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Reviewer's Choice

Street Smarts
Jim Randel
265 Post Road West
PO Box 2870, Westport, CT 06880
9780984441877, $19.95,

A diploma is not a guarantee for success. "Street Smarts: Beyond the Diploma" is a guide to the real world for recent graduates of high school and college to dealing with many aspects of the self and life. From investing in the self, dealing with failure, creating links with others, personal finance, and much more, Jim Randel suggests much for developing the will power to attain success and dealing with the gauntlet life all too often throws at us. "Street Smarts" is an excellent gift for any new entrant into the real world.

An Iowa Schoolma'am
Philip L. Gerber and Charlotte M. Wright, editors
University of Iowa Press
100 Kuhl House
119 West Park Road
Iowa City, IA 52242-1000
9781587299605 $25.00

An Iowa Schoolma'am: Letters of Elizabeth "Bess" Corey, 1904-1908 gathers the early correspondence of "Bachelor Bess", as she embarked on teaching a one-room Iowa school. Her letters to her family tell of how she clashed with reluctant students, arranged performances to entertain the community, endured the vagaries of boarding with different landlords, and much more. A lively storyteller, she gives a wonderfully vivid picture of daily life in Iowa over a hundred years ago. An Iowa Schoolma'am is a thoroughly engaging read from cover to cover, and highly recommended especially for college library collections.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Psychic Self-Defense
Dion Fortune
Red Wheel/Weiser/Conari
65 Parker Street, Suite 7
Newburyport, MA 01950-4600
9781578635092 $16.95

Psychic Self-Defense: The Classic Instruction Manual for Protecting Yourself Against Paranormal Attack is a classic occult manual by Dion Fortune (1891-1946), who herself survived psychic attack at a young age. Her instructional text reaches beyond simple safeguarding against psychic intrusion and supernatural encounters, warning readers that the greatest dangers can come from human ignorance - malignance in the mind of fellow human beings inexorably transforming into a horrific and hostile force. "I well remember it being said to me by an occultist of great experience that two things are necessary for safety in occultism, right motives and right associates. We lull ourselves into false security if we believe that good intentions are sufficient protection." As relevant today as it was the better part of a century ago, Psychic Self-Defense is highly recommended especially for metaphysical studies shelves.

The Real Men in Black
Nick Redfern
New Page Books
c/o Career Press
220 West Parkway, Unit 12
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
9781601631572, $19.99,

Are there people working solely to prevent the truth from getting out there? "The Real Men in Black: Evidence, Famous Cases, and True Stories of These Mysterious Men and Their Connection to UFO Phenomena" discusses the existence of a real Men in Black whose supposed task is silencing those who have witnessed UFOs and other bizarre phenomena. Nick Redfern seeks to offer his evidence of such a group throughout the world and how they have interfered in the discovery of these bizarre things throughout the world. "The Real Men in Black" is worth considering for anyone who wants to understand these figures who are mysterious as the things they try to prevent.

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings
Charles H. Hapgood
Adventures Unlimited Press
1 Adventure Place, Kempton, IL 60946
0932813429, $19.95,

Prehistory holds many mysteries to our world. "Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings" searches for the evidence of an ancient culture that predates ancient Egypt by thousands of years. A reprinting of a 1966 book from Charles Hapgood, it focuses on the curiosity of a map that shows Antarctica, centuries before it was sighted by explorers officially. Stating that it may have been knowledge of a far advanced civilization that understood Antarctica's ice age origins and map making skill beyond that of typical 16th century Europe, "Maps of Ancient Sea Kings" is a worth while pick for metaphysical students of prehistory's mysteries and the origins of civilization.

The Medium Next Door
Maureen Hancock
Health Communications, Inc.
3201 S. W. 15th Street
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442-8190
9780757315640, $14.95,

Hearing the voices of the dead can lead you through a very strange lot in life. "The Medium Next Door: Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer" is a memoir of Maureen Hancock as she tells her story of her common life turned common. A mother who is struggling to raise her children like any other, who just happens to be able to come in contact with the dead. She tells her story of how she learned of her talent, and how she has used it in her career to expose fraud. "The Medium Next Door" is a unique story of the metaphysical and memoir that blends real life challenges and the pressures of contacting the other side.

Do You Quantum Think?
Dianne Collins
Select Books
1 Union Square West, Suite 909
New York City, NY 10003
9781590790748, $24.95,

Ten years ago, it was laughable that the entire internet could fit on our pockets, with much ease. It's a reality now without much impressiveness. "Do You Quantum Think?: New Thinking That Will Rock Your World" discusses thinking and consciousness in our science dominated 21st century. Stating that the old trains of thoughts won't work with the future, Dianne Collins presents a fascinating break down of thought and what the future world holds for our train of thought. With a discussion of future politics, social issues, spirituality, and much more, "Do You Quantum Think?" is a fine and fascinating look at the future of human thought.

The Ghost Detectives' Guide to Haunted San Francisco
Loyd Auerbach & Annette Martin
Craven Street Books
c/o Linden Books/Quill Driver Books
2006 S. Mary St., Fresno, CA 93721
9781610350075, $14.95,

The history of San Francisco is a riveting one of hopes, dreams, and the failures of both. "The Ghost Detectives' Guide to Haunted San Francisco" is a guide to the paranormally curious to the many haunted sights, not-sights, and creepy sounds that lurk with this city. With notes on Alcatraz, Chinatown, and many less famous destinations, "The Ghost Detective's Guide to Haunted San Francisco" is a must for any amateur ghost hunter who may be visiting the city soon.

Elder Gods of Antiquity
M. Don Schorn
Ozark Mountain Publishing
PO Box 754, Huntsville, AR 72740
9781886940994, $17.00,

There is a past to the earth and humanity that we shall never know all the answers to. "Elder Gods of Antiquity" looks into our deep prehistory in looking for answers. Metaphysical in approach, M. Don Schorn hopes to investigate the existence of extraterrestrial influence in our history and hopes to find a new understanding of what lied deep in our history, the foundations of our mythology, and much more. "Elder Gods of Antiquity" is a choice pick for any metaphysical studies collection.

The Lovers' Tarot Deck
Jane Lyle
Connections Book Publishing
c/o Red Wheel/Weiser/Conari
65 Parker Street, Suite 7
Newburyport, MA 01950-4600
9781859061848 $14.95

The Tarot has long been a means of divining matters of love and relationships, of 'tall dark strangers' and anticipated soul mates. Now author and metaphysical expert Jane Lyle has developed a truly striking and memorable set of 78 tarot cards in glorious color showcasing a distinctly visual theme of romance. Of special note is the inclusion of a 64-page instruction book for those new to tarot readings. Superbly illustrated, "The Lovers' Tarot Deck" is especially recommended for both students and seasoned practitioners seeking insights into all matters of the heart and hearth.

The Martial Arts Shelf

Sunset Tai Chi
Ramel Rones
YMAA Publication Center
PO Box 480, Wolfeboro, NH 03894
9781594392122, $20.95,

Relaxation can be an artform all in itself. "Sunset Tai Chi: Simplified Tai Chi for Relaxation and Longevity" discusses how Tai Chi can be used by anyone to improve their quality of life. Ramel Rones, world renowned martial artist shows how simple exercises from the art can play well into one's life, improving rest time, sleep, clearing one's mind, and overall general health, while combating many ailments that set in from poor health. "Sunset Tai Chi" is worth considering for anyone who feels even their relaxation is too stressful.

The World History Shelf

A Century of Parks Canada 1911-2011
Claire Elizabeth Campbell, editor
University of Calgary Press
2500 University Drive NW, Calgary, AL Canada T2N 1N4
9781552385265, $34.95,

A country's natural beauty is important for many reasons, and Canada created the first agency dedicated to maintaining them. "A Century of Parks Canada 1911-2011" studies Canada's foundation of its Dominion Parks branch in 1911 and how over the past century it has worked towards maintaining its natural beauty. With a message of benefit, enjoyment, and education for Canadians, this program proves to be an intriguing study of environmentalism and nationalism. "A Century of Parks Canada 1911-2011" is a fine pick for any history and nature collection for community library collections.

Opening Doors
Daphne Marlatt & Carole Itter, editors
Harbour Publishing
PO Box 219, Madeira Park, BC V0N 2H0, Canada
9781550175219, $24.95,

With a little bit of everyone calling it home, you got a little bit of everything. "Opening Doors: In Vancouver's East End: Strathcona" discusses this east side of the massive city of Vancouver, British Columbia, a district that was called home to many minorities in blacks, Asians, eastern Europeans, among others. This rich blend of heritage leads to a very interesting and thoughtful history, of Vancouver, of British Columbia, and of Canada. "Opening Doors" is a fine pick for anyone who wants to embrace this historical area that music legend Jimi Hendrix once called home.

Hitler in the Crosshairs
John Woodbridge
5300 Patterson Avenue, S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49530
9780310325871, $24.99,

Hitler was the man who eventually killed Hitler, yet it was not for lack of trying by the Allied forces. "Hitler in the Crosshairs: A GI's Story of Courage and Faith" chronicles the attempts of Ira Palm, an American GI who was called to do what many Allied soldiers probably wish they could have the opportunity to do- capture or kill Nazi Germany's infamous leader, Adolf Hitler. Composed of real events thoroughly researched, the tale reads much like fiction, surrounding the assassination attempts on the madman's life and his fabled golden gun. "Hitler in the Crosshairs" is a different sort of World War II book, telling of events rarely spoken of, enthusiastically recommended.

The Business Shelf

The Intranet Management Handbook
Martin White
Information Today
143 Old Marlton Pike, Medford, NJ 08055
9781573874267, $69.50,

To embrace the ease of communication of the internet yet maintain one's privacy, one must set up an intranet, and run it well. "The Intranet Management Handbook" is a guide aimed at businesses who want to excellently execute their own intranet network. Martin White applies his knowledge for readers in understanding the challenges of such a project, laying out a plan to create it, its many applications for business, managing the technological side, and allowing those who need to use it to do so effectively and efficiently. Enhanced with appendixes and organized in an easy to access and use style, "The Intranet Management Handbook" should be on hand for any technology department for any business where speed of communication is essential for success.

Making the World Work Better
Kevin Maney, Steve Hamm, and Jeffrey M. O'Brien
IBM Press
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300
Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
9780132755108 $29.99

Making the World Work Better: The Ideas That Shaped a Century and a Company is the extraordinary true story of the IBM company and its lasting impact on the evolution of modern technology. Chapters cover IBM's role in pioneering the science of information, how IBM reinvented the structure of a modern corporation and went global, and their role in everything from mapmaking to medical treatments for HIV and AIDS. A handful of full-color illustrations enhance this celebration of not only IBM's achievements, but also the underlying philosophies that drove them over the course of one hundred years.

Go For It!
John T. Tassone
Cypress House
155 Cypress Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437
9781879384811, $16.95,

If you don't make that lunge for success, you'll be waiting awhile for it to be dumped on your head. "Go For It!: A Practical Guide to Success for Everyone" is a motivational guide aimed at business in particular but author John Tassone holds that the wisdom and morals within ring true in any pursuit of success. Promoting drive and an active approach, Tassone advises readers on public speaking, being assertive, and other elements of successful people. "Go For It!" is a must for anyone who wants to kick up their drive for success.

Leadership is Dead
Jeremie Kubicek
c/o Simon & Schuster, Inc.
1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
9781451612141, $24.00,

The great leaders have all passed. "Leadership is Dead: How Influence is Reviving It" discussing the power of influence, something author Jeremie Kubicek feels is the most powerful yet most underused asset in leadership today. In the name of self-preservation, he writes, we kill any chance of us taking risk and making a serious move to become something truly great and not just another self-obsessed and worthless leader in name only. Although writing as a businessman, Kubicek's words can be placed on any field and still ring quite true. "Leadership is Dead" is worth considering for anyone who wants to become a true leader of their organization.

Being the Boss
Linda A. Hill & Kent Lineback
60 Harvard Way, Boston, MA 02163
9781422163894, $25.95,

Getting the power is easy, using it well is the hard part. "Being the Boss: The 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Greater Leader" discusses what must be done to be an effective manager, and a great leader, the two sides that are needed to being an excellent boss. Linda Hill and Kent Lineback further describe what makes a boss great, the common pitfalls into mediocrity, and that one must be aware of the direction you are leading your group at all times. An act that will not come overnight, "Being the Boss" is worthy reading for those who have been given the mantle of leadership and want to flourish, not flounder, with it.

The Theatre/Cinema Shelf

Robert Blumenfeld
Limelight Editions
c/o Hal Leonard
33 Plymouth Street, Suite 302, Montclair, NJ 07042
9780879103842, $19.99,

A character is more than a description and loosely connected pile of traits. "Stagecraft: Stanislavsky & External Acting Techniques" is a guide to embracing acting from Robert Blumenfeld, as he advises would be actors on how to use the Stanislavsky method of acting, of developing a character on the stage, knowing the many details that will be known on the stage and that will lead to more authentic performances on the stage. Looking not only the lessons of Stanislavsky but his successors, "Stagecraft" will prove an excellent pick for an scholar of acting who reads with a curiosity or wants to enhance their own performances.

Fade to Black
Michael Thomas Barry
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310
9780764337093, $24.99,

The immortality of film doesn't extend to the actors themselves, and a last monument to memory is all the families and fans of them have to remember them. "Fade to Black: Graveside Memories of Hollywood Greats 1927-1950" is a tour guide to the grave site memorials to many of the legends of Hollywood during said era, offering a profile of each, noting their most famed works, what is left of their earthly remains, and where their memorial site can be found. "Fade to Black" is a strong pick for any diehard fan of this classical era of cinema.

The Homeowner's Shelf

The Complete Guide to Room Additions
Black & Decker
Creative Publishing International
400 First Avenue North, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781589234826, $24.99,

Expansion is one way to keep a home meeting your needs and dreams. "The Complete Guide to Room Additions" discusses the many ins and outs of do-it-yourself home improvement on the scale of adding rooms to one's home. Adding on to one's home is very much cheaper than buying a new home when one's old home fails to meet your needs. In a comprehensive guide, Black & Decker walk readers through the planning stages, converting old rooms, and all the details in the process. For anyone planning expansion of their home, they'd do well to consider "The Complete Guide to Room Additions".

Estimating Electrical Construction Revised
Mark C. Tyler
6058 Corte del Cedro, PO Box 6500, Carlsbad, CA 92018
9781572182530, $59.00,

The estimate is a key aspect of the business, affecting customer satisfaction quite strongly. "Estimating Electrical Construction Revised: Step-by-Step Procedures for Manual and Computerized Electrical Estimating" is a guide for electricians and those who will need contract work to electricians on understanding the process to the fullest and trying to get it as accurate as possible. Processes discussed are project election, bidding, overhead estimation, the use of PCs, and many other aspects. A technical guide that is complete and comprehensive, "Estimating Electrical Construction Revised" is a must for anyone who is going to be tasked with an electrician's contract estimate.

The Interior Design Shelf

Simply Imperfect
Robyn Griggs Lawrence
New Society Publishers
PO Box 189, Gabriola Island
British Columbia, Canada V0R 1X0
9780865716919, $22.95,

Simplicity is an art form lost on many in the modern day. "Simply Imperfect: Revisiting the Wabi-Sabi House" discusses the simplicity and axing the superficial around one's home and breaking free of the consumerism bug. Robyn Griggs Lawrence advises readers on how to purge clutter and crowdedness out of one's home wisely, using cheap and salvaged items in your home, and the power of self-construction. Embracing spirituality and clear headedness in design, "Simply Imperfect" is filled with strong wisdom for anyone who is tired of paying money for unhappiness in their home.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Microsoft Excel for Stock and Option Traders
Jeff Augen
FT Press
c/o Pearson
1330 Avenue of the Americans, 35th floor
New York, NY 10019
9780137131822, $49.99,

Grasping and understanding data is a key avenue of success when investing money in today's market. "Microsoft Excel for Stock and Option Traders" is a guide for those who want to use this common software to enhance their success in the market today. Explaining the basics of a trading platform, how to use Excel to collect your information and write macros for more ease of analysis, Jeff Augen does well in explaining how to get the most out of the software. The aim of the program is to spot trends as they form so one can grab growing properties for maximum profit. A guide that places great and appropriate emphasis on the business power of knowledge and success, "Microsoft Excel for Stock and Option Traders" is very much recommended reading for anyone who wants to enhance their market playing skills, and for community library collections dedicated to trading.

The Memoir Shelf

Across from the Alley Next Door to the Pool Room
Janice L. Booker
Regent Press
2747 Regent Street
Berkley, CA 94705
9781587902161 $18.00

Across from the Alley Next Door to the Pool Room is a warm-hearted memoir of growing up in the close-knit South Philadelphia Jewish Community. An involving account of living amid strong family bonds, celebrated holiday and special event rituals, and the vivid cultural values that shaped everyday life, Across from the Alley Next Door to the Pool Room evokes the essence of interconnection and heritage shared among such communities. Highly recommended. "During the latter years of elementary school, the need for socialization increased as we little girls started to leave childhood. Without the diversions of television, malls, video games, and the panoply of recreation available to kids today, we had more time for what would be called 'interpersonal relationships.' In other words, we talked to each other. I'm not sure about pre-teen boys, but for girls this took the form of clubs."

White Coat Wisdom
Stephen Busalacchi
Apollo's Voice
PO Box 628044
Middletown, WI 53562-8044
University of Wisconsin Press (distributor)
1930 Monroe Street, 3rd Floor
Madison, WI 53711-2059
9780979422256, $35.00,

There's more to be learned from the medical profession than what to take when you have a headache. "White Coat Wisdom" as they share a certain frank and humorous wisdom about life in their encounters with the many people they encounter in weakened and vulnerable states and how no matter how far gone we may be going, we never lose humanity. From the terror of having the forces of life and death under your control, the joy when the odds are conquered, the marvels of skill, and the humility and humor that go around during the more ridiculous but necessary parts of the life. "White Coat Wisdom" is filled with sound advice on health, life, and a reminder that even doctors have to face life's challenges.

When Horses Pulled Plow
Olaf F. Larson
University of Wisconsin Press
1930 Monroe Street, 3rd Floor
Madison, WI 53711-2059
9780299282042, $17.95,

Life on a farm seems to be becoming more and more a relic of the past. "When Horses Pulled Plow: Life of a Wisconsin Farm Boy" is a memoir from Olaf F. Larson as he looks back to the first nineteen years of his life and his upbringing in a rural Wisconsin. His family tended tobacco and livestock, and he recalls vividly his experiences up to when he finally stepped off that farm and into a very different world of adulthood. "When Horses Pulled Plow" is a strongly recommended pick for any agricultural memoir collection.

Inside My Window
Debra J. Ackerman
Vantage Press
419 Park Ave., South, New York, NY 10016
9780533163410, $22.95,

There's never any time to feel sorry for yourself. "Inside My Window" is a memoir of Debra Ackerman who recalls her journey through life. Faced with challenge, loss, and more, she remembers the good times of her husband and her children, and how anxiety is something to be overcome and beat, not to let dominate one's life. "Inside my Window" is a poignant read of a woman born in rural Wisconsin, highly recommended.

Rants and Raves
Robert Brustein
A Smith and Kraus Book
177 Lyme Road, Hanover, NH 03755
9781575257778, $9.99,

To understand good acting, one must understand the mind. "Rants and Raves: Opinions, Tributes, and Elegies" is a memoir and collection of thought from man of the theatre Robert Brustein as he shares his own experiences and what he has learned over the years through butting heads with other people of the theatre, engaging in debates about society and where we are going. "Rants and Raves" is a fascinating and very much recommended read that shouldn't be overlooked.

The Day Nina Simone Stopped Singing
Darina Al-Joundi
The Feminist Press
365 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5406, New York, NY 10016
9781558616837, $14.95,

When your rule grows more unjust, the rebellion will only grow fiercer. "The Day Nina Simone Stopped Singing" is a memoir from Lebanese woman Darina Al-Joundi as she tells of the decline of Lebanon's freedom and how even under the threat of the law, she lived life to find her own freedom, no matter the consequences from the powers that be or of the life she lived in defiance. A story of a woman passionate about personal freedom, "The Day Nina Simone Stopped Singing" is a riveting addition to any memoir or woman's studies collection.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Susan Kane-Ronning
Capacity Publishing
PO Box 29137, Bellingham, WA 98228-1137
Atlas Books (distributor)
30 Amberwood Pkwy, Ashland, OH 44805
9780615422091, $15.95,

We want to avoid making the mistakes of the past generations as we want future generations to avoid our mistakes, but sometimes they are unavoidable. "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: I Am My Mother After All!" is a memoir from Susan Kane-Ronning who in reflections of her own life realized that she made a lot of the same mistakes that her mother made, and comes to term with the own challenges of her own childhood and realizes that while she avoided some of the pitfalls, there are some things that have to be figured out for the self. Written to appeal to a wide audience but with the expertise of psychology from the author, "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" is an intriguing read that will resound well with many readers who will be encouraged to look back at their own parents.

Embrace, Release, Heal
Leigh Fortson
Sounds True
413 South Arthur Avenue
Louisville, CO 80027
9781604074314, $17.95,

Cancer is something one person cannot beat alone. "Embrace, Release, Heal: An Empowering Guide to Talking About, Thinking About, and Treating Cancer" is a memoir of health and beating cancer by Leigh Fortson as she discusses being diagnosed with cancer thrice in three years. A tale of personal heroism, she states that positive thinking and a drive to match it helped her overcome impossible odds. Sharing her own journey, she hopes it will help others to never lose hope and never let despair allow cancer victory. "Embrace, Release, Heal" is well worth considering for those facing or know someone facing this tough challenge of life.

The Natural Laws of Good Luck
Ellen Graf
c/o Shambhala
300 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
9781590308332, $15.95,

No language, no culture, how many hurdles can love jump over to potentially create a successful marriage? "The Natural Laws of Good Luck: A Memoir of an Unlikely Marriage" tells of an unusual story between one Ellen Graf, a middle aged and exhausted with the personals scene takes a suggestion to visit a Chinese friend's brother in China who is in a similar predicament. Embracing marriage on a whim, their attempts to connect lead to a humorous yet poignant story of love and trying to make it work. "The Natural Laws of Good Luck" is a humorous tale of how sometimes you don't need language to put it all together.

When the Wife Cheats
Frank Zaccari
c/o The Barrett Company
12021 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA 90025
9781452820026, $14.95,

Infidelity isn't only a matter of men failing to keep it in their pants; infidelity knows no gender. "When the Wife Cheats" is a demonstration of infidelity's effects on the man. Frank Zaccari reflects on his own failing relationship with his wife Denise. When he found out, she left, and left him with their two daughters are nearly twenty years of marriage. "When the Wife Cheats" is a thoughtful read that will resonate well with other men spurned by the dishonesty of their former wives.

The Fiction Shelf

Walter Meets Mack
Michael Stoesz
Beaver's Pond Press
7104 Ohms Lane, Suite 101
Edina, MN 55439
9781592983704, $15.00,

The bounty and potential of America has all too often overwhelmed its people. "Walter Meets Mack: A Minnesota Adventure" is a novel following immigrant Walter, as he tries to come to terms with Minnesota and its vastness. A dedication to the immigrants who came and made Minnesota what it was, "Walter Meets Mack" is a touching work of historical fiction with a charming dedication to the immigrant spirit that fuels much of America.

Uncertain Journey
James Rouman
Peter E. Randall
PO Box 4276, Portsmouth, NH 03802-4276
9781931807890, $20.00,

The pursuit of something greater trumps everything, even the law. "Uncertain Journey" is a novel following Albanian Rejep as he seeks America for his future. As he finds one friend who themselves risk to help him, he finds that his troubles do not end as he leaves his war-torn country, and how he learns the importance of the power of love and friendship through the worst of it all. "Uncertain Journey" is a moving and timely read, very much recommended.

N. John Hall
David R. Godine
9 Hamilton Place, Boston, MA 02108
9781567924121, $24.95,

The drive of the writer is an enigma to even writers. "Correspondence: An Adventure in Letters" is a novel from N. John Hall that explores the relics left behind to Larry Dickerson, who finds a slew of letters he shared with many of the great writers in the western world of the past. A retired bank clerk, Larry seeks money more than all else, and working with a British Scholar of Literature in Stephen Nicholls, he finds that he can get his money, but he will pick up much more valuable along the way. "Correspondence" is a fascinating read that will prove hard to put down, highly recommended.

Lilies in Moonlight
Allison Pittman
12265 Oracle Blvd., Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
9781601421388, $14.99,

We run from our lives, put up a facade, but the truth will eventually emerge. "Lilies in Moonlight" tells the story of the broken down family of Cullen Burnside, trying to cope with his own losses during the first world war, and the energetic and cheery flapper who stumbles into his life. This bizarre meeting will bring much truth into the lives of both involved, as both of their painful pasts will mingle and leave them with something greater than it all. A riveting historical romance, "Lilies in Moonlight" is a fine pick and is very much recommended reading.

The Absent Sea
Carlos Franz
McPherson & Company
PO Box 1126, Kingston, NY 12402
9780929701943, $25.00,

Returning to atrocity twenty years later doesn't change that atrocity happened. "The Absent Sea" is the story of a judge who flees Chile after a military coup leaves the region under corrupt military rule. After two decades pass, Laura returns home and faces what she left behind, including a family she left behind and who aren't forgiving of her abandonment. Confronting how rifts of a nation create wounds that take a long time to heal and how to face a family you left to their fate, "The Absent Sea" is a poignant and gripping novel, very highly recommended.

Rearview Sunset
Brett Champan
Northwaters Press
N6120 Sawyer Lake Rd.
White Lake, WI 54491
0982387318, $14.95,

Everyone makes mistakes in life, but it's how we recover from them that counts. "Rearview Sunset" is a novel following Beau Jamison as he tries to make his life work. Moving through the Midwest, he meets many people and learns much about how it all works. A fascinating and poignant coming of age tale, "Rearview Sunset" is an excellent addition to community library general fiction collections, a worthy and recommended choice.

A Marriage of Convenience
Andrew Plattner
BkMk press
University House, 5101 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110-2499
9781886157781, $15.95,

A shot at something better is all we really ever ask for. "A Marriage of Convenience" is a collection of short stories from Andrew Plattner who comes at readers with tales of life, with a good deal of influence from a pastime of the author's, horse racing. But not every tale is founded in that particular endeavor, as they are fundamentally stories of people and our constant quest to improve our lot. "A Marriage of Convenience" is an excellent pick for short fiction collections, highly recommended.

The Paper Rose Club
Jennifer Youngblood & Sandra Poole
Arbor House
716 Signal Mtn. Blvd, Signal Mountain, TN 37377
9780984352005, $16.95,

No one knows cruelty like women. "The Paper Rose Club" is a small town drama of women out to beat women as the many women of Honycomb, Alabama claw at each other directly and indirectly to get ahead. Roxie wants to keep her bakery from Imogene, and also must keep her love away from her 'friend' and dealing with the many other women in her life that makes it complicated. A story of the viciousness of the fairer sex that many women will relate to, "The Paper Rose Club" is a fun and hard-to-put-down read.

House of the Fortunate Buddhas
Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro
Dalkey Archive Press
University of Illinois, 1805 S. Wright Street, MC-011
Champaign, IL 61820
9781564785893, $13.95,

Determination of one's own destiny is worth almost anything. "House of the Fortunate Buddhas" tells the story of one woman in post World War II Brazil who is struggling to find herself. But through sheer determination, she finds her way through life, in ways where she takes control of her mind, her body, and her life, as author Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro speaks on many issues of Brazil in a unique way. Translated from the original Portuguese by Clifford Landers, "House of the Fortunate Buddhas" is an excellent addition to any community library world fiction collection.

A Brief Madness
Karisha Kal'ee'ay
Linden House Publishing
Sanford Ave., SW, #13249, Grandville, MI 49418
9780984546442, $13.99,

The secrets of a loved one may turn them into some one you never thought could exist. "A Brief Madness" is a novel of how a family comes to term with the death of a loved one, along with the revelation of his dark and sinister past as a serial killer. With sudden attention from anywhere and everywhere, their coping erupts all around them, as they try to sort out what to believe, while facing the families of the victims of their serial killer husband and father. A riveting read with an intriguing take on the effects of murder, "A Brief Madness" is a solid and very much recommended read for mystery fiction collections.

False Witness
Randy Singer
351 Executive Drive, Carol Stream, IL 60188
9781414335698, $13.99,

Justice never comes easily, and those who try to push it may find themselves with no justice and dead. "False Witness" tells a dual story of a bail bondsman who is racing against time while telling the story of a law student who must contend with both the law and the mob to find the truth behind it all. Blending both story lines into something never before seen, "False Witness" is an absolute must for any suspense fiction reader who likes a book that never lets up.

Philip Cioffari
Livingston Press
Station 22, University of West Alabama
Livingston, AL 35470
9781604890716, $18.95,

For some, Jesus isn't there as much as he should be. "Jesusville" is a novel from Philip Cioffari as breaks down a dystopian region with plenty of intriguing characters trying to plot out their own lives, trying to find their own redemption and answers. Set around a Biblical theme park with everyone moving towards what may just be Judgment day, "Jesusville" is a profound and thought provoking read of life and everything else as we try to find our own place in the world.

White Sleeper
David Fett & Stephen Langford
Synergy Books
PO Box 30071, Austin, TX 78755
9780984504022, $18.95,

Disease is no longer a weapon of nature, it can be a weapon of war. "White Sleeper" is a thriller from David Fett & Stephen Langford as they craft a story of a white supremacist group who have sinister intentions for the world. It lies on Dave Richards, a doctor with some baggage who may have to save more than his career in order to break through and stop a catastrophe. "White Sleeper" is a riveting read, very much worth considering.

I am a Japanese Writer
Dany LaFerriere
Douglas & McIntyre
720 Bathurst Street, Suite 500
Toronto, ON Canada, M58 2R4
9781553655831, $17.95,

One utterance leads a black French Canadian on quite the adventure. "I am a Japanese Writer" follows said black French Canadian as his declaration lands him a book deal and grants him publicity that any writer would simply love. Guaranteed to have a hit, there's the problem that he cannot write a word of said hit, and the celebrity that has suddenly visited his life isn't helping things. A quirky yet unique read of celebrity and wishes gone wrong, "I am a Japanese Writer" is a choice pick for literary fiction collections, highly recommended.

Beside Still Waters
Tricia Goyer
B&H Fiction
127 Ninth Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37234-0143
9781433668685, $14.99,

Of the many things restricted by the Amish, passion is not one of them. "Beside Still Waters" is a work of Christian romance set in an Amish community. Marianna Sommers, who has spent her entire life stalked by her past of tragedy, and being uprooted from her Indiana home and away from her childhood home leaves her without the only joy in her life. Moved to Montana, she may have found another, but no love comes without a cost. "Beside Still Waters" is a moving work of Christian fiction, not to be missed by Romance fans looking for something that works in faith.

The Final Summit
Andy Andrews
Thomas Nelson
PO Box 141000, Nashville, TN 37214
9780785231202, $19.99,

As humanity falls further and further into decadence, it will take the brilliance of the ages to right us off our course to hell. "The Final Summit: A Quest to Find the One Principle That Will Save Humanity" is a novel following aging business tycoon David Ponder as he copes with the loss of the love of his life, contemplating ending that said life himself. But as he hears a call that humanity needs him, he must learn what has guided us to success in the past as he joins with the minds of the past. Churchill, Carver, and many others in an all star line up of historical thought, "The Final Summit" seeks to ponder humanity and how we got where we are and why we are going where we're going.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

In Defense of Religious Moderation
William Egginton
Columbia University Press
61 West 62nd Street, New York, NY 10023-7015
9780231148788, $24.50,

In the grand religious debate, the moderate is often silenced in a sea of extremes. "In Defense of Religious Moderation" discusses the moderate in today's increasingly important debates. Fundamentalism and atheism are perhaps two sides of the same coin, argues William Egginton. Further claiming that the very code that extreme believers follow makes them unable to understand the middle or the other side, he states that moderation must somehow win out as a sort of scientific method for religious faith. "In Defense of Religious Moderation" is a very much recommended read for anyone trying to understand extremes and moderation in the modern religious debate.

The Catholic Studies Reader
James T. Fisher & Margaret M. McGuinness
Fordham University Press
University Box L, 2546 Belmont, Ave, Bronx
New York, NY 10458
9780823234110, $30.00,

Study and thought are a requirement for any discipline to grow and flourish. "The Catholic Studies Reader" discusses an intellectual revival in the Catholic Church and its importance in the future survival of the faith as a whole. History, literature, culture, and much more are the many aspects of Catholic Studies and are very important for gaining an understanding of the subject as a whole. Many Catholic scholars gather, as James T. Fisher and Margaret M. McGuinness compile the volume. A core addiction to any collection dedicated to Catholicism and higher learning, "The Catholic Studies Reader" should not be overlooked.

The Journey Into Reflection
Ronnie McMullen
Strategic Book Group
PO Box 333, Durham, CT 06422
9781609760083, $19.95,

You're the only thing holding yourself back. "The Journey Into Reflection" is a spiritual and motivational book from Ronnie McMullen as he advises readers to look deep inside themselves to pick up the pieces of their life by evaluating their past and pushing themselves to their own future, realizing their own truths. Stating that science and spirituality are merging, "The Journey Into Reflection" blends the power of self with metaphysical spirituality that many readers will learn to consider and embrace.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Praying Through Your Adoption
Michele Cervone Scott
WinePress Publishing
PO Box 428, Enumclaw, WA 98022
9781606150832, $15.99,

Adoption is a taxing process on the soul of all those involved, but can lead to great results. "Praying Through Your Adoption: A Complete Guide to Creating and Nurturing Today's Forever Family" discusses the endeavor of the 'paper pregnancy' of adoption, and the role of faith in the adoption process. From discussing if adoption is the right choice for your family, prayer for the process and your new ward, and using faith to introduce your child into your life. "Praying Through Your Adoption" is a solid and thoughtful read for any Christian family pursuing adoption.

Praying Through a Child's Illness
Wessel Bentley
Upper Room Books
1908 Grand Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212
9780835810647, $10.00,

With all options exhausted, it may be in God's hands alone. "Praying Through a Child's Illness: 28 Days of Prayer" is a guide from Wessel Bentley aimed at parents who are facing the unthinkable and have no ways to help. Prayer may help the parent and the child keep their heads and keep their faith through these difficult times, as Bentley presents a 28 day plan. "Praying Through a Child's Illness: 28 Days of Prayer" is a powerful read for Christian parents trying to grasp how to deal with these unfortunate incidents of life.

Believers Church Bible Commentary
J. E. McDermond
Herald Press
616 Walnut Avenue, Scottsdale, PA 15683-1999
9780836195552, $24.99,

The basis of the Gospel of John is simple. Love for Christ, and love for others. "Believers Church Bible Commentary: 1, 2, 3 John" is the breakdown of the gospel from J. E. McDermond as he explains the basics of Christ's message to John, and he argues that these two principles are very important as time rolls on. For those who want to fully understand the message behind the Gospel of John, "Believers Church Bible Commentary" is an absolute must, a core addition to any Christian and Bible study collection.

Life is Hard But God is Good
Adele J. Gonzalez
Orbis Books
Price Bldg, Box 302
Maryknoll, NY 10545
9781570759260, $16.00,

The grace of God is easily lost when the world seems to be nothing but cruelty. "Life is Hard but God is Good: An Inquiry into Suffering" is a guide to finding and understanding God when one seems so lost and unable to cope with the high cruelty of our lives. Adele J. Gonzalez, a woman of spirituality who has worked with others finding their path, writes with devotion and inspiration. "Life is Hard But God is Good" is filled with excellent wisdom and is very much recommended reading for Christian readers who have experienced doubt through suffering, either their own or others.

Renovation of the Church
Kent Carlson & Mike Lueken
InterVarsity Press
PO Box 1400, Downers Grove, IL 60515-1426
9780830835461, $15.00,

The place of worship is a dedication to God above all else. "Renovation of the Church: What Happens When a Seeker Church Discovers Spiritual Formation" is the story of Kent Carlson and Mike Lueken as they tell the story of their church in Oak Hills, California. They tell of how God spoke to them and advised them, making them give up their own ambition in order to face a more genuine faith. "Renovation of the Church" is a modern story of God's influence and following His word, despite the consequences and opinions of others, highly recommended.

Church Diversity
Scott Williams
New Leaf Press
PO Box 726, Green Forest, AR 72638
9780892217038, $13.99,

Faith has long since ceased being the uniter of communities. "Church Diversity: Sunday, the Most Segregated Day of the Week" discusses the splintering of church in our communities, being split on the factors of race, class, and other beliefs that send many Christians into different churches every Sunday to worship the same God. Stating that this segregation has telling signs on society and other elements, Scott Williams speaks clearly on the importance of diversity in church, making "Church Diversity" an important read for anyone who realizes that Churches shouldn't be color coded.

The Me Project
Kathi Lipp
Harvest House Publishing
990 Owen Loop North, Eugene, Oregon 97402-9173
9780736929660, $12.99,

You are the focus of your own life, and it's up to you to live it as you want it. "The Me Project: 21 Days to Living the Life You've Always Wanted" is a motivational guide from Kathi Lipp as she advises readers to find God, use him and themselves to find what they really want and how to use three weeks of your life to push oneself onto that path they feel is right. From improving attitudes to finding associates that will help you stay the course, "The Me Project" is a thoughtful and driven read that shouldn't be overlooked for Christian women who have grown dissatisfied with their path.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

The Manhattan Transfer
Howard Greenberg
Llumina Press
7101 W. Commercial Blvd Suite 4E
Tamarac, FL 33319
9781605945712, $15.95,

Inheriting a friend's piece in a business deal also may come with that friend's enemies. "The Manhattan Transfer" tells the story of Richard Weiss, a cop facing retirement. With the death of a close friend John, he takes his place in a business deal with one Janice Eastman. But the soon to be former cop finds that such a business deal comes with its own concern, as the criminal underworld has a say in what goes down. A story of the business world gone sour and one last hurrah against crime, "The Manhattan Transfer" is a poignant thriller and very much worth considering.

The Valley of Shadows
Mark Terry
Oceanview Publishing
595 Bay Isles Road, 120-G, Longboat Key, FL 34228
Maryglenn McCombs (publicity)
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126-274, Nashville, TN 37203
9781933515946, $22.95,

To target election day is to target democracy itself. "The Valley of Shadows" tells of a massive sprawling terrorist plot that Derek Stillwater must crack down and solve. Millions of lives are on the line as information reveals five attacks throughout the country on Election day, and with a political assassination going as high as presidential candidates. "The Valley of Shadows" is a riveting thriller that should very much hard to put down, highly recommended.

Dorie LaValle
May DesJarlais
North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc
PO Box 451, St. Cloud, MN 56302
9780878393664, $14.95,

When you can't go to the police for justice, it all relies on your own wits. "Dorie LaValle: A Minnesota Story of Moonshine and Murder" tells the story of the titular character, who in her despair of a failing farm and a loveless marriage, she embraces illegal moonshine for something to do and to make ends meet for her family. When her partner in crime Victor is shot, Dorie finds that she is at odds with her neighbors, with the law, and with the mafia. "Dorie LaValle" is a fun, fast paced adventure and mystery set in the prohibition era Midwest.

Stones Don't Bear Witness
Boris Sandler
888 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306
9781602801776, $16.95,

Ritual Jewish murder sounds ridiculous, but rumors of such are all it took to ignite a wave of anti-Semitism. "Stones Don't Bear Witness" is a historical mystery from Boris Sandler, a Russian author drawing on events of the waning days of Czarist Russia and the plight of Jews of the time. Blamed for the murder of a Christian boy, the town's Jews come under fire. In a blend of fiction and historical research, and expertly translated by Barnett Zumoff, "Stones Don't Bear Witness" is truly a fascinating read that should prove quite difficult to put down.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

The Compassionate-Mind Guide to Ending Overeating
Ken Goss
New Harbinger Publications
5674 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609
9781572249776, $24.95,

The road to health is hard enough without making the person on it feel worthless. "The Compassionate-Mind Guide to Ending Overeating: Using Compassion-Focused Therapy to Overcome Bingeing & Disordered Eating" is an advisory guide to those who want to overcome their bad habits. Too often the stress of life and everything else makes it easy to lose focus and fall off a diet. Ken Goss encourages compassion for yourself while trying to fix your bad eating habits to help deal with life's challenges to your journey to health, and much more. "The Compassionate-Mind Guide to Ending Overeating" is a fine read, a strong choice for those who want to fight off overeating for better health and a better life.

Yoga for a Beautiful Face
Lourdes Julian Cabuk
Hunter House
PO Box 2914, Alameda, CA 94501-2914
9780897935265, $16.95,

A healthy body begets a healthy mind begets a healthy body. "Yoga for a Beautiful Face: Easy Exercises to Help You Look Young Again" is a guide to those who want to fully embrace Yoga as an avenue of better health. Facial beauty is something not approached when speaking of exercise, but the principles of Yoga have applications to tone one's face, and how diet can lead to a healthier face that will help the practitioner look younger than they truly are. "Yoga for a Beautiful Face" is a strongly recommended pick for anyone who is looking towards Yoga for better health.

The People's Pharmacy Home Remedies
Joe & Terry Graedon
National Geographic
1145 17th Street, N. W., Washington, DC 20036-4688
9781426207112, $18.95,

With a bit of intuition and inventiveness, you can do well finding cures of all your own. "The People's Pharmacy Home Remedies" is a collection filled with simple and practical folk advice as Joe & Terry Graedon focus on what can be done with common elements that one would find in their home. From minor problems like acne and headaches, to dieting, the authors discuss the natural hidden powers of many common items in one's home and they explain how to better embrace them and use them effectively. Stating that these ideas can lead to better health overall with extra advice from many experts, "The People's Pharmacy of Home Remedies" is worth considering for anyone who wants better health out of what's around them.

How Plato and Pythagoras Can Save Your Life
Nicholas Kardaras
Red Wheel, Weiser, & Conari
65 Parker Street, Suite 7, Newburyport, MA 01950
9781573244756, $21.95,

Who says an education in the classics doesn't have a use? "How Plato and Pythagoras Can Save Your Life: The Ancient Greek Prescription for Health & Happiness" is a unique health guide that delves into the deep history of the Greek philosophers and how they had a formula for health that can still ring quite true in the modern day. Blending a bit of philosophy, health, and his own story of coming back from the brink of death and addiction, "How Plato and Pythagoras Can Save Your Life" is full of conventional and not-so conventional wisdom to finding the path to health that's been there for us to take for over two thousand years.

The Self-Help Shelf

Inside-Out Healing
Richard Moss
Hay House
PO Box 5100, Carlsbad, CA 92018-5100
9781401927585, $15.95,

The only limit to one's potential is the self. "Inside-Out Healing: Transforming Your Life Through the Power of Presence" is a motivational book from Richard Moss as he brings thoughts on how to better connect with those around one, how inspiring others can heal the self, improve empathy, and find fulfillment in one's life through being grateful for what one has. "Inside-Out Healing" is a spiritual and powerful book for finding that light in yourself and in those around you.

No More Regrets!
Marc Muchnick
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
235 Montgomery Street, Suite 650, San Francisco, CA 94104-2916
9781605098869, $14.95,

If you dawdle over a poor past, you'll never get anything done. "No More Regrets!: 30 Ways to Greater Happiness and Meaning in Your Life" is an inspirational guide from Marc Muchinik who encourages readers to break out of their life's grind and drive themselves to happiness and pursue what we really want out of our lives. With over thirty tips, Muchnick asks readers to pick a few and get going to a better life. "No More Regrets!" is a solid read for those who don't want to be drudged in misery any longer.

The Relationship Shelf

Total Flirt
Violet Blue
Viva Editions
2246 Sixth St, Berkeley, CA 94710
9781573446464, $12.95,

Flirting has always been an art, not an exact science. "Total Flirt: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques Every Girl Needs to Get the Guy" is a guide for women to take their hunt for a man into their own hands, on how to pick up on cues from their desire and how to drop some cues themselves. Stating that body language is a major part but actual language goes far on top of it, "Total Flirt" is a must for any woman who wants to take control of their hunt for love.

The Egyptology Shelf

Black Genesis
Robert Bauval & Thomas Brophy
Inner Traditions Bear & Company
1 Park Street, Rochester, VT 05767
9781591431145, $20.00,

Could the roots of civilization lie in Black Africans, instead of those originating north of the Sahara? "Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt" is the argument of an origin of Ancient Egypt that embraces Africans as the founders of civilization, allowing the ancient Egypt we know today to descend from such a culture. Robert Bauval & Thomas Brophy are an Egyptologist and an astronomer respectively, and offer their own evidence for their argument to put Black Africa back in charge of the origins of civilization.

The Science Shelf

Finding Mars
Ned Rozell
University of Alaska Press
PO Box 756240, Fairbanks, AK 99775-6240
9781602231221, $22.95,

There are things so foreign to our normal lives that it's hard to believe that it's all the same planet. "Finding Mars" is a blend of travel, science, and memoir as Ned Rozell speaks of his tales with a permafrost researcher in Japanese scientist Kenji Yoshikawa. Sharing a common drive for explorations and knowledge, the tale recounts their journeys through the harshest places in all of Alaska. "Finding Mars" is very much recommended for anyone with an interest in Alaska's arctic wilderness, and for true adventure and science collections.

Can Squid Fly?
Tony Rice
Sheridan House
145 Palisade Street, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
9781574093063, $17.95,

The ocean is full of mysteries, being full of questions to those who state into the deeps with many questions. "Can Squid Fly?: Answers to a Host of Fascinating Questions About the Sea and Sea Life" is a collection of over seventy questions and comprehensive answers from Tony Rice. Explaining the specifics of sea life, dispelling misconceptions, explaining mythology, Rice provides much thought, pictures, and plenty of maps for a highly educational experience for those curious about the oceans. "Can Squid Fly?" is aimed at anyone with an assortment of questions about the deeps that surround us all.

Geology Underfoot in Yellowstone Country
Marc S. Hendrix
Mountain Press Publishing Company
1301 South Third West
PO Box 2399, Missoula, MT 59806
9780878425761, $24.00,

Who knew that a bunch of rocks could be such a captivating sight? "Geology Underfoot in Yellowstone Country" discusses the many geologically captivating sites throughout Yellowstone National Park discussing there geological history, points of interest, and much more. In glossy full color and plenty of maps, "Geology Underfoot in Yellowstone Country" is a must for any amateur geologist who may find themselves in the Yellowstone region.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

America's Climate Choices
National Academies
500 Fifth Street, NW, Lockbox 285
Washington, DC 20055
9780309145855, $29.95,

The climate will become a more important issue as time rolls on. "America's Climate Choices" discusses the concerns of global climate change and the United States congress, looking at the greater picture of what obstacles stand in front of the nation and its success, as the National Academies provide their own scholarly solutions as they discuss the topic completely and comprehensively. "America's Climate Choices" is an excellent breakdown of the debate, highly recommended.

The Poetry Shelf

Rain Dance
Richard Broderick
Parallel Press
372 Memorial Library
728 State Street, Madison, WI 53575
9781934795255 $10.00

Award-winning author and former poetry editor of "Minnesota Monthly" Richard Broderick presents Rain Dance, a poetry chapbook of brief musings in an assortment of different verse styles. The contemplative thoughts herein range from a Russian soldier recalling what it was like to die at sea, to the daily life of African students at the community college, to how an ordinary house dog sees the world. Rain Dance presents new ways of looking at the world through many others' eyes, and is highly recommended. "In Exile": What secrets are they sharing, / the sparrows in the bare tree? / All morning they fatten themselves / on the thin syrup of winter light. // Over the hum of the space heater / I listen to the chatter, smiling distractedly. / I am like a refugee, newly arrived / in a land whose melodious tongue / I might one day understand / though never hope to master.

Michael Dickman
Copper Canyon Press
PO Box 271
Port Townsend, WA 98368
9781556593772 $16.00

The second collection by award-winning poet Michael Dickman, Flies is an anthology of free-verse poetry invoking the perceptions of childhood, as well as the grief of personal loss. The poems tell about being haunted by the suicide of an older brother, as well as the reverberating effects of psychic, spiritual, and physical violence, and the long path to renewing oneself and finding both internal and external peace. "Translations": My mother was led into the world / by her teeth // Pulled / like a bull / into the / heather // She only ever wanted to be a mother her whole life and nothing else / not even a human being! // One body turned into / another body // Pulled by the golden voices of children // A bull / out of hell // Called out / her teeth out in front of her / her children / pulling.

A Hundred Doors
Michael Longley
Wake Forest University Press
PO Box 7333, A5 Tribble Hall, Gulley Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27109
9781930630567, $12.95,

Life's questions are quite numerous, and their answers are even more numerous. "A Hundred Doors" is the take of Michael Longley on the endlessly changing nature of many of life's stages from war to fatherhood using a unique assortment of symbolism for a very special picture of it all. "A Hundred Doors" is an excellent assortment of poetry, very much recommended reading. "Pamela": In your window winter-flowering jasmine's/Reflections frame the music you practiced/Before you died./Intermezzi. December's/Yellow flowers./Sorrow's cradlesong.

Kat Among the Tigers
Kath Maclean
University of Alberta
Ring House 2, Edmonton
Alberta, Canada T6G 2E1
9780888645524, $19.95,

As the world explodes in change, the drive of one woman would inspire generations to come. "Kat Among the Tigers" is a collection of poetry from Kath Maclean as she creates a collection of poetry based on her own inspirations with the life of Katherine Mansfield, discussing literature, life, and everything else. "Kat Among the Tigers" is a fine delve into history, poetry, and much more. "Spring, Maniac, Maniac": In the morning gulls fly towards the infinite./We linger in the door, where my heart lies/these secret places, these strange thoughts.//How the jonquil buds and the figs dry their bellies./A bowl of oranges quietly hold their breath.//Exhausted with tulip-talk, the afternoon unravels/threads of conservation, dulls the senses, witless/the jonquils weak and pale stretch towards the light.

Larry Schug
North Star Press of St. Cloud
PO Box 451, St. Cloud, MN 56302
0878394184, $12.95,

A nail is an implement that is grisly and to the point. "Nails" is a collection of poetry from Larry Schug as he presents his variety of poetry that focuses on nails, and his poetry speaks on far more than carpentry. With a certain flare and wisdom and plenty of knowledge, "Nails" is an excellent collection that should very much be considered, highly recommended. "Nail Poem #81": Though the nail/has a point,/it can't stand on its own/and it gets no help/from its head.

The Memory of Water
Jack Myers
Western Michigan University
1903 W. Michigan Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
9781930974982, $15.00,

Water is something we all need, but all too eager to flee from us. "The Memory of Water" is a collection of poetry from Jack Myers, whose work and wisdom focuses on the disappointments in our searches in life as we try to quickly place it all together, holding it together for as long as we can. "The Memory of Water" is an excellent collection from a rising poet, a top pick for general poetry collections. "Treasure Hunt": I felt like a stream rushing/over something shiny./I couldn't tell what it was/I was constantly rushing/over bu tit was probably precious/because of that. Maybe it was/just a trick of light that kept me/diving for it my whole life./I never told a soul about it./It seems a lifetime ago. I was shining./I can still make myself feel it./I am the buried map.

Wild Horses, Wild Dreams
Lindy Hough
North Atlantic Books
2526 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94704
9781556439629, $22.95,

We are at constant odds with our own nature. "Wild Horses, Wild Dreams" is a collection of thirty years of poetry from Lindy Hough, compiling her works from 1971 to 2010, chronicling her maturity as a woman, a mother, and the world around her, life, and everything else. "Wild Horses, Wild Dreams is an excellent compilation of poetry, highly recommended. "A Sunday Song": Out of the daily/Out of the sacred day/Out of the rain blessing the day's fall/Out of the lilacs/bending to brush your lips with sweet water-drops,/Out of the highway where we came to here,/Out of the book we have learned the law/Out of our time/we learned to use/what was at hand & in us/Out of our cosmology we perceived/the dance between us and its rhythms/Out of your mind I seem spun/wake surprised at my separate existence.

Visiting Dr. Williams
Sheila Coghill & Thom Tammaro, editor
University of Iowa Press
100 Kuhl House, Iowa City, IA 52242
9781587299865, $24.95,

The impact of some men on an art form cannot be understated. "Visiting Dr. Williams: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of William Carlos Williams" is an anthology of poetry from various authors who write in dedication to this giant of influence on modern poetry, William Carlos Williams. The poems draw from his work, and show the degree of his influence on many modern poets work, compiled by professors of English and literature in Sheila Coghill & Thom Tammaro. "Visiting Dr. Williams" is a thoughtful compilation of poetry and dedication to a great man, highly recommended.

Jen Benka
Hanging Loose Press
231 Wyckoff Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217
9781934909041, $18.00,

Our lives are a conglomeration of anything and everything around us. "Pinko" is a volume of poetry from Jen Benka who uses her gift for language to reflect on the many conflicts that make up our lives, making unique observations and leaving readers with a bit of knowledge on top of it all. "Pinko" is a fine addition to any general poetry collection, highly recommended. "Lima": broke down desk yes pulpit/these papers geometric sermon/defend voice flesh hand/forensic paragraph/cognitive catch/instinct said/swell to the left.

The Travel Shelf

Nevada Trails
Peter Massey, Angela Titus, Jeanne Wilson
Adler Publishing Company
46937 Monarch Drive, Parker, CO 80138
9781930193147, $24.95,

Nature and history have merged into one delightful picture of scenery. "Nevada Trails: Southern Region" is a guide to the many backroads and four-wheel drive trails scattered throughout the state as the authors give readers a sampling of the many locations one might want to take through the state. Trails are organized by difficulty, and offers guides to many ghost towns and abandoned mines throughout the area. "Nevada Trails" is a must for any who want to see the unique beauty of Nevada has outside of the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas.

The Norway Bed & Breakfast Book
Anne Marit Bjorgen
1000 Burmaster Street, Gretna, LA 70053
9781589809734, $17.95,

Norway is a sight to behold, and for a unique Nordic experience, a Bed & Breakfast may be the best route to avoid the truly tourist-driven hotel style. "The Norway Bed & Breakfast Book" is a guide to the many Bed & Breakfast lodging throughout the country written by an enthusiastic worldwide traveler and proud Norwegian in Anne Marit Bjorgen. Multi-lingual in English, Norwegian, and German, as well as illustrations of some of the locations, on top of history and countless other information. For those seeking a bed and breakfast experience in their visit to Norway, "The Norway Bed & Breakfast Book" is an excellent pick and very much recommended.

The Sports Shelf

The Fielding Bible
John Dewan
ACTA Sports
5559 W. Howard Street, Skokie, IL 60077
9780879463717, $23.95,

They aren't the sluggers who become stars, but the fielders are invaluable in a successful baseball team. "The Fielding Bible: Break-through Analysis of Major League Baseball Defense -- by Team and Player" is a breakdown of the defenses of many major league teams discusses and gives credit to these titans of baseball defense, as John Dewan discusses how we can measure success of these players by how many runs they saved, and how the fielders of the MLB stack up to one another and throughout history. "The Fielding Bible" is a must for any hardcore baseball fan who realizes it's the complete game that makes the team.

The Greatest Game Ever Pitched
Jim Kaplan
Triumph Books
The Pontiac Building, 542 South Dearborn St., Suite 750
Chicago, Illinois 60605
9781600783418 $24.95

The Greatest Game Ever Pitched: Juan Marichal, Warren Spahn, and the Pitching Duel of the Century is a dual sports biography of Juan Marichal and Warren Spahn, culminating in their unforgettable July, 1963 pitching duel that lasted 16 innings. A handful of black-and-white photographs enhance this study of two extraordinary sports players, and the lives they led up to and beyond their titanic conflict. Accessible to readers of all backgrounds, The Greatest Game Ever Pitched is an especial treasury for baseball fans.

The Social Issues Shelf

The Killing Game
Gary Webb
Seven Stories Press
140 Watts Street, New York, NY 10013
9781583229323, $19.95,

Corruption runs deep, and it takes a certain boldness to stand up to it all. "The Killing Game" is a collection of writings from Gary Webb, known for writing Dark Alliance, an investigative report that criticized the American government and its war on its own citizenry. In this set of writings, he takes on the corruption of law enforcement, the medical profession, the grab for greed, militarism, and much more. "The Killing Game" is a strongly recommended read for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of the dark side of the ruling class, highly recommended for community college social issues collections.

Grace Before Dying
Lori Waselchuk
Umbrage Editions
111 Front Street #208, Brooklyn, NY 11201
9781884167225, $40.00,

A death with dignity can at times be something very difficult to acquire. "Grace Before Dying" is a work of black and white photography as Lori Waselchuk focuses on the infamous prison Angola and how the inmates and prison staff have launched ways to give these men a death that isn't hollow and without meaning. A moving compilation of photography that catches much soul, an essay from Lawrence N. Powell drives the soul of the matter, and makes for a very educated read. "Grace Before Dying" is certainly a thoughtful read, a must for any socially active photography collection, highly recommended.

The Cookbook Shelf

Kosher Elegance
Efrat Libfoind
208 Airport Executive Park, Nanuet, NY 10954
9781598267624, $44.99,

The rules of Kosher are far less restrictive than one would think. "Kosher Elegance: The Art of Cooking with Style" is a cookbook from Efrat Libfoind she brings the absolute best, things that are truly unique to the table in Kosher cooking, presenting the dishes that gained her world wide acclaim in not only presentation but great taste as well. She crafts her meals from simpler ingredients than one would think, and has recipes for any occasion. Items include Mini-Deli Sandwiches with Alioli Sauce, Chicken Nuggets with Potato and Sweet Potato Gratin, and unique desserts such as Chocolate drink with Orange Granita. With full color photos of every dish, "Kosher Elegance" is an absolute must for those who want something truly magnificent for their next gathering.

Alice's Cookbook
Alice Hart
Lyons Press
c/o Globe Pequot Press
PO Box 480, Guilford, CT 06437
9780762770182, $19.95,

We're a long way past cooks having three hours to create something with pain-staking loving care. "Alice's Cookbook" is a cookbook for those who live modern lives which are busy and constantly tempted by fast food. With a wide assortment of recipes, Alice focuses on the hands on time, and the practicality, with a straight forward ingredient list and occasional suggestion for replacements. Organized by occasion such as breakfasts, brunches, dinners, parties, and much more, along with a touch of full color photos of select dishes, "Alice's Cookbook" is a strong pick for the modern cook who wants good food but doesn't want to spend three days on fancily decorated cupcakes.

The Puglian Cookbook
Viktorija Todorovska
Surrey Books
c/o Agate
1328 Greenleaf St. Evanston, IL 60202
9781572841178, $20.00,

There's more to cooking in Italy than lots of tomato sauce. "The Puglian Cookbook: Bringing the Flavors of Puglia Home" is a guide to this unique brand of Italian cooking, showing this unique flavor unlike one would find elsewhere in Italy. Viktorija Todorovska presents readers with a cookbook with plenty of full color photos, with dishes that use a wide variety of ingredients, such as - Pizza with greens, Potato Frittata, Stracatto, Coffee pudding, and much more. For those who want a taste of excellent, yet different Italian cooking, "The Puglian Cookbook" is not to be missed.

Paradise Kitchen
Daniel Orr
Indiana University Press
601 North Morton Street
Bloomington, IN 47403-3797
9780253356086, $29.95,

There's more to paradise than sunshine, beaches, and the shade of the trees. "Paradise Kitchen: Caribbean Cooking with Chef Daniel Orr" guides readers through the many culinary samples that one can taste if they embrace the Caribbean style which blends the many cultures that have claimed the isles as their own. From coconut martinis, to spicy Caribbean stews, jerked ribs, and so much more, there's something paradise for anyone's tongue, and Daniel Orr uses full color photography and easy to follow ingredients so one can embrace these dishes anywhere. "Paradise Kitchen" is a solidly recommended read for those who want the spice of paradise without going to paradise.

The Aviation Shelf

World's Fastest Four-Engine Piston-Powered Aircraft
Mike Machat
Specialty Press
39966 Grand Avenue, North Branch, MN 55056
9781580071635, $32.95,

Ever since man got off the ground, the push for speed has been quite the drive of technology. "World's Fastest Four-Engine Piston-Powered Aircraft: Story of the Republic XR-12 Rainbow" looks at the history of this propeller-based aircraft that was pushing nearly 500 mph before jets took the show in another direction entirely. A study of engineering and old fashioned aircraft, "World's Fastest Four-Engine Piston-Powered Aircraft" is a fine pick for those with a certain dedication and memoir for the older style of aircraft.

The Agriculture Shelf

The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals
Gail Damerow, editor
Storey Publishing
210 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams, MA 01247
9781603429696, $24.95,

Raising farm animals doesn't require twenty acres. "The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals" is a guide for those who want to raise livestock in their own property, making the most out of a limited space. With advice on raising everything from chickens to cows to rabbits, to even bees, the book will guide readers to getting the most out of their property and getting the absolute best out of their animals. "The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals" is a must for anyone who wants to take the next step towards self-sufficiency.

The Gardening Shelf

Water-Efficient Landscaping
Heidi A. Kratsch
Utah State University
3078 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322-3078
9780874217896, $22.95,

Beautiful yards and gardens don't need to be wasteful endeavors. "Water-Efficient Landscaping: In the Inter-mountain West: A Professional and Do-It-Yourself Guide" is a guide for working with less water for both people who tend to their own lawns and gardens, and for people who make a business out of it. The inter-mountain region in the Western United States has a very unique climate that can be much more difficult to work with than the typically temperate regions elsewhere. Answering many questions landscapes may have completely and comprehensively, "Water-Efficient Landscaping" is a very useful and very highly recommended resource that shouldn't overlooked.

The Railroading Shelf

Rails Across Canada
Tom Murray
Voyageur Press
c/o MBI Publishing Company
400 First Avenue North, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55401
9780760340080, $30.00,

The harsh land of Canada was a bit slower than its southern neighbor in adapting the power of rail, but it has been seen as an invaluable resource since. "Rails Across Canada" chronicles the history of Canada's railroads with hundreds of full color photographs throughout. Rails over Canada proved difficult at first, given the country's very harsh winters and mountainous terrain gave little window for easy construction. Chronicling a major industrial achievement, "Rails Across Canada" proves an excellent coffee table book and an excellent pick for anyone with a love of locomotives.

The American History Shelf

St. John's College Cambridge
Peter Linehan, editor
Boydell Press
668 Mt. Hope Ave, Rochester, NY 14620
9781843836087, $90.00,

Higher learning is a centuries old institution. "St. John's College Cambridge: A History" seeks to tell the long and storied history of St. John's College, Cambridge, a constituent college of the famed Cambridge University. Established in 1511, its history is one that has hosted Prime Ministers, religious heads, major figures of art and entertainment, and much more. With the relatively recent compilation of the college's archives, Peter Linehan and his associates follows the college's history century by century, from its founding up into the modern era, with special attention to its roles in major historical events such as world war. A fascinating history of higher learning and its changes as history marches on, "St. John's College Cambridge" is a core addition to any history collection with a focus on educational institutions, highly recommended.

The Computer Shelf

The Book of CSS3
Peter Gasston
No Starch Press
38 Ringold Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
9781593272869, $34.95,

The internet has become quite the visual medium in recent years. "The Book of CSS3: A Developer's Guide to the Future of Web Design" is a guide to using CSS3 in one's own web design, explaining the full potential of the CSS3 language. CSS3 can lead to highly complex presentations with text that is far beyond plain text, awe-inspiring backgrounds, animations, 3D-imagery, and making it so one's website works effectively on portable devices. "The Book of CSS3" is a must for any web designer who wants the best out of their site, but isn't as skilled as they wish with modern web design.

The Women's Studies Shelf

In Defense of Women
Nancy Gertner
Beacon Press
25 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108-2892
9780807011430, $26.95,

Through the law, she made her mark on the world by daring to stand against the norm. "In Defense of Women: Memoirs of an Unrepentant Advocate" is a memoir of Nancy Gertner who since the 1970s has been an advocate for women's rights and standing up for many women in criminal cases. She tells her story of breaking into a very male dominated profession and making a lot of noise in the process, and her constant struggle in many landmark cases. A story of civil rights and a story of law, "In Defense of Women" is a must for any women's rights, memoir, or law studies collection.

The Political Science Shelf

Financing the 2008 Election
David B. Magleby & Anthony Carrado
Brookings Institution Press
1775 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036
9780815703327, $32.95,

The democratic process has become a billion dollar industry. "Financing the 2008 Election" discusses the past Presidential election in which a million was a drop in the bucket in fund-raising. David B. Magleby & Anthony Carrado discuss this massive flow of cash tossed about and what it means for American politics. Analyzing the special interest groups that lead to the inflation of funds tossed about, they paint an intriguing picture of the future of campaign finance and our future. "Financing the 2008 Election" is a definite pick for anyone curious about the future of campaign finance in America.

The Politics of Tragedy and Democratic Citizenship
Robert C. Pirro
80 Maiden Lane, Suite 704, New York, NY 10038
9781441165251, $29.95,

Tragedy is more than a saddening event, it is a powerful tool. "The Politics of Tragedy and Democratic Citizenship" is a scholarly scrutiny of tragedy in Democracy, and how the nature of tragedy and tragic events have been used the world over by politicians, political thinkers, as well as artists to push their thoughts and ideas through. Robert C. Pirro, an American professor of Political Science focuses on the struggles of unified Germany, Czechoslovakia, and South Africa to paint a picture on how tragedy can shape a country through politics and else-wise. "The Politics of Tragedy and Democratic Citizenship" would do well in any political science or philosophy collection, enthusiastically recommended.

Real Common Sense
Brian Kahn
Seven Stories
140 Watts Street, New York, NY 10013
9781609801267, $19.95,

The values of our founders have been lost, but not in the way many commentators believe we have lost them. "Real Common Sense: Using Our Founding Values to Reclaim Our Nation and Stop the Radical Right from Hijacking America" is a political book from Brian Kahn about the downward spiral that America has been taking, its causes, and where we are going. Kahn speaks on his view of what the founding fathers intended, and offers his opinions on what is dragging America down. "Real Common Sense" is worth considering for those seeking further political discussion that attacks America's many ailments.

The Education Shelf

Creating a Digital-Rich Classroom
Meg Ormiston
Solution Tree
555 North Morton Street
Bloomington, IN 47404
9781935249870, $19.95,

Technology and education are terrific partners, if teachers take control to establish them as such. "Creating a Digital-Rich Classroom: Teaching & Learning in a Web 2.0 World" discusses how technology can be used to its fullest as a learning tool as author Meg Ormiston suggests ways to use Web 2.0 to make it so the internet is the class room, helping them find information, and find new ways to teach old curriculum. For any tech savvy teacher who rightfully believes the internet is the future, "Creating a Digital-Rich Classroom" is the road map you need to make the web-infused classroom a reality.

Mapping Your Thesis
Barry White
Australian Council for Education Research
c/o International Specialized Book Services
920 NE 58th Ave., Suite 300
Portland, OR 97213-3786
9780864318237, $89.95,

Research is a big portion of making a work well informed and acclaimed. "Mapping Your Thesis: The Comprehensive Manual of Theory and Techniques for Masters and Doctoral Research" is a guide for researching for a thesis, providing the rules and tricks for working with research and studying. A thesis has much to do with the related term theory, and all theories must be backed with solid and thorough research. Chapters discuss the basics of education, reason, and thought through the works of many thinkers and philosophers throughout history, creating a concept, creating and editing the work, and the high importance of self-review of your work. "Mapping Your Thesis" is a must for anyone who is being tasked with the challenge of crafting a thesis, no matter the purpose.

The Humor Shelf

The Decadent Housewife
Rosemary Counter
Reader's Digest
44 South Broadway, White Plains, NY 10601
9781606522523, $16.95,

Housework is for chumps. "The Decadent Housewife: Fun and Flirty Secrets to Keep Him Wrapped Around Your Little Finger" is a humorous tongue-in-cheek guide from Rosemary Counter as she guides readers through being the perfect housewife. At least what he THINKS is the perfect housewife. With tips on slacking off, dealing with the few things you absolutely need to, coming off as superior when obviously you are and much more, "The Decadent Housewife" is a top pick for anyone who wants to be a trophy wife with an expertise in laziness and thinks there's nothing wrong with that.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Empowerment Training
James O'Heare
BehaveTech Publishing
c/o Dogwise Publishing
403 S Mission St. Wenatchee, WA 98801
9780973836974, $23.95,

Creativity lies in all of us, it's drawing it out that proves to be difficult. "Empowerment Training: Training for Creativity, Persistence, Industriousness, Resilience, & Behavioral Well-Being" delves into the specifics of empowering animal trainers to empower their animals using research of recent years. With extra advice on dealing with companion animals who have lost the drive to be trained and helping the animal find their own happiness in their lot, "Empowerment Training" is a powerful read for animal trainers who struggle with getting the most out of their animals.

The Jewelry Shelf

Desert Silver
Sigrid van Roode
KIT Publishers
c/o Stylus Publishing
22883 Quicksilver Drive
Sterling, VA 29166-2012
9789460220470, $30.00,

The ancients embraced silver just as much as gold for their decorative needs. "Desert Silver: Nomadic and Traditional Silver Jewelry from the Middle East and North Africa" investigates the styles used throughout the southern half of the Mediterranean sea through some of Humanity's oldest civilizations. This jewelry proves to have practical value and comfort for the peoples of the desert life that managed to tell their status without being too clunky. "Desert Silver" is a must for anyone with a taste for the ancient classical styles of history.

The Wine Shelf

DIY Cocktails
Marcia Simmons & Jonas Halpren
Adams Media
57 Littlefield Street, Avon, MA 02322
9781440507502, $16.95,

It takes a bit of creativity, but the results can be something special. "DIY Cocktails: A Simple Guide to Creating Your Own Signature Drinks" is a guide to getting crazy and creative with drinks, as Marcia Simmons & Jonas Halpren walk readers through how to best mix flavors and avoid the no nos of what does and doesn't mix. With tips on syrups, when to use premade, when to make your own, and much more, "DIY Cocktails" is a must pick for anyone who wants a new flavor experience with every cocktail.

The Psychology Shelf

Trampled to Death by Geese
Daryl Sharp
Inner City Books
PO Box 1271, Station Q
Toronto, ON M4T 2P4
9781894574341, $25.00,

The ideas of Carl Jung have left many disciples of his ideas trying to understand our insane world with his ideas, and it still proves quite difficult. "Trampled to Death by Geese: More Eros, and a Lot More Nonsense" is a study of many writings and events as Daryl Sharp looks at the madness that surrounds him with humor and wisdom and a bit of Jungian psychology in hopes to trying to decipher it all. It's an upward struggle, but author Daryl Sharp shares this academic endeavor in a fun to read and educational way. "Trampled to Death by Geese" is a must for anyone curious in Jungian psychology and its version of modern insanity.

Shrink Rap
Dinah Miller, Annette Hanson, and Steven Roy Daviss
The John Hopkins University Press
2715 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218
9781421400129, $19.95,

The role of the psychiatrist isn't what many people think it is. "Shrink Rap" is a discussion of what psychiatrists do as three psychiatrists come together to discuss the trade, aimed at the curious reader as well as the rookie psychiatrist. From dealing with the mundane tasks of the job like scheduling and money to making the hard decisions that can change lives, "Shrink Rap" is an intriguing read and trade guide that's of intriguing reading to anyone, regardless of their psychotherapeutic aspirations.

The Biography Shelf

Elly Peterson: "Mother" of the Moderates
Sara Fitzgerald
University of Michigan Press
839 Greene Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-3209
9780472117871 $29.95

Elly Peterson: "Mother" of the Moderates is a solid biography of one of the highest ranking women in the Republican Party. Politically involved from 1952 to 1982, Elly Peterson was a moderate Republican, who became increasingly disillusioned by the party's rightward swing in the 1970's. She campaigned for the Equal Rights Amendment and reproductive rights, and raised her voice against the heavily conservative Phyllis Schlafly. Her extraordinary political career, as well as the changes in the party itself, are succinctly chronicles and presented in this captivating account. Highly recommended, especially for public and college library biography shelves.

L. L. Bean
James L. Withrell
Tilbury House
103 Brunswick Avenue, Gardiner, ME 04345
9780884483298, $20.00,

The most successful businessmen don't flourish by climbing to the top of existing markets, they create a market all their own. "L.L. Bean: The Man and His Company" is a biography of the man who created the mail order business and earned his own piece of immortality in the process. From the development of a boot, his business quickly grew into something greater, forming a model with influence that can still be felt within juggernauts such as "L.L. Bean: The Man and His Company" is a fascinating look at one of the man who took business in a great step forward, highly recommended.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume XXVII
K.D. Wentworth, editor
Galaxy Press
7051 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 200
Hollywood, CA 90028
9781592128709 $7.99

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume XXVII is an anthology of the best of the best original science fiction short stories and illustrations from the annual Writers of the Future and the Illustrators of the Future international programs. Essays on writing and illustration by L. Ron Hubbard, Mike Resnick, and Robert Castillo round out this exceptional anthology, featuring stories selected as the cream of the crop by a broad panel of fellow established science fiction authors - Kevin J. Anderson, Orson Scott Card, Larry Niven, and Robert Silverberg are just a few of the many distinguished judges. All stories have never before been published, in this "must-have" for cutting-edge science fiction fans!

The Sword of Darrow
Alex and Hal Malchow
10300 N. Central Expressway, Suite 400
Dallas, TX 75231
9781935618478, $12.99,

As long as there is someone willing to resist, all hope is not lost. "The Sword of Darrow" is a fantasy focusing on the kingdom of Sonnencrest, toppled by marauding goblins. The last hope for civilization lies in Princess Babette, trying to gain an understanding of her magical talents. Along with the sickly Darrow and Scodo, the only one among them who seems to be able to actually fight, "The Sword of Darrow" is a story of the drive that can push even the weakest of of us to great things.

The Audiobook Shelf

Folly Beach
Dorothea Benton Frank, author
Robin Miles, narrator
Harper Audio
10 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022-5299
9780062072511 $39.99

Folly Beach: A Lowcountry Tale an unabridged audiobook novel capturing wistful memories of Carolina lowcountry. Cate Cooper grew up in Folly Beach; drastic events in her life have left her homeless, broke, and adrift, winding up in a tiny coastal cottage. Yet Folly Beach has been a place of love and happiness for others; it just might be the place where Cate can transform herself into the woman she's always wanted to become. An emotionally powerful story of personal rediscovery, Folly Beach is highly recommended. 10 CDs, 12 hours.

The Virgin and the Gypsy
D.H. Lawrence, author
Georgina Sutton, narrator
Naxos of America, Inc.
1810 Columbia Avenue, Suite 28
Franklin, TN 37064
9781843794530 $22.98

Brought to life by the theatrically trained Georgina Sutton, The Virgin and the Gypsy is a captivating, unabridged audiobook performance of D.H. Lawrence's story about a young girl raised by a stifling family, who re-examines how she looks at the world upon meeting a gypsy. As she is poised on the border of conforming to expectations and rebelling against them, a flash flood brings immediate danger to her home and her life, forever changing her world. A powerful novel of sexuality and identity, The Virgin and the Gypsy satirizes antiquated societal views and provides a sweeping saga of rethinking the self and one's lifelong plans. Highly recommended. 3 CDs, 3 hours 37 min.

A Summer in Sonoma
Robyn Carr, author
Kate Turnbull, narrator
Recorded Books, LLC
270 Skip Jack Road
Prince Frederick, MD 20678
9781449840501 $123.75

A Summer in Sonoma is the unabridged audiobook adaption of award-winning author Rober Carr's romance novel following four women who have been friends since the seventh grade. Cassie, despairing that she will ever find Mr. Right, explores the back roads of Sonoma with a long-haired biker who helped her break away from Mr. Wrong; Julie, now married and raising children, fights to stay one step ahead of her ever-increasing debt; Marty's marriage has cooled, prompting her to consider an affair with an old love; and Beth, a doctor whose services are always in demand, hides her symptoms from the others. As the four of them approach the turning point that is age 30, they discover how drastically life can suddenly change, and why have friends for mutual support is crucially important. A heartwarming story of trying times, highly recommended. 10 CDs, 11.5 hours. Also a choice pick for audiobook lovers is Recorded Books' unabridged adaptation of "The Thieves of Manhattan" by Adam Langer (9781449828653, $77.75, 7 CDs, 8.25 hours).

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs
Carmine Gallo, author
Sean Mangan, illustrator
Bolinda Publishing
186 S Long Swamp Rd
Jackson, ME 04921
9781742850887 $83.95

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs is the unabridged audiobook adaptation of the true-life story of the core principles of visionary Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Singer and musician Sean Mangan smoothly narrates this solid listing of core principles for encouraging innovation in one's business, and using brainpower to overcome competitors, develop products that change people's ways of thinking, promote customer loyalty, and support one's business during the leanest and meanest of economic times. The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs is a "must-have" packed with invaluable advice for business and corporate leaders of all walks of life! 7 CDs, 8 hours 28 min.

The Music CD Shelf

The Wilders
Produced by Phil Wade, The Wilders and Mike West
Free Dirt Records
c/o Trade root Music Group, LLC
PO Box 11451, Takoma Park, MD 20913
c/o Make It Bigger Mama Publicity

The Wilders country band has released a self-titled album showcasing their talent, passion, and heart. Celebrating fifteen years of performing as a band, The Wilders album is an experience that truly makes the listener feel alive, and is an absolute treasure for anyone who has every loved any variant of country, from bluegrass to folk to modern Americana. The tracks are "Ordinary People" (4:01), "Mid November" (5:01), "Riding on Your High Horse" (2:04), "She Says (I Say)" (2:49), "Get Up Kid" (5:45), "Stay With Me" (3:38), "Pat's 25" (4:41), "Riverboat" (3:47), "L.A." (2:24), "Things They Say About Home" (3:20), "No. 7" (2:00), "This Old Town" (4:39), and "Lay Down our Guns" (4:28).

Beethoven Shreds
The Great Kat
TPR Music
c/o Thomas Public Relations, Inc.
The Parkway Plaza, 734 Walt Whitman Rd., Suite 206
Melville, NY 11747

Beethoven Shreds is a high-octane wild ride of a musical performance by The Great Kat, who may well be the fastest guitarist in the world (unless someone can step forth and challenge her title)! The Great Kat performs furious, magnificent shreds of Beethoven's classics on both the violin and the electric guitar (often with orchestra & band) in this exciting masterpiece, encouraging all generations of music lovers to experience Beethoven in a whole new way. Highly recommended! The tracks are "The Flight of the Bumble-Bee" (0:42), "Beethoven's 5th Symphony" (1:14), "Torture Techniques" (1:06), "Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #3" (1:41), "IslamoFascists" (0:50), "Bach's The Art Of The Fugue" (0:32), and "Paganini's Caprice #24" (1:30).

The DVD Shelf

Down Broadway
A Bobby Woods Production
c/o Youth Sports Club (distribution)
9 Florence Court
Valley Cottage, NY 10989

Former professional baseball player Bobby Woods presents Down Broadway: Pitching and Catching Techniques for the Modern Player, an instructional DVD teaching viewers solid baseball pitching and catching techniques, as well as how to instruct young players ages 8-18 to improve their gameplay. From pivoting and balance to fastballs, curve balls, snap throws, fielding bunts, and much more, Down Broadway is an absolutely invaluable resource for parents and coaches everywhere. Highly recommended. 50 min.

Quickfix RX: Kneehab
Jill Miller
Tune Up Fitness Worldwide, Inc.
c/o 411 Video Information (publicity)
PO Box 1223
Pebble Beach, CA 93953

"Yoga Tune Up" fitness therapy creator Jill Miller presents and hosts Quickfix RX: Kneehab, a fitness DVD especially for individuals who need to take extra care of their knees. Kneehab's four specialized routines, designed for those with different knee health levels, are: PreHab, a self-massage maintenance program designed to promote good knee health; KneeHab 1, a program especially to help those recovering from knee injury; KneeHab 2, a program that emphasizes knee mobility, stability, and agility as well as connection to the core; and KneeHow, a program for healthy knees emphasizing strength training exercises for peak athletic performance. A bonus segment about knee anatomy and the importance of proper hip and ankle alignment rounds out this user-friendly, absolutely indispensable fitness program for anyone who needs to pay special attention to their knees. 65 min.

Spine Balance Training
Marianna Szoke
Body & Soul Wellness Inc.
c/o 411 Video Information (publicity)
PO Box 1223
Pebble Beach, CA 93953

Certified personal trainer, Pilates Master trainer, Yoga trainer, nutritionist and wellness consultant Marianna Szoke presents Spine Balance Training, a fitness DVD emphasizing exercises designed to strengthen muscles, promote balance, and prevent backbone, back, neck, and shoulder pain. Classic Pilates moves with elements of yoga and tai chi enhance this solid program that lives up to its title. A user-friendly, low-impact workout DVD that requires no viewer expertise in Pilates or Yoga and no expensive equipment, Spine Balance Training is highly recommended. 45 min.

Exhale: Core Fusion Cardio - Pure Intensity
with Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp
8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 650
Silver Spring, MD 20910
9781598286052 $16.99

Exhale: Core Fusion Cardio - Pure Intensity is the first cardio workout DVD from Exhale's popular fitness line. Consisting of five 10-minute workouts (plus a bonus stretching segment) designed to promote weight loss as well as sculpt abs, tone legs, and strengthen arms and glutes, Exhale: Core Fusion Cardio requires no expensive exercise equipment, only light hand weights. Husband and wife team Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, who have more than 5 years of combined experience instructing Pilates, Lotte Berk Method, yoga, and dance, distill their expertise into this easy-to-follow exercise video that can easily be tailored to suit the needs of fitness buffs of all skill and experience levels. Highly recommended. 60 min., widescreen.

The Booty Barre Plus Abs & Arms
Tracey Mallett
c/o 411 Video Information
PO Box 1223
Pebble Beach, CA 93953

Part of the fitness series combining the physical benefits of yoga, Pilates, ballet and dance, The Booty Barre Plus Abs & Arms is a solid workout DVD consisting of a dance fusion warm-up, an arm section involving 3-5 pound dumbbells along with Pilates and ballet-inspired arm work, a "barre" section focusing on standing abdominal work with high-energy fitness intervals, and a final core section of exercises grounded in Pilates and Yoga with the option to include a dumbbell. Aside from the dumbbells, the only equipment needed are a sturdy chair and an optional exercise ball. An invigorating workout that lives up to its title, The Booty Barre Plus Abs & Arms is enthusiastically recommended not only for fitness buffs, but also for viewers of all fitness levels seeking to strengthen and tone their muscles. 1 hour 20 min.

The LGBT Studies Shelf

A Queer History of the United States
Michael Bronski
Beacon Press
25 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108-2892
9780807044391 $27.95

A Queer History of the United States is an eye-opening chronicle of one side of American history that is routinely left out of classroom textbooks. From Thomas Morton, who broke away from Plymouth Colony to found Merrymount (a place where same-sex desire, atheism, and interracial marriage were accepted and welcome), to how World War II drastically changed gender roles, to how organizations championing gay and lesbian rights such as ACT UP helped spread awareness of the HIV and AIDS epidemics when the Reagan administration was far too silent, A Queer History of the United States lives up to its title and is an absolutely invaluable addition to American History as well as LGBT Studies shelves.

The Law/Justice Shelf

Three Felonies a Day
Harvey A. Silvergate
Encounter Books
900 Broadway, Suite 601
New York, NY 10003-1239
9781594035227, $17.95,

You may be a felon and not even know it. "Three Felonies a Day: How Feds Target the Innocent" is a deconstruction of today's federal crime laws that are broad, vague, and almost impossible to avoid violating. Harvey Silvergate holds modern law has been disconnected from common law and due process and can easily be used for control and pinning crimes on the most innocent of people. Stating that it targets people of any level and it threatens America's very nature and spirit, "Three Felonies a Day" is a fascinating discussion of law and how law isn't very lawful anymore.

The Criminology Shelf

Heartland Serial Killers
Richard C. Lindberg
Northern Illinois University Press
2280 Bethany Road
DeKalb, IL 60115
9780875804361 $28.95

Historian and true crime writer Richard C. Lindberg presents Heartland Serial Killers: Belle Gunness, Johann Hoch, and Murder for Profit in Gaslight Era Chicago, a dual biography of two notorious killers who combined marriage and murder in the Chicago area during the 1890s and 1900s. Johann Hoch was a bigamist and wife killer who openly claimed to have perfected a "scientific technique" to romance and seduction; Belle Gunness was a "Black Widow" who used matrimonial advertisements and the appeal of middle-age security on her farm to lure bachelors to their deaths. In chronicling these two murderous individuals, Lindberg also draws connections between Hoch and the serial killer H.H. Holmes, also known as the "Devil in the White City". A handful of black-and-white photographs illustrate this chilling true crime chronicle.

The Parenting Shelf

Mom's Book of Lists
Alice Wong, editor
Welcome Books
6 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011
9781599620978, $17.95,

The amount of things a mother must know are quite overpowering. "Mom's Book of Lists: 100 Practical Lists for Raising Your Kids" is a book filled with simple references on the daunting task of caring for an occasionally troublesome youth for eighteen years. The lists touch on everything from recipes, to finding entertainment and fun, understanding potty training and developmental milestones, and anything and everything else that makes the job of parenting some of the most stressful in the world. "Mom's Book of Lists" is an excellent pick for any mother who wants a varied and useful reference with full color images and a bit of humor.

The Philosophy Shelf

The Quotable Krishnamurti
Robert Epstein
Quest Books
c/o Theosophical Publishing House
PO Box 270, Wheaton, IL 60187-0270
9780835608909, $12.95,

Truth is not an absolute, and it certainly does not come from a sheltered understanding. "The Quotable Krishnamurti" looks to the work of philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti, who threw away the pressures of his Theosophist teachers and came to pursue his own philosophy free from teachings of others. Robert Epstein compiles his quotes on a grand slew of subjects that speak on many levels of our lives and society, from sex to anger, to the very concept of truth and what it really means. "The Quotable Krishnamurti" is profound, thoughtful, and very highly recommended to philosophy collections.

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