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Reviewer's Choice

Geoffrey Blundell
Double Storey
c/o International Publishers Marketing
PO Box 605, Herndon, VA 20172-0605
1770130403, $32.95

All science has pointed to the start of Homo sapiens in the continent of Africa and a great migration outward. "Origins: The Story of the Emergence of Humans and Humanity in Africa" is an analysis of the rise of humanity from its African roots, as the cradle of civilization. From the start of human creativity, to early tools they created, and the beginnings of culture. A thoughtful collection of insight into Africa's special role as humanity's starting point, "Origins" proves an intriguing and very educational read that shouldn't be overlooked.

Spirit of the Sword
Steve Shackleford
Krause Publications
700 East State Street, Iola, WI 54990-0001
9781440211560, $24.99,

The sword is majestic, and is much a work of art as it is a tool for war. "Spirit of the Sword: A Celebration of Artistry and Craftsmanship" analyzes the artistry and craft that goes into the swords around the world, explaining why such a weapon still holds fresh in the minds of many. Both Europe and Asia embraced the sword, and the cultural clash still creates new designs today. Looking at not only the craft, but the craftsmen, "Spirit of the Sword" is a fine coffee table book for anyone who loves the craft and respects the craftsmen.

Food Chains: From Farmyard to Shopping Cart
Warren Belasco and Roger Horowitz, editors
University of Pennsylvania Press
3905 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-4112
9780812221343 $26.50 1-800-537-5487

Food Chains: From Farmyard to Shopping Cart is an anthology of scholarly essays by learned authors discussing assorted aspects of the history of food production and distribution. Individual case studies include "Provisioning Man's Best Friend", about the inception of the commercial pet food industry; "Wheeling One's Groceries around the Store" about the invention and popularity of the modern grocery cart; "Trading Quality, Producing Value" about crabmeat and the global seafood trade; and more. Food Chains is a thoughtful collection examining facets of an increasingly important issue as human population puts an ever-increasing demand on the amount of food the world needs to sustain itself today. Highly recommended especially for college library collections.

The Vampire Book, third edition
J. Gordon Melton
Visible Ink
43311 Joy Road #414, Canton, MI 48187-2075
9781578592814, $29.95,

The vampire and its undead brethren have been captivating the imagination of the world for decades. "The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead" looks into the history of the vampire and the third edition discusses what it has evolved into with programs like True Blood and the Twilight Saga. From true history to the first appearances in literature to becoming pop culture phenomena, and so much more, "The Vampire Book" is a complete and comprehensive guide to the trope, everything that has led to it, and where it's going.

International And Language Education For A Global Future
David S. Wiley & Robert S. Glew, editors
Michigan State University Press
Manly Miles Building, Suite 25, 1405 South Harrison Road, East Lansing, MI 48823-5245
9780870139840, $48.95,

In the Twenty-First Century we are living and working in a world of nation states that are more interdependently global than ever before in human history. "International and Language Education for a Global Future: Fifty Years of U.S. Title VI and Fulbright-Hays Programs" is the collaboratively compiled and edited work of David S. Wiley (Professor of Sociology at Michigan State University) and Robert S. Glew (Director of the Center for Advanced Study of International Development and an Associate Professor at Michigan State University). This 502-page compendium is comprised of an informed and informative introduction followed by 15 contributed articles whose focus is on the role and impact of Title VI and Fulbright-Hays programs promoting national and global security; the impact of language studies and the teaching of minor languages; the significance of Title VI with respect to education legislation; as well as international issues relevant to Title VI programs including global competition, accessing, benchmarking and assessment. Of special note are the two contributions specific to the future of Title VI and Fulribht-Hays programs. Enhanced with five appendices, background information on the contributors, and a comprehensive index, "International and Language Education for a Global Future" is a work of seminal scholarship and a highly prized addition to governmental and academic reference library collections.

Virtual Reality, third edition
Jerome Iglowitz
Privately Published
9780984528509, $42.16,

Now in a newly updated and expanded third edition, "Virtual Reality: Consciousness Really Explained!" is a 606-page compendium of the research, study, thought, and contemplations of Jerome Iglowitz whose focus is on exploring, detailing, and understanding the relationship of the human mind to the human brain. Reading "Virtual Reality" is very much like sitting in on a genuinely personalized and thoroughly engaging series of lectures. Insightful, challenging, occasionally iconoclastic, and always interesting, "Virtual Reality" is especially recommended as a unique reading experience for anyone trying to understand just what makes the human mind -- human.

The Tallgrass Prairie Center Guide to Seed and Seedling Identification in the Upper Midwest
Dave Williams
University of Iowa Press
100 Kuhl House, 119 West Park Road, Iowa City, IA 52242-1000
Chicago Distribution Center (distrubutor)
11030 S. Langley Ave., Chicago, IL 60628
9781587299025, $14.00,

When breeding plants, one has to keep a sharp eye out for details. "The Tallgrass Prairie Center Guide to Seed and Seedling Identification in the Upper Midwest" is a guide for evaluating the tallgrass of the Upper Midwest region, full of many different breeds of grass. Included are full color photos and diagrams outlining distinguishing characteristics of these plants. For anyone studying these plants for interest, gardening, or other, use, "The Tallgrass Prairie Center Guide to Seed and Seedling Identification in the Upper Midwest" will prove to be a valuable resource.

The Christian Studies Shelf

You Are What You See
Scott Nehring
1832 Winding Trail Rd., New Richmond, WI 54017
9780984439522, $27.95

Cinema is a massive part of the modern culture, and they have a massive impact on the world as it is today. "You Are What You See: Watching Movies Through a Christian Lens" delves into the importance of movies to culture, and what they mean to a Christian family. These stories follow much of the same pattern as Biblical stories and carry much of the same moral weight. A thoughtful discussion of movies and what they mean to Christian morality, "You Are What You See" is worth considering for the pondering Christian.

Dying to Live
Clayton King
Harvest House
990 Owen Loop North, Eugene, Oregon 97402-9173
9780736926539, $13.99,

Death is the ultimate outcome, and it's up to you to make it a worthy outcome. "Dying to Live: Abandoning Yourself to God's Bold Paradox" is a guide encouraging people to live a more principled life that encourages living to be a better person and of God, instead of for worldly possessions and goals. Passion for faith and a higher goal of life, "Dying to Live" is a read that may inspire many to a more divine life style.

Meeting the Messiah
Kara Lessen Oliver
Upper Room Books
1908 Grand Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212
9780835810296, $14.00,

Advent is a time to re-evaluate one's faith and make it stronger. "Meeting the Messiah: Scriptures for the Advent Season" is a Christian guide to advent that provides much thought and scripture for readers in assisting them during the time of advent and Jesus's birth. With simple reflections and plenty of things to ponder, "Meeting the Messiah" is a top pick for any advent-observing Christian.

The Complete Gospels, fourth edition
Robert J. Miller, editor
Polebridge Press
PO Box 7268, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
9781598150186, $35.00,

All Christians are well acquainted with the four gospels of the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). Roman Catholics are also familiar with the apocryphal gospels in their version of the Bible that is absent from the King James edition and most other Protestant versions of the Bible. Now in an expanded and updated fourth edition, "The Complete Gospels" as deftly compiled and knowledgeably edited by Robert J. Miller offers new translations of the four New Testament gospels; the Gospels of Thomas, Judas, and Mary; the Q Gospel; the Mystical Gospel of Mark; the Infancy Gospels of James and Thomas; the Egerton Gospel; the Gospel Oxrhynchus; the Gospels of the Hebrews, the Ebionites, and the Nazoreans. Enhanced with the inclusion of an extensive glossary, "The Complete Gospels" also offers nineteen informed and informative essays ranging from 'The Synoptic Puzzle' to 'Lost Gospels And "Non-Gospels". Of special note are eight black-and-white illustrations. An impressive work of meticulous and detailed scholarship, "The Complete Gospels" is a strongly recommended addition to personal, academic, and community library Christian Studies reference collections. Also highly recommended for Christian Studies supplemental reading lists from Polebridge Press is Harold W. Attridge's "The Acts Of Thomas" (9781598150216, $18.00) and "Such Is Life!: A Close Encounter With Ecclesiastes" (9781598150230, $20.00).

The Folklore Shelf

America's Folklorist: B.A. Botkin and American Culture
Lawrence Rodgers and Jerrold Hirsch, editors
University of Oklahoma Press
2800 Venture Drive, Norman, OK 73069
9780806141114 $34.95 1-800-627-7377

America's Folklorist: B.A. Botkin and American Culture is an anthology of essays by learned authors concerning the work of folklorist, writer, editor, regionalist, and cultural activist Benjamin Albert Botkin (1901-1975), an American intellectual known for his work with the Federal Writers' Project during the New Deal, the Writers' Unit of the Library of Congress Project, and the Archive of American Folksong. Botkin labored to collect, disseminate, and preserve America's folk-cultural heritage; individual essays examine different aspects of his lifelong passion, from "Benjamin Botkin and Play-Party Scholarship in America" to "Lore for the Folk: Benjamin A. Botkin and the Development of Folklore Scholarship in America". A selection of essays and poems by Botkin himself round out this superb collection for college library American history and folklore studies shelves. Also highly recommended from the University of Oklahoma Press is the exceptional biography "A Pair of Shootists: The Wild West Story of S.F. Cody and Maud Lee" (9780806141497, $29.95).

The Antiques/Collectibles Shelf

Little Big World
Jeffrey Hammond
University of Iowa Press
100 Kuhl House, 119 West Park Road, Iowa City, IA 52242-1000
9781587299100 $22.95 1-800-621-2736

Little Big World: Collecting Louis Marx and the American Fifties is the memoir of a true collector. Author Jeffrey Hammond never intended to start a collection of themed playsets originally produced by the Louis Marx Toy Company, yet the desire settled upon him, leading him to scour websites for leads to new prize pieces from the company's dozens of playsets. Little Big World is far more than a purchasing odyssey, however; the story blends the author's childhood memories of the fifties with reflections on the drastic changes in American culture, and insights into the role toys play as springboards for the imagination, in both children and adults. Little Big World also examines the dark side of nostalgia, and does not shy from the dark side of fifties culture - or its lasting repercussions on those who lived it. A balanced blend of memory, journey, philosophy, and revelation, Little Big World is extraordinarily absorbing and highly recommended.

The Biography Shelf

A King's Ransom
Simon Burrows
80 Maiden Lane, Suite 704, New York, NY 10038
9780826619897, $29.95

The worst of us are the most interesting of us. "A King's Ransom: The Life of Charles Theveneau de Morande, Blackmailer, Scandalmonger, & Master-Spy" tells the story of this particularly unsavory individual who endured the wrath of much of late eighteenth century Europe for his actions. Throughout many wars, his story is one of intriguing scandal and manipulation, the very antithesis of high society of the day. "A King's Ransom" is an exciting read that shouldn't be overlooked for anyone looking for a story of interesting history's unsung heroes.

Perfectly Amanda
Beckey Burgoyne
Five Star Publications
4696 W. Tyson Street, Chandler, AZ 85226
9781589851634, $29.95,

An icon of one of the longest running shows on television, Amanda Blake made her legend as Miss Kitty. "Perfectly Amanda: Gunsmoke's Miss Kitty, To Dodge and Beyond" tells the life story of the Gunsmoke veteran who made her own way in life, carrying over the charm of her character. An adventurous life with plenty of twists and turns both on and off the set, Beckey Burgoyne tells her story, peppered with photographs throughout. "Perfectly Amanda" is an intriguing read, and one not to be missed for Hollywood biography collections.

Phil Trajetta
Franco Sciannameo
Pendragon Press
PO Box 190, Hillsdale, NY 12529
9781576471876, $58.00

True artists create with something to believe in. "Phil Trajetta (1777-1854): Patriot, Musician, Immigrant" looks at this Italian opera composer's life. Born in Naples, he was raised and classically educated, but took up the call of political activism. His actions however, left him fleeing his beloved homeland for America, where he continued his work and became an early American composer of some note, but never forgetting his political beliefs and push for social justice as an American immigrant. Franco Sciannameo looks equally deep into Trajetta's work and his life, and provides a compelling picture of the individual. "Phil Trajetta" is a solid addition to any music or general biography collection, very highly recommended.

The Best of Intentions: Unforeseen Circumstances
Laurence P. Keenan
Jetty House
c/o Peter E. Randall, Publisher
PO Box 4726, Portsmouth, NH 03802-4726
9780981789873 $28.50

The Best of Intentions: Unforeseen Circumstances is the memoir of an Irish-American family. The primary focus is on the parents of author Laurence P. Keenan, although the scope of the true story ranges from the 1920s to the 1970s. Living in an Irish-American neighborhood near an industrial factory, the family weathered the tough times of the Great Depression, the demands of the war years, and the astonishing societal transformations of the postwar era. Sixteen pages of vintage photographs enhance this absorbing tour of the ups and downs, trials, tribulations, setbacks, and accomplishments of daily life in twentieth-century America.

In A Heartbeat
Leigh Anne & Sean Tuohy
Henry Holt
175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010
B&B Media Group (publicity)
109 South Main Street, Corsicana, TX 75110
9780805093384, $24.00,

Behind every story is another story. "In a Heartbeat: Sharing the Power of Cheerful Giving" is a memoir from Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy, the parents of Michael Tuohy, known for his own inspiring memoir, 'The Blind Side'. Their story of wanting to raise a charitable Christian family and how their white family did not hesitate to adopt a black child in need, it is a tale of Christian values that the couple hopes to inspire others in their lives. "In a Heartbeat" is a must for those looking for a feel good memoir or fans of 'The Blind Side'.

Maria's Journey
Ramon Arredondo & Trisha Arredondo
Indiana Historical Society Press
450 W. Ohio St., Indianapolis, IN 46202
9780871952868, $19.95,

The first half of the twentieth century was a time of rapid change. "Maria's Journey" tells the story of Maria Perez, a young Mexican woman whose life brought her into arranged marriage and immigration to America changed her life from living in poverty to living a good life in Indiana, years later. One woman's chronicles through many changes and wars, "Maria's Journey" is a fascinating read and a must for anyone looking for a story of American immigration.

Bound Like Grass
Ruth McLaughlin
University of Oklahoma Press
2800 Venture Drive, Norman, OK 73069
9780806141374 $24.95 1-800-627-7377

Bound Like Grass: A Memoir from the Western High Plains is the true-life testimony of author Ruth McLaughlin, who grew up in the 1950s on an impoverished Montana homestead. Her parents struggled with the challenge of raising four children, including two disabled sisters; food was scarce, and life was hard. The farm barely produced enough to allow the family to survive, and even the milk they drank was sour when the cows ate flowering biscuitroot. The difficult conditions prompted ingenuity and thrift, as well as sheer endurance in Ruth and her family. When she finally left the homestead behind, she had some difficulty adapting to a relatively abundant modern world, and her connection to the prairie land remains though her days of near-starvation have long since passed. Bound Like Grass is a thought-provoking and compelling memoir of good times, bad times, and enduring ties to the earth and to family, highly recommended.

Going to Windward
Robert A. Mosbacher Sr. with James G. McGrath
Texas A&M University Press
Drawer C, College Station, TX 77843-4354
9781603442213 $30.00 1-800-826-8911

Going to Windward: A Mosbacher Family Memoir is the memoir of amateur sailing champion and the George W. Bush administration's Secretary of Commerce Robert A. Mosbacher Sr. - a man whom Bush has personally credited as being critically responsible for aiding his ascent to the presidency. Mosbacher's brings the reader on a vivid tour of his memories from seeing New York City with his father in the 1930s, to his discovery of a tremendous natural gas field in the 1950s, to his increasing immersion in the complex and constantly shifting world of politics. His vignettes regale, enlighten, and entertain, in this excellent page-turner.

The Civil War Shelf

A Small but Spartan Band
Zack C. Waters and James C. Edmonds
The University of Alabama Press
PO Box 870380, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0380
9780817316792 $29.95 1-800-621-2736

A Small but Spartan Band: The Florida Brigade in Lee's Army of Northern Virginia is an in-depth study of the Florida units that served in Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia during the American Civil War. Chapters recount meticulous historical and military details, from events at the Battle of Seven Pines and Seven Days to the Second Bull Run and Antietam, to Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, to Gettysburg, the retreat from Pennsylvania, and the war's denouement up to Lee's surrender at Appomattox. A balanced and scholarly accounting, assembled through exhaustive research and enhanced with extensive notes, a bibliography, and an index, A Small but Spartan Band is an excellent contribution to American Civil War reference shelves.

The Agricultural Studies Shelf

Storey's Guide to Keeping Honey Bees
Malcolm T. Sanford & Richard E. Bonney
Storey Publishing
210 Mass MoCA Way, North Adams, MA 01247
9781603425506 $19.95 1-800-827-8673

University of Florida Extension Beekeeping Specialist Malcolm T. Sanford has combined his expertise with the late Richard E. Bonney's foundational "Beekeeping and Hive Management" instructional to create Storey's Guide to Keeping Honey Bees, a straightforward introduction to the craft and art of keeping and managing beehives for honey. Although intended especially to help neophytes get up to speed, Storey's Guide to Keeping Honey Bees is solid and thorough enough to offer plenty of tips, tricks, and techniques that long-time veterans will appreciate. Chapters address the necessary preparatory steps (from researching local community laws about bees to acquiring and learning how to use protective equipment to keeping emergency remedies for bee stings on hand and more), how to install a colony (two colonies are recommended for beginners, in case one colony suffers disaster), prevent diseases, harvest honey crops, and much more. "In rural areas, ensure that livestock are not located nearby (some tend to use beehives as scratching posts). Horses are a particular problem. Their odor seems to offend bees, and when stinging starts, horses often react violently and can injure themselves."

Plant Bacteriology
Clarence I. Kado
The American Phytopathological Society
3340 Pilot Knob Road, St. Paul, Minnesota 55121
9780890543887 $139.95

Plant Bacteriology is a scholarly, scientific compendium of the latest known information about bacterial diseases affecting modern plants, from agricultural crops to wild growth. Written for intermediate to advanced students and experts in the field, Plant Bacteriology's chapters cover "Evolution of Bacterial Pathogens", "Rapid Necrotizing Diseases", "Asymptomatic and Latent Infections", "Epidemiology and Control of Bacterial Plant Diseases", and much more. Full-color photographs illustrate this studious, meticulously researched and detailed text, ideal for specialist and college library collections.

Science and Technology of Organic Farming
Allen V. Barker
CRC Press
Suite 300, 6000 NW Broken Sound Parkway NW, Boca Raton, FL 33487
9781439816127 $69.95

Science and Technology of Organic Farming is an in-depth, no-nonsense handbook for anyone seriously interested in organic farming, covering the scientific basis for it, the technology it requires to obtain a sufficient yield, information to counter widespread myths, and more. Chapters thoroughly cover the foundational aspects of organic farming: composting, cover crops, farm manures, controlling weeds/insects/disease, and more. A handful of black-and-white illustrations enhance this excellent text highly recommended for self-study, agriculture coursework, or personal reference among veterans in the field.

The Political Science Shelf

Political Writings, 1953-1993
Maurice Blanchot
Translated with introduction by Zakir Paul
Fordham University Press
2546 Belmont Avenue, University Box L, Bronx, NY 10458-5172
9780823229987 $28.00

Skillfully translated from the original French by Zakir Paul, Maurice Blanchot's Political Writings, 1953-1993 is an anthology of philosopher Maurice Blanchot's political writings - many of which were written anonymously and signed collectively, in response to current events. Individual topics include the right to insubordination during the French-Algerian War, the creation of the Berlin Wall, repression in Eastern Europe, and personal insights concerning the ideas of Heidegger, Levinas, Robart Antelme, and more. The writings are scholarly, measured, and serious in tone, even though Blanchot himself was never an academic and published much of his life's work in periodicals. An insightful window into the politics of France in the decades after the Second World War, Political Writings 1953-1993 is a welcome addition to political science shelves and highly recommended for college library collections. "There is no good nationalism. Nationalism always tends to assimilate and unify everything, all values; that is why it ends up being exclusive and fundamentalist, which is to say, the only value."

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Haunted Wisconsin: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Badger State
Linda S. Godfrey
Stackpole Books
5067 Ritter Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-6921
9780811736367 $10.95 1-800-732-3669

Haunted Wisconsin: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Badger State lives up to its title with a cornucopia of Wisconsin's paranormal legends, from the witches of the Wisconsin Dells to spirits haunting the State Capitol, Rocky the Rock Lake Monster, to stories of space aliens (with an affection for pancakes!) and the ghost of the murderous gangster John Dillinger. These exciting ghost stories are perfect for campfire reading, enhancing scary Halloween parties, or simply sending shivers down one's spine anytime. Highly recommended!

The Buddhist Studies Shelf

Chonyi Taylor
Snow Lion Publications
PO Box 6483, Ithaca, NY 14851
9781559393447, $16.95,

Addictions are hard to break; it's part of the definition. "Enough!: A Buddhist Approach to Finding Release from Addictive Patterns" is a Buddhist approach designed to help readers find their own break from their addictions and help others break theirs through the principles of Buddhism, with its emphasis on moderation and balance in life. Blending enlightenment and other ideas, "Enough!" is a fine and inspirational read that shouldn't be overlooked.

Essential Buddhism
Diane Morgan
Praeger Publishers
Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
9780313384523, $44.95,

Buddhism is one of the world's great faiths. Here in the United States there are an estimated 2.4 millions Buddhists. "Essential Buddhism: A Comprehensive Guide to Belief and Practice" by Diane Morgan (Adjunct Professor of Religion and Philosophy, Wilson College, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania) is a 245-page compendium providing an informed and informative introduction to the manifold aspects of Buddhist philosophy, beliefs, practices, traditions, and writings. Appropriate for both students and non-specialist general readers with an interest in Buddhism, "Essential Buddhism" provides a biography of the Buddha, as well as covering such issues as Buddhist metaphysics, ethics, the Tantra, Zen, and so much more. Enhanced with both illustrative stories and koans, all the diverse traditions within Buddhism are identified, making "Essential Buddhism: A Comprehensive Guide to Belief and Practice" a core addition to personal, school, and community library Buddhist Studies instructional reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

The Flower of Chinese Buddhism
Daisaku Ikeda, author
Burton Watson, translator
Middleway Press
606 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401
9780977924547 $14.95

Part of the Soka Gakkai History of Buddhism series, The Flower of Chinese Buddhism chronicles the history of how Buddhism came to China, brought by traders and monks via the silk road, and how distinct Chinese schools of Buddhist thought came to be established (including the Tiantai school, which would later have a profound impact in Japan). Chapters further follow how Buddhism declined in China after brutal persecution during the tenth century, the deeds of notable Chinese Buddhist leaders of history, and the role of Buddhism in Chinese society. An excellent, carefully researched chronicle, "The Flower of Chinese Buddhism" is a must-have for Buddhist studies shelves. Also highly recommended are the other volumes in the series, "The Living Buddha: An Interpretive Biography" (9780977924523, $14.95) and "Buddhism: The First Millennium" (9780977924530, $14.95).

The Buddhist Path: A Practical Guide from the Nyingma Tradition of Tibetan Buddhist
Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche & Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche
Snow Lion Publications
PO Box 6483, Ithaca, NY 14851
9781559393553 $15.95 1-800-950-0313

Written by the founders and directors of the Padmasambhava Buddhist Center (a worldwide Buddhist meditation and study network), The Buddhist Path: A Practical Guide from the Nyingma Tradition of Tibetan Buddhist explains how to cultivate intellect, understanding, and compassion in oneself in order to bring out one's true nature, in accordance with the Tibetan Buddhist Nyingma ("ancient") tradition. The Buddhist Path teaches readers methods for meditation including tantric techniques of visualization, mantra, and formless meditation, as well as explaining how the mind functions and describing primordial human nature. Accessible to readers of all backgrounds, The Buddhist Path is an excellent introduction to Tibetan Buddhist practice, whether for practitioners, potential practitioners, or researchers of the Nyingma tradition. Highly recommended especially for Buddhist studies shelves.

The Native American Shelf

Cave Rock
Matthew S. Makley and Michael J. Makley
University of Nevada Press
Mail Stop 0166, Reno, NV, 89557-0166
9780874178272 $24.95

Matthew S. Makley (Assistant Professor of History, Metropolitan State College in Denver) and Michael J. Makley present Cave Rock: Climbers, Courts, and a Washoe Indian Sacred Place, the chronicle of a recent, drawn-out dispute between the small Nevada tribe of the Washoe Indians and athletes backed by influential corporations, over the destiny of Cave Rock. The Washoe consider Cave Rock to be a sacred place; yet athletes and corporations sought to transform it into a world-class rock-climbing site. Their legal battle culminated in an unprecedented 2007 ruling blocking sport climbing on Cave Rock. A handful of black-and-white photographs illustrate this thoughtful, evenhanded accounting of a groundbreaking court case.

The Judaic Studies Shelf

New Essays in American Jewish History
Pamela S. Nadell, Jonathan D. Sarna & Lance J. Sussman, editors
KTAV Publishing House
930 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306-6316
9781602801486 $49.50

Published in commemoration with the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the American Jewish Archives, New Essays in American Jewish History offers twenty-two scholarly articles, recently written by a diversity of learned authors. Individual essays include "The Democratization of American Judaism", "Rethinking the History of Nonobservance as an American Orthodox Jewish Lifestyle", "The Postwar Pursuit of American Jewish History and the Memory of the Holocaust", "Telling the American Story: Yiddish and the Narratives of Children of Immigrants", and many more. Extensive notes and an index round out this worthy contribution to Judaic Studies shelves, highly recommended especially for college library collections.

The Photography Shelf

Inside the Egyptian Museum with Zahi Hawass
Zahi Hawass
The American University in Cairo Press
c/o International Publishers Marketing
22841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, VA 20166
9789774163647, $49.95

Few ancient cultures have captivated the imagination as much as the Egyptians have. "Inside the Egyptian Museum with Zahi Hawass" is a photography collection taking readers on a full color journey through the Egyptian Museum in its home country of Egypt. Zahi Hawass, along with the rich and detailed full color photographs of Sandro Vannini, provides a beautiful exploration of what the museum has to offer, explaining some of the history behind many artifacts. A perfect gift for the Egyptophile or just an excellent coffee table book, "Inside the Egyptian Museum with Zahi Hawass" is an excellent pick that should not be missed.

Then & Now: The Bronx
Kathleen A. McAuley and Gary Hermalyn
Arcadia Publishing
420 Wando Park Blvd., Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
9780738573151 $21.99

Part of Arcadia Publishing's excellent "Then & Now" series, Then & Now: The Bronx is a showcase of vintage, black-and-white photographs capturing history, flavor and character of one of New York's most well-known boroughs, named after the nearby Bronx River. Each image is accompanied by a detailed caption that adds context and insight to the memorable photograph itself. Most of the images in "Then & Now: The Bronx" were taken during the first two-thirds of the twentieth century; all reveal a telltale glimpse of America's vibrant past. Highly recommended. "An aerial photograph of the Freedomland Amusement Park site shows the property contoured into the shape of the continental United States. Although the amusement park lasted a brief time - ground-breaking took place in 1959, it declared bankruptcy in September 1964, and was torn down early 1965 - Freedomland holds some very fond memories for many New York-area baby boomers. The location of the park is now occupied by Co-op City and the Bay Plaza Shopping Center."

The Genealogy Shelf

Barksdale Chronicles in America, Volume 1
Robert Groves
Author House
1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403-5161
9781452059969 $15.99

Barksdale Chronicles in America, Volume 1: The Stories of John Hickerson and Hickerson Barksdale is a simple, straightforward genealogical chronicle of the history of the Barksdale family in the early New World. Passages are brief, drawing upon data from censuses and other records to summarize the births, deaths, marriages, and other highlights of individual members' lives - often within the length of just a few sentences. The result is a composite picture of how a family lived, loved, and changed over time - from surviving through agriculture to embarking on new lives in merchandising and manufacturing, to playing key roles in shaping their local communities. An excellent, businesslike family chronicle and genealogical reference.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

Warlord of Io
James Turner
SLG Publishing
577 South Market St., San Jose, CA 95113
9781593621957 $14.95

Warlord of Io is an engaging, science fiction graphic novel with appeal for readers of all ages and backgrounds. The young prince Zing is slated to inherit the gigantic space empire of Io, but he prefers playing video games to being responsible for billions of subjects! When Emperor Zoz retires, Zing struggles with instigating drastic social reforms (mostly to impress his friend Moxy Comet!) and is served a military coup for his trouble. Does Zing have the potential to be a great warlord and leader of people? Or is he capable of becoming an ever greater type of ruler? Or will the mess of galactic politics ultimately drown him? The slick, cartoony, black-and-white artwork has a strong, futuristic feel to it and brings this ultimate ruler's coming-of-age narrative to life. The result is a real treat, highly recommended for sci-fi fans.

The Cookbook Shelf

The Pot and How to Use It
Roger Ebert
Andrews McMeel publishing
1130 Walnut Street, Kansas City, MO 64106
9780740791420, $14.99,

Who could have guessed that film critic Roger Ebert has turned the rice cooker into a powerful cooking tool? "The Pot and How to Use It: The Mystery and Romance of the Rice Cooker" is a cookbook by Roger Ebert, as he gives readers a guide to the rice cooker and how to use it to the fullest as a tool for greater health. With plenty of recipes and verbals sparring with people he's encountered online on the subject of cooking, "The Pot and How to Use It" is an entertaining useful read about the lesser known of Ebert's favorite things: his rice cooker.

Simply Lebanese
Lha'am Atalla
c/o International Publishers Marketing
PO Box 605, Herndon, VA 20172-0605
1859641350, $39.95,

It features unique flavors with little else like it in the world. "Simply Lebanese" is a guide to Lebanese cooking and the finer details of the style, to help readers prepare authentic Lebanese food in their own home. With a glossary defining traditional Lebanese ingredients, and plenty of recipes for many occasions, readers will see Lebanese takes on tomato soup, salads, as well as original dishes such as Kibbeh makleih, and more. "Simply Lebanese" is a top pick for any international cookbook collection.

Fix with a Mix Desserts
Betty Crocker
111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
9780470617991, $19.95,

Sure, the mix itself will come out delicious, but a little creativity can turn good into wonderful. "Fix with a Mix Desserts: 100 Sensational Sweets Made Easy with a Mix" is a guide to turning plain cookie, brownie, cake, and other pastry mixes into something greater and more creative. The Betty Crocker labs encourage using their mixes to make more than the ordinary, with ideas for desserts such as Candy-Topped Blossom cookies, midnight molten brownie, peanutty granola cookies, and more, along with the added value of coupons, "Fix with a Mix Desserts" is a must for those who want something special but aren't rolling in extra time.

The Meat Lover's Meatless Cookbook
Kim O' Donnel
DaCapo Press
11 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142
9780738214016, $18.95,

Faking it can be just as good as the real thing. "The Meat Lover's Meatless Cookbook: Vegetarian Recipes Carnivores Will Devour" is a guide to those who can't get enough of meat, but want to cut down on it all the same. Giving readers plenty of alternatives of what to sue for substitutes to match or even sometimes surpass meat, she gives advice on everything from rice dishes to vegetarian barbeque, and even plenty of recipes that don't involve emulating meat, but being great all their own. "The Meat Lover's Meatless Cookbook" is an original concept that will help many carnivores help curb their habit.

The Book of Tapas
Simone & Ines Ortega
180 Varic Street, Fourteenth Floor, New York, NY 10014
9780714856131, $39.95,

Something light doesn't have to mean something simple. "The Book of Tapas" is a guide to the wide array of Spanish tapas, or for the not Spanish inclined, appetizers and snacks. With 250 recipes making the most complex of recipes simple to make and easy to embrace for any level of cook, these tapas range from recipes for the herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore, hot and cold dishes, and so much more. With recipes like simple fired squid, Fisherman's rice, picadillos, and more, and enhanced with full color photographs, "The Book of Tapas" is a must for anyone who wants a bit of Spanish cooking in their life.

Asian Fusion
Chat Mingkwan
The Book Publishing Company
PO Box 99, Summertown, TN 38483
9781570672316 $14.95 1-800-695-2241

Asian Fusion: A Culinary Odyssey of Vegan Recipes lives up to its title by offering a wealth of delicious vegan recipes from a diversity of Asian cultures. Individual dishes hail from Japan, Korea, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, Laos, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and more exotic locales. From "Braised Pears in Sweet Wine", "Spicy Fruit Salad", and "Marinated Lemongrass Tofu" to "Celebratory Golden Rice" and "Mushrooms in Tamarind Sauce", Asian Fusion is a delectable tour de force of healthful tastes from the East. A handful of color photographs illustrate this welcome addition to vegan cookbook collections.

Table For One
Camille Funk
Bonneville Books
c/o Cedar Fort, Inc.
2373 West 700 South, Springville, Utah 84663
9781599554327, $16.99,

When there is only yourself to cook for, it's all too easy to fall into a habit of fast food take out alternating with microwaved fare. Now there's a much healthier (and delicious) alternative for single people -- Camille Funk's "Table For One", a very nicely illustrated, 224-page compendium of thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes for 'perfectly portioned meals' for a solo diner. From soups and salads; to poultry, beef, and seafood entrees; to all manner of side dishes; to a roster of truly impressive desserts, "Table For One" features easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for turning basic ingredients into elegant dining experiences. Enhanced with both an Ingredient Index and an Alphabetical Index, "Tale For One" is especially recommended for personal and community library cookbook collections.

Marie Rudisill
University of North Carolina Press
116 South Boundary Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27514-3808
9780807899304, $15.00,

Despite its honorable origins in this country, beginning with our colonial forebears, the fruitcake has become an underappreciated culinary joke. That's why Marie Rudisill's "Fruitcake: Heirloom Recipes And Memories Of Truman Copte And Cousin Sook" is such a welcome little volume. "Fruitcake" is an 80-page compendium of the history of the fruitcake followed by some rather impressive 19th century fruitcake recipes taken from a family farm journal. Showcasing twenty-three fruitcake recipes with their thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly', step-by-step instructions, Marie Rudisill has elevated the fruitcake back into its rightful place as an American culinary icon appropriate for anytime of the year.

Teen Cuisine
Matthew Locricchio
Marshall Cavendish Corporation
99 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591
9780761457152, $22.95,

Along with being able to read and write, one of the truly life-long skills children can be equipped with is the ability to cook. All to often adolescence is a time of fast-food take-out alternating with microwave fare. What is needed is something to engage teens with the sense of accomplishment that comes from making a meal with their own hands that will be as delicious as it is nutritious. That's where Matthew Locricchio's "Teen Cuisine" comes in. This superbly illustrated 207-page compendium is an instructive collection of 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes of dishes that will appeal to even the most discriminating appetites. From breakfast items like a Fresh Fruit Tostados; to snacks such as a Yogurt and Cucumber Dip; to a variety of 'Celebrity Soups' including New Gazpacho with Chipotle Almond Cream; to salads and dressings such as Chicken Salad with Green Goddess Dressing; to sandwiches and burgers where 'Not-an-Ordinary Grilled Cheese Sandwich' truly lives up to its name!; to pizzas, side dishes, entrees, and desserts, "Teen Cuisine" offers something for every meal time occasion. Enhanced with the inclusion of a list of kitchen pantry essentials, a metric conversion chart, and an illustrated list of kitchen equipment and utensils, "Teen Cuisine" is a welcome and enthusiastically recommended addition to family, school, and community library Cookbook collections.

Los Angeles Classic Desserts
Grace Bauer
Pelican Publishing Company
1000 Burmaster Street, Gretna, LA 70053-2246
9781589807815, $16.95,

Los Angeles has long been a leader in American haute cuisine. In "Los Angeles Classic Desserts", cookbook author Grace Bauer has compiled spectacular recipes from L.A.'s premier restaurants. Superbly enhanced with full color photography by Allison Meyerson, the recipes range from cakes, torts, custards, and puddings, to pies, cheesecakes, cookies, and fruits. Of special note is the section on pie crust, mint tea, and sauces. "Los Angeles Classic Desserts" will enable even the most novice of kitchen cooks to turn out truly elegant dishes like Ciudad's 'Tres Leches Cake'; Il Cielo's 'Panna Cotta with Rose Petals'; or Comme Ca's 'Brioche Bread Pudding'. Inspired, inspiring, and a culinary tour-de-force, "Los Angeles Classic Desserts" is enthusiastically recommended for both personal and community library cookbook collections!

Cooking with Chef Silvio
Silvio Suppa with Anthony V. Riccio
Excelsior Editions
c/o State University of New York Press
State University Plaza, Albany, NY 12246-0001
9781438433639 $24.95 1-800-666-2211

Cooking with Chef Silvio: Stories and Authentic Recipes from Campania is more than an Italian cookbook- it's a coffee table amalgam of southern Italy's culinary cultural history, peppered with delightful anecdotes as well as delectable recipes. Full-color photographs illustrate the delights one can create, such as "Spaghetti Vesuviana", "Codfish Salad", "Ricotta Pie", "Cardilli and Beans", and much more. Most recipes include estimated preparation time An excellent choice for cookbook collections, Cooking with Chef Silvio features numerous family and restaurant-quality recipes. Highly recommended.

The Gaming Shelf

Heroes of the Megaverse
Kevin Siembieda
Palladium Books
39074 Webb Court, Westland, MI 48185-7606
9781574571738, $16.95

Sometimes one setting just isn't enough for adventures. "Heroes of the Megaverse" meshes the universes of Dimension and Minion War, creating source material for this crossover setting and how they interact with one another. Designed to be used with any campaign and setting, "Heroes of the Megaverse" is a must for Rifts fans or Palladium RPG fans in general, very highly recommended.

Masters of Technique
Howard Goldowsky
Mongoose Press
1005 Boylston Street, Suite 324, Newton Highlands, MA 02461
9780979148262, $24.95,

The game of chess is an allegory for many things. "Masters of Technique" is a collection of fiction centered on the game of chess, a centuries old game that is played around the world. The iconic game is used as a centerpiece as many writers provide insight into the game of Chess itself, the people who play it, and the world in general. For anyone who is a fan of the game, and a fan of short fiction, "Masters of Technique" is the ideal read for them, and any short fiction reader.

Checkmate Tactics
Garry Kasparov
Everyman Chess
c/o Globe Pequot Press
246 Goose Lane, PO Box 480, Guilford, CT 06437-0480
9781857446265, $16.95,

If you're going to learn anything, you may as well learn from the best. "Checkmate Tactics" is a Chess tactics guide from world renown player Garry Kasparov as he encourages readers with his own blend of tactics and tips, outlining common strategies and how to foil them, as well as offering plenty of counters to the counters. With plenty of puzzles and drills to help a chess player take themselves to the next level, "Checkmate Tactics" is a fine read for anyone beginner or intermediate player, who wants to hone their craft at the game.

Nunn's Chess Endings
John Nunn
Gambit Books
9781906454234, $29.95,

Drawing upon John Nunn's experience and expertise as an international chess grandmaster, "Nunn's Chess Endings: Volume 2" has as its particular focus rook end games. Covering every aspect of rooks and minor pieces in strategic end game play, Nunn clearly and deftly identifies motifs often encountered in over-the-board play; thematically relevant tactical elements; and articulate commentary on the ideas that serve as the foundation for complex analysis of end game tactics and strategies, making this 336-page compendium a highly prized, 'player friendly', instructional reference with enormous and enduring practical value for novice and experienced players alike. Simply stated, no personal, professional, academic, or community library chess reference collection can be considered comprehensive without the inclusion of "Nunn's Chess Endings: Volume 2".

Elements of Chess Strategy
Alexei Kosikov
Gambit Books
9781906454241 $22.95

Ukraine chess master and chess trainer Alexei Kosikov presents Elements of Chess Strategy, a step-by-step guidebook and teaching tool for executing one's strategy, while remaining aware that one's opponent will be taking countermeasures. The STEPS algorithm, one of Kosikov's most effective methods, is explained at length in practical terms. A wealth of sample games dissected move by move help to illustrate key principles in this excellent self-study guide for intermediate to advanced chess players striving to improve their game.

The American History Shelf

Alluring New Mexico
Marta Weigle
Museum of New Mexico Press
PO Box 2087, Santa Fe, NM 87504
9780890135747, $29.95

New Mexico has had a unique history all its own throughout its one hundred and thirty year existence. "Alluring New Mexico: Engineered Enchantment 1821-2001" looks at a majority of this history reaching from the state's creation as a territory, it has had many names and attractions. From holding many artists and outlaws within its borders to the obsession with Area 51 and Roswell, Marta Weigle gives readers an appreciation for the unique history that New Mexico carries. "Alluring New Mexico" is a fine read and a top pick for any with curiosities about this state of many identities.

Hal K. Rothman
University of Nevada Press
Mail Stop 0166, Reno, NV, 89557-0166
9780874178265 $21.95

Distinguished Professor of History Hal K. Rothman (1958-2007) presents Nevada: The Making of Modern Nevada, a solid historical chronicle of the Silver State from hostile desert territory to iconic postmodern presence. Chapters examine the factors that shaped the history and character of the state, including the role of the federal government in controlling Nevada's public lands, the social, economic, and political conflict between Nevada's rural population and its burgeoning urban hubs, the drastic changes that took place during the demands of World War II, the social liberalism that took hold in the parts of Nevada where prostitution became legalized, and more. Nevada: The Making of Modern Nevada is a worthy addition to American and state history shelves, highly recommended especially for public and college library collections.

Richard Bak
Wayne State University Press
4809 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201-1309
9780814333532, $34.95,

With small space and not a lot of places to go, disposal of the dead has always been a dilemma for Detroit. "Boneyards: Detroit Under Ground" looks at the history of the Detroit metropolitan area and how it has dealt with and honored its dead throughout the centuries of its existence. The history is a storied one that clashes practicality and tradition with a bit of the extreme with people seeking to raise the dead. Major funerals have also taken place and have had a unique impact on the culture of Detroit. "Boneyards" is an intriguing look at the story of Detroit and its dead, making for an unusual and entertaining read.

The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf

Theatre Games
Adrea Gibbs
Meriwether Publishing
PO Box 7710
Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7710
9781566081740 $29.95

Theatre Games is a collection of exercises designed to help one learn and refine acting skills on DVD-R (requires players with DVD-R compatibility). An accompanying black-and-white instruction booklet summarizes the rules and skills of each game, for quick and easy reference after the video has been played. Seventeen different games/exercises are covered, including "Emotion Tag", "Mime Alley", "Concentration", and more. For example, the "Basketball" game to develop imagination, improvisation, and teamwork has the participants toss an imaginary ball in the air, and coordinate consistency in the size and weight of the ball, as they dribble it and pass it to other players in line. Theatre Games is an excellent "hands-on" practice supplement highly recommended for drama classes, improv comedy acts, and community theatre groups.

The Parenting Shelf

The Active, Creative Child
Stephanie Vlahov
Hohm Press
PO Box 2501, Prescott, AZ 86302
9781890772475, $12.95,

Parenting calls for a complex web of coping skills as children test boundaries, themselves, their families, their teachers, and any other adult authority that affects their lives. Especially with very active children (often diagnosed or mis-diagnosed with ADHD and similar conditions) the balance between parental supervision enhancing or suppressing a child's potential can be especially difficult. That's why Stephanie Vlahov's "The Active, Creative Child: Parenting in Perpetual Motion" will prove to be so invaluable to any and all parents of exceptionally active children of all ages and levels of development. This 105-page compendium is a thoroughly 'user friendly' resource that will enable concerned and caring parents to develop clear ideas and useful practices in supporting and encouraging the productive channeling of their child's energy, avoid diminishing their child's natural curiosity and passions, refrain from over-stimulating a child's mind and/or body, even how to select appropriate artistic activities and teachers. Thoughtful and thought-provoking, inspired and inspiring, "The Active, Creative Child: Parenting in Perpetual Motion" is an enthusiastically recommended read for any parent with an active child, and a core addition to community library Parenting instructional resource collections.

The Social Issues Shelf

Same-Sex Marriage
David E. Newton
Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
9781598847079, $55.00,

Same-sex marriage continues to be a hot political issue on both state and national levels. Attitudes toward same-sex marriage are in a state of generational change, with favorable views growing among the young, while older citizens continue to be preponderantly opposed. One of the newest additions to the outstanding 'Contemporary World Issues' series from ABC-CLIO, "Same-Sex Marriage: A Reference Handbook" is organized into eight major sections: Background and History; Problems, Controversies, and Solutions; Worldwide Perspective; Chronology; Biographical Sketches; Documents and Data; Organizations; and Resources (including Print and Non-Print). Enhanced with the inclusion of an extensive glossary and a comprehensive index, "Same-Sex Marriage: A Reference Handbook" is a 300-page compendium that is ideal for both school and community library Contemporary Social Issues and Gay Studies reference shelves and supplemental curriculum reading lists.

Human Aggression and Violence
Philip R. Shaver & Mario Mikulincer
American Psychological Association
750 First Street, NE Washington, DC 20002
9781433808593, $79.95,

All animals have violent tendencies, but human violence is in a league all on its own. "Human Aggression and Violence: Causes, Manifestations, and Consequences" takes a philosophical and scholarly look at the practice as old as humanity itself. From what drives us to violence, cultural factors, why some people are more violent than others, and how much failure there has been in history to prevent and stop it. Gazing through history, Mario Mikulincer & Philip R. Shaver edit and compile a riveting study, discussing how violence takes form, the place of genetics, the psychology of aggression, narcissism, the impact of society, and the victims. Enhanced with useful indexes and appendices, "Human Aggression and Violence" is a must for any psychology or social issues community or college library collection.

The Socialist Alternative
Michael A. Lebowitz
Monthly Review Press
146 West 29th Street, Suite 6W, New York, NY 10001
9781583672143, $15.95,

Socialist is a term tossed about rampantly in the modern day, but what is truly a socialist? "The Socialist Alternative: Real Human Development" is a discussion of socialism and how author Michael Lebowitz holds that it is necessary for humanity to reach its full potential and to meet the requirements of a good society. For those looking to understand the socialist movement and the thought behind it, "The Socialist Alternative" may answer many questions and provide much food for thought.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Men Of A Single Book
Mateus Soares de Azevedo
World Wisdom
1501 East Hillside Dr., Bloomington, IN 47401
9781935493181, $19.95,

Mateus Soares de Azevedo is a Brazilian journalist who has won awards for his work. In "Men of a Single Book: Fundamentalism in Islam, Christianity, and Modern Thought" he focuses upon how a passionate and emotional attachment to a particular viewpoint or perspective coupled with the automatic dismissal of all other views or considerations has become a source of global conflict with respect to social, political and religious issues. The result of this intolerance is proving to be a primary source for 21st Century terrorism and violence. It has also begun to corrupt the term 'fundamentalist' into a pejorative description that while usually applied to religious motivations is now broadened to include secular issues as well. A 136-page compendium of insightful, rational discourse, "Men of a Single Book: Fundamentalism in Islam, Christianity, and Modern Thought" is compelling reading, as well as a timely and highly recommended contribution for personal, academic, and community library Religious Studies and Contemporary Social Studies reference collections.

The Self-Help Shelf

Listen For The Whispers
Kim Luxen Meredith
Cable Publishing
14090 E. Keinenen Road, Brule, WI 54820
9781934980477, $23.95,

Tragedies like the one that struck Kim Kluxen Meredith's family can happen to anyone at any time. A car accident left her husband a quadriplegic and herself having to support her two young daughters while dealing with her own grief, trauma, and the needs of her husband in his final days. Her story is told in the pages of "Listen for the Whispers: Coping with Grief and Learning to Live Again". But more than just an account of a family's tragedy, it is also a story of learning to overcome depression, anxiety, heartache, and the loss of a loved one to re-establish a life worth living for herself and her children. Eloquent and moving, inspired and inspiring, "Listen For The Whispers" is also available in a paperback format (9781934980484, $16.95) and would make a highly recommended addition to personal reading lists and community library Self-Help collections.

Embracing Death
Terri Daniel
O Books
c/o National Book Network
PO Box 62188, Baltimore, MD 21265-2188
9781846943607, $14.95,

A life lived in fear of death is not a life lived well at all. "Embracing Death: A New Look at Grief, Gratitude, and God" is an uplifting look at death, as Terri Daniel encourages readers to live their life not as if the clock is ticking down, but to face grief head and as a new beginning. Designed to help readers shake their woes of life, "Embracing Death" is a choice and inspirational read that shouldn't be missed.

The Philosophy Shelf

What Is This Thing Called Happiness?
Fred Feldman
Oxford University Press
198 Madison Avenue, NY, NY 10016-4314
9780199571178, $45.00,

We all want to be happy. But what does that mean and how is it achieved? "What Is This Thing Called Happiness?" by Fred Feldman (Professor of Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst) is a 304-page compendium of philosophical inquiry into the nature and value of happiness, including his own theory that happiness is a form of 'attitudinal hedonism'. A work of painstaking scholarship, "What Is This Thing Called Happiness?" considers the implications of theories of happiness within a framework of moral philosophy and relevance to hedonic psychology. Of special note is Professor Feldman's proposed theory of happiness in terms of empirical research. Impressively enhanced with an extensive bibliography and a comprehensive index, "What Is This Thing Called Happiness?" is a strongly recommended addition to academic library Philosophy collections and academic supplemental reading lists.

The Railroading Shelf

Santa Fe Railway
John Kelly
PO Box 446, Hudson, WI 54016
9781583882597, $32.95,

The Santa Fe railroad was and continues to be one of America's premier railway lines that has such historic claims to railroading fame as entering into partnership with Harvey House depot restaurants, providing connecting service to the Grand Canyon National Park, transporting movie stars, celebrities, and industrial moguls between Los Angeles and Chicago, and employing legendary passenger trains from Arizona to Kansas. This impressive railroading history is showcased in "Santa Fe Railway: Photo Archives", a 128-page compendium of period photographs of the trains and such ephemera as the Santa Fe railway travel brochures, advertising posters, and picture postcards of the day. No personal, academic, or community library American Railroading History collection can be considered comprehensive or complete without the addition of John Kelly's "Santa Fe Railway: Photo Archives"!

The Needlecraft Shelf

Entree To Entrelac
Gwen Bortner
XRX Books
PO Box 1525, Sioux Falls, SD 57101
9781933064192, $19.95,

In "Entree to Entrelac: The Definitive Guide from a Biased Knitter", Gwen Bortner draws upon her many years of experience and expertise designing knit patterns to create a 160-page illustrated compendium of knitting projects specifically designed for knitters ranging from novice beginners to seasoned needlecrafters. The emphasis is on what advanced techniques can accomplish as readers follow the step-by-step instructions to turn out all manner of sweater patterns and other knitting projects utilizing a variety of different yarns. Superbly illustrated with both diagrams and color photography, "Entree To Entrelac" will prove to be a welcome and elegant addition to any personal, professional, or community library Needlecraft instruction collection.

The Travel Shelf

Great Escapes Italy
Angelika Taschen & Christiane Reiter
107 Greene Street, New York, NY 10012
9783836515818, $39.99,

"Great Escapes Italy" is a 300 page compendium showcasing fabulous Italian villas, hotels, and resorts up and down the length and breadth of the Italian peninsula. Edited and compiled by Angelika Taschen, the full color photography of building interiors and exteriors is impressively spectacular. Enhanced for the reader with a bi-lingual text by Christiane Reiter, "Great Escapes Italy" is especially recommended browsing for the armchair traveler, and an ideal Memorial Acquisition selection choice for community library travel collections.

David Fleminger
c/o International Publishers Marketing
PO Box 605, Herndon, VA 20172-0605
9781920143268, $10.95,

The only country in the world totally surrounded by another, Lesotho has a unique place in the world. "Lesotho: Southbound Travel Guide" is a travel guide to this unique country, sovereign in its own collection of mountains and history. Its small towns and mountain-driven countryside provide a place for visit for those who want to go off the beaten path and see something remote and mostly unseen. The first travel guide dedicated entirely to the small country, "Lesotho" is a top pick for those looking for a unique travel destination.

Oklahoma Hiking Trails
Kent F. Frates & Larry Floyd
University of Oklahoma Press
2800 Venture Drive, Norman, OK 73069
9780806141411, $19.95,

The countryside of Oklahoma has plenty to offer the hiker as well. "Oklahoma Hiking Trails" is a guide for the aspiring hiker to tour the countryside and see what the forests of Oklahoma have to offer. Outlining the many trails throughout the state with detailed maps, safety tips, and difficulty ratings and so much more on top of that, "Oklahoma Hiking Trails" is a powerful tool for the Okie who enjoys something more strenuous than a nature walk.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Better For Life
Daniel J. Jones
Wipf & Stock Publishers
199 West 8th Avenue, Suite 3, Eugene, OR, 97401
9781608994243, $22.00,

The unexpected arrival of what has been dubbed as 'The Great Recession' has compelled millions of Americans to experienced drastic changes in their personal finances. For hundreds of thousands of our citizens, those changes have been catastrophic. "Better for Life: Turning Financial Hardship into Your Finest Hour" by Daniel J. Jones is a 188-page compendium of how to deal with the sudden short term, and enduing long term consequences of economic upheaval in terms of unanticipated job loss, loss of residence, and the barriers to re-employment. "Better for Life" goes on to provide reality-based inspiration for successfully dealing with the emotional and financial necessities of reestablishing trust; and being supportive of one's friends, families, neighbors, and community. Of special note is the concluding chapter 'Be Willing' that provides a deft presentation on turning financial hardship into personal opportunity. "Better for Life: Turning Financial Hardship into Your Finest Hour" is strongly recommended reading for anyone who has undergone the traumas associated with our current dismal economy.

How To Live Homeless In Style
Robert Spaulding
Spaulding Publishing
1225 Taft Highway, Signal Mountain, TN 37377
9781935803027, $16.95,

Every city in the country has a homeless population. People have been expelled from their homes or apartments because they could not pay their mortgage or rent. A very large percentage of the homeless in America are children. How do such impoverished men, women, and children survive? What can they do to survive, let alone improve their quality of life? Along with simple acts of charity, their friends, relatives, and social workers can provide them with a copy of Robert Spaulding's "How To Live Homeless In Style: Plus, 50 Ways to Survive on Plastic Bottles in These Economic Times". This is a 391-page compendium of practical, specific, thoroughly 'user friendly', real-world oriented, tried and tested ideas, suggestions, advice, and informative commentary on surviving homelessness in American today. Enhanced throughout with 175 photographs, of special note is the exceptionally useful information provided on 'dumpster diving' for plastic bottles to create a variety of survival tools for daily use. Also very highly recommended for both academic, welfare agency, and public library collections, "How To Live Homeless In Style" also provides an extensive and thematically appropriate bibliography, and would prove to be quite instructive and valuable reading for anyone at risk for becoming homeless.

The Better World Shopping Guide
Ellis Jones
New Society Publishers
PO box 189, Gabriola Island, BC V0R 1X0 Canada
9780865716803, $9.95,

When shopping, you can turn the world around with your wallet. "The Better World Shopping Guide: Every Dollar Makes a Difference" is a report on many products that one commonly buys every day, rating them on the measure of human rights, environmental contributions, among others, praising and condemning them on this measure, warning against the evil of certain corporations. In easy handbook form to help shoppers carry with them when deciding what brands to buy, "Every Dollar Makes a Difference" is a useful tool for the socially conscious shopper.

The Poetry Shelf

The Dirt Riddles
Michael Walsh
The University of Arkansas Press
McIlroy House, 201 Ozark Avenue, Fayetteville, AR 72701
1557289255, $16.00,

Michael Walsh is an award winning poet who in "The Dirt Riddles" has compiled fifty-one poems that take for their theme work, farm life, and the sense that family farmers have that their way of life and all it entails for themselves, their families, and their communities are being steadily eroded by a changing world. Written by a master wordsmith, these are free-verse poems that strike familiar chords with universal messages and is highly recommended for personal reading lists and library Contemporary American Poetry collections. 'Family Farm': Let the garden its own green vines. / Let the yard riot back to ditch / and the field brood seedy with weeds. // Someone should live there, they say. / Not me, he says. Not me, she says / Not us, they agree. You, you. // Whoever you are, no one knows / how many violets sway / underfoot out here, how much thistle.

The Least of These
Todd Davis
Michigan State University Press
Manly Miles Building, Suite 25, 1405 South Harrison Road, East Lansing, MI 48823-5245
9780870138751, $19.95,

A prolific poet, Todd Davis brings his third volume of poetry to light, "The Least of These". A volume that seeks to defy its title, his award winning poetry brings a level of wisdom and thought to the table that is hard to find elsewhere. "The Least of These" is least of all to be missed, highly recommended. "Dryad": Shell of sycamore, hollowed/by rot, by wind, a flume/to enfold the roundness of hip, of areola in spring.

10 Mississippi
Steve Healey
Coffee House Press
79 Thirteenth Avenue NE, Suite 110, Minneapolis, MN 55413
9781566892520, $16.00,

A man of much experience in literature in poetry, "10 Mississippi" is a collection of poetry from Steve Healey, as he examines life as if it were a hide and seek game that we all play with the coming of change in the world and its tomorrow. "10 Mississippi" is a fun anthology of poetry, highly recommended. "A Life of Consolations": You'll get your reward n heaven, said my mom/when I didn't make the cheerleading squad./I remember this while pretending to study/the street map. Why do these little defeats/keep stabbing me after all these years?/I change. The light changes. I drive/up and down streets those names/I don't know. I drive along the river,/curving with its curves. I still/can't do the splits. At times/I've had too many freckles./I have an old snapshot of them./Like stars at the bottom of a chocolate milkshake./That would be a good way to die.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Valley Animals
Brooks Firestone
Fithian Press
c/o Daniel & Daniel
PO Box 2790, McKinleyville, CA 95519
9781574645002, $16.95,

In the countryside, animals have as much say in the days of lives as people. "Valley Animals: True Stories About the Animals and People of California's Santa Ynez Valley" is a collection of tales for animal lovers as Brooks Firestone compiles many stories of the valley and gives a fun read about the many animals ranging from Cattle and horses to common house cats, to even some exotic elephants. For lovers of animals, "Valley Animals" will prove a fine source of entertainment.

Horse Lover's Guide to Kentucky
Patti Nickell
Eclipse Press
3101 Beaumont Centre Circle,
PO Box 919003, Lexington, KY 40591-9003
9781581502169, $19.95,

The fields of Kentucky have endless things to offer the lover of horses. "Horse Lover's Guide to Kentucky" is a complete and comprehensive guide for the horse fan in the blue grass state. Kentucky has been called the capital for horses in the world, with the famous Kentucky Derby to its name, but there is more to the state than that. Everything from food and lodging is discussed, making "Horse Lover's Guide to Kentucky" a must for any equine aficionado planning a trip to the state.

The Fiction Shelf

Andreas Maier
Open Letter
University of Rochester, Lattimore Hall 411, Box 270082, Rochester, NY 14627
9781934824160, $14.95,

The more everybody knows, the more nobody knows. "Klausen" tells the story of a small German town where a crime has occurred. It seems for every person who is clueless, there is someone who knows exactly what has happened without question. A literary novel of events and the many takes that occur within, "Klausen" is an enticing novel that will entertain as well as make one think.

The Travels of Increase Joseph
Jerry Apps
Terrace Books
c/o University of Wisconsin Press
1930 Monroe Street, 3rd Floor, Madison, WI 53711-2059
9780299247546, $19.95,

The call for change can come in the strangest of ways. "The Travels of Increase Joseph" tells the story of Increase Joseph, a person ejected from Harvard for his views and takes up the mantle of a traveling preacher, going against the common views of the era, speaking out against environmental abuse and slavery in the 1840s. "The Travels of Increase Joseph" is an intriguing tale of the attitudes of change in the nineteenth century.

The Rounders
Max Evans
University of New Mexico Press
MSC05 3185, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
9780826349132, $16.95

The story of the cowboy lives on, even though it's not the same as it used to be. "The Rounders" Is a reprint of the acclaimed novel that was later turned into a major motion picture. With plenty of humor, author Max Evans hoped that the story would also be known for its depictions of the life of the modern cowboy and his role in today's society. "The Rounders" is an intriguing read and a very highly recommended one, not to be missed.

In Danger
Jack Hirshman, editor
City Lights Publishers
261 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133
9780872865075, $16.95,

There are figures in history that invite controversy. Pier Paolo Pasolini was one of these people. "In Danger" is an anthology of his work over the years, as the Italian individual was openly gay and strongly supported communism. Through his work, he pushed his beliefs and thoughts before his murder in the 1970s added only more mystique to his legend. "In Danger" is an insightful collection of one of most controversial figures of Italy in the twentieth century.

Runes of Iona
Robert Balmanno
Regent Press
2747 Regent Street, Berkeley, CA 94705
9781587902031, $15.95,

The journey to protect the planet is never an easy one. "Runes of Iona" tells the story of Iona, as she travels through an environmentally ravaged world to stand against the crushing fist of a world government with only a group of seemingly hopeless rebels by her side. A tale of environmental fantasy and journeys, "Runes of Iona" is not a read to be missed for fiction collections.

Sweetwater Burning
Heather Sharfeddin
Bantam Books
1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
9780385341288, $15.00,

The past will come to light in often the most devastating way possible. "Sweetwater Burning" tells the tale of the small town of Sweetwater, Idaho as sheep rancher Chas McPherson cares for his livestock as well as his father. Hiring a troubled woman named Mattie Holden to look after his invalid father, Mattie's problems seem to exacerbate the problems between Chas and his father, especially when there is arson afoot in the small town. "Sweetwater Burning" is an intriguing novel that will prove hard to put down.

The Real Estate Shelf

Protect Your Legacy
Mark R. Alvig & David P. Buss
Adams Business & Professional
c/o Beaver's Pond Press
7104 Ohms Lane, Suite 101, Edina, MN 55439-2129
9781592983391, $19.95,

It's best to plan for the future now, because you never know when it'd be too late. "Protect Your Legacy: A Handbook for Estate Planning" discusses estate planning and how to go about the legal processes of setting up one's will and how one wants their money managed, either when they become unable to do it themselves or the worst happens. With plenty of legal advice and reflections on modern acts and laws, "Protect Your Legacy" is a much needed read for anyone who would leave considerable estate behind.

The Islamic Studies Shelf

Islamic Law and Civil Code
Richard A. Debs
Columbia University Press
61 West 62nd Street, New York, NY 10023-7015
9780231150446, $50.00,

Understanding a people can sometimes be done through understanding their traditional laws. "Islamic Law and Civil Code: The Law of Property in Egypt" discusses traditional Islamic law in regards to the millennia old nation of Egypt. Egypt is a unique case in the Islamic world, forming a more modern law system still founded in Islamic tradition. A unique blend of modern law and tradition, Egypt provides an intriguing case study. Richard A. Debs provides an insightful look, analyzing classical law and how it has evolved over recent years and what it can teach about the Islamic world and law around the planet. "Islamic Law and Civil Code" is a fascinating read, and a core addition to community and college library collections focusing on international law.

The Judicial Studies Shelf

Limits of Legality
Jeffrey Bland-Ballard
Oxford University Press
198 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016
9780195342291, $65.00,

The Judge holds a lot of power, in viewing the law, and it seems in viewing past the law. "Limits of Legality: The Ethics of Lawless Judging" looks into the power of the judge and how they are used in situations where the law as written does not hold into the Judge's own opinion and world view, and the problems that can arise. Occasionally, a judge will be faced with a case that is morally objectionable to them, yet the law as written does not condemn it. Professor of Philosophy Jeffrey Bland-Ballard discusses this practice with criticism, feeling that this practice, one accepted on many levels of society, is easily corruptible and stands against a lawful society. Thoughtful with plenty of scholarly study and opinion, "Limits of Legality" is a fine addition to any community or college library collection on the ethics of law.

The Language Studies Shelf

Cicero Alegamus Transitional Reader
Judith Sebesta & Mark Haynes
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, Inc
1570 Baskin Road, Mundelein, IL 60060
9780865166561, $36.00,

All the education in the world may not be preparation enough for the real thing. "Cicero Alegamus Transitional Reader" is a guide to help students of Latin make the leap from the their Latin classes and text books to actual Latin documents and books. Professors of the classics in Mark Haynes and Judith Sebesta hope to help readers gain a greater grasp of the details of Latin and its grammar rules that are not commonly taught in most textbooks. "Cicero Alegamus Transitional Reader" is a fine pick for any Latin enthusiast, be they professional or amateur.

The Computer Shelf

Murach's HTML, XHTML, and CSS
Anne Boehm
4340 N. Knoll, Fresno, CA 93722
9781890774578, $44.50,

A good website can be a solid key to good business, and a good website needs good design. "Murach's HTML, XHTML, and CSS" is a guide to the precisions of the web languages most commonly used throughout the internet, HTML and its variants. With a comprehensive introduction to the language's basics, building a web page from scratch, using it to integrate media, forms, and other valuable website services, Anne Boehm and the Murach team equip readers well for a more complete understanding of the technology. With no shortage of useful appendices, "Murach's HTML, XHTML, and CSS" is an absolute must for anyone learning to build their own website as well as community and college library web design collections.

The Nautical Shelf

Building Chris-Craft
Anthony S. Mollica with Chris Smith
Voyageur Press
400 First Avenue North, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9780760335925, $40.00,

Good quality is what legends start on. "Building Chris-Craft" looks at the famous motorboat production company Chris-Craft, passed through generations, originally founded by the aptly named Christopher Columbus Smith. With loads of black and white archival photographs along with a text history, a history of the company is delivered as author Anthony Mollica applies his nautical expertise with assistance from grandson of the founder, Chris Smith. A history of an American business and a read for any boating enthusiast, "Building Chris-Craft" is a fine read and a top pick for any nautical collection.

The Sports Shelf

Learning from Water
Rene Harrop
Stackpole Books
5067 Ritter Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-6921
9780811705790, $39.95,

The trout is not a fish so easily caught. "Learning from Water: Fishing Tactics & Fly Designs for the Toughest Trout" draws upon author Rene Harrop's over a half century of experience. Encouraging fishermen to read the water to choose their lure and more correctly make their judgment calls to catch bigger, meatier trout, Harrop leaves no aspect of the sport uncovered and gives an analytical eye to the process. "Learning from Water" is an informative read for any ambitious trout fisher, highly recommended.

The Art Shelf

Enameling on Metal
Nuria Lopez-Ribalta & Eva Pascual i Miro
250 Wireless Bouelvard, Happauge, NY 11788
9780764162978, $29.99,

Metal can be just another easel. "Enameling on Metal: The Art and Craft of Enameling on Metal Explained Clearly and Precisely" is an introduction for those who want to explore the possibilities of enameling on metal, using metal to be another way to express oneself artistically. The special materials needed, the tips and techniques that make metal art truly stand out, and so much more, "Enameling on Metal" is an intriguing and fascinating read that shouldn't be overlooked by artists looking for new mediums.

The World History Shelf

The Medieval World
National Geographic Books
1145 17th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036-4388
9781426205330, $40.00,

With the fall of Rome, the world entered a period where it struggled to keep its advances. "The Medieval World: An Illustrated Atlas" is a history of the period scattered with a history of the man concepts and events that have happened throughout the period. The dual rise of both Christianity and Islam as major players in the West and Middle East, the changing face of the world divided by the rise of many nations, and what lead to the Renaissance. "The Medieval World" is packed with full color maps, reproductions of art, and much more providing a comprehensive overview of the era, proving both entertaining and educational.

The Mythology Shelf

Dances with the Gods
Wafa Stephan Tarnowski
Al Rimal Publications
c/o International Publishers Marketing
PO Box 605, Herndon, VA 20172-0605
9789963610112, $11.95,

There are myths that form the basis for all other stories. "Dances with the Gods: Canaanite-Phoenician Myths & Legends Retold" brings these ancient myths into the modern era as author Wafa Stephan Tarnowksi brings them into language that younger readers will understand to help them embrace and love these legends. "Dances with the Gods" is a fine addition to any children's fiction collection, highly recommended.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Women's Home Workout Bible
Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics
PO Box 5076, Champaign, IL 61825-5076
9780736078283, $19.95,

Money shouldn't be a barrier to fitness. "Women's Home Workout Bible: A Better Body for Every Budget" is a guide for attaining better health for only a hundred dollars, but with tips for those fortunate enough to be able to part with more. For stretching the health budget, over a hundred exercises are discussed to help readers get a greater mastery of their own health and fitness. With simple programs, "Women's Home Workout Bible" is a useful resource for those who are short on time and money.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

In Katrina's Wake
Donald L. Canney
University Press of Florida
15 Northwest 15th Street, Gainesville, FL 32611-2079
9780813035109, $27.50,

Katrina is quite possibly the most major disaster in the first decade of the 2000s. 'In Katrina's Wake: The U. S. Coast Guard and the Gulf Coast Hurricanes of 2005" delves into events at the response of the coast guard during this catastrophic event in 2005. Devastating New Orleans, and faced with some bumbled political action, heroes were made as the Coast guard rushed to save lives and lessen the damage to the region, and how these events still ring strong today. "In Katrina's Wake" is a thoughtful analysis of the event and the importance of the coast guard, highly recommended.

An Introduction to Green Process Management
Sam Windsor
600 N. Plankinton Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53203
9780873897914, $40.00,

What does it mean for a business to be green? "An Introduction to Green Process Management" discusses the details and needs of being an environmentally progressive business. Defining greenness, elaborating on unique requirements to be able to call oneself green, and more. With chapters on standards, management, recycling, carbon trading, among others, "An Introduction to Green process Management" will prove a very useful and educational resource, very highly recommended.

The Fashion Shelf

Little Green Dresses
Tina Sparkles
Taunton Press
63 South Main Street, PO Box 5507, Newtown, CT 06470-5507,
9781600851216, $22.95,

The best fashion designer for you, is you. "Little Green Dresses: 50 original Patterns for Repurposed Dresses, Tops, Skirts, and More" is a guide for those who want to save the planet but look fashionable while doing it. Focused on using something old and turning it into something new and made by you, there is plenty of thoughtful wisdom for any creative and environmentally conscious self-fashioner. "Little Green Dresses" is a read that shouldn't be missed for the inventive dress wearer.

The Crafts Shelf

Stitching Beaded Jewelry
Lesley Weiss
Kalmbach Books
21027 Crossroads Circle, PO Box 1612, Waukesha, WI 53187-1612
9780871164124, $21.95,

Beads can be the first ingredient in something truly special. "Stitching Beaded Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started" is a guide for the beginner who doesn't even know where to get started. Covering numerous techniques for getting started with bead design. With plenty of diagrams and full color photos throughout the guide, Lesley Weiss arms readers with everything they need to get started to create beautiful bead jewelry. "Stitching Beaded Jewelry" is a fine addition to any crafts or hobbyist collection.

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