goodbye Town" is a collection of poetry from Timothy O'Keefe as he ponders our bonds to our world and tries to offer his own musings on moving forward in the world when we live in the now. "The Goodbye Town" is a fun and fascinating read, highly recommended. "Little's Unforgetting, Part 1": Bright as pigeons pixeling the city sky./Aqua collars and plume. Lavenders lace/the air-break between. Then high careen/and half-bloom. A low-down tug at the tethers.//Sullen Little hunched over a sewer grate./No photo. Just pecking backwashed face.

Cynthia Marie Hoffman
Persea Books
853 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
9780892553686, $15.00,

The world has much to see and much to teach. "Sightseer" is a collection of poetry from Cynthia Marie Hoffman, as she, by her own words and wisdom, states she stumbles through all of Europe, absorbing it all in, as if she has never seen anything before. "Sightseer" is a fun and unique read of life, and a highly recommended poetry compendium. "In the Cemetery, The Likeness of Jesus": hovers at the tomb like a bronze bird, wings outstretched but stripped of feather./Neither can he rise to the trees, let loose/the nail from his foot, nor tumble to the ground/and lie in a puff of dust.

Martyrn Crucefix
Arts Council England
c/o DuFour Editions
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425
9781904634973, $22.95,

The world's pain comes from extremes of any sort. "Hurt" is a collection of poetry from Martyrn Crucefix as he reflects on these contrasts and what they deliver to our thoughts as we try to make sense of a chaotic world. "Hurt" is an award winning collection, highly recommended. "One Thing After Another" The ivory, angular vertebra I found/The day after the day my daughter found//and tried out her new word -- **** --/was bony spiky to touch, rough as ****.//I thought: Depths! Essence! Bone!/She bent to it, touched it, turning bone.//Leave it, I called, She said, Is it real?/White in the grass the contrast was real.

I Think Again of Those Ancient Chinese Poets
Tom Sexton
University of Alaska Press
PO Box 756240, Fairbanks, AK 99775-6240
9781602231191, $14.95

We have taken much poetry for history, because poems speak in a way simple words cannot. "I Think Again of Those Ancient Chinese Poets" is a collection of poetry from Tom Sexton as he ties in the traditional Chinese poetry into his own reflections on Alaska. A thoughtful blend, "I Think Again of Those Ancient Chinese Poets" is a strongly recommended read, not to be missed. "House Sparrows": No one will ever call Audubon or a friend/to report a sighting of these small chestnut-hued birds rushing in and out of a hole/left when worn bricks fell from the side of a building itself about to fall; yet they/have their calling, like the now rare working/man in his canvas jacket leaving the house/before dawn, the first hint of song on the street.

Space, in Chains
Laura Kasischke
Copper Canyon Press
PO Box 271, Port Townsend, WA 98368
9781556593338, $16.00,

With seven prior volumes, Laura Kasischke's eighth volume still seeks to speak with a clear and haunting voice. "Space, in Chains" paints her life's pictures of her challenges to find life and stay sane in a not so sane world. With plenty of wisdom, "Space, In Chains" is an excellent compilation, not to be overlooked. "O, Elegant Giant": And Jehovah. And Alzheimer. And a diamond of extraordinary size on the hand of a starving child. The quiet mob in a vacant lot. My father asleep in a/chair in a warm corridor. While his boat, the Unsinkable, waits marooned on the shore./While his boat, the Unsinkable, sails on, and sails on.

The Judaic Studies Shelf

Jewish Eugenics
John Glad
Wooden Shore
2601 Woodley Pl, Suite 910, Washington, DC 20008-1567
9780897030052, $19.95,

"Jewish Eugenics" delves into the complicated topic of Jewish identity and its relation to their race and biology. With the rise of the nation of Israel, the definition of a Jew seems more important than ever, as John Glad asks many questions and discusses much on biological history and what the future with issues such as cloning could pose for the future. "Jewish Eugenics" is a fascinating read of Jewish biology, highly recommended.

Safta's Diaries
Bina Appleman
930 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306
9781602801684, $39.50,

Her faith was the only thing she had to bind her to her past. "Safta's Diaries: Intimate Diaries of a Religious Zionist Woman" is the story of Bina Appleman, a woman who in infancy was without parents and without connection to her heritage, embraced her faith as the one link of where she came from in a time where the worst persecution hit and the formation of Israel gave hope to the world. A deeply personal account of what the Jewish faith meant to the Jewish people throughout the twentieth century, "Safta's Diaries" is expertly translated by Shera Aranoff Tuchman, and is very highly recommended.

God of Me
David Lyon
Jewish Lights Publishing
PO Box 237, Sunset Farm Offices,
Rt. 4, Woodstock, VT 05091
9781580234528, $16.99,

To know God is the base of all Abrahamic religions. "God of Me: Imagining God Throughout Your Lifetime" discusses how the search for God is a lifetime endeavor, as Rabbi David Lyon speaks plainly and clearly on how in Jewish worship, it all starts with the central prayer of Amidah, urging readers to clear their mind of what they think God should be and search deeper for a clearer picture. "God of Me" is a devotional book with a powerful drive for readers, a key piece in any community library Judaic studies collection.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Mountain Time
Kenneth S. Norris
University of California Nature Reserve System
1111 Franklin Street, 6th Floor, Oakland, CA 94607-5200
9780557621750, $20.00

Humans are as part of nature as anyone else. "Mountain Time: Reflections On The Wild World And Our Place In It" is a collection of essays discussing the greater picture of the world and its challenges as Dr. Kenneth S. Norris asks plenty of questions and ponders plenty of questions to this bigger picture of nature as a whole. Renown for his work with dolphins, he has a wide love for nature and has researched many different subjects in the field of environmental science. With much to think about, "Mountain Time" is a fine collection and very much worth considering for nature collections.

Campfires and Loon Calls
Jerry Apps
Fulcrum Publishing
4690 Table Mountain Drive, Suite 100, Golden, CO 80403
9781936218073, $15.95,

Facing down nature in a canoe is the call some people live for. "Campfires and Loon Calls" : Travels in the Boundary Waters" is a collection of advice for the nature lover who wants to take a canoe out onto the Boundary Waters region surrounding the Great Lakes area between the United States and Canada. A collection of essays that he hopes inspires the love of the outdoors in his readers, and along with a liberal use of black and white photographs, "Campfires and Loon Calls" is a thoughtful delve into outdoor adventure, highly recommended.

Engaging Voices
Roger S. Gottlieb
Baylor University
One Bear Place, #97363, Waco, TX 76798-7363
9781602582606, $29.95,

The medium of fiction has proven effective in expressing ideas. "Engaging Voices: Tales of Morality and Meaning in an Age of Global Warming" is a collection of short fiction focusing on the subjects of the environment and the role of science and faith in this controversial topic which affects our planets future, and engaging a problem which is not yet obviously apparent. With a focus on ethics and morality in the writing's philosophy, "Engaging Voices" is a strongly recommended addition to any environmental fiction collection, heartily recommended.

Crop Chemophobia
Jon Entine, editor
American Enterprise Institute
1150 Seventeenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036
9780844743615, $39.95,

Pesticides and preservatives can be dangerous in excessive quality, but is the world's growing phobia putting it at odds with the benefits they bring? "Crop Chemophobia: Will Precaution Kill the Green Revolution?" outlines the concern with modern farming about the paranoia surrounding food safety and how too much regulation of chemicals could lead to unforeseen problems in the future of the world's food supply. Arguing for more consistent testing of pesticides and their effects on food, stating that some are banned when they pass the test clearly, "Crop Chemophobia" provides quite the insight on this major issue, highly recommended.

The Social Issues Shelf

Dangerous Times?
Christopher J. Fettweis
Georgetown University Press
3240 Prospect Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007
9781589017108, $29.95,

There is peace in rivalry. "Dangerous Times?: The International Politics of Great Power Peace" looks at how the modern world comes closer and closer together, the world's international powers seem to embrace cooperation and unity, despite there being more major military power throughout the world today. Stating that the twenty first century looks to be a century of much more relative peace than the tumultuous twentieth, Christopher J. Fettweis presents a cautiously optimistic view of the future that is contrary to many people believe World War III is just around the corner. "Dangerous Times?" is a thoughtful and very highly recommended read, not to be missed.

To Be Free
Thomas Peacock & Marlene Wisuri
Afton Press
PO Box 100, Afton, MN 55001
9781890434809, $24.00,

Racism does not have the rule of the world. "To Be Free: Understanding and Eliminating Racism" is a discussion on the advancements of freeing the word from racism, and how fighting this ingrained practice throughout the world is something that can be done to improve the future. With plenty of thought on facing this problem of life and encouraging a reasonable approach that realizes the world doesn't change over night, "To Be Free" is a work of encouraging social progress and is well worth considering, highly recommended.

Speaking Up and Speaking Out
Karen Paisley & Daniel Dustin
Sagamore Publishing
1807 N. Federal Drive, Urbana, IL 61801-1051
9781571675842, $24.95,

Parks are neither an endeavor for environmentalism or social progression, it is both. "Speaking Up and Speaking Out: Working for Social and Environmental Justice through Parks, Recreation, and Leisure" discusses the role of these parks in the field of human service, and encouraging those who crusade in this field as a profession to keep their ideas and speak out when these concepts are threatened. "Speaking Up and Speaking Out" is a sage compilation of idea and politics, highly recommended.

The Watchman's Rattle
Rebecca D. Costa
c/o Perseus Book Group
2300 Chestnut Street, Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA 19103
9781593156053, $26.95,

Are we are our own doom bringer as a species? "The Watchman's Rattle: Thinking Our Way Out of Extinction" tries to answer humanity's limits to solving its own problems, saying that its habit of fixing symptoms instead of causes is building up to be quite overwhelming for all of us as a whole. Encouraging an approach that seeks to answer these problems before they put us on an irreversible downward spiral that will send us back to the stone age. "The Watchman's Rattle" is insightful, scholarly, and enthusiastically recommended.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

What Nurses Know... Multiple Sclerosis
Carol Saunders
Demos Health
11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10036
9781932603897, $16.95,

A plague that strikes many of us as we age, Multiple Sclerosis can be met head on. "What Nurses Know... Multiple Sclerosis: The Answers You need From the People You Trust" is a collection of facts and knowledge about the practices and treatment available for locking horns with this disorder which can make everyday life painful and restrictive. With plenty on subjects of alternative medicine and proven treatments, "What Nurses Know... Multiple Sclerosis" is an excellent read and resource, enthusiastically recommended.

Could it Be B12?
Sally M. Pacholok & Jeffrey J. Stuart
Quill Driver Books
2006 S. Mary Street, Fresno, CA 93721-3311
9781884995699, $14.95,

With today's processed diets many vitamins may not be present. "Could it be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses" is an analysis that the lack of vitamin B12 in diets can cause in many people's lives which can cause the symptoms of many more serious diseases. Sally M. Pacholok and Jeffrey Stuart encourage readers to understand B12 deficiency and look into it when other treatments have failed. "Could it be B12?" is a guide worth considering for those seeking a medical second opinion.

Living Skinny in Fat Genes
Felicia Stoler
Pegasus Books
80 Broad Street, Fifth Floor, New York, NY 10005
9781605981161, $16.95,

When your family has doomed you to obesity, it can seem hard to fight it. "Living Skinny in Fat Genes: The Healthy Way to Lose Weight and Feel Great" is a guide to finding one's health in spite of the pressures that surround us in life and when your genetics predispose you toward obesity. She offers simple wisdom that says diet is not the answer, but a lifestyle change is. "Living Skinny in Fat Genes" is an insightful read and strongly recommended for any endomorph who wants to trump it all.

The Photography Shelf

Farm Tractors
Robert N. Pripps
Voyageur Press
c/o MBI Publishing Company
400 First Avenue North, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9780760340516, $19.95,

The tractor has been a workhorse since its inception, and has gained a bit of awe all of its own. "Farm Tractors" follows the history of this agricultural machine and how it has made a major impact in the live so many farmers and farm workers. Tracing the history of the device and how it has become quite the icon, Robert N. Pripps follows the progression of these machines, looking at both the historical and the modern all presented in glossy full color. "Farm Tractors" is a must for anyone who wants to understand how this machine is became an agricultural legend.

The Opposite of Cold
Michael Nordskog
University of Minnesota Press
111 Third Avenue South, Suite 290, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9780816656820, $34.95,

The Finnish have fully embraced the Sauna, and their immigrants have taken this love with them, even into the coldest parts of the world. "The Opposite of Cold: The Northwoods Finnish Sauna Tradition" chronicles the history of the Finnish sauna and how it has taken hold in the western Great Lakes regions in the United States and Canada. Detailing their construction, their purpose, and their benefits, this lesser known tradition has much to make readers ponder and wonder. "The Opposite of Cold" is a choice photography collection for any collection with a focus on culture and Great Lakes America.

The Fashion Shelf

Figure Poses for Fashion Illustrators
Sha Tahmasebi
250 Wireless Boulevard, Happauge, NY 11788
9781438070490, $24.99,

It's all about the swagger and pose to sell the design, even in art form. "Figure Poses for Fashion Illustrators" is a resource for aspiring fashion designers who want to make sure their designs come off as professional, clean, clear and displaying the most of the clothing's design. The templates within present a great deal of poses both male and female, going through the details quite well, and enhanced with a disc with additional resources. "Figure Poses for Fashion Illustrators" is a must for any would be fashion designer.

The Hunting/Fishing Shelf

Fishing North Carolina
Mike Marsh
John F. Blair
1406 Plaza Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27103
9780895873965, $19.95,

When they set out on vacation, the avid fisherman wants to know where to find the best fishing. "Fishing North Carolina" is a fishing guide form Mike Marsh as he offers his own insight for the traveling fishermen to where to find the best waters in North Carolina for the many disciplines of fishing and how to make the most of your time with your rod. A great resource for those Carolina bound, "Fishing North Carolina" is a strong addition to community library travel and fishing collections.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Murder on the Moor
C. S. Challinor
Midnight Ink
2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125-2989
9780738719818, $14.95,

A gathering of old friends just may be their last. "Murder on the Moor" is a Rex Graves mystery as thoughtful and clever Rex unknowingly invites a murderer to Gleneagle Lodge and soon finds the murderer's handiwork made of a good friend. Written in a traditional mystery style, "Murder on the Moor" will have old school mystery fans reading for hours and not putting it down until it's done.

Devil's Manhunt
L. Ron Hubbard
Galaxy Press
7051 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 200, Hollywood, CA 90028
9781592122653 $9.95

Originally published in the February 1950 issue of "Famous Western", Devil's Manhunt is one of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's classic pulp adventure stories of the golden age. The saga follows young Tim Beckdolt, who discovered a rich seam of gold in Arizona's Desperation Peak - only to have his claim jumped by the Swedish giant Sven and the Virginia murderer Bonnet. The two force Tim to mine at gunpoint; when he escapes into the wild without weapons or food, he is hunted for his life. A thrilling novel of greed, violence, survival and perseverance, Devil's Manhunt perfectly embodies the unbridled excitement of pulp fiction.

The Writing/Publishing Shelf

The Power of Poems
Margriet Ruurs
Maupin House
2416 NW 71st Place, Gainesville, FL 32653
9781934448896, $19.95,

Poetry has very strong purpose, even if it doesn't seem as readily apparent as it once was. "The Power of Poems: Writing Activities that Teach and Inspire" is a guide for educators to blend poetry into their teaching plans and how to use it effectively for many subjects, although English and writing is clearly the primary focus. A passion for poetry and its style can be fostered well by a teacher, and Margriet Ruurs encourages readers how to fully embrace them. "The Power of Poems" is a must for any teacher who feels poetry can make a positive impact on their classroom.

The Hobby Shelf

The World of Wade
Ian Warner & Mike Posgay
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310
9780764336287, $49.99,

Decorations for some, collectibles for others. "The World of Wade: Figurines & Miniatures II" is a guide to the countless collectibles from Wade, as these painted pieces of ceramic have had a certain flair of style for nearly eighty years. Each Figure is discussed with a full-color photograph, elaborated in when it was created, its history, how it was distributed and what its modern value is to many collectors. A strong pick for any driven collector of these figurines, "The World of Wade" is a highly useful and recommended resource, not to be missed.

The Needlecraft Shelf

Juliana Sissons
AVA Academia
PO Box 248, 455 Sam Ridley Parkway West, Smyrna, TN 37167
9782940411160, $32.95,

Knitting is still an excellent discipline of fashion. "Knitwear" is the sixth entry into the Fashion Design Basics series showing how the old fashioned practice of knitting can prove useful and excellent to those seeking to use it to create their own ideas and designs. With plenty of illustrations throughout, Juliana Simmons will show the best routes to understanding the usage of knitting and how to make excellent and modern work, as many modern fashion experts converge and give information on the power of the knit. "Knitwear" is a fine resource, not to be overlooked.

The Great North American Afghan
Knitters Magazine
XRX Books
9781933064246, $12.95,

Not only do they prove comfortable, they can be a great hobby and artistic expression. "The Great North American Afghan" is a guide filled with tips and tricks for those who enjoy knitting afghans, with plenty of designs to craft to create a truly varied and unique afghan one square at a time. For those looking for ideas on creating their next knitting project, "The Great North American Afghan" is very highly recommended.

The Architecture Shelf

Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin
Randolph C. Henning
University of Wisconsin Press
1930 Monroe Street, 3rd Floor, Madison, WI 53711-2059
9780299282844, $24.95,

You save your best for yourself. "Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin" looks at the work of the Wisconsin-born legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his personally designed residence Taliesin. Examining the various stages of its construction, telling its story, and relating how it was tragically destroyed in 1914 by fire, "Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin" is a thoughtful tribute to one of Wisconsin's finest minds. "Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin" is a top pick for any architecture or history collection.

Almanac of Architecture & Design 2011
James P. Cramer & Jane Paradise Wolford, PhD
The Greenway Group, Inc.
25 Technology Parkway South, Suite 101, Norcross, Georgia 30092
9780984613601 $149.00

Now available in its twelfth annual imprint, Almanac of Architecture & Design 2011 is a comprehensive resource, including a directory of over 800 leading architecture and design firms (with each firm's size, headquarters, services, markets covered, and DI Index rating), awards listings, profiles of important individuals in the field, a salary and compensation guide, information about sustainability and preservation projects and prizes, and much more. Full-color photographs and an index enhance this fact-filled, user-friendly reference. Highly recommended as a baseline "go-to" resource especially for professionals in the field.

Architecture for Children
Sarah Scott
c/o International Specialized Book Services
920 NE 58th Avenue, Suite 300, Portland, OR 97213-3786
9780864318541, $79.95,

Good education can start at the level of the architect. "Architecture for Children" is an architecture guide from Sarah Scott and the Australian Council for Educational Research, focusing on how a children's learning facility can be planned for Excellency before it is even built. With plenty of design principles, the book focuses on looking around the world and through good construction of fifty complexes in ten countries, mainly in Europe, but with a side focus on Japan as well. A fine study on the importance of environment with no shortage of ideas for the architect who may be tasked with planning such an event, "Architecture for Children" is a strong resource that shouldn't be missed for planning and development collections.

The Jewelry Shelf

A Field Guide to Gemstones
Rick Hudson
Harbour Publishing
PO Box 219, Madeira Park, BC, Canada, V0N 2H0
9781550175097, $7.95,

There's more to the gemstones of the world than shinies in a jewelry store. "A Field Guide to Gemstones of the Pacific Northwest" is a guide to the naturally occurring gemstones that appear all throughout the rocks of the region and how to identify them all through finding their unique qualities. In an easily carried pamphlet guide, "A Field Guide to Gemstones" is full color, very useful, and highly recommended for any dual gem and nature lover. Also for nature lovers from Harbour Publishing, "A Field Guide to Alpine Flowers of the Pacific Northwest" (9781550175400, $7.95) is another full color travel guide, this time for the flowers that call the mountains of the region home.

The Philosophy Shelf

Rawls Explained
Paul Voice
Open Court
70 East Lake Street, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60601
9780812696806, $24.95,

Fairness is a tough thing to attain in such a divided world. "Rawls Explained: From Fairness to Utopia" is a collection of wisdom from Paul Voice as he tries to explain the thoughts and writings of one John Rawls, who focused on the challenges of trying to make a more just and equal world, how attaining such a world is an endless pursuit. With thoughts on human dignity, the role of law, politics, and more, "Rawls Explained" is a thoughtful and driven read that is a core addition to any social philosophy collection.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

The Invisible World
Anthony Destefano
The B&B Media Group, Inc.
109 South Main Street, Corsicana, TX 75110
9780385522236, $19.99,

There are some things in our life that we don't truly understand, but remain with us nonetheless. "The Invisible World: Understanding Angels, Demons, and the Spiritual Realities That Surround Us" is a metaphysical look into the world that surrounds us in order to find that higher status that we work at but doesn't fit into our scientific perceptions of the world. Through spirits, angels, and demons, and more, Anthony Destefano brings readers plenty to ponder about the unseen forces that drive our world. "The Invisible World" is a must for metaphysical readers, recommended.

The Education Shelf

ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools
American Dental Education Association
1400 K Street, NW, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005
9780982095171, $35.00,

You can't cut corners with an education, especially when dealing with health. "ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools 2011" is a guide for those who want to pursue a career in the dental profession in finding the best school for them. With details on required grades, fees needed to get in, residency, other class requirements, contact information, and much more. An invaluable resource for those who want a complete and comprehensive listing of their dental education options, "ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools" is a core addition to any educational reference collection.

The Parenting Shelf

Parenting Gifted Children
Jennifer L. Jolly & Collaborators
Prufrock Press
PO Box 8813, Waco, TX 76714-8813
9781593634308, $21.95,

With a certain adeptness, it takes a bit extra from the parent to embrace it and let that talent flourish. "Parenting Gifted Children" is a guide of advice from the National Association for Gifted Children with plenty of advice and tips for parents who find their child has a gift that it is in their hands to facilitate and nourish. With a wide approach to many types of gifted children in many types of school, the parent will learn that a gifted child may seem burdensome at times, but it is a burden worth taking. "Parenting Gifted Children" is a thoughtful read for parents who want their child to be everything they can be.

The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf

Literary Lost
Sarah Clarke Stuart
80 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038
9781441140807, $19.95,

Nothing is without its influences, and Lost was no exception. "Literary Lost: Viewing Television Through the Lens of Literature" hopes to trace the roots of the television phenomena Lost and connects the pieces of where the program gained its literary roots. Lost drew from everything from classical literature like the Wizard of Oz to great twentieth century works like Slaughterhouse-Five, and the countless allusions to hundreds of novels throughout the series long run. A critical study of the show, "Literary Lost" is a must for fans of the show or those studying the literary applications of the medium of television.

The Humor Shelf

365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy
James Delingpole
Regnery Publishing, Inc.
One Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001
9781596986428 $14.95 1-800-338-4550

Conservative newspaper columnist James Delingpole presents 365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy, a tongue-in-cheek right-wing book packed cover to cover with straight-lipped quips, nasty digs, jeering jibes, and snide sneering designed specifically to get under a liberal's skin. Enraging those on the left of the political spectrum with a nonstop barrage of heated words is the deed of the day, and sample suggestions include, "Remind your liberal friends of the statistic that if liberals donated as much blood as conservatives, America's blood supply would increase by 45 percent", "Throw a party to celebrate the fact that each passing day brings us closer to knowing which Republican candidate has defeated Obama by a landslide", and "If you are gay, always refer to your proclivity fondly as 'my perversion' - or better still, when among your fellow gays, 'Our perversion.' Few things rile a liberal more than when a designated 'victim' refuses to play identity politics." A bonus holiday-themed section of ways to enrage liberals rounds out this chuckle-inducing compendium of staunchly conservative comedy.

The Economic Studies Shelf

Failure by Design
Josh Bivens
Cornell University Press
Sage House, 512 East State Street, Ithaca, NY 14850
9780801450150, $18.95,

When left to greed, it's easy for a financial system to collapse. "Failure by Design: The Story Behind America's Broken Economy" is study by Josh Bivens who shows since the late 1970s America has been on a crash course with this event through a series of poor policy choices which led America down this path to economic ruin. Rampant inflation, temporary wealth, and how it's a bigger blow for the middle class than the economic elite, "Failure by Design" is a studious read, very highly recommended.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Harper's Rules
Danny Cahill
Greenleaf Book Group Press
PO Box 91869, Austin, TX 78709
Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc. (publicity)
322 Eighth Avenue, Suite 1702, New York, NY 10001
9781608321001, $21.95,

It's all about selling oneself, be it for love or for profit. "Harper's Rules: A Recruiter's Guide to Finding a Dream Job and the Right Relationship" brings two similar concepts together - job hunting and romance hunting. Danny Cahill shows the two have far more in common than they have any right to, and he guides readers through the complex path of landing a date or an interview. The parallels continue from everything to maintaining a relationship to breaking up and much more. With humor and a lot of wisdom, "Harper's Rules" is not a read to be overlooked, highly recommended.

The Gay Studies Shelf

Kelly Huegel
Free Spirit Publishing
217 Fifth Avenue North, Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN 55401-1299
9781575423630, $15.99,

To be told that what you are is an abomination is too much to face as a teenager. But across the world, that's what many teenagers face. "GLBTQ: The Survival Guide for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Teens" is aimed at gay and other non-heterosexual individuals who are facing a unique assortment of challenges of their life that their sexual orientation has forced upon them. With advice on the realities of coming out, dealing with bullying, working with the open minded straight people around you, and uplifting wisdom from those who have faced the worst that teenagers have to offer, "GLBTQ" is sage advice, and a strong gift to any teenager who may be faced with such a plight.

A Saving Remnant
Martin Duberman
The New Press
38 Green Street, 4th floor, New York, NY 10013
9781595583239 $27.95 1-800-233-4830

Prizewinning historian Martin Duberman presents A Saving Remnant: The Radical Lives of Barbara Deming and David McReynolds, the striking dual biography of radical activists Barbara Deming and David McReynolds. Both were outspoken for African-American rights, and against the war in Vietnam, and both strongly believed in the importance of nonviolent action. They were friends with one another, yet disagreed strongly about feminism, antipornography efforts, and the direction the gay movement was taking. Barbara eventually chose to live in a lesbian commune, while David would run on the Socialist party ticket as the first publicly gay candidate for the presidency of the United States. A wealth of notes enhance this eye-opening life story of two passionate and committed Americans.

The Nautical Shelf

Navigating the Seven Seas
Melvin G. Williams Sr. and Melvin G. Williams Jr.
Naval Institute Press
291 Wood Road, Annapolis, MD 21402
9781591149606 $18.95 1-800-233-8764

U.S. Navy retirees Melvin G. Williams Sr. and Melvin G. Williams Jr. present Navigating the Seven Seas: Leadership Lessons of the First African American Father and Son to Serve at the Top in the U.S. Navy, an extraordinary distillation of courage, commitment, duty, service, and adherence to a principled code of conduct with lessons that can be applied to all walks of life. Black-and-white photographs illustrate this uplifting testimony that especially focuses upon central leadership tenets borne out by years of experience. Written to be accessible to readers of all backgrounds, Navigating the Seven Seas is an inspirational dual autobiography offering a vivid picture of life on the seas, and is highly recommended.

The Civil War Shelf

Flames Beyond Gettysburg, revised edition
Scott L. Mingus Sr.
Savas Beatie
PO Box 4527, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
9781611210729 $18.95

Now in a completely revised edition updated with additional primary sources, new maps, and new black-and-white photographs, Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Confederate Expedition to the Susquehanna River, June 1863 is a close study of a critical undertaking by Richard Ewell's Second Corps that was destined to impact the Gettysburg Campaign, and the course of the American Civil War. Both Union and Confederate perspectives of Ewell's crucial mission are examined at length, in this heavily researched and solidly accessible portrayal of a pivotal moment in American military history. Highly recommended, especially for Civil War history shelves.

The Agriculture Shelf

Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks, fourth edition
Dave Holderread
Storey Publishing
210 Mass MoCA Way, North Adams, MA 01247
9781603426923 $19.95 1-800-827-8673

Now in a newly updated fourth edition with expanded coverage of 23 domestic North American duck breeds, guidelines for showing, the latest information on disease prevention and treatment, and more, Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks lives up to its title with solid, no-nonsense information on raising ducks for their meat, eggs, feathers, manure, and valuable pest control services (ducks will naturally forage for slugs, mosquito larvae, some types of unwanted aquatic plants, and the like). Ducks are naturally hardy birds, able to thrive in colder and wetter environments than chickens or turkeys, and easier for their owners to protect from disease. Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks covers all the bases, from how to sex ducklings (with black-and-white drawings that give a crystal clear illustration of the process) to protecting one's flock against predators to humane and effective methods for butchering when the time comes. An accessible, easy-to-follow text written by veteran duck keeper of fifty years' experience, Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks is an absolute "must-have" for anyone interested in keeping ducks.

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