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Reviewer's Choice

God in the Obama Era
Niels C. Nielsen
Morgan James
Reliant Public Relations (publicity)
22417 FM 2100 Rd., Crosby, TX, 77532
9781600376467, $24.95

When Henry the VIII embraced Protestantism, much of England did as well. Does the same principle apply in America? "God in the Obama Era: Presidents' Religion and Ethics from George Washington to Barack Obama" analyzes faith in politics and its status throughout history. One of the country's founding principles is freedom of religion, and this fact has given rise to unusual and unique to America aspects of politics and how it relates to the arena of God. "God in the Obama Era" is a fine collection of essays from Niels C. Nielsen, and a solid addition to any collection focusing on politics or religion.

Ira Gershwin
Robert Kimball
The Library of America
14 East 60th Street, New York, NY 10022
9781598530520, $20.00,

Music has become the new poetry for many. "Ira Gershwin" is a collection of song lyrics from the celebrated individual, assembled by Robert Kimball for readers. Capturing the American spirit, Kimball presents a total nearing one hundred worth of song lyrics that Ira composed along with his brothers which have become classics of their genre. For anyone seeking a fine collection of music of a bygone era, "Ira Gershwin" is an entertaining and fine collection.

Jean Burgess & Joshua Green
c/o Blackwell Publishing
350 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148
9780745644790, $19.95,

Instant, accessible video has revolutionized the world. "YouTube: Digital Media and Society Series" discusses the impact that the video website has had on society by making a wide variety of videos available for the public's perusal. Advertisers have flocked to the sight, pop culture revolutions have been fueled by it, social crusades have been forwarded using it. The authors, both experts in media studies and creativity and innovation, provide a scholarly look at YouTube and why it has come to dominate the internet as it has today, making "YouTube" a powerful addition to any internet studies collection.

In Praise Of Strong Women
David Kirkpatrick
Granville Island Publishing
212-1656 Duranleau, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6H 3S4 (publicity)
9781894694704, $24.95,

Mothers, sisters, friends, lovers, women are an important part of anyone's life. "In Praise of Strong Women" is a memoir from psychologist David Kirkpatrick as he remembers the powerful women in his life who shaped his being and turned him into who he is today. Inspirational and poignant, he discusses the spirit of strong women starting with his mother and remembering the iconic women of his lives who stood up for themselves and their beliefs in a male-dominated world. "In Praise of Strong Women" is a read that should not be missed for women's studies collections.

Boats, Airplanes & Kites
Armand J. LaBerge
Lindsay Publications
PO Box 538, Bradley, IL 60915-0538
1559183020, $13.95,

Originally published in 1935, this photomechanical reprint of "Boats, Airplanes & Kites" by Armand J. LaBerge, and originally intended and written as an instruction manual for highschool students, offers do-it-yourself instructions for building a series of yachts and motorboats, a variety of model airplanes, and six distinctive kites. Each project is provided with a complete list of materials and illustrations, as well as clear, precise, step-by-step construction directions. Of special note is that each individual project concludes with a series of questions to insure that the student had mastered the concepts, terminology, and tools associated with it. Enhanced with period photos, "Boats, Airplanes & Kites" will prove to be a welcome and popular addition to the do-it-yourself personal, academic, and community library reference collections.

Voice-Over For Animation
Jean Ann Wright & M. J. Lallo
Focal Press
c/o Elsevier/Butterworth Heinemann
30 Corporate Drive, Burlington, MA 01803
9780240810157, $29.95,

Nancy Cartwright, June Foray, and Lucille Bliss may not be well known to most people as other entertainment personalities of film and television, but their voices most certainly are. Each of these talented women are voices for animated characters. Nancy Cartwright is Bart from 'The Simpsons'; June Foray is Natasha from 'The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show'; and Lucille Bliss is Smurfette from 'The Smurfs'. These women, along with a number of other successful men and women who are 'voice-over' artists were sources for "Voice-Over Animation", a 288-page compendium of information co-authored by Jean Ann Wright and M. J. Lallo. Beginning with an introduction to the field of animation voice-over, "Voice-Over For Animation" covers the elements for doing voice-overs including preparational warm-ups and exercises, performance techniques, dialects, and character development. Of special note are the chapters on making an animation demo, finding an agent, marketing your services, and recording for cartoons. Covering everything from doing voice-over work for games, toys, and theme parks, to studio work including dubbing, "Voice-Over For Animation" is a thoroughly user friendly and comprehensive instruction manual. Enhanced with a glossary, an index, and an accompany CD, "Voice-Over For Animation" is strongly recommended reading for anyone contemplating a career doing voice-over work for animated films and television cartoon series.

Food For Thought
Ferran Adria, et al.
Actar D
158 Lafayette Street, 5th floor, New York, NY 10013
9788496954687, $44.95,

Deftly compiled and expertly edited by the team of Richard Hamilton and Vicente Todoli, "Food for Thought: Thought for Food" is a profusely and impressively illustrated 400-page compendium showcasing the culinary artistry of Ferran Adria (Head Chef of elBulli, Barcelona). In addition to displaying Adria's superbly crafted culinary dishes, "Food for Thought: Thought for Food" includes a great deal of background information on both his personal and professional life. Of special note are the informed and informative essays on Adria contributed by other chefs and food critics. Enthusiastically recommended for academic and community library collection, "Food for Thought: Thought for Food" is a simply fascinating and amply rewarding browse for anyone who appreciates the culinary arts in general, and the gustatory genius of Ferran Adria in particular.

The Founders of Index Theory, second edition
S. T. Yau, editor
International Press
387 Somerville Ave., Somerville, MA 02143
9781571461377, $85.00,

The field of mathematics is a constantly evolving one with new discoveries and theories arising to challenge old methods and assumptions. Such was the case with the creation of 'Index Theory', the cumulative work of Sir Michael Atiyah, Raoul Bott, Friedrich Hirzebruch, and I.M. Singer. Now in a newly updated and expanded second edition, "The Founders of Index Theory" under the deft and knowledgeable editorship of S. T. Yau draws upon a wide and diverse variety of these four men's students and collaborators, a group which includes such notable and distinguished mathematicians and scientists as Simon Donaldson and Edward Witten. "The Founders of Index Theory" features historically significant essays and correspondences. Of special note for this second edition is the addition information showcasing the role of Raoul Bott drawn from family members and friends. The informed and informative text is enhanced with the inclusion of a large section of photos. A seminal and unique work of meticulous and painstaking scholarship, "The Founders of Index Theory" is especially recommended for academic library American Biography and History of Mathematics reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Boomtown 2050
Richard Weller
UWA Publishing
c/o International Specialized Book Services
920 Northeast 58th Avenue, Suite 300, Portland, OR 97213
9781921401213, $99.95,

"Boomtown 2050: Scenarios for a Rapidly Growing City" by Richard Weller is a definitive and profusely illustrated, deftly written 453-page study of Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. A descriptive urban study, "Boomtown 2050" identifies and documents a wide variety of differing aspects of this modern and expanding city, projecting these trends over the next four decades. With commentary and prognostications founded on a solid basis of meticulous and exhaustive research, "Boomtown 2050" will admirably serve as a kind of instruction manual and resource for anyone charged with the responsibility of planning for a metropolis experiencing growth and expansion. A superb and detailed study, "Boomtown 2050" is especially recommended for academic library Urban Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists, as well as being an informative and fascinating study for the non-specialist general reader with an interest in the development of towns and cities in general, and Perth, Australia, in particular.

Toward A Deaf Translation Norm
Christopher Stone
Gallaudet University Press
800 Florida Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002-3695
9781563684180, $75.00,

The sixth volume in the outstanding 'Studies in Interpretation' series from Gallaudet University Press, "Toward A Deaf Translation Norm" by Christopher Stone (Researcher, the Deafness, Cognition, and Language Research Centre, University College London, London, England) is a 224-page study of the emergence of the profession of Deaf translators and interpreters which has arisen due to the increasing inclusion of the hearing impaired in business, education, popular culture, government, and other aspects of contemporary society. Drawing upon his years of experience and expertise, Stone notes the increasing numbers of translators and interpreters working with and for the deaf and provides perspective on the future evolution of these services in an age of the internet and mass communications. Of special note is the concluding chapter on deaf translation norms. Enhanced with an appendix, references, and an index, "Toward A Deaf Translation Norm" is a seminal contribution for personal, professional, and academic library reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

The Schepp Family Chronicles
Frances Schepp Ruh
Farolar Publishing Company
c/o Concierge Marketing Inc.
13518 'L' Street, Omaha, NE 68137
9780578044385, $19.95,

In 1853, Fredrick Schepp left Germany to make a new life in America with his mail-order bride. For $640 Schepp bought land in Kansas where he and his two sons, Albert and Herman, struggled to create a home for the family. Schepp began with a dwelling dugout of the prairie earth as shelter while he worked the land as a 'sod buster' farmer. Eventually the Schepp family prospered, living in stone homes on Deep Creek. "The Schepp Family Chronicles" is the historical record of their struggle and of the struggles of the generations that came after them through the dust bowl and Great Depression, through successes and failures, alcoholism and poverty, even kidnapping and murder. From humble beginnings down to the present day as fourth-generation members of the Schepps live thoroughly American lives, this is a candid and complex family history replete with memorable characters who lived through equally memorable times. Highly recommended reading and appropriate as an addition for both academic and community library American History reference collections and supplemental reading lists, "The Schepp Family Chronicles" is a superbly written account by Frances Schepp Ruh who takes the reader on an intimate and fascinating journey from 1853 through 1990.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Climate Change Science And Policy
Stephen H. Schneider, et al.
Island Press
1718 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Suite 300, Washington, DC 20009-1148
9781597265669, $95.00,

Climate issues are where science and politics often clash because of the conflict between objective science and subjective corporate interests, between concerns for the long term conditions of the earth and the short term advantages of electoral profits and corporate vested interests with respect to the specific phenomena of global climate change. That's why it is so important for not only the scientific community but the non-specialist general reader that titles like "Climate Change Science and Policy", the collaborative work of Stephen H. Schneider (Melvin and Joan Lane Professor for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies, Professor of Biology, and a Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment, at Stanford University); Armin Rosencranz (Founder and Former president of Pacific ; Michael D. Mastrandrea (Consulting Assistant Professor, Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University); and Kristin Kuntz-Duriseti (Managing Editor, 'Climatic Change') addresses not only the science behind what is more accurately described in its pages as the global climate change which is now in progress, but the national and international governmental policy implications as well. Of special note is the introduction to this informed and informative 544-page compendium by John P. Holdren (Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy). Superbly organized and presented, "Climate Change Science and Policy" is a seminal body of work and a strongly endorsed addition for academic, governmental, and community library Environmental Studies reference collections, and supplemental reading lists for non-specialist general readers concerned about environmental issues in general, and climate change in particular.

Sustainable World Sourcebook
Sustainable World Coalition
New Society Publishers (distributor)
PO Box 189
Gabriola Island, BC, Canada, V0R 1X0
9780615309804, $11.95,

If we live as we currently live, resource exhaustion seems inevitable. "Sustainable World Sourcebook: The Essential Guidebook for the Concerned Citizen" is a guide for those who are concerned about the environment and want to set it up for a brighter future through their actions today. Ecological footprints, changing for the future, how simple things like the way you eat have massive repercussions, and more, "Sustainable World Sourcebook" is a must for anyone who wants to be apart of the solution, not the problem.

Taking Back Eden
Oliver A. Houck
Island Press
1718 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20009
9781597266475, $35.00,

The environment needs to be protected, and some choose to do so through the court of law. "Taking Back Eden: Eight Environmental Cases That Changed the World" looks into the environment and landmark cases involving the environment and their impact on environmental policy. These cases, in America, to Japan, to military dictatorships, and more, and how they have taken different stances on natural policy. "Taking Back Eden" is a must read for any who want to best understand the world of law and nature.

Informing Decisions In A Changing Climate
National Research Council
National Academies Press
500 Fifth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001
9780309137379, $39.00,

The product of the National Research Council's 'Panel on Strategies and Methods for Climate-Related Decision Support', "Informing Decisions In A Changing Climate" addresses the inevitable necessity of environmental activists, organizations, and government agencies in having to deal with changing (often abruptly changing) environmental conditions associated with floods, hurricanes, wildfires, droughts, and other extreme natural and man-made or exacerbated events. This report focuses upon the need for organized efforts to produce, then disseminate and facilitate the use of germane information necessary to improve both the quality and the appropriateness of decision making with respect to the climate impacted environment. "Informing Decisions In A Changing Climate" is a 200-page compendium of informed and informative commentary that environmentally concerned organizations and governmental policy makers will find invaluable in establishing procedures and protocols for coping with dramatic and changes in the world's climate on either a regional or a global basis.

The Fiction Shelf

18 Billion
Jack Gresham
Synergy Books
c/o Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists
8716 N. Mopac Expressway, Suite 330, Austin, TX 78759
9780982314005, $14.95,

When authors draw upon their own specific fields of experience and expertise they create fictional backgrounds and details for their stories that significantly enable their readers to 'suspend disbelief' and enter the 'theatre of the mind' that differentiates the truly good novels from the merely adequate ones. Such is the case with Jack Gresham's "18 Billion", a riveting tale of global terrorism that could come from today's newspaper headlines and television news hour lead stories. Afghan terrorists have smuggled a nuclear weapon into Washington D.C. with the intention of stealing 18 billion dollars from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The government's urgent intervention uncovers an even more sinister plot by an international corporation that seems to be behind global terrorism, not for any ideology, but in order to make money -- a lot of money. Deftly written from first page to last, "18 Billion" is truly a page-turner of an action/adventure suspense novel, and the stuff of which block buster Hollywood movies are made!

The Last River Child
Second Story Press
20 Maud Street, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2M5
9781897187661, $17.95,

When you're cursed, you do everything you can do remove that curse. "The Last River Child" tells the tale of Peg Staynor, a woman in the early twentieth century considered to be an omen by herself, her family, and her neighbors. Peg tries to rise up over her supposed curse and with the backdrop of the first World War, Lori Ann Bloomfield gives readers a fine literary tale of a woman trying to make her way in life. "The Last River Child" is a fine addition to fiction collections everywhere.

The Chill
Romano Bilenchi
Europa Editions
116 East 16 Street, New York, NY 10003
9781933372907, $15.00,

Adulthood can't be avoided, and if you try, you'll be dragged into it kicking and screaming. "The Chill" is an English language debut of Romano Bilenchi's coming of age tale, set in the early twentieth century between the wars as a young man comes of age and the challenges he faces as a young adult who may not be prepared enough for the challenges ahead of him. A fine view of the Italian culture of the period, "The Chill" is a piece of world literature that should not be ignored.

Chris Morton & Ceri Louise Thomas
O Books
c/o National Book Network
PO Box 62188, Baltimore, MD 21264-2188
9781846943461, $19.95,

The most skeptical will remain skeptical until it's too late. "2012: The Secret of the Crystal Skull" tells the tale of Laura Shepherd, doctor of archeology who finds a peer dead holding a crystal skull. 2012's prophecies begin to become all the more real for Laura but her knowledge may sentence her to a death long before the date even arrives. "2012" is an exciting thriller that's worth the read.

Hidden Impact
Charles B. Neff
BookSurge LLC
7290B Investment Drive, North Charleston, SC 29418
1594579423, $15.95,

The mark of a good novel is how well and quickly it can engage the reader's total attention. Using that criteria, "Hidden Impact" by Charles B. Neff is a very good novel indeed! It's the story of Jim Nordberg, a man returning to Nicaragua some thirty years after he had been a peace Corps Volunteer working to help ordinary people better their lives. Upon his return Jim finds a rekindled romance with Luci Fuentes, a daughter of the family with which he had lived, only to be caught up in a complex of competing interests that includes the CIA and influential Nicaraguans revolving around an old journal that could blow the cover of an Iran-Contra affair. Skillfully plotted and deftly written, "Hidden Impact" is a fully satisfying read. Also very highly recommended for both community library fiction collections and personal reading lists from the pen of Charles B. Neff is "Patriot Schemes" (BookSurge, 141964078X, $15.95).

Al Riske
Luminis Books
c/o MM Book Publicity
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126-274, Nashville, TN 37203
9781935462323, $16.95,

The literary art and tradition of the short story is alive and well in "Precarious: Stories Of Love, Sex, And Misunderstanding" by Al Riske. This collection of fifteen short stories ranges from tales set in Seattle during the rainy season and California during an extended drought. From a Cape Cod vacation cabin to a get-a-way island. These are deftly written stories that not only entertain, but engender reflection long after they are finished and "Precarious" is placed back upon the shelf. It should be noted that one of these unique tales, 'Pray for Rain' won the 2008 'Blue Mesa Review' prize for fiction. "Precarious" is enthusiastically recommended reading for anyone who appreciates the literary artistry of the short story format, and an ideal addition for community library fiction collections.

The Literary Shelf

The Life And Writing Of Fray Angelico Chavez
Ellen McCracken
University of New Mexico Press
1312 Basehart Road SE, Albuquerque NM 87106-4363
9780826347602, $42.95,

The latest addition to the superbly produced University of New Mexico Press' 'Paso Por Aqui: Series on the Nuevomexicano Literary Heritage', "The Life and Writing of Fray Angelico Chavez: A New Mexico Renaissance Man" is an informed and informative literary biography by Ellen McCracken (Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature, University of California, Santa Barbara). The subject, Fray Angelico Chavez, is arguable New Mexico's most important literary figure of the 20th Century whose literary works were as prolific as they were influential. In writing "The Life and Writing of Fray Angelico Chavez", Professor McCracken chronologically presents Chavez body of work and includes his fiction, poetry, essays, spiritual tracts, sermons, historical writings, translations, and journalism. Of special note is the inclusion of his genealogy and his artistic contribution in the realm of painting and church renovation. A 460-page compendium of information and commentary on a remarkable and memorable literary figure, as well as a model of painstaking scholarship, "The Life and Writing of Fray Angelico Chavez: A New Mexico Renaissance Man" is strongly endorsed as an invaluable addition to academic library 20th Century American Literary History reference collections in general, and Fray Angelico Chavez literary studies reading lists in particular.

Balzac, Dickens, Dostoevsky
Stefan Zweig
Transaction Publishers
Rutgers University
35 Berrue Circle, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8042
9781412810470, $34.95,

Stefan Zweig (1881-1942) was an Austrian novelist, playwright, journalist, and biographer whose essays on three of the most influential French, British, and Russian literary figures of their times are compiled in "Balzac, Dickens, Dostoevsky: Master Builders of the Spirit". Long out of print, this 291-page edition by Transaction Publishers features a new and informative introduction by Laurence Mintz who is their senior editor and currently directing a new series on European Cultural Studies. Zweig chose Balzac, Dickens, and Dostoevsky for his studies because the first drew from society for his subject matter, the second from the family, and their third from what Zweig described as 'of the One and of the All'. He drew comparisons, noted differences, and provided a wealth of insights and occasional iconoclastic observations that continue to have significant relevance to the study of these three men's literary work. "Balzac, Dickens, and Dostoevsky" is the first of a proposed three volume series which will prove to be a valued and important addition to academic library Literary Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

The Devil In The Holy Water
Robert Darnton
Ellen Trachtenberg
University of Pennsylvania Press
3905 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-4112
9780812241839, $34.95,

"The Devil in the Holy Water, or the Art of Slander from Louis XIV to Napoleon" by academician Robert Darnton (Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor and Directory of the Harvard University Library) is a unique and illustrated compendium of the role libel and slander played in 18th-century France and the political influence books and periodicals written by French expatriates from the sanctuary of London played out in French politics back home. Professor Darnton's expert and insightful commentaries on how such literary productions revealed the flaws of the French aristocracy, political monarchy, and church to the common citizenry and contributed to the violent overthrow of the established order and the rise of the French Republic. A deftly written and meticulously researched 552-page study which is enhanced with the inclusion of extensive Notes and a comprehensive Index, "The Devil in the Holy Water, or the Art of Slander from Louis XIV to Napoleon" is a seminal work that is an essential addition to academic library 19th Century European Literary Studies reference collections in general, and 19th Century French History supplemental reading lists in particular.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged, new edition
Tosca Reno
Robert Kennedy Publishing
c/o Bordeaux International (publicity)
4335 Van Nuys Boulevard, Suite 190, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
9781552100677, $19.95,

Losing excess weight is relatively easy compared to keeping from regaining those unwanted pounds. That's why "The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged: Lasting Fat Loss That's Better than Ever" is so highly recommended for anyone that struggles with roller-coaster weight losses and gains as they try diet after diet after diet. Now in a significantly updated and expanded new edition, "The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged" focuses on motivation as the foundation for good exercise, good eating, and good attitude -- all of which are fundamental to good health. Enhanced with menus and some fifty recipes for dishes that are as nutritious and delicious as they are thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly', "The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged" includes vegan and gluten-free dietary plans, as well as critically important advice on how to adhere to a good diet when dining out or at a party. Of special note is the handy 'Eat-Clean Diet at a Glance' quick reference suggestion. Superbly organized and written, "The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged" is especially recommended for personal reading lists and community library 'Health & Medicine' reference shelves.

Why Don't They Just Quit
Joe Herzanek
Changing Lives Foundation
4000 Hawthorne Circle, Longmont, CO 80503
9780578041193, $24.95,

In the past, the advice given to drug addicts and alcoholics was to simply exercise their will power to give up their affliction. Advances in medical science have shown that this advice was naive and ineffectual for most alcoholics and the vast majority of addicts. Whether dealing with legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco, or illegal substances such as heroin and cocaine, or misused substances such as prescription drugs, simple will power proved insufficient to wean the substance abuser from their addiction. "Why Don't They Just Quit?: What families and friends need to know about addiction and recovery" by Joe Herzanek (himself a recovering addict and the founder of the Changing Lives Foundation) is a 300-page compendium of practical information and sound advice for the families and friends of substance abusers and explains why their friend or family member need not 'hit bottom' before being able to successfully deal with their addiction. "Why Don't They Just Quit?" also cogently addresses a variety of germane subjects including how and when helping is not helpful; that quitting is not the same as recovering; dealing with relapses; obtaining financial discounts on treatment options; the role of faith and hope as part of the recovery process; effective intervention strategies; and an impressive variety of other commonly posed questions. Thoroughly 'reader friendly', "Why Don't They Just Quit?" is essential reading for anyone having to deal with a family member or a friend who is a substance abuser, and a very strongly recommended addition to community library Self-Help reference collections.

The Cookbook Shelf

Fruit & Veg Grower's Cookbook
Kathryn Hawkins
New Holland Publishers
c/o Sterling Publishing Company
387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016-8810
9781847734082, $19.95,

Every gardeners knows for a fact that the fruits and vegetables that come from their own home-grown harvests taste better than anything purchased in a grocery store. Indeed, even non-gardeners who are patrons of their local farmer's markets can attest to that singular culinary truth. That's why the "Fruit & Veg Grower's Cookbook" by cookbook author and food stylist Kathryn Hawkins is such a treasure. In addition to sixty thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes, this 192-page compendium of recipes is enhanced with chapters focused on each particular type of plant featured in these dishes and range from bulbs and root vegetables to orchard fruit. Of special note for do-it-yourself gardeners are the 'at-a-glance' timetables for planting, nurturing, and harvesting. From seeds in the ground to culinary delights upon the table, "Fruit & Veg Grower's Cookbook" is highly recommended and an ideal addition to personal and community library cookbook collections. If you have a garden, or ever contemplating starting one, then you need to browse through the inspiring pages of Kathryn Hawkins' "Fruit & Veg Grower's Cookbook"!

Healthier Eating
Karen Jung
Granville Island Publishing
212 - 1656 Duranleau Street, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6H 3S4
9781894694575, $34.95,

The diagnoses of cancer is a shattering experience and one that typically requires radical changes to a patient's lifestyle, including their diet. "Healthier Eating And Living With Cancer" by Karen Jung, who draws upon her personal experience in preparing nutritious and attractive meals for her husband during his cancer treatments and recuperation, this a 240-page compendium of 162 superb recipes for healthy dishes that will substantively aid any cancer patient in their struggle back to health. The recipes range from a Beef and Black Bean Tortilla Chip Dip; to Chicken Qusadillas; to a Tossed Green Salad with Flax Seed Oil; to Spanish Turkey and Rice; to Prawn, Crab and Avocado Sushi; to Mixed Vegetables with Cashew Nuts. Of special note is the health and nutrition information and the suggested menus for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly', "Healthier Eating And Living With Cancer" is highly recommended for community library cookbook collections in general, and personal cookbook shelves for families having to deal with struggles against cancer in particular.

Purnima Nandkishore
201 Los Gatos Saratoga Road, #230, Los Gatos, CA 95030
9780615270623, $24.99,

The food we eat has a seminal and profound influence on our state of health. While what we choose eat can cause illness, the right choices can go a long way to curing illness as well. This is particularly true of heart diseases. That's why "Amrit: Luscious & Heart-Healthy Indian Meals" compiled by Purnima Nandkishore is such a welcome and enthusiastically recommended addition to personal and community library cookbook collections. Spiral bound so it will lay flatt upon a kitchen table or counter, "Amrit" is a 216-page compendium of recipes for dishes that arise from the cuisines of India as well as other regions of the world that are as delicious and nutritious as they are 'kitchen cook friendly' in their preparation. Of special note are the side-bars denoting the nutritional information by nutritional analyst Karen Yee. With dishes ranging from Artichoke Brussels Sprouts with Sweet Peppers; to Green Tea Ice Cream with Pomegranate Sauce; to Sweet Potato Pudding; to Polenta with Mustard Greens, "Amrit" offers a wide variety of dining options suitable for daily family meals or elegant celebration dinners alike. Not just an ordinary cookbook, "Amrit" is enhanced with the inclusion of an appendix, a glossary, a bibliography, a section for resources, and a comprehensive index.

Pizza & Wine
Leonardo Curti & James O. Fraioli
Gibbs Smith, Publisher
PO Box 667, Layton UT 84041
9781423605140, $19.99,

From pizzas to pastas, Italian cuisine is among the most popular with discerning gourmets and the hungry public. "Pizza & Wine: Authentic Italian Recipes" by Leonardo Curti (executive chef and co-proprietor of the Trattoria Grappolo bistro in Santa Ynez, California), and James O. Fraioli (a professional investigative journalist and accomplished food writer), is a 176-page, beautifully and profusely illustrated compendium of recipes and commentaries that will enable even the most novice kitchen cook to prepare truly gourmet quality dishes, each of which would be accompanied by superb vintages. From fresh pizza dough, to homemade pizza sauce, to such elegant offerings as Eggplant, Roasted Bell Pepper, and Zucchini; Lobster with Ripe Avocado and Sliced Tomato; a Strawberry Cocktail; and a Chestnut Pudding, "Pizza & Wine" is a magnificently presented, thoroughly 'user friendly', and highly recommended addition to personal, professional, and community library cookbook collections.

My Rustic Sandwiches
Sam Sidawi
Daniel's Rustic Bread
9780981293509, $18.95,

Sandwiches have come a long way since a hungry British Earl decided to slap a piece of meat between two slices of bread so he could keep on playing in a card game without interruption. The once lowly and ubiquitous sandwich has now risen to fresh and new culinary heights with "My Rustic Sandwiches: Great Recipes to Savor Artisan Bread" by Sam Sidawi, a man who draws upon years of research into the making of artisan breads and has now compiled a 96-page compendium dedicated to superb artisan bread creations that even the most novice of kitchen cooks can easily and deftly prepare. More than just a 'how to' for making exotic sandwiches, "My Rustic Sandwiches" is a full course, single-volume instruction guide explaining every aspect of the twelve-step bread making process, including 'Baker's Math', weights and measurements, before launching into a succulent, mouth-watering assemblage of easy to follow recipes for everything from 'Baguettes with Poolish'; to Feta Cheese, Tomato, Cucumber and Olive Oil on French Loaf Bread; to Sesame Crusted Grilled Salmon, Lemon Basil Mayonnaise, Diced Red Onions, Tomatoes and Parsley on Parisienne; to Burger au Poivre with Porteenie Mushroom on Sesame Kaiser Bread. Superbly illustrated throughout in full color, "My Rustic Sandwiches" is a unique and highly recommended addition to personal, family, and community library cookbook collections!

Good Mood Food
Donal Skehan
Mercier Press
c/o Dufour Editions, Inc.
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425-0007
9781856356299, $32.95,

In "Good Mood Food: Simple Healthy Homecooking", Donal Skehan emphasizes the importance the necessity of paying attention to what you eat as a fundamental necessity for having good health. What we eat and in what quantities affects our mood, our sleep, our energy, and our overall mental health. That's why Skehan has created this 288-page compendium dedicated to recipes of dishes for all dining occasions from breakfast to lunch to dinner. There are invaluable chapters of recipes devoted to aiding the body in healing and the removal of toxic substances. Of special note is the chapter showcasing recipes for 'Sweets and Treats'. Profusely illustrated throughout, the thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly', step-by-step recipes range from Oat Pancakes; Sesame Chicken Satay Skewers; Asian Steam Baked Fish Parcels; and Real Baked Beans with Ciabatta; to Prawn and Potato Basil Salad; Red Pepper Soup; Baked Pears with Spiced Honey; and a Bacon, Avocado and Sundried Tomato Sandwich. Of special note is the opening chapter offering basic information on storage and freezer essentials, basic tomato sauce, basic chick stock, growing herbs, and washing salad leaves. "Good Mood Food: Simple Healthy Homecooking" truly lives up to the promise of its title and is highly recommended for personal and community library cookbook collections. Also very highly recommended is Donal Skehan's Good Mood Food Blog which can be accessed at

The Lavender Gourmet
Jennifer Vasich
Moose Run Productions
Box 46281, Mount Clemens, MI 48046-6281
9780976631538, $19.95,

While best known as a superb and ancient source for the making of perfumes, lavender is also a culinary herb to be used to very good effect in an amazing variety of dishes. In "The Lavender Gourmet: Culinary Recipes For Entertaining And Every Day", cookbook author and lavender expert Jennifer Vasich has compiled an impressive 344-page compendium of 140 recipes showcasing the culinary versatility of lavender in the preparation of savory dishes including entrees, soups, breads, salads, appetizers and deserts. Of special note are the recipe variations offered for creating different versions of the same dish. Enhanced with a wealth of tips and commentaries on not just cooking with lavender but also growing and harvesting it, "The Lavender Gourmet" is an exotic and enthusiastically recommended addition to personal, professional, and community library cookbook collections!

The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf

Hollywood Lighting From The Silent Era To Film Noir
Patrick Keating
Columbia University Press
61 West 62nd Street, New York, NY 10023-7015
9780231149037, $27.50,

"Hollywood Lighting From The Silent Era To Film Noir" by Patrick Keating (Assistant Professor, Department of Communications, Trinity University) is a 296-page history of how directors used stage lighting in movies to perform a variety of functions ranging from enhancing the mood of a scene, to emphasizing action sequences, to framing actor personas, and so much more. "Hollywood Lighting From The Silent Era To Film Noir" is a seminal study drawing upon original research and utilizing specific films to illustrate how lighting play a pivotal role in the image-drawn storytelling that was the hallmark of Hollywood theatrical productions and the art of cinematography. Simply stated, "Hollywood Lighting From The Silent Era To Film Noir" should be considered essential reading by all film students and aspiring directors, and a part of all academic library cinematic studies and film history reference collections.

Warring Clans, Flashing Blades
Patrick Galloway
Stone Bridge Press
PO Box 8208, Berkeley, CA 94707
9781933330785, $19.95,

Honor, sword fights, and wars in an alien land, it's no wonder why Samurai films have captured the imaginations of American audiences. "Warring Clans, Flashing Blades: A Samurai Film Companion" details over fifty samurai films, telling their story and filing them under many different sub genres, ranging from the artistically brilliant to conceptually hokey encounters of modern military vs. Sengoku period armies. "Warring Clans, Flashing Blades" is a top pick for those who can't get enough of Samurai films and wants to find more to feed their addiction.

The Radio Eye
Jerry White
Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 3C5
9781554581788, $85.00,

Movies were a critically important media for marginalized communities and communities with a distinctive local language differing from that of the broader cultures around them such as those in Newfoundland, the Faroe Islands, Irish-Gaelic-speaking Irish communities, and Quebec."The Radio Eye: Cinema in the North Atlantic, 1958-1988" by Jerry White (Associate Professor of Film Studies at the University of Alberta) presents an informed and informative overview of key and influential North Atlantic media makers from Cuban filmmaker Julio Garcia Espinosa, to Jurgen Habermas and Edourard Glissant. operating over three critically important decades from 1958 to 1988 and creating an international significant experiments that bridged across differing languages and cultures. Enhanced with the inclusion of an extensive bibliography and a comprehensive index, "Radio Eye, The: Cinema in the North Atlantic, 1958-1988" is a seminal work of impeccable scholarship that is strongly recommended for academic library Film & Media Studies reference collections.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

The Boomers' Career Survival Guide
Ken Tanner
Praeger Publishers
PO Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
9780313365218, $29.95,

The 79 million Americans categorized as the Baby Boom Generation are now arriving on the doorstep of retirement only to be faced with a depleted economy and the massive downsizing of businesses. That's why "The Boomers' Career Survival Guide: Achieving Success and Contentment from Middle Age through Retirement" by Ken Tanner (an Atlanta, Georgia-based resources consultant specializing in employee retention and career development) will prove so invaluable. Drawing upon his many years of experience and expertise, Tanner organizes his observations, commentaries and advice into three principle sections and in the process covers everything from maintaining employment, to reentering the job market after an absence (enforced or otherwise), strategies for what to do when faced with being employed in a troubled company, to preparing for retirement, and so much more. Practical and thoroughly 'user friendly', "The Boomers' Career Survival Guide" is very highly recommended reading and a critically important addition to community library Jobs/Careers reference collections.

The Criminology Shelf

Identity Theft
Sandra K. Hoffman & Tracy G. McGinley
PO Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
9781598841435, $55.00,

Identity theft is one person unlawfully assuming the identity of another, usually for the purpose of using the victim's name and resources to commit crimes of theft. With the coming of the internet, personating someone else is the single fastest growing category of white-collar crime in America and the industrialists nations of the world and continues to grow almost exponentially year by year. Used by individual perpetrators, identify theft involving credit cards has become a focus of organized crime. Identity theft has evolved to become part of the arsenal of terrorist groups and foreign governments presenting a threat to national security. That's why "Identity Theft: A Reference Handbook", the newest addition to the outstanding ABC-CLIO 'Contemporary World Issues' series co-authored by the team of Sandra K. Hoffman (Director of the Identity Theft Program, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan) and Tracy G. McGinley (Bowling Green State University) is such a timely and highly recommended 300-page study. Beginning with state, federal, and international definitions of identity theft, this seminal introduction covers all aspects of the problem including what businesses, law enforcement, and private citizens are doing to counter identity theft. Informed and informative, "Identity Theft: A Reference Handbook" is a welcome addition to academic and community library Criminology reference collections in general, and should be considered essential reading by anyone having to deal with identity theft or its threat in their own lives.

The Judaic Studies Shelf

Unwitting Zionists
Haya Gavish
Wayne State University Press
4809 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201-1309
9780814333662, $54.95,

The newest addition to the outstanding 'Raphael Patai series In Jewish Folklore and Anthropology' published by Wayne State University Press, "Unwitting Zionists: The Jewish Community of Zakho in Iraqi Kurdistan" by Haya Gavish (Lecturer in Hebrew language and literature at the Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion, Jerusalem) provides a detailed and definitive 439-page history of the Jewish community located in Zakho, a town in the northern province of Kurdistan, from the end of the Ottoman period until the aliya of 1951 saw the community move to settle in the state of Israel. Gavish expertly draws upon a wealth of original source materials including personal memoirs, interviews, and historical records. The result is an impressively informed and informative account based upon meticulous scholarship and a genuine flair for historical research. Enhanced with appendices, extensive notes, an extended bibliography, and a comprehensive index, "Unwitting Zionists: The Jewish Community of Zakho in Iraqi Kurdistan" is an original and seminal work that is highly recommended for academic library Judaic History reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

The American History Shelf

Custer Survivor
John Koster
History Publishing Company
PO Box 700, Palisades, NY 10964-0700
9781933909035, $16.95,

Could there have been someone who survived the massacre of Custer's Forces? "Custer Survivor: The End of a Myth, the Beginning of a Legend" delves into the possibility of a survivor of Custer's Last Stand as he stood against the massive forces of Native Americans, as a backlash against the American forces in the region. "Custer Survivor" provides a new perspective on the event, making for an intriguing and highly recommended read for those looking for the lost bits of history.

Shaper of Seattle
William H. Wilson
Washington State University Press
PO Box 645910, Pullman, WA 99164-5910
9780874223019, $29.95,

There are people who shape directions of entire cities. "Shaper of Seattle: Reginald Heber Thomson's Pacific Northwest" tells the story of this urban engineer who is hugely responsible for how Seattle as it is today. Plumbing, sanitation, roads, and more, his ideas and motives greatly improved Seattle for years to come, and William Wilson does well in covering his life and how he got to his position. For those interested in Seattle history, "Shaper of Seattle" is a fine and very recommended read, not to be missed.

Ditch of Dreams
Steven Noll & David Tegeder
University Press of Florida
17 Northwest 15th Street, Gainesville, FL 32611-2079
9780813034065, $29.95,

A canal through Florida draws radically different actions. "Ditch of Dreams: The Cross Florida Barge Canal and the Struggle for Florida's Future" discusses the cross-Florida canal and the debate that has raged on for nearly a century regarding the potential canal. Halted in 1971, the canal's status is officially halted, but there is still debate around it to this day. An intriguing look into the state of the project and impact of such an undertaking, "Ditch of Dreams" is a fascinating read for any who want another aspect of Florida's history.

The Ku Klux Klan In Mississippi
Michael Newton
McFarland & Company
PO Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640
9780786446537, $75.00,

The formation of the Ku Klux Klan was a direct response to the exploitation of a defeated Confederacy to the incursion of 'carpet baggers' from the north and the perceived threat of newly freed African-Americans to the remnants of white privilege, socially, politically, and economically. From 1866 down to the present day, the KKK in Mississippi has been particularly entrenched, receiving fresh impetus with the stimulus of the Civil Rights movement and the abolition of the 'Jim Crow' laws. The activities of the Mississippi KKK were particularly violent and frequently included lynchings and burnings in organized campaigns of domestic terrorism. In "The Ku Klux Klan In Mississippi: A History", author Michael Newton provides a detailed and methodical 252-page overview of the Klan in Mississippi as a social and political movement from 1886 to 2007. Enhanced with extensive Chapter Notes, Bibliography, and Index, "The Ku Klux Klan In Mississippi" is a seminal work and strongly recommended for both academic and community library American History reference collections in general, and Domestic Terrorism Studies supplemental reading lists in particular.

100 Media Moments That Changed America
Jim Willis
Greenwood Press
PO Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
9780313355172, $85.00,

From the hand-printed broadsheets of the 17th century through our present electronic age of twitters and blackberries, mass media has had two consistent qualities in the shaping of American popular and political culture -- scandal and violence. In "100 Media Moments That Changed America", former journalist and active academician Jim Willis (Department of Communication Studies, Azusa Pacific University, California), presents a chronological history of media's influence in shaping American culture beginning with the first printed newspaper, through the advent of radio and television, to the age of the computer and the internet. Professor Willis has selected one hundred distinctive and iconic examples ranging from Orson Wells legendary 'War of the Worlds' radio broadcast, to the Kennedy-Nixon debates, to the JFK assassination, to the Pentagon Papers, to the devastation of hurricane Katrina. Informed and informative, this 260-page compendium of detailed, documented, and superbly presented information is an especially recommended and seminal addition to both academic and community library Journalism and Media reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

'The Personal Observations of a Man of Intelligence'
Sir James Fergusson, author
Ben Wynne, editor
The True Bill Press
PO Box 0349, Lambertville, NJ 08530-0349
9780979111631, $45.00,

Privately printed in 1861 and long out of print until The True Bill Press under the editorship of Ben Wynne has newly published this 176-page annotated edition, "'The Personal Observations of a Man of Intelligence': Notes of a Tour in North America in 1861" is a record Scottish Conservative and landed aristocrat Sir James Fergusson made while on a three-month tour of the United States and Canada from August through October of that year. In making this extensive trip Fergusson had two missions: determine the state of Canadian military preparedness in the face of a potential invasion by Union forces as part of the newly launched American Civil War; and determine the condition of both the Union and Confederate armies with respect to which side would ultimately prevail. Fergusson predicted a Confederate victory and urged the British government to side with the South against the North. Never truly available to the reading public of his day, this superbly annotated edition of "'The Personal Observations of a Man of Intelligence': Notes of a Tour in North America in 1861" makes it a critically valuable addition to all academic library 19th Century American History reference collections in general, and Civil War Studies supplemental reading lists in particular.

The Self-Help Shelf

Michele Wahlder
c/o MM Book Publicity (publicity)
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126-278, Nashville, TN 37203
9780982364505, $12.95,

In "Alphatudes: The Alphabet of Gratitude", Michele Wahlder (a professional life coach, experienced career counselor, and founder of Life Possibilities) draws upon her years of expertise to alphabetically compile and beautifully illustrate quotes from an impressive variety of critical thinkers from a variety of disciplines showcasing twenty-six priceless bits of enduring wisdom with respect to living a joyful life replete with true contentment and inner peace regardless of outward circumstances that all life is subject to. These individual 'alphatudes' (which Wahlder defines as a person, place or thing for which one alphabetically expresses gratitude) are as insightful as they are inspiring. 'Touch: To Touch someone is to share the spark that is life.' - Hansi Nurit Pilzer. Extraordinarily 'reader friendly', "Alphatudes" is an enthusiastically recommended addition to anyone's personal self-help/self-improvement reading list.

Anger Management For Everyone
Raymond Chip Tafrate
Howard Kassinove
Impact Publishers
PO Box 6016, Atascadero, CA 93423-6016
9781886230835, $17.95,

Everyone gets angry, but how one handles it is the real issue. "Anger Management for Everyone: Seven Proven Ways to Control Anger and Live a Happier Life" is a guide to anger management that states controlling one's anger is not just for those who let it grow out of control, but for anyone who gets occasionally angry, for whatever reason. This means, in essence, everyone. Controlling one's anger allows for better relationships, better decision making, and an in general better life. "Anger Management for Everyone" is a top pick and very highly recommended read that is of strong consideration for anyone who wants to channel their anger better.

Shift Your Mind
Steve Chandler
Robert D. Reeds Publishers
PO Box 1992, Bandon, OR 97411
9781934759288, $14.95,

Mind over matter. "Shift Your Mind: Shift the World" is an inspirational guide from Steve Chandler as he encourages people to change the way they think about the world around them and use their mind to motivate themselves for the better and push them into a more positive direction for more success in life. "Shift Your Mind, Shift the World" is a fine read for those who want to teach themselves to look up in life, and never stop.

Moments of Being
Barrie Brett
Morgan James Publishing
1225 Franklin Avenue, Suite 325, Garden City, New York 11530
9781600376245, $19.95,

One of the benefits of being human is that we can learn invaluable 'life lessons' from the experiences and examples of others. In "Moments of Being: Finding Your One Moment in Time", author Barrie Brett has compiled a 269-page compendium of 'reader friendly' true-life stories from a variety of leaders in the fields ranging from business to entertainment showcasing how critical decisions at particular and often unexpected moments dramatically influenced and significantly altered the very course of their lives. Inspired and inspiring, "Moments Of Being" is highly recommended reading and superb addition to community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections.

The Gaming Shelf

The Rules of Winning Chess
Nigel Davies
Everyman Chess
c/o Globe Pequot
PO Box 480, 246 Goose Lane, Guilford, CT 06437-0480
9781857445961, $26.95,

Playing well is one thing, but winning is another. "The Rules of Winning Chess" is a chess guide that covers the simplest of goals in chess- victory. Nigel Davies seeks to give readers that instinct that lets them see through their opponents strategy and seize the win as if it were nothing. Covering the many stages of the game, preparing for the game when you're not actually playing it, and much more, Davies presents his strong experience for much insight. "The Rules of Winning Chess" is a top pick for anyone who wants the killer instinct for their game.

FCO: Fundamental Chess Openings
Paul van der Sterren
Gambit Publications Ltd.
99 Wallis Road, London E9 5LN, England
9781906454135, $29.95,

Knowledgeably compiled by Paul van der Sterren (a Grand Master chess champion and twice winner of the Dutch Championship), "FCO: Fundamental Chess Openings" is a 448-page compendium dedicated solely to opening chess moves. Of special note are the detailed and insightful explanations of both the attacking and defending sides of an opening move. More than an extended catalog of moves for memorization by aspiring chess players, as well as thoroughly 'user friendly', "FCO: Fundamental Chess Openings" is as much about the philosophy, strategy and tactics of the opening move -- so fundamentally important for a successful game. Virtually every possible opening move is covered within the pages of "FCO: Fundamental Chess Openings", making it an absolutely ideal addition to personal and professional chess reference collections, and a highly recommended acquisition for academic and community libraries as well.

The Music Shelf

Evoking Sound, second edition
James Jordan
GIA Publications
7404 South Mason Ave., Chicago, IL 60638
9781579997267, $49.95,

Every church and highschool has a choir. Every choir has a conductor. Good choral conductors are not born, they are trained. Often that training (especially in the case of a local community church) has been informal at best. That's why this newly revised and expanded second edition of "Evoking Sound: Fundamentals of Choral Conducting" by James Jordan (Senior Conductor, Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. Conductor of The Westminster Schola Cantorum; and Conductor of the professional choral ensemble, Anam Cara, heard on Innisfree GIA ChoralWorks) is the perfect 500-page instruction manual for anyone aspiring to properly and effectively conduct choral music. Originally published in 1998, this newly expanded edition of "Evoking Sound" is enhanced with the inclusion of an accompanying DVD draws upon the Jordan's last ten years to create an even more effective presentation with animation and diverse camera angles showcasing how conducting gesture influences choral sound. Of special note are the new materials and information relevant to breathing and its effect on conducting; the importance of listening with respect to gesture; and an expanded discussion on the philosophy of conducting. Informed and informative, "Evoking Sound" is thoroughly 'user friendly' and a critically important addition to personal, professional, academic, and community library Music Instruction reference collections in general, and Choral Conducting supplemental reading lists in particular.

The Poetry Shelf

Animals The Size Of Dreams
Lisa C. Krueger
Red Hen Press
PO Box 3537, Granada Hills, CA 91394
9781597091541, $18.95,

There is an innate beauty and thought to life that must be cherished and nurtured. "Animals the Size of Dreams" is a second collection of poetry from clinical psychologist and experienced poet Lisa C. Krueger. Drawing on her own experiences in life along with reflections on life and her profession, "Animals the Size of Dreams" is a fascinating and cherishable read. "Hunger at the Office": why would one/who loves the body/binge and purge?/she tells me her needs/might translate to sex./hunger abates with nightly/hook-up guys,/sometimes their dorm,/sometimes mine, kind of/like a midnight snack./she leaves my office,/i am famished.

Tongue of War
Tony Barnstone
BkMk Press
Unniversity of Missouri-Kansas City
5101 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO 64110
9781886157712, $14.95,

The second world war brought much change for many Americans, be they soldier or on the home front. "Tongue of War: From Pearl Harbor to Nagasaki" is a collection of poems from Tony Barnstone discussing the many elements of World War II with much emotion and perspective. "Tongues of War" is a fine work that should not be ignored. "White Bones": Mother was burned into white bones/while praying at our Buddhist altar./I can't recall her face, but some/days at the painted wooden post/that marks her grave I pray to mother./The post is silent and I go/home, leaving her some pretty flowers./I was just five. I don't remember.

Philosophy: Back To Basics
Ronnie Lee
Outskirts Press, Inc.
10940 South Parker Road, #515, Parker, CO 80134
9781432748142, $31.95,

Dealing with issues arising from politics, business, psychology, religion and spirituality, the poetry of Ronnie Lee demonstrates the skills of a master wordsmith and the philosophical insights of an unusually gifted thinker upon contemplating how ordinary people can improve themselves, their circumstances, their societies within the context of extraordinary times. Using free verse structures, this 740-page compendium is a treasury of original thought originally expressed. 'Philosophy presented as poetry' is an apt description of what Ronnie Lee has created in this his seventh published volume. Deftly written, here is a poetry that engages the reader's total attention and will be a treasured addition to any personal reading list or community library poetry collection.

The Christian Studies Shelf

A Date With Jesus
Carla J. Curtis
Tate Publishing & Enterprises
127 East Trade Center Terrace, Mustang, OK 73064
9781606960141, $8.99,

Even more than men, today's women whether married or single, are faced with incredible pressures arising from the complex and multiple demands of daily life. That's why freelance writer and public speaker Carla J. Curtis wrote "A Date With Jesus", a slender 88-page compendium of commentary and advice for how Christian women can create 'quality time' to keep their relationship with God consistently meaningful on a daily basis. Deftly written in an engaging conversational style, "A Date With Jesus" is as inspired and inspiring as it is practical and 'real-world' oriented in appreciating the stresses and distractions facing women today. "A Date With Jesus" is highly recommended reading, especially for anyone seeking to keep and defend their spiritual center in a secular world of competing demands for their time and attention!

When They Come Home
Melanie Rigney & Anna M. Lanave
Twenty-Third Publications
9781585957613, $9.95,

Returning to faith is something some people do to find direction in their lives. "When They Come Home: Ways to Welcome Returning Catholics" is a guide for Catholics who want to embrace people who are returning to faith after a long lapse in it, and how to help them embrace Christ and the Catholic ways once more. With evangelical elements stating that helping one find Jesus again is a job for any person of faith, "When They Come Home" is a strong pick for Catholics who want to spread the word of Jesus.

How To Inherit The Earth
Scott A. Bessenecker
InterVarsity Press
PO Box 1400, Downers Grove, IL 605151426
9780830837281, $15.00,

A bit of faith may be what's needed to help the world spin more easily. "How to Inherit the Earth: Submitting Ourselves to a Servant Savior" is a discussion of faith and submission, looking towards Christianity and the role of leadership around the world. Discussing values such as pride, independence, envy, and other subjects and what role they play in a world where leadership is king, "How to Inherit the Earth" is an intriguing read that offers much to think about for Christian readers.

Fit for My King
Sheri Rose Shepherd
c/o Baker
6030 E Fulton, Ada, MI 49301
9780800719166, $14.99,

With faith, anything can become possible. "Fit for My King: His Princess 30-Day Diet Plan and Devotional" is a combination of diet guide and Christian memoir as Sheri Rose Shepherd reflects on how her faith in Christ gave her the power to do life-changing weight loss. With inspirational writing, she states how using Christ as her personal trainer has helped so much and how others can use their faith as well. "Fit for My King" is a top pick for any Christian women who are fighting their own weight woes.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Madison's Avenue
Mike Brogan
Lighthouse Publishing
648 Woodland Birmingham, MI 48009
9780692006344, $19.95,

Just a few hours after her father, CEO of a prosperous New York advertising agency, places a phone call to his daughter Madison, he's found dead. With her father's death Madison finds herself in charge of his Manhattan ad agency. She's also seems to have inherited his enemies as well. She feels certain that in the case of her father, the corporate ruthlessness in the dog-eat-dog of the advertising business had escalated to murder -- and she could share his fate if she's not careful! Deftly written by an undeniably talented author in the mystery/suspense genre, "Madison's Avenue is a riveting read from beginning to end. A roller-coaster ride of a thriller framed in the high powered world of advertising that ranges from contested boardroom conflicts over control, to the sunny beaches of the Caribbean, to the Cannes Ad Festival in the south of France, "Madison's Avenue" is especially recommended for community library fiction shelves. Also very highly recommended reading are Mike Brogan's two earlier novels: "Dead Air" (PublishAmerica, 9781413747003, $27.92) and "Business to Kill For" (Lighthouse Publishing, 9780615115702, $19.95).

Murder On Everest
Charles G. Irion & Ronald L. Watkins
Irion Books
c/o Next Set Public Relations
7020 East Chapparral Road, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
9780984161805, $25.95,

Collaborative written by the team of Charles G. Irion and Ronald L. Watkins, "Murder On Everest" begins with the death of Derek Sodoc on the slopes of Mt. Everest. The question arises as to whether the son of a wealthy and powerful man was accidental -- or intentional. A riveting mystery replete with sex and betrayal, "Murder On Everest" is highly recommended reading is the first of Irion and Watkins' proposed "Summit Murder Series" of murder mysteries, each of which will take place on one of the world's highest mountains on the seven continents. Also vary highly recommended and a kind of prequel to this extraordinary mystery series is the non-fiction "Abandoned On Everest!" (9780984161812, $12.95) by Quentin Stern with the assistance of Irion and Watkins which is the true story of the death of Derek Sodoc.

The Antiques/Collectibles Shelf

Collecting Sports Legends
Joe Orlando
Zyrus Press Inc.
PO Box 17810, Irvine, CA 92623
9781933990217, $34.95,

Sports card collecting as been an enduringly popular hobby since their advent in the mid-19th century down to the present age. A 376-page compendium, "Collecting Sports Legends" author Joe Orlando provided insightful commentaries while showcasing more than 375 sports cards, some of them truly legendary, many of them extremely valuable, and all of them memorable ephemeria in celebration of outstanding athletes in their chosen fields of sport. Superbly and profusely illustrated throughout out, "Collecting Sports Legends" begins with an informative introduction, 'Ten Tips for Building a Collection', and 'Cardboard Classics: A Look Inside the Top 250 Sportscards in the Hobby'. Then this fascinating repository launches into Orlando's ranking of the twenty most important cards, following grouping sports cards into their own separate categories of baseball, basketball, football, hockey, boxing, golf, and miscellaneous. The next section is 'Building a Dream: A Look at Collecting the Top 30 complete Sets in the Hobby' by Brian Bigelow; 'Collecting Sports Autographs' by Rob Rosen; and 'The Top 100 Autographs in the Hobby' by Steve Grad. More informative sections by Joe Orlando follow including 'Legendary Lumber: A Look at Collecting Game-Used Bats'; The Top 40 Game-Used Bats in the Hobby'; 'Collecting Sports Tickets'; 'Top 15 Sports Tickets in the Hobby'; and 'Tempting Treasures: A Look at Collecting Unopened Packs'. Of special note is the concluding section, 'The Tope 25 Unopened Packs in the Hobby' by Steve Hart. Informed and informative, certain to be a popular addition to personal, professional, academic, and community library Antique/Collectibles reference collections, "Collecting Sports Legends" is a 'must' for the novice sports collector and has a great deal to offer even the more experienced and dedicated sports collecting enthusiast. Above all else, "Collecting Sports Legends' is a terrific browse for anyone who has ever laid claim to a sports card collection of their own!

The Photography Shelf

Vladmir Malakhov
H.F. Ullman
c/o Langenscheidt Publishing Group
15 Tyger River Drive, Duncan, SC 29334
9780841659001, $69.99,

Born in Krivoy Rog in the eastern Ukraine in 1968, Vladimir Malakhov started his training in ballet when he was just four years old. At the age of ten he joined the Choreographic Academy of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. He became the youngest soloist at the Moscow Classical Ballet in 1986 and in the years that followed, Malakhov dances at the Vienna State Opera Ballet; the National Ballet of Canada; the Stuttgart Ballet, and the American Ballet Theater (Metropolitan Opera, New York). In 2004 Malakhov became the Artistic Director for the Berlin State Ballet. A position that he still holds today. Noted for the power, elegance, precision, and suppleness of his consistently impressive performances, Malakhov was extensively photographed by Dieter Blume who was give express and unique permission to photograph Malakhov and his fellow dancers in the nude and thereby presenting to the reader an unusually accurate and striking perspectives on their body movements. Of special note is that the quadrilingual text section is in English, Germany, French, and Spanish. All this and more are superbly presented in the iconic images comprising the 264-page compendium that is "Vladimir Malakhov". While the popular 'coffee-table' edition is appropriate for and highly recommended to academic and community library Photography and Dance History collections, dedicated fans of Vladamir Malakhov might well consider Ullman's 'Collector Edition ($500.00) and even their very special 'Art Edition' ($2000.00) of his seminal work.

Picture Perfect: The Story of Black's Photography
Robert Black
330-500 Beaverbrook Court, Fredericton, NB Canada E3B 5X4
9780864925411, $29.95,

Some people do good business. Some people change business. "Picture Perfect: The Story of Black's Photography" tells the story of how a small Canadian business spiraled out from simply being another photography store to changing the way pictures were taken with higher quality film and better ways to process them. Any serious film photography knows what Blacks is, and "The Story of Black's Photography" is a fine history of the company.

The Art Shelf

Barbara Ehrlich White
Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
115 West 18th Street, 6th floor, New York, NY 10011
9780810996076, $50.00,

Pierre-August Renoir is an icon of 19th century European art. During his long life he created literally thousands of paintings, drawings, sketches and watercolors. His productivity was unmatched by any of his contemporaries. Now academician and art historian Barbara Ehrlich White has written "Renoir: His Life, Art, And Letters", a superbly illustrated, 312-page survey of his artistic accomplishments, as well as an informed and informative biography of both his personal and his professional life. The result of more than twenty years of impressively detailed research that draws upon both public and private historical resources (including the artists unpublished letters and personal documents), readers will learn a great deal of hitherto obscure facts about Renoir's life and times, including his struggle against crippling arthritis, the loss of formerly supportive patrons when he pioneered in new styles of artistic expression, and so much more! The text is profusely embellished with 391 flawlessly presented illustrations, of which 125 are in full color and three are 'gatefolds'. A truly seminal work, "Renoir: Hist Life, Art, And Letters" is an essential addition to personal, academic, and community library European Art History reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Art Without Compomise
Wendy Richmond
Allworth Press
10 East 23rd Street, Suite 510, New York, NY 10010
9781581156669, $24.95,

Art is not science. "Art Without Compromise" is a discussion of art from Wendy Richmond encouraging artists to break free of the shackles of form and explore themselves through their work. Richmond discusses the role of the individual artist in a larger society, the power of collaboration, being original when everything has been done, the pros and cons of the Internet, and how creativity is always contrary, "Art Without Compromise" is a choice read that is filled with much food for thought.

Man + Dog
Nick Wadley
Dalkey Archive
c/o University of Illinois
1805 S. Wright Street, MC-011, Champaign, IL 61820
9781564785527 $15.00

The relationship between man and dog is centuries old. "Man + Dog" is a series of simple water color paintings from Nick Wadley, exploring the humorous relationship of human and canine. Surrealist, intriguing and thought provoking, Wadley aims high with his humor and scores many hits. "Man + Dog" is a fine collection and well worth considering.

The Business Shelf

The Handyman's Guide To Profit
A. William Benitez
Positive Imaging, LLC
9016 Palace Parkway, Austin, TX 87848
9780984248001, $16.95,

When the economy collapses into recession (or worse), men who have learned a variety of construction and household repair skills for everything from roofing to plumbing to glazing will find themselves laid off from their regular jobs with bleak prospects of re-hiring elsewhere. But there is one tremendous possibility that is open to all, that of self-employment as a handyman. In "The Handyman's Guide To Profit: Using Your Skills To Make Money In Any Economy", A. William 'Bill' Benitez draws upon his personal and professional experience of 30 years in owning and operating a one-man business as a carpenter and handyman, and 20 years as a cabinet/furniture maker, to take readers through a superbly organized approach to starting up their own handyman operation. Every aspect is covered from recruiting customers, to pricing jobs, to getting paid, to expanding skill sets, to using the Internet, to accounting and taxes, and a great deal more. Practical and 'user friendly', "The Handyman's Guide To Profit: Using Your Skills To Make Money In Any Economy" truly lives up to the promise of its title and should be considered essential reading for anyone seeking to setting themselves up to do a profitable business in these unprofitable times.

The Courageous Follower
Ira Chaleff
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
235 Montgomery Street, Suite 650, San Franscisco, CA 94104-2916
9781605092737, $22.95,

There is more to leadership than being the one in charge. "The Courageous Follower: Standing Up to & For Our Leaders" is a business guide that emphasizes the value of cooperation and communication when it comes to leadership and working well in one's business, and in any organization, be it political, for profit or non-profit. Stating that the best organizations do not ignore the people at lower levels, "The Courageous Follower" is a fine read for those at any level of business.

Friends with Benefits
Darren Barefoot & Julie Szabo
No Starch
555 De Haro Street, Suite 250, San Franscisco, CA 94107
9781593271992, $24.95,

Social networking is stronger than any technology. "Friends with Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook" is a guide to breaking into a social network and the benefits such unions can bring to businesses. Friendship is a powerful thing, and now with the internet these partnerships are more powerful than ever before. For anyone who is trying to form those strong business connections for the future, "Friends with Benefits" is a choice pick for those seeking a complete and comprehensive guide to the power of connections and the media.

How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Landscaping, Nursery, or Lawn Care Business
Lynn Wasnak
Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.
1405 SW 6th Ave, Ocala, FL 34471-0640
9781601382283, $39.95,

Your lawn is your first impression to the world. "How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Landscaping, Nursery, or Lawn Service Business" is a guide to breaking into the lucrative lawncare and landscaping business for those who enjoy the great outdoors and working with plants and lawns. A business guide, the Atlantic Publishing Group gives readers a vivid introductory dive into the basics of lawncare as a business and how to get started. "How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Landscaping, Nursery, or Lawn Service" is a grade-A pick for anyone trying to break into this business venture.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

Safari In Space
Frank Hampson, et al.
Titan Books
144 Southwark Street, London SE1 OUP, UK
9781848563728, $24.95

The British answer to such American science fiction classics as Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, Dan Dare was the creation of Frank Hampson and originally published in April 1590 in the British comic 'The Eagle' and continued as a popular series character through 1996 as 'Dan Dare: Pilot Of The Future'. "Safari In Space" feature story scripting by Allan Stranks, Eric Eden, and Frank Hampson, is superbly illustrated with not just Hampson's work, but that of Eric Eden, Don Harley, Gerry Palmer, and Keith Watson as well. In this conclusion to the 46-year saga that is 'Dan Dare: Pilot Of The Future', and compiled together in a hardcover graphic novel format, "Safari In Space" has Dan and his crew leaving Earth with the mission of finding Dan's test pilot father who had disappeared thirty years earlier only to have the infamous Galileo McHoo kidnap Dan and his crew. It seems that the Scottish scientist McHoo is seeking to locate his own father, who was the co-pilot to Dan's father on that ill fated space venture some three decades ago. "Safari In Space" is classic action/adventure science fiction and enthusiastically recommended to the legions of dedicated Dan Dare fans!

The Architecture Shelf

Full Irish
Sarah A. Lappin
Princeton Architectural Press
37 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10003
9781568988689, $45.00,

Ireland is more than just a land of poets and pubs and historic manor houses. It is also home to some of the best modern architectural structures that Europe has seen in the past two decades and which is documented in "Full Irish: New Architecture in Ireland" by architect Sarah A. Lappin (who is also currently a lecturer at the School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering at Queens university in Belfast, Ireland). "Full Irish" is a 240-page compendium of contemporary Irish architecture enhanced with the inclusion of 250 color illustrations along with 15 B/W images and a number of architectural diagrams. Sixteen distinguished architects and architectural firms have their works showcased and include a wide range of 21st century commercial, institutional, and residential structures. Informed and informative, "Full Irish: New Architecture in Ireland" will prove a welcome and invaluable addition to professional and academic library Contemporary Architectural studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Self-Fab House
Actar D
158 Lafayette Street, 5th floor, New York, NY 10013
9788496954748, $34.95,

IAAC stands for 'The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia', and organization dedicated to evaluating sustainable development projects such as self-sufficient housing. Now the IAAC has publishing "Self Fab House: 2nd Advanced Architecture Contest", a 384-page pocketbook sized compendium of architectural projects for self-sufficient single dwellings and residential buildings that take advantage of new materials, innovative energy systems, and esthetic integration into their surrounding landscapes. Profusely illustrated throughout, this compact compendium is organized into six major sections: Do It Yourself; Auto & Bio Generated; Materials & Constitution; Recycled & Readapted; Modulated & Prearranged; and Digitally Fabricated. A seminal body of work offering a wealth of novel and practical ideas, "Self-Fab House" will prove of immense interest to student and professional architects making it a seminal and very highly recommended addition to Architectural Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

The Genealogy Shelf

How To Write Your Personal & Family History
Keith E. Banks
Heritage Books
100 Railroad Ave, Suite 104, Westminster, Maryland 21157-4826
9781556131431, $23.50,

Originally published in 1984, this new photomechanical reprint edition of Keith Banks invaluable instruction guide "How To Write Your Personal & Family History: A Resource Manual" continues to be an ideal reference for the non-specialist general reader wanting to record their personal and/or family history. Replete with creative and practical ways to compile and incorporate records, keep a journal, conduct and transcribe oral histories, "How To Write Your Personal & Family History" is a thoroughly 'user friendly' 242-page compendium of commentary, advice, tips, strategies, ideas, and insights that will enable anyone to produce a quality historical record. Informed and informative, "How To Write Your Personal & Family History" is enhanced with photos, charts, sample documents, making it a highly recommended addition to personal and community library Genealogical Studies reference collections. It is also an especially useful addition to the personal reading list of anyone considering writing a biography of themselves or a family member.

The Needlecraft Shelf

Nelly Pailloux
Andrews & McMeel
1130 Walnut Street, Kansas City, MO 64106-2109
9780740785115, $14.99,

Felt has long been a standard and versatile material for crafts projects. In "Felties: How to Make 18 Cute and Fuzzy Friends", Nelly Pailloux presents a series of do-it-yourself projects, each of which can be accomplished in approximately fifteen minutes by even the most novice of neelecrafters. These colorful creations are laid out in easy-to-follow profusely illustrated pattern diagrams complete with step-by-step, instructions. Of special note are the informative sidebars that accompany the projects. From a Samurai Cat, to a Russian Babushka, to a Stargazing Rabbit, these fun and 'user friendly' felt crafts projects are highly recommended for all ages of sewing enthusiasts. "Felties" is a novel and highly recommended addition to personal and community library needlecraft reference collections.

The Language Studies Shelf

Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
1570 Baskin Road, Mundelein, IL 60060

Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers is a seminal source of materials for the study of Latin. Two of their newest contributions include John Henderson's "A Plautus Reader: Selections from Eleven Plays" (97808651666943, $19.00) and Victoria E. Pagan's "A Sallust Reader: Selections from Bellum Catilinae, Bellum Iugurthinum, and Historiae" (9780865166875, $19.00). The comedic playwright Plautus and the Roman historian Sallust are significant in studying the culture and history of Rome and serve as ideal sources in the study of Latin for modern students. Enhanced with grammatical and historical notes, maps and photos, and vocabulary, both "A Plautus Reader" and "A Sallust Reader" will prove invaluable additions to personal, professional, and academic library Latin Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

The Biography Shelf

The Leakeys
Mary Bowman-Kruhm
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197
9781591027614, $17.00,

The Leakey family has had a singular and distinctive influence in anthropology unlike any other. From Louis and Mary Leakey's discoveries in the Olduvai Gorge over some 24 years of exploration and excavation (the culmination of which was the 1.8-million-year-old skull of an anthropoid ancestor of the human race), to their son Richard and his wife Meave's discoveries in the Rift Valley, to their granddaughter's explorations in northern Kenya, the collective contributions of the Leaky family have contributed more than anyone else to our understanding of human evolution. Now Mary Bowman-Kruhm has written a superb biography of this remarkable family in "The Leakeys", a 183-page survey of their private lives and professional accomplishments. Informed and informative, this deftly written family biography is especially appropriate for and recommended to school and community library Biography reference collections in general, and the supplemental reading lists for non-specialist general readers with an interest in the anthropological inquiries into the origins of homo sapiens on the continent of Africa.

Ho Che Anderson
Fantagraphics Books
7563 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115
9781606993101, $34.99,

The life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has truly captivated readers like nothing else. "King" is a compilation of graphic novels as author and artist Ho Che Anderson compiled the volume following the life of Dr. King and the chaos and problems that boiled over in his life, offering unique perspective on the man who stood strongly for racial equality in America, and criticizes how little we've come in the decades following his death. Packaged with a tale of modern race relations in 'Black Dogs', "King" is a fine read for anyone seeking a new interpretation of the man and his life.

The King and Dr. Nick
George Nichopoulos
Thomas Nelson Publishers
PO Box 141000, Nashville, TN 37214
9781595551719, $24.99,

Fame has its toll. "The King and Dr. Nick: What Really Happened to Elvis and Me" is the story of the famous or infamous Dr. George Nichopoulos, or Dr. Nick, the doctor for Rock and Roll Legend Elvis Presley. Nichopoulos, with the help of Rose Clayton Phillips, offers stories of how he worked with Presley over the years and the health toll Presley took as he answered a house call and began a ten year friendship with the King. Hoping clear his name when it was sullied by Presley's death, "The King and Dr. Nick" is a fine and fascinating read, well worth the read for another perspective on Elvis.

To Kill a Tiger
Jid Lee
Overlook Press
141 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012
9781590202661, $25.95,

The political sundering of Korea by no means was a simple split. "To Kill a Tiger" is by author Jid Lee's words, not just a memoir of herself, but a memoir of Korea, torn apart by the last six decades of a harsh standoff that started with a vicious war. Looking towards the beginning of the conflict, she focuses on the social change of the time, where in spite of the harsh conflict, people still wanted nothing more out of the world than to simply survive and live their lives. Discussing everything from the Japanese occupation in the first half of the twentieth century and forward, "To Kill a Tiger" is a fascinating and informative read that should not be ignored.

A Critic's Journey
Ilan Stavans
The University of Michigan Press
839 Greene Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104-3209
9780472033829, $24.95,

A part of both, a part of neither. "A Critic's Journey" is the autobiographical memoir of Ilan Stavans as he reflects on his status in life as a Hispanic Jew, a man who has viewed a whole array of culture from many perspectives. Stating how he became a critic of literature and his unique view of Jewish matters, classical literature, and more, his memoir has much to enjoy and offers many original ideas that readers will ponder on. "A Critic's Journey" is a simple, frank, and highly recommended read.

The Education Shelf

The Power to Spring Up
Diana M. Katovitch
Woodbine House
6510 Bells Mill Rd., Bethesda, MD 20817
9781890627959, $24.95,

Disabilities are no reason to be discouraged in pursuing higher learning. "The Power to Spring Up: Postsecondary Education Opportunities for Students with Significant Disabilities" delves into the special needs of certain students, who in spite of their disabilities want to put their brain power to good use in postsecondary education. Giving these individuals the advice they need and the things they need to know for their pursuits, Diana M. Katovitch gives a very clear and recommended guide. "The Power to Spring Up" is a choice pick for these individuals, highly recommended.

A Baker's Dozen of Lessons Learned form the Teaching Trenches
Danny Brassell
Shell Education
5301 Oceanus Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649
9781425805203, $29.99,

Dealing with unruly children is a career these individuals have for some reason chosen to undertake. "A Baker's Dozen of Lessons Learned from the Teaching Trenches" as he reflects on his career as a teacher, focusing on thirteen important lessons he has learned teaching these students, and has much advice for other teachers who want to improve their craft or are simply just getting started. The things that aren't taught to teachers in college, "A Baker's Dozen of Lessons Learned from the Teaching Trenches" is a core addition to any collection focusing on wisdom for teachers.

Teaching with Poverty in Mind
Eric Jensen
1703 North Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA 22311-1714
9781416608844, $23.95,

We're not all exactly the same. "Teaching with Poverty in Mind: What Being Poor Does to Kids' Brains and What Schools Can Do About It" analyzes the effects of poverty on education and states how educators can play a hand in improving the potential of these students. From the emotional and social challenges these students will face, Eric Jensen gives educators a complete and comprehensive look into the challenges of poverty-stricken students. "Teaching with Poverty in Mind" is a solid read for the teacher who wants to understand the challenges their students may be facing in their day to day lives.

Treasure Bay
P.O. Box 119, Novato, CA 94948
$4.99 each

Treasure Bay is a premier publisher of non-fiction books-in-series specifically designed for school classroom curriculum textbooks. One of their newest series is particularly noteworthy. 'We Read Phonics' focuses on a phonics style approach to acquiring and improving reading skills with three titles (Pat, Cat, and Rat; Matt and Sid; Big Cats) at Level 1; three titles (Which Pet Is Best?; Where Is My Frog?; and Bugs on the Bus) at Level 2; and three titles (Ant In her Pants; How to Make a Pancake; and Whales) at Level 3. Beautifully illustrated in color and deftly written for children in grades K-2, each 32-page title is available in both a hardcover and a paperback edition. Parents engaged in home schooling will find the 'We Read Phonics' series to be especially appropriate for inculcating a love of reading. For a complete listing of all the outstanding Treasure Bay titles for young readers, teachers, librarians and parents should visit their thoroughly 'user friendly' web site at

The International Studies Shelf

Shanghai: China's Gateway To Modernity
Marie-Claire Bergere, author
Janet Lloyd, translator
Stanford University Press
1450 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304-1124
9780804749053, $29.95,

In "Shanghai: China's Gateway To Modernity", author and China scholar Marie-Claire Bergere provides a detailed history of this significant Chinese port city from its first access to Western trade in 1842 down to the present day. From its beginnings as a treaty port, through its soaring prosperity following the 1911 Revolution, through the decimation of the Japanese invasion in 1937, to its post-war travails under Communism, the focus is on the relationship between the Chinese and the Westerners, upon a culture that is the product of Chinese culture as influenced by western ideas as embodies in a vibrant, complex, reform minded urban city perched on the edge of mainland China. Informed and informative, "Shanghai: China's Gateway To Modernity" is a model of impeccable scholarship. Enhanced with the inclusion of extensive Notes, a substantial Bibliography, and a comprehensive Index, "Shanghai: China's Gateway To Modernity" is an invaluable and strongly recommended addition to academic library International Studies reference collections in general, and Chinese History supplemental reading lists in particular.

The Woodworking Shelf

Civil War Woodworking
A. J. Hamler
Linden Publishing
2006 South Mary, Fresno, CA 93721-9875
9781933502281, $24.95,

As the editor of 'The Collins Complete Woodworker' and a dedicated Civil War reenactor, A. J. Hamler brings a very special expertise to "Civil War Woodworking: 17 Authentic Projects for Woodworkers and Reenactors". This profusely illustrated 160-page compendium of authentic Civil Ear era woodworking projects opens with two chapters dedicated to providing an informed and informative overview by defining authenticity with respect to the Civil War in terms of reenactments and 'period correct' projects, then surveying the tools, techniques, materials needed to insure historic accuracy. The projects themselves range from benches, crates, ammunition boxes, and a folding camp table, to a bucksaw, folding camp stool, and an officer's field desk. Of special note is the chapter devoted to games. Enhanced with period photography, a bibliography, thematically appropriate web sites, and a useful source list for materials and hardware, "Civil War Woodworking: 17 Authentic Projects for Woodworkers and Reenactors" is enthusiastically recommended for personal and professional woodworking reference collections, and will prove of immense interest to Civil War buffs as well.

The World History Shelf

Blood and Faith
Matthew Carr
The New Press
38 Greene Street, New York, NY 10013
9781595583611, $28.95,

Spain has roots from its conquest of the Moors nearly a thousand years ago. "Blood and Faith: The Purging of Muslim Spain" tells the story of the end of this chapter in Muslim history, as King Philip reclaims Spain as a Christian nation by ordering the Muslims to leave Spain, a place they had at that point called home for hundreds of years. A tragic tale of Christian and Islamic relations, "Blood and Faith" is a must read for those who want to better understand religious relations in European History.

The Rise and Fall of the Second Largest Empire in History
Thomas J. Craughwell
Fair Winds Press
c/o Quayside Publishing Group
100 Cummings Center, Suite 406-L
9781592333981, $19.99,

The Mongols were one of the most feared entities of the past thousand years. "The Rise and Fall of the Second Largest Empire in History: How Genghis Khan's Mongols Almost Conquered the World" delves into the story of the Mongol Empire and how Genghis Khan rose up and established himself as one of the great conquerors of history. His empire rose from the unassuming Mongolia, conquered China to establish its own dynasty, and grew westward and almost took over Europe. A compelling read for history buffs, "The Rise and Fall of the Second Largest Empire in History" is a top pick and very highly recommended addition to history collection focusing on great empires of history.

Gotz Aly and Michael Sontheimer
Other Press
2 Park Avenue, 24th Floor, New York, NY 10016
9781590512968, $23.95,

There are some aspects of history ignored because they invoke a bit of squeamishness. "Fromms: How Julius Fromm's Condom Empire Fell to the Nazis" is the story of Julius Fromm, a German Jew who made his fortune being an industrious capitalist and capitalizing on a much more sexually free time to become the leader in dealing in condom sales. His story is a tragic one that has been heard in some form, of how a rightfully earned fortune was lost to racism and oppression. "Fromms" is an insightful look into the Jewish business man in this rough time, highly recommended.

The Psychology Shelf

101 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Using Hypnosis
Dabney Ewin
Crown House Publishing Limited
6 Trowbridge Drive, Ste. 5, Bethel, CT 06801
9781845902919, $24.95,

Hypnosis has clinical use, and Dabney Ewin has learned much in the avenue of useful knowledge from his own use of the technique. "101 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Using Hypnosis" is the ponderings of Dr. Ewin on the use of hypnosis in medical practice. Discussing medical hypnosis, what it can be use for and what its results can be. Fine and fascinating reading, "101 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Using Hypnosis" is highly recommended for any psychological or medical collection.

Saving Ben
Dan E. Burns
University of North Texas Press
1155 Union Circle #311336, Denton, TX 76203-5017
9781574412697, $22.95,

Every parent faces their child's autism differently, but the love is near-universal. "Saving Ben: A Father's Story of Autism" offers the perspective of Dan E. Burns, as he tells his tale of raising his autistic. son. As his son grows up from his age three diagnosis to a legal adult with full privileges, Burns shows what a father can do to help an autistic child while fighting the pressures of the medical world around them. Touching, inspirational, and in some cases coming through with helpful advice, "Saving Ben" is a fine addition to any autistic memoir collection.

The Social Issues Shelf

From Civil Strife to Peace Building
Hany Besada
Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 3C5
9781554580521, $39.95,

For the past century, Africa has been fighting a rough battle towards the dual existence of peace and independence. "From Civil Strife to Peace Building: Examining Private Sector Involvement in West African Reconstruction" delves into how private companies have played a role in how Africa has pushed itself towards existing peacefully with itself. Humanitarian efforts, support for new economies, Hany Besada compiles a collection of essays on the matter to give readers a unique view on modern Africa. "From Civil Strife to Peace Building" is a solid addition to any collection focusing on international social issues.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Axis of the World
Igor Witkowski
Adventures Unlimited Press
1 Adventure Place, Kempton, IL 60946-0074
9781931882811, $18.95,

Could many of the mysteries of America's prehistoric past lie with an ancient, advanced civilization? "Axis of the World: The Search for the Oldest American Civilization" is a discussion of what may be the oldest American civilization. Believing that there was an ancient civilization that spread knowledge throughout the pacific coast and gave influence over Easter Island and some of the wonders of ancient America, Igor Witkowski gives readers of speculative prehistory something to dig their teeth into. A fine addition to any metaphysical studies collection, "Axis of the World" is a solid addition.

The Economics Shelf

Capitalism Hits the Fan
Richard D. Wolf
Olive Branch Press
c/o Interlink Publishing Group
46 Crosby Street, Northampton, MA 01060-1804
9781566567848, $18.00,

Capitalism needs a bit of maintenance now and again. "Capitalism Hits the Fan: The Global Economic Meltdown and What to Do About it" discusses the recent financial crises which have turned into depression. Richard D. Wolff offers his own thoughts and ideas on how to combat these recent troubles with original and well thought out solutions. With scholarly thought and research, those pondering a way out of the crisis, "Capitalism Hits the Fan" is a worthy read for those who often put thought into the country's economic problems.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Conceiving God
David Lewis-Williams
Thames & Hudson
500 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10110
9780500051641, $34.95,

Why did mankind go to embrace the concept of God? "Conceiving God: The Cognitive Origin and Evolution of Religion" explores the deepest history of religion and how it was cultivated out of the minds of early man. Going deep into the psychology of religion and how the earliest believers in a supreme being came up with their beliefs and began creating their customs and rituals that would ring true in generations to come. An endlessly fascinating read that gives countless insights on God, "Conceiving God" is a must for any anthropology studies collection.

Beyond the Qumran Community
John J. Collins
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
2140 Oak Industrial Drive NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505
9780802828873, $25.00,

Early Christianity is a subject that eludes many scholars. "Beyond the Qumran Community: The Sectarian Movement of the Dead Sea Scrolls" focuses on the Qumran community focusing on the periods and the origins of the texts that have fueled much of the research surrounding the scrolls. Stating that there were other communities involved in this movement, John J. Collins gives a scholarly look into these possible other houses, making "Beyond the Qumran Community" a very recommended read for professional or amateur biblical studies collections.

The Parenting Shelf

Getting Organized For Your New Baby
Maureen Bard & Christine Zuchora-Walske
Meadowbrook Press
5451 Smetana Dr., Minnetonka, MN 55343
0881664723, $12.00,

A child is not a matter to take lightly. "Getting Organized for Your New Baby" is a guide to covering all your bases when a new life is going to become your responsibility. With tips on tricks on everything from conception to the early formative years and all the details in between, two experienced women who have learned through their own hardships and lack of preparation brought them. A must read for any woman who wants to become a planned mother, "Getting Organized for Your New Baby" is a top pick for parenting collections.

A Brighter Day
Gail Thompson
African American Images
PO Box 1799, Dept. W/SP, Chicago Heights, IL 60412
9781935521747, $15.95,

The societal pressures of young black culture often prove to be a roadblock to educational advancement. "A Brighter Day: How Parents Can Help African American Youth" is a guide aimed at parents who want to help their children gain a respect and desire to learn to break the mold that so many young black students fall into. Good habits are important to form young as they will stay with children throughout their youth and through high school. "A Brighter Day" is a fine pick for any African American parent who wants more for their child.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Unlocking The Canine Ancestral Diet
Steve Brown
Dogwise Publishing
403 South Mission Street, Wenatchee WA 98801
9781929242672, $17.95,

Dogs weren't meant to eat dried animal byproducts. "Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet: Healthier Dog Food the ABC Way" is a guide for pet owners who want a more healthy and vitamin packed diet for their dog, drawing back on their instinctual diet of real meat, uncooked and raw, along with the scattered fruits and vegetables they may have ate. Stating that treating your dog to this special diet if only once a week will have numerous long term positive effects, "Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet" is a fine read that should not be ignored for those who care about the health of their dog.

The Travel Shelf

Family Hiking In The Smokies
Hall Hubbs, et al.
The University of Tennessee Press
293 Communications Building, Knoxville, TN 37996-0325
9781572336735, $14.95,

A family versus the wilderness can be quite the bonding experience. "Family Hiking in the Smokies: Time Well Spent" is a guide for families who want to fully embrace hiking as a family endeavor. The book offers a wide array of hikes in these mountains that are easily doable by most children, and can be done in under a day so that parents can plan their family excursions much more easily, or around a lengthy camping trip. Speaking well of the power a good hike can have for a family, "Family Hiking in the Smokies" is an intriguing and very useful resource.

The Political Science Shelf

The Ethics Of Citizenship
J. Caleb Clanton, editor
Baylor University Press
One Bear Place, #97363, Waco, TX 76798-7363
9781602582033, $49.95,

The constant conflict between church and state is one debate that never ends. "The Ethics of Citizenship: Liberal Democracy and Religious Convictions" discusses the role that religion plays in politics and if it is ethical for it to play a role at all. Many brains meet within this volume as J. Caleb Clanton brings their thoughts an ideas together under one cover to provide much scholarly debate, drawing many different opinions to help readers get a more complete and comprehensive understanding of the matters. "The Ethics of Citizenship" is a fine and very highly recommended read for those considering the many nuances of modern American politics.

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Diane C. Donovan, Editor
Midwest Book Review
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