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Reviewer's Choice

The Dead Sea Scrolls, second edition
James C. VanderKam
Wm E. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
2140 Oak Industrial Drive NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505
9780802864352, $21.00,

The Dead Sea Scrolls have sparked a good deal of interest for those curious about the mysteries of the Bible. "The Dead Sea Scrolls Today" is the second edition update to the study of the Dead Seas Scrolls, manuscripts which provide a decidedly different and insightful view of the Bible. The original volume won awards when it was published sixteen years ago, and with new research and updates, author James C. VanderKam makes the update just as valuable reading even if one has read the original. "The Dead Sea Scrolls Today" is a valuable addition to any biblical archeology and history collection.

The Story Of Jules Verne
Wayne Caldwell Simmons
Highlander Farm Press
200 Albert Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71105
9780615289915, $29.95,

There are many fine books celebrating a canine companion. There are many excellent volumes comprised of fine art in celebration of dogs. "The Story of Jules Verne: A Watch Pocket Dog" by Wisconsin author and artist Wayne Caldwell Simmons brings together in a single 100-page volume a series of superbly written and intensely personal stories of his association with a seemingly rather ordinary and unimpressive canine foundling that grew to be an extraordinary and genuinely impressive hunting dog. Chronicling a ten-year relationship between Simmons and his dog Jules Verne, the engaging short story sequences are interspersed with superb reproductions of Simmons' paintings -- each of which is thematically appropriate to the chapters they so beautifully enhance. An engaging, entertaining, and occasionally inspiring read, ""The Story of Jules Verne: A Watch Pocket Dog" is especially recommended for personal and community library collections -- and a 'must' for anyone who has ever felt their canine companion to have been an integral part of their life.

The American History Shelf

Monster Fire at Minong
Bill Matthias
Wisconsin Historical Society Press
816 State Street, Madison, WI 53575
9780870204470 $14.95

Volunteer firefighter Bill Matthias presents Monster Fire at Minong: Wisconsin's Five Mile Tower Fire of 1977, the true story of one of the largest wildfires in Wisconsin's history, a blaze that destroyed more than 13,000 acres and sixty-three edifices. More than just a historical chronicle, Monster Fire at Minong reveals the heroic actions of volunteers who dared to combat the ferocity of a deadly blaze to defend the homes and the lives of their fellow human beings. A handful of black-and-white photographs illustrates this captivating true story of men vs. nature.

The Cookbook Shelf

$3 Soups & Stews
Ellen Brown
The Globe Pequot Press
PO Box 480, Guilford, CT 06437
9781599218922, $14.95,

Soups and stews can be as nutritious and delicious as they are low-budget and family finance friendly. Especially with the help of Ellen Brown's "$3 Soups and Stews: Delicious, Low-Cost Dishes for Your Family That Everyone Will Love!". This 256-page compendium of thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes showcase more than 250 palate pleasing, appetite satisfying, inexpensive, easy to prepare dishes that would grace any family dining occasion. From the making of basic chicken, beef, vegetable and seafood stocks, to such homespun gourmet dishes as Dilled Vegetable Chowder; Basque Bean and Cabbage Soup; Curried Fish Stew; Braised Beef with Rosemary and Celery, and Asian Turkey Chili, "$3 Soups and Stews" offers an impressive variety of dishes with step-by-step instructions. Of special note for the novice family cook is the opening chapter on 'Saving Money at the Supermarket'. This alone is worth it all -- and the recipes are just a welcome but additional value for the price of purchase. If you have a limited food budget with only enough funds for one addition to your kitchen cookbook shelf, make it Ellen Brown's "$3 Soups and Stews".

Tracey Ryder & Carole Topalian
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
111 River St., Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774
9780470371084, $29.95,

The collaborative project of Tracey Ryder and Carole Topalian (co-founders of Edible communities Inc., a network of regional food magazines in the United States and Canada celebrating place-based foods, recipes, and personal stories of the farmers, fishermen, chefs, local food/environmental activists and issues), "Edible: A Celebration Of Local Foods" is a profusely illustrated, 336-page compendium showcasing six of North America's culinary regions; profiles of local community food-and-environment sustainable agricultural activists; inspirational stories; and eighty very special recipes. The first section dedicated to 'Edible Stories' is organized into Northeast; Southeast; Southwest; California and the West; Pacific Northwest; and Midwest. The second section showcasing the recipes is organized seasonally: Spring, Summer; Fall; and Winter. Enhanced with a listing of the featured recipes by region; a list of Edible Communities publications, and a comprehensive index, "Edible" is especially recommended for personal, academic, and community library collections.

Atlanta Kitchens
Krista Reese
Gibbs Smith, Publisher
PO Box 667, Layton UT 84041
9781423605461, $30.00,

Atlanta has some of the finest cuisine served up by some of the finest restaurants in all of Georgia. In "Atlanta Kitchens", cookbook author and restaurant critic Krista Reese draws upon her more than twenty years of covering Atlanta's finest dining establishments ranging from down home cafes to elegant restaurants, to showcase fifty-six of Atlanta's finest ranging from Watershed, Mary Mac's Tea Room, and Babette's Cafe, to The Pecan; Gravity Pub, and the Horseradish Grill. Profusely illustrated, the step-by-step recipes run the complete dining gamut from appetizers to entrees, from side dishes to salads, from desserts to beverages. Of special note is the chapter entirely dedicated to 'Comfort Foods' as offered by some of Atlanta's most impressive chefs. From Strawberry Serrano Mussels (Babette's Cafe); to Butter-Poached Shrimp and Grits (Repast); to Pulled Pork BBQ on Cornmeal Pancakes with Spicy Mustard Coleslaw (Horseradish Grill); to Orange Buttermilk Chess Pie (South City Kitchen), "Atlanta Kitchens" offers thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly', palate pleasing, appetite satisfying, gourmet quality dishes that would grace any dining occasion and bring some of that memorable Atlanta quality restaurant cuisine to the family table.

The Kansas City Barbeque Society Cookbook, 25th anniversary edition
Ardie A. Davis, et al.
Andrews & McMeel
1130 Walnut Street, Kansas City, MO 64106-2109
9780740790102, $24.99,

Very few cuisines are as enduringly popular for the American male as the barbeque. There's far more to barbequing than just tossing meat on a grill! The collaborative project of barbeque enthusiasts Ardie A. Davis, Paul Kirk, and Carolyn Wells, the 25th anniversary edition of "The Kansas City Barbeque Society Cookbook" showcases more than two hundred mouth watering, palate pleasing, appetite satisfying barbeque recipes, along with succinct biographical sketches and anecdotes of the men and women responsible for them. All manner of meats and veggies are included with dishes ranging from Grilled Oysters with Orange-Walnut Vinaigrette; Grilled Greek-Style Zucchini; Redneck Mother chicken Livers with Bacon, Spicy Cheese Grits, and Crispy Onion Rings; and Grilled Venison Tenderloin, to Snail's Smoky Chili Con Carne; Grilled Ahi Tuna Steaks; Flying Pig BLT Salads; and Wood-Grilled Philippine Pork Steaks with Pineapple-Tangerine Glaze. Of special note are the sauces, rubs and marinades including 3 X BBQ Sauce; Modified Paul Kirk Marinade; and Big Billy's Very Cherry Dr Pepper Barbeque Sauce. There's even a chapter on deserts offering such barbeque banqueting treats as Grilled Angel Food Cake with Fruit and Homemade Caramel Sauce! A 336-page cornucopia of recipes, "The Kansas City Barbeque Society Cookbook" is highly recommended for all community library cookbook collections, and absolutely indispensable for dedicated home barbequing enthusiasts!

Startin' the Fire
George Hensler
Rio Grande Books
925 Salamanca NW, Los Ranchos, NM 87107-5647
9781890689148, $12.99,

It's one thing to barbecue. It's another to try to be the best at it. "Startin' The Fire: Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Competition BBQ Team" is a guide to the world of competitive barbeque and what newbies need to know to break into this world where people have taken the cooking of meat and poultry on a summer afternoon to a new level of art. With wit and humor, George Hensler encourages anyone with their own recipe and pride to take up fork. "Startin' The Fire" is a must for any hardcore barbecue fanatic.

Speed Vegan
Alan Roettinger
The Book Publishing Company
PO Box 99, Summertown, TN 38483
9781570672446, $19.95,

In "Speed Vegan", culinary author and professional chef Alan Roettinger draws upon his decades of experience and expertise to compile an impressively diverse 192-page collection of vegan recipes that are as 'kitchen cook friendly' as they are palate pleasing. Ranging from Hot Eggplant and Seitan Open-Face Sandwiches; Celeriac Remulade; and Campari-Braised Radicchio Salad with Grapefruit; to Blazing Pinto Beans; Chipotle Mushrooms; and Dried Fruit Compote, "Speed Vegan" is extraordinary because these are all dishes that can be prepared in a very short time (often a matter of minutes). Delicious and nutritious, all these showcased dishes would grace any meal from simple family dining to elegant celebratory affairs. Of special note for those new to vegan cooking are the opening chapters on essential kitchen equipment and stocking a vegan pantry. "Speed Vegan" is highly recommended, especially for vegan cooks who must include non-vegans at their table!

River Road Plantation Country Cookbook
Anne Butler
Pelican Publishing Company
1000 Burmaster Street, Gretna, LA 70053-2246
9781589806825, $25.00,

Anne Butler's "River Road Plantation Country Cookbook" is a 256-page tribute to 'down home' Louisiana cuisine that showcases their unique culinary culture and organizes that presentation parish by parish. In addition to the recipes themselves, readers are treated to succinct and nicely illustrated with tin-type style photography, informative descriptions of the plantations associated with the featured dishes. The recipes themselves are thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' and range from Cajun Potato Cakes; Cajun Catfish Beignets; and Black Bottom Pie; to Candied Grapefruit Peel; Mrs. Keyes' Champagne Punch; Chicken Creole; and Cilantro-Wrapped Cobia with Sherry Cilantro Salsa. Part regional history book, part Louisiana recipe collection, the "River Road Plantation Country Cookbook" is a unique and highly prized addition to any and all personal, professional, and community library American Regional Cuisine cookbook collections.

Rick & Bubba's Big Honkin' Book Of Grub
Rick Burgess & Bill 'Bubba' Bussey
Thomas Nelson Publishers
PO Box 141000, Nashville, TN 37214
9781401604028, $16.99,

Offering more than just a series of palate-pleasing, kitchen-cook friendly recipes ranging from a Homemade Cornbread Dressing, to Bubba's World-Famous Homemade Macaroni and Cheese, to Sherri's Famous Chocolate Sauce, "Rick & Bubba's Big Honkin' Book Of Grub" is a 288-page compendium of commentary on the art of eating well, losing weight, the lore of the casserole, favorite places to dine, food fairs and festivals, the mystery of hush puppies, and so much more. A welcome addition to family and community library cookbook collections, and especially commended for the non-specialist general reader with an interest in the lore and language of food, "Rick & Bubba's Big Honkin' Book Of Grub" is as entertaining as it is informative.

The Art Shelf

Basic Mosaics
Marvin Webb & Alan Wycheck
Stackpole Books
5067 Ritter Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-6921
9780811736121, $22.95,

A mosaic is a work of art created from ceramic tiles, colored glass, found objects, or any combination of these. The art of the mosaic is one that stretches back into antiquity. Now mosaic specialist Martin Webb has created a complete introduction and 140-page illustrated instructional guide that will enable the most novice of beginners to create remarkable mosaics. Beginning with the equipment and materials necessary to a mosaic, "Basic Mosaics: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started" showcases twenty different projects, each immanently 'user friendly' with step-by-step instructions fully illustrated with color photography by Alan Wycheck. Spiral bound so that "Basic Mosaics" will lay flat upon a table top or counter, this 'how to' manual is very highly recommended for art school, community, and personal library collections.

Better Than Ever
Mario Sanchez
Pineapple Press, Inc.
PO Box 3889, Sarasota, FL 34230-3889
9781561644766, $20.00,

The late Mario Sanchez (1908-2005) was an artist living in Key West, Florida whose style of work is probably best characterized as American Primitive. "Better Than Ever" is an impressive collection of his work presenting fifty-four reproductions of his painted relief carvings. His subject matter were the scenes of life around him including street vendors, parades, rumba bands, cigar factories, ice-cream trucks, people walking the streets of Key West and life as they lived it in the second half of the twentieth century. Each superbly reproduced image is provided with an 'info block' giving its title, approximate date, and dimensions. Then a succinct but informative caption. "Better Than Ever" is a welcome and highly recommended addition to personal and academic library 20th Century American Art History collections.

Visions Of The Big Sky
Dan Flores
University of Oklahoma Press
2800 Venture Drive, Norman, OK 73069
9780806138978, $45.00,

The latest addition to the impressive University of Oklahoma Press 'The Charles M. Russell Series on Art and Photography of the American West', "Visions of the Big Sky: Painting and Photographing the Northern Rocky Mountain West" is a 234-page compendium in which Dan Flores (the A. B. Hammond Professor of History, University of Montana, Missoula) draws upon his years of experience and expertise to showcase the artists and photographers who sought to capture to beauty and majesty of the Rocky Mountain West from the Wind River Range to the Canadian border country. From prehistoric rock art, to iconic photographs of Native Americans, to museum quality paintings by the likes of Charlie Russell and his contemporaries, Professor Flores essays are enhanced with 140 color and black/white illustrations. Of special note is the attention paid to female western artists Fra Dana, Evelyn Cameron, and Emily Carr. "Visions Of The Big Sky" is a core addition to academic and community library reference collections, and especially recommended to the attention of non-specialist general readers with an interest in the iconic images of the American West.

Beyond The Dutch
Meta Knol, et al.
KIT Publishers
c/o Stylus Publishing, Inc.
22883 Quicksilver Drive, Sterling, VA 20166-2012
9789460220593, $39.00,

Based upon a major exhibition of Indonesian art and artists held at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, "Beyond the Dutch: Indonesia, The Netherlands and the Arts from 1900 to Date" is a superbly illustrated and major history of 20th Century Indonesian art documenting the struggle of Indonesian artists to emancipate themselves from the cultural legacy of the Dutch East Indies and other European influences. Deftly organized by the editorial team of Meta Knol, Remco Raben, and Kitty Zijlmans, and drawing upon the collection of the Centraal Museum and contributions by eighteen expert contributors, "Beyond the Dutch" is a 200-page compendium that offers three cross-sections focusing upon the colonial period around 1900; the 1950 era of decolonization and national independence; and concluding with the current and post-colonial period of 2000. Informed, informative, and enhanced with the inclusion of a list of exhibited works, biographies, and a literature bibliography, "Beyond the Dutch" is a seminal work of outstanding scholarship, making it a core addition to any personal, professional, or academic World Art History reference collection in general, and 20th Century Indonesian Art History reading list in particular.

Islamic Glass
David Whitehouse
Hudson Hills Press
74-2 Union Street, Manchester, VT 05254
9781555953553, $9.95,

A superbly illustrated, 432-page, coffee-table book formatted compendium, "Islamic Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass" is expertly compiled by David Whitehouse and is the first of a planned trilogy showcasing the Corning Museum collection of early Islamic glass art and artifacts. A representation that is as informed and informed as it is visually impressive, "Islamic Glass" is a seminal work that will provide an excellent introduction to what the Islamic culture and artisans were able to accomplish by way of paradoxically fragile and enduring art form. "Islamic Glass" would make an exceptionally appropriate Memorial Fund acquisition for community library collections, and should (along with the next two volumes completing the trilogy) be considered a mandatory addition for academic library Islamic Art History reference collections as well.

Sal Buscema
Jim Amash, author
Eric Nolen-Weathington, author
Sal Buscema, illustrator
TwoMorrows Publishing
10407 Bedfordtown Drive, Raleigh, NC 27614
9781605490212, $26.95,

Marvel Comics was home to some of the greatest comic book artists in the business. None were more talented and successful than Sal Buscema who joined the comic book giant in 1968 and quickly becoming as well known and respected as was his famous big brother John Buscema. Sal penciled storylines for almost all the top line titles, including a ten year run drawing 100 consecutive issues of 'The Hulk'. Now the man and his accomplishments are chronicled and documented by the team of Jim Amash and Eric Nolen-Weathington in "Sal Buscema: Comics Fast & Furious Artist", a 176-page, profusely illustrated compendium celebrating his work. Of special note is an informed and informative interview with the artist himself, and a gallery of images from his own personal files. Also available in a hard cover format (97816054590229, $46.95) that includes 16 more full-color pages not found in the soft cover edition, "Sal Buscema: Comics Fast & Furious Artist" is a 'must' for his legions of fans, and for any comprehensive personal, academic, or community library 20th Century American Popular Art reference collection. Also highly recommended from TwoMorrows Publishing are two new additions to their outstanding 'Modern Masters' series celebrating comic book and graphic novel artists: "Marke Buckingham" (9781605490144, $14.95) and "Guy Davis" (9781605490236, $15.95).

The Woodworking Shelf

Tree Craft
Chris Lubkemann
Fox Chapel Publishing Company
1970 Broad Street N., East Petersburg, PA 17520
9781565234550, $19.95,

An enduringly popular form of woodworking is the use of natural twigs, branches, and 'found wood' in making items both useful and decorative. In "Tree Craft: 35 Rustic Wood Projects That Bring the Outdoors In", woodworking expert Chris Lubkemann has compiled a series of do-it-yourself, environmentally friendly projects using such materials to create unique and distinctive items ranging from curtain rods to coat racks, and from tables to walking sticks. This superbly illustrated, 144-page instructional manual provides informative and practical information on how and where to find wood, choosing the right tools to work with it, and is further enhanced with the inclusion of a gallery of contemporary rooms presenting ideas for decorating contemporary homes with rustic accents, such as the project 'Thanksgiving Tree'. Thoroughly 'user friendly', "Tree Craft: 35 Rustic Wood Projects That Bring the Outdoors In" will prove a welcome and popular addition to personal, professional, and community library Woodworking reference collections.

The Hobby Shelf

The Absolute Beginners Guide: Stringing Beaded Jewelry
Karin Buckingham
Kalmbach Publishing Company
21027 Crossroads Circle, Waukesha, WI 53186
9780871162991, $21.95,

The debut title in the newly launched Kalmbach Publishing Company's 'Back to Basics" series, "The Absolute Beginners Guide: Stringing Beaded Jewelry" is the ideal instructional guide for the novice with no previous experience in the craft. Profusely and usefully illustrated throughout, the aspiring bead jewelry maker is methodically guided through the entire process beginning with learning about the basic tools and supplies involved in beading projects. Of special note and value are the thoroughly 'user friendly' instructions on how to choose the right beads for a given project, as well as how to set up a work area to maximum benefit. Then beading expert and author Karin Buckingham starts the novice off with simple projects that teaching how to string a repeating patter and use graduated beads. Moving on to more complex projects, the novice learns how to use connectors and a variety of knotting techniques. Solid information is provided on working with unusual stringing materials (including cord and metal mesh), and a great deal more! Thoroughly living up to its title, "The Absolute Beginners Guide: Stringing Beaded Jewelry" is a highly recommended introduction to a creative hobby that is great fun.

The Fiction Shelf

Dino's Story
Paul Salsini
iUniverse, Inc.
c/o Author House
1663 Liberty Dr. Suite #300, Bloomington, IN 47403
9781450210805, $20.95,

The concluding volume to Wisconsin author Paul Salsini's superb Tuscan trilogy, "Dino's Story: A Novel of 1960s Tuscany" continues to present fascinating and engaging perspectives on 20th Century Florence through his carefully detailed characters and attention riveting story lines. Now focusing on a generation just being born in his first novel of this series, the setting is the turbulent 60s where changes are rapidly transforming the city's culture, and the city itself is devastatingly impacted by a ruinous flood. The central character is Dino Sporenza, a young man newly arrived in Florence to study art, and finds himself caught up in studying the lives of an impoverished citizenry as well. In "Dino's Story", with its memorable cast of characters, Paul Salsini continues to document himself as a gifted and imaginative storyteller of the first order. Readers appreciating well-crafted fiction, and Wisconsin's community libraries, will want to read all three titles in this simply outstanding series: "The Cielo: A Novel of Wartime Tuscany" (9781605280097, $18.95); "Sparrow's Revenge: A Novel of Postwar Tuscany" (9780595522392, $17.95); and now "Dino's Story: A Novel of 1960s Tuscany" (9781450210805, $20.95).

Baba Yaga Laid an Egg
Dubravka Ugresic
841 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
9780802119278, $23.00,

There is much to be drawn from the story of a resourceful witch. "Baba Yaga Laid an Egg" is a collection of short stories from Dubravka Ugresic, as she tells the tales of four modern Eastern European women as they make their way through the world, using the Slavic myth of Baba Yaga as the foundation for these tales. An original blend of mythology and modern fiction, "Baba Yaga Laid an Egg" is a read that shouldn't be overlooked.

Spirit Falls
Robert E. Townsend
Dog Ear Publishing
4010 W. 86th Street, Ste H, Indianapolis, IN 46268
160844158X, $14.95

The son of an immigrant finds himself at odds with the old and new worlds. "Spirit Falls" tells the story of Ricky Belisle, a young man grappling with his first generation immigrant parents and his life in the North central United States, in Michigan and Wisconsin. When he finds himself responsible for the survival of another during a great storm in Lake Superior, he learns the harsh realities of life quickly. "Spirit Falls" is a riveting read that shouldn't be missed.

The Little Known
Janice Daugharty
Belle Bridge Books
PO Box 900321, Memphis, TN 38130
9780984125852, $14.95,

Optimism can't solve everything, even with cash. "The Little Known" tells the story of Knot Crews, a young man who finds a small fortune of money, lost by a thoughtless crook. Knot tries to use the money to anonymously help the people of his town, hoping it will unite the segregated town of Statenville, but he soon finds that there is more to money in the world. Charming and intriguing, "The Little Known" is a fine work of literary fiction.

Lily's Journey
Tania Cross
Magna Large Print
c/o Ulverscroft Large Print (USA), Inc.
Box 1230, West Seneca, NY 14224-1230
9780750531771, $32.50,

Lily Hayes is fifteen when her mother dies and she is compelled to leave London to live with her father in Dartmoor. The change form a dynamic urban life to the hardships of living in a remote and primitive cottage are compounded as she learns of her family's dark secrets. But she does find friendship with Edwin Franfield. Then tragedy strikes again and it is only with the unexpected aid of a stranger that Lily may triumph. This large print edition of Tania Cross' compelling novel is a highly recommended and thoroughly entertaining read from first page to last. Also very highly recommended as additions to community library large print collections are "Stay With Me" (9780750531894, $32.50) by Jessica Blair; "Dream Breakers" (9780750531948, $32.50) by Elizabeth Gill; "Mariana" (9780750531719, $32.50) by Susanna Kearsley; and "The Road Taken" (9780753185308, $32.50) by Michael Foss.

Galaxy Press
7051 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 200, Hollywood, CA 90028

Galaxy Press is dedicated to publishing the huge volume of literary works written by L. Ron Hubbard. Four of their latest titles offer a new generation of appreciative readers long out-of-print stories that first appeared in the Golden Age of pulp magazines. "The Crossroads" (9781592123681, $9.95) is a science fiction yarn that first appeared in the February 1941 issue of 'Unknown' magazine. "Destiny's Drum" (9781592123216, $9.95) is a thrilling action/adventure story taken from the March 1935 issue of 'Five Novels Monthly', while "Sea Fangs" (9781592122509, $9.95) is one of Hubbard's signature sea faring adventures from the June 1934 issue of 'Five Novels Monthly'. Hubbard, a master of every form of genre fiction, is perhaps best known as an author for his science fiction stories such as 'A Matter of Matter" (9781592123667, $9.95), originally published in the August 1949 issue of 'Astounding Science Fiction'. All four of these classic Hubbard stories are a 'must' for his legions of fans and an impressive tribute to his storytelling skills in the heyday of pulp magazine fiction!

The Business Shelf

Successful Managers, Successful Organizations
John F. Macek
2313 Morningside Drive, Janesville, WI 53546
9780984307203, $14.95,

Any enterprise, be it a commercial business or a non-profit community organization, will rise or fall, succeed or fail, according to the quality and caliber of its management. And there's a great deal more to successful management than is taught in most MBA programs! In "Successful Managers, Successful Organizations: 20 Critical Management Skills And How to Apply Them", John F. Macek draws upon his many years of experience and expertise as a successful corporate manager to compile into just 43 pages a thoroughly 'user friendly' compendium of practical managerial advice that is as insightful as it is 'real world' based. Replete with checklists and step-by-step instructions, "Successful Managers, Successful Organizations" will enable even the most novice manager in either for-profit or non-profit companies and corporations to identify, analyze and evaluate the managerial needs of their organization; write meaningful job descriptions; recruit competent employees; execute effective staff evaluations; monitor managerial and supervisory performance, and a great deal more. Of special note is Macek's commentary on shaping and implementing a 'Corporate Culture'. Informed and informative throughout, "Successful Managers, Successful Organizations" is highly recommended for personal, professional, business school, and community library reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

How to Hit a Curveball
Scott R. Singer
c/o Penguin Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
9781591843108, $24.95,

Be prepared for the worst while expecting the best. "How to Hit a Curveball: Confront and Overcome the Unexpected in Business" is a guide for business leaders in dealing with the many challenges that come when life doesn't go according to plan. Scott R. Singe, investment banker, uses his own experiences to encourage business leaders to think on their feet and be prepared for the random changes life likes to throw at them. "How to Hit a Curveball" is a valuable guide that shouldn't be missed for the fast thinking businessman.

The Green Guide For Business
Chris Goodall
Profile Books
c/o Meryl Zegarek Public Relations
255 West 108th St., Suite 9D1, NY, NY 10025
9781846688744, $14.95,

Business that incorporate and practice environmentally appropriate decisions and policies are, as a general rule, more profitable than business that ignore the impact they have upon the environment. That is the well-supported thesis of climate change expert and author Chris Goodall in his most recent work, "The Green Guide for Business: The Ultimate Environment Handbook for Businesses of All Sizes". This 208-page compendium of information will enable business owners and managers to calculate the 'carbon footprint' of their enterprise, adopt and adapt environmentally sound improvements to the company in terms of buildings, transportation systems, and more. Of special note is the informed and informative chapter dedicated to 'reducing, reusing, and recycling'. A good environmental record is an enduringly useful asset in everything from lowering operational costs to insuring customer loyalty -- both of which are essential for any business enterprise having to compete in today's highly competitive local, national, and international marketplaces!

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Music At The End Of Life
Jennifer L. Hollis
Praeger Publishers
Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
9780313362200, $44.95,

We have no choice with respect to how our lives begin. But we can exercise a wide variety of options with respect to the conditions relevant to how our lives can end. Indeed, with the increases in life expectancy, coupled with an increasingly aging population, end-of-life care issues are clearly emerging with significance with respect to the medical community. One very special addition to the growing body of end-of-life literature is "Music at the End of Life: Easing the Pain and Preparing the Passage" by Jennifer L. Hollis (music-thanatologist, Lahey Clinic Medical Center, Burlington, Massachusetts) in which Hollis draws upon her own personal experience and expertise to illustrate how the experience of dying can be positively affected by and with music. Of special note is the documented discussion of the use of music in hospice care and the valued role can play as part of palliative medicine for terminal illnesses. Music also has great worth as part of the process of grieving and letting go. Superbly organized, informed and informative, "Music At The End Of Life" is an especially recommended addition to academic library Psychology/Psychiatry and Health/Medicine reference collections, as well as the supplemental reading lists of both professionals and non-special general readers with an interest in end-of-life issues.

Excercise and Wellness for Older Adults
Kay A. Van Norman
Human Kinetics
PO Box 5076, Champaign, IL 61825-5076
9780736057684, $39.00,

Getting older doesn't mean you can ignore your health. "Exercise and Wellness for Older Adults: Practical Programming Strategies" is a guide for fitness for adults who have passed middle age and are faced with old age, in how to cope with the health issues of age while still trying to remain fit. With plenty of ideas and programs to remain healthy even with reduced movement, studies, keeping tabs on one's general health and more, "Exercise and Wellness for Older Adults" proves to be an insightful and very important health reference for older adults, a solid addition to any community library health collection.

Down Syndrome Transition Handbook
Jo Ann Simons
Woodbine House
6510 Bells Mill Rd., Bethesda, MD 20817
9781890627874, $24.95,

Down Syndrome has many challenges, but normalcy is possible. "Down Syndrome Transition Handbook" is a guide for parents of children affected with Down's syndrome who want to help their children live as full and as independent a life as possible. Education, lodging, health care, transportation, employment, and more are discussed in depth to give parents a stronger understanding of the challenges faced by these individuals. "Down Syndrome Transition Handbook" is a must for any parent or family member of a Downs syndrome affected child.

Authoring Patient Records
Michael P. Pagano
Jones & Bartlett Publishers
40 Tall Pine Drive, Sudbury, MA 01776
9780763763213, $39.95,

Keeping accurate records can be (and often is) a matter of life and death with respect to medical practice and patient care. That's why "Authoring Patient Records: An Interactive Guide" by Michael P. Pagano (Graduate Program Director, Department of Communication, Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut) is such an essential read for aspiring nurses, doctors, and medical service support personnel charged with the responsibility for creating, maintaining, and using these records. Beginning with an overview of why and how medical information is gathered and shared, "Authoring Patient Records" goes on to meticulously cover developing a records authoring process; the 'who, what, where, when, why, how' approach to information gathering and recording; writing, dictating, and electronically recording information down; analyzing patient records; and a great deal more. Of special note contributed by attorney Canera L. Pagano (Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, Stamford, Connecticut) is the chapter on legal considerations and ramifications of medical records. Thoroughly 'user friendly', "Authoring Patient Records" is an ideal instructional text and guide for medical students, and has an enduring value for 'in-service' training courses for active medical personnel to insure their proficiency in keeping and maintaining patient records.

The Psychology Shelf

Grief in Childhood
Michelle Y. Pearlman, et al.
American Psychological Association
750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242
9781433807527, $69.95,

Every child, sometime in the course of their young lives, will experience a loss severe enough to cause them to grieve. For a significant number of them, the grieving process itself will be severe enough to require intervention. "Grief in Childhood: Fundamentals of Treatment in Clinical Practice" is the collaborative work of Michelle Y. Pearlman (a practicing clinical psychologist and an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, New York University School of Medicine); Karen D'Angelo Schwalbe (also a clinical psychologist and adjunct faculty member in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, New York University School of Medicine); and Marylene Cloitre (founding directory of the Trauma and Resilience Research program, New York University Child Study Center, and Stephen Graham Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, NYU Langone Medical Center, and a research scientist, New York State Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research). "Grief in Childhood" is a 232-page compendium which is accessibly organized into three major sections: Foundations of Treatment; Addressing Problems in Grieving Children; and Addressing Children's Grief and Building Resilience. Superbly presenting an integrated grief therapy approach to working with children which is essentially founded upon cognitive-behavioral, family systems, and utilizing a narrative-based approach to therapy, the reader will be well grounded in the basics of providing an accurate assessment of the symptoms and treatment approaches that usefully involve a parent or caregiver. Of special note is the provision of more than twenty activity handouts, germane case examples, an extensive references, and a comprehensive index, making "Grief in Childhood" especially appropriate as curriculum textbook and an invaluable addition to academic library Psychology/Psychiatry reference collections.

Writers on the Spectrum
Julie Brown
Jessica-Kingsley Publishers
400 Market Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 19106
9781843109136, $54.95,

Autism and Asperger syndrome are not completely new things. "Writers on the Spectrum: How Autism and Asperger Syndrome Have Influenced Literary Writing" looks into the writings of certain individuals in literary history and discusses the potential that they were Autistic or had other disorders that pushed them into doing what made them famous. From Henry David Thoreau to Emily Dickinson, Dr. Julie Brown provides a fascinating look into the lives of these writers which can do much to give hope and understanding of the disorders. "Writers on the Spectrum" is a fine addition to any literary studies or autism studies collection.

The Gaming Shelf

Mastering Positional Chess
Daniel Naroditsky
New In Chess
c/o Smith Publicity
1930 East Marlton Pike, Suite 1-46, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
9789056913106, $23.95,

Daniel Naroditsky is a world champion chess master who draws upon his many years of experience and expertise to provide an informed and informative instructional manual showing neophyte chess players how to improve their game. "Mastering Positional Chess" is a 240-page compendium covering every aspect of position as a tactic ranging from positional sacrifices, to improving specific piece placement on the board, position in defense, prophylaxis, creating and destroying fortresses, and a great many other issues. Combining detailed explanations will chess board illustrations, "Mastering Positional Chess" is a superb and highly recommended addition to personal and community library Chess instructional reference collections.

Dimensional Outbreak
Carl Gleba
Palladium Books, Inc.
39074 Webb Court, Westland, MI 48185
9781574571660, $24.95, Cat. #875

The newest addition to the outstanding gaming book 'Minion War' series from Palladium Books, "Dimensional Outbreak" by Carl Gleba finds that the rival dimensions of Hades and Dyval are locked in lethal struggle as the Demon Fleet invades the Three Galaxies and attacks Phase World. Deevils retaliate and worlds die. An indispensable 191-page sourcebook for role play gamers, "Dimensional Outbreak" provides more than sixty demon spells and rituals, a roster of new demonic and infernal minions and monsters, all manner of spacecraft and weaponry, a time-line and history of Phase World and Center, and epic adventuring that will provide hours and hours of pure gaming excitement. Also highly recommended for the gaming resource shelf are two previous Minion War sourcebooks: Hades (which describes Demon Hell) and Dyval (which describes Deevil Hell).

The Needlecraft Shelf

Eye Candy Quilts
Melody Crust
Breckling Press
283 Michigan Street, Elmhurst, IL 60126
9781933308258, $19.95,

Some quilts are practical. Some quilts are works of art. Some quilts are just plain fun. The very best quilts are practical, artistic, and pure needle crafting fun to make. And that's where "Eye Candy Quilts: Supper-Fast Fun With Beads, Baubles, Buttons, And More!" comes in. Melody Crust's mini-quilts (mostly postcard sized) are the templates that showcase hundreds of embellishment ideas using beads, shi-sha mirrors, ribbons, lace, glittery 'found' objects, and more to make decorative quilts suitable for all occasions. Nicely organized, profusely illustrated, and thoroughly 'user friendly', "Eye Candy Quilts" begins with basic information on constructing an 'eye candy' quilt, then goes on to embellishment basics ranging from tools and fabrics, to beading, design decisions, and the 'art of camouflage. Of special note is the concluding section on display the creative 'eye candy' quilts. A very special and unique instruction manual and guide, "Eye Candy Quilts" is a highly recommended addition to personal and community library needlecraft reference collections.

The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf

Film Noir: The Encyclopedia
Alain Silver, et al.
The Overlook Press
141 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012
9781590201442, $45.00,

'Film Noir' is a French phrase used to describe a particular genre of movies -- dark explorations of the human condition, a cinematic world largely populated by hard-boiled detectives, ruthless gangsters, and deadly but beautiful women. Knowledgeably compiled and expertly edited by the team of Alain Silver, Elizabeth Ward, James Ursini, and Robert Porfirio, "Film Noir: The Encyclopedia" is a comprehensive, nicely illustrated, 464-page compilation that organizes the film into 'The Classic Period' and the 'Neo-Noir' productions. In addition to listing the films in each section alphabetically, "Film Noir" includes numerous sidebars, an extensive bibliography, and a comprehensive index. With its thoroughly 'user friendly' format and all inclusive content, "Film Noir" is strongly recommended for personal, professional, academic, and community library Theatre/Cinema reference collections.

Smith & Kraus Publishers
PO Box 127, Lyme NH 03768

Newly published by Smith & Kraus is a remarkable twenty-seven title series titled 'Playwrights in an Hour'. Each of these 100-page books is dedicated to a particular playwright and the series itself is organized into four major sections: Ancient Greek, Renaissance, Modern, and Contemporary. Of special note is how each showcased playwright is presented in their historical, social, and literary context. Enhanced with an 'In a Minute' chronology giving a succinct view of global events that influenced the playwrights world view; a complete listing of the playwright's work; a list of the playwright's contemporaries in all fields; excerpts from the playwright's most significant works; an extensive bibliography grouped according to type of reader; and an index of the main essay, this outstanding, yet inexpensive series ($9.99 per title), ranging from Sophocles and Shakespear, to Miller and A. Wilson, is informed, informative, and thoroughly 'reader friendly', making it a strongly recommended supplement for academic curriculums, community theater groups, and public library collections.

The Poetry Shelf

Jennifer Martenson
Burning Deck Books
71 Elmgrove Avenue, Providence, RI 02906
9781936194018, $14.00,

"Unsound" is a 62-page compendium of truly memorable poetry expertly crafted by Jennifer Martenson who has not only a gift for expression but a talent for visual layout with respect to the printed page. Of special note is her unique ability to put free-form verse to work with expressive reflection with respect to ideas, thinking, and human communication. "Unsound" is especially recommended to the attention of those who appreciate a little of the seminal avant-garde in their poetry. 'Postcard from Aphasia': All the casual / certainties are dangling here / The distance seems // a little asymmetrical / My name is a / haphazard shelter / propped // on the conditional / it does not keep me / warm Most worlds / I do not understand // their lattice / structure, and the stillness / they extract.

The Poems Of Abu Sa'id Abu'l Kheyr
Reza Ordoubadian
IBEX Publishers
PO Box 30087, Bethesda, MD 20824
9781588140395, $22.00,

Sufism has given the world some of its finest poetry. Chief among these contributors was Abu Sa'id Abu'l Kheyr who is revered in Sufi communities as one of the 'fathers' of Sufism and the creator of the rubaiyat literary form. Now in a very special, 268-page bilingual edition, Reza Ordoubadian has deftly compiled and expertly translated from the original Persian, the nearly thousand year old poetry of this revered personage. Of special note is the informed and informative introduction preceding the quatrains. Enhanced with a bibliography and an index of first lines, "The Poems Of Abu Sa'id Abu'l Kheyr" is a masterpiece of scholarship and a highly recommended contribution to personal and academic library Sufi Studies and World Poetry reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Stone Being
Peggy Miller
Custom Words
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781934999615, $18.00

"Stone Being" is a collection of poetry from Peggy Miller, a woman with much experience in the world of poetry despite being a weed scientist by trade. Her straight love of the format shines through, and makes "Stone Being" well worth reading. "Presence of Mind": We think it gives us something broad/something more than say a tree has/something powerful./You didn't know a red ant//dropped onto this page while I was writing this./ You know it now.

Karen Hood
WordTech Editions
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781934999592, $18.00

Sometimes a little backtalk is necessary. "Sassing" is a collection of poetry from Karen Head, a student of poetry who never stops learning and embracing new technology. Charming and original with her verse, "Sassing" is a collection that will do well in any standard poetry collection. "Alone": The day my divorce was final/I woke up in another man's bed,/rushed home, changed clothes/went downtown to the courthouse.//The last thing my husband said to me:/"You'll regret leaving me,/no other man will have you."/He was wrong. And right.

Anonymous Fox
Naomi Feigelson Chase
Turning Point
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781934999714, $18.00

Award winning novelist and poet Naomi Feigelson Chase comes to readers with another volume in "Anonymous Fox". She bring forth her large array of expertise in multiple fields to make this collection something special, "Anonymous Fox" is not to be ignored by any looking for fine poetry. "How Do peas Get into Pods": "Our peas have white flowers./ Can I pick them?" my grandson asks.//"No", I answer./"Flowers are what peas come from."//"What about yours?" he asks./"Pods, but no peas yet."//"How do peas get into pods?" he asks./"Call me when it happens."

Finding Water, Holding Stone
James Bertolino
Cherry Grove Collections
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781934999554, $18.00

There is a certain serenity to the movement of nature. "Finding Water, Holding Stone" is a collection of poetry from James Bertolino, Aiming for smooth thoughts and words to create a truly unique experience that blends many different things, "Finding Water, Holding Stone" is a top pick. "Having Stone": There's a story that the Samurai/would test a new sword by slicing/ a criminal's body in half//One doomed man was said to have quipped: "Wish I had/swallowed a stone for my breakfast!"//Having stone at the heart is expecting/the sword, is wanting that brief/satisfaction in blunting an edge.

Larry Johnson
David Robert Books
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781934999691, $18.00

Few earn the honor to share their work with the national archives. "Veins" is a collection of poetry from Larry Johnson, a man who has read his poetry in congress. His work is collected from countless decades since 1970, and his experience shines through. "Veins" is a fine volume, not to be missed. "To Lorca": We will not find you/though the afternoon sleeps like Egyptian gold,/though feet may pause over your groin,/though the two moles on your cheek nourish that phlox/and the white snails of your eyes are melted by lime.//What you were is the thirst of an orange tree/the fire of those ants in its roots./What you are will always be whatever we seek.

Flexible Bones
Maria Melendez
The University of Arizona Press
355 S. Euclid Avenue, Suite 103, Tucson, AZ 85719
9780816528332, $15.95,

It's all in the delivery. "Flexible Bones" is a collection of poetry from Maria Melendez, as she uses the words to tell her thoughts and opinions, but uses the language well to entertain and not to preach to the reader. Humorous, energetic and fast paced, "Flexible Bones" is a treasure trove of knowledge, highly recommended. "[Untitled]": Everywhere, I am talked to by silence./Who do you think you're kidding? -- it says./And -- Chrissakes, give me a break./Apparently, silence has no problem swearing.//Meanwhile, uncurling, leaves burble/like springs, or grate and squeal/as metal train wheels;/the sun alone hears leaf-birth//the way bees can see u.v.,/the way snakes sense dimensions of heat./What sensory spectrum is our speciality?/The ear's guess-work, the heart's deep fabrications--

A Man and His Shadow
Affonso Romano De Sant'Anna
Host Publications
277 Broadway, Suite 210, New York, NY 10007
9780924047671, $10.00

The shadows follow us, copy us, are just like us, and we have no power over them. "A Man and His Shadow" is a collection of poetry from Portuguese poet Affonso Romano De Sant'Anna, expertly translated by Fred Ellison. Romano's poetry uses the shadow as a metaphor for much of life, and does it quite well. "A Man and His Shadow" is intriguing and very highly recommended. "28": There was a man/whose shadow has an aura/which over its owner/cast a glow//People came from afar/and knelt down/--not to the man/but his shadow/that kept his halo aglow.

Greg Hewett
Coffee House Press
79 Thirteenth Avenue NE, Suite 110, Minneapolis, MN 55413
9781566892452, $16.00,

With many former volumes under his belt that have won awards, Greg Hewett comes at readers with yet another volume in "Darkacre". Bringing his mind and philosophy to life, he brings readers a critical and sensual read to the many aspects of life. "Darkacre" is a fine anthology that shouldn't be missed. "One Other on Earth": Through shattered words fallen from the shuttered casino,/past rows of cypress like dolphin silhouettes,/under a gathering hurricane of stars,/the lost turn in iron currents,/knowing too late the great fortune/of he who can call even one other on earth his own.

Nothing Like Love
Jenny Joseph
c/o DuFour Editions
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425
9781904634843, $22.95,

Love is the driving force behind so much in life. "Nothing Like Love" is an anthology of poetry from Jenny Joseph, an experienced poet with decades upon decades of experience. Showing her experience in contrast to her early work, "Nothing Like Love' will prove an intriguing and insightful read for lovers of poetry. "Cherry": Suddenly the cherry has opened./I could believe it was love/Like the babe opening its eye.//Twig thickening on the air/Has become this burst of blossom./It waves its appeal in the spring breezes;/O cherry, O open heart.

The Gardening Shelf

Joy In Your Garden
Joy Bossi & Karen Bastow
c/o Cedar Fort, Inc.
2373 West 700 South, Springville, Utah 84663
9781599552903, $16.99,

Winter has loosened its grip and attention turns once again to gardening. It's the perfect time to browse through the beautifully illustrated, informed and informative pages of "Joy in Your Garden: A Seasonal Guide to Gardening", the collaborative work experienced gardening enthusiasts Joy Bossi and Karen Bastow. Methodically organized into what gardeners should be doing during the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer seasons, "Joy In Your Garden" is a 145-page compendium packed with practical, 'real world' information for the amateur gardener beginning with identifying the type of soil to be worked with, the role of organic matter in successful soil preparation for gardening, and then organized seasonally, the flora ranging from lawns, to vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants, and more. From planting and pruning, to weeding and harvesting, "Joy In Your Garden" covers everything the gardener will need to know, as well as when and how it should be done. Of special note is the appendices focused specifically on organic gardening. Enhanced with a concluding section covering tools, shipping, zones, planting charts, a frost map, a glossary of terms, a glossary of 'Joyisms', and a listing of thematically appropriate books and resources, "Joy In Your Garden" is ideal for the novice gardening and is highly recommended for its enduring value for more experienced and dedicated gardeners as well.

The Music Shelf

101 Popular Songs
Tony Santorella
Santorella Publications, Ltd.
13 Pleasant Avenue, Danvers, MA 01923
TS401, $29.95,

Enhanced with the inclusion of three CDs of piano accompaniments and duets, 101 Popular Songs: Solos & Duets is a 156-page compendium of sheet music for a wide variety of music ranging from popular to classical, from religious to patriotic, from jazz to wedding marches, and more. Whether the instrument to be played is a clarinet, a trumpet, a flute, an alto sax, or a trombone, "101 Popular Songs" is an ideal resource and highly recommended for both students and teachers as a superbly organized and presented music instruction curriculum supplement, as well as performing musicians. Indeed, wether a self-taught student, a music school faculty member, of a professional performer, Santorella Publications has a wealth of such materials and browsing their website at for a complete listing of their titles is also highly recommended.

The Travel Shelf

501 Must-Visit Destinations
Jackum Brown & David Brown
Thunder Bay Press
c/o Baker & Taylor Publishing Group
10350 Barnes Canyon Rd, Ste 100, San Diego, CA 92121
9781607100898, $19.95,

Whether as a trip-planning guide or an armchair traveler's cornucopia of global fascinations, "501 Must-Visit Destinations" is profusely illustrated, 545-page compendium of practical information on tourist worthy places around the world to see and visit and make enduring memories. Thoroughly 'user friendly', "501 Must-Visit Destinations" is organized geographically with sections devoted to Africa, the Americas and Caribbean, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Europe, and the Middle East. All of the major edifices and natural wonders are included ranging from the Great Wall of china to Niagara Falls. Of special note is that each showcased destination includes a succinct 'What is it'; What is it known for'; 'What is there to see'; What is there to do'; and 'How do I get there?' section. A massive compendium that is the epitome of informed and informative, "501 Must-Visit Destinations" is strongly recommended for community library Travel Guide collections and an ideal reference for anyone wanting to one day tour the world for themselves.

Insight Guides
36-36 33rd Street 4th Floor, Long Island City, NY 11106
9789812820822, $23.99,

The holy land for nearly half the world's population, it's no surprise Israel is a major tourist destination. "Israel" is a tourist guide for those who plan on visiting the country in the future, and want to plan accordingly to full soak in all the sights and sounds of the region. With no shortage of full color maps with full descriptions of landmarks and so much more, Insight Guides hopes to help readers fully plan their itineraries so the trip goes as smooth as possible. "Israel" is an invaluable resource.

Travel North Carolina, fourth edition
Carolyn Sakowski & Collaborators
John F. Blair Publisher
1406 Plaza Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27103
9780895873798, $19.95,

There's a lot of history of America to be seen in North Carolina. "Travel North Carolina: Going Native in the Old State" is a travel guide for those planning a trip into the tar heel state. Written by North Carolinian residents, the writers present a wide array of attractions that would make a North Carolina tourist enjoy their time with a list of historic places, museums, events, and other attractions that sweeten North Carolina as quite the tourist destination. "Travel North Carolina" is an ideal reference that shouldn't be missed by the American tourist.

The Biography Shelf

George Clinton
John K. Lee
Syracuse University Press
621 Skytop Road, Suite 110, Syracuse, NY 13244-5290
9780815681533, $19.95,

In "George Clinton: Master Builder of the Empire State", author John K. Lee raises the genre of biography to the level of a fine art. George Clinton was born in July 1739 on the family farm located in Ulster County, New York and grew to see (and live through) the transition of the country from a British colonial protectorate to a new and independent republic. He became New York State's first governor, a military leader in the Sullivan-Clinton campaign against the Six Nations, and a key player in securing possession of western New York lands for the United States. Very nicely illustrated with both color and black-white images, "George Clinton" is a concise compact, 62-page, thoroughly 'reader friendly', informed and informative biography that would grace any community library collection, and is most especially recommended for academic library American Colonial History reference shelves and 'Founding Fathers' supplemental reading lists.

Raw Edges
Phyllis Barber
University of Nevada press
Mail Stop 0166, Reno, NV, 89557-0166
9780874178074, $26.95

Life isn't like it is in the fairy tales, but it doesn't mean it can't be good. "Raw Edges" is a memoir from Phyllis Barber as she shares her struggles of falling out of her marriage, a rarity in the Mormon culture where divorce is far from accepted as a common solution. She tells the story of a woman refining herself as a person and how her Mormon faith provided a unique experience on her journey to a new life. Moving and poignant, "Raw Edges" is a memoir well worth reading for insight on the life of a not-so-common Mormon woman.

The Education Shelf

English Language Learners
Larry Ferlazzo
Linworth Books
Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
9781586835248, $35.00,

We now live in a time where it is a common occurrence for K-12 public school systems to have a certain percentage of their student bodies comprised of children having to learn the English language. That's why "English Language Learners: Teaching Strategies that Work" by Larry Ferlazzo (who draws upon his many years of experience and expertise teaching English language learners at the Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, California) is such an invaluable and instructive introduction for classroom teachers and their aides. Founded upon the educational processes and techniques of 'building relationships, developing student leadership, accessing prior knowledge through student stories, learning by doing, and reflection', "English Language Learners: Teaching Strategies that Work" offers practical ideas and detailed lessons that take useful advantage of technology and games as teaching tools, create and adapt lessons to individual student needs, and so much more. Informed and informative, "English Language Learners: Teaching Strategies that Work" is enhanced with references to extensive research studies and the linking of each individual lesson with state standards in English language development, making it a core addition to ESL and ELL instruction guide reference collections.

Education Unbound
Frederick M. Hess
1703 N. Beauregard St., Alexandria, VA 22311-1714
9781416609131, $23.95,

The ideal to build a better school system drives many thinkers to revamp it for a better system tomorrow. "Education Unbound: The Promise and Practice of Greenfield Schooling" is a discussion from Frederick M. Hess aimed at discussing the state of education, saying that modern America's education problems could dwell in the very foundation of the system. Calling for a reboot of the system to start from scratch, Hess gives scholarly thought and opinion, making "Education Unbound" a fascinating and very highly recommended read that shouldn't be missed by education administrators.

Reducing The Black Male Dropout Rate
Jawanza Kunjufu
African American Images
9781934155226, $15.95,

Black males have one of the highest high school dropouts of any group in America. "Reducing The Black Male Dropout Rate" discusses the shockingly high African American male drop out rate and what it causing it. Outlining fifty causes and offering fifty solutions to the problem, Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu does well in discussing the problem. "Reducing The Black Male Dropout Rate" is a solid and very highly recommended read for those concerned about the education of black Americans.

The Architecture Shelf

Building Barcelona
Peter G. Rowe
Actar D
158 Lafayette Street, 5th floor, New York, NY 10013
9788496540286, $22.95,

Barcelona is one of Spain's oldest cities and has taken centuries to evolve into its present state as a modern metropolis that has over the past few decades has substantially benefited from architectural and other advances in urban renewal and development. As a result, it has become a kind of Mecca for aspiring and professional architects from Europe and the Americas. The story of this fascinating and internationally influential architecturally driven renaissance is superbly presented in "Building Barcelona: A Second Renaixenca" by Peter G. Rowe (Raymond Garbe Professor of Architecture and urban Design, Harvard University). This 192-page compendium is liberally illustrated with black-and-white photography, and features seven full color abstractions. Informed and informative, this superbly presented history should be especially noted for its commentary on the evolving influences cultural conditions had, and continue to have, on the rebuilding process in general, and the architectural structures created by a series of outstanding architects ranging from Mies van der Rhoe and Josep Lluis Sert, to Richard Meier and Jean Nouvel. "Building Barcelona" is a seminal work of impeccable scholarship and a core addition to any academic or professional Architectural Studies reference collection and supplemental reading list.

Almanac of Architecture & Design 2010
Jane Paradise Wolford, editor
c/o The Greenway Group
25 TechnologyParkway South, Suite 101, Atlanta, GA 30092
9780984084623, $149.00,

Architecture is an art form that is constrained by the need to be functional, but that limitation has done nothing to stop today's architects. "Almanac of Architecture & Design 2010" is a collection of studies on today's architecture around the world, looking at how they have been adapted and changed over the past year. New designs of buildings, new architects, new theories of design have made for an intriguing past year in building design. With plenty of references outlining companies and details about them including full color photographs of major projects, "Almanac of Architecture & Design" is a must have resource for any architecture collection.

The Philosophy Shelf

The Racial Discourses Of Life Philosophy
Donna V. Jones
Columbia University Press
61 West 62nd Street, New York, NY 10023-7015
9780231145480, $50.00,

The newest addition to the outstanding Columbia University Press 'New Directions in Critical Theory' series, "The Racial Discourses of Life Philosophy: Negritude, Vitalism, and Modernity" by Donna V. Jones (Assistant Professor of English, University of California - Berkeley) focuses on how the philosophy of Henri Bergson and Nietzsche, and the poetry of Leopold Senghor and Aime Cesaire, worked to shape and influence the idea of human life into an aesthetic and metaphysical concept the included considerations of race and nationhood. Of special note is Professor Jones' incorporation into her informed and informative, 231-page study of the dominant literary models into broader contemporary philosophical frameworks. Enhanced with extensive footnotes and a truly comprehensive index, "The Racial Discourses of Life Philosophy: Negritude, Vitalism, and Modernity" is a superbly presented work of seminal scholarship, making it an extraordinary contribution to academic library philosophy and literary analysis collections.

In Pursuit of the Good
Eric Salem
Paul Dry Books
1616 Walnut Street, Suit 808, Philadelphia, PA 19103
9781589880504, $22.95,

The definition of good has changed over the centuries. "In Pursuit of the Good: Intellect and Action in Aristotle's Ethics" discusses ethics from the mind of Aristotle, perhaps the most famous classical philosopher, and how his thoughts and ideals apply to the modern world. The Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle's work on ethics, discusses ethics and their relation to human happiness, as Eric Salem provides many intriguing ideas and insights on the thinker's works. "In Pursuit of the Good" is a strong addition to any philosophical discussion collection.

Exuberant Skepticism
Paul Kurtz
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2119
9781591027782, $19.00,

Skepticism is not just about being contrary; it's about asking why. "Exuberant Skepticism" discusses the importance and meaning of skepticism from Paul Kurtz, who uses his expertise of the subject well as he defends skepticism and its applications from many things, be it science or religion. Encouraging readers to never stop asking questions and to never stop seeking knowledge, "Exuberant Skepticism" is a solid and very important read for any who value the question.

The Military Shelf

Steven R. Ward
Georgetown University Press
3240 Prospect Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007
9781589012585, $29.96,

Iran is a very old nation and it has never feared military power. "Immortal: A Military History of Iran and Its Armed Forces" details Iran's attitudes towards its military, and how it has morphed over the years. In ancient times, they had elite groups known as the Immortals, today, the Revolutionary guard is ready to fight any enemy Iran may engage in conflict with. The Persian people's story can be told through its military, and "Immortal" does well in telling that tale, proving a vital addition to any world military history collection.

A Tactical Ethic
Dick Couch
Naval Institute press
2427 Bond St., University Park, IL 60484
9781591141372, $22.95,

With no uniforms, the battlefield becomes alot more confusing. "A Tactical Ethic: Moral Conduct in the Insurgent Battlespace" discusses modern warfare where the cities are the battlegrounds, and states that every misfire that ends in civilian death, no matter which side is responsible is a massive loss for the liberating force. Discussing battle field ethics in this regard, "A Tactical Ethic" is insightful and a highly recommended addition to any military studies collection.

The Self-Help Shelf

Grace Lost and Found
Mary Cook
Red Wheel, Weiser, Conari
65 Parker Street, Suite 7, Newburyport, MA 01950
9781573244688, $16.95,

An addiction goes beyond a need, it goes into controlling one's life. "Grace Lost and Found: From Addiction and Compulsions to Satisfaction and Serenity" is a collection of forty essays on the subject, as Mary Cook, an expert addition counselor, presents her musings on what causes addiction and why it's so hard to kick the habit - and provides plenty of wisdom to try to do so. "Grace Lost and Found" is an excellent addition to any psychology or self-help collection.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Harvesting the Fruits
Walter Kasper
80 Maiden Lane, Suite 704, New York, NY 10038
9781441162724, $14.95,

They worship the same God, but their divisions remain strangely strong. "Harvesting the Fruits: Basic Aspects of Christian Faith in Ecumenical Dialogue" is a discussion of the Catholic Church's communications with the Protestant churches to help fade the line between Catholicism and Protestant, a divide which at certain points have been stronger than the division of Christians and Judaism. These dialogues are spiritual enlightening and grant the reader for a unified future, "Harvesting the Future" is a worthwhile addition to any Christian studies collection.

Children and the Theologians
Jerome W. Berryman
Morehouse Publishing
4775 Linglestown Road, Harrisburg, PA 17112
9780819223470, $35.00,

Children, originally sinful, originally saint like, many religious thinkers have provided contradicting insight into our youngest peoples. "Children and the Theologians: Clearing the Way for Grace" discusses how throughout history, religious thoughts on children have changed radically through the ages, as Jerome W. Berryman breaks each discussion down into periods, dating from the time of Christ to the modern opinion. "Children and the Theologians" is a fascinating and insightful read that belongs in any Christian studies or historical philosophy collection.

The Political Science Shelf

America and the Political Philosophy of Common Sense
Philip Segrest
University of Missouri Press
2910 LeMone Blvd., Columbia, MO 65202
9780826218735, $49.95,

Common sense seems so rarely common. "America and the Political Philosophy of Common Sense" discusses traditional American political philosophy and the role of common sense int he discussion. Three thinkers converse in this book discussing how the American standard of common sense came to be, and Scott Philip Segrest weaves it into an insightful and thought provoking read. Scottish Common Sense, what the early American intellectuals founded their own notions on, has done much to shape America in the two hundred years of its existence. "America and the Political Philosophy of Common Sense" is a core addition to any political or philosophical collection.

The Judaic Studies Shelf

Empowered Judaism
Elie Kaunfer
Jewish Lights Publishing
PO Box 237, Sunset Farm Offices, Rt. 4, Woodstock, VT 95091
9781580234122, $18.99,

Unity is a powerful tool for faith. "Empowered Judaism: What Independent Minyanim Can Teach Us About Building Vibrant Jewish Communities" discusses how scattered Jews across the United States have formed their own prayer circles away from traditional synagogues. Rabbi Elie Kaunfer discusses how the faith has adapted to these groups, and how they affect American Judaism as a whole. "Empowered Judaism" is a highly fascinating addition to any Judaic studies collection.

The Royal Table
Norman Lamm
OU Press
c/o KTAV Press
930 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306
9781602801394, $25.00,

The Exodus of the Jews from Egypt is the story of Passover, and each generation adds their own touch to the tale. "The Royal Table: A Passover Haggadah" is the Haggadah of Rabbi Norman Lamm as he provides his own commentary on the event, with his own scholarly knowledge of the festival. Blending Hebrew texts with English, he creates an experience that can be used to teach Hebrew as well as prove authentic to readers. "The Royal Table" is a fine addition to any family Passover collection or to community library Judaic studies collections.

The World History Shelf

Posting It
Catherine J. Golden
University Press of Florida
15 Northwest 15th Street, Gainesville, FL 32611-2079
9780813033792, $69.95,

Long distance communication started the change towards the modern day. "Posting It: The Victorian Revolution in Letter Writing" discusses how cheap, efficient post changed the way the English kept in touch with one another. The Penny Post, which allowed the people of Britain to pay a single penny to send letters. Covering the development of the system, the controversy created, and focusing mainly on how it changed society, Catherine J. Golden provides much scholarly insight. Its history is an intriguing one, and it's told well, making "Posting It" an excellent text, and a core addition to community and college library history collections.

The Interior Design Shelf

Green Design
Marcus Fairs
North Atlantic Books
2526 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94704
9781556458363, $25.00,

Helping the environment can be done in many ways, some that aren't remotely obvious. "Green Design: Creative Sustainable Designs for the Twenty-First Century" is a guide to making one's home more helpfully green for the world around it. From lighting to dishes, to technology to clothing, there are many things around one's home which can be improved and made greener. "Green Design" is a choice pick for those who are truly dedicated in reducing their impact on the planet.

The Literary Studies Shelf

The Mythological Traditions of Liturgical Drama
Christine C. Schnusenberg
Paulist Press
997 MacArthur Blvd., Mahwah, NJ 07430
9780809105441, $44.95,

Theater was a vehicle for messages at its very inception. "The Mythological Traditions of Liturgical Drama: The Eucharist as Theater" discusses how early Christianity against the Roman theater. which has strong ties to the Roman religions and traditions. Looking at the history of theater starting in Egypt and how it transformed over the years to be used by Christianity as well, Christine C. Schnusenberg tells the history well, providing a solid overview of classical theater and Christianity. "The Mythological Traditions of Liturgical Drama" is a solid addition to any Christian or theater studies collection.

The End of Domesticity
Charles Hatten
University of Delaware Press
c/o Associated University Presses
2010 Eastpark Boulevard, Cranbury, NJ 08512
9780874130751, $67.50

Nothing is perfect, no matter how it appears to be painted. "The End of Domesticity: Alienation from the Family in Dickens, Eliot, and James" discusses how the realization of the dysfunctional family came to be in literature. Charles Dickens in his earlier writings explored how the family was not an infallible unit in his novels Barnaby Rudge and Dombey and Son, and his elaboration of such in works such as David Copperfield. Writers such as Henry James followed his lead and explored the home life further, as Charles Hatten explores the writers and their influence on modern works. "The End of Domesticity" is a solid addition to any community or college literary studies collection.

The Botany Shelf

Wasatch Wildflowers
Steve Hegji
Cedar Fort
2373 W. 700 S., Springville, UT 84663
9781599553825, $19.95,

Wild is natural, and natural is beautiful. "Wasatch Wildflowers: A Field Guide" is a guide for amateur botanists who want to learn how to fully understand and appreciate wildflowers, as Steve Hegji fully describes the common wildflowers of the Wasatch region with full color photos of every flower, where in the Utah regions they are found, their common terrain, and technical details. "Wasatch Wildflowers" is a top pick for any nature lover.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Fatal Embrace
Mark Braverman
Synergy Books
PO Box 80107, Austin, TX 78758
Phenix & Phenix (publicity)
8716 Mopac Suite 330, Austin, TX 78759
9780984076079, $16.95,

The state of Israel is not as saintly as a place called the holy land should be. "Fatal Embrace: Christians, Jews, and the Search for Peace in the Holy Land" discusses the nation of Israel in regards to human rights and world relations. Stating that Israel has on multiple occasions violated human rights and that many western nations continued support has a massive impact on religious relations as a whole, "Fatal Embrace" is a riveting and intriguing read of the failings of Israel with a fresh perspective.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

The Biochar Debate
James Bruges
Chelsea Green Publishing
PO Box 428, White River Junction, VT 05001
9781603582551, $14.95,

The future of mankind lies in the power of its soil. "The Biochar Debate: Charcoal's Potential to Reverse Climate Change and Build Soil Fertility" discusses charcoal and its unique effects on the environment. Charcoal can be vital in revitalizing soil and leading to more effective agriculture and the benefits of that go down the line. Stating the status quo of farming is hurting the soil and that fending off climate change is an important goal, "The Biochar Debate" is a fascinating and highly recommended read that shouldn't be missed.

The Parenting Shelf

Teen 2.0
Robert Epstein
Quill Drive Books
2006 S. Mary Street, Fresno, CA 93721-3311
9781884995590, $18.95,

If you ask any teenager, there's nothing worse than being a teenager. "Teen 2.0: Saving Our Children and Families from the Torment of Adolescence" is a guide for parents in dealing with the unique questions and challenges that comes with raising a teenager in today's world of high technology and changing social attitudes. It also discusses the challenges facing today's teens, and how much of the fear and paranoia of society has made being a teen truly the worse thing to be. "Teen 2.0" is insightful and intriguing with much to think about.

Reclaiming Youth at Risk, revised edition
Larry K. Brendto, Martin Brokenleg, & Steve Van Bockern
Solution Tree
555 North Morton Street, Bloomington, IN 47404
9781879639867, $19.95,

The best minds of the future can be lost to the pressures of life. "Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Our Hope for the Future" is a guide to help parents and educators reach out to children and help them overcome their problems and stay on track for a better life. Blending traditional native American wisdom with proven philosophy, "Reclaiming Youth at Risk" is a powerful tool for parents and educators who want to go the extra mile.

Don't Pick On Me
Susan Eikov Green
Instant Help Books
c/o New Harbinger
5674 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609
9781572247130, $16.95,

Good self-esteem stays with you for a lifetime. "Don't Pick On Me: Help for Kids to Stand Up to & Deal with Bullies"is a guide for parents and teachers who want to best equip their children to deal with the unavoidable bullies that appear in every child's life. If left alone, self-esteem can be destroyed before it can blossom, so Susan Eikov Green gives parents, students, and children plenty of ideas and tools to deal with this reality to stand up for themselves and fight bullying before it can have more effect than it deserves. "Don't Pick On Me" is a treasure trove of information, and a core addition to any parenting or education collection.

The Automotive Shelf

Automotive Bodywork and Rust Repair
Matt Joseph
39966 Grand Avenue, North Branch, MN 55056
9781932494976, $24.95,

Good bodywork is essential to keeping a car looking new. "Automotive Bodywork and Rust Repair" is a guide for mechanics to help them touch up on their bodywork repair skills and metalwork. Automobiles naturally rust and are dented through the course of their existence and part of an auto-mechanic's job is to revert such damage. For a professional who wants a refresher or an amateur who wants to do it himself, "Automotive Bodywork and Rust Repair" is a highly valuable asset, not to be missed.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Real Zombies
Brad Steiger
Visible Ink
43311 Joy Road #414, Canton, MI 48187-2075
9781578592968, $19.95,

The zombie has captivated the American imagination, but where is the basis in reality? "Real Zombies: The Living Dead, and Creatures of the Apocalypse" journeys through history into accounts of real zombies. Witchcraft, voodoo, necromancy have all been practiced in someway around the world, and Brad Steiger argues that there may be more to it than many think. From relation to vampires and mummies, to the zombie army of Hitler, many out there theories and ideas are presented, making "Real Zombies" a truly fascinating read.

The Nautical Shelf

The Minimum Boat
Sam Llewellyn
Sheridan House
145 Palisade Street, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
9781574092967, $14.95,

Some people actually think going out on water in a hunk of wood is fun. "The Minimum Boat" is a collection of anecdotes and columns from Sam Llewellyn about the joys of small boats in today's world of every increasingly larger boats. Calling for a return to the tiny boats and a call to make sailing fun again, he comes with plenty of stories to make the even the most easily sea-sick want to go out on the water. "The Minimum Boat" is a treasure trove any amateur or professional sailor will love.

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