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Reviewer's Choice

I Love a Man in Uniform
Lily Burana
Weinstein Books
345 Hudson Street, 13th floor, New York, NY 10014
9781602860834, $23.95 1-800-759-0190

I Love a Man in Uniform: A Memoir of Love, War, and Other Battles is the memoir of former exotic dancer Lily Burana, who once espoused anarchist politics and purple hair dye. Her life changed dramatically when she met Mike, a Military Intelligence officer, and fell utterly in love. They married shortly before Mike had to leave for Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Lily had to carry on in her strange new hometown alone, with little understanding of the military culture into which she had married. After Mike returned from his service, the couple moved to West Point, and encountered new problems - Mike suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition harshly seen as a weakness by the surrounding community. Lily herself endured crushing depression. It would be a long, hard road supplemented with the aid of therapy for the couple to save their marriage. Throughout it all, Lily's preconceived notions of being a military wife often seemed turned on their head by the real experience... but one bright side came from finding her place among a sisterhood of other military wives. A poignant, proud, and undeniably American testimony of life and love, highly recommended.

Jim Crow and Me
Solomon S. Seay, Jr. with Delores R. Boyd
NewSouth, Inc.
PO Box 1588, Montgomery, AL 36102
9781588381750, $25.00

Alabama civil rights lawyer Solomon S. Seay presents his memoir of practicing law during the turbulent civil rights era in Jim Crow and Me: Stories From My Life As A Civil Rights Lawyer. Raised by a preacher father whom Martin Luther King Jr. himself would cite as mentor and inspiration, Seay studied hard, and was one of only ten black lawyers in all of Alabama when he began his professional practice in 1957. His story is not a uniformly flowing narrative, but rather a series of intense vignettes, evoking the power and difficulty of challenging the old order and bringing a new standard of equality to America as a whole and the South in particular. Highly recommended.

The Wisconsin Shelf

The Flavor of Wisconsin
Harva Hachten & Terese Allen
Wisconsin Historical Society Press
816 State Street, Madison, WI 53706
9780870204043, $29.95,

Everyone needs to eat, and everyone does it differently. "The Flavor of Wisconsin: An Informal History of Food and Eating in the Badger State" is a look at the history of Wisconsin and its food - and despite stereotypes, it's not just cheese. Exploring a rich culinary culture, "The Flavor of Wisconsin" examines the eating habits of Wisconsinites which tell their tale as a people, and as a melting pot of immigrants like much of the rest of America. Including nearly five hundred recipes of exquisitely Wisconsinite cuisine such as War Bread, Serbian Djuvec, Chippewa Wild Rice, and more. "The Flavor of Wisconsin" serves as both as a culinary history and cookbook, and executes both very well.

Wildflowers of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Region, second edition
Merel R. Black and Emmet J. Judziewicz
University of Wisconsin Press
1930 Monroe St, 3rd fl., Madison, WI 53711-2059
9780299230548, $29.95 1-800-621-2736

Now in an updated second edition, Wildflowers of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Region is a full-color field guide packed with wildflower listings cover to cover. Each listing features a color photograph of the wildflower, and a brief information block concerning its size, description, fruit, status, a county graph of its geographic distribution in Wisconsin, and more. More than 1,100 species from 459 genera in 100 families of wildflower are covered in this excellent, user-friendly resource catalog.

Wisconsin Barns
Nancy Schumm-Burgess
Far Country Press
PO Box 5630, Helena, MT 59604
9781560374831, $14.95,

Barns are history, and to appreciate them is to appreciate history. "Wisconsin Barns" is a collection of full color photographs of these monuments to agriculture found throughout the state of Wisconsin. Focusing on barns of all shapes, sizes, and history, author Nancy Schumm-Burgess gives readers quite the complete view of barns, both historical and in modern-day use, and their relevance to the world today. "Wisconsin Barns" takes a mundane subject and presents another piece to the puzzle of the world.

Sweet and Sour Pie
Dave Crehore
Terrace Books
c/o University of Wisconsin Press
1930 Monroe Street, 3rd Floor, Madison, WI 53711-2059
9780299230609, $19.95,

Every region has its own unique childhood lessons and Wisconsin is no different. "Sweet and Sour Pie: A Wisconsin Boyhood" is a memoir reflecting on author Dave Crehore's time growing up in the great state of Wisconsin. Filled with charming stories sure to make readers laugh at loud at the forthright honesty of childhood, "Sweet and Sour Pie" is of uniquely Wisconsin composition, but will still ring true to people from any state, possibly any country. "Sweet and Sour Pie" is a solidly recommended read as a sample of Americana, and of the unique childhood we've all experienced.

Making Milwaukee Mightier
John M. McCarthy
Northern Illinois University Press
2280 Bethany Road, DeKalb, IL 60115
9780875803944, $39.00,

Good urban planning can solve many problems for a city, and Milwaukee is a fine case study. "Making Milwaukee Mightier: Planning and the Politics of Growth" is a look at the development of this Wisconsin city for the better half of the twentieth century. A city ran by socialist mayors in a time where fear of communism was at its strongest, Milwaukee is a unique city and has developed like no other city around it. A piece of history that traces the story of Milwaukee as a city from the time surburbanization struck, "Making Milwaukee Mightier" is a fine read to those intrigued with the development of America's major cities.

The Education Shelf

Explore Your Community
Don Bastian, Marcy Weiland, & David Nelson
Attainment Company, Inc.
PO Box 930160, Verona, WI 53593-0160
1578616832, $33.00,

The community is the world to some people, and exploring it is essential. "Explore Your Community" is a guide for children on living in harmony with their community, and how a little etiquette goes a long way. With chapters describing how to get around town, as well as interacting with people with kindness and courtesy in situations from riding a bus to ordering a pizza, the authors seek to teach younger readers essential manners. "Explore Your Community" is a fine library and curriculum supplement acquisition for elementary to middle school children.

Peer Support Strategies
Eric W. Carter & collaborators
Paul H. Brookes
PO Box 10624, Baltimore, MD 21285-0624
Maple Press Distrubution Center
I-83 Industrial Park, 60 Grumbacher Road, York, PA 17406
9781557668431, $29.95,

The support of one's peers is an invaluable thing. "Peer Support Strategies for Improving All Students' Social Lives and Learning" is a resource for the creation of peer support groups, examining how such groups can help students with disabilities. These relationships between standard and special education students can help both parties in the greater scheme of things as social skills and self-esteem will be much improved among all. Explaining how to implement these groups and how to arrange activities, "Peer Support Strategies for Improving All Student's Social Lives and Learning" is a recommended read especially for school administrators.

Smart Copyright Compliance for Schools
Rebecca P. Butler
Neal-Schuman Publishers
100 William Street, Suite 2004, New York, NY 10038
9781555706463, $75.00,

Copyright law is a thin line to toe in the world where money is tight - such as public schools. "Smart Copyright Compliance for Schools" is the educational administrator's guide to the confusing world of copyright law. With entertainment companies like the MPAA and RIAA going after suspected media pirates more fiercely than ever, not breaking these laws is key to avoiding a headache and a loss of much of the school's funds to lawsuits. Author Rebecca P. Butler explains the copyright laws a school will run into with much detail, and explains how to do everything the legal way while still doing what teachers want to do. "Smart Copyright Compliance in Schools" is enhanced with indexes and helpful quick references for readers, making it a must for any administrator not fully up to date with modern copyright law.

The Art Shelf

Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese
Frederick Ilchman
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
465 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
9780878467396, $65.00,

In the peak of the Renaissance, competition between artists was higher than ever. "Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese: Rivals in Renaissance Venice" is a look at the fierce rivalry that raged on throughout the sixteenth century. The three titular artists, each from similar backgrounds and influences, shared a fierce rivalry and the desire to be better than their peers. All three were widely considered by many to be some of the best artists to ever emerge from Venice. Their lives are traced through each of their works, and the works of their rivals. "Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese" is enhanced with full color reproductions of their classic artworks, and is a must for those studying Italian Renaissance art.

Green Graphic Design
Brian Dougherty
Allworth press
10 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010
9781581155112, $24.95,

As time rolls on, everything is going green, including art. "Green Graphic Design" is a look at how graphical design is one of the many industries becoming more and more environment- friendly. Eco-friendly inks are only the start of it; author Brian Dougherty says one does not have to sacrifice artistic merit or the client's wishes in order to stay ahead of the eco-friendly game. A must for the artist who cares for the environment as much as his or her work, "Green Graphic Design" is a top pick.

Highs and Lows
Jean-Jacques Sempe, author & artist
Anthea Bell, translator
Phaidon Press
180 Varick Street, 14th floor, New York, NY 10014
9780714846736, $29.95

Highs and Lows is the sixth black-and-white artbook album featuring the simple, beautifully drawn cartoons of Jean-Jacques Sempe, now available in English for the very first time. Featuring captions translated by Anthea Bell - perhaps best known for her work bringing "Asterix the Gaul" to English speakers - Highs and Lows perfectly captures humanity in a crossroads of ever-expanding crowds, construction, and computerization. For example, one two-page cartoon features a veritable sea of humans crammed together, to the extent that one can only see their jam-packed faces, and a grand white banner reading "Less is More!" A worthy addition to international cartooning shelves, highly recommended for public library collections and casual readers alike.

Great Masters of Cuban Art: Ramos Collection
Zeida Comesanas Sardinas
University Press of Florida
15 Northwest 15th Street, Gainesville, FL 32611-2079
0615240453, $60.00 1-800-226-3822

Great Masters of Cuban Art: Ramos Collection is a bilingual English/Spanish coffee table book featuring striking, full color reproductions of Cuban painting from 1800 to 1958. The works, selected from the Ramos Collection by the Museum of Arts and Sciences to create an international traveling exhibit, provide a visual catalogue of how Cuban art has evolved over the course of one and a half centuries. A wealth of previously unpublished Cuban art history information, as well as details of how Cuban artists used musical scenes, religious practices, moments from urban and rural daily life, and more to fuel their creations, Great Masters of Cuban Art: Ramos Collection is a stunning and worthy addition to any artbook collection. Highly recommended, especially for public library collections and artbook shelves.

The Business Shelf

Robert M. Grippo
Square One Publishers
115 Herricks Road, Garden City Park, NY 11040
9780757003097, $24.95,

Some companies become so well known that they are a part of America's culture. "Macy's: The Store. The Star. The Story" takes a look at the retail chain Macy's and how, over the past century and a half of its existence, it has established itself as a cultural icon. Tracing the company's history from the dream of an ambitious entrepreneur named Rowland H. Macy (who was by no means a successful businessman) to becoming the leading name associated with Thanksgiving Day parades, "Macy's" is enhanced with full color photographs and detailed information. "Macy's" is a fascinating look an American icon and deserves an enthusiastic recommendation.

The Practice of Adaptive Leadership
Ronald Heifetz
Harvard Business Press
60 Harvard Way, Boston, MA 02163
9781422105764, $24.95,

Adaptation is what makes humans human, and any leader who can't do it has no chance in today's fierce world of business."The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World" is a business leadership guide focusing on adaptation in a business world that can change drastically between one day and the next. Introducing some theory alongside proven examples of these techniques, author Ronald Heifetz presents some keen examples sure to improve the techniques of readers. "The Practice of Adaptive Leadership" is a fine and highly recommended read for new business leaders.

The Photography Shelf

Historic Photos of Ernest Hemingway
James Plath
Turner Publishing Company
200 - 4th Avenue North, Suite 950, Nashville, TN 37219
9781596525160, $39.95

Historic Photos of Ernest Hemingway is a striking coffee table book of vintage black-and-white photography of Nobel Prize for Literature-winning author Ernest Hemingway, the hard-drinking brawler of an author (and former war correspondent) whose larger-than-life reputation was reflected in the legendary exploits of his literary heroes characterized by grace under pressure. Each full-page photograph features a brief, descriptive contextual caption James Plath (award-winning Professor of English at Illinois Wesleyan University and a member of the Hemingway society). A visual "must-have" for Hemingway fans and scholars alike.

Harri Peccinotti
Derek Birdsall
c/o DAP
155 6th Avenue, Fl. 2 New York City, 10013
9788862080743, $60.00

The human body is a beautiful thing, and the right approach can only make it more beautiful. "Harri Peccinotti" is a look at fashion designer, photographer, and general artist Harri Peccinotti and his work, particularly his portrayal of the female form. Author Derek Birdsall tells Harri's story with an emphasis on his art; though it features the form of many nude women, it is designed to inspire other emotions rather than lust. For over forty years, Peccinotti has worked in this field of art, leading the charge through the sexual revolution of the sixties, and breaking many barriers including one on black models. "Harri Peccinotti" is a fine coffee table book, and is highly recommended, but is not meant to be keept where young children would have easy access to it.

Robert L. Chapman's Ireland
Christiaan Corlett
Collins Press
c/o DuFour Editions
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425
9781905172771, $44.95,

The home of a beautiful people and a beautiful natural landscape, Ireland has much to treat the eyes. "Robert L. Chapman's Ireland: Photographs from the Chapman Collection 1907-1957" draws from the collections of famed Irish photographer Robert Chapman who captured the beauty of the Irish nation during the first half of the twentieth century. The best of an archive of thousands of photos, "Robert L. Chapman's Ireland" is quite the collection of black and white photography that is sure to please the eye and give much to talk about. "Robert L. Chapman's Ireland" is a fine choice for coffee table literature.

The World History Shelf

The Last Day of Naliboki
Mieczyslaw Klimowicz
American Literary Press
8019 Belair Rd., Suite 10, Baltimore, MD 21236
9781934696262, $29.95,

Stalinist Russia is something that many Americans are ashamed to have been allied with. "The Last Day of Naliboki: The Untold Story Behind the Massacre" tells the story of the small Polish town of Naliboki. The early forties were a time of nightmare for this village, which was massacred by the Russians in 1943. If that wasn't enough, the survivors suffered further depredations from the Germans; the remainder of their town was burned to the ground, and they were placed in German labor camps. One of the few survivors, author Mieczyslaw Klimowicz tells the story of this tragedy in greater detail. "The Last Day of Naliboki" is well worth the read for those seeking a more complete picture of World War II.

A History Of The Modern Middle East
William L. Cleveland & Martin Bunton
Westview Press
c/o Perseus Books Group
387 Park Avenue South, NY, NY 10016
9780813343747, $50.00,

America's military, financial, and cultural involvement with the Middle East is as on-going as it is problematic both in terms of suppressing attacks on America targets and our economic reliance on Middle Eastern petroleum resources. Yet before the emergence of a beligerant and violent Muslim extremism that led to attacks on the American homeland, most Americans know very little about the history and cultures that comprise this area of the world. Now in a newly revised and significantly updated fourth edition, "A History Of The Modern Middle East", co-authored by the late William L. Cleveland (who was a Professor of History at the Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) and Martin Bunton (who is an Associate Professor of History at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada), is a comprehensive historical overview of the region beginning with an insightful analysis of the Ottoman and Egyptian reforms through the rule of European colonialists, down to the American invasion and occupation of Iraq. This latest edition addresses the evolving developments of the past few decades that have transformed Middle Eastern societies and the consequent tensions between the forces of modernization and conservative cultural and religious ideological resistance. Of special note is the new chapter on "America's Troubled Moment in the Middle East" which focuses upon the aftermath of the Iraq war and Iranian nuclear ambitions. Informed and informative, "A History Of The Modern Middle East" is an impressive and substantial work of seminal scholarship. Accessibly written for both academia and the non-specialist general reader with an interest in the 20th and 21st century history of the Middle East, "A History Of The Modern Middle East" is a highly recommended addition for academic and community library World History collections and supplemental reading lists.

The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf

Television: The Life Story of a Technology
Alexander B. Magoun
The Johns Hopkins University Press
2715 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4363
9780801890727, $25.00 1-800-537-5487

Written by Alexander B. Magoun (executive director, David Sarnoff Library), Television: The Life Story of a Technology lives up to its title with an in-depth examination of the history of a media that continues to transform the world. Though television has been prevalent only for approximately fifty years, the earliest conception of the technology that would become television had its roots over one hundred years in the past. Chapters cover the innovation that brought television into existence, and then to the masses; how its commercialization affected human culture; and how modern digital media is chipping away at television's dominance - indeed, could the Internet bring about television's final end? A handful of black-and-white photographs, a bibliography, and an index enhance this highly readable account, sure to fascinate lay readers and scholars alike.

Make Movies That Make Money!
Philip R. Cable
McFarland & Company
PO Box 611, Jefferson, NC 28640
9780786441631, $39.95,

There's a formula Hollywood has figured out, but you don't need millions to do it as well. "Make Movies That Make Money! The Low-Budget Filmmaker's Guide to Commercial Success" is a guide for filmmakers of any level, from those playing with their grandparent's video camera to independent producers with a moderate budget. Author Phillip Cable says you don't need a massive budget to gain success, and gives tips for these film makers without funds to make their mark in the world of Hollywood blockbusters. "Make Movies That Make Money!" is a fine and highly recommended guide for those who don't want to be a starving artist.

Jack & Walter
Ben Costello
Five Star Publications, Inc.
4695 W. Tyson Street, Chandler, AZ 85226
9781589851184, $45.00,

There is sometimes a chemistry between two people where it just clicks and there is gold. "Jack & Walter: The Films of Lemmon & Matthau" chronicles the career of the two legendary actors when they were placed together, though each was a legend in his own right. Author Ben Costello looks at the pair's joint films ranging from their earliest work together in 'The Fortune Cookie', to their most well-known film 'The Odd Couple', to their much more recent films 'Grumpy Old Men' and 'JFK'. Chapters also cover both men's solo careers. Each movie gets its own chapter, complete with production stills and personal photos in black and white. "Jack & Walter" is a must for any fan of either actor.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Follow the Dog
Ruth Gordon
Pogo Press
8075 215th Street West, Lakeville, MN 55044
9781880654439, $22.95,

Dogs are commonly stated as man's best friend, and being policeman's best friend is no different. "Follow the Dog: A History of the St. Paul Police Canine Unit 1958-2008" follows the birth of the use of dogs for police work. Following the history from when the idea was pitched, the dogs were trained, the early days of the unit and how the first attempt fell apart, author Ruth Gordon does well in tracing the use of dogs in police work in St. Paul, offering a full view of its successes and failures. "Follow the Dog" is a fine read for anyone intrigued to learn about canines in police work.

The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog
Sasha Foster
403 S Mission St. Wenatchee, WA 98801
9781929242542, $24.95,

Stretching is an important part of human health, and dogs are not that far removed in their needs. "The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog: A Physical Therapy Approach" explains the importance of stretching for one's dog, and how proper use of the technique can help dogs live a longer life. All dogs can benefit from this practice, whether they are active or sedentary, as it helps their joints and muscles no matter how much or how little they are used. "The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog" is a fine acquisition for those dedicated to the health and longevity of their canine friend.

Your Dog's IQ
David Taylor
Thunder Bay Press
10350 Barnes Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92121
9781592239870, $9.95,

Dogs have never been viewed as the most intelligent creatures, but they are quite clever. "Your Dog's IQ: How Clever is Your Canine?" is a guide to measuring how smart one's dog really is. With countless little tests one can run on one's dog, to learning how the canine mind works, training one's dog to be smarter, and the mental differences between breeds, "Your Dog's IQ" is a good manual all around. "Your Dog's IQ" is a must for dog lovers who want their dog to be smarter than the average dog.

Real Food for Dogs & Cats
Clare Middle
Fremantle Press
c/o International Specialized Book Services (ISBS)
920 NE 58th Ave., Suite 300, Portland, OR 97213-3786
9781921361357, $19.95,

Processed food has its health risks, but there is no food more processed than pet food. "Real Food for Dogs & Cats: A Practical Guide to Feeding Your Pet a Balanced, Natural Diet" is a guide to returning one's pets to their natural and instinctual diet. Raw foods are what dogs and cats traditionally eat, and both are usually carnivores. A return to a raw diet could bring pets countless benefits for both themselves and their owners. "Real Food for Dogs & Cats" is the ideal diet manual for one's best friends and companions.

Sylvia Dolson
PixyJack Press
PO Box 149, Masonville, CO 80541
9780977372454, $18.00,

Furry, curious, cute, but oh so deadly. "Bear-ology: Fascinating Bear Facts, Tales, & Trivia" is a charming little book for the young or not-so young bear lover who wants to learn more about the various species of this type of creature. Tracing the long history and folklore associated with the bear, which has been a central figure of countless myths, as well as more modern fictional representations such as Smokey or Winnie the Pooh. "Bear-ology" gives readers countless fun facts and fine reading about the ursine animal.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Close to Home
Molly Sabourin
Conciliar Press Ministries
PO Box 76, Ben Lomond, CA 95005-0076
9781888212617, $15.95,

Balancing motherhood with anything is a challenge, and author Molly Sabourin is trying to balance it with being an Orthodox Christian. "Close to Home: One Orthodox Mother's Quest for Patience, Peace, and Perseverance" is a Christian parenting manual from proud Orthodox Christian Molly Sabourin. Frank and honest, she tells her story of the overwhelming job that is being a mother, and how even finding time to pray is a challenge. Hoping to spread a message of hope to other Orthodox mothers, "Close to Home" is something to consider for these women in need.

Foundations of Spiritual Formation
Paul Pettit
PO Box 2607, Grand Rapids, MI 49501
9780825434693, $22.99,

What Would Jesus Do? It's put on many a T-shirt to sell, but the sentiment holds true. "Foundations of Spiritual Formation: A Community Approach to Becoming Like Christ" is a combination of many minds coming together and discussing the need for churches to lead their community in viewing Christ as more of the role model he is. "Foundations of Spiritual Formation" is written in two parts; the first helps leaders lay the foundation for spiritual growth, while the second seeks to help readers embrace the more practical knowledge one needs in pursuing godliness. "Foundations of Spiritual Formation" is a strong pick for any religious leader who wants to push their congregation to higher heights.

The Parenting Shelf

Helping Hyperactive Kids: A Sensory Integration Approach
Lynn J. Horowitz and Cecile Rost
Hunter House Publishers
PO Box 2914, Alameda, CA 94501-0914
9780897934817, $14.95,

All kids are balls of boundless energy - but some are more so than others. "Helping Hyperactive Kids - A Sensory Integration Approach: Techniques for Parents and Professionals" is a guide to helping hyper children without resorting to drugs with nasty side effects such as Ritalin. Explaining why hyperactive children are so hyper, authors Lynn Horowitz and Cecile Rost discuss that controlling them is very much possible with the right methods, which can be used by anyone, be they therapist or parent. "Helping Hyperactive Kids - A Sensory Integration Approach" is a top pick for the parent who wants to help without drugs.

The Social Issues Shelf

Preventing Partner Violence
Daniel J. Whitaker & John R. Lutzker, editors
American Psychological Association
750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002
9781433804342, $69.95,

Domestic violence is a serious problem in America. "Preventing Partner Violence: Research and Evidence-Based Intervention Strategies" is a look at the tragedy of how love between two people has a shocking frequency of violence. Evaluating how the problem has risen and fallen through recent years, authors Daniel Whitaker and John Lutzker speak on the nature and origins of the problem, and sadly it's nothing new. Domestic violence has been occurring since humanity began, and preventing it has always been a problematic yet key goal of modern, civilized society. Aimed at those who work locally to intervene the problem before it starts and stop it before someone seriously gets hurt, Lutzker and Whitaker do well in giving readers an in-depth view of this serious issue. For anyone researching domestic violence, "Preventing Partner Violence" is an absolute must.

The Cookbook Shelf

The Flavors of Asia
Mai Pham
DK Publishing, Inc.
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
9780756643058 $35.00

The Flavors of Asia is a gorgeous, hardcover cookbook collecting recipies from forty of the best chefs in India, Asia, and America. Each of the 125 recipes is presented with numbered, step-by-step instructions, a beautiful full-page photograph of the dish, and insightful comments on the origin and use of the recipe. Recipes include "Baechoo Kimchi", "Spicy Lemongrass Tofu", "Singapore Chili Crab", "Banana Blossom Salad with Chicken", and more. Additional comments on more general Asian culinary techniques such as stir-frying round out this user-friendly cookbook excellent for chefs of all skill and experience levels. A worthy compendium of culinary delight.

100 Meals for $5 or Less
Jennifer Maughan
Gibbs Smith
PO Box 667, Layton, UT 84041
9781423602842, $12.99,

You don't have to spend a lot to eat well. "100 Meals for $5 or Less" is a guide to being a fine cook without spending a lot of money. The recipes include such favorites such as Bean Barley Soup, Vegetable Lasagna, as well as more unique recipes in Fake Steak and Fish Stick Casserole. With extra tips on making a grocery budget work and resisting the temptation of non-budget efficient foods, "100 Meals for $5 or Less" is a fine investment for those cooking on a tight budget.

The Travel Shelf

The Beatles' London
Piet Schreuders, Mark Lewisohn, & Adam Smith
Interlink Books
46 Crosby Street, Northampton, MA 01060-1804
9781566567473, $20.00,

The biggest band of the twentieth century, the Beatles are legends of London. "The Beatles' London: A Guide to 467 Beatles Sites" is a guide for those who are visiting London or already live there, and have a fascination with the fab four. Chronicling the Beatles' tale by tracing their steps through London and noting particular sites where major and not so major events happened to the band, "The Beatles' London" features a level of detail that fans are sure to love. "The Beatles' London" is a top pick for any diehard Beatles fan visiting the capital city of Great Britain.

The Music Shelf

101 Razor-Sharp Slide Guitar Licks
Larry McCabe
Red Dog Music Books
PO Box 1074, Rocky Mount, VA 24151
9781934777015, $19.95,

There are countless techniques to playing the guitar that can create their own unique sound. "101 Razor-Sharp Slide Guitar Licks: Electric Urban/Chicago Style" is a guide to the basic blues slide guitar style. Emphasizing the use of a slider, author Larry McCabe seeks to teach his readers to embrace the electric blues guitar style, made famous by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn. Enhanced with a CD to accompany the lessons, "101 Razor-Sharp Slide Guitar Licks" is a fine and recommended acquisition for the learning guitarist.

Busoni and the Piano, second edition
Larry Sitsky
Pendragon Press
PO Box 190, Hillsdale, NY 12529
9781576471586, $36.00 1-518-325-6100

First published in the late 1970s, Busoni and the Piano has been re-issued in an updated second edition for the twenty-first century. Written by Larry Sitsky, a music teacher, performer, and scholar of Busoni's work, this newly revised second edition of "Busoni and the Piano" explores Busoni's influence upon early 20th century music. Chapters examine individual works of Busoni in depth, excerpting scores as needed to illustrate points; compare Busoni to other great composers such as Bach, Liszt, and Mozart; and scrutinize Busoni's view of aesthetics, including his theory of notation for the piano. A thoughtful and scholarly text highly recommended for serious scholars of the piano.

The Literary Shelf

Contemporary Turkish Short Fiction
Suat Karantay
Citlembik Publications
c/o Nettleberry
44030 123rd St., Eden, SD 57232
9789944424479, $21.50,

The fall of the Ottoman Empire was not the fall of Turkish literature. "Contemporary Turkish Short Fiction" is a collection drawing from the pens of thirty-two writers who speak through their prose from countless stations of society; a good percentage of these writers are female. All featured writers are fairly new to the Turkish literary scene, and offer a fresh view of modern Turkey and what concerns the Turkish people today. With a strong presence of the traditional Turkish style, "Contemporary Turkish Short Fiction" is a fine compilation that presents Turkish fiction to English readers well.

The Biography Shelf

Live Yankees
W.H. Bunting
Tilbury House
103 Brunswick Avenue, Gardiner, ME 04345
9780884483151, $30.00,

Some families form family businesses, and some families form business empires that lives on for a century. "Live Yankees: The Sewalls and Their Ships" tells the story of the family and their strong force of merchant vessels that dominated sea trade as the nineteenth century drew to a close and the twentieth century began. Drawing stories not just from the Sewalls family themselves, "Live Yankees" also picks from the cornucopia of stories that played out on their ships. A biography of a family and a business, "Live Yankees" is well worth the read for those curious about business or seafaring history.

The Infamous King of the Comstock
Michael J. Makley
University of Nevada Press
Mail Stop 0166, Reno, NV, 89557-0166
9780874177794, $24.95 1-877-682-6657

The Infamous King of the Comstock: William Sharon and the Gilded Age in the West is the true-life story of one of Nevada's most notorious figures of Gilded Age capitalism. William Sharon earned a great deal of animosity, but even more wealth, from loaning money to mining operations and then foreclosing on them; when his business partner's enterprise failed and his partner died, Sharon benefitted immensely from his partner's remaining assets. To top it all off, he served in the Nevada Senate. The Infamous King of the Comstock is the absorbing story of not just one man, but the (somewhat) corrupt and money-hungry era in which he lived, highly recommended to historians and lay readers alike.

The Match King
Frank Partnoy
Public Affairs
250 West 57th Street, #1321, New York, NY 10107
9781586487430, $26.95

The Match King: Ivar Kreuger, the Financial Genius Behind a Century of Wall Street Scandals is the true-life biography of Swedish emigre and 1920's financier Ivar Kreuger, who amassed an immense amount of money raising capital from American investors and loaning it to European governments in exchange for matchstick monopolies - in an era when matches were a common household staple. Even after the 1930s collapse of Wall Street, Ivar continued to make money. But in 1932 the house-of-cards nature of Kreuger's empire came to light. The unrealistically high dividends that he paid to investors had led him to adopt more convoluted an fraudulent practices, from shell companies in tax havens to "creative" accounting figures to even forgery. At last his empire could no longer sustain itself; shares of his company became worthless in a matter of hours. The "Kreuger crash" that followed provoked the bankruptcy of millions, and prompted landmark securities regulations that still protect our marketplace today. An amazing true-life saga of the 1920's & 30's equivalent of Bernie Madoff, The Match King is highly recommended to scholars and lay readers alike, especially any studying the history of financial fraud.

H.J. Heinz: A Biography
Quentin R. Skrabec, Jr.
McFarland & Company
PO Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640
9780786441785, $39.95 1-800-253-2187

H.J. Heniz: A Biography is the true-life story of entrepreneur and tycoon H.J. Heinz, perhaps best known for founding Heinz Ketchup, one of the most recognized brands in the world. Heinz build an industrialized food processing empire well before Henry Ford rose to greatness; yet in an era notorious for its ruthless robber barons, Heinz had a surprisingly good reputation for treating his employees well. Over forty black-and-white photographs, some never before published, illustrate this thoughtful and detailed portrait of a remarkable business founder whose remarkable life has all but vanished from public awareness.

Desert Days
Fred Wendorf
Southern Methodist University Press
PO Box 750415, Dallas, TX 75275-0415
9780870745249, $29.95,

Uncovering ancient civilizations can uncover a lot about oneself. "Desert Days: My Life as a Field Archaeologist" are the reflections of lifelong archaeology enthusiast Fred Wendorf, who successfully pursued his dream career for the better half of a century. His career is one of adventure, revealing what has been lost to knowledge and science for thousands of years, but it is also the story of how Wendorf has matured as a person due to the unique nature of his career and his constant time abroad. "Desert Days" is a fine memoir to be enjoyed as both a personal testimony and as an overview of archaeology as a historical science.

The Fiction Shelf

On the Brink of Bliss and Insanity
Lisa Cerasoli
Five Star Publications
1193-392nd Road, Utica, NE 68456
9781589851214, $15.95,

What can you do when everything falls apart around you? "On the Brink of Bliss and Insanity" is the story of Annie. Attracted to a prick, newly unemployed, Annie's life seems to be a on a downward spiral that she cannot control. Add in an utterly fascinating cast of characters and one has the recipe for an intriguing and story, sure to compel the reader. "On the Brink of Bliss and Insanity" is wryly written, and a top pick for new fiction.

Other Useful Numbers
Sarah Broughton
c/o Dufour Editions
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425
9781902638508, $21.95,

What may work against some people the most is their own mind. "Other Useful Numbers" is a novel following Tracy, a woman who could not possibly be described as a morally upright and productive member of society. Leeching off her friends in a never-ending quest to find another woman named Anita, it soon becomes apparent that the greatest enemy Tracy faces in her task is her own mind, which has been tormenting her all this time. "Other Useful Numbers" is a fine read about the people who fall into the cracks of society.

Mission to Sonora
Rebecca Cramer
Imago Press
3710 East Edison, Tucson, AZ 85716-2912
9781935437000, $15.00,

When you're a former forensic scientist, you'd think it'd be easier to escape your career. "Mission to Sonora: Book 1 of the Linda Bluenight Series" follows Linda and her son as they discover a corpse while on a nature hike. This discovery is just the start of Linda's troubles as there are those who don't want her former expertise applied to the discovery of that corpse, and she starts to get hunted through her everyday life. A story of facing the past and doing what's right, "Mission to Sonora" is a fine and highly recommended piece of mystery fiction, sure to please.

The Economics Shelf

The Economics of Production, second edition
Bruce R. Beattie, C. Robert Taylor, & Myles J. Watts
Krieger Publishing Company
1725 Krieger Drive, Malabar, FL 32950
9781575242958, $72.00,

A product needs to be produced first before it can be sold. "The Economics of Production" is the newly updated and expanded second edition of a text focusing on production and the economics behind it. Composed in a simple to understand style, the book is an ideal introduction into the field of production economics, as well as a solid reference for more advanced students of the science. With chapters covering the technical aspects needed, input and output and their impact on a company's finances, multiple production lines, monopolies, and so much more, "The Economics of Production" is a complete and comprehensive reference on the subject. "The Economics of Production" is a text enthusiastically recommended to any economics college course.

The Trend of Economic Thinking
F.A. Hayek
Liberty Fund
8335 Allison Pointe Trail, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46250-1684
9780865977426, $12.00,

Economic thinking, just like any other school of thought, has had its own evolution over the years. "The Trend of Economic Thinking: Essays on Political Economists and Economic History" is a collection of essays from renown economic scientist F.A. Hayek chronicling the ideas of one of the best economic minds fo the twentieth century. His essays discuss the past history of economics from the times of Adam Smith, to his own contemporary times where capitalism and communism were at each others throats at every front. A must read for any economics student or simply one who wants a better grasp of how money works in the world, "The Trend fo Economic Thinking" is a fine choice in any regard.

Tax Policy
Alan D. Viard, editor
American Enterprise Institute
1150 Seventeenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036
9780844742786, $25.00,

Taxes are at the forefront of politics always, but now they are perhaps more than ever. "Tax Policy: Lessons from the 2000s" examines the mostly over decade of 2000 to 2010, what economists have learned from the tax policies of the Bush Administration, and how the Obama administration can learn much from the mistakes and triumphs of Obama's predecessor. Taxes affect more than what people pay to the government - they can determine the very success of an economy. "Tax Policy: Lessons from the 2000s" is a fine addition to any economic studies collection.

The Political Science Shelf

Is Socialist Revolution in the U.S. Possible?, expanded edition
Mary-Alice Waters
PO Box 162767, Atlanta, GA 30321-2767
9781604880182, $7.00,

With the recent fear from right-oriented political shows that socialism is taking over America, one must seriously ask - could it really happen? "Is Socialist Revolution in the U.S. Possible? A Necessary Debate" is a look at the issue, and this expanded edition is updated with some of the events that have occurred in recent months adding new fuel for thought of this debate. Mary-Alice Waters believes that America may be heading down this road, and her ideas will give readers much to ponder. "Is Socialist Revolution in the U.S. Possible?" is well worth the read for those concerned about America's future.

The Poetry Shelf

Ohio Violence
Alison Stine
University of North Texas Press
PO Box 311336, Denton, TX 76203-1336
9781574412581, $12.95,

Poetry, among many other things, reflects the skill of the poet to conjure up images and emotions through the use of more than just words, but words with cadence, rhythm, and resonance. An award winning poet, Alison Stine has truly mastered the craft of creating just such verse and "Ohio Violence" is a representative compilation of her work. The theme of these free form lyrics is that of emotional conflicts and interpersonal distress in the seemingly placid environs of the American Midwest. Thoughtful and thought-provoking, "Ohio Violence" is highly recommended reading and an excellent introduction to one of contemporary America's best and brightest in the poetry field. 'White Fence': These nights I think I know what the world wants./Mostly, an ending: the glaciers awake, harbors//turned to meadows. But you, you were different,/alert at the edge, awaiting some directions. We seek//death because we are strange to it. Mostly I imagine/you riding your bicycle into the trees, as far as you//could, until dead wood. What was it your were/seeking? the forest's center stillness, more limbs//on the ground than in air? Other times I think/I told you to go, turning to the light to see what fell there.//Nothing, then the whitest wing, water moths of snow/which clung to trees until the trees thinned, half//in shadow, half gone, in this way like acid. this then/is your gift to me: distance, a white fence. Ask yourself//is this what you wanted? Go on. Ask me anything.

To Keep the Light Burning
Anne Le Marquand Hartigan
Salmon Poetry
c/o Dufour Editions
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425
9781903392966, $21.95,

Death is not the end, except when it happens to you. It's an agonizing process otherwise. "To Keep the Light Burning: Reflections in Times of Loss" is a collection of poems from Anne Le Marquand Hartigan, focusing on the human spirit's challenges when faced with loss. Each poem has a preface explaining its meaning and nature to the reader, alongside the poem itself. "To Keep the Light Burning" is a top pick for poetry lovers who have lost another love. "The Hawser": In the deep pause of night/I can think of you/heavy-limbed and lying//turn to me across the ocean/throw out an arm/let its weight fall across me//as a rope from boat to shore.

The Formal Impulse
John Pidgeon
Parallel Press
372 Memorial Library, 728 State Street, Madison, WI 53575
9781934795057, $10.00 1-800-636-0071

The Formal Impulse is a flat-spined chapbook of free-verse poetry by published Wisconsin poet John Pidgeon. Individual poems have previously appeared in periodicals such as "Rosebud", "The Iconoclast", and more, but they never before been gathered into one collection. The Formal Impulse offers brief contemplations on historical figures, great works of art, forgotten timeless moments, and inspirational quotations or instants. The result is a moving anthology that leaves much to ponder in the wake of its insights. "The Formal Impulse": Is more than the lean Apollonian / instinct to influence / the lush strut and dance / of those hopelessly Dionysian. // It isn't on the outside looking in, stopping up its own breath; / nor some decorative wreath / for a stanza solid as a tombstone.

The Raven and Other Poems
Edgar Allan Poe, author
Gahan Wilson, illustrator
40 Exchange Place, Suite 1308, New York, NY 10005
9781597071406, $9.95 1-800-886-1223

Part of the "Classics Illustrated" series presenting great works of literature in a vivid new format, The Raven and Other Poems offers nine dark poems by legendary American visionary of horror and despair Edgar Allan Poe. The poems presented here are "The Raven", "Annabel Lee", "Lines on Ale", "The City in the Sea", "The Sleeper", "Eldorado", "Alone", "The Haunted Palace", and the "Conqueror Worm", each accompanied by gleefully ghoulish color illustrations. An excellent, inexpensive introduction to Poe's immortal work sporting a sturdy hardcover binding, The Raven and Other Poems is especially recommended for public library collections.

The Junction
Tomas Venclova
Bloodaxe Books
c/o Dufour Editions
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425
9781852248109, $23.95

Offering readers a taste of the life in Lithuania, "The Junction" is a collection of poetry from one of the nation's finest poets in Tomas Venclova. Addressing the issues that are uniquely Lithuanian but will ring well with much of society and most importantly humanity, Venclova's poems speak well and give an indepth look into the mind of a citizen of the Eastern European country. "The Junction" is a fine read and something to be treasured by poetry enthusiasts. "An Attempt at Describing a Room": o the pillows and the palettes and the earrings made of gold/but the map will never show it as the address is annulled//but the boulevard is glowing and the tea turns into air/but the wires stretch into nowhere and the essence is unclear//tongue of flame begins to flicker midnight strikes you as you write/and the lobsters shrimp and fish break through the canvas with their sight//since the border of the fishbowl stretches out our windowpane/where the blind and artless shepherds tend the nutshells in the brine//hardness sets the liquid plaster you I cease to hear or see/void of gratitude and happy underneath the spreading tree.

The Judaic Studies Shelf

20th Century Jewish Religious Thought
Arthur A. Cohen & Paul Mendes-Flohr, eds.
Jewish Publication Society
2100 Arch St., 2nd fl., Philadelphia PA 19103
9780827608924, $50.00,

The theologies of Judaism are not fixed in either time or place, but are continuing to be interpreted, expanded, shaped, and evolved with each new generation of Rabbi's and social activists. Long out of print and now once again made available to a new generation of students and readers, "20th Century Jewish Religious Thought" is a compilation of 140 informed and informative essays compiled from some of the best minds in the field of Judaic studies. Deftly co-edited by Arthur A. Cohen and Paul Mendes-Flohr, the topics addressed range from charity, death, family love, suffering, tradition, the Torah, and so much more. This 1163-page compendium is enhanced with a comprehensive index and represents ideas and commentaries that are as inspired and inspiring as they are thoughtful and thought-provoking. "20th Century Jewish Religious Thought" is a highly recommended and core addition to personal, rabbinical, academic, and community library Judaic Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

The Creative Jewish Wedding, second edition
Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer
Jewish Lights
Route 4, PO Box 237, Woodstock, VY 05091
9781580233989, $19.99,

Tradition is a fine thing, but that doesn't mean you can't put your own spin on it. Now in a newly revised and expanded second edition, "The Creative Jewish Wedding: A Hands-On Guide to New & Old Traditions, Ceremonies & Celebrations" is a guide for Jewish couples who are soon to be wed but want to do something more than what's expected of them. With advice and tips for every step of the way from the inventories to the ceremony itself, "The Creative Jewish Wedding" is a must-read manual for the traditional yet forward thinking and creative Jew who wants to make their wedding personal and unique.

Eichah: A Modern Commentary on the Book of Lamentations
Leonard S. Kravitz and Kerry M. Olitzky
URJ Press
633 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017-6778
9780807410615, $14.95

Rabbi Leonard S. Kravitz, Ph.D. (professor of Midrash and Homeletics, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in New York) and Kerry M. Olitzky, D.H.L. (executive director, Jewish Outreach Institute) present Eichah: A Modern Commentary on the Book of Lamentations, a translation and close examination of the Jewish holy text that is The Book of Lamentations. The Book of Lamentations covers the destructions of the Temples and the subsequent calamities that Tishah B'Av suffered; yet it is so much more, about the crucial role that Jerusalem played in the religious lives of Jews. A profound and thoughtful religious study, Eichah is a welcome addition to scholarly Judaic Studies shelves, yet remains accessible to readers of all backgrounds. Highly recommended, especially for college library collections.

Spiritual Journey Home
Nathan Katz
930 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306
9781602801165, $27.50,

There is much eastern philosophy can do for western religions. "Spiritual Journey Home: Eastern Mysticism to Western Wall" follows on one Jew's journey into the farther east. A conservative Jew by tradition, he speaks on what he has learned as he has traveled through the Middle East and Southern Asia through India, Afghanistan, Nepal, among other countries and what he has learned from their people and their traditional beliefs. He then reflects on the lessons he learned and how they apply to modern Judaism. "Spiritual Journey Home" is intriguing, enlightening, and will give religious readers much to think about.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Roadless Rules
Tom Turner
Island Press
Suite 300, 1718 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20009
9781597264402, $$27.50,

Roads are a vital part of civilized society, but done incorrectly, they can destroy the environment. "Roadless Rules: The Struggle for the Last Wild Forests" tells the tale of the classic environment vs. development battle. Through the Clinton years, roads were kept in check by democratic environmental policies, but as George W. Bush gained the presidency, these rules were repealed and ever since, forest-conscious environmentalists have been in legal battles to protect the forests. "Roadless Rules" tells the developments of this story, and is an informed and informative read.

Nevada's Environmental Legacy
James W. Hulse
Univeristy of Nevada Press
Mail Stop 0166, Reno, NV, 89557-0166
9780874177695, $24.95

Nevada is not known for its environment, but with huge cities like Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson, its environment is under constant strain. "Nevada's Environmental Legacy: Progress or Plunder" investigates Nevada's natural landscape, and how it's under constant threat from many sources. From rampant logging to nuclear weapon testing, Nevada may truly become a desert wasteland if someone doesn't intervene. Informing Americans of a problem that is often ignored, "Nevada's Environmental Legacy" is a fine read for those concerned with the nation's environmental health.

The Crafts Shelf

Paper Crafts with Style
Trafalgar Square Publishing
PO Box 257, Howe Hill Road, North Pomfret, VT 05033
Independent Publishers Group (distributor)
814 North Franklin Street, Chicago, IL 60610
9781570764271, $24.95 1-800-888-4741

Paper Crafts with Style: Over 50 Designs Made with Cut, Folded, Pasted, and Stitched Paper lives up to its title; each two-page spread features easy-to-follow directions of a simple and elegant paper craft, opposite a full-page photograph of the potential creation. From lacy table menus to paper flowers to beautiful giftwrapping, Christmas decorations, and much more, Paper Crafts with Style is packed cover to cover with inexpensive, attractive projects. Enthusiastically recommended for anyone with an interest in paper crafts.

The Gardening Shelf

Growing Chinese Vegetables In Your Own Backyard
Geri Harrington
Storey Publishing
210 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams, MA 01247
9781603421409, $16.95,

It's hard to make an authentic Chinese dish when you don't have all the ingredients. "Growing Chinese Vegetables in Your Own Backyard" is a gardening guide for those who want the true Chinese flavor and aren't prepared to go on a nationwide hunt to find the right produce store. With tips on growing Chinese species of plants such as winter melons, fuzzy gourd, mung beans, and more, "Growing Chinese Vegetables In Your Own Backyard" gives readers the knowledge they need to know to put themselves one step closer to authentic Chinese cuisine. "Growing Chinese Vegetables in Your Own Backyard" is a must for the Chinese food enthusiast who also likes to garden.

The Ever-Blooming Flower Garden
Lee Schneller
Storey Publishing
210 Mass MoCA Way, North Adams, MA 01247
9781603421393, $19.95 1-800-827-8673

Written by professional flower garden designer Lee Schneller (owner of Lee Schneller Fine Gardens), The Ever-Blooming Flower Garden: A Blueprint for Continuous Color is not just any gardening guide - it offers an easy-to-use blueprint system to create and bring to life flower gardens that begin blooming in late spring and stay colorful until the end of autumn. The no-fail flowerbed plan consists of a five step system: questionnaires and checklists for choosing one's best plants, a flower catalog recommending 220 easy-care options, a plant planning chart/shopping list, and straightforward growing information with maintenance tips. Roughly half of The Ever-Blooming Flower Garden is devoted to a quick reference flower catalog, with color photos of each specimen and a simple line representing which months a given species is most likely to bloom. An excellent resource for flower-loving gardeners.

The Fashion Shelf

Growing More Beautiful
Jennifer Robin
Arteful Press
Kelley & Hall (publicity)
5 Briar Lane, Marblehead, Massachusetts 01945
9780981732206, $29.95

Growing More Beautiful: An Artful Approach to Personal Style is a gorgeously illustrated guide to beauty and fashion, written by expert artist and image consultant Jennifer Robin. Chapters teach the reader how to continue to grow beautiful as one grows older, from the effective use of color to build one's wardrobe, to finding garments that fit and flatter one's body, to skillfully organizing one's closet, to the discreet application of makeup, to proper shopping for clothing and swimwear that best complements one's body. A spiritual aspect to Growing More Beautiful reaches beyond physical appearance, touching upon the importance of creating balance in one's life, nourishing one's artistic self, and being aware of the impact of one's physical and social environment. Full color artworks and photographs on virtually every page enhance this in-depth, easy-to-follow fashion guide highly recommended for women of all ages.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set
U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT 06902
9781572816398, $30.00 1-800-544-2637

A deluxe set including two books, the Smith-Waite Centennial Edition Tarot Deck (a 78-card color deck reproduced from the original 1909 deck, with drawstring organza bag), a 5"x7" photo of Ms. Smith, three 5"x7" artwork reproductions by Ms. Smith, six color postcards, and a spread sheet guide, the Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set is the definitive tarot collector's resource, packaged in an attractive and space-saving deluxe keepsake case. The two books included in the set are "The Pictorial Key to the Tarot" by Arthur Edward Waite, in a new format, and "The Artwork & Times of Pamela Colman Smith" by Stuart R. Kaplan, a 102-page illustrated paperback with over 100 examples of Smith's non-tarot art. A compact yet exhaustively detailed collection, the Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set is also quite inexpensive for its high quality and detailed information. The Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative set is the perfect addition to a Tarot lover's collection, and an excellent gift set for anyone intrigued by the craft of Tarot.

The Philosophy Shelf

Nietzsche's Animal Philosophy
Vanessa Lemm
Fordham University Press
2546 Belmont Avenue, University Box L, Bronx, NY 10458-5172
9780823230280, $24.00 1-800-247-6553

Part of the "Perspectives in Continental Philosophy" series, Nietzsche's Animal Philosophy: Culture, Politics, and the Animality of the Human Being is a thoughtful re-examination of Nietzsche's views on culture, civilization, politics, morality, and the animalistic nature of humankind. What exactly does it mean for the human animal to have culture - the main thing that distinguishes humans from beasts - and how does humankind's instinctive, animalistic side shape its culture? Nietzsche saw culture as created by human's animal side, not erected as a moral barrier against it. Chapters address such topics as "Politics and Promise", "Culture and Economy", "Giving and Forgiving", "Animality, Creativity, and Historicity", and more. A scholarly and measured philosophical study by author Vanessa Lemm (Associate Professor at the School for Political Science, Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile), recommended for college library philosophy shelves.

The Wizard of Oz and Philosophy
Randall E. Auxier & Phillip S. Seng
Open Court
70 East Lake Street, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60601
9780812696578, $18.95,

There is something to think about in everything, even stories featuring flying monkeys. "The Wizard of Oz and Philosophy: Wicked Wisdom of the West" takes a look at the beloved film and story, and what it teaches humanity. Everything from why Dorothy wants so direly to escape a cheerful fantasy world to the role of Toto is discussed in a fascinating way. "The Wizard of Oz and Philosophy" asks many questions and presents many answers, and is a must for anyone evaluating the effects of popular culture on the way people think.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Sell Yourself in Any Interview
Oscar Adler
McGraw Hill
Two Penn Plaza, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10121-2298
Gulotta Communications, Inc. (publicity)
341 Lexington Street, Newton, MA 02466
9780071549097, $14.95,

An interview is really about sales. "Sell Yourself in Any Interview: Use Proven Sales Techniques to Land Your Dream Job" is a guide to treating interviews as they should be treated - venues to sell oneself as an invaluable addition to the company one is applying to. Adler encourages those who are preparing for an interview to read their interviewer and react accordingly, much like one would do in sales. With advice on proper resume construction, and other minor tips that would never come to mind for many, "Sell Yourself in Any Interview" is a must read for anyone about to face an interview for the job they must have.

The Nautical Shelf

Handbook of Offshore Cruising
Jim Howard
Sheridan House
145 Palisade Street, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
9781574092790, $29.95,

Enjoying the breeze of the ocean for an extended period of time is the relaxation many dream of having. "Handbook of Offshore Cruising: The Dream and Reality of Modern Ocean Cruising" is a guide to the offshore cruising; while the reality is never truly like the dream, there is still much to enjoy and embrace during the trip. A how to manual, "Handbook of Offshore Cruising" contains chapters on the boat itself, maintaining it along with other vital cruising gear, the daily tasks one must do while at sea, and what to do when one is ready to return to land. "Handbook of Offshore Cruising" is a must read for those who want to make their nautical fantasy into a reality.

Spirit of the Nikkei Fleet
Masako Fukawa
Harbour Publishing
PO Box 219, Madeira Park, BC V0N 2H0 Canada
9781550174397, $39.95,

Canada, like America, is not made up of entirely one sort of immigrant. "Spirit of Nikkei Fleet: BC's Japanese Canadian Fishermen" is a look at Japanese Canadians in British Columbia. Telling the story of a people not immediately accepted, who took to fishing to earn their keep as they slowly earned their rights in Canadian society, "Spirit of the Nikkei Fleet" also describes and how Canada made the same tragic mistake as America during World War II and forcibly imprisoned its own Japanese-Canadian citizens for no crime. A collection of stories allowing readers to experience the lives of a dedicated yet oppressed people, "Spirit of the Nikkei Fleet" is a finely recommended tale.

The Interior Design Shelf

The Complete Guide to Finishing Basements
Editors of Cpi
Creative Publishing International
400 First Avenue North, #300, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781589234543, $24.99,

A basement can be as fine a living space as any other area of the house. "The Complete Guide to Finishing Basements: Step-by-Step Projects for Adding Living Space Without Adding On" is a home improvement guide for those who want to turn their utility room basement into a room to be enjoyed by the entire family, or just one person. Basements present their own challenges, such as moisture, lack of heat and light, among other issues, but many ideas are presented to remedy these. With extra advice on morphing one's basement into many types of more useful rooms, "The Complete Guide to Finishing Basements" is a fine choice for anyone who wants to make their bottom level something special.

The American History Shelf

New York Sings
Jerry Silverman
Excelsior Editions
c/o State University of New York Press (SUNY)
State University Plaza, Albany, NY 12246-0001
9781438426846, $24.95,

From New Amsterdam to the modern day, New York has had a major place in today's world. "New York Sings: 400 Years of the Empire State in Song" is a collection of songs from Jerry Silverman, a folk musician who has composed many a song tracing the city's history from its earliest colonies to the sprawling metropolis it is today. In a way, the history of New York is the history of America, with many parallels to the country's progression as a whole. Each song has sheet music, lyrics, and more for musicians to perform themselves. "New York Sings" is a top pick for those who want to embrace their city's history through song.

The Psychology Shelf

The Dream Encyclopedia, second edition
James R. Lewis
Visible Ink Press
43311 Joy Road #414, Canton, MI 48187-2075
9781578592166, $24.95,

Dreams are the theaters of our subconscious. Now in a newly updated and expanded second edition, "The Dream Encyclopedia" is a guide to interpreting dreams, whether it be by one who is curious about what their mind is trying to tell them, a psychologist, or simply one who wants something interesting to talk about with friends. Tackling nearly three hundred topics that commonly occur in dreams and offering interpretations for each of them, "The Dream Encyclopedia" breaks down each symbol and explains why one's mileage may vary on certain symbols. Offering much food for thought, "The Dream Encyclopedia" is very much recommended to the curious or professional reader.

The Civil War Shelf

The Seventh Star of the Confederacy
Kenneth W. Howell
University of North Texas Press
PO Box 311336, Denton, TX 76203-1336
9781574412598, $34.95

In 1861, Texas became the seventh state in the Confederacy and was plunged into blood-soaked fighting with the North. Edited by Kenneth W. Howell (associate professor, Prairie View A&M University), The Seventh Star of the Confederacy: Texas During the Civil War is an anthology of the latest scholarly research by expert historians concerning how Texans experienced the American Civil War. Individual essays include "Frontier Defense: Enlistment Patterns for the Texas Frontier Regiments in the Civil War", "Defending the Lone Star: The Texas Cavalry in the Red River Campaign", "Prison City, Camp Ford: Largest Confederate Prisoner-of-war Camp in the Trans-Mississippi", "The Confederate Governors of Texas", and many more. A handful of black-and-white illustrations and an index enhance this cutting-edge historical study. Especially recommended for college and public library collections strong in Texas history.

Commanding Lincoln's Navy
Stephen R. Taaffe
Naval Institute Press
291 Wood Road, Annapolis, MD 21402
9781591148555, $37.95 1-800-233-8764

Commanding Lincoln's Navy: Union Leadership During the Civil War is the story of how the Union's Navy leadership, particularly President Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles, contributed to winning the American Civil War. From blockading Confederate ports to cooperating with the Army in amphibious assaults to controlling the Mississippi and its tributaries, the Navy's success in its role can be traced to Welles' overall talent for choosing good leaders - though some of his early choices may have lent too much priority to political connections, seniority, and availability over record and individual character, his skill improved as the conflict continued, and he became increasingly efficient at finding the right man for the job. An inset handful of black-and-white photographic plates illustrates this thoughtful, well-researched account.

The Black Studies Shelf

Voices of the African American Experience
Lionel C. Bascom, editor
Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc.
88 Post Road West, P.O. Box 5007, Westport, CT 06881-5007
9780313343476, $275.00 1-800-225-5800

Voices of the African American Experience is a three-volume scholarly compendium of primary testimonies and sources of African-American history (speeches, articles, mission statements, hymns, spiritual songs, slave narratives, memoirs, essays, and much more), offering an unparalleled glimpse into the lives of African-Americans during the past four hundred years, in their own words. Each document is presented with an introduction and additional contextual information, the better to aid students, scholars, or lay people researching the African-American experience. A thoroughly accessible resource sure to fascinate readers of all backgrounds, Voices of the African American Experience deserves the highest recommendation especially for public and college library collections.

Black Manhood and Community Building in North Carolina 1900-1930
Angela Hornsby-Gutting
University Press of Florida
15 Northwest 15th St., Gainesville, FL 32611
9780813032931, $65.00

Part of the "New Perspectives on the History of the South" series, Black Manhood and Community Building in North Carolina 1900-1930 is a close look at the role of black men in resisting racial oppression in North Carolina during the beginning of the twentieth century - a time notorious for use of poll taxes, literacy tests, and the grandfather clause to deny black men the right to vote, as well as segregationist Jim Crow laws. North Carolina's racial climate became so poor that roughly 57,000 black North Carolinians left the state during the period of 1900 to 1930. Histories of the time often focus disproportionately black women's efforts to resist or subvert the Jim Crow laws (including by forming interracial alliances with white women). Black Manhood and Community Building in North Carolina 1900-1930 gives the other side of the tale; the four sections are subtitled "African-American Churchmen Confront the Black Women's Era", "Fashioning Boys into Respectable Race Men", "Gender and Fraternity in North Carolina's Black Secret Society" and "Black Men Navigate the Terrain of Race Ambassador". Exhaustively researched with copious notes, Black Manhood and Community Building in North Carolina 1900-1930 is highly recommended for shedding light on a vital yet overlooked aspect of North Carolina's history and social evolution.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is
Natalie Pace
Vanguard Press
387 Park Avenue South, 12th Floor, New York City, NY 10016
9781593154912, $24.95,

Wealth is the state of being set for life and not panicking for your next paycheck. "Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is: Investment Strategies for Lifetime Wealth" is a collection of simple and easy tips to follow in the world of investment. Calling her methods the 'Buy My Own Island' plan, the author's ambitious nature fueled her transformation from indigent to millionaire, and she became one of the most trusted stock brokers on Wall Street. Here, she hopes to help others who were in her situation claim their own piece of the wealth that America has to offer. "Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is" is just what some readers may need to find themselves exponentially richer in the coming years.

The Health/Medical Shelf

Be A Healthy Woman!
Gary Null & Amy McDonald
Seven Stories Press
140 Watts Street, New York, NY 10013
9781583228579, $29.95,

Gary Null is a successful health and fitness writer. Amy McDonald has worked for almost twenty years in the medical publishing field. Together they have collaborated to produce "Be A Healthy Woman!", a comprehensive, 800-page instruction guide and manual for living a truly healthy life and lifestyle as a woman. Drawing upon up-to-date clinical data and published research, "Be A Healthy Woman!" addresses such fundamentally important issues as establishing a healthy diet; stocking a 'Natural Medicine Cabinet' for treating and preventing diseases; treating headaches and migraines; developing and maintaining healthy and beautiful skin, hair and nails; slowing the aging process; birth control options; cancer prevention; naturopathic approaches to dealing with infertility; natural childbirth and midwifery; homeopathic for pregnancy, digestive, diabetic, postpartum depression, and other commonly encountered problems of women. "Be A Healthy Woman!" is as informed and informative as it is 'reader friendly', making it an ideal addition for academic and community library Women's Health reference collections, and as an invaluable addition to personal and family health reference manual as well.

An Insider's Guide to Better Nursing Home Care
Donna M. Reed
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2119
9781591026716, $17.98,

Nursing homes are plagued with horror stories of poor care which can lead to premature death. "An Insider's Guide to Better Nursing Home Care" is a guide for sons and daughters of elderly parents who seem destined for time spent in a nursing home. With advice and tips for giving one's parents the best care they can when they must use one of these facilities, "An Insider's Guide to Better Nursing Home Care" gives a series of tips and outlines about what to look for, what to look out for, and how to find the best facility to fill one's parents' special needs. "An Insider's Guide to Better Nursing Home Care" is a must for those who want to ensure their parents the best golden years possible.

The Dance Shelf

Beyond Isadora
Joanna Gewertz Harris
Regent Press
2747 Regent Street, Berkeley, CA 94705
9781587901614, $40.00,

Dance has captivated audiences for thousands of years. "Beyond Isadora: Bay Area Dancing 1915-1965" explains that this fact is still true to this day. Focusing on the theater and dance of San Francisco for the better part of the first half of the twentieth century, author Joanna Gewertz Harris outlines the importance of dance as an art form during this era. With countless black and white photos peppering the history, the feel of the era is transmitted well. "Beyond Isadora" is a fine read that will grab readers, especially fans of dance, and never let go.

Traditional Barn Dances
Dudley & Jacqueline Laufman
Human Kinetics
9224 Paysphere Circle, Chicago, IL 60674
9780736076128, $59.00,

Throwing down a barn dance can be much more fun than one would think. "Traditional Barn Dances with Calls & Fiddling" is a dance manual focusing on the barn dance style of dancing, also commonly referred to as square dancing. Each dance comes with a fiddle tune accompanying it, a history of that dance, and of course, lessons on the dance itself. Also of high interest is the included DVD which has a video glossary demonstrating each of the moves alongside full demonstrations for choice dances. On top of that, there are two CDs with the music featured within the book, excellent for practicing along to. "Traditional Bard Ances with Calls & Fiddling" is a fine reference for those intrigued with this traditional dance style.

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