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Reviewer's Choice

Where Discovery Sparks Imagination
John D. Jenkins
American Museum of Radio and Electricity
1312 Bay Street, Bellingham, WA 98225
9780979456909, $34.95,

Through the twentieth century, electricity has revolutionized culture around the world. "Where Discovery Sparks Imagination: A Pictorial History of Radio and Electricity" traces the history of electricity and radio as pioneers of this strange force of electricity and magnetism was slowly understood and utilized. With plenty of photos of the devices developed over history as electricity turned from a scientific curiosity to a commercial juggernaut, "Where Discovery Sparks Imagination" is a fine photographic history book, a fine addition to either history collections or coffee tables.

Take Control Of Your Divorce
Judith Margerum, Jerome A. Price, & James Windell
Impact Publishers
PO Box 6016, Atascadero, CA 93323-6016
9781886230972, $18.95,

To deny a child a parent is a cruelty that shouldn't be visited unless there is no other choice. "Take Control of Your Divorce: Strategies to Stop Fighting & Start Co-Parenting" is a guide aimed at parents who have chosen divorce and want to pursue a relationship that gives the kids both parents instead of a venom fueled hateful relationship that makes bad impressions on children. With plenty of advice from professionals, "Take Control of Your Divorce" is a strong pick for anyone who doesn't want their relationship to end in hate on all fronts.

An Unconventional Journey
Lisa Paulson
Thistlefield Books
9406 N. 107th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53224
9780981690629, $16.95,

There has to be a better and more ecological way to live life. "An Unconventional Journey: The Story of High Wind From Vision to Community to Eco-Neighborhood" tells the story of High Wind, a community founded on a better ecological practice, and the challenges that came along with it, both ecological and otherwise. Over nearly three decades of history are unfolded and Lisa Paulson speaks on the story well. "An Unconventional Journey" is a top pick for any ecological memoir collection.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Hot Jobs
Andrew Morkes
College & Career Press
PO Box 300484, Chicago, IL 60630
9780974525167, $19.95,

For many, their dream in life is to be comfortable, and finding the best job is the best way to get to that point. "Hot Jobs: More Than 25 Careers with the Highest Pay, Fastest Growth, and Most New Job Openings" is a guide for finding the most rapidly growing job opportunities that should be kept an eye out for those who are trying to plot their future with a good job that has long term prospects. Outlining each of these jobs and what they need to succeed, "Hot Jobs" is a fine pick for anyone with an eye out for their career.

The Cookbook Shelf

Cooking Wild Game
G. Poggenpohl
Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310
9780764336461 $19.99

Full-color, full-page photographs of every dish illustrate Cooking Wild Game: Thirty-Six Hearty Dishes, a cookbook that lives up to its title with recipes such as Roe Venison Saddle en Papillote, Wild Boar Ragout Savoy, Stewed Rabbit Thighs, Duck with Apple Calvados Sauce, Stewed Partridge with Tarragon, Guinea Fowl with Orange Chili Sauce, and much more. The step-by-step instructions lend to ease of use among cooks of all skill and experience levels. Cooking Wild Game is enthusiastically recommended for game hunters (or anyone who cooks for them!) as a wonderful way to turn one's catch into a feast worthy of a five-star restaurant!

The Farmer's Wife Harvest Cookbook
Lela Nagri
Voyageur Press
400 First Avenue North, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9780760337998, $14.95,

Good cooking never goes out of style. "The Farmer's Wife Harvest Cookbook" is a collection of old fashioned recipes from 'The Farmer's Wife' a Minnesotan magazine published for the first four decades of the twentieth century. Packed with recipes aimed at satisfying the hunger that came with the hard work that came with the harvest and an appetite to match, these recipe's range from the sweet and savory but always satisfying style. "The Farmer's Wife Harvest Cookbook" is a fine collection of recipes that will prove simple and excellent.

Cafe Degas Cookbook
Troy Gilbert, Jerry Edgar, & Jacques Soulas
1000 Burmaster Street, Gretna, LA 70053
9781589807662, $24.95,

A small restaurant in New Orleans has carved it's own little piece of fame. "Cafe Degas Cookbook" is a collection of recipes ripped straight from the menus and provides a wide array of dishes and sauces that both scream New Orleans as well as some not so New Orleans-inspired dishes. Soups, Salads, desserts and much more, all presented in easy to read format and in full color, "Cafe Degas Cookbook" is a fine read that should prove enticing and a very useful resource for anyone who wants more variance in their cooking routine.

Good Food for Life
Maggie Davis
Paraclete Press
PO Box 1568, Orleans, MA 02653
9781557256270, $26.99,

Health and taste are things that can live in greater unity than one expects. "Good Food for Life: Planning, Preparing, and Sharing" is a combination nutritional guide and cookbook as Maggie Davis as not only does she present many healthy choices, she discusses how to control ones health through there food, with writings that discuss everything from eating habits to nutritional facts. "Good Food for Life" is a strong pick for anyone considering diet as the key to greater health in their lives.

Joanne Chang
Chronicle Books & Christie Matheson
680 Second Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
9780811869447 $35.00

The foundation ingredient of all breads, pastries, and baked goods is flour. In "Flour: Spectacular Recipes From Boston's Flour Bakery & Cafe", professional pastry chef Joanne Chang draws upon her years of experience and expertise to present a cornucopia of 'user friendly' recipes for breakfast treats, cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, breads, and other sweets. Of special value for the novice kitchen cook are the initial sections devoted to techniques, equipment, and ingredients. Most notable are chef Chang's '12 Baking Tips'. Enhanced with the inclusion of a 'Table of Equivalents' and an accessible Index, "Flour" is an ideal and enthusiastically recommended addition to personal and community library cookbook collections!

The Health/Medicine Shelf

How We Age
Marc E. Agronin
Da Capo
11 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142
9780306818530, $25.00,

If you live to be a hundred, you've spent more of your life 'old' than you have being otherwise. "How We Age: A Doctor's Journey Into the Heart of Growing Old" discusses the concept of aging and how many people face their golden years and twilight differently. Marc E. Agronin, a geriatric psychologists, looks to explore the psychology of age with a bit of unique gusto and much food for thought, and how the decline of age is not always a decline. "How We Age" is a thoughtful and insightful look into the mind of age, highly recommended.

The Natural Way
Beth Horn & Jim Rosenthal
Price World Publishing
1300 West Belmont Avenue, Suite 20G, Chicago, IL 60657
Cardinal Publishers Group (distributor)
2402 North Shadeland Avenue, Suite A, Indianapolis, IN 46239
9781932549669, $19.95,

Beth Horn is an successful actress, a professional model, personal trainer, nutritional consultant, a national fitness champion, and is probably best known to the general public as 'Venom' from the American Gladiators television series. In "The Natural Way: The Holistic Guide To Total Mind-Body Health & Fitness", Ms. Horn, with the assistance of author Jim Rosenthal, provides a 185 page compendium of information, advice, and instruction on creating and living a health life style, of developing and implementing home-based training programs, and the interconnectedness of the spirit, mind, and body. Informed and informative, "The Natural Way" is thoroughly 'user friendly' and enhanced with numerous and thematically relevant charts, as well as workout instructions and illustrative photography. "The Natural Way" is a strongly recommended, 'user friendly', 'do-it-yourself' manual for anyone of any age seeking to maximize their personal health and general fitness.

The Judaic Studies Shelf

Truths Desired by God
Meir Tamari
Gefen Books
600 Broadway, Lynbrook, NY 11563
c/o Stuart Schnee (publicity)
9789652294517 $29.95 1-800-477-5257

Economist and expert in the field of Jewish ethics Meir Tamari presents Truths Desired by God: An Excursion into the Weekly Haftarah, a thoughtful study of the books of Nevi'im and their invaluable contribution to the message of Judaism. Each haftarah of the books of Nevi'imis examined at length with insights gleaned from commentators throughout Jewish history. Written in plain terms accessible to readers of all backgrounds, Truths Desired by God is an invaluable supplement to Judaic Studies and religious history shelves. "To Moses alone was given the commandment to create and to use silver trumpets, the symbol of kingship and power. Because of his humility, he needed to be shown that a ruler has to have physical, spiritual, and political power. Joshua, however, lacking the merit of Moses, required the shofar, the symbal of humility and the ability to negate oneself before God, in order both to assemble the people and to carry out the first conquest of Jericho."

The Christian Studies Shelf

Unto Us
Paul Tate
World Library Publications
3708 River Road, Suite 400, Franklin Park, IL 60131-2158
9781584595007, $17.00,

Music is the voice of the soul, which makes much religious faith a good peer into the soul. "Unto Us" is an assortment of Christian music from Paul Tate, drawing his inspiration from many elements of Christianity, from Christmas to the rest of this year. Written with devotion and dedicated, "Unto Us" is filled with thirteen original gospel tracks and provides an excellent collection of dedicated musical work.

Of Pigs, Pearls, & Prodigals
John Bytheway
Deseret Books
PO Box 30178, Salt Lake City, UT 84130
9781590388082, $19.99,

Christ's actions spoke as loudly as his words. "Of Pigs, Pearls, & Prodigals" discusses thirty of the parables Christ gave throughout his ministry, their context, what they mean, and how one can apply them to their modern life. With a nod to modern Mormon belief and sensibility, "Of Pigs, Pearls, & Prodigals" is a fine read with plenty to ponder for Christian readers who want to understand Jesus's wisdom in their life.

Creating Life in the Lab
Fazale Rana
Baker Books
PO Box 6287, Grand Rapids, MI 49516-6287
9780801072093, $17.99,

Could the advancement of biology serve to heighten faith? "Creating Life in the Lab: How New Discoveries in Synthetic Biology Make a Case for the Creator" is Fazale Rana, as he argues that man's eventual creation of life in the lab is a strike against evolutionary theory and empowers the idea of an intelligent creator. With science added into the formula, "Creating Life in the Lab" is a thoughtful dissection of biology and its impact on faith.

What is the Mission of the Church?
Roger P. Schroeder
Orbis Books
PO Box 302, Maryknoll, NY 10545-0302
9781570758102, $16.00,

Everything has an ultimate goal, but what is the desired destiny of Catholicism? "What is the Mission of the Church?: A Guide for Catholics" discusses what modern Catholics should be working towards in the world, taking wisdom from the Vatican Council II as well as scripture and recent developments. "What is the Mission of the Church?" is an excellent and fine read with plenty to think about for Catholic readers.

God, I'm Ready to Walk in Faith
Thelma Wells
Harvest House Publishers
990 Owen Loop North, Eugene, Oregon 97402-9173
9780736930369, $11.99,

Life is a journey, and for Christians, it is a journey to become closer to God. "God, I'm Ready to Walk in Faith" is a spiritual and motivational read from Thelma Wells, as she uplifting writes her own thoughts and preaches how to make sure your walk in life keeps your eyes on God and avoids drifting away from him with the many temptations of life. "God, I'm Ready to Walk in Faith" is a choice read for many a Christian.

Global Soccer Mom
Shayne Moore
5300 Patterson Avenue Se, Grand Rapids, MI 49530
9780310325581, $14.99,

The power of one is a power often underestimated. "Global Soccer Mom: Changing the World Is Easier Than You Think" is a motivational read for women who want to make the world a better place for their children in the future. Shayne Moore draws on her own endeavors and drive as she embarks on her own quest to save the world, and encourages other mothers to take their own way to show the world the power of the mother. "Global Soccer Mom" is a must for any concerned mother, highly recommended.

The Apocalypse Explained
H. M. Feret, O.P.
Roman Catholic Books
PO Box 2286, Fort Collins, CO 80522-2286
9780912141695, $19.95,

Originally published in 1958 and titled "The Apocalypse of St. John", H. M. Feret's "The Apocalypse Explained" has been aptly translated into English by Elizabethe Corathiel and provides the reader with a cogent 273-page analysis of the New Testament 'Book of the Apocalypse' beginning with its historical context and literary style. "The Apocalypse Explained" addresses the concepts of the synoptic gospel's 'Kingdom of God' with the 'Kingdom of Christ' referred to in the 'Book of the Apocalypse'; the 'Mystery of Christ'; the apocalyptic Christian view of history; Satan, the Church, and Jerusalem in history; and the 'End of Time'. Enhanced with the inclusion of two appendices ('General Division of Text' and 'The Apocalypse with References', "The Apocalypse Explained" is an erudite, meticulously scriptural, informed and informative, instructional presentation of the major themes with respect to the Christian concept and theology of the Apocalypse which is very highly recommended reading for clergy, seminary studies, and lay readers within the Catholic community.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

A Cultish Side Of Calvinism
Micah Coate
Privately Published
1101 East Mitchell Street, Tucson, AZ 85719

John Calvin was a major figure in the Protestant Reformation and his teachings would influence not only key members of his generation, but would continue to wield great authority, provide enduring inspiration, and impact the beliefs for his followers down to the present generation. In "A Cultish Side Of Calvinism", author and Pastor Micah Coate cogently addresses a critically important issue within Calvinist theology and practice -- the necessity of distinguishing the theology of Calvinism from the insidious seductions associated with the establishment of cults, particularly Christian cults, by departing from Scriptural imperatives and investing inappropriately in unreflective compliance with the dictates of mortal men. Soundly based on meticulous scriptural research, Pastor Coate's impressively iconoclastic work with respect to unscriptural doctrines of Calvinist soteriology, "A Cultish Side Of Calvinism" will prove to be as informed and informative as it is inspired and inspiring examination of Calvinist principles. Exhaustively detailed, yet fully accessible to all members of the Calvinist community, "A Cultish Side Of Calvinism" is especially recommended as thoughtful and thought-provoking reading.

The Fiction Shelf

The Maverick Experiment
Drew Berquist
Greenleaf Book Group Press
PO Box 91869, Austin, TX 78709
9781608320905, $14.95,

When your enemy doesn't play by the rules, neither should you. "The Maverick Experiment" is a spy thriller written by former U.S. Intelligence agent Drew Berquist, as he tells a story drawn on his own experiences. Derek Stevens has been tapped to play a role in the Afghan war, a role that sets him against the worst that the Taliban has the offer, but he has been given liberty no typical soldier has - he has no rules to restrain him. "The Maverick Experiment" is an exciting read that will be very hard to put down once picked up.

The Other Life
Ellen Meister
c/o Penguin Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014-3658
9780399157134, $24.95,

There are some points in our lives that act as forks, as we choose a path and are only left to wonder what the other path would have held. "The Other Life" tells the story of Quinn Braverman, a woman in a quiet life, content with her life with Lewis. Quinn holds a secret though, that she possesses the ability to see and take the other path of that fork, phasing into a parallel life where she chose a chaotic life of fame with one of her other loves of the past. When her life starts to break down, she soon finds herself split between two worlds and unsure of what to choose. "The Other Life" is an exciting and suspenseful novel of choosing ones path in life, highly recommended.

Invisible River
Helena McEwen
175 Fifth Avenue, Suite 300, new York, NY 10010
9781608192663, $15.00,

No one ever said Adulthood was easy. "Invisible River" tells the story of young Evie, who is facing adulthood as she leaves home for art school. In her travels she has the world and all of its characters dumped on her, and she copes with it well. But crisis will always strike and Evie must face what she left behind and everything that comes with it. "Invisible River" is a fascinating read and is very highly recommended.

To Kill the Other
Danuta Hinc
Tate Publishing
127 E. Trade Center Terrace, Mustang, OK 73064
9781617390197, $18.99,

No one is born a murderer of thousands. "To Kill the Other" takes a spin on how a terrorist is formed. Telling the story of Taher, a man who is transformed from a simple kid into a ruthless individual joining in on his group's plans of mass murder. A fascinating and well written story, "To Kill the Other" is a highly recommended pick, not to be missed.

The Price of Fame
Carolyne Aarsen
16 East 34th Street, New York, NY 10016
9780824947309, $13.99

Everyone wants to be loved, but the question is, how much? "The Price of Fame" tells the story of small Acorn Hill, where Hollywood has chosen it as the hottest new locale for their next big film. The people of the town, however, are not all welcoming Hollywood with open arms. As the people of the town are lured by their own fame, the decision to fight Hollywood becomes tougher and tougher to make. "The Price of Fame" is an exciting novel that will be hard to put down.

The Parenting Shelf

My Child has Autism, Now What?
Susan Larson Kidd
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
400 Market Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 19106
9781849058414, $15.95,

A diagnosis of autism brings parents terror, as they have no idea what will happen to their child next. "My Child has Autism, Now What?: 10 Steps to Get You Started" is an advisory for parents who have learned of their child's autistic condition and have no idea what to do next, no idea of how this changes things for them. Susan Larson Kidd, a professional who has been dealing with autism for 25 years, offers her vast expertise and comes to readers with plenty of wisdom. "My Child Has Autism" is a must for any parent overwhelmed by the new world they have entered into.

The Poetry Shelf

Being True to Life
David Richo
300 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
9781590307427, $14.95,

Why poetry other over art? Why poetry at all? "Being True to Life: Poetic Paths to Personal Growth" is an examination of poetry and its purpose from therapist David Richo, as he discusses how poetry's style and format lets readers dig deeper into their own thoughts and express those thoughts more clearly to others. He gives lessons on creating soulful work of ones own, and makes a strong case for poetry's healing power. "Being True to Life" is a strong pick for anyone looking to understand and get into poetry.

Collected Poems in English
Arun Kolatkar
Bloodaxe Books
c/o DuFour Editions
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425
9781852248536, $27.95

Throughout the second half of the twentieth century, Arun Kolatkar proved to be one of the key voices in Indian poetry. "Collected Poems in English" is a collection of the man's work presented in English. A reserved individual, he approached poetry with quality and a certain thoughtful speaking. "Collected Poems in English" is a key addition to any international poetry collection. "The Reservoir": There isn't a drop of water/in the great reservoir the Peshwas built.//There is nothing in it./Except a hundred years of silt.

Derrybeg and Back
John P. McNamee
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425
9780802313485, $24.95

Having worked for decades in service of his community, John McNamee has chosen to let his mind roam free with his volume of poetry "Derrybeg and Back". Drawing vividly on his life experiences, McNamee speaks with clarity and wisdom, and hopes to inspire and motivate as he entertains. "Derrybeg and Back'" is a fine collection, highly recommended. "River View": Trim as a glazier's knife/a small power boat silent in the distance/cuts water still as a mirror//The wake spreads like folds of precious cloth a bridal veil/for the noon nuptials of sun and river.

The Social Issues Shelf

Addict Nation
Jane Velez-Mitchell
Health Communications, Inc.
3201 S. W. 15th Street, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
9780757315459, $24.95,

Addiction runs deep in American culture, and it's not just drugs. "Addict Nation: An Intervention for America" is Jane Velez-Mitchell's call for America to fight its addictions, and she's not just talking illegal drugs. Everything from food to pornography to social networking she claims is taking control of our lives and its up to each American to shake the monkey off of their own backs. "Addict Nation" is a fascinating and very solidly recommended pick for anyone concerned about America's overall health.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Poetic License to Kill
K. B. Tobin
Broadhead Books
17850 SW Bryan Way, Beaverton, OR 97007
1930486979, $14.95,

Poetry isn't usually a career that invites foul play. "Poetic License to Kill" follows Laura Ryan and her daughter as their love of poetry takes them someplace else entirely as a serial killer who targets poets keeps the city's poetry community under their thumb. Working with the police, their story takes twists and turns that will prove both humorous and tragic. "Poetic License to Kill" is a fine and solidly recommended pick for mystery readers.

Ghost in the Polka Dot Bikini
Sue Ann Jaffarian
Midnight Ink
2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125-2989
9780738713823, $14.95,

It can be hard to move on when no one ever comes to pick you up. "Ghost in the Polka Dot Bikini" is another entry into the Ghost of Granny Apples mystery series, following the tale of Tessa North, a young woman who died in her bikini on an island in the 1960s. Having to find Curtis to help her pass on to the next world, Emma and Granny have a lot on their hands. "Ghost in the Polka Dot Bikini" is a fun read that will be hard to put down.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Brad Purcell
Csiro Publishing
c/o Stylus
22883 Quicksilver Drive, Sterling, VA 20166-2012
9780643096936, $34.95,

Both revered and hated, the Dingo is truly a unique animal in human eyes. "Dingo" is an analysis of the animal, which is revered by native Australian culture but at the same time dismissed as a modern pest. Brad Purcell brings an intriguing analysis of dingos and their status as Australia's native canine species. With plenty of science and analysis, "Dingo" is a fine study, enhanced by many graphs and charts as well as full color photographs.

Dominance in Dogs
Barry Eaton
Dogwise Publishing
403 S Mission St. Wenatchee, WA 98801
9781929242801, $11.95,

How far is the dog from the roving packs of wolves in the past? "Dominance in Dogs: Fact or Fiction?" discusses the idea that dogs will try to become alpha males in their families, drawing on their canine instincts. Studying wolves and comparing them to domestic dogs and how the habits differ and are similar, Barry Eaton provides quite the thoughtful study on dogs and their dominance. "Dominance in Dogs" is a thoughtful collection, very highly recommended.

The Relationship Shelf

Fall in Love Like a Romance Writer
Amelia Grey
Health Communications, Inc.
3201 S. W. 15th Street, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442-8190
9780757315541, $14.95,

What drives a romantic situation for one who is paid to think about it? "Fall in Love Like A Romance Writer: Your Favorite Novelists Share Their Secret Keys to a Long and Lasting Love" are musings about love for those who write about love. There stories often diverge from the tales they write, as real love strikes unexpectedly and without warning. Charming and mighty wise, "Fall in Love Like a Romance Writer" is an advice guide for any who realize it's not always a storybook situation.

Do Yourself a Favor: Love Your Wife!
James A. Schaller
Blue Dolphin Publishing
PO Box 8, Nevada City, CA 95959
9781577332473, $14.95,

Your spouse should always be there for you, and you should reciprocate. "Do Yourself a Favor: Love Your Wife: A Guide to Marital Intimacy" is an advisory for husbands and others in their life to fully embrace their spouse and remember the many aspects of married life, and encourages men and women to remember and look out for the many flaws that can emerge throughout all of this. Encouraging openness and sharing of life, "Do Yourself a Favor: Love Your Wife!" is a fine read and very highly recommended.

The Biography Shelf

The Autobiography of Ba Jin
Ba Jin
University of Indiana Press
1400 East Hanna Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46227-3697
9780880938693, $16.95,

The greatest authors of other countries provide insight like none other into their psyches. "The Autobiography of Ba Jin" looks at the life story of one of China's most famous and celebrated writers, to the point where he received a Nobel Prize nomination in 1975. Expertly translated by May-lee Chai, "The Autobiography of Ba Jin" tells the world much about the man and his works, and proves to be an intriguing study on the international language of literature and the love of story telling.

The Science and Humanism of Stephen Jay Gould
Richard York & Brett Clark
Monthly Review Press
146 West 29th Street, Suite 6W, New York, NY 10001
9781583672167, $16.95,

Evolutionary science, that humanity came from almost nothing, is not against the idea of human potential. "The Science and Humanism of Stephen Jay Gould" analyzes the famed scientist and philosopher's work and opinions on the world to further understand his contributions to evolutionary theory and the understanding of human nature, and where are we going. A thoughtful work that is both biographical and educational, "The Science and Humanism of Stephen Jay Gould" is an excellent pick for anyone who wants to understand the man and his work further.

The Political Science Shelf

Reading Negri
Pierre Lamarche, Max Rosenkrantz, & David Sherman, editors
Open Court
70 East Lake Street, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60601
9780812696554, $39.95,

With few states truly subscribing to Communism any longer, where does the philosophy of Marxism stand? "Reading Negri: Marxism in the Age of Empire" analyzes the work of modern Marxist philosopher Antonio Negri and its impact on today's world. Discussing his works completely and comprehensively, the editors and contributors provide a fascinating study of his work in Empire, written in 2000, but still holding much wisdom in today's rapidly changing world. "Reading Negri" is an excellent addition to any community or college library social issues or politics collection.

The Self-Help Shelf

Life Organizer
Nancy Randolph Greenway
Welcome Books
6 West 18th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY, 10011
9781599620923, $29.95,

Your life is a complicated thing and can be quite overwhelming to try to manage all in ones head. "Life Organizer: The Essential Record Keeper & Estate Planner" is an advisory and planner combined to help readers manage the many aspects of their life more effectively. From personal medical choices, problems, and information that needs to be known whether to remind yourself or others if you are incapacitated, information for family, will and testament, and more, "Life Organizer" is a very useful resource that should be highly considered for those who want their life's information written down.

Still Standing
Bucky Sinister
Conari Press
c/o Red Wheel, Weiser, Conari
65 Parker Street, Suite 7, Newburyport, MA 01950
9781573244763, $14.95,

Sobriety is a strange and new territory for many. "Still Standing: Addicts Talk About Living Sober" is a collection of interviews from Bucky Sinister, former punk rocker as he interviews various individuals who are on their own way to recovering from their self-destructive lives and shares their story that putting an end to drug abuse is not putting an end to your life. "Still Standing" is a thoughtful and uplifting anthology tales of beating addiction, highly recommended.

The Yin Yang Complex
Brendan Foley
Mercier Press
9781856356527, $24.95,

Balancing life around you is a key to finding that happiness in ones life. "The Yin Yang Complex: Create Success by Understanding the World's Oldest Dynamic Forces" is a spiritual guide in which Brendan Foley advises readers to find their balance in life and create a lifestyle that understands that too much of anything is going down a poor path. Telling how this principle applies to many aspects of life, "The Yin Yang Complex" is an excellent read and is very highly recommended.

The Business Shelf

Getting to Know ESRI
Fred L. Miller
ESRI Press
380 New York Street, Redlands, CA 92378-8100
9781589482357 $59.95

Getting to Know ESRI is a how-to manual especially for small and medium-sized business orders, designed to quickly and efficiently instruct one in the proper usage of geographic information systems (GIS) such as those offered by ESRI, Inc. When properly applied, these systems and software can simplify tasks such as business environment analysis, trade area analysis, customer profiling and site selection with customer data, sales territory management and route optimization, customer profiling and segmentation, and more - chapters walk the reader through how to run the numbers. An accompanying DVD has exercise data, lecture slides, teaching notes and a suggested course syllabus, but exercises in the text do require that the reader have access to ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1 software, Business Analyst Desktop 9.3.1 software, and the Business Analyst Segmentation 9.3.1 (a 30-day trial premium subscription to Business Analyst Online, required for doing chapter 1's exercises, is available at ESRI's website). Getting to Know ESRI lives up to its title and is a "must-have" for anyone looking to take advantage of ESRI's computational services to simplify and streamline complex tasks.

Good Value
Stephen Green
Grove Press
841 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
9780802145253, $14.95,

Ethics and prosperity seem like conflicting terms in the modern world. "Good Value: Reflections on Money, Morality, and an Uncertain World" is a business book as Stephen Green, ordained minister, as he discusses how good business sense and an ethical nature can exist, as he explains how profit can be a good thing that can help the world in its own way. "Good Value" is a thoughtful and uplifting book in this time of rampant corruption and unhinged greed.

Conquering the Divide
James B. Cornehlsen & Michael J. Carr
Traders Press Inc.
c/o W & A Publishing
PO Box 849, Cedar Falls, IA 50613
9781934354155, $34.95,

Understanding the economy is the first step to more effectively playing it. "Conquering the Divide: how to use Economic Indicators to Catch Stock Market Trends" is the authors presenting their own unique model for understanding the market with advice on how to use their model effectively to make sure the stocks they pick are winners. Avoiding over-simplification, Cornehlsen & Carr provide a complete and comprehensive guide, and make "Conquering the Divide" a choice collection, highly recommended.

The American History Shelf

Howard L. Bingham's Black Panthers 1968
Howard L. Binghm, Gilbert Moore, et. al.
PO Box 412402, Los Angeles, CA 90041
9781934429143 $19.95

In 1968, LIFE magazine instructed photographer Howard L. Bingham and writer Gilbert Moore to document and report on the Black Panther party, a radical and notorious African-American organization founded to promote self-defense and protect African-American neighborhoods from police brutality. The politics and openly socialist ideals embraced by the party often received less limelight than their militant actions, and their hostility to law enforcement. Bingham and Moore studied the Panthers for months during the heyday of the 1960's counter-culture, earned the movement's trust, and were allowed greater access within its ranks. LIFE magazine disputed the tone of Moore's story and it was ultimately unpublished - until over forty years later, when the photographs are available for an up-close and personal examination of this organization during a critical time in America's history. Bingham's Black Panthers 1968 pairs the images with essays by a variety of authors, culminating in an indispensable reference and resource for anyone seeking to learn more about who the Black Panthers were, and the conditions that shaped and drove them in the late 60's. Highly recommended.

From Chicaza to Chickasaw
Robbie Ethridge
The University of North Carolina Press
116 S. Boundary St., Chapel Hill, NC 27514-3808
9780807834350, $37.50,

With a taste of empire, the European lust for conquest could not be sated. "From Chicaza to Chickasaw: The European Invasion and the Transformation of the Mississippian World, 1550-1714" tells of the period as the Europeans, in their many nations, began their grand conquest of the Americans and left the continent forever changed. Telling the history through periods and regions, Robbie Ethridge provides a scholarly and recommended read, and makes "From Chicaza to Chickasaw" a strong addition for historical collections with a focus on the discovery of the new world.

A Spy's Guide to Santa Fe and Albuquerque
E. B. Held
University of New Mexico Press
MSC05 3185, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
9780826349354, $19.95,

Santa Fe and Albuquerque are more than famous Southwestern American cities. "A Spy's Guide to Santa Fe and Albuquerque" explores the secret espionage side of New Mexico, which has been used for intelligence clashes from many agents around the world, under the eyes of the otherwise unsuspecting citizens. A fascinating look into the history that lies behind it all, "A Spy's Guide to Santa Fe and Albuquerque" is a top pick for those interested in New Mexico or espionage history.

The World History Shelf

Peace in the Making
Harry Hurtwitz
600 Broadway, Lynbrook, NY 11563
9789652294562, $24.95,

Peace in the middle east seemed impossible before these individuals dared to go against the hostility that surrounded them. "Peace in the Making: The Menachem Begin - Anwar El-Sadat Personal Correspondence" collects the primary sources as these two history makers communicated with each other until an assassin ended Sadat's life in 1981. A fascinating study of how two men can lead their countries towards a more prosperous existence, "Peace in the Making" is a fine read and an excellent addition to any history collection with a focus on the Middle East.

Cradle of Gold
Christopher Heaney
Palgrave Macmillan
175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010
9780230611696, $27.00,

The native peoples of the Americas were greatly reduced in number when the European conquests began, and there has been debate to whose does the history of these people belong? "Cradle of Gold: The Story of Hiram Bingham, A Real-Life Indiana Jones, and the Search for Machu Picchu" discusses the fate and history of Machu Picchu after the Inca people were dispersed and lost to time. Hiram Bingham is the man credited with rediscovering the sacred site for history, a debate arose between the Yale University that Hiram Bingham hailed from, and Peru, where the site was located. An intriguing study on the ownership of history, "Cradle of Gold" is an excellent addition to any history collection.

How the Cold War Ended
John Prados
Potomac Books, Inc.
22841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, VA 20166
9781597971751, $24.95,

A decade before the new millennium, the Soviet Union fell and Russia returned. "How the Cold War Ended: Debating and Doing History" discusses what truly led to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the shockwaves that came from its fall. John Prados looks at the history, the major figures who spurred the change, and the final days, with a bit of discussion on the lasting impact. "How the Cold War Ended" is a choice addition for any community and college library collection focusing on Cold War history.

The Science Shelf

Quantum Physics for Poets
Leon M. Lederman
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2119
9781616142339, $28.00,

Quantum Physics is perhaps one of the most difficult topics to grasp well, but even they can be understandable with the right understanding. "Quantum Physics for Poets" aims to present the difficulty of quantum physics in a way that any general reader could understand more effectively. Tracing the history of the science and how it came into the modern day, Leon M. Lederman hoes to give readers something to understand so they can make heads or tails of the science when its presented to them. "Quantum Physics for Poets" is educational and very thoughtful, highly recommended.

The Archaeology Shelf

The Archaeology of American Capitalism
Christopher N. Matthews
University Press of Florida
15 Northwest 15th Street, Gainesville, FL 32611-2079
9780813035246, $69.96,

The United States fully embraced capitalism to spur it forward, and its history intertwines with its finance. "The Archaeology of American Capitalism" uses archeology to study early American capitalism, drawing on trade with Europe, the Native Americans, and much more as they developed America and everything around it. Chapters discuss the basics of Capitalism and why America's colonial and sovereign heritage lent itself so well to capitalistic success. "The Archaeology of American Capitalism" is a scholarly and fascinating study, enhanced with useful indexes, bibliography, and much more, making a core addition to any historical or economic history collections in community and college libraries.

The Philosophy Shelf

Objects and Objections of Ethnography
James T. Siegel
Fordham University Press
University Box L, 2546 Belmont Ave, Bronx, NY 10458
9780823232758, $25.00,

A shift in modern anthropology's philosophy may not be the best way to study these ancient cultures. "Objects and Objections of Ethnography" is a study of the shift in anthropological philosophy where it has become the goal to seek out similarities in cultures instead of what is different between all of them. Stating this method has issues, especially referring to author James T. Siegel's current home, "Objects and Objections of Ethnography" proves to be quite insightful into the philosophy of modern anthropology.

The Art Shelf

Flying Horses
Peter J. Malia
The Connecticut Press
135 Church Street Monroe, CT 06468
9780982546826, $75.00,

A simple ride and attraction, the makers of a carousels brought their own expression to their work. "Flying Horses: The Golden Age of American Carousel Art" is a look at the work of these individuals who for nearly fifty years took the simple carnival ride of the carousel and made it a treat for the eyes of horse and art lovers everywhere. Most of these horses were crafted by first generation immigrants and here, Peter J. Malia, shows with an assortment of full color photos the extent of the range of how these horses became an art form all their own. "Flying Horses" is a top pick for anyone who still appreciates this charm of history.

Tiffany Studios' Techniques
Edith Crouch
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310
9780764336249, $100.00

Art begets art. "Tiffany Studios' Techniques: Inspiration for Today's Artists" is a guide to taking inspiration form the work of Tiffany Studios, and how one can use their work to inspire them in whatever artistic endeavor they are personally pursuing. Edith Crouch speaks with plenty of thought and ideas on how to put greater thought and quality into ones crafts. With full color photographs of countless Tiffany crafts and other projects, "Tiffany Studios Techniques" is full of inspiration, and also serves excellently as an artistic coffee table book.

Jonathan Clarkson
180 Varick Street, Fourteenth, NY 10014
9780714842950, $69.96

An artist is rarely measured on their work alone, but instead by their impact as a whole. "Constable" traces the history of renown English Romantic landscape painter John Constable who through his work in the later eighteenth and early nineteenth century shifted the ideals of many European landscape painters at the time. Phaidon press and Jonathan Clarkson present a detailed history of Constable's work, with a study of its impact and plenty of full color reproductions of Constable's work throughout not only in his more known landscape style but several other types as well. "Constable" is an ideal addition to any art studies collection and a choice pick for any looking for an artistic coffee table book selection.

The Hunting/Fishing Shelf

An American Elk Retrospective
Boone and Crockett
250 Station Drive, Missoula, MT 59801
9780940864702, $34.95,

Elk have proven to be a favored game for those who still love the hunt. "An American Elk Retrospective: Vintage Photos and Memorabilia from the Boone and Crockett Club Archives" discusses big game hunting in the past century, looking at the developments in the sport and the most awe inspiring trophies that have been attained. For those with a special love of big game hunting, "An American Elk Retrospective" will prove to be quite the choice for the coffee table.

Oregon Lake Maps & Fishing Guide
Gary Lewis
Frank Amato Publications
PO Box 82113, Portland, OR 97282
9781571884541, $25.00,

The state of Oregon has plenty to offer the aspiring fisherman. "Oregon Lake Maps & Fishing Guide" is a guide for fishing enthusiasts to show what the state of Oregon has to offer the driven fisher individual. From how to get to its many lakes, using boats, fly fishing, the fish that dwell in the lakes, appropriate gear, and countless other bits of information, "Oregon Lake Maps & Fishing Guide" is a must for anyone who lives in or is planning on venturing to the state for its many fishing offerings.

The Computer Shelf

Microsoft Office 2011 For Mac
Steve Schwartz
Peachpit Press
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
9780321751263, $29.99,

The newest addition to the outstanding "Visual QuickStart Guide' series from Peachpit Press, "Microsoft Office 2011 For Mac" by computer expert Steve Schwartz is a 544-page compendium of superbly organized and deftly presented instruction in the use and utilization of Microsoft Office 2011 for the average Mac user. Profusely illustrated with step-by-step instructional pictures outlining the many aspects of the software, "Microsoft Office 2011 For Mac" provides concise steps backed up with accessible explanation that will enable even the most novice Mac user to be up and running quickly and competently. An essential and core reference, "Microsoft Office 2011 For Mac" also has a companion website at that will provide the user with even more resources. No Mac user with Microsoft Office 2011 will get the most out of what is available to them without their own personal copy of Steve Schwartz's "Microsoft Office 2011 For Mac".

ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University
Gary Rosenzweig
800 East 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240
9780789747327, $44.99,

Creating games is a dream of many people who have played one. "ActionScript 3.0: Game Programming University" is a guide for those who want to get start creating their own games and programs. ActionScript 3.0 is a simple programming language that will enable readers to gain the understanding and basics of game design and programming to give them the first steps of pursuing their dream. Packed with plenty of sample source code for both PC and iPhone development, "ActionScript 3.0" is a fine text for any computer collection with a nod to game design.

Software Testing Foundations, third edition
Andreas Spillner, Tilo Linz, Hans Schaefer
26 West Mission Street Ste 3, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
9781933952789, $44.95,

Quality products need to be tested completely and thoroughly. "Software Testing Foundations: A Study Guide for the Certified Tester Exam" serves as a review guide to understanding everything that is needed to become a certified tester, one with the skills to assure a product works on a high functional level. Explaining the fundamentals of software testing, the authors provide a guide that is compliant with the standards of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) to help them pass the certification and better land the job they are looking for. "Software Testing Foundations" is a core addition to any technology education collection, very highly recommended.

Step by Step
Ciprian Adrian Rusen
Microsoft Press
c/o O'Reilly Media
1005 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, CA 95472
9780735652163, $29.99,

A home network can be high convenient and more importantly, help home productivity and efficiency. "Step by Step: Network Your Computer & Devices" is a guide to using Windows 7 to more effectively in the home and created more complex and helpful. Not only for Windows 7 and other Microsoft product running machines, it also discusses how to interconnect with Macintosh, Linux, and other machines. Networks allow a printer to print for multiple machines, and can cut down on clutter and make space more efficiency. "Step by Step" is a very useful resource, and very highly recommended.

The Crafts Shelf

Steel Wire Jewelry
Brenda Schweder
Lark Crafts
c/o Sterling
387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016-8810
9781600595387, $22.95,

Steel is known for its durability, but not it's style. "Steel Wire Jewelry: Stylish Designs, Simple Techniques, Artful Inspiration" is a guide to turning steel wire into very fashionable and creative designs. With plenty of creative projects sure to intrigue and entertain readers to the fullest, Brenda Schweder shows readers that steel wire can very much be quite the tool. Enhanced with full color photos throughout demonstrating projects, "Steel Wire Jewelry" is a choice pick for any creative crafts person.

The Martial Arts Shelf

Higher Judo
Moshe Feldenkrais
Blue Snake Books
c/o North Atlantic Books
PO Box 12327, Berkeley, CA 94712
9781556439278, $19.95,

Judo is full of techniques that can prove quite useful, along with a bit of discipline you can't find elsewhere. "Higher Judo: Groundwork" is a guide to the more complex principles of Judo, as Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais presents an intriguing study of higher judo techniques, with many of them illustrated well throughout the book. For those with a strong interest in Judo, "Higher Judo" is an excellent addition to any martial arts studies collection.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

The Mystery of U-33
Nigel Graddon
Adventures Unlimited Press
1 Adventure Place, Kempton, IL 60946
9781935487104, $19.95,

The Third Reich had a fascination with the mystical, and they used their vast undersea power to the fullest to investigate this. "The Mystery of U-33: Hitler's Secret Envoy" looks into the U-boat missions that are not often heard about to shed some light to where Germany sent their submarine forces all over the world for obvious purposes and not so obvious purposes. A fascinating read for those taken in my Nazi Germany's flirtation with the metaphysical, "The Mystery of U-33" is a top pick, and very highly recommended.

The Gaming Shelf

Armageddon Unlimited
Carl Gleba
Palladium Books, Inc.
39074 Webb Court, Westland, MI 48185
9781574571721 $20.95

Armageddon Unlimited: A Sourcebook for the Heroes Unlimited RPG is a gaming sourcebook compatible with the "Heroes Unlimited", "Nightbane", "Rifts", "Phase World", "The Three Galaxies" and most other Palladium Books RPG settings. Armageddon Unlimited is part sourcebook, offering new super abilities, expanded Power Categories, new magic weapons and new ideas applicable to any Heroes Unlimited campaign, and part adventure building resource, describing the terrible fallout when two different planes of Hell (Hades and Dyval) clash in an all-out war that spreads across the Megaverse and threatens to end all life as we know it. Black-and-white illustrations enhance this vivid and inspirational resource brimming with story ideas and scenario suggestions that gamemasters of all backgrounds may want to work into their own campaigns (even if their campaign's gaming rules belong to a completely different system)! A parental advisory warning stresses that since this is gaming guide to crafting adventures about heroes versus demons, parental guidance is strongly advised and Armageddon Unlimited is emphatically not for young fantasy gamers. With that caveat, Armageddon Unlimited is highly recommended for any game master seeking to enliven their campaign!

The Needlecraft Shelf

Love Kills Slowly Cross-Stitch
Ed Hardy
Andrews McMeel Universal
1130 Walnut Street, Kansas City, MO 64106-2109
9780740797613, $14.99,

Flowers, hearts, crosses...kinda boring. "Love Kills Slowly Cross-Stitch" is a different sort of needlepoint book as Ed Hardy presents a wide assortment of ideas for cross stitching that your grandmother may just faint seeing. Bringing the art and craft into the twentieth century, his ideas are inspired by his own ideas in the tattoo industry and this special brand of creativity will certainly be hard to put down. "Love Kills Slowly Cross-Stitch" is a fine assortment of ideas, very highly recommended.

The Writing/Publishing Shelf

Breathe, Stretch, Write
Sheree Fitch
c/o Stenhouse Publishers
477 Congress Street, Suite 4B, Portland, ME 04101-3451
9781551382562 $19.00 1-800-988-9812

Breathe, Stretch, Write: Learning to Write with Everything You've Got is a guide for writers, teachers, and grade school to college students to incorporating simple breathing techniques, yoga-inspired stretches, and exercise to improve creativity and inspiration while writing. Although designed especially to aid young people in the learning and communicating process, the exercises will prove inordinately helpful to anyone with a writing or desk job, and can easily be adapted for office work. Each page focuses on a different three-step recommendation, beginning with a breathing exercise, followed by a stretching exercise, and culminating in a creative endeavor such as writing a song, evoking an emotion such as panic on the page, or engaging in a brief research project. A handful of black-and-white stick figures demonstrate recommended poses, and the step-by-step instructions are easy to follow. Breathe, Stretch, Write lives up to its title and is highly recommended as a physical-emphasis supplement to any writer's or teacher's bookshelf.

The Photography Shelf

Create Great iPhone Photos
Allan Hoffman
No Starch Press
38 Ringold Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
9781593272852, $29.95,

The iPhone isn't as good as a fully fledged professional camera, but in the right hands, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. "Create Great iPhone Photos: Apps, Tips, Tricks, and Effects" is a guide to using the iPhone to its full power as both a camera and a photo editing device for those who want to take great pictures no matter where they are with the device they are sure to keep on hand - their iPhone. With plenty of tips on applications to turn the simple iPhone camera into something more and how to attain that special quality that goes beyond a cell phone, "Create Great iPhone Photos" is an excellent guide that anyone who uses their iPhone as a camera should consider.

The Agriculture Shelf

Darrell Frey
New Society Publishers
PO Box 189, Gabriola Island, BC V0R 1X0
9780865716780, $34.95,

Sustainability is something that can be reasonably reached for some, and can do wonders for the environment. "Bioshelter Market Garden: A Permaculture Farm" is a guide to creating an organic market garden that can grow food year round. Darrell Frey discusses principles such as managing pests, being good to the soil, keeping it sustainable, and planning well. A must for anyone with the space, resources, and desire to make a difference, "Bioshelter" is a solid and very highly recommended read, not to be missed.

The Sports Shelf

The Road Warriors
Joe "Animal" Laurinaitis with Andrew William Wright
Medallion Press, Inc.
1020 Cedar Lane, No. 2N, St. Charles, IL 60174
9781605421421 $24.95

The Road Warriors: Danger, Death, and the Rush of Wrestling is the eye-opening biography of the Legion of Doom: The Road Warriors, tag-team wrestling group, as told by celebrity member Joe "Animal" Laurinaitis. Chapters give an up-close and personal taste of the intense rush of wrestling in front of a gigantic, cheering crowd; the constant perils of injury, whether from mishaps in the ring or even the risk of a scaffold giving way; the foibles of daily life in a highly competitive industry; and much more. An extraordinary tour de force, enthusiastically recommended to wrestling fans in general and Road Warriors fans in particular.

Chris Jericho
Grand Central Publishing
c/o Hachette
237 Park Avenue, NewYork, NY 10017
9780446538152, $27.99,

In his previous memoir, 'A Lion's Tale', Jericho's work was applauded as the best pro wrestling memoir since Mick Foley's first. "Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps" is the follow-up to the previous volume, picking up exactly where 'A Lion's Tale' left off, detailing his first six year run in the WWE. He speaks candidly on the politics of the WWE, and how for the first time in his young life he realized he had other pursuits than pro wrestling. Jericho also details how he and his friends took his band Fozzy from a gimmicky cover group to becoming a decently respected rock group all its own, butting heads and making friends with many of the big names of modern heavy metal and a good deal of those could be called all time metal-legends. Jericho also provides personal commentary on the tragedies that have wracked the pro wrestling industry as a whole. Leaving readers wanting more, "Undisputed" is a strong pick for those who want to understand pro-wrestling from one of its smartest minds.

The Education Shelf

Quick Hits for Service-Learning
M. A. Cooksey & Kimberly T. Olivares
Indiana University Press
601 North Morton Street, Bloomington, IN 47404-3797
9780253223302, $21.95,

Sometimes the payment for service is education. "Quick Hits for Service-Learning: Successful Strategies by Award-Winning Teachers" is a guide for educators who want to work community service into their curriculum to help their students understand a wide array of concepts, from social activism to the concerns of the future. With plenty of thought and no shortage of examples on how to make the most of the educational experience and how to successfully apply it, "Quick Hits for Service-Learning" is an educational resource that should be at the hand of any teacher who likes to be creative with their lesson plan.

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