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Reviewer's Choice

A Mountain Year
Chris Czajkowski
Harbour Publishing
PO Box 219, Madeira Park, BC V0N 2H0
9781550174410, $36.95,

Nature is beautiful, but few have the fortitude to live amongst it. "A Mountain Year: Nature Diary of a Wilderness Dweller" is a combination memoir and art journal from Chris Czajkowski, a woman who sought to dwell in the wilderness of the vast forests of British Columbia. Reflecting on her time in nature, she vividly describes her experiences, and hopes to pass on what she saw to readers and she does it well. "A Mountain Year" is a solid recommendation to any who want to experience British Columbia but can't make the trip.

The Family Ranch
Linda Hussa
University of Nevada Press
Mail Stop 0166, Reno, NV, 89557-0166
9780874177718, $24.95 1-877-682-6657

Award-winning author Linda Hussa presents The Family Ranch: Land, Children, and Tradition in the American West, an up-close and personal look at the stories of six modern-day ranching families of the American West. From the battle between ranchers and those who would siphon water off their property to big cities (or even across state lines), to the daily life of being raised on a ranch, to the potentially thorny difficulty of passing down the ranch through the generations, The Family Ranch offers an unforgettable portrait of enduring family traditions. A treasury of insight into the traditions and legacy of a distinctly American way of life.

A History Of The Kennedy Space Center
Kenneth Lipartito & Orville R. Butler
University Press of Florida
15 Northwest 15th St., Gainesville, FL 32611-2079
9780813030692, $39.95,

It was President John F. Kennedy who inspired a nation to invest and strive towards leaving planet Earth and setting foot upon the Moon. The process was undertaken by NASA whose launch facility at Cape Canaveral, Florida, was to be renamed the Kennedy Space Center after the man most responsible for directing the federal government to achieve such a historical and momentous task. Co-authored by Kenneth Lipartito (Professor History, Florida International University) and Orville R. Butler (Associate history in the Center for History of Physics at the American Institute of Physics), "A History Of The Kennedy Space Center" is an informed and informative history of the center, including the methods and technologies developed for preparing, testing, and launching spacecraft over the past 45 years of the center's operation. A 496-page compendium of detailed information, "A History Of The Kennedy Space Center" is enhanced for the reader's appreciation with the inclusion of 97 illustrations, copies notes, an essay on sources, and a comprehensive index. No personal, community, or academic library American Space and Astronautics history collection can be considered complete or comprehensive without the inclusion of "A History Of The Kennedy Space Center"!

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Delaune Pollard
Cantankerous Cow books
c/o Select One Rehab
6305 Roselawn Avenue, Monona, WI 53716
9780980557503, $29.95,

Caregivers live not only for themselves, but for others as well. "Caregivers: Drowning in a Sea of Cognitive Challenges" is a book discussing at great length the challenges that face caregivers in their everyday lives - from dealing with the patient who doesn't want to admit that he or she needs help, memory loss from ailments and age, and deceptive appearances. Understanding above all else is the topic, as well as being prepared when disaster strikes. A must for any caretaker, "Caregivers" is an enthusiastically recommended reference.

Managing And Treating Urinary Incontinence
Diane Kaschak Newman & Alan J. Wein
Health Professions Press
PO Box 10624, Baltimore, MD 21285-0624
9781932529210, $64.95, 1-888-337-8808

Although most commonly associated with aging seniors, urinary incontinence can happen to anyone of any age for a variety of reasons and causes. Now in a significantly expanded and fully updated second edition, "Managing And Treating Urinary Incontinence" by the team of Diane Kaschak Newman (Co-Director of the Penn Center for continence and Pelvic Health, Division of Urology, University of Pennsylvania health Systems, Philadelphia) and Alan J. Wein (Professor and Chair of the Division of Urology, University of Pennsylvania health Systems and Chief of Urology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania) is a comprehensive guidebook to all of the issues relevant to the treatment and management of urinary incontinence. Covering all of the current treatment options and coherently explaining how they work, "Managing And Treating Urinary Incontinence" provides an informed and informative accounts of the anatomy and physiology of the lower urinary tract and pelvic floor, the types and causes of incontinence and overactive bladders, the components of clinical assessment and evaluation, the impact of bowel dysfunction on incontinence, the significance of patient education and the importance of self-care techniques, the efficacy of behavioral treatments, the role of drug therapy and surgery, the management of pelvic organ prolapse, and the full range of incontinence containment products. A compendium of sound medical scholarship that is written in a thoroughly accessible text appropriate for medical students, medical service providers, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in urinary incontinence issues, "Managing And Treating Urinary Incontinence" is a core addition to academic, community, and health service agency reference collections.

Partners in Healing
William Collinge
Horticultural Hall,
300 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
9781590304150, $16.95,

A loved one in pain puts you in pain. "Partners in Healing: Simple Ways to Offer Support, Comfort, and Care to a Loved One Facing Illness" is a reference and inspirational guide to those who are faced with supporting a loved one who is not well and needs all the help they can get. Highlighting the importance of taking care of oneself even when your loved one has it worse, getting other family members to assist, and many techniques to make life happier all around, "Partners in Healing" is something no friend or family member of a person in pain should be without.

Ethical Issues in Rural Health Care
Craig M. Klugman & Pamela M. Dalinis
The John Hopkins University Press
2715 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218
9780801890451, $50.00,

City dwellers are spoiled - a high tech hospital sits no less than a few miles away. "Ethical Issues in Rural Health Care" seeks to discuss rural health care, where caregivers are few and far in between with little in the way of checks and balances weighing over them. Such power leads to ethical issues; also, rural areas tend to have less income, leading to issues involving finances when a doctor is the only one that can help. Splitting the difference between urban and rural cultures, "Ethical Issues in Rural Health Care" is an excellent scholarly examination of what rural people face in the world of health care. "Ethical Issues in Rural Health Care" is a must for anyone evaluating America's quality of healthcare on a nationwide level.

The Biography Shelf

Facing Fear
Judith Strasser
Borderland Books
c/o University of Wisconsin Press
1930 Monroe Street, 3rd Floor, Madison, WI 53711-2059
9780976878193, $19.95,

Fear is a powerful weapon. "Facing Fear: Cancer and Politics, Courage and Hope" is a scholarly discussion of the nature of fear, its power in one's body, and how fear plays such a dominant role in modern politics. Judith Strasser is a woman who knows fear; she has lost friends and family to such things, and she is concerned that America itself may be in worse shape due to its fears. "Facing Fear" is an intriguing read about how fear itself is truly the only thing that needs to be feared.

The Wrong Side of Murder Creek
Bob Zellner with Constance Curry
NewSouth, Inc.
PO Box 1588, Montgomery, AL 36102
9781588382221, $27.95 1-334-834-3556

The Wrong Side of Murder Creek: A White Southerner in the Freedom Movement is the personal memoir of civil rights activist Bob Zellner, a white Alabama native who stood beside black students who marched, undertook sit-ins, and sometimes died to challenge the racist reality of the South in the 1960s. Zellner's story of protest on behalf of positive social change and the promotion of equal rights does not end with America's desegregation; The Wrong Side of Murder Creek also explains how he continues to work for a more just America in the present day. The captivating and profound testimony of a patriot who did everything he could to help make his nation a better place, The Wrong Side of Murder Creek is highly recommended.

One Man and the Mighty Mississippi
Captain Norman Hillman
Great River Publishing
W987 Cedar Valley Road, Stoddard, WI 54658
9780971160200, $21.95 1-888-255-7726

Written by Captain Norman Hillman, a career riverboat pilot, One Man and the Mighty Mississippi: A Sixty-Year Adventure on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers is a memoir filled cover to cover with amazing facts about and major events in the riverboat industry. Hillman's more striking days on the job involved everything from breaking ice on Lake Pepin to fighting fires on board to rescuing tugboats trapped against bridges. An excellent book for scholars interested in researching a primary source of the riverboat industry as well as for lay readers.

The Literary Shelf

And the World Changed
Muneeza Shamsie
The Feminist Press
365 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5406, New York, NY 10016
9781558615809, $15.95,

Voices seldom heard in mainstream literature are so pleasant to experience. "And the World Changed: Contemporary Stories to Pakistani Women" is a collection of memoirs and short fiction from Pakistani women writers, who paint a vivid picture of their lives. With stories about what these women dream of and depictions of their everyday challenges in life, it is a unique anthology giving a glimpse at the soul of the Pakistani people. "And the World Changed" is a must for any world literature collection.

The Poetry Shelf

Finding Ireland
Richard Tillinghast
University of Notre Dame Press
310 Flanner Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556
9780268042325, $25.00,

In takes a certain adoration to embrace a new country as home. "Finding Ireland: A Poet's Explorations of Irish Literature and Culture" is a book that combines poetry and memoir as author Richard Tillinghast describes his adoption of Ireland as his new home after living in the United Stated for most of his life. He describes his new home and why he loves it, in a manner sure to inspire an appreciation for Irish heritage and culture in readers. "Finding Ireland" is a must for anyone who wants to learn about the home of Saint Patrick.

The Niagara River
Kay Ryan
Grove Press
841 Broadway, New York, New York, 10003
9780802142221, $14.00

Prize winning poet Kay Ryan presents The Niagara River, the latest entry in the Grove Press Poetry Series. The brief, free-verse vignettes cascade into defining, picturesque moments, perfectly capturing a thought, mote, or moment of time before thundering onward like the Niagara River itself. The result is a treat for poetry lovers of all persuasions. "Thin": How anything / is known / is so thin- / a skin of ice / over a pond / only birds might / confidently walk / upon. A bird's / worth of weight / or one bird-weight / of Wordsworth.

The Travel Shelf

Walking Chicago
Ryan Ver Berkmoes
Wilderness Press
1200 5th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710-1306
9780899974163, $19.95,

One of America's most culturally rich cities, Chicago has much to offer the person out on the town. "Walking Chicago: 31 Tours of the Windy City's Classic Bars, Scandalous Sites, Historic Architecture, Dynamic Neighborhoods, and Famous Lakeshore" is a travel guide showing what one can really enjoy in Chi-town when exploring the historic city on foot. The nightlife, history, beautiful views, and so much more are advertised, making a trip to Chicago very appealing. "Walking Chicago" is an absolute must companion to the Chicago traveler.

Fodor's New York City 2009
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
9781400019472, $18.95,

New York is one of the most famous cities in the world. "Fodor's New York City 2009" is a complete and comprehensive travel guide to those visiting this metropolis for vacation purposes who want to get the most possible out of their trip. With nearly three hundred color photos, it has much appeal to armchair travelers and much to whet one's appetite for the big apple. It also speaks on the many attractions ranging from the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero to the great bouquet of cultures in restaurants and hotels. "Fodor's New York City 2009" is a must for anyone who wants to absorb all of the city's delights.

Party Across America
Michael Guerriero
Adams Media
57 Littlefield Street, Avon, MA 02322
9781598698169, $12.95,

A party doesn't have to be contained within one's own basement. "Party Across America!: 101 of the Greatest Festivals, Sporting Events, and Celebrations in the U.S." is a guide to traveling the United States and partying along the way. Sporting events, festivals, and just plain parties all across the United States are listed. A surefire way for the nation wide traveler to find fun wherever they go, "Party Across America!" is the outgoing traveler's best friend.

The Education Shelf

The Obama Education Plan
Education Week
Jossey-Bass, Inc.
c/o Wiley-Blackwell
989 Market Street, 5th floor, San Francisco, CA 94103-1741
9780470482094, $14.95,

President Barack Obama has impacted the American political scene with an agenda-changing effect rarely equaled in the 200 year history of that office. One of the major social issue areas that are to be the cornerstone of his administration is education reform. Compiled by 'Education Week' and published by Jossey-Bass, "The Obama Education Plan: An Education Week Guide" will prove an indispensable aid to understanding what the Obama administration seeks to accomplish as it lays out 'The Obama-Biden Plan', offers insightful perspectives on key educational issues on the national and state levels, incorporates illustrative stories of innovative practices, includes sage advice from education leaders (some of whom are sources for the Obama Administration's education policy reforms), and features sage commentary on the issues relevant to educational reforms, accountability, resource enhancements, and goal setting. "The Obama Education Plan" is highly recommended for academics, governmental policy makers, school administrators, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in educational issues in general, and the Obama Administration's approach to them in particular.

Helping At-Risk Students
Jill Waterman & Elizabeth Walker
Guilford Publications, Inc.
72 Spring Street , New York, NY 10012
9781606230022, $35.00,

There is a renewed interest in preventing students from prematurely dropping out of school -- if only because our cratering economy and our need to compete in a global market necessitates the best trained and educated workforce we can muster. Now in an expanded and updated second edition, "Helping At-Risk Students: A Group Counseling Approach For Grades 6-9" by Jill Waterman (Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles) and Elizabeth Walker (a clinical psychologist specializing in economically disadvantaged and ethnically diverse high school students in Denver, Colorado) is an introduction and instruction guide to utilizing the 'SPARK' program as part of a group counseling approach to helping students at risk of under performing and dropping out of school. Enhanced with 36 reproducible handouts and forms (plus Spanish language versions of 32 of these handouts), "Helping At-Risk Students" provides the reader with field-tested at-risk counseling strategies; a new module on male-female relationships; new sessions on emotion regulation, communication, and relational aggression; strategies for whole-class implementation of at-risk student programs; and 68 reprocudibles of which almost half are new to this revised addition. Thoroughly 'user friendly', "Helping At-Risk Students" is highly recommended for counselors, teachers, and school administrators working with their at-risk student populations.

Thematic Inquiry Through Fiction and Nonfiction PreK to Grade 6
Colleen MacDonell
Linworth Books
3650 Olentangy River road, Suite 250, Columbus, OH 43214
9781586833503, $44.95

Thematic Inquiry Through Fiction and Nonfiction PreK to Grade 6 is a guide for educators and librarians for giving inquiry-based lessons to children in preschool and elementary classes. Each thematic inquiry unit is divided into a "Read it!" section with a sample dialogic reading of a given fiction or nonfiction book, an "Integrate it!" section with examples of how specific subjects or technology can be seamlessly blended into the lesson, a "Do it!" section with hands-on activities, and an "Assess it!" section with solid cross-curriculum standards and goals. Lists of core collection fiction and nonfiction books suitable for the lesson plans are included, and librarians and teachers are given the right to reproduce activity sheets for library or classroom use. Thematic Inquiry Through Fiction and Nonfiction PreK to Grade 6 is ultimately a solid guide and supplement to stimulating intellectual curiosity and creative thinking. "The challenge for schools with a rigidly defined core curriculum is to interpret the core content in such a way that it connects to the real life interests and questions of students. The challenge for more open curricula is to find motivating questions with enough content to sustain interest and propel investigations over time. As long as questions are neither frivolous nor abstract teachers and children should be able to frame content into questions that are worthy of in-depth investigation and thought."

Bullying Prevention & Intervention
Susan M. Swearer, Dorothy L. Espelage, Scott A. Napolitano
Guilford Publications, Inc.
72 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012
9781606230213, $30.00 1-800-365-7006

A foundation of research and the authors' hands-on experience in schools, Bullying Prevention & Intervention: Realistic Strategies for Schools is a straightforward guide for educators to take a stand against bullying in schools. Straightforward strategies for developing effective district-wide policies, coordinating team-based prevention initiatives, addressing the root causes of bullying, taking steps against the modern problem of cyberbullying, and more fill this practical guide with examples, reproducible pages, and discussion questions. A "must-have" for public and private school educators. "It is not politically correct to suggest that some children have physical and personality characteristics that place them at risk for victimization, but it is true. Children and adolescents who bully others do, in fact, pick their victims very carefully. The selection or choice might be the result of a judgment that makes use of a real understanding of the victim's weaknesses and of how this child is perceived by other classmates."

The Miseducation of Black Children
Dr. Kmt G. Shockley
African American Images
P.O. Box 1799, Sauk Village, IL 60412
9781934155127, $12.95,

Inner city schools have the lowest test scores, and this is where most of America's black population is centered. "The Miseducation of Black Children" is a scholarly examination of today's educational system and how it is partly responsible for the wide failure rates of America's black population. Low education is a cause of the high black ratio in prisons and involvement in violent crime, writes Shockley. Offering his own ideas on how to improve this, "The Miseducation of Black Children" is a strong consideration for educational professionals.

The Sports Shelf

Origins of Chinese Sports
Lim SK
Fu Chunjiang, illustrator
Asiapac Books
c/o China Books
360 Swift Ave., Suite 48, South San Francisco, CA 94080
9789812294883, $8.95,

There are few sports that are inherently Chinese, but that doesn't stop the people from participating. "Origins of Chinese Sports" is a detailed look at China and the world of sports. In recent years China has surged into a major powerhouse every Olympics, taking home more than its own fair share of medals. Chasing today's modern sports and tracing their history throughout China's past, "Origins of Chinese Sports" is a fine and educational read for those with an interest in Chinese history.

The Graphic Novel Shelf

Anne Steelyard
Barbara Hambly
Penny Farthing Press
2000 W. Sam Houston Pkwy, South, Suite 550, Houston, TX 77042
9780971901292, $19.95,

Every now and then along comes an graphic novel that can be classified as not only a terrifically entertaining read, but a work of original literary excellence. Such is the case with Barbara Hambly's "Anne Steelyard And The Garden Of Emptiness: An Honorary Man", the first of a series of adventures set in the Middle East of first decade of the 20th century and featuring a strong-minded, independent, intelligence young woman who seeks to become a renowned archaeologist and who has been 'drafted' by her British government to serve as a secret agent in the complex political world of the Ottoman Turks, the Egyptians, and the forces that will erupt in just a few more years as the first global war. Superbly illustrated by the team of Alex Kosakowski and Ron Randall (and featuring an original cover by Glen Orbik), this is the first episode of an on-going saga that promises to be as complex and engaging as an real life adventure by such historical figures as Lawrence of Arabia or fictional Indiana Jones. Highly recommended reading, "Anne Steelyard And The Garden Of Emptiness: An Honorary Man" will leave you looking eagerly for the next volume of high adventure in this deftly crafted and thoroughly entertaining series from Penny Farthing Press.

Dr. Slump volume 17
Akira Toriyama
Viz Communications Inc.
295 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
9781421519999, $7.99 1-800-394-3042

Created a few years before the wildly popular Dragonball and Dragonball Z series, manga (Japanese comics) author Akira Toriyama's first weekly series, Dr. Slump is a racous, wildly funny action series filled with irreverent wacky gags and high-spirited fun. In volume 17, the creator of the universe (or maybe just a few planets) appears, determined to destroy the world for hosting too much conflict and suffering. But the semi-infantile, high-spirited Gatchans (angels?) distract him at every turn with their wild and joyful hijinks, and the kindness of one boy letting him sleep overnight keeps making him put off destroying the world for one more day. Then, a kindly vegetarian tiger-man is inconsolable over the loss of a bird he nursed to health, but a cheery young Gatchan/angel is determined to get him back to his old self by raising more pet birds with him! More quick, quirky, and all-around fun adventures (and a dash of potty humor, but only a dash) round out this playful collection. Dr. Slump volume 17 is as good a jumping-on point as any for anyone intrigued by Toriyama's debut manga series.

Heaven's Will
Satoru Takamiya
Viz Communications Inc.
295 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
9781421522586, $8.99 1-800-394-3042

Part of Viz Media's "Shojo Beat Manga" series, featuring Japanese graphic novels with a focus on characters' emotions and relationships, Heaven's Will is a stand-alone manga complete in one volume about a young girl with a paranormal gift and the mysterious allies she befriends. Sudou Mikuzu has the power to see ghosts, and it terrifies her - she is a focal point that attracts any number of hideous monsters! Seto, an exuberant, cross-dressing exorcist agrees to help her, and along for the ride is Seto's mysterious companion: Kagari, the blood-feeding demon. Seto's cross-dressing and obsession with "girly" things like cake hide a dark secret, though. Seto is not a transgender, but rather haunted by extreme survivor's guilt over the sister who died in his place. As Sudou draws closer to Seto, she better understands him and the feelings that drive him, but can she allow him to pursue his most fervent wish, even if it will ultimately bring about his destruction? Presented with "unflipped" right-to-left artwork as the creator originally drew it, Heaven's Will is an enthralling story of complex characters, highly recommended especially to fans of shojo manga and the occult.

The Cookbook Shelf

The Outdoor Dutch Oven Cookbook
Sheila Mills
The McGraw Hill Companies
Two Penn Plaza, 11th Fl., NY, NY 10121-2298
9780071546591, $18.95, 1-877-833-5524

'Roughing it' in the great out of doors does not have to exclude great eating! That's the implied message reflected by the 225 creative, original, and 'camp cook friendly' recipes comprising Sheila Mills' "The Outdoor Dutch Oven Cookbook". A 'Dutch Oven' is basically a cooking pot with legs and a snug-fitting lid that is suspended over a camp fire. Drawing upon her more than 30 years as head chef and co-owner of Rocky Mountain River Tours, Sheila Mills has compiled superb Dutch Oven recipes for baking breads, preparing breakfast dishes, appetizers and snacks, both meat and meatless main dishes, and even some particularly wonderful desserts. The recipes range from a Posh Potato and Sausage Breakfast; to a Turkey and Brown Rice Casserole, to a Spicy Pesto Lasagna; to an elegant Yogurt Chocolate Cake. These gourmet quality recipes will satisfy an appetite and please any palate, making "The Outdoor Dutch Oven Cookbook" an ideal addition to personal and community library cookbook collections.

Red Or Green
Clyde W. Casey
Clear Light Publishing
823 Don Diego, Santa Fe, NM 87505
9781574160901, $14.95, 1-800-253-2747

The utilization of chili peppers in American cuisine arises out of Mexican culinary traditions as originally adapted and adopted throughout the southwest. In "Red Or Green: New Mexico Cuisine", Clyde W. Casey has compiled a 261-page compendium of more than two hundred authentic regional recipes showcasing 'kitchen cook friendly' New Mexico traditional and modern dishes that are as delicious as they are nutritious -- and often celebrating those culinary qualities most associated with red and green chili peppers. Featuring recipes ranging from 'Blue Cornmeal Pancakes' and 'Breakfast Burritos'; to 'Green Beans in Jalapeno Dressing' and 'Grilled Spanish-Style Eggplant'; to 'Fresh Basil Salsa' and 'Habanero Salsa', "Red Or Green" is enhanced with information about New Mexico's wines (one of the state's fastest growing products) and invaluable hints for high-altitude baking, making it an especially welcome addition to any personal or community library cookbook collection.

Cardamon And Lime
Sarah al-Hamad
Interlink Publishing Group
46 Crosby St., Northampton, MA 01060-1804
9781566567251, $26.95,

The culinary traditions of the Middle East are as diverse as the populations of the countries that comprise their ancient lands. "Cardamon And Lime: Recipes From The Arabian Gulf" is a compendium of exotic recipes assembled by Sarah Al-Hamad from Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. Enhanced throughout with full color photography of finished dishes, "Cardamon And Lime" also offers some history of these Gulf nation's culinary traditions. The thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes range from Aromatic Rice with Dill and Fava Beans; Chicken Biryani; Baked Fish with Nut Stuffing; and Green Bean Stew; to Gulf-Style Dumplings; Sago and Lychee Pudding; Stuffed Dates in Butter Sauce; and Arabian Coffe. "Cardamon And Lime" is a welcome and highly prized addition to personal and community library cookbook collections, and especially commended to adventures family chefs wanting to bring a bit of Arabia to their special occasion dining.

The Power Of Flour
Tiffany Haugen
Frank Amato Publications
PO Box 82112, Portland, OR 97282
9781571884459, $19.95,

Just browsing through the full color photos of finished dishes in Tiffany Haugen's "The Power Of Flour: Cooking With Non-Traditional Flours" will arouse even the most jaded of appetites. The dishes themselves are truly extraordinary in that they offer the kitchen cook an impressive variety of flavors drawn from an equally impressive variety of flours that go well beyond the usual bleached wheat flour that dominates most American baking cookbooks. Each individual recipe is clearly laid out in terms of ingredients and instructions, as well as being enhanced with a brief personal but relevant anecdote by Tiffany. The recipes comprising this spiral bound cornucopia of recipes include every aspect of a dinner menu from soups, salads and pastas, to breads, healthy snacks, and desserts. Of special note (and value) are the appendices on 'Nutritious Flours'; 'Substitutions'; 'Recipe Rescue & Bread Machine tips'; and 'Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free Vegan Recipes'. From Rainbow Corn Cakes; Outside-In Pizza; High-Protein Bars; and Dark Bread Crackers; to Chai Latte Cookies; Dangerous Brownies; and Fanned Apple Tart, "The Power Of Flour" is a unique and enthusiastically recommended addition to personal, family, and community cookbook collections.

The Big Book Of Barbecue Side Dishes
Rick Browne
Sellers Publishing
81 West Commercial Street, Portland, ME 04101
9781416205357, $16.95,

One of America's most popular dining occasions is the barbecue. As the creator and host of the PBS television series 'Barbecue America', Rick Browne brings a special expertise to the subject with the publication of "The Big Book Of Barbecue Side Dishes", an impressive compendium of nicely presented recipes for more than 125 dishes that include salads, breads, pasta, vegetables, rice, beans, salsas, potatoes, fruits, and more. From such classics as American Potato Salad; Baking Powder Biscuits; and Fried Green Tomatoes, to more exotic fare like Rum-Glazed Sweet Potatoes; Blueberry-Grapefruit Salsa; and Bourbon Creamed Corn, "The Big Book Of Barbecue Side Dishes" recipes are thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' and make any barbecue menu complete. As fun to browse through for ideas as it is informed and informative as to what would make an ordinary barbecue an extraordinary culinary event, "The Big Book Of Barbecue Side Dishes" is an enthusiastically recommended addition for any and all personal, family, and cookbook collections.

The Genius of James Barber
James Barber
Harbour Publishing
PO Box 219, Madeira Park, BC, Canada, V0N 2H0
9781550174496, $26.95,

As the food critic for the 'Vancouver Sun', the author of eleven cookbooks, and the star of the popular cooking show 'the Urban Peasant' which had a ten year run on CBC, the late James Barber (1923-2007) is well known in Canadian food circles. Now his culinary expertise is reconfirmed with the publication of "The Genius of James Barber: His Best Recipes" offering his legions of fans with a collection of Barber recipes that range from Ricotta-Stuffed Cannelloni with Peaches; Shrimp Egg Foo Young; and Sicilian Pumpkin with Mint; to Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding; Spicy Potato Pancakes; and Ground Lamb Balls with Cherries. Enhanced with an informed and informative preface by Angela Murrills, with commentaries by Umberto Menghi, Karen Barnaby, Hidekazu Tojo, Francois Gagnon, Vikram Vij and others, "The Genius of James Barber" is a fitting tribute to an illustrative culinary career and a welcome addition to both personal and community library cookbook collections.

Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen Cookbook
Nadia Geosia
c/o The Globe Pequot Press
PO Box 480, Guilford, CT 06437
9781599214412, $19.95,

Nadia G is the creator of www.bitchinKitchen.TV, a hit, hip, an award winning web and mobile cooking show and the source of the recipes she has gathered together to create "Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen Cookbook". Colorfully and provocatively illustrated throughout, Nadia G laces humor with her recipe instructions for 'kitchen cook friendly' dishes ranging from such exotic items as Chile raspberry Parfait, to mouth watering fare as a Chicken & Banana Curry, to such personal favorites as her Pot Au Chocolate. There's even such unexpected and unique dishes as Parsnip Chips with Sour Cream & Green Onion Dip (ideal for party time) and depression fighting fare like her Splitsville Salad with Caramelized Figs. Unique, unusual, and culinary cutting edge, "Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen Cookbook" is a highly prized and recommended addition to personal cookbook collections.

Quality Venison Cookbook
Steve Loder & Gale Loder
Stackpole Books
5067 Ritter Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-6921
9780811735209, $24.95,

Deer hunting season continues a perennially popular time to harvest meat for the family table. Now the family chef can have access to a veritable compendium of 'kitchen cook friendly', delicious and nutritious recipes specifically designed for bringing deer meat to the menu. A good thing too! An average deer can be butchered to provide up to seventy pounds of venison and even the most avid meat-eater can grow tired of just sitting down to venison burgers and steaks. The recipes in this 380-page, spiral bound, nicely organized collection of tips and recipes showcases dishes ranging from Jack's Venison Jerky; Lansdale Stovetop Venison Stew; Aunt Marge's Cheesy Venison and Veggie Bake; and Our Homemade Venison Manicotti; to Steve's Yankee-Style Venison Casserole; Gale's Venison Parmesan; Easy Louisiana Venison Creole; and A Duck Hunter's Venison Dish. For those with a desire for something extraordinary by way of a venison stake, the recipes range from Mustard Buttered Venison Steaks, to Teriyaki Steak Sandwiches, to Kelly's Venison Steak with Fresh Mushrooms. There are recipes for barbecue sauces and marinades, slow cooker dishes, and all manner of family friendly dining adventures making "Quality Venison Cookbook" a very highly recommended addition to any family cookbook shelf or community library collection!

Weber's Way to Grill
Jamie Purviance
Sunset Books
80 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025
9780376020598, $24.95 1-800-643-8030

Chef, journalist, and nationally acclaimed grilling expert Jamie Purviance presents Weber's Way to Grill: The Step-by-Step Guide to Expert Grilling, an all-around how-to cookbook jam-packed with more than 160 recipes, dozens of marinades and sauces, and an immense amount of tips, tricks, and techniques for grilling everything from steak to baby back ribs, turkey, fish, and more. Over 1,100 photos illustrate every stage of the techniques, making Weber's Way to Grill easy to follow and use, regardless of personal grilling experience. Weber's Way to Grill is a "must-have" for anyone new to grilling, and even veteran grillers are sure to acquire new, useful and delicious ideas!

Provencal Cooking
Mary Ann Caws
Pegasus Books
45 Wall Suite Street, Suite 1021, New York, NY 10005
9781605980201, $24.00,

Complex does not mean better. "Provencal Cooking: Savoring the Simple Life in France" is a combination memoir and cookbook as Mary Ann Caws reflects on her time in Provence and the lessons she learned about food and drink during her time there. Living without even the bare essentials, Caws learned to embrace the simple things, and brings readers her experiences alongside over forty recipes, such as Aubergine Paradis and Poulet Marche. "Provencal Cooking" is a must for those who want to learn how the French eat when being simple about it.

Cooking Backyard to Backcountry
John Rittel and Lori Rittel, M.S., R.D.
Riverbend Publishing
PO Box 5833, Helena, MT 59604
9781606390009, $19.95 1-866-787-2363

A handful of color photographs illustrate Cooking Backyard to Backcountry: 12 Techniques and 150 Recipes For Fabulous Outdoor Cooking, a no-nonsense guide to the art of cooking outdoors, from crowd-pleasing barbecue to baking in a classic Dutch oven to cooking on a hot stone slab, over a steam pit, using Native American techniques, and much more. 150 tried and true recipes fill this "field tested" compendium. Cooking Backyard to Backcountry is an excellent choice for cooks of all skill and experience levels, and includes a wealth of practical information and instructions to balance its step-by-step recipes. "Lump charcoal can be ignited in the same way as briquettes, but it's best to avoid lighter fluids... Fumes from unburned lighter fluid in cool spots can contaminate the food. You can usually light lump charcoal by piling it on top of wads of crumpled paper; this will avoid any possibility of petroleum fumes tainting the food."

Foods and Flavors of San Antonio
Gloria Chadwick
Pelican Publishing Company
1000 Burmaster Street, Gretna, LA 70053-2246
9781589806467, $19.95 1-800-843-1724

Foods and Flavors of San Antonio is a compendium of Tex-Mex inspired recipes, sure to delight the palate of anyone eager for authentic dishes worthy of San Antonio's festivals, fiestas, and day-to-day life. From Serrano Omelet to Turkey Tomorrow Tacos, Stuffed Poblano Peppers, Chipotle Salmon, Apple Enchiladas and much more, Foods and Flavors of San Antonio offers a treasury of unforgettable tastes. A welcome addition to regional or ethnic cuisine cookbook shelves.

The Antiques/Collectibles Shelf

Collecting Baseball Memorabilia: A Handbook
Dan Zachofsky
McFarland & Company
PO Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640
9780786441662, $29.95

Now in an updated second edition, Collecting Baseball Memorabilia: A Handbook is filled cover to cover with advice for collectors of everything from autographed baseballs, bats, and photos to how to design a room for memorabilia display, to a guide to acquiring signatures of each living member of the Hall of Fame, to savvy tips for taking advantage of online auctions (and avoiding scams)! Written by teacher and Society for American Baseball Research member Dan Zachofsky, Collecting Baseball Memorabilia: A Handbook is a thoroughly accessible guide equally valuable to novice collectors and advanced hobbyists searching exhaustively for that one last signature. "Avoid purchasing unreasonable and overpriced memorabilia from dealers. It is very easy to be enticed by the autograph craze. Collectors should be careful about purchasing the 1998 New York Yankees team baseballs and other items from some dealers. A New York company conducted a limited signing of 500 Yankees team baseballs with an excessive unit price of, $1,200. Collectors realize the Yankees have a rich tradition and history; however, the hefty price was determined prior to the outcome of the 1998 World Series."

Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald Buying Guide, 3rd edition
Renee Newman
International Jewelry Publications
PO Box 13384, Los Angeles, CA 90013-0384
9780929975412, $19.95

Now in a completely revised third edition, Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald Buying Guide: How to Identify, Evaluate and Select these Gems is an in-depth buyer's guide to these precious stones. Chapters discuss the geographic sources of rubies, sapphires, and emeralds; their carat weight, shape and cutting style, how to judge them by their colors, how to judge their clarity/transparency, the relative merits of appraisals versus lab reports, how to discern imitations and avoid gem scams, how to determine whether these gems are synthetic or natural, and much more. An invaluable resource, accessible to readers of all backgrounds, and an absolute "must-have" for anyone ready to expend the price to secure quality ruby, sapphire, or emerald jewelry.

Cameos: Old & New
Anna M. Miller & Diana Jarrett
Gemstone Press
PO Box 237, Woodstock, VT 05091
9780943763606, $19.99,

Cameos were a hallmark of social status and intrinsically beautiful adornments down through the centuries. Anna M. Miller's "Cameos: Old & New" has now been substantially revised, updated and expanded by Diana Jarrett for this newly published fourth edition of an antiques industry standard reference. A core reference guidebook, "Cameos: Old & New" provides invaluable information, instruction and advice on where to seek out cameos for acquisition, distinguishing old cameos from new ones, imitations and synthetic cameos from antiquarian ones, and separating ultrasonically produced cameos from hand-carved ones. Enhanced with a profusion of black-and-white as well as color images, "Cameos: Old & New" also covers defining the value of cameos, buying cameos from retailer sand dealers through either the Internet or at auction, ranging and classifying cameos, reviews of cameo artists from around the globe including contact information, and offering a cogent explanation of 'The MasterValuer Program' with respect to cameos. Laced throughout with 'info bits' of special interest to cameo enthusiasts and collectors, "Cameos: Old & New" is an essential reference and a welcome addition to personal, professional, academic, and community library Antiques & Collectibles guidebook collections.

Gold Coins of the Charlotte Mint 1838-1861
Douglas Winter
Zyrus Press, Inc.
PO Box 17810, Irvine, CA 92623
9781933990194, $39.95 1-888-622-7823

Now in its third edition, Gold Coins of the Charlotte Mint 1838-1861 is an in-depth collector's guide featuring full-color, close-up photographs of each gold coin created by the Charlotte Mint from 1838-1861. Updated with the latest mintage figures, rarity rankings, information about significant pieces known and auction records, Gold Coins of the Charlotte Mint 1838-1861 is not only a "must-have" for serious collectors, but the perfect treasury for "armchair collectors" who love to look at and learn about rare coins, but don't want to spend a fortune to own them. "Rarity Summary" tables allow at-a-glance information in this commendable reference and resource.

The Art Shelf

Robert Vickrey: The Magic of Realism
Philip Eliasoph
Hudson Hills Press
PO Box 205, 74-2 Union Street, Manchester, VT 05254
c/o National Book Network
4270 Boston Way, Suite 200, Lanham, MD 20706
9781555952921, $75.00

Robert Vickrey: The Magic of Realism is a visually enthralling, full color artbook of oil, acrylic, egg tempura, and more paintings by Robert Vickrey, whose many accomplishments include his memorable works for the cover of "Time" magazine. Vickrey's pieces have also earned the privilege of being displayed in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Academy of Design, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The extensive text of Robert Vickrey: The Magic of Realism, written by art history professor Philip Eliasoph, traces Vickrey's life from childhood to the present day and reflects on his artistic evolution and worldwide travels. A memorable coffee table book worthy of artbook shelves and especially recommended for public library collections.

Colorado Abstract: Paintings and Sculpture
Michael Paglia and Mary Voelz Chandler
University of New Mexico Press
MSC04 2820, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
9781934491126, $85.00 1-800-249-7737

Colorado Abstract: Paintings and Sculpture is a coffee table art book featuring full color images of abstract art and sculpture by Colorado artists throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty-first century. Co-authored by Denver art writers Michael Paglia and Mary Voelz Chandler, Colorado Abstract: Paintings and Sculpture includes brief profiles of the many artists whose works are presented. A vividly stunning compilation, perfect for anyone fascinated by or seeking to draw inspiration from abstract art, and highly recommended for public library collections and artbook shelves.

The Crafts Shelf

Simply Irresistible Bags
Trafalgar Square Publishing
PO Box 257, Howe Hill Road, North Pomfret, VT 05033
Independent Publishers Group (distributor)
814 North Franklin Street, Chicago, IL 60610
9781570764035, $24.95 1-800-888-4741

Simply Irresistible Bags: 45 Designs for Going Out, Looking Chic, and Shopping Green is a how-to craft guide for creating fabulous bags for every season. Each project is illustrated with a full-color photograph, and different projects span a wide variety of crafting techniques - from sewing and knitting to crochet and embroidery. In addition to step-by-step instructions, detailed templates are provided along with guidelines for personalizing the decorations on one's bags. Simply Irresistible Bags is a great way to create jazzy carry-alls for eco-friendly shopping, or unforgettable handmade gifts. Highly recommended.

Button It Up
Susan Beal
The Taunton Press
63 South Main Street, Newtown, CT 06470
9781600850738, $21.95 1-800-477-8727

Featuring full color photography of every project, Button It Up: 800 Amazing Vintage Button Projects for Necklaces, Bracelets, Embellishments, Housewares & More is a craft guidebook that lives up to its title. Each page or two-page spread features a different button project, explained with meticulous step-by-step how-to instructions and accompanied by a list of inexpensive required materials. From vintage button cafe curtains to a button bath set, a layered pendant, button magnets, button holiday decorations and more, Button It Up is a creative guide to turning one's old buttons into creative and colorful creations, suitable for use at home or as gifts. Highly recommended especially for hobbyists.

The Railroading Shelf

Along The Pocahontas District
2652 East Walnut St., Pasadena, CA 91107
1563422204, $29.95,

Pentrex is the premier producer of railroading DVDs and well regarded for their meticulous attention to detail and excellent technical/visual work. In "Along The Pocahontas District" we are treated to a full-color, 1 hour and 32 minute DVD travelog and history of the double-tracked rail route through southern West Virginia along the Norfolk Southern mainline called the Pocahontas District. The spectacular terrain, deep in the heart of Appalachia, and the colorful communities along the way from Williamson to Bluefield, are a perfect showcase for the heavy coal trains and time-freights. There are eighteen tunnels, numerous river crossings, steep grades, and more. Enhanced with stereo sound, an informative narration, and the impressive engines necessary to haul the coal trains up long, steep grades, "Along The Pocahontas District" is a welcome and highly recommended addition to personal, community, and academic library Railroading History DVD collections.

Done in a Day
Pelle K. Soeborg
Kalmbach Publishing Company
21027 Crossroads Circle, Waukesha, WI 53186
9780890247624, $19.95 1-800-533-6644

Done in a Day: Easy Detailing and Weathering Projects for Your Model Railroad is ideal for model railroad enthusiasts who love their hobby but don't have a lot of time. Filled cover to cover with weathering and detailing projects that take no more than a few hours, Done in a Day teaches the reader how to rust the roofs of old auto carriers, make easy pipe and coal loads, model a neglected Santa Fe Warbonnet diesel, add DCC decoders and lights to pre-DCC locomotives, and much more. Each project is illustrated with up-close color photographs for every step of the creative process. An invaluable resource for model railroad hobbyists everywhere; even those who aren't short on time are sure to appreciate these simple yet creative detailing projects.

The Gardening Shelf

The Dry Gardening Handbook
Olivier Filippi
Thames & Hudson, Inc.
500 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10110-0017
9780500514078, $60.00 1-800-233-4830

Beautifully illustrated with full color photography on virtually every page, The Dry Gardening Handbook: Plants and Practices for a Changing Climate is an solidly practical guide to creating a garden that is hardy against drought and ideal for gardeners who seek to conserve water. An alphabetical listing of over 500 drought-resistant plant species forms the core of The Dry Gardening Handbook; each entry includes the plant's geographic origin, size, exposure and hardiness, foliage, ideal soil conditions, and related kindred plants. The first seventy pages of The Dry Gardening Handbook are packed with more general advice concerning the successful planting of one's garden, tips for optimum water management and maintenance, and more. An absolute "must-have" for any gardener in dry climates, and highly recommended for gardeners in moderate climates in today's era when population increases make water conservation more important than ever.

The Human Sexuality Shelf

Phone Sex
Phillip Toledano, photographs and foreword
Twin Palms Publishers
PO Box 10229, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504
9781931885744, $50.00 1-800-797-0680

Phone Sex is an astounding, full-color photographic portrait collection of phone sex workers, often in their homes or workplaces. The photos of Phone Sex aren't particularly risque; though some of the women are wearing less clothing than others, the goal is to show the actual people behind the audio-fantasy-for-hire facade. Some are attractive, some are plain, some are skinny, some are fat, and all do their job because they have bills to pay. The first-person narrative text offers a glimmer of insight into the lives of phone sex operators. "Phone Sex" is a book for adults only, since some of the text makes graphic reference to various sex acts - not to titillate the reader, but simply because talking about graphic sex acts is part of a phone sex operator's job. "Just last night I received possibly the most disturbing phone sex call I'd had in a long time. A caller shot himself with me on the phone. The unmistakable sound of a gunshot followed by the heavy and wet sound of a body falling with a thud to the floor. Things like this always scare me." Highly recommended.

The Black Studies Shelf

Freedom Facts and Firsts
Jessie Carney Smith & Linda T. Wynn
Visible Ink Books
43311 Joy Road #414, Canton, MI 48187-2075
9781578591923, $24.95

The African American race has come a long way, from being treated like cattle off boats to leading the free world. "Freedom Facts and Firsts: 400 Years of the African American Civil Rights Experience" is an amazing compilation of facts and stories about the lives and times of African Americans in the past four centuries. With everything from entries on major court cases, remarkable events, to the icons of black history, "Freedom Facts and Firsts" is a fine reference for those who want to understand the importance of those who came before.

The World History Shelf

This Fleeting World
David Christian
314 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230
9781933782041, $14.95,

Hundreds of thousands of years can be summed up quite compactly. "This Fleeting World: A Short History of Humanity" is a book of history attempting to cover the broad scope of history ranging from the evolution of the homo sapiens, to what has become of mankind in today's modern world. Author David Christian makes history fun, making "This Fleeting World" a good read from beginning to end.

The Philosophy Shelf

The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy
Luke Cuddy, editor
Open Court Publishing Company
70 East Lake Street, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60601
9780812696547, $18.95 1-800-815-2280

The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy: I Link Therefore I Am is a most unusual collection of philosophical essays in that their theme is drawn from popular culture - specifically, the widely beloved series of "Legend of Zelda" action-fantasy video games. Those who grew up playing the Zelda games know them for their minimalist stories, epic quests, exploratory journeys, and Link, the silent everyman fantasy hero. Individual essays include "Why Do We Care Whether Link Saves the Princess?", "The Hero with a Thousand Hearts: Death in Zelda", "Zelda as Art", "How Can There Be Evil in Hyrule?", "The Legend of Feminism", and many more. The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy is a quite serious and substantial philosophical treatise, that applies full force of the discipline to the long-treasured Zelda series of interactive media. "An important fact of 'The Legend of Zelda' is that there are no directions or divine laws... Many ancient cultures and the philosophies they produced did not express linear time; like the seasons, the tides, the rising and setting of the sun, time was understood a circle of life and death, abundance and death. With the inception of Christianity, which plotted a beginning (God created the world in six days) an end (Armageddon and Judgment), a different understanding of time and history flared forth.

The Consistent Ethic of Life
Thomas A. Nairn, editor
Orbis Books
PO Box 302, Maryknoll, NY 10545-0302
9781570757921, $25.00,

Ethics is a word tossed around, but what does it really mean? "The Consistent Ethic of Life: Assessing Its Reception and Relevance" is a series of essays asking questions such as 'What are the true ethics in one's life, be they personal or professional?' In today's ever-changing society, ethics are more important than ever, and with secular and religious voices alike speaking within the volume, "The Consistent Ethic of Life" is a fine discussion to consider when pondering the term.

Feeling Our Feelings
Eva Brann
Paul Dry Books
1616 Walnut Street, Suite 808, Philadelphia, PA 19103
9781589880467, $35.00,

Feelings are nothing if they are not acted upon. "Feeling Our Feelings: What Philosophers Think and People Know" poses the question of what are feelings, and why those who are not entirely in touch with them are considered 'weird' and in need of therapy. Discussing a wide array of classics ranging from Plato to Descartes, Eva Brann puts forth her own extensive knowledge and the result is a very enjoyable philosophical read. "Feeling Our Feelings" is well worth it to those who feel feelings are more than just that.

The Gift of Time
Fiona Charles, editor
Dorset House Publishing
3143 Broadway, Suite 2B, New York, NY 10014
9780932633750, $25.95,

Gerald M. Weinberg is a highly respected mind in today's academia, and "The Gift of Time" has been composed in tribute of his work with the minds of both humanity and computers. A collection of essays touching on what Weinberg has helped them within the problems they face, commonly with leadership, group thinking mentality, education, and more. "The Gift of Time" is a collection of fine intellectual writing, sure to give readers much to learn.

The Self-Help Shelf

Widows Wear Stilettos
Carole Brody Fleet
New Horizon Press
PO Box 669, Far Hills, NJ 07931
9780882823393, $14.95,

Widows are suppose to be women who are old and gray, not people in the prime of their lives. "Widows Wear Stilettos: A Practical and Emotional Guide for The Young Widow" is a self-help guide for those who have been widowed at a young age. With the recent conflicts in the Middle East, there has been a rise in young widows in recent years. When separated so early, these men and women face a special challenge, unsure of how to move on and live the long duration of the rest of their lives. "Widows Wear Stilettos" is a must for anyone who has faced the tragedy of losing a spouse before they've become middle aged.

Keep It Simple & Sane
Barb Rogers
Conari Press
c/o Red Wheel, Weiser, & Conari
65 Parker Street, Suite 7, Newburyport, MA 01950
9781573243575, $14.95,

Over-thinking can be just as much a problem as not thinking at all. "Keep It Simple & Sane: Freeing Yourself from Addictive Thinking" is a guide to simplifying one's life by not over-thinking the common problems in one's life. Divided into sections discussing emotional, physical, and spiritual simplicity, "Keep It Simple & Sane" is a fine handbook to use to remove some complexity to life.

The Road to Wisdom
Dennis A. Butler
Road to Wisdom Publishing
26442 West 110th Terrace, Olathe, KS 66061
9781607025207, $24.95

Life is simply one search after another. "The Road to Wisdom: Becoming" is a self-help manual that takes natural human curiosity and applies it to becoming a more complete person. Written in a simple and easy to understand manner, "The Road to Wisdom" lays out what one needs to understand about the world we live in and how to build a healthy relationship with one's free will and others. "The Road to Wisdom" is a fresh approach to the topic and is sure to open the minds of many a reader.

You're Not Who You Think You Are
Albert Clayton Gaulden
Atria Books
1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
9781416583769, $22.00,

One's true self is usually buried under piles of masks and falsehoods to make oneself more appealing to society as a whole. "You're Not Who You Think You Are: A Breakthrough Guide to Discovering the Authentic You" is a guide to breaking through the falsehoods so one may best understand who they truly are. Spiritual and poignant, "You're Not Who You Think You Are" says the best path to peace is total honesty with oneself, and to stop lying to the world and therefore lying to the self. "You're Not Who You Think You Are" is enlightening reading, sure to inspire and motivate.

The Christian Studies Shelf

The Bible Believer's Handbook
Larry Vaughn
Anomalos Publishing
PO Box 5, Crane, Missouri 65633
9780981495781, $14.95

The Bible Believer's Handbook is a guide for all who believe that the Bible is the word of God. Chapters discuss the aspects of God, what God expects of human beings, good qualities one should strive to embrace, and evil qualities one should strive to purge from one's heart. "The Bible is the foundation on which America stands... The secularists seized control of our culture in the 1960s. It was in 1962, that the Supreme Court banned prayer in public schools. They prohibited Bible reading in the classroom in June of 1963. Before that year had ended, the President of the United States was brutally murdered. When our government officially rejected God, he withdrew his protection from it. Since that time our nation has spiraled in moral decline." Biblical passages are quoted throughout "The Bible Believer's Handbook", followed by plain-terms interpretations. A fervently devotional guide filled with essential biblical passages every Christian needs to know.

The Hunting/Fishing Shelf

Fishing Diamond Jigs and Bucktails
Tom Migdalski
Burford Books
32 Morris Avenue, Springfield, NJ 07081
9781580801539, $18.95,

Some fish prove harder to catch than others. "Fishing Diamond Jigs and Bucktails: How to Fish the World's Most Versatile Saltwater Lures" is a fishing manual about some of the tougher fish to catch in the deceptively difficult sport of fishing. Detailing methods needed to catch the type of fish one desires, Migdalski's fishing wisdom proves invaluable no matter where in America one chooses to fish. "Fishing Diamond Jigs and Bucktails" is an enthusiastic recommendation to anyone who takes their fishing seriously.

The Social Issues Shelf

Latinos and the Nation's Future
Henry G. Cisneros
Arte Publico Press
University of Houston,
452 Cullen Performance Hall, Houston, TX 77204-2004
9781558855427, $29.95 1-800-633-2783

Latinos and the Nation's Future is an anthology of scholarly essays by learned authors discussing both solid facts and grounded predictions about the role Latinos play in present-day America, and the roles they will have to play in the future to help maintain the United States' global standing. Individual essays include "Becoming American - The Latino Way", "Politics and the Latino Future: A Republican Dream", "Latino Progress and U.S. Foreign Policy", "Latino Numbers and Social Trends: Implications for the Future", "On the Power of Education and Community Action", and much more. A solid resource offering invaluable insights into America's fastest growing racial demographic. "Other dynamics beside demographics and financial capacity impair Latinos' ability to buy a home. One of the most important is a lack of information and guidance regarding the way banks and financial institutions operate, how to establish credit and how to negotiate the often-complicated process of home buying. Needless to say, these difficulties may be increased by the language barrier faced by many of the more recent immigrants."

International Terrorism And Threats To Security
Ronald J. Burke & Cary L. Cooper, editors
Edward Elgar Publishing
9 Dewey Court, Northampton, MA 01060-3815
9781847201508, $150.00,

In the world of today, the global threats to stability and peaceful co-existence stem principally from violence by stateless enemies whose lethal ideology stems from such triggering causes as religion, ethnicity, and diminishing resources. Such groups resort to the strategy of terrorizing established governments and communities with acts of terrorism that include such tactics as assassinations, suicide attacks, and the random bombing of civilian targets. The newest addition to the outstanding Edward Elgar Publishing series 'New Horizons in Management', and collaborative compiled and co-edited by Ronald J. Burke (Professor of Organizational Behavior, Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada) and Cary L. Cooper (Distinguished Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health, Lancaster University, United Kingdom), "International Terrorism And Threats To Security: Managerial And Organizational Challenges" is a series of twelve informed and informative essays addressing various aspects of terrorism's impact and creating both individual as well as organizational resilience to terrorist assaults. Of special note are Jack N. Kondrasuk and Elizabeth Arwood's 'A US analysis of terrorism' and 'Airline industry responses to September 11th' which is the team product of Jody Hoffer Gittell, Kim Cameron, Sandy Lin, and Victor Rivas. A work of meticulous and seminal scholarship throughout, "International Terrorism And Threats To Security" is a core addition to university library reference collections and especially recommended reading for governmental officials and non-specialist general readers concerned with responding to terrorist activities at home and abroad.

The American History Shelf

Florida's Working-Class Past
Robert Cassanello & Mellanie Shell-Weiss, editors
University Press of Florida
15 Northwest 15th St., Gainesville, FL 32611-2079
9780813032832, $69.95,

Most histories focus upon the leaders of a society or a community. But to have a fully informed understanding of the history of these societies and communities attention must be made to the lives of the ordinary people who comprise the vast majority of their members. That's why "Florida's Working-Class Past: Current Perspectives On Labor, Race, And Gender From Spanish Florida to The New Immigration" is such a valued contribution to Floridian social, cultural, political, and economic history. Expertly compiled and co-edited by the team of Robert Cassanello (Assistant Professor of History, University of Central Florida) and Melanie Shell-Weiss (Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Johns Hopkins University), "Florida's Working-Class Past" is an outstanding compilation of nine substantial and superbly written essays that embody original and seminal scholarship by their contributors. The essays range from Tamara Spike's 'St. Augustine's Stomach: Corn and Indian Tribute Labor in Spanish Florida', to Melanie Shell-Weiss' 'I Dreamed I Went to Work: Expanding Southern Unionism in the Mid-Twentieth-Century Lingerie Industry'. Enhanced with an knowledgeable introduction and an epilogue ('Florida and the Contemporary Labor Movement'), "Florida's Working-Class Past" is a seminal contribution recommended for university library American History reference collections in general, and Floridian History Studies reading lists in particular.

The Sutton-Taylor Feud
Chuck Parsons
University of North Texas Press
PO Box 311336, Denton, TX 76203-1336
9781574412574, $24.95

Highly accessible to lay readers and scholars alike, The Sutton-Taylor Feud: The Deadliest Blood Feud in Texas is the shocking true story of a murderous blood feud that continued into the 1890s when the final court case was settled with a governmental pardon. Of all Texas feuds, the one between the William E. Sutton (and his many friends) and the Taylors lasted longer than any other. The initial cause of the feud is lost to history, though both sides are known for insisting that they were on the side of righteousness. The violence and bloodshed included preemptive executions by lynch mobs, the slaying of two military soldiers, and the lethal shooting of a doctor and his son. Pressures and family ties through marriage or friendship forced many a Texan to take sides - those who wouldn't often felt even more endangered and better off moving to another state. A fascinating, expertly researched chronicle of bloodshed on American soil long after the Civil War, The Sutton-Taylor Feud is an a worthy addition to college library and Texas history shelves.

A Shadow on the Household
Bryan Prince
McClelland & Stewart
75 Sherbourne Street, 5th floor, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5A 2P9
9780771071256, $32.99 1-800-788-1074

A Shadow on the Household: One Enslaved Family's Incredible Struggle for Freedom is the true-life story of a family of slaves - John Weems, his wife Arabella, and their seven children - who were divided up among the heirs of slaveowner Adam Robb when he died. Distraught at the dissolution of his family, Weems resolved to buy his family from the slave traders before they were taken into the Deep South. As news of the Weems family tragedy spread, it raised awareness of the plight of divided slave families in both Britain and the United States, lighting a fire under the press and in the consciences of American citizens. Some of the Weems family took their freedom into their own hands, and dared to escape and evade slave catchers rather than wait for rescue; one daughter even learned to dress, walk, and act like a boy as a disguise. An amazing true story of a family fiercely resisting the cruelties thrust upon it.

The Buddhist Studies Shelf

As Long As Space Endures
Edward A. Arnold, editor
Snow Lion Publications
PO Box 6483, Ithaca, NY 14851
9781559393300, $29.95 1-800-950-0313

As Long As Space Endures: Essays on the Kalacakra Tantra in Honor of H. H. the Dalai Lama is an assembly of essays by twenty-five expert scholars of tantric studies, compiled to celebrate the current Dalai Lama's long connection with the Kalacakra ("Wheel of Time") Tantra, a tradition of Buddhist theory and practice that spans the gamut from observations of the universe to matters of meditative states and the body's vital energies. Individual writings present include "Palden Lhamo: Supreme Guardian Goddess of the Dalai Lama", "The Six Vajra-Yogas of Kalacakra", "Medicine and Astrology in the Healing Arts of the Kalacakratantra", "Demon Diseases and Tibetan Medicine: The Interface Between Religion and Science", and many more. An astutely philosophical text, ideal for advanced students, researchers, or practitioners of Buddhism, As Long As Space Endures also features practical advice for Western students directly from modern-day Tibetan Kalacakra masters. Highly recommended as a worthy addition to Buddhist studies shelves.

The Dark Red Amulet
Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche
Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche
Snow Lion Publications
PO Box 6483, Ithaca, NY 14851
9781559393119, $16.95

Written by the co-founders and co-directors of Padmasambhava Buddhist Center, The Dark Red Amulet: Oral Instructions on the Practice of Vajrakilaya is a solid history of the lineage of the Vajrayana practice, and the orally transmitted wisom of the great seventeenth-century master Tsasum Lingpa. The transcript of Tsasum Lingpa's teachings is presented line-by-line, each line in its original language followed by its English translation; each line is followed by an extensive and thorough commentary that clarifies and enlightens. Additional insights are offered in the form of a historical overview of the Vajrakilaya Transmission, insight into the Four Phurbas, a question-and-answer section, and much more. An absolute must-have for any scholar or buddhist practitioner seeking to better understand the past and future path of the Vajrayana practice of Vajrakilaya.

The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf

Western Film Series Of The Sound Era
Michael R. Pitts
McFarland & Company
PO Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640
9780786435296, $95.00,

The enduring popularity of those old western movies series such as Hopalong Cassidy, The Durango Kid, and the Three Mesquiteers, continued with the advent of television and even today can be seen by whole new generations of viewers on specialty television channels with western movie themes. The western genre of filmmaking produced popular culture heros and movie stars that ranged from John Wayne and Johnny Mack Brown, to Ken Maynard and Tim McCoy. Now movie fan and historian Michael R. Pitts has compiled a 480-page reference that details all of these western movie series including plot synopsis and analysis of each series' place in cinematic history. Profusely illustrated with 137 photos, and enhanced with filmographies, a bibliography, and an index, "Western Film Series Of The Sound Era" is a welcome and highly prized addition to personal, academic, and community library film history reference collections and western film buff supplemental reading lists.

The Columbia History Of American Television
Gary R. Edgerton
Columbia University Press
61 West 62nd Street, New York, NY 10023-7015
9780231121651, $24.50,

Most people are not aware that the technology of sending images and sound over the airwaves was well underway prior to the outbreak of World War II. The demands of the war effort were what delayed the introduction of television to the American population until after the war's end. In "The Columbia History Of American Television", Gary R. Edgerton (Professor and Chair of the Communication and Theater Arts Department at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia) lays out the developmental history of television beginning with its pre-war inception, then takes the reader through the Network Era, then the Cable Era, and concludes with an examination of the current Digital Age of television. Along the way, Professor Edgerton addresses an enormous number of relevant issues such as television as an art form, its impact on American popular culture, its gender, racial, and ethnic components, its impact on politics and social issues, its effect as a commercial venture for the American economy, and so much more. A seminal work of meticulous scholarship, "The Columbia History Of American Television" is a welcome and highly recommended addition for academic and community library American Popular Culture reference collections, as well as an informed and informative work suitable for non-specialist general readers with an interest in the history of television in America.

The Native American Shelf

Susanne and Jake Page
Treasure Chest Books
c/o Rio Nuevo Publishers
PO Box 5250, Tuscon, AZ 85703-0252
9781933855264, $29.95, 224 pages

"Hopi" is a stunning 25th anniversary edition of a rare portrayal of the varied facets of life among the Hopi. Originally published in 1982 after the photographer/author team of Susanna and Jake Page were invited to visit Hopi tribal lands and record their cultural diversity and concerns. "Hopi" is filled with documentary, world class photography and sensitive summaries of some of the many Hopi tribal differences and dialogues. Chief among the factions are the Traditionalists and the Progressives, but within these large generalizations are countless subtle shadings and differences of opinion. Faithfully recording myriad details of Hopi daily life, ceremonial year events, and traditional sacred knowledge and bits of Hopi lore that were allowed to be shared with the dominant culture's representatives was the daunting goal of the Pages. They made clear the honor that was bestowed upon them to be invited to partake of the Hopi way of life for the purpose of recording even a fraction of their rich diversity. "Hopi" was nearly 8 years in the making, to show some of the time and effort and care that was invested in this beautiful project. It is a fascinating glimpse into a world already irrevocably changed by time and events. "Hopi" is a landmark effort of deep and luminous beauty. All American are enriched by these reverent efforts to present a culture in all its rich diversity.

The Photography Shelf

Soul Rebel
David Burnett
Insight Editions
c/o Palace Publishing Group
17 Paul Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903
9781933784267, $39.95 1-800-809-3792

Soul Rebel: An Intimate Portrait of Bob Marley is an amazing photographic portrait of reggae music legend Bob Marley. Filled cover to cover with black-and-white and color photographs of Marley that "Time" magazine photojournalist David Burnett took in 1976 and 1977, Soul Rebel is further enhanced by Burnett's reminiscences of those bygone days, and the unforgettable experience of meeting and working with Marley. Many of the images are quite candid, and show Marley in his day-to-day life as much as his time on stage giving performances. A captivating photographic collection that reveals the man behind the music.

Seacoast Maine
George Tice
David R. Godine, Publisher
PO Box 450, Jaffrey, NH 03452
9781567923766, $40.00,

George Tice is a veteran photography who for the past five decades has been taking images of the diverse landscapes of America in general, and his native New Jersey in particular. Now he has compiled photographs of coastal Maine taken when, ever summer, he taught a one-week Master Class at the Maine Photographic Workshops. the result is "Seacoast Maine", which includes his finest photographic work done from 1970 through 2007 and showcasing 107 quatone photographs. From fogs off Lubec to the lobster boats of Monhegan, from the grain elevators of Portland to the Shakers of Sabbathday Lake, "Seacoast Maine" is a visual showcase of Maine's ports, people, geography, and architecture. Highly recommended for personal, professional, and academic library American Photography collections.

The Parenting Shelf

Brothers And Sisters In Adoption
Arleta James
Perspectives Press
PO Box 90318, Indianapolis, IN 46290
9780944934357, $30.00,

Often the question of adoption will involve siblings. When experienced parents consider adopting an older child or a sibling group they must go through a series of requirements imposed by adoption agencies that will include background checks, interviews, group meetings, reading assignments, as well as classes in parenting and the problems associated with adopted children. Often the children themselves with have a history of neglect or trauma that must be addressed. Drawing upon her many years of experience and expertise as a Cleveland, Ohio-based clinical therapist whose specialty is adoption and foster care, Arleta James has authored "Brothers And Sisters In Adoption: Helping Children Navigate Relationships When New Kids Join The Family", a compendium of advise, counsel, information, and commentary that deals with a roster of vital issues ranging from developing realistic expectations about the adoption process and the readiness of the family to adopt siblings; the role of fathers in adoptive families; as well as child displacement, disruption and dissolution issues. Of special note are the chapters on family mobilization and issues related to adopted children turning 18 and becoming adults in their own right. Enhanced with a glossary, references, an index, and a number of pertinent appendices, "Brothers And Sisters In Adoption" is highly recommended reading for anyone one considering the adoption of older children, distressed children, and siblings, making it an ideal and invaluable addition to personal, academic, community library, and adoption agency reference shelves.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

The Little Book Of Living Green
Mark Hegarty
Andrews & McMeel
4520 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64111
9780740777554, $5.99, 1-800-851-8923

Environmental issues and the necessity of living in ways more harmonious with our environment is at the forefront of public awareness with such dire problems as those of global warming and decreasing petroleum supplies world wide. "The Little Book Of Living Green" by Mark Hegarty is a compendium of practical, 'user friendly' ways for us to alter our daily lives and habits that will enable our grandchildren (and their grandchildren) to inherit an earth no longer blighted by human originated environmental degradations. From recycling used photocopy cartridges and printer toners, to cooking our meals with microwave ovens, using cloth bags to grocery shop, to joining an environmental protection group, "The Little Book Of Living Green" is a handy and portable little pocket book which offers a cornucopia of simple, effective, do-it-yourself ways to live well in our homes and in our lives while exercising good environmental stewardship.

The Computer Shelf

How to be a Geek Goddess
Christina Tynan-Wood
No Starch Press
555 DeHaro Street, Suite 250, San Francisco, CA 94107
O'Reilly Media
1005 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, CA 95472
9781593271879, $24.95,

You don't have to sacrifice femininity for efficiency. "How to be a Geek Goddess: Practical Advice for Using Computers with Smarts and Style" is a woman's guide to the world of all things computer. Ranging from everything involving from purchasing a computer, staying safe from viruses and malware, using the internet to its fullest extent, and avoiding being that one aunt or mother who wouldn't know a computer from a shovel, "How to be a Geek Goddess" is an ideal acquisition to those who want to avoid ignorance in the necessary modern art of computer use.

The Judaic Studies Shelf

Yirat Shamayim
Marc D. Stern, editor
KTAV Publishing House
930 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306
9781602800373, $30.00,

Fear is a powerful thing, and one of the central subjects of Orthodox Judaism. "Yirat Shamayim: The Awe, Reverence, and Fear of God" is a collection of essays discussing the fear and reverence of God, and why it is so important in Judaism's belief system. Thirteen essays spanning over four hundred pages offer a blend of opinions and discussions of Judaism, and will prove enlightening and insightful for Jew and gentile alike. "Yirat Shamayim" is a fine discussion of Judaism and fear, highly recommended.

Doing Jewish Theology
Neil Gillman
Jewish Lights Publishing
PO Box 237, Sunset Farm Offices, RT. 4, Woodstock, VT 05091
9781580233224, $24.99,

The religion of Judaism has evolved constantly throughout history. "Doing Jewish Theology: God, Torah, & Israel in Modern Judaism" is a wide scope look at modern Judaism, and what the religion means to its millions of followers around the world. Diving into ancient and sacred texts to probe for answers, author Neil Gillman looks into the evolution of modern Judaism, the impact of Israel, and much more. Acting as both a study of the religion and an inspiration to it, "Doing Jewish Theology" is an enthusiastically recommended read for anyone interested in Judaism, regardless if they follow it or not.

The Women's Studies Shelf

Women at the Top
Mimi Wolverton, Boverly L. Bower, and Andrienne E. Hyle
Stylus Publishing
22883 Quicksilver Drive, Sterling, VA 20166-2102
9781579222567, $21.00,

What's different when a woman takes control? "Women at the Top: What Women University and College Presidents Say About Effective Leadership" is a collection of essays from various women in power as presidents of major colleges throughout the United States. They each speak with much wisdom about the challenges a woman faces in this position, and offer leadership keen for a woman in any type of leadership position - and a good deal of it can apply to men as well. "Women at the Top" is a solid manual of leadership advice with a specialized, but not overly so, focus.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Your Job Survival Guide
Gregory Shea & Robert Gunther
FT Press
c/o Pearson Education Press
1 Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458
9780137127023, $18.99,

Change is good, but boy is it ever stressful. "Your Job Survival Guide: A Manual for Thriving in Change" is a guide to dealing with the chaotic nature of one's workplace during times of change. With key advice on keeping one's job and staying useful to assist that fact, taking the lead and controlling change instead of letting it control you, and so much more, the business wisdom within is invaluable to anyone who wants to be ready for whatever life is going to throw at their career. "Your Job Survival Guide" is a solid reference for the career person.

Ten Steps To A Federal Job
Kathryn Troutman
The Resume Place, Inc.
89 Mellor Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21228;
9780964702592, $28.95, 1-888-480-8265

In our cratering economy every week brings more announcements of massive job layoffs and cutbacks by American businesses. Government is more and more being seen as the employer of last resort for thousands upon thousands of unemployed workers who cannot find gainful employment in the private sector. President Obama and his advisors, as well as the more progressive members of Congress, have realized this as our nation's unemployment figures soar. This is in addition to those who seek to serve the national interests through the federal job sector. Now in a fully updated and expanded second edition, "Ten Steps to A Federal Job: How To Land A Job In The Obama Administration" by Kathryn Troutman couldn't come at a more timely opportunity to help people to successfully apply for federal jobs in the new administration. Enhanced with the inclusion of a CD-ROM packed with federal resumes, required KSA statements, and more, "Ten Steps To A Federal Job", is illustrated with twenty-four true stories of real people who obtained federal employment utilizing the 'Troutman Method'. Strongly recommended for personal, professional, academic and community libraries, as well as job center reference shelves, "Ten Steps To A Federal Job" is especially an appropriate guide for career changers; college students; entry-level, mid-career, and experienced professionals; as well as discharged military personnel and their family members.

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